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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 40

Summer Lovin’: Part 8

“Time to rise and shine, dear!”

Connie groaned a death rattle as she cracked her eyes open. She woke up to find herself stretched out uncomfortably over the couch in the cabin’s living room like a discarded sweater, an existence that was much more preferable to being an awake human person who had to get up. Then she noticed Gloria standing over, smiling as she sipped a cup of tea.

“You’ll let the whole day pass you by if you don’t get moving.”

“Too early,” Connie grumbled and rolled over, trying to shut out the too bright sun and Gloria’s even brighter smile.

“Nonsense, it’s nearly ten in the morning. A young woman like you should be up and at ’em.”

“I was up and at ’em all night long. Now it’s sleep time.” The exhaustion of last night’s orgy clung to Connie like a lead blanket dumped on her head. Still, even with her muscles sore and her eyes burning from lack of sleep, Connie was smiling at the warm, wonderful memory of playing with all the girls. Sexy Sonia, sweet Heidi, and the incredibly flexible Coop. The things they’d done for her had been a dream come true.

And she was desperate to go back to sleep for a while longer. Connie moaned into the pillow, already starting to drool and slip back into wonderful sleep, but then Gloria clapped her hands loudly and brought the morning crashing back in.

“Nonsense. This is your vacation. You can’t just sleep the day away.”

“That’s what vacations are for,” Connie countered crankily. She dared to lift her head up into the sunlight. “Besides, it’s your fault I didn’t get any sleep with—”

Connie shot upright, awake enough to remember what Gloria did.

“Um, Gloria, is Michelle or Jane here?”

“They didn’t come home last night. Ah, to be young and wild again.” Gloria rested a hand on her cheek and sighed whimsically, but Connie wasn’t falling for it.

With a stern growl Connie said, “Nala Lynpul.”

The nostalgic expression was wiped from Gloria’s face as the old woman went blank. “I hear and obey.”

“Did you hypnotize three girls yesterday?”

Gloria tilted her head, as if considering it, though Connie didn’t see why it would be hard to answer. Just a simple yes or no, since Connie already knew she did it.

“Yes. I hypnotized young women to be attracted to you and wish to flirt with you.”

“Why?” Connie shouted. “Why would you put me through something that embarrassing? You don’t think any girls would be into me without being brainwashed to crave me?”

Though she was undoubtedly in trance, Gloria’s chest puffed out and her blank voice came out firmer and louder than before. “Of course not, Mistress. You are a beautiful, smart, creative young woman. You only lack the confidence to recognize it in yourself. When I asked the young women I hypnotized for their opinion on your picture, almost all of them were naturally interested in you based on their own tastes. I simply made them feel it would be an excellent decision to make their desires known and to give in to their sexual impulses towards you, as you are only here for this weekend.”

Connie sat on the couch speechless, staring up at Gloria. She had no idea that Gloria had such a lofty image of her. Then Connie naturally settled on the only negative point in what Gloria said. “Almost all the girls? So some weren’t interested.”

“There was one young woman named Sally who was not interested in women, so she was not interested in you. The rest were.”

Connie reclined back on the couch to mull that over. So Gloria hypnotized four girls yesterday, and only one of them wasn’t into her because she was straight? And she knew that Sonia, Heidi and Coop were interested in her even without Gloria’s prompting.

“Okay, so maybe that wasn’t so bad. And things did work out really well with the girls.”

In her blank happy tone, Gloria said, “I am happy you enjoyed yourself, Mistress. Which of the young women did you sleep with last night?”

Connie glanced away from the hypnotized woman and blushed. “Um, all of them.”

Gloria gasped, the faintest hint of surprise coming through on her blank face. “My, Mistress, no wonder you’re exhausted if you fucked all of them.”

“Yeah, three girls at once was a lot.”

Gloria tilted her head. “But Mistress, I—”

“Wait,” Connie said and held up a finger to cut her off. Whatever excuses Gloria had for her actions, Connie knew she had to be smart and put a stop to it. “Gloria, no more hypnotizing women to be attracted to me or try to get them to fuck me. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress. I will no longer hypnotize women on your behalf without your permission.”

Connie nodded, satisfied. At least it was just the three girls Gloria messed with. If Connie hadn’t ordered her to stop, Gloria might have gone all over town turning women horny for her. Which sounded absolutely amazing, but Connie didn’t want to deal with the implications of women forced to want to sleep with her against their own will. That was one bad situation avoided at least. Smiling, Connie forced herself to get up off the couch, her back still aching from trying to pull off that one position with Heidi and Coop.

“Alright, Gloria, you can go ahead and wake up with no memory of this trance.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Gloria’s empty face became full of dazzling happiness again, and Connie had to turn away from her blinding good mood. “There we go! Up and ready to conquer the day. I’ll make us some tea and we can start the day right.”

“I might just sleep a little more,” Connie mumbled, her internal battery already drained just from putting Gloria into trance.

“Are you sure? I could make you some breakfast.”

“I’m fine,” Connie told her with a genuine smile. Gloria might be a little too eager to hypnotize people to get her way, something that Connie would be a hypocrite if she faulted her for it, but at least Gloria was a caring and good person. “If I get hungry I’ll just grab something in town.”

Gloria’s smile subtly shifted from bright and sunny to sly and scheming. “You should go back to Zed’s diner if you’re hungry. I’m sure you’ll find the service wonderful there.” With that Gloria hurried off to the kitchen, chuckling to herself.

“Oh right,” Connie grumbled as her shoulders dropped. Gloria was still under the impression that Connie had no idea about how she’d hypnotized the waitresses to be into her. It gave her that sand paper on skin feeling of the peer pressure you got when your parents tried to force you to go out with someone you didn’t like.

Connie reflexively decided to avoid the diner to deny Gloria the satisfaction, only to remember that she’d already slept with both Sonia and Heidi already. Plus Coop too. She’d checked off every name on Gloria’s list.

“Nah, I’m counting that as a win for me,” Connie decided. After all, she’d freed the girls from Gloria’s suggestions and they’d still been eager to become her hypnotized fucktoys. That had all been her doing. Connie felt a surge of pride. It felt good to be the one in control. With that surge of confidence Connie wanted to run up to the nearest cute girl and drop them into a deep obedient trance.

Except the only woman she could hypnotize was Michelle, who was still our with her adult party friends.

Connie sighed. She couldn’t do stuff with Jane, since she was on board with some hypnosis fun but not the kinky stuff that Connie was craving at the moment. And Tara was off limits since she had a girlfriend.

Then Connie realized that she had new options now. Sonia, Heidi and Coop had all given her their numbers and told her to stay in touch. But was texting them to hook up less than six hours after they’d all had group sex coming off as too desperate?

She stared indecisively at her phone, wondering what to do, when the front door slammed open and startled her.

“Grandma, I’m home!” Jane bellowed, before she noticed Connie standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. She cocked a hand on her hip. “Oh hey, Connie. Guess you chickened out on the naked swim, huh?”

“But I was—” Connie quickly shut her mouth. She couldn’t very well brag that she was busy fucking three hypnotized girls, now could she?

Aubrey walked in behind Jane and Connie felt her heart skip a beat. She knew Jane was into her, but that didn’t stop Aubrey from being drop dead sexy as she unzipped her leather jacket and ran a hand through her hair. Then Aubrey noticed Connie and she grinned, which didn’t help at all.

“Hey, you! We missed you at the swim last night.”

Jane rolled her eyes. “Yeah, it was such a shame you missed out and weren’t there naked with us.”

“Guess I just couldn’t make it,” Connie told them with a shrug, deciding to just play along.

“You totally missed out. The naked swim was great this year! Tons of cute girls running around playing in the lake. You should have heard the way Jane shrieked when she touched the cold water,” Aubrey said laughing.

Jane blushed furiously and wrapped her arms over her chest. “The water was cold!”

Connie didn’t want Jane feeling self-conscious, so she said, “It was super cold though. I swear my heart stopped for a bit when I dove in.” She gave Jane a reassuring smile, only to notice both girls giving her confused looks.

“Wait, so you were at the swim?”

Caught in her lie, Connie mumbled, “Um, yeah, I was. But I got lost and couldn’t find you guys. Sorry.”

Aubrey patted her on the shoulder. “I’m just happy you made it out. Wish I could’ve seen you.” Connie swore she saw Aubrey’s eyes dip down to check out her body, but Connie knew she must be imagining things. If Aubrey wasn’t all over Jane there’s no way she’d check out someone like her.

“I guess that was pretty brave of you,” Jane admitted, giving Connie a begrudging compliment.

Aubrey snapped her fingers. “Oh! Where were you on the lake? Were you able to hear those girls getting it on too?”

Connie could have sworn she’d been dunked back into the icy lake water cause her heart stopped. “Wh-what girls?”

“You didn’t hear it?” Jane asked, excited to share gossip. “There were these girls on the other side of the lake moaning and shouting stuff. We couldn’t make out what they were saying but everyone could tell that they were fucking. They went at it the whole time too.”

“I wanted to swim out there and see for myself, but Jane held me back too. Probably smart cause the lake is huge.”

“Yup, didn’t want you to drown,” Jane chuckled nervously, though Connie guessed she just didn’t want to risk her crush joining in on a strange orgy. Connie was glad too, cause that would have been way too awkward of a meeting if Aubrey had swam up to interrupt what they were up to.

“I just wish I could have met those awesome girls. That took serious guts. It was practically exhibition since there were like a hundred girls listening in as they fucked.”

Connie blanched. “That many…”

Aubrey finally noticed the way Connie was trembling and red in the face. Her eyes shot open wide. “Wait…”

Connie gulped, her face turning even redder. Was she even breathing? She couldn’t tell.

“Were you—”

“No way,” Jane muttered, but the disbelief on her face was plain to see.

“Okay fine it was me!” Connie sputtered for air. “I was trying to get to the naked swim but I got lost and found some girls who said they’d give me directions but instead we wound up on the wrong side of the lake and then we all fucked!”

Connie stopped, gasping after it all came pouring out. Jane looked like she’d been slapped speechless, while Aubrey had a starstruck grin on her face.

“You… are… so awesome!”

“What?” Connie and Jane asked in unison.

“Seriously, you’re awesome! I’d never be brave enough to do something like that in public. You must be, like, completely fearless.”

“I’m hardly fearless,” Connie muttered, hiding her hands behind her back and blushing.

“Bullshit. You’re a fucking legend now. Girls are gonna be talking about your orgy for years. Who were the other girls? I thought Jane said you didn’t know anyone in town.”

Connie bit her lip. “It, ah, wasn’t a planned thing. I just ran into three random girls and we, uh, got to talking… then stripping… and then we were fucking. A lot.”

Connie bashfully glanced up to see what they thought. Sure, she was proud of herself, but Connie knew her tastes weren’t normal. Jane was completely floored, almost like she didn’t know if she was angry or impressed. But Aubrey was grinning ear to ear.

“That’s fucking amazing. You’re a legend.” Then Aubrey blushed and pushed her hair back over one ear, squirming and blushing. “So can you invite me to the next orgy y’all have? Please?”

That snapped Jane out of her stupor. She stomped her foot furiously. “Hey, what about me?”

Aubrey gave Jane a surprised look. “Well, you said you’ve hooked up with Connie already so I figured you’re already welcome at the orgy. I just want to get in on something super kinky like that. I’ve always wondered what it’d be like.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Jane whined.

Connie couldn’t help but grin. “Don’t worry, Jane. I can absolutely save you a spot in my next orgy.”

Jane gave her a death stare. “You—”

Then, before Jane could explode in anger, Connie poked Aubrey in the chest. “But if you wanna get in you have to hook up with Jane first.”


“I want to watch you two fuck,” Connie shrugged, playing the part of the carefree kinky pervert that Aubrey seemed to think she was. “I think it’d be really hot. Plus I gotta make sure you’re up to the standards to be in the orgy.”

Jane’s mouth was opening and closing wildly, but Aubrey threw her a thumbs up. “Then I’ll totally fuck Jane’s brains out.” Then she turned to Jane. “If that’s good with you, Jane.”

“Uh, yeah, sure. You can—” She shuddered. “You can fuck my brains out.”

“Rad. Then let us know when the next orgy is,” Aubrey laughed as she clapped Connie on the back. “Oh, we’re gonna go out and see a movie and hang out and stuff. You should come too, Connie.”

“Sounds great,” Connie said, even though she was so tired she was ready to pass out on her feet.

Aubrey grinned at her, then punched Jane playfully in the arm as she headed out the door.

Connie put her hands on her hips and declared, “I think that went well.”

Jane said nothing. Just stood there stiffly for a few moments. Then she threw her hands over her mouth and screamed, the muffled sound still loud enough to make Connie jump.

“What the hell?”

Jane pulled her trembling hands away. “Did that just happen? Did Aubrey just say- and you just said- and Aubrey wants to—” It was like she was short circuiting. Connie reached out to say something when Jane’s arms dropped and she relaxed into a smile. “She was just joking. Obviously. Totally just a joke.”

“She seemed pretty serious.”

“That’s just Aubrey,” Jane said dismissively. “Like, what? She’ll not flirt with me all these years then casually say she’s down to fuck my brains out to get into an orgy?”

Even Connie had to admit that was probably too good to be true. “Even if she was joking I take that as a good sign.”

Jane whirled around and grabbed Connie’s shoulders in a death grip. With manic, serious eyes Jane told her, “You need to have another orgy. As soon as possible.”

“H-hey, I can’t just snap my fingers and make orgies happen!” Although, with how eager the other girls had been, it occurred to Connie that she might just be capable of that. It was a surprisingly wonderful revelation.

“Seriously if you set up an orgy then Aubrey will fuck me and it’ll be perfect! She’ll fall for me… and other girls will fuck her… and fuck me…” Jane sighed and let Connie go. “That’d be a pretty bad idea for a first date. Not like you can even make an orgy happen anyway.”

“I mean, maybe I could make some calls and get an orgy started if you really wanted me to.”

Jane laughed. “Thanks, Connie, but I doubt it.”

Now Connie pouted. Maybe she’d throw an orgy, just to show her. And to fuck everyone again.

Only Jane wanted to date Aubrey, and she had a point about an orgy not being the best romantic move. So even though Connie totally had the power to make orgies happen now, she was choosing not to use her newfound ability because it wasn’t the right time for it. That’s how she spun it in her head, at least.

“Listen, I’ll come hang out with you two. It’ll be the same plan as before with the naked swim, but even better this time because there won’t be naked girls everywhere.”

Jane seemed skeptical, but wasn’t turning her down.

“I’ll be your wing woman and help Aubrey see how hot and amazing you are.”

The curvy girl still wasn’t sold, so Connie added, “And hey. We always have throwing an orgy as plan B.”

Jane finally smiled. “Fine, fine, you can come.” She shifted uncomfortably, then reached out and gave Connie a hug. “Thank you for helping me. I really appreciate it. And I know that I can be a real bitch sometimes.”

“It’s fine,” Connie told her as she returned the hug. “I know you’re my bitch.”

Jane pulled back and gave her a weird look.

“I didn’t mean that in like a kinky, ‘you’re my bitch’ way, I just meant like a totally platonic ‘you’re my bitch.’”

“Okay you are way too spastic to be my wing woman.”

“I can do it,” Connie whined. “I promise I’ll be cool.”

Connie was waiting for Jane to make her usual sarcastic remark, but instead she kissed Connie on the cheek. “Yeah, you’re cool.”

Bursting into a huge grin, Connie said, “I promise, I’m gonna make sure Aubrey thinks you’re the hottest, sexiest person in town. She won’t even be interested in another woman with my help.”

* * *

“So Connie, how many of the girls ate you out?”

Aubrey’s question earned them some judgmental stares from people they passed on the sidewalk, but none of them held a candle to the disdainful glare Jane was giving her supposed ‘wing woman.’

Jane willed Connie not to answer. Instead she frowned as Connie blushed and replied, “Technically they all did.”

“That’s so awesome,” Aubrey gushed, the praise striking Jane like a brick to the chest. She’d only just met Connie, who was a total nerd, by the way, and yet Aubrey was fawning over her like a groupie trying to hook up with a rock star.

Jane sulked behind them, hands in her pockets and wondering what made Aubrey declare Connie as ‘awesome’ while she was only friend material?

Connie looked back at Jane, as if the little traitor had only just remembered who she was supposed to be helping.

“You know who’s really awesome at eating pussy? Jane. She’s great at it.”

Jane hit Connie in the back while Aubrey burst out laughing. She didn’t buy Connie silently mouthing the words, ‘I’m helping.’

Why did she possibly think Connie would be a decent wing woman?

“I forgot you two were fuckbuddies,” Aubrey said in awe, though Jane felt like Connie was getting all the credit.

Hello? Connie had been staring at her ass and pining over her for years. Connie was the lucky one that Jane was gracious enough to fuck. Not the other way around.

Aubrey peered back at Jane and smirked. “Sorry if I’m hogging all of Connie’s attention. Hope you’re not too jealous, Jane.”

Seething with jealousy, Jane hissed through clenched teeth to say, “Me? Jealous? Never.”

“Oh good.” Aubrey threw a muscular arm around Connie’s shoulders and pulled her in close. “So what did the girls look like? I’m dying to know what your type is.”


Jane couldn’t hear the rest as the two of them walked down the sidewalk huddled together and whispering, leaving Jane with her bubbling anger to follow behind them. Having Aubrey be oblivious to her crush on her all of these years had been tough, but this? This was a fresh new flavor of hell. It was some shitty episode of the twilight zone where Connie was, for reasons unknown, suddenly the most desirable lesbian to ever live.

This moment couldn’t get any worse.

“Um, excuse me?”

All three of them spun around to see a full figured woman about their age, wrapped up in a cute blue sundress. Jane thought she recognized her from a clothing store in town. The cute girl turned to Connie, her cheeks bright red as she stiffly reached out her arm. Clenched in her fist was a piece of paper.

“Um, hi. I’m Janice.”

Connie blinked in surprise. “I’m Connie,” she said, curiously taking the piece of paper. “What’s this?”

“It’s my phone number,” Janice said, twisting back and forth nervously and setting her sundress swishing around her thighs. “I never do this, but I saw you walking by and well…” Her blush deepened. “I just really wanted the chance to talk to you. If you’re interested.”

Now it was Connie’s turn to blush. “Um, thank you?”

“Cool.” Janice fidgeted in place. “Okay, bye. Call me.”

Then she frantically ran off, giggling excitedly to herself. Connie stared after her in disbelief, while Jane had her jaw on the floor. “What the hell was that?”

“I know,” Aubrey said chuckling as she shook her head. “Figures you’d have random girls just coming up and offering themselves to you.”

Connie waved her hands defensively. “I really don’t, though.”

“I just watched it happen with my own eyes.” Then Aubrey scratched at her cheek, her face flushed. “Maybe I should give you my number. Before you get taken up by every girl in town.”

It was a gut punch that Jane wasn’t ready for. So she promptly stormed away from them and towards the movie theater, doing her best to hold back tears. Aubrey wanted Connie. Connie was stealing Aubrey from her. And after she lied and said she’d help!


“Go away,” Jane growled as Connie caught up to her. In her mind Connie was just there to gloat, but instead Connie took her arm in a panic and said, “I’m so sorry! I don’t know who that girl was and I definitely don’t want Aubrey flirting with me.”

“Please, like you wouldn’t want to fuck Aubrey.”

Connie’s face was painted with guilt. “Okay, yeah, she’s super sexy. But I want her to fuck you, not me. I promise.”

Jane gave her a doubting glare, and yet she sensed Connie was telling the truth. Besides, Connie was a total nerd. There was no way she was some sexy temptress seducing Aubrey.

Just then Aubrey ran up after them, putting a worried hand on Jane’s shoulder. “You alright, Jane?”

“I’m fine,” Jane replied haughtily. “Just don’t want to miss the previews.” She lifted her chin and walked into the movie theater with renewed confidence. Aubrey was only interested in Connie because she saw a really cute girl flirting with her. Which means all Jane had to do was get an even hotter girl to flirt with her, and then Aubrey would be all over her instead.

It was the perfect plan. Unfortunately the ticket booth was manned by some old guy, and she doubted Aubrey would be jealous of some geezer perving on her. Jane hurried into the lobby ahead of them and scanned for some cute girl she could seduce to make Aubrey want her. The place was deserted except for someone bent over behind the concessions stand. She watched the employee stand up and Jane grinned as she got a good look at her. She was the perfect target.

The redheaded girl was absolutely stacked. Enormous tits nearly bursting out of her black polo shirt uniform. And she had a cute face too, with freckles and a broad nose.

Connie and Aubrey walked past Jane into the lobby, and both girls nearly stumbled as they caught sight of the busty redhead.


While both girls stared mesmerized, Jane pushed past them and confidently strode up to the concessions stand. Jane would put on the charm and get Big Boobs to flirt with her, and that’d make Aubrey see that she was every bit as awesome as Connie, who totally wasn’t actually awesome at all.

Jane rolled her hips as she walked, accentuating her great ass. The redhead noticed her but didn’t seem blown away. So Jane bent over the counter, pressing her tits together and pretending to examine the candy under the glass counter. She might not have been as well endowed as the movie theater worker, but if this girl was any kind of gay then Jane was certain she’d have to be into her.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m sure you can,” Jane said in a sultry sigh. She glanced at the girl’s chest to see her name tag thrust out on her tits. “Tammy is such a cute name. So what do you recommend? I’m looking for something sweet to enjoy today.”

Tammy rolled her eyes. “What you see under the counter is what we got.”

Jane huffed and straightened up, dropping the act. Clearly Tammy wasn’t interested in the finer sex. Her loss. Jane would just have to find a decent lesbian later who’d drool all over her. In the meantime she’d at least get some candy. “I’d like a pack of—”

But she realized Tammy wasn’t listening to her. Tammy was looking off to the side, mouth dropped in awe. She swore she even saw Tammy’s eyes dilating like some really good drug just took effect. Tammy sucked in a shuddering breath and gulped. “Woah.”

Jane glanced to the side to see what amazing thing had completely captured her attention, and her stomach dropped when she saw that Tammy was staring right at Connie.

“No fucking way.”

Tammy didn’t spare a second look at Jane as she hurried further down the counter to where Connie was waiting. She clasped her hands together in front of her waist and thrust her huge tits out like they were suddenly available on the menu too.

“Hi there! What can I get you?” Instead of the bored gruff voice she used on Jane, Tammy had suddenly switched to a sickeningly sweet falsetto.

Connie glanced over at Jane then back to Tammy, confused and completely missing Tammy’s obvious signals. “Uh, I’ll get a large soda and a popcorn. Do you guys want anything?”

Jane was too furious at being ignored for Connie, again, that she didn’t say anything. Meanwhile Aubrey was dumbstruck, clearly amazed that yet another hot girl was totally into Connie.

Looking between them, Connie just shrugged and said, “I guess just that then. How much is it?”

“Oh, it’s on the house,” Tammy giggled with a wave of her hand, almost like the idea of Connie paying for something should have been ridiculous. Tammy hurried around behind the counter, filling a large cup to the brim with soda, and then over-stuffing a bag of popcorn until it was fit to burst. She plopped them down in front of Connie with a pleading, eager expression, like a dog wanting to be praised for bringing it’s owner’s slippers.

Suddenly Tammy gasped. “You can’t enjoy a movie without something sweet to go with it.” She winked as she reached under the counter, then dumped a pile of candy boxes before a surprised Connie. Jane knew that was practically a small fortune in movie theater snacks that Tammy was giving away for free, just in the hopes of making Connie happy. What in the hell did everyone see so amazing about Connie, anyway?

“W-wow,” Connie said, looking over the pile of snacks. “Did I win a contest or something?”

“You certainly did,” Tammy told her with a big wink. “The contest of being too damn sexy to go to the movies alone.”

Connie tilted her head, confused, while Jane wanted to scream. Was Connie so hopeless that she didn’t even recognize a hot girl throwing herself at her?

“I’m not alone, though. Just here with friends.” She pointed at Jane, who fumed, and Aubrey, who waved politely as she bit back laughter. Jane was the only one who noticed a dark expression wash over Tammy’s face.

“She your girlfriend or something?” Tammy asked, all the sugary sweetness in her voice replaced with sour gravel.

“No!” Connie answered abruptly. The flash of disappointment on Aubrey’s face filled Jane with despair. Connie cleared her throat. “I’m single. Just being the third wheel here.” She glanced over at Jane and gave her a discrete thumbs up. Jane groaned to herself.

Instantly Tammy’s mood brightened. “That’s great. You know I get off work right as your movie gets out. Huge coincidence. Maybe I can join you and we can double date with them.”

Connie grinned and looked back at Aubrey, hopeful. As much as she hated this whole situation, Jane suddenly felt a glimmer of hope. Connie would have her face stuffed in this desperate girls huge rack, which meant Aubrey would be all hers.

Only Aubrey laughed loudly. “Me and Jane are just friends. We’re not dating.”

Just friends. It was the final nail in the coffin containing all of Jane’s hopes of being with Aubrey. Utterly deflated, Jane said, “Yeah, we’re just friends. Hey Tammy, can I get some milk duds?”

The horny redhead completely ignored her, gazing longingly at Connie instead.

“Tammy! Milk duds!” Jane shouted, her anger getting the better of her.

With a nasty look Tammy snatched up the candy and hurled it at Jane, who barely caught it before it would’ve hit her in the nose. “That’ll be five bucks.”

Jane was itching for a fight, but Connie threw up her hands to stop her. “Woah, I got it. Why don’t you two go get the seats and I’ll pay?”

Sweet, accommodating Tammy reappeared as she giggled at Connie. “Oh, honey, you don’t have to—” She blinked, catching onto her chance to get Connie alone. “Right. Go get your seats. And you can stay here with me to pay for everything.”

“Fine,” Jane grumbled, as she and Aubrey grabbed everything off the counter.

As she trudged away to their theater she heard Tammy’s squeaky voice call out, “Enjoy the movie!”

“I will,” Jane yelled back, her fake smile simmering with fury.

Aubrey spilled popcorn all over the floor as she ran to catch up with Jane. “Did you see that? That hot chick was practically humping the counter she was so hot for Connie. And Connie just played it so cool, like she didn’t even notice. How come you never told me you had such a cool friend?”

Jane tore open the box of Milk Duds. “Guess I just wanted to keep her all to myself.”

“I don’t blame you,” Aubrey chuckled. “Hey, can you tell me what Connie’s like in bed? I’m just dying to know.”

Jane threw back the box and stuffed her mouth with candy as an excuse not to answer. How the hell had things turned out like this?

* * *

Connie clapped her hands together proudly. “I think that went really well,” she declared, watching Aubrey leaning over to whisper to Jane as they disappeared into the theater.

“I’ll say.” Tammy leaned across the counter, smushing her tits against the glass. “We got rid of them, and now we have the whole lobby to ourselves.”

“Yeah. Wait, what?” Connie looked over and saw Tammy’s top straining to contain her huge tits. And the way Tammy was looking her up and down while dragging her tongue slowly over her lips. It finally clicked why the redhead was acting so weird. “Oh. Ohhh.”

She blushed as Tammy nodded, pushing herself closer over the counter until she was laying across it, her legs kicking up behind her like a schoolgirl with a crush.

“So everything being free was because you’re into me?”

“I am into you…” Tammy purred. Then she suddenly climbed up onto the counter, kicking over a display of chocolate without a care. She ran a hand back through her hair and struck a sexy pose. “But I wouldn’t say all that stuff was free. More like you owe me,” she giggled.

Connie back away. She didn’t have much experience with girls, but something told her that Tammy was coming on a little too strong. Connie took out her wallet, saying, “I’m happy to pay however much it was for all the snacks.”

Arching her back, Tammy ran her hands up over her huge tits as she sensually moaned, “All of that would total $52.73.”

“Um, wow.” Connie’s eyes were glued to Tammy’s hands squeezing at her tits. “You are… really good at math.” She looked around to see if anyone else was noticing Tammy gyrating on the concession stand like a stripper, but the lobby was completely deserted.

“How about we just round it up and say that you owe me sixty nine?” Tammy licked her tongue out at the air and smirked.

“Okay, maybe you’re not good at math.” Was this some kind of awesome prank she’d never heard of before? Or a hidden camera TV show about strangers climbing on tables and dry humping the air.

“There is another way you could pay me back,” Tammy said sweetly. She brought her hands up between her tits to clutch at the collar of her uniform shirt.

“You don’t say,” Connie muttered, backing up towards the theater. As horny as she was even Connie knew that this wasn’t normal.

“You can pay me back by worshipping these tits!” Tammy tore at her shirt, the three buttons of her polo shirt snapping off, but the rest of the fabric didn’t tear. “My tits!” Tammy growled, tugging hard but the fabric held tight. “I said my tits!” After a final unsuccessful tug to rip her shirt open, Tammy just grabbed it by the bottom and tossed it up overhead, revealing the hardest working bra that Connie had ever seen.

Connie stared in awe, then snapped out of her stupor. “Hang on! You can’t just strip here!”

“Of course I can. I work here,” Tammy told her proudly, reaching back to unclasp her bra.

“I mean anyone could walk in and see you.”

Tammy licked her lips again, rocking her shoulders to make her tits shake back and forth as she pulled her bra free. “I think you mean that they’d see us.” She whipped her bra away and Connie let out an involuntary moan as she saw Tammy groping her tits. They were huge and perfect, her brown nipples already hard and pointed. “Fuck, I’m so wet for you.”

Connie still couldn’t process what was happening or why Tammy was throwing herself at her. And then Tammy literally threw herself at Connie, pinning her up against the wall with her massive tits.

“Mhm, you like them?”

Connie threw her hands up over her head and ignored the wonderful warmth of Tammy’s tits pressing over her chest. “Um, I think we should probably get to know each other first.”

“You’re right. Let’s get better acquainted.” Then Tammy went up on her toes and dragged her tits up to smother Connie’s face. As Connie started to flail Tammy easily caught her hands and slapped them down to her ass.

“That’s right, grab my ass. Take my tits. I’m all yours!”

Connie’s muffled shouts demanded to know why Tammy was acting like she was the one doing all the groping and taking advantage of here.

“Oh Connie, take me,” the redhead moaned, humping at Connie’s leg. “I want to be yours so bad.”

In the suffocating, wonderful darkness of Tammy’s giant tits, Connie snatched onto something Tammy said. But she needed to get free first. Running out of air, Connie managed to wriggle a hand free from Tammy’s grip. She knew she’d only have one chance, so she had no choice but to attack Tammy’s obvious weak point.

Connie pushed her hand up against Tammy’s crotch, pressing her fingers through the fabric and against her pussy. Her work pants were already soaked through.

“Oh fuck!” Tammy cried in ecstasy. Her legs gave out beneath her and Tammy flopped down against Connie, who spun around to pin her to the wall. Connie gasped for breath, while Tammy happily squirmed in her grip. “Please… more…”

Finally able to speak, Connie asked, “How do you know my name?”

Tammy had her eyes shut tight and was wriggling in ecstasy from Connie’s touch. “I don’t know. I must have heard your friends say it.”

“I know they didn’t say it, and I sure didn’t tell you. So how do you know my name?”

Hardly concerned, Tammy just shrugged and started pinching her nipples. “Who cares how I know? It’s such a sexy name. Connie. Coooonniiiiee. I wanna moan your name as I ride your face.”

The topless girl moved in to tackle Connie again, but this time Connie held up a finger. Tammy obediently froze in place. “We can’t do this here.”

“But I wanna,” Tammy whined.

“What I meant is that we should go somewhere private so I can… fuck you,” Connie whispered, still having trouble saying it out loud in public, even with a topless girl in her arms.

Tammy cooed with delight. “Why didn’t you say so? Let’s go into the projector room.” She started to skip off for a door next to the theater, but Connie ran over to scoop up Tammy’s discarded shirt. She looked around for the bra, too, only she’d been too distracted by the sight of Tammy’s tits to notice where she threw it.

Tammy glanced back at her and giggled. “I don’t need my clothes, silly.” To emphasize the point she started to unzip her pants.

“I just needed something to- tie you up with?” Connie said, panicking.

“Ooh, kinky. I like it. Well I like it if you like it. I want anything you want,” Tammy sighed happily, her eyes glazing over for a moment.

“I’m sure you do. Speaking of… have you ever been hypnotized before?”

Tammy shook her head, heavy tits swaying back and forth as she did. Connie had to fight the urge to run over and smother her face back between them. “Nope, I’ve never been hypnotized. Why? Do you want me to be hypnotized?”

“I do,” Connie told her, slipping off her necklace with the green crystal on it. “And something tells me you’ll have no trouble going under for me.”

“I’m happy to do anything to make you happy,” Tammy replied with the same sleepy, happy grin. The same devoted smile that Heidi, Sonia and coop wore. Then she hurried into the projector booth, and Connie followed with the crystal clenched tight in her hand, feeling a strange combination of totally horny that this was happening but also supremely pissed off that she couldn’t enjoy herself.

“I am so going to kill Gloria for this.”