The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 39

Summer Lovin’: Part 7

The serene early morning was broken by screeching tires as Heidi’s pick up truck skidded in front of the trailer park, jostling the three girls who had been making out and groping each other in the truck bed. Heidi shot up indignantly from the back and rapped her knuckles on the window of the cab. “Be careful when we’re back here!”

Sonia whirled around to glare at her from the driver’s seat. “Hey, this is my first time driving a truck. You’re the one who begged me to drive so you could let Connie finger you some more.”

Heidi went bright red, while Connie and Coop snickered from the bed of the truck, fixing their clothes back into place. “She wasn’t- We didn’t do that. It was just cuddling.”

Sonia clicked her tongue in disgust. “Then it sounds like a wasted opportunity and I’m disappointed in you.”

“People could have seen,” Heidi hissed, edging closer to the window and lowering her voice. Connie poked her head up and peeked around, but the trailer park was dead quiet except for the rumbling engine of the truck. It had to be four in the morning and every trailer was pitch dark. Heidi turned around and gave Connie an exasperated look. “Please tell Sonia it’s a bad idea to do stuff like that where other people could see.”

Before she could answer Coop stood up, zipping up her pants with no shame at all. “I mean, Connie was fingering me the whole time, so I guess it’s fine since you didn’t even notice.”

Heidi gulped, turning even redder. “You were fingering Coop while we made out?”

“It wasn’t the plan, but I had an arm around Coop’s waist and then she slid it down into her pants and, well—”

Heidi cut her off by leaning in and kissing Connie hard. When she pulled away she was still blushing furiously but was also smiling. “That’s really hot. I wish that you’d fingered me too.”

“Maybe next time we take a drive somewhere I can finger you both,” Connie said, her mouth dry with nerves. How did she still feel anxious flirting with a girl after she’d just had sex with all three of them? Apparently having all the girls as her obedient brainwashed fucktoys still wasn’t enough to overcome her regular insecurities. Definitely something she’d have to keep working on.

Coop jumped out of the truck bed and down to the street, taking her skateboard with her. “Tonight was completely awesome,” she told them, grinning from ear to ear. “We gotta do this again.”

The idea of having another orgy with brainwashed slaves should have made her jump with joy, but Connie just let out an exhausted groan. “How can you even think of next time already? You girls wiped me out.”

Heidi leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “We’ll go easy on you next time, ‘Mistress.’” As per her orders the girls had all woken up back to their usual selves as soon as they swam back to shore, but it still made Connie’s heart flutter whenever they called her that.

“Speak for yourself,” Coop said with a playful laugh. “Next time I want you to rail me out. Just fuck my brains out the old fashioned way.”

“I don’t think I have the cardio for that,” Connie admitted, her body still wonderfully aching from the hours they spent fucking out on the lake. Meanwhile Coop looked ready to do back flips and go run a marathon.

“I’ll text you some exercise routines! We’ll get you into orgy-fucking shape in no time.”

Connie pouted. “I thought orgies were supposed to be fun. Nobody said I had to work out for them.”

Heidi cuddled her from behind. “We’re not saying you have to get a six pack, Connie. You’re wonderful just the way you are.”

“Totally,” Coop agreed. “But just imagining you with abs is…” Coop shuddered as a dopey grin crossed her face..

Even Heidi squirmed at the thought.

“Fine, I’ll start working out!” Connie threw her hands up in defeat and the other girls laughed, and Connie quickly joined them. She’d never really had any friends outside of Tara, so spending the night with the girls had been fun. Plus, all three of them not only knew about her unusual fetishes but had agreed to partake in them all for Connie. They had given Connie the best night of her life so far, and it suddenly dawned on Connie that Sonia, Heidi and Coop were probably the closest friends she’d ever had.

Coop gripped the edge of the truck and pushed herself up to give Connie a goodbye kiss. “Later Connie. Text me if you want to hang out again. And I’m serious, we should do this again.”

Connie nodded. “I’ll definitely take it under consideration.”

As Coop ran off to her trailer, Heidi slid her arms around Connie’s waist and kissed her shoulder. “So I think there was some talk about fingering back here?”

Connie started to grin when the door to the pickup was kicked open and Sonia stormed out. “Oh no you don’t. It’s my turn now. You can drive.”

“But… but Connie didn’t get to—”

“It’s your own fault for being shy,” Sonia said with reproach as she awkwardly scrambled up into the bed of the truck. “You can beg Connie to finger you another time. Now it’s my turn.”

“Fine,” Heidi muttered. She gave Connie a hug then hopped down from the truck to drive. Sonia waggled her fingers goodbye at her, then sidled up next to Connie.

“Don’t you think you were a little mean to her?” Connie asked.

Sonia rolled her eyes. “Please. If I was being mean why did I drive so she could get a chance to hook up with you more?”

“You’re teasing her because you know she really wanted it?”

“And she was too afraid to tell you that she wanted to be fingered, so she’s gotta deal with the consequences.” Sonia flipped her hair back. “Now that I know Heidi is an amazing slut at heart, I gotta do something to break her out of her tragically small comfort zone.”

Connie gave the stuck up girl a surprised smile. “You’re actually a good friend, you know that?”

Sonia scoffed on instinct. Then frowned and forced herself to relax. “Sorry. I’m gonna try to be less of a bitch to people too. Guess you turning us into your fucktoys was a positive thing for everyone.”

“Hey now, you begged to be my fucktoys.”

Hearing that, Sonia chuckled and wriggled in closer to Connie. “I know. It’s so weird. Like I never considered wanting anything like that in my whole life, but I gotta say. Being a brainwashed and obedient fucktoy. I see the appeal.”

“It is pretty hot.”

“And maybe we’ll do it again, if you’re good,” Sonia told her.

Connie turned and gave her a stern look. Sonia’s attitude melted completely as she got to squirming again. Putting some force behind her words, Connie asked, “Who decides when you’re a fucktoy?”

Like a scolded student Sonia looked down at the floor. “You do… Mistress.”

“Good girl.”

Sonia let out a deep breath. “Fuck, why is that so hot?”

“Beats me,” Connie said with a laugh. “I just love it.”

Sonia rested her head on Connie’s shoulder and stared up at the stars overhead. “I think I might enjoy it too. Just a little.” When Connie turned to look at her, Sonia parted her lips and moved in to kiss her. But Connie pressed a finger to her lips to stop her.

“You know that’s a trigger. Kissing me will make you mindless and obedient again.”

Sonia smiled, kissing Connie’s finger. “I know.”

She pulled Sonia close, rolling on top of her. They felt the vibration of the truck rolling down the road, the night so dark that the forest was just a blur around them. Sonia was breathing heavily, her eyes wide and shining with excitement.

“You want to be mindless again already.”

“It’s not like—” Sonia gulped. “It’s not like I need it again. I just know you’re only here for the weekend, so I’m not going to get many chances…”

Feeling amused now, Connie licked her lips. “Tell me the truth, or I won’t kiss you.”

Sonia’s eyes went even wide with fear. “I wanna be mindless again. It feels good. Please.”

“Alright,” Connie said, running a hand through Sonia’s hair to calm her down. “But if I put you into trance you need to do something for me.

“Like what?” Even as Sonia asked she spread her legs underneath Connie, letting her press in closer. It was adorable, but not what Connie had in mind.

“You’ll see.”

Sonia eyed her suspiciously, but Connie held onto her poker face. After a few seconds Sonia shrugged. “Fine, be mysterious. It’s not like there’s much more you can ask me to do that we didn’t do out on the lake.”

“I promise it’ll be fun.”

“I know it will,” Sonia assured her with a smile.

Connie leaned down and kissed her, keeping her eyes open. She saw the delighted surprise on Sonia’s face up close, before her eyes glassed over and she went blank almost instantly.

Connie let herself enjoy the kiss a little more, although Sonia’s tongue had slowed down and was simply responding robotically against hers now. Finally she pulled away and asked, “Are you deep and obedient?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She truly did love hearing that. “I’m going to give you a command. A task for you to do for me later. You won’t remember what it is when you wake, keeping that information buried in your subconscious until it’s time to obey. Can you do that for me?”

“I believe so,” Sonia replied, her tone completely neutral and monotone.

“Later today when you’re completely alone I want you to think of me and become incredibly horny. You will start to play with yourself, getting needier as you imagine being my slave again. As you play with yourself you will slip back into trance for me. You’ll feel it coming on. You’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of trance. Let it wash over you. Take you under. You will only cum when you’ve dropped completely. Once you’ve had a lovely orgasm you’ll be able to wake up with full memory of what happened. Understand, Sonia?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“So will you have any idea that this command exists when I wake you up in a minute?”

Sonia shook her head slowly, the truck bouncing and jostling them as it hit some potholes, but Sonia was oblivious to everything beyond her Mistress. “I won’t remember the command at all. It will wait in my subconscious until later today when I am alone, and then I will feel incredibly horny and fantasize about being yours. I will realize you are behind this and it will only turn me on more. I will enjoy being helpless to you as I fall into a trance and surrender to the pleasure of being your slave. Then I will cum, and wake up remembering everything that happened.”

Connie had never given out complex instructions like that before, with a command taking effect remotely. There was always the chance that it might not work or she might not be deep enough, but listening to the vivid way the entranced Sonia described it, going beyond what Connie had even said, she was pretty certain that Sonia’s mind would be able to manipulate her properly.

“Are you comfortable with that command?”

“Yes,” Sonia’s blank voice replied almost instantly.

Connie chewed on her lip, debating the sexy idea that had popped into her head. “Would you be comfortable sending me a picture later?”

“A regular picture or a nude one?”

Connie blinked. “Um, I guess… either would be fine. If that’s cool.”

“I’d be happy to send you either. I’d be happy to take plenty of sexy pictures for you, Mistress.”

“You don’t have to go crazy,” she chuckled, feeling a little drunk on power. “Just, when you’re starting to feel the trance taking over and trying to put you under, send me a picture. It can be fully clothed or, um, with less clothing, I’ll leave that up to you. The important thing is that when you text me the picture I’ll be able to know you’re touching yourself for me.”

Sonia’s face didn’t change, but she wriggled her hips beneath Connie and let out a moan. “Yes. Want you to know. You should know when I’m touching.”

“This is just a one time thing,” Connie cautioned her. She wasn’t about to forget just how enthusiastic Sonia and the other girls had gotten. Still, it was incredibly rewarding to have such a hot girl so eager to turn her on.

“Now count to ten and wake up, remembering the wonderful feeling of being in trance but leaving your commands hidden in your subconscious.”

“Yes Mistress.” Sonia closed her eyes and Connie waited anxiously. Before long Sonia grinned and opened her eyes. “That really is a wonderful feeling.”

“Happy to help.”

“So what did you want?”

“What’s that?”

Sonia narrowed her eyes. “You said you wanted something from me. What did you want?”

“Oh, that. It’s fine,” Connie said, hiding a smirk as she rolled off of her. Sonia looked down at herself warily, then patted herself down like she’d expected Connie to have physically taken something from her.

“What did you do?”

Connie stuck out her tongue. “It’s a surprise.”

Sonia crossed her arms and pouted. “What did you do?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Trust me, it’ll be fun.”

“You’re enjoying messing with me, aren’t you?”

“And you’re getting wet wondering what I commanded you to do when you have no memory of it.”

Sonia flushed guiltily and shuddered. “M-Maybe just a little.”

Connie playfully slid her hand into Sonia’s pants, and Sonia moaned and arched her back to give her better access. “Maybe I’ll just see how wet you are for myself.”

Sonia whimpered as Connie found her absolutely drenched. Two of her fingers slid in with no resistance at all.

“I think tonight we’ve definitely discovered a new kink for you.”

“It’s… it’s just trying something new. It’s not a kink.”

“That’s what I thought at first too,” Connie winked. “Guess we’ll just have to find out for ourselves.”

As Connie started to finger her she leaned in, her lips brushing Sonia’s, but pulled herself back at the last second. She saw Sonia frozen there, her eyes fluttering and unfocused. The trigger had almost taken her as she was expecting to be kissed, only pulling back now left her on the edge of trance. Sonia finally managed to right herself and open her eyes, panting.

“Fuck, that was…” She seemed at a complete loss for words.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes please,” Sonia whimpered, her hips grinding against Connie’s hand. Grinning, Connie leaned in until their lips were just barely touching. She didn’t kiss her, just waited there, and it was instantly clear that it was wreaking havoc on Sonia’s mind. Her eyes started to roll back, her mouth opening and closing, but even she didn’t move in to commit to the kiss. Sonia was riding the edge of trance back and forth, never dropping but unable to be awake with the chance for a kiss so tantalizingly close. The whole time she let out a desperate, low moan. Her hips kept thrusting faster and faster.

“Do you want it?” Connie asked.

Sonia opened her mouth wide, groaning with her eyes crossing as the pleasure overloaded her mind. “Pleeeaassshh.”

Fingering her faster Connie grabbed the back of Sonia’s head and pulled her in, kissing her deeply. Sonia came, shuddering against Connie as her mind plummeted into empty trance. She gurgled adorably as the pleasure replaced her thoughts, then her eyes slipped closed and her body relaxed as she dropped completely.

Connie pulled back and marveled at her peaceful expression. Sonia was utterly mindless, and she’d done it to her. Warm pride filled her chest as Connie brought her slick fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. There was nothing hotter than knowing a girl was completely yours. Sonia’s expression was almost as hot as-

“Michelle!” Connie cried. She hastily reached into her pocket and yanked out her cell phone. She dialed Michelle’s number, all while Sonia remained entranced and laid out in the bed of the truck. The phone rang and rang until it went to voicemail, and Connie cursed as she remembered how Michelle’s party friends had abducted her so fast that she didn’t think Michelle had grabbed her purse.

“I’m sure she’s fine,” Connie said anxiously to the cool night air and the hypnotized girl laying beside her. “She’s got limits that won’t let her do anything too crazy, and I’m sure her mind would eventually turn off the sensation of being eaten out. It’s not like she’d let that go on all day.”

Connie glanced down at Sonia, who stared up with blank, unseeing eyes at the night sky and smiled placidly.

“Yeah,” Connie nodded to herself. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

* * *

Michelle gazed up at the spinning ceiling with blank, unseeing eyes. It felt like she was floating through the air in lazy circles. Her body was gone, completely melted away by the unbearable torrent of pleasure flowing through her. The tongue of her Mistress continued to eat her out. Connie was relentless, always teasing, never allowing Michelle to cum. Her mind felt like someone had taken it out to give it a thorough wash and then forgotten to put it back. All she could do was drool and stare at the ceiling, thinking of Connie. Sweet Connie. Sexy Connie. Mistress Connie.

“Damn girl, you might have partied too much.”

Michelle blinked slowly, struggling to understand what the voice was saying. It wasn’t Connie, so it didn’t seem important. Then a cute woman was staring down at her, plump lips pulled back in a smile. It took her a moment to remember that they were friends. Estelle. Michelle marveled at how mindless she must be to not recognize her friends, and the thought only made her hips thrust up against Connie’s tongue as a perverted thrill ran through her.

“Michelle, you alright?”

“I’m great,” she slurred, bathing in the overwhelming helplessness she felt under Connie’s control.

“You know you got your legs spread wipe open with your pussy out for everyone to see?”

That made Michelle stir. She lifted her head, afraid that people would see Connie. She didn’t care if the party found out that she was a pathetic horny sex slave, but she’d always protect her Mistress. Luckily Connie was invisible, so no one could see her. Or maybe she was imaginary. Michelle’s head was too muddled to remember, but knew Connie was safe. That was good. She laid her head back, smile as she remembered the time Connie was invisible with her in the shower, feeling her up and kissing her all over, all while she had no idea Connie was there.

Michelle scrunched up her face, trying to focus. Had that happened? It felt real, but also not real. Either way it was hot. Michelle hoped it was real. All night strange scenes were popping up in her addled mind. Her naked and panting like a bitch in heat, running around on all fours across a sandy beach without a care in the world. She recalled rolling over and sticking out her ass to offer Connie her dripping pussy. Whimpering, pleading, for Connie to eat her out.

Her masturbating in bed, Connie curled up next to her and controlling her hand, leading her hand across the laptop to decide what porn she should watch. Training her to like the porn Connie liked.

Michelle fucking her daughters while Connie watched. Making Jane and Tara cum for Connie, all to please her.

Michelle moaned, her clit pulsing intensely like a warning siren. All these fantasies were so wrong but so hot. She was too far gone to worry about what they meant. In that moment Michelle was just need. She needed to please Connie. Needed to do what Connie wanted.

When she looked up Estelle was still there, watching her curiously. She was also spinning around Michelle, just like the ceiling was. Then it distantly came to her that she was on a rotating bed. It seemed like such a silly thing to buy. Then Connie’s tongue worked it’s way deeper in her cunt and Michelle let out a happy whimper, her thoughts dissolving like sugar in warm tea.

She noticed Estelle staring at her, licking her lips. When had she gotten there?

“Wow. You’re so… wet.”

Michelle realized her legs were wide open, to give Connie room to eat her out. She opened them wider. “It’s so good,” she said absently.

Estelle was walking around her, keeping pace with the rotating bed so she could watch Michelle’s trembling, dripping cunt. “Who are you thinking about?” Estelle asked coyly, giving her a wink.

Michelle half-smiled. She knew Estelle was into her. They had hooked up a few times during these drunken parties. She knew Estelle wanted her to flirt back, but Michelle had to speak the truth stamped into her mind. “Connie.”

Estelle stopped in place, and Michelle kept spinning on the bed. “Who’s Connie?”

“Mistress,” she gasped. Distantly she wondered if she should be saying that. It felt like there was a reason to keep it secret. Michelle couldn’t think of what it was, though. She couldn’t think of anything as she felt herself hitting the edge of another orgasm. Once again Connie’s tongue pulled back, teasing her there on the edge until it began to fade. It took Michelle a few seconds to regain her focus.

She noticed Estelle watching her again, a grin on her face. “You have a Mistress? I have to admit that’s kinky.”

A swell of pride filled her. “She’s amazing. Connie is so hot, and the things she can do to me…” Michelle shuddered, clit aching for more. “It’s what I’ve always dreamed of.”

“Well shit. Now I’m feeling jealous.”

Michelle’s eyes suddenly focused, taking in Estelle with new interest. Would Connie want Estelle as a slave too? Connie had only ever played with her and hadn’t mentioned other slaves, and yet Michelle somehow knew that there would be more slaves soon. Images of Tara and Jane on their knees, wearing collars with chains that lead up to Connie’s hand. Michelle whispering in her daughters ears, their eyes blank and mesmerized, telling them how to serve. Michelle whispering in Estelle’s ears, her eyes blank and mesmerized, telling her how to serve Connie.

It was hot. Michelle reached up and cupped her tits absently, moaning with heat as Connie’s tongue resumed eating her out.

But she couldn’t hypnotize Estelle. Not that she wasn’t willing. She’d hypnotize anyone for Connie. She just knew that she didn’t have Connie’s skill or confidence. If she tried and messed it up then Connie might not get her chance to enslave Estelle. So Michelle wouldn’t risk it.

“Maybe you should meet her,” Michelle finally said, sinking back into the all consuming bliss of Connie’s tongue. “She made me her sex slave so easily. I’d do anything to serve her. She’s so wonderful.”

Estelle gave a husky laugh. “You certainly sound devoted. And I’ll admit I’ve thought about some of that BDSM stuff now and then. So how long has she been fucking you for?”

Michelle opened her mouth to answer, then paused. “She… we haven’t fucked yet.”

“But didn’t you say you’re her sex slave?”

“Yeah, but…” As doubt crept in, Michelle suddenly felt Connie’s soothing words whispering in her subconscious. She let out a breath and relaxed into the controlling grip that her Mistress had on her mind. “I’m her devoted sex slave. And she’s chosen not to fuck me yet. It does not change my obedience to her. I will happily fuck her whenever she commands.” Michelle wriggled happily in the bed. “I can’t wait.”

Estelle found herself giggling. “Fair enough. I can’t deny how happy you look. I’m just sad we can’t have a little fun. I was kind of hoping I could get a taste after seeing how wet you are.”

That sounded nice too. It was a shame she couldn’t-

Michelle’s thoughts stopped. Why was she making this choice? She was a sex slave. Her body belonged to Connie. So her thoughts didn’t matter. What mattered is if Connie wanted her to play with Estelle.

A vivid fantasy swelled in her mind, of Michelle in an orgy with Connie, Jane and Tara. They were all cumming, all of them gazing up at Connie with worshipping eyes. And Connie was grinning proudly, commanding Michelle to eat them out so she could watch.

Connie’s tongue worked faster between her legs, driving her mad.

Connie enjoyed watching her please other women.

Michelle rolled over in the bed, overcoming her exhaustion and desperation as she smiled at Estelle. “I think Mistress would enjoy it if I ate you out.”

Estelle blinked in surprise, then grinned and lifted her skirt. “Well I certainly like the way your Mistress thinks.” She began to slide off her panties while Michelle watched longingly, ready to serve. She reached down for her phone, but frowned when she realized that she’d left her purse.

“What’s wrong?”

Estelle was laying back on the bed, with her legs now spread and her own wet pussy on display, a look of concern on her face.

“I—” Michelle blushed. “I wanted to record myself so I could show it to Connie. So she can see I’m a good slut.”

“If that’s all you want I’ll be happy to record it.” Her phone was out in an instant. “I’ll be sure to send you a copy.”

Michelle smiled gratefully, rocking her hips as she felt Connie’s tongue speeding up. This felt right. To be a slut. To be seen as a slut. To prove to Mistress she was a slut. Michelle barely waited until Estelle was recording before she dove between her friend’s legs and began to eat her out, letting out all the frustration she’d been trapped in all night long.

“Holy shit,” Estelle moaned, completely shocked by Michelle’s fervent energy. “You’ve, ahh, never gone down on me like this.”

Chin already slick with pussy, Michelle proudly lifted her face up and grinned at Estelle and the camera. “It’s because I’m doing this for my Mistress. I’ll always be the best slut I can be.”

“Then by all means, keep go-ooohhh fuuuuck.” Estelle almost collapsed as Michelle’s tongue darted over her clit, teasing and coaxing pleasure out of her with more skill than she’d ever experienced before. In no time at all she was moaning and writhing with her eyes rolling back in her head. When Michelle pulled back she actually whined.

Michelle kissed her thigh. “Keep recording. I want Connie to see everything.”

Estelle looked over, shocked to see that she’d dropped her phone without realizing. She tried lifting it up again but just a few seconds of Michelle working on her pussy had her arms weak as wet noodles and impossible to keep up.

The distant chattering of the party caught her attention and Estelle forced herself to slide away from Michelle. “Hold on just a minute,” she said, leaving Michelle on all fours as she raced out of the party, stumbling on shaky legs. Michelle watched her go in disbelief, but Connie’s tongue continued to eat her out and erase her thoughts so Michelle happily remained where she was posed, eyes glazing over.

Then Estelle charged back in, dragging a confused white girl that Michelle didn’t recognize behind her. “What’s so urgent?” she demanded.

“I need you to record her eating me out.” Estelle shoved her phone into the confused woman’s hands before jumping down onto the bed beside Michelle.

She glanced at the phone, at Estelle, and at the blank eyed Michelle, drool and pussy juices dripping down her chin. “You can’t be serious.”

Estelle leveled a serious glare at her friend. “Cabo. 2013.”

The white woman gasped. “You bitch.”

“That’s right. Now you’re going to pay back that favor.” Estelle hiked up her dress and spread her legs. Almost instantly Michelle snapped out of the trance and bowed her head down to eat her out again. “Make sure not to miss anything!” she gasped.

“You can’t really expect me to- This is completely inappropriate and- Oh wow she’s… she’s really going at it.”

Estelle was already breathing hard and trying not to go cross eyed. “Just… keep recording… can’t stop…”

As reluctant as she seemed, the white woman began pacing the bed, recording Michelle as she ate her friend out. And as Estelle moaned louder and Michelle’s dress rode up to reveal her own drenched pussy, the woman reached down to start rubbing herself through her pants.

“Fuck. I almost wish I could get in on that.”

Michelle’s head snapped up, a wide grin. “I’d be happy to. Mistress would love to see I’m such a slut that I’ll eat out two women.”

The other woman grinned and started unzipping her pants when Estelle leveled an outraged finger at her. “Hey, you wait your turn until I get to cum.”

“Fine,” she growled, keeping her pants on.

Then Estelle smiled. “I mean, you can get those pants off. Just keep recording until I get to cum. Then I’ll record her eating you out.”

“So she wants us to record everything?”

“Apparently it’s a gift for her Mistress.”

The woman checked the phone, which showed Michelle with her cunt positively dripping as she eagerly ate out her friend. “Then she’ll definitely love this.”

Michelle heard the praise and shuddered, nearly cumming. But good slaves didn’t cum without permission. So she didn’t cum, even as she made Estelle cum. She didn’t cum even as she brought the other woman, Leslie, to a screaming orgasm as well. Or when Rachel and June stumbled into the room and couldn’t pass up the chance to experience Michelle’s obedient mouth serving them either. Michelle ate out every pussy that was put before her, knowing Connie would love it. Several cameras were watching her, all with promises to send the videos to her so that Michelle could present them to her Mistress. They all gushed jealously about how lucky this Connie was, but none of them knew the truth. That Michelle was the lucky one.

All through the night Michelle mindlessly ate out the women, her head filling with perverted fantasies. Fantasies about Connie secretly brainwashing her to obey. Brainwashing Jane to become her sex slave too. Brainwashing Tara, and even her girlfriend Naomi. She could see Connie brainwashing all of the women in the room into her devoted sex slaves.

Michelle smiled to herself as she made another woman cum. She couldn’t wait until she had the chance to serve Connie and make all her dreams come true.