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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 41

Summer Lovin’: Part 9

Connie twisted the chain of her necklace through her fingers as she stared at the door to the projection booth. She knew what was waiting on the other side. Tammy. Topless. Insanely horny for her. Just like the other girls had been after Gloria hypnotized them to crave her. Though they hadn’t been quite as crazed as Tammy was.

“You got this, Connie,” she told herself. “Just go in there, hypnotize Tammy and set her back to normal. And hope she’ll still want you to play with her tits after.”

She shook her head. This was no time to obsess over the most perfect rack she’d ever seen on a girl. She just had to fight through the crushing exhaustion and the fact that she felt ready to topple over and fall asleep any second now. All while ignoring how her dripping wet pussy was begging her to forget about being respectful and barge into the booth to suck on the huge tits that Tammy was oh so eagerly offering.

So what if Gloria had hypnotized Tammy into being uncontrollably horny and desperate to please Connie? It wasn’t like Connie did anything wrong. Why shouldn’t she take full advantage of the topless redhead that had literally fallen into her lap?

The idea of giving up responsibility was so damn tempting, but Connie held up her resolve and let the impulse pass. She’d already decided long ago she wouldn’t be the type to take advantage of other people against their will. Besides, she already had willing girls happy to be hypnotized to obey her. Connie smiled as she thought of Michelle and all her new friends. They wanted her. And more importantly they trusted her. Which meant that abusing this situation, as temporarily satisfying as it would be, would mean she was a failure as a Mistress and the expectations her slaves put on her.

This time when she looked up at the projection booth door, Connie actually felt confident. She’d do the right thing and resist temptation as she set Tammy free of the programming. Her mind set, Connie strutted into the projection booth, holding Tammy’s shirt in one hand and the crystal necklace in the other.

And almost instantly her confidence was snatched from her as she found Tammy laying on her back, completely naked now with her legs spread and fingers teasing her soaked pussy.

“Heeey,” Tammy purred, sliding her fingers up and down her wet pussy lips. “You were taking a while, so I wanted to make sure I was all ready for you.”

Connie gulped. “Tammy, I—”

“Unless you’d rather play with my tits first.” Tammy sat up and switched to groping her huge tits, letting out sensual moans that made Connie’s heart race.

“I, um, I was gonna hypnotize you. Remember?”

Tammy shrugged. “Whatever you want.” She dropped her hands to her sides and knelt naked before Connie. The curvy girl looked up at her expectantly and asked, “Well?”

Like some nightmare about being unprepared for a test, Connie suddenly couldn’t recall how to actually hypnotize someone. The words all jumbled in her mouth. She tried to slip the crystal from her fingers and dangle it by the chain, something she’d seen Gloria do effortlessly, only the chain slipped right out of her sweaty hand and the crystal went skittering to the floor. Connie scooped it up, muttering apologies to Tammy the whole time.

Tammy just kept a begrudging smile on her face, as if she knew Connie was embarrassing herself and was only indulging her. It made Connie panic even more. What if she couldn’t hypnotize Tammy like the others? They’d practically been begging to be hypnotized by her, while Tammy wasn’t the least bit interested.

“You seem nervous.”

Connie eeped as Tammy spoke up, only proving her right.

“Here, Connie. Let me help you relax.” Tammy started crawling towards her, and Connie was momentarily stunned by the amazing sight of Tammy’s giant tits swaying beneath her. But then Tammy was grabbing the front of Connie’s pants, undoing the zipper and licking her lips. This wasn’t the plan at all! Though, it would help her relax if Tammy ate her out for a while…

Connie clapped her hands loudly. Tammy’s hands froze as they unbuttoned Connie’s pants. She looked up at her, confused.

“You can eat me out later,” Connie lied, her pussy wailing in frustration. “Right now I want you to sit back so I can hypnotize you.”

“You’re really into this, huh?” Tammy was still skeptical, but scooted backwards and waited on her knees again. “I mean, most girls just enjoy feeling up my tits.”

Connie sighed as she zipped her pants back up. “They’re amazing tits, Tammy. Obviously.”

“Thank you,” she replied, cupping her breasts and smiling to herself.

“But I want to hypnotize you first.”

This time Tammy didn’t comment. Just nodded her head and waited.

Connie dangled the crystal in the air before her and set it swinging back and forth. She tried to let the soothing rhythm calm herself too, as her heart was still racing nervously. Even after the number of girls she’d hypnotized, Connie still felt as nervous as if someone had dared her to go streaking through the middle of town. Maybe Gloria was right. She really was lacking confidence.

Which was definitely not something to consider when she was supposed to be hypnotizing someone. Connie forced herself to focus on Tammy. “Just watch the crystal swinging back and forth. Let the back and forth calm you.”

Instead of calming down, Tammy snickered. “Yes, it’s making me sleepy. Veeeery sleeeepy.”

“Focus on the crystal,” Connie said firmly. The smirk was wiped off Tammy’s face, and her eyes actually started moving back and forth to follow the crystal. That’s more like it, Connie thought to herself. “The crystal will drop you down into a deep, mindless trance.”

Out of nowhere, Tammy dropped into trance. Connie nearly gasped as she saw Tammy’s jaw go slack, her eyes completely losing focus. That had almost been too easy.

Then Tammy lifted her arms up before her like a zombie and said in a theatrically slow voice, “Yes, Master, I am your mindless slave. I must eat your pussy.”

Connie clapped her hands over her face and groaned. “Can you take this seriously?”

“What? You wanted me to pretend to be hypnotized.” Tammy stuck her hands on her hips indignantly. “I was totally nailing it.”

“I don’t want you to pretend,” Connie growled. Her eyes were still burning with lack of sleep and her head was starting to pound from focusing so intensely. “I want to actually hypnotize you so I can help you.”

“Help me with what?”

Connie couldn’t bring herself to say the truth.

Tammy rolled her eyes. “I’m not a fan of this game.”

“It’s not a—”

“Ooh, let’s try this!” Connie glanced over and saw Tammy standing up, rubbing her huge tits enticingly. “This time I’ll hypnotize you. Just look at my giant tiddies and become totally powerless as they hypnotize you!”

Tammy giggled as she slunk closer, swaying her tits back and forth as she groped them. Connie knew that hypnotic tits was a ridiculous concept, but she had to admit that Tammy playing with herself was a captivating sight.

“Give in to the tits and be my slaaave,” Tammy implored, lunging at Connie tits-first.

Connie leapt aside just in time to dodge her. Tammy whirled, a hungry grin on her face as she kept stroking her giant tits. As she took a step back, Connie realized that she was just as helpless as when Tammy had first whipped her shirt off. As much as Tammy said she wanted to make Connie happy, she’d been the one in control this entire time. Which made Connie realize that not everyone was naturally submissive. If Tammy was used to taking charge in bed, then her idea of making Connie happy would be to pin her down and be in control.

No wonder she’d scoffed at the idea of submitting to Connie, since all she’d done so far was stammer and stumble away. If she wanted to make Tammy obey her, then she’d have to give her a reason to respect Connie’s authority.

Tammy twisted her nipples and groaned, dragging her foot and kicking it back like a bull ready to charge. Only Connie was done dodging.

She stood her ground, and when Tammy charged Connie just locked eyes with her. She must have done something right because Tammy skidded to a stop.

“I’m the one in charge here,” Connie told her.

Tammy started to smile. “I was just having fun and—”

“Zip it.” Connie smirked as Tammy shut her mouth. “You want to know what’ll make me happy? To have you doing everything I say. To have you know that you belong to me.” She walked closer, carrying herself with full authority now. Tammy looked about ready to wilt, but Connie also saw her squeezing her tits and getting off on it. “You’re mine, Tammy. And I’m going to do anything I want with you. Got it.”

Tammy nodded. “I’d really like—”

Connie reached up and grabbed Tammy’s mouth to cut her off. “You reply ‘Yes, Mistress,’ or ‘No, Mistress.’ Understand?”

Tammy nodded again, then quickly added, “Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s more like it. Now kneel.”

Where before Tammy had been teasing and playful, now she fell to her knees quietly, respectfully. She was looking up at Connie with surprise clear on her face. Connie was willing to bet that Tammy had always been in control with other people. Taking what she wanted came naturally to her. But if Connie wanted to fix Tammy’s head, then she’d have to leave the girl with no doubt about who was in charge.

“You belong to me now. More than that, you want to belong to me.” Before Tammy could protest, Connie leaned in and stroked her chin. “You want to belong to me because you want to make me happy. You do want me to be happy, don’t you?”

“I- Yes, Mistress.”

“Owning you makes me happy.” To really sell it, Connie reached down and rubbed herself through her jeans. Tammy visibly shivered and smiled wide as she saw Connie teasing herself. Still stroking Tammy’s head, Connie started to rock her hips against her hand. “You have no idea how wet I am,” Connie told her. She was incredibly wet too.

Tammy rubbed at her tits faster. “I want to see how wet you are, Mistress.” Each time she’d called Connie Mistress the word had sounded weird coming from her mouth, like it was a foreign word she couldn’t quite pronounce. But that time, with Tammy staring longingly at her crotch, the title Mistress had sounded almost natural.

“You want to see how wet I am?”

“Yes Mistress!” Tammy nodded eagerly.

“I’ll show you, but first you have to let me hypnotize you.”

Tammy was licking her lips, but looked up at Connie confused. “Mistress, why do I have to wait?”

“Because it’ll make me happy to have you hypnotized and completely under my control.”

Tammy looked away, a serious expression suddenly on her face. When she looked back up at Connie, she seemed determined. “Okay, Mistress. I’ll let you hypnotize me.”

As much as Connie wanted to be calm and composed like a professional dominant, hearing a naked adorable girl say something as amazing as that made Connie moan. She clenched her thighs tight against her hand, her pussy practically melting with need, and she had to tear her hand away before she gave in to the urge to just keep rubbing. She wasn’t here to actually fuck Tammy. Not unless Tammy wanted it after.

“Can I ask for one thing, Mistress?”

Connie shook off the arousal fogging her mind and turned her attention back to Tammy. “What is it?”

“After I’m hypnotized, you’ll let me see how wet you are? And play with my tits, right Mistress? I want it so bad.”

“I promise,” Connie agreed, not even stopping to think it over. How could she possibly resist with Tammy’s giant tits begging to be hers?

Tammy squealed with delight and squeezed her tits hard. “Thank you, Mistress?”

Connie savored the adorable sight. Then, before she could lose her sense of purpose again, Connie dangled the crystal from her necklace back in front of Tammy.

“Stare into the crystal, Tammy. This time I want you to really stare. Study the way the light reflects off of it as it turns in the air.”

Just as she was told to, Tammy stared into the crystal. Only Connie still wasn’t sure if it would work like the other times. Sure, Tammy was as horny as the other girls were, but could Connie trance her too? Maybe she should order Tammy to stop playing with her tits. It was no doubt distracting her from the crystal. And distracting Connie too.

But then an idea struck her. “Keep staring into the crystal, and keep playing with your tits. Focus on the pleasure you feel rubbing at them. And as you lose yourself in the crystal, as you sink into trance, I want you to feel your tits become more sensitive. The deeper you drop, the more sensitive they become.

Tammy crinkled her brow, her lips drawing into a tight line. It didn’t seem like the suggestion was working. Connie was thinking of another tactic to try, when she happened to flick her fingers and the crystal spun a little faster. Connie saw dots of reflected green light dancing over Tammy’s face. For just a moment Tammy’s eyes went wider, as if she’d glimpsed something astounding. Her face relaxed, her shoulders slumped, and a soft sigh escaped her. Then her hands squeezed her tits.

Tammy blinked out of the light trance, her mouth opening wide but no sound came out. She knelt there shuddering, a moan caught in her throat. Her hands were still grabbing her tits tight, like she was locked in place. Slowly her hands released and Tammy let out a gasp.

“What the hell?” She smiled and stared at her hands, which were shaking. “That was… holy crap what the hell?”

Guess the suggestion worked after all, Connie thought with a smug grin. “Tell me what you felt.”

“It was awesome!” Tammy gushed. “I was looking at the crystal and worrying that I wasn’t doing it right and I’d let you down, but then the lights got really pretty, and I felt kind light-headed. Then next thing I know I feel like I’m cumming from my tits because they feel so awesome.”

Tammy grabbed her tits and squeezed hard, shutting her eyes tight as she braced herself? Only nothing happened. She cracked open an eye, then glared down at her tits for failing to make her cum again.

“It’s not gonna work like that.”

Tammy looked up, heartbroken. “Why not?”

“Because they only get more sensitive when you’re in trance.”

“Oh.” The naked redhead crossed her arms and thought seriously on her problem. “But how am I supposed to—” Connie cut her off by dropping the crystal in front of her face. This time Tammy’s eyes immediately locked onto it, following as it swayed back and forth.

“You go into trance for me, Tammy. And remember who your Mistress is.”

“Yes… Mistress.”

She started to reach for her tits again, but Connie shook her head. “Hands at your sides.”

Tammy obeyed but whimpered.

“When you drop again, I’ll let you play with your tits. You want to make me happy, don’t you?”

That eased some of the tension on Tammy’s face, but she still grumbled as she said, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Say it. You want to make me happy.”

Tammy’s eyes kept darting back and forth with the crystal. “I want to make you happy.”


“I want to make… you happy…” Tammy’s eyes fluttered. Her head dipped for a moment before she caught herself.

Connie smirked. Gloria had used that phrase on the other girls like a mantra. And reciting the mantra had made all of them dip just a little towards trance. Connie kept the crystal swinging as she ordered, “Say it again. And include Mistress.

“I want to make you happy, Mistress.” With each word Tammy’s eyes glazed over a little more.


“I want… to make you happy, Mistress.” Tammy swayed on her knees, her eyes starting to slip closed. After a few seconds, Tammy recited on her own, “I want to make you happy, Mistress. I want to make you happy, Mistress.”

Connie soaked in Tammy’s pledges of devotion, proudly watching as each oath seemed to drain Tammy of her free will a little at a time. Suddenly the floor creaked behind her. Connie whipped around, but the projection room was empty except for them. She noticed that the door was open just a crack.

With Tammy still reciting as she’d been told, oblivious to the noise, Connie ran over to the door and stuck her head out. She didn’t see anyone in the lobby. She glanced at the doors to the theaters, only she didn’t catch any of them closing.

Connie shivered. Just the thought of being caught hypnotizing a completely naked Tammy had her heart racing. Anyone who saw would think she was taking complete advantage of Tammy, instead of trying to help her. Which was totally the only reason Connie was hypnotizing the hot busty redhead.

Connie shut and locked the door this time. By the time she walked back over Tammy was starting to glance around, wondering where the crystal was. She was still reciting, but slow and plodding now, confused.

“I want… to make… you happy… Mistress?” As soon as Connie dangled the crystal before her Tammy relaxed, completely absorbed by it. In a strong voice she said, “I want to make you happy, Mistress.”

It seemed Tammy was as deep as the mantra would take her, which meant she had to go to the next idea. “Play with your tits for me. The deeper you go, the more sensitive they are.”

Tammy’s hands drifted slowly up to her chest, but as soon as she touched her tits Tammy jolted upright. She moaned loudly, and Connie winced.

“Quiet!” she hissed.

Tammy groped her tits with abandon, but this time when she opened her mouth to moan no sound came out. It was like she’d hit mute on a porno. Tammy kept gyrating her hips, rubbing at her breasts desperately and crying out with no sound at all.

“That’s… great,” Connie muttered, feeling desperate herself. “The pleasure brings you deeper into trance.”

Tammy had her back arched and was tugging on her nipples, but this time as she squeezed Tammy’s body relaxed into it. She slumped over, her eyes barely open. Panting, Tammy rubbed at her tits again and her expression went slack.

“You don’t even need the crystal anymore,” Connie told her. She put her necklace in her pocket and crouched down beside Tammy. “The deeper you drop, the more sensitive your tits are. And the more pleasure you feel the deeper you drop for me.”

Tammy nodded sluggishly. It was a neat little trap. As long as Tammy’s mind accepted it then she was on a one way ticket into a complete, mindless trance.

Connie watched Tammy playing with herself, her eyes getting emptier with every second, but she just couldn’t hold out any more. Wriggling in place and clenching her thighs, an incredibly horny Connie said, “Take- take your hands away.”

Silently Tammy let her hands drop away. Her chest was heaving, those perfect breasts bared just for her. Tammy was faintly smiling, just a glimmer of consciousness left in her eyes.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. Connie reached out and grabbed Tammy’s tits. They were as perfect as Connie had hoped they would be. She played with Tammy’s tits, and Tammy’s eyes rolled back in her head as she was hit with the impossible pleasure of it.

“Are you close to cumming?”

Tammy’s head flopped up and down.

“Then feel the greatest pleasure yet from my hands,” Connie said, firmly happy to ignore her guilt over feeling up Tammy. It was all just to help put her into trance so that Connie could fix what Gloria did. “When you cum, you can enjoy the orgasm flooding through your entire body. And as the orgasm fades it’ll take all your thoughts with it. When you’re done cumming, you’ll be left mindless and obedient. Understand?”

Tammy nodded weakly, but her lips had pulled back into a big grin.

“Then cum for me,” Connie commanded, squeezing Tammy’s tits. Tammy shook as the orgasm hit her, all but melting to the floor. As Tammy toppled backwards Connie lunged after her, straddling the naked girl as she kept enjoying playing with her tits. Tammy was cumming without making a single sound, just shuddering and smiling as Connie used her.

The orgasm kept going, never seeming to fade. Connie realized that Tammy must have been cumming for a full minute, before she realized that she was still teasing Tammy’s ultra-sensitive tits. She pried her hands away, and Tammy gasped with relief. Tammy laid there panting and catching her breath, her body completely limp. When her eyes opened, there wasn’t a shred of intelligence left.

“Tammy? Can you hear me?”

Tammy nodded and mouthed the word yes.

“You can talk, but keep it quiet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Tammy croaked, her voice sounding strained.

“Are you done cumming?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“So you’re completely mindless?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Connie smiled proudly to herself. Then she blushed and chewed on the end of her thumb, looking over Tammy’s naked body glistening with sweat. “So how was that orgasm just now?”

Tammy heaved out a long sigh and smiled. “It was the greatest orgasm of my life.” She blinked slowly, her empty eyes finally finding Connie. “I belong completely to you, Mistress. I must make you happy. I must use my tits to make you happy. I want to be yours forever.”

“That’s really flattering,” Connie said, smiling to herself and wishing it was the truth. “But about that…”

* * *

Aubrey rushed into the bathroom. She slammed the door shut behind her and clapped a hand over her mouth, still trying to process what she’d seen. The image was practically burned into her mind.

Connie standing over the concession girl, what had her name been? Tammy. Tammy naked. Kneeling. Smiling. Calling Connie Mistress.

How the hell had Connie convinced her to do that? Sure, Tammy had been all over Connie before, but it had only been ten minutes. The trailers were still playing and somehow that was enough time for Connie to get Tammy alone, get her to strip, and make her submit in a kinky BDSM way?

And Connie looked so hot being in control. Aubrey gulped. She recalled perfectly that smug smile on Connie’s face as she towered over the naked Tammy. Holding out a necklace to her. What was that about? Was it a gift? Or was she showing it off?

Aubrey wasn’t sure what that was about, since she’d had to run off before Connie caught her peeking. But Aubrey had listened long enough to hear what Tammy said.

That she wanted to make Connie happy. That she wanted to make her Mistress happy.

Aubrey didn’t need to check to know she was completely soaked. She just wished that Connie had been naked too, since she’d been fantasizing about what Connie’s body looked like all day. Only now that Aubrey considered it, Connie still being dressed had been sexy too. Like Tammy was the nude slut under her control. Not worthy of being dressed.

If Connie was her Mistress, would she make Aubrey strip too?

The moan slipped out before she realized. Aubrey kept her back pinned to the door of the women’s room so no one could come in, but someone could have heard her moaning from the other side of the door.

Connie could have heard her.

Aubrey moaned again. Her hand was trailing down to her pants and she let it happen. It felt like she wasn’t in control.

There was a weird moment of vertigo where Aubrey felt like she was outside of herself. Watching herself trembling as her hand slid into her pants to start playing with herself. Hearing her own whimpering moans as she fingered herself. She looked so powerless. So hot.

She only wished that Connie could see her like this. Even better, she wished that Connie was in control. Ordering her to finger herself, even though anyone might overhear. Calling her a good slut. Telling her to strip and kneel, just like Tammy.

Aubrey slid her other hand under her shirt to play with her tits, gasping and fucking herself hard. What was Connie doing to Tammy right now?

She pictured Connie spanking Tammy’s ass. Pictured her taking Tammy by the hair and pulling her between her legs. Making her eat out her mistress.

Aubrey shut her eyes and tried to imagine Connie naked and standing over her. Completely in control. Her Mistress.

“Mistress,” Aubrey whimpered and licked the air. To her complete disappointment she didn’t taste pussy. If only she could be eating Connie out. She’d do it. It was a startling revelation since she’d never even fantasized about being submissive before, but after seeing how amazing Connie was, how could she not submit?

Now Aubrey fingered herself and imagined she was back in the theater with Jane, watching the movie and giggling to themselves. Then Connie would walk up in the row behind them. She’d rest her hand on Aubrey’s neck and slide her fingers up the back of her head, snaking her fingers into Aubrey’s hair before grabbing hold.

“You’re my slut now,” she’d hiss in Aubrey’s ear.

Aubrey’s toes curled and warm pleasure flooded her body.

“From now on I’m your Mistress. And I’m going to use you as I see fit. Understand?”

Aubrey wanted it so bad, but in the fantasy she was confused, naive, helpless. “What do you mean?”

And Connie would yank her head back to stare down at her. “I’m your Mistress. Now come with me so I can ride your pretty face.”

And she’d be helpless as Connie lifted her up to her feet and started to lead her out of the theater. Aubrey saw herself blushing and horny and unable to do anything but follow. Looking back to see Jane watching her, shocked and confused at how Aubrey was just letting herself be treated like this. And Aubrey would only get more embarrassed that her friend was seeing her being claimed as a slut.

Only, Connie’s fucked Jane before. They’d told her so casually that Aubrey thought they were joking, or that it was just some innocent hooking up. It was Jane, after all. Quiet, shy Jane who could barely hear Aubrey make a dirty joke without blushing furiously. Except Aubrey had just seen what Connie did with the girls she fucked. She was fucking Tammy right now, using her in kinky ways that Aubrey couldn’t even imagine. And she’d had an orgy with three other girls even though she’d just arrived in town. Connie would have been the Mistress in that orgy too. Standing over three horny sluts, probably making them pledge that they wanted to make her happy too.

So if Connie was an insatiable dominant, then that meant she’d made Jane into her obedient slut too.

Aubrey gasped as new possibilities exploded in her mind. She plunged her fingers deep in her cunt as the fantasy rewound itself. She was still sitting, with Connie standing over her with a firm hold of her hair as she smirked down at Aubrey.

“I’m your Mistress, and from now on you’ll be my good slut. Just like Jane here.” This time Connie turned Aubrey’s head to look over at Jane, who was suddenly naked. She was touching herself and grinning, looking so unbelievably sexy. Her innocent friend corrupted into a shameless slut. How had she never seen how drop dead gorgeous Jane was before?

In the fantasy Jane licked her lips and reached over to grope Aubrey.

Aubrey squeezed her breast tight and whimpered, wishing it was Jane’s hand touching her.

“I told you she’d be a good slut for you, Mistress.” Jane was grinning and groping her. Of course it was a trap. Jane inviting Connie to join them, going into a dark movie theater when no one else would be around. Connie wanted a new slut to play with, and Jane had all but served her friend up to her Mistress.

“Jane,” Aubrey whimpered, fingers fucking faster as she imagined Jane lifting up her shirt to get to her tits. Connie reaching down to massage one of her breasts, ordering Jane to suck the other. Aubrey left moaning, writhing in her seat.

“Will you be a good slut for me?”

“Yes,” Aubrey moaned, masturbating furiously.

“Yes, what?” Connie would ask, pinching her nipple hard.

“Yes… Mistress.”

Aubrey saw herself surrendering. Connie owned her. She and Jane were going to fuck her. Anything they wanted she would be happy to do. She wanted to make Connie happy. Wanted to make Mistress Connie happy.

“Say it,” Connie would demand, leaning in to kiss at her neck. Aubrey’s pants dropping to her ankles. Looking down to see Tammy crawling between her legs. Jane grabbing Tammy’s hair and pushing her face into Aubrey’s pussy. Aubrey moaning as Tammy ate her out, Jane sucking on her tits, Connie biting her ear and laughing as her sluts played for her amusement. “You know what my slaves say. Say it.”

“I want—” Aubrey bit her lip, the orgasm overwhelming her and making her legs shake. “I want to make you happy… Mistress!” Her voice cracked as she came so hard she saw stars before her eyes. The fantasy overwhelmed her, and Aubrey’s hips jerked up against her hand, her feet skidding on the floor. She was sinking. Falling.

Her feet slipped out from under her and Aubrey dropped down onto her ass, still groaning and cumming hard. Aubrey laid her head back on the door, panting for breath as her blood pounded in her ears. When she finally started getting some control back she looked down and realized that her pants really had fallen down around her ankles.

Aubrey tried to get up but moaned instead as fresh waves of pleasure shot through her. Her fingers were buried in her cunt, and she was so sensitive that the slightest motion was setting her off. So she had no choice but to sit there and wait, still insanely horny with her pussy squeezing around her fingers, waiting for her body to settle down and she could pull them free.

As she sat there dripping on the floor, Aubrey happened to look up and caught sight of herself in a mirror. It was a full body mirror against the wall, so she saw herself clearly as she sat on the bathroom floor. Hair a mess. Half naked with her jeans and panties at her feet and her shirt pulled up so her tits were out. Hands cupping her crotch and rubbing at her tit.

Aubrey stared at her reflection and thought that she looked like a slut. Only that seemed like a really good thing now. Because Connie liked sluts. If Connie was standing over her she’d probably be smiling proudly, just like she had smiled at Tammy. Because Aubrey was a good slut playing with herself for her Mistress.

The thought made her shudder happily. She knew this wasn’t like her. That she’d never fantasized about being dominated before, and she felt completely humiliated that she’d not only cum to the fantasy but had let herself end up sitting naked on a dirty bathroom floor.

Her rational self knew that this must have been a spur of the moment thing inspired by her shocking peek at how Connie was using Tammy. And yet, Aubrey could sense how easily she could slip back into the fantasy and enjoy herself. That she wanted to delve into these new desires. To be a slut. To be used and owned. Spanked or tied up or whipped or whatever kinky things Connie was into. She also had no doubts about why she’d be so willing to do all of this.

She imagined that Connie were standing over her, grinning down at Aubrey as she fingered herself like a good slut. She’d do it because…

“I want to make you happy,” she told the imaginary Connie. Then Aubrey grinned and said, “Mistress.”