The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 42

Summer Lovin’: Part 10

“Do you remember everything you’ve been told?”

“Yes,” Tammy answered in a blank tone.

Connie crossed her fingers, praying that this would work. Obviously she couldn’t just lock away Tammy’s memories, since there was no telling what kind of problems that could cause if Tammy just lost a whole afternoon. The only solution Connie saw was to make it so Tammy believed that all of her actions had been her own doing. And considering that Tammy had stripped right in the movie theater lobby this was definitely a long shot.

She held up her fingers, ready to snap, though paused to take one last, longing look at Tammy’s perfect tits. “What might have been,” Connie muttered, then snapped her fingers.

Tammy’s blank face came back to life, blinking in confusion. She glanced up at Connie, who let out a sigh of defeat at what she had to do next.

“Okay, I’m in,” Connie said, putting on her biggest, most naive smile. She unzipped her pants and dropped them to the floor. Tammy went a little wide-eyed at Connie’s panties, which certainly had to be visibly soaked by now. Then Tammy burst out laughing and slapped her thigh.

“Oh man, I got you good!”

“What are you talking about?” Even though she knew exactly what was coming, Connie didn’t have to fake her embarrassment very hard.

“The prank! I totally made you think I was gonna sleep with you.” Tammy was still cackling to herself as she casually got up off the floor and walked over to her discarded clothes. “I’ve done some good pranks before, but I think this is probably my best one yet.”

“Yup,” Connie muttered, blushing furiously as she hastily pulled her pants back up. “You totally tricked me with your awesome prank. I’m, like, so embarrassed.”

Tammy looked back over her shoulder and said, “Hey, don’t make me feel too guilty. You did get a free show, after all.” For emphasis Tammy slapped her ass, and Connie bit her lip.

“You’re doing the right thing,” Connie whispered to herself. Which was hardly a consolation as she watched Tammy struggling to tug her pants back on, hopping in place with her tits bouncing. “Fuck.”

Tammy caught her looking and smirked. “See? Bet I still made your day, huh?”

“It’s definitely been an exciting one,” Connie said with a strained smile.

If only she didn’t have a conscience Connie could have had Tammy eating out of the palm of her hand. But she had to go and give Tammy a choice once she’d removed Gloria’s hypnotic influence on her head, and unfortunately Tammy had said she wasn’t interested in hooking up.

“It’s not because of you,” the entranced Tammy had been kind enough to specify. “You’re cute in a geeky way. But I want a girlfriend who is rich and can pamper me so I never have to work another day in my life.” Then Tammy had cocked her head, still staring blankly ahead. “Are you rich?”

Which of course Connie wasn’t, and that had been a deal breaker for Tammy’s subconscious. And though she was horny and put out, Connie still respected that Tammy wanted to be a trophy wife and that she didn’t fit the bill as her future sugar momma.

But in a weird way, being rejected did make Connie feel a little proud of herself. Because it meant that Tammy really wasn’t interested in her, and so hypnotizing her back to normal had been the moral thing to do after all. If incredibly sexually frustrating.

“Sorry for pranking you,” Tammy suddenly said, and Connie shook herself out of her thoughts. “It feels a little mean in hindsight.”

“It’s fine, honestly. No grudges held. Promise.” Connie crossed her heart, but Tammy didn’t seem convinced. “Plus you have amazing tits and I’m going to masturbate thinking about today, like, a lot.”

That placated Tammy, who barked out a laugh. “Knock yourself out. Have fun imagining how this could have gone another way.”

“Oh believe me, I’ll work out an alternate ending that’s a lot more fun for me.”

Tammy smirked, then glanced around the projection booth with a worried look. “Hey, have you seen my bra?”

“You tossed it off somewhere in the lobby. I didn’t see where, sorry. I got your shirt though.”

“Aww, thanks.” Tammy scooped up her shirt and threw it on over her head. “You really should have seen the look on your face though. When I flashed my tits at you and you looked like a cornered animal? Priceless.”

“Well, that kind of thing doesn’t happen every day, you know.”

“I’ll say.” Tammy tapped her chest proudly. “I’m one of a kind, after all.”

That was certainly true, Connie thought with a fond smile, although she wondered how Tammy would react if she knew she hadn’t been the only girl to throw herself at her this weekend.

Which made Connie freeze as a thought struck her. Gloria had gotten to Tammy as well as the other girls. Had she gotten to anyone else?

While Tammy headed back over to the concession stand, Connie brought out her cell phone and called Gloria. She tapped her foot impatiently, suddenly eying the doors leading to the various theaters uncertainly. At any moment a random girl could walk out and become instantly in lust with Connie, all reason lost as Gloria’s brainwashing took over. Connie hugged herself, feeling a little claustrophobic. Horny lesbians coming after her shouldn’t have sounded so awful, but Connie didn’t want to be responsible for any woman doing something she’d regret.

“You’ve reached Gloria. I’m not here at the moment, but please leave a message—”

Connie hung up, cursing. Why hadn’t Gloria mentioned hypnotizing other girls that morning when she was in trance?

Then she slapped her forehead and realized what an idiot she was. That morning she’d told Gloria that she’d hooked up with all of the women she’d hypnotized the day before, and now Gloria’s amazed expression even through the trance was a lot more ominous. There were five women Connie knew of. One wasn’t interested, and then Sonia, Heidi, Coop and now Tammy. How many more women could Gloria have possibly gotten to?

She shoved her phone back in her pocket, and was surprised to feel a scrap of paper there. Connie pulled it out. Written in neat handwriting was the name Janice and a phone number.

That cute curvy woman who’d given Connie her number. The one who’d been adorably blushing and giggling. The girl that Connie felt super proud of for catching her eye.

“Fuck, her too?” It was too much of a coincidence. Taking her phone back out, Connie typed in the number and sent off a quick text.


Connie had barely put the phone away before it buzzed in her hand.





Then a final text with the directions, which her phone helpfully turned into a map leading just a few blocks away.

“Yeah, she’s definitely smitten,” Connie muttered to herself, reaching up to tap her crystal necklace. Looks like she’d have to hypnotize another girl. Who’d probably also completely offer her body up for sex and Connie would have to turn her down too. Connie’s shoulders slumped as she sent back a reply, her exhaustion really setting in.


She shook her head. “If this keeps up I’m going to need a vacation.”


Connie whirled around, shutting her phone guiltily behind her back. To her surprise it was Tammy, rubbing at her shoulder with a nervous look.

“Uh, what’s up, Tammy?”

“Look, so I still feel a little bad about the prank and—” Tammy stopped and shook her head. “I think we’ve gotten close enough that I don’t have to lie,” she chuckled. “I know I said I was just joking about hooking up, but I’m just super fucking horny and today is going to suck if I don’t cum soon.”

“God, tell me about it.”

Tammy broke into a toothy grin. “So how about as a totally one time thing we go back in the projector booth and fool around for a bit? I’ll let you go down on me and make me cum.”

Connie couldn’t help but smile. “How generous of you.”

“It is generous.” Tammy suddenly reached out and stroked Connie’s chin. “You should realize just how lucky you are that you got to see me naked. And now you’ll get to go down on me. That’s something tons of girls will kill for. So are you going to backtalk more, or are you going to be a good girl and strip for me in the projection booth?”

Connie gulped as all the strength went out of her. Tammy certainly hadn’t been lying when she said she was the take charge type. For a moment Connie felt the rebellious urge to take charge like she had before…

Only if she was being honest being bossed around in a sexy way was something she hadn’t really gotten to enjoy much of. It would be nice to just not feel responsible for a little while. And she did owe Tammy something since Gloria messed with her head.

They were all excuses telling her it was okay to go in the back and fool around with Tammy, but at this point Connie was so horny that any lame excuse was enough.

“I am going to be very grateful and enjoy going down on you,” Connie finally replied, heat growing in her face.

Tammy lightly slapped her cheek with a smile. “Good girl. Now get in there and strip.”

“Are you going to go down on me too?” Connie asked, hope in her voice.

In response Tammy just laughed, as if the idea of her reciprocating was crazy talk.

“Then why do I have to strip?”

Tammy rolled her eyes and gave her that domineering look again. “Because I want to see your cute butt naked. Plus I can’t explain it, but I really feel the urge to see how wet you are. So I want you to show me how wet you are for me. Got it?”

Connie couldn’t help but squirm eagerly. “Okay. Um, it would help me be even more dripping wet if I got to see your tits again,” she said, daring to push her luck.

This time Tammy gave her a cocky grin before sliding her shirt off right there in the lobby, baring her tits all over again. “This what you want?” she asked as she squeezed one of her tits.

“Yes,” Connie whimpered.

“Then make me cum quick and I’ll let you play with them.” With that, Tammy strutted back off into the projection booth. Connie hastily brought out her phone, sent off a text, then ran after Tammy fast as she could.


* * *

It was fair to say Connie was drifting along in a happy cloud as she wandered up the street, still feeling high from finally getting to stuff her face in Tammy’s tits. And in Tammy’s pussy. Connie was more than happy to let Tammy tell her where to kiss next. It was actually pretty fun to be the one taking orders for a change, Connie thought with a drunken smile. Then she saw the green sign for Janice’s store.

Connie stopped and rubbed her tired eyes, trying to wake herself up to take care of business. If Janice was anything like Tammy and the other girls then Connie had no idea what she’d be in store for. Well, probably a horny naked girl desperate to hump her. That was a given. But would she be eager to obediently let herself by hypnotized, as accommodating as Heidi, Sonia, and Coop were, or would she be a dominant type like Tammy that would be much harder to get into trance?

Either way, Connie knew it wasn’t fair to leave the poor girl alone to let all those hypnotic desires stew in her head. Since she still couldn’t reach Gloria, even with three more attempted calls, it was up to Connie to go in there and make it right.

It certainly had nothing to do with the chance to see cute chubby Janice ultra horny for her. And even less to do with the chance that Janice might also be into being her slave of her own free will once Gloria’s conditioning was broken. God, if only Tammy had been willing to be her slave too. The thought of getting to command Tammy to whip out her tits whenever she wanted…

Connie realized she was practically drooling as she daydreamed on the sidewalk, gaining weird looks from the people passing by. She blushed and hurried off to the store, wiping the drool from her chin as she psyched herself up.

Focus. Be ready for anything. She didn’t know how horny Janice would be by now, and what she might do when she saw Connie again. All sorts of wonderfully perverse ideas flooded through her mind, and Connie hurried her pace to the small clothing store tucked away at the end of the street. Connie clutched her necklace and took a deep breath. Then pushed her way inside.

The store was small, quaint, and much less high class than the other ritzy clothing stores Connie had passed getting here. All the cute clothes on the racks were actually in her price range, and Connie even saw a few items that she wanted to try on for herself. There was no one around, though. No customers and not even a salesperson.

Connie shivered, suddenly imagining that this whole thing was a trap. Janice would be hiding inside one of the clothes racks, slowly sliding the blouses on their hangers apart to spy on Connie like a jaguar hunting a particularly tasting looking… well, whatever jaguars snacked on. From her hiding place Janice would pounce and pin Connie to the floor. Probably tie her up with some of the clothes on display, intent on having her way with the object of her complete affection.

Connie shook her head. Maybe she had more of a sub streak than she thought. Or maybe she was just left in the mood for it since Tammy had ordered her around but hadn’t let Connie cum at all. Definitely should’ve slipped into the bathroom and gotten off before rushing over here.

A door closed from the back of the store and Connie looked up to see Janice hurrying over, fixing up an adorable blue sundress that she definitely hadn’t been wearing before. When Janice saw Connie her entire face brightened.

“Oh hi! I’m so glad you came over.”

“Well, I had some free time,” Connie said nervously. Crap. Janice was even cuter now. She’d done up her hair and changed just for her. Definitely a sign towards being hypnotized to like her. At least she hadn’t walked out dressed in lingerie. Sexy sheer lingerie that showed off her amazing curves. Reaching down to rub herself and moaning how wet she was waiting for Connie to show up.

Yup. Connie absolutely should have gotten herself off before coming to see Janice.

Realizing that she was just staring, Connie stammered, “You- I- I really like your dress. It’s cute.”

“Why thank you,” Janice giggled. She did a little spin that made the dress flare out. Not even to flash her panties or anything. The dress was actually pretty modest. Janice looked up at her and blushed. “I spilled some lunch on my shirt and had to change. And since you were coming I figured I’d take the opportunity to dress up.”

Connie found herself smiling. “Wanted to look sexy for me?”

To her surprise, Janice actually frowned at her. “I wanted to look nice for myself. And that’s hardly an appropriate comment when I don’t know you at all.”

Connie was completely speechless. The other girls had practically drooled all over her at first sight. They certainly hadn’t acted prudish. Could Janice actually not be hypnotized?

Recovering from the shock, Connie muttered an apology.

“It’s fine,” Janice told her. “I just don’t want you getting the wrong idea. I’d really like it if you asked me out, but I’m not that type of girl.”

‘The brainwashed to want to be my fucktoy kind?’ Connie thought to herself. Out loud she said, “I get it. Sorry for being rude.”

Janice nodded her approval. “So, Connie, what do you think of my store?”

“Wait, do you own this place?” Connie glanced around the store again with new appreciation.

“It used to be my mom’s shop, and I took over after she retired. I’ve been running it on my own for a year now.”

“That’s super impressive.”

“Thanks,” Janice replied with a bright smile at the praise. “We might not be the most profitable store in town but I’m proud of it.”

“You should be. I was just thinking there’s some cool stuff I’d want to get.” Also just thinking about Janice tying her up with some of the clothes on display, leaving her horny and helpless. Connie blushed, and she saw Janice cross her arms and frown, almost like she’d seen her bondage fantasy.

“I hope you’re not having dirty thoughts already.”

Completely busted, Connie gulped and blushed deeper. “O-of course not.”

Somehow this was the complete opposite of what Connie had been expecting. Instead of throwing herself at Connie, Janice was being sweet and pure, while Connie was being the horny pervert. If Janice actually had been brainwashed like the others then she should have been more than happy to entertain any dirty fantasies Connie had. Which meant…

Janice wasn’t hypnotized to be horny for her.

She’d genuinely given Connie her number cause she was interested.

And Connie was totally blowing it!

“Look, I’m sorry for that. I guess I did get a bit of the wrong idea.” It was humiliating to admit with Janice pouting at her, but Connie forced herself to power through. “I’ve just never had anyone give me their number out of the blue like that. Or just give me their number in general. And I got a little ahead of myself I suppose.”

Janice’s stern look melted to something softer, and she walked over next to Connie. “I gave you my number because I thought you were cute. And yes, I’d enjoy some of… that stuff, but only after a nice date or two.”

“I’d like that,” Connie said with a smile. She felt the urge to reach out, so she took Janice’s hand and squeezed. She’d never actually been asked out on a date before. Or asked anyone out herself. And Janice was a cute, successful older lady. Connie was a little worried about how Janice would react to the idea of Connie having sex slaves and wanting even more, but she supposed that was the kind of talking about what you want in a relationship stuff that happened over a date.

Feeling optimistic, Connie raised her head back up to ask her out. Only she saw Janice breathing hard, a crazed smile on her face and eyes open wide.


Janice squeezed Connie’s hand tight as she let out a shuddering sigh. “Oh, fuck.”

She crashed against Connie, kissing her hard on the mouth and wrapping a leg up around Connie to pull her in even tighter. Connie wriggled in her grip, moaning protests into Janice’s mouth who, if she could understand them, ignored them anyway. As Connie was trying to pull an arm free, Janice’s hand slipped down to Connie’s ass. Connie yelped as Janice tried to finger her through her jeans.

With a forceful push Connie managed to shove Janice away. Both girls were left panting for breath.

“What the fuck?”

Janice stared back at her with a dazed grin. “Sorry, Connie,” she moaned, as her hand slid down to rub at her crotch through her sundress. “I just couldn’t hold it back anymore. I tried to be a good girl but when I see you I just—” Janice shook and moaned. “I can’t help it. I need it. I need to be bad for you!”

“Listen to me. I can help fix—” Connie’s words caught in her throat as Janice gripped the bottom of her dress and flipped it up over her head. Under that modest dress was a complete lack of any modest underwear. Just Janice’s plump naked body completely on display. Under a trimmed bush of pubic hair Janice’s pussy was practically flooding down her slick thighs. Connie gulped, shocked at how quickly Janice had transformed from prudish to wanton.

“Fuck me,” Janice pleaded as she went back to rubbing, and now Connie could hear the slick sounds of her fingers dancing over her wet pussy lips. “I can’t hide it anymore. I’m ready to be naughty for you. I’ll be your slut. Your whore. Anything you want.”

Now there was no denying the obsessed, devoted gleam to her eyes. Connie looked at Janice and saw the same crazed expressions that Sonia, Heidi and Coop had worn for her last night when they begged to become fucktoys for her.

Surprisingly, Connie actually felt a little relieved. At least if Janice was conditioned to be crazy horny then Connie hadn’t actually almost screwed up her chance with a cute girl by being really awkward. Asking out a girl was uncharted territory for Connie, but hypnotizing horny sluts was something she’d had plenty of practice with lately.

“That’s great to hear,” Connie told her. Janice made a happy noise and bucked her hips, still fingering herself in the middle of the store. Connie reached up and unclipped her necklace, ready to put it to good use. “How about you come over here and I’ll do something extra sexy for you. Have you ever been—”

Hypnotized, was what Connie meant to say. But instead all that came out was “Oomph!” as Janice all but tackled Connie to the ground. Connie crashed to the floor and the crystal necklace went flying from her hand. Connie reached for it but Janice fell on top of her and knocked the air out of her lungs.

Pinned by a horny girl Connie could only watch as her necklace went sliding across the floor and disappeared under a rack of clothes.

“Take me!” Janice cried, though it would be hard for Connie to do any taking when Janice had Connie’s arms pinned to the floor. Janice was humping Connie’s stomach, her pussy wet and hot as it soaked Connie’s shirt.

“Let me up!” Connie shouted.

To her surprise Janice rolled right off of her. She dropped to all fours and watched Connie expectantly. Then Janice let out a disappointed whine as Connie crawled away, diving for the clothes rack that her necklace had vanished beneath.

“Come on,” Connie muttered as she shot a hand under the clothes, blindly searching for the crystal. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed her pants and yanked them down to expose her ass. Connie shot up and tried to push Janice away, only to feel Janice drag her backwards by her legs across the floor, drawing her in like a hungry predator.

“Pleeease let me eat you out. I’ll be so good.”

Connie clapped both hands over her crotch, but with a determined growl Janice buried her mouth against it and started licking at Connie’s interlaced fingers, hungry to get at her pussy. Connie writhed on the floor as Janice’s tongue ran over her fingers, her own pussy dripping and begging her to pull away to experience everything Janice wanted to give her. Connie had to stop Janice before she did anything they’d both regret.

“Janice, stop!”

Janice didn’t even stop licking at her hands as she flicked her eyes up to Connie and moaned, “Why?”

“Because—” Connie gulped. “Because I want to eat you out instead.”

Janice stopped, tongue frozen. “Oh.” She sat up, grinning. “Oh. Okay! Yeah, I’d love that!” She let Connie go and settled back against a wall, spreading her legs wide and inviting. “Use me as much as you want!” she all but sang.

Connie glanced over at the clothes rack again, but she had no idea where her necklace went, and Janice was too horny to wait for her to retrieve it. She’d just blurted out offering to go down on her to keep Janice still. Plus it seemed like a lesser evil for when she snapped Janice out of her trance.

An idea hit Connie as she remembered what she’d done with Tammy. How she’d used the pleasure of her breasts to put Tammy deep into trance, where she hadn’t even needed the crystal anymore. Maybe she didn’t need the crystal at all. If she was smart about it.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Connie said nervously. “I’m gonna eat you out now. And the pleasure will be totally mind blowing.” She started to hike her pants back up but Janice shook her head.

“Take em off. I wanna stare at your cute butt as you eat me out.”

Connie sighed, but figured anything that calmed Janice down would work in her favor. She slid off her pants, very aware of how dripping wet she was and the lewd way that Janice was staring at her pussy. Before Janice could get any ideas about tackling her again, Connie hurried over and laid down on her stomach before Janice. She slid right up to her drenched pussy, which looked absolutely delicious. For a moment Connie just breathed in the musky scent and smiled. Unfortunately she had a job to do.

She glanced up at Janice, feeling an incredibly sense of deja-vu from when she’d submissively eaten Tammy out not thirty minutes before. Her jaw was still aching, but Connie forced herself to smile. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Janice was shaking, excited beyond belief, and Connie wondered if she’d really be able to hypnotize her when she was this worked up. No choice but to try her best, Connie decided.

“Then don’t move. That’s very important. Just sit there and take the pleasure I give you. Know that it’s a gift from me and cherish it.”

“Yes,” Janice gushed, though she did plant her hands beside her and did her best to hold still.

Connie opened her mouth, hesitant, then remembered that she owed it to Janice to help her. So she planted her tongue at the bottom of Janice’s pussy and slowly licked her way up. She felt Janice trembling under her tongue, accompanied by a needy whine. Connie licked all the way up her pussy lips then pulled back before she reached the clit.

“More,” Janice whined, but Connie shook her head.

“You take what I give you and be grateful for the privilege,” Connie said as she glanced up at her, recalling the way Tammy had spoken to her earlier. Totally in charge. Not to be questioned. Sure, the positions were reversed with Connie still going down on the other girl, but who said she couldn’t be dominant while eating pussy? “If I want to tease you, then be grateful for every bit of pleasure you get. I want you appreciating every lick.”

Janice looked ready to protest, but she nodded. Then shivered and smiled. “Fuck, that so hot. Can I please have more?”

“Good girl,” Connie told her, amazed that it had worked. She gave Janice another teasing lick, then gently kissed at her clit. Janice moaned happily, then Connie started over with another lick up, before sliding her tongue back down. She worked methodically, slowly.

“Up and down,” she told Janice between licks. “Focus on the pleasure. Ignore everything else around you. Put all your attention only on the tip of my tongue going up and down, up and down.”

Janice let out a ragged breath. “Up and down. Okay.”

“Good girl. Up and down.” Connie got back to work with her tongue, slowly sliding her tongue up to taste Janice’s cunt.

This time Janice let out a happy sigh and moaned the word, “Up.”

And when Connie dragged her tongue back down she heard Janice say, “Down.”

Her jaw was starting to hurt, already worn out from last night’s orgy and her time getting Tammy off. How had she eaten more pussy this weekend than she had in her entire life? But Connie powered through, keeping the rhythm. And she was rewarded as Janice kept pace too, reciting the words with aroused enthusiasm.

“Up. Down. Up. Mmf. Down. Up. Down. Fuck yes. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up… down. Up… down. Up… Down… Up… Down…”

Connie glanced up and saw Janice blinking her eyes slowly. Her voice was getting weaker with every repetition. Quieter. Janice slumped back against the wall, her body relaxing into the pleasure as she kept absently reciting, “Up… down… up… down…”

Janice’s voice was slipping into that sleepy, blank tone that Connie had come to love. The sound of a girl going into trance.


Connie pulled her tongue back. “It feels so good, doesn’t it? To focus all your attention only on my tongue.”

“Yeah,” Janice mumbled. She sluggishly smiled. “So good. It’s so good to… up… down.”

To her surprise Janice reached a hand down to her pussy, still desperate to get off. But instead of frantically rubbing like before, Janice planted a single finger on her clit. She let out a moan as her finger pressed against her clit. But then her finger slid down her lips, just as slowly as Connie’s tongue had.

“Down,” she said, almost robotically. Her finger trailed up, keeping the pace, “Up,” before sliding down again. “Down.”

Connie stretched her sore jaw as she sat up, watching the sleepy eyed Janice slowly teasing her pussy, reciting the two words Connie had taught her like a mantra.

“Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down.”

“Focusing entirely on your finger.”

Janice nodded. “Up. Down.”

“Your attention absorbed by the pleasure.”

“Up,” Janice moaned, toes curling. Then she sighed and her voice dropped into the same monotone as she said, “Down.”

“No thoughts at all.”

“Up—” Janice stopped. Her eyes blinked slowly, looking at nothing.

Connie held her breath. “Are there any thoughts in your head?”

After a tense moment, Janice shook her head.

“No thoughts. Only the pleasure.”

Janice nodded and her finger resumed, sliding up her dripping pussy lips to her clit. “Up. Down. Up. Down.”

“Only the pleasure. Only your fingertip. And when I take your finger away,” Connie said as she leaned in closer. “There’ll be nothing left at all.”

Janice didn’t react to Connie’s words. Just kept leading her finger up and down and reciting the words in kind. Carefully Connie reached down and took hold of Janice’s hand. She pulled her finger away, and as if she’d pulled the needle back on a record player Janice immediately went silent. Her face showed no emotion. Her eyes showed no flicker of thought going on in her head. All she did was sit there breathing evenly as her pussy dripped and made a puddle beneath her.

Connie let go of Janice’s hand, which hung frozen in the air before her. With Janice still as a statue Connie stood up, bottomless and marveling at the entranced naked girl on the floor. “Holy crap. I did it. I hypnotized her without the crystal.” Then she leapt up in the air and shouted, “I’m awesome!”

Janice blinked slowly and in an empty voice said, “Yes, you are awesome.”

Connie blushed and knelt down next to her. “Forget about that part.”

“Yes,” Janice said, her eyes fluttering. Had she just obeyed that? Connie clapped a hand over her mouth. Had to be careful with what she said.

“Janice, I want you to remember an old woman you might have met yesterday. One who showed you a pretty crystal necklace and told you about me.”

“Yes. I remember her.”

“I want you to tell me exactly what she told you.”