The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 43

Summer Lovin’: Part 11

Janice shuddered against the wall as she came hard. Both of her hands were gripping Connie by the hair, her thick thighs clenched tight enough around Connie’s head that she was practically smothering the poor girl against her pussy, but the pleasure was too good to let her go. Wave after wave of pure bliss washed over Janice, and it was with a long, utterly satisfied sigh that she finally set Connie free.

Connie jerked backwards, gasping for breath as she stumbled away. Her face was soaked in Janice’s pussy. “I almost drowned down there,” she said, between panicked gulps of air.

“Sorry,” Janice replied, eyes shut and still reveling in that orgasm. She had never had an orgasm like that before. Almost like some powerful being had whispered in her ear that this would be the strongest orgasm she’d ever experienced. Almost magical.

Slowly she opened her eyes to see Connie wiping off her face on one of the shirts from a display rack. Connie abruptly went rigid, staring in horror between Janice and the shirt she’d just ruined.

“Oh crap, I’ll—I’ll pay for it!”

Janice couldn’t help but chuckle. “I still can’t feel my legs. After that you’ve earned a free shirt.”

“Um, thanks,” Connie replied, blushing and taking the shirt off the rack. “But I feel bad taking stuff. Especially when you don’t seem so busy…”

Janice didn’t blame her for being worried, since not a single customer had come in to interrupt their—what was the word for this? Love-making? Fucking? Definitely fucking, Janice decided with a wry smile and a warm glow in her crotch.

“It’s fine. I only run the store as something to do. I actually inherited plenty of money so I don’t mind losing a few shirts. For special customers,” she said with a wink and giggled. Janice had never had a reason to wink at a cute girl before.

“Oh. Well, thanks then.”

It was strange. Even after giving her an absolutely world shattering orgasm, Janice just didn’t feel that same spark for Connie anymore. The younger girl was undoubtedly adorable, and Janice could still see them dating if Connie pursued it, but it was nothing like earlier. Before, it had been like she was on drugs. Connie just shone with tantric energy that drove Janice wild. Like she had to have her. And yet now that spell had fizzled away, leaving Connie as a regular cute girl. A regular cute girl with an amazing tongue, granted.

Janice realized that she was still sitting there, completely naked and with a puddle of her own juices under her ass, right in the middle of the day in her store. She’d never done something so frisky and naughty before. It must have been that strange energy about Connie making her act crazy. However, instead of feeling ashamed like she expected, Janice felt good. She felt amazing.

She felt absolutely alive. Janice ran her hands over the soft curves of her body. In that moment she felt sensual, beautiful. Wild. Like an uninhibited girl from one of the romance novels she always read.

Funny enough, Janice was so lost in her post-climax euphoria that she completely forgot about Connie until the other girl’s phone rang. Connie jumped, startled too. She took one last wipe of her face with the shirt before yanking out her phone, and immediately leapt to her feet.

“Fucking finally.” Then she noticed Janice and blushed deeply. “Sorry about that. Just been waiting for this call. Do you mind if I—”

Janice cocked an eyebrow, still naked and dripping. “Please, make yourself at home.”

“Thanks, Janice.” Connie gave her a warm smile, then stalked off further into the store, hissing into the phone so Janice only caught a few words. “Gloria. Where the frick have you—No, it’s about that stuff you did yesterday. When you—”

Janice picked herself off the ground, still marveling at how guilt-free she felt. It had always been her practice to avoid doing anything too scandalous, and then scold herself later for missing out. Yet here she was, fucking a cute stranger in the middle of work hours. And it had been amazing. Maybe she should rethink some of her life choices.

From across the store Connie shouted “How many!?”

Janice whirled around and saw Connie staring at her phone in disbelief. “How the fuck did you even find that many girls to—” Connie stopped when she noticed Janice listening in. The girl went bright red, mouthed an apology, then went back to whisper shouting at the phone so she couldn’t be overheard.

Problems with another girl, Janice chuckled to herself. She couldn’t imagine the life of sleeping unconcerned with strangers, getting into all sorts of relationship drama. That had never been her.

Only, with her thighs still slick from Connie’s devoted attention, Janice was starting to feel like a brand new woman. She plucked up her sundress and, with a secret smile on her face, threw it on over her head without bothering to put on any underwear. With no bra or panties the dress clung to her body more sensually than she remembered. The soft fabric caressed her stiff nipples, and she was certain that they must be visible if someone were to look. And why wouldn’t they look at her amazing tits?

Janice took up her usual spot behind the counter, only it was like the world had changed. The same, boring show now watched in a crisper definition that made everything sharper, made the colors brighter, made everything more beautiful. Maybe she’d close shop for the day. All she wanted to do was lay in bed and masturbate for hours, revel in these new feelings. Only, you didn’t just have to be in bed or the shower to masturbate…

Not if you were a wild girl like Connie. The kind of girl who seduced lonely shopkeepers and ate them out for what felt like an hour straight. What would a sexy girl like Connie do in her position?

Her answer was obvious. A smile forming on her lips, Janice rested forward on the counter and slid a hand under her sundress, rubbing her fingers over her slick slit where no one could see. If any customers came in, would they see the enjoyment on her face and know she was getting off? Would they be able to smell how aroused she was? The idea was intoxicating.

Then Connie was walking back up to her, pocketing her phone with a grimace. “Sorry about that.”

“Everything alright?” Janice asked, her voice full of concern and a slight hitch as her fingers rubbed at her clit.

“It’s… fine. Just an overeager friend making a whole mess. I gotta get out of town quick.”

Janice wriggled her hips, slipping two fingers in as she said, “Sounds serious.”

“I’ll work it out. How are you feeling?”

“Me?” Janice asked, surprised. Her fingers froze inside of her. Could Connie tell she was being naughty?

“Yeah,” Connie muttered, blushing. “I mean, do you feel… okay?”

Her first reaction was to smirk. Was Connie worried that she’d made Janice cum so hard it had actually affected her head? Then again, as she resumed secretly masturbating, Janice had to wonder if maybe Connie hadn’t accidentally knocked something loose.

“I’m good. I think I got a little smitten over you, but ironically having you go down on me seemed to fix it up. Not that I still don’t think you’re cute!”

“It’s fine,” Connie laughed. “I’m just glad you’re not smitten still. You can do some crazy stuff if you’re not in control.”

“Definitely important to be in control,” Janice replied, suppressing a moan as she slipped a third finger in. She was so unbelievably wet.

“Hey, I hate to ask…”

Janice glanced back up at Connie, her fingers pumping desperately inside of her. “Yes?”

“Is there any chance I could get a ride to my friends lakehouse? I can’t really explain but I don’t want to be walking around town for… reasons.”

Immediately Janice imagined driving Connie back to her place to fuck her brains out. Or even pulling over into the woods to fuck her even faster. Or having Connie give her road head, eating out her dripping cunt while her own ass hung in the air, flashing everyone outside.

Janice shut her eyes and came, somehow managing to only emit a loud grunt. She let out a shuddering breath and saw Connie’s confused stare. “Sorry. I don’t have my car here. I walk to work.”

Connie sighed, with no clue of the depraved things Janice had just imagined doing to her. Would still be up for doing with her, if Connie only said she wanted it to.

Instead Connie turned to go. “Thanks anyway, Janice. And for what it’s worth, I had a lot of fun.”

“Me too,” Janice sighed. Her fingers were right back to rubbing lazily back and forth over her pussy lips. Up and down her pussy lips. Up and down. Janice’s head dipped. She snapped awake, shocked that she’d almost fallen asleep out of nowhere. She winked at Connie. “Come back anytime.”

Connie suddenly turned her attention to the display of bras and lingerie on the wall. Janice hissed in a breath, wondering if Connie would tell her to start modeling all the lingerie, deciding what looked best on her. Dressing Janice up to be a good, naughty slut for her.

Then, weirdly, Connie glanced down at her tits and put her hands before her chest, slowly pulling her hands back like she was mimicking her tits expanding. They got to a truly dizzying size before Connie shook her head.

Connie spun around to Janice and asked, “Do you sell gift cards here?”

* * *

Connie felt like a fugitive as she hurried down the street, hiding behind trees and lampposts to keep glancing over her shoulder. She kept getting weird looks from the other people around, and knew that she was only standing out by being so suspicious, but she couldn’t help it. Any woman on the street could be secretly hypnotized to become a crazed lesbian and fuck her brains out.

Stupid Gloria, making something so amazing just for her.

Stupid morals, stopping her from enjoying random strangers finding her irresistible and wanting to sleep with her.

And most of all Connie cursed stupid Connie for running through town where Gloria had brainwashed all of the women. But who could she call for help? Gloria didn’t have a car, Jane and Michelle weren’t picking up. She was panicking.

According to Gloria she’d hypnotized over twenty women in town. How was it even possible for her to entrance and program so many random women? More and more Connie was starting to doubt that Gloria was just some old stage performer if she could pull something like this off. Worst of all Connie couldn’t fully blame Gloria. After all, she was the one who used Gloria’s trigger and told the old woman to help make her happy. When it had just been playing around with Tara, Jane and Michelle it had been fine, since they were all partly into Connie and only followed the hypnotic suggestions they were comfortable with. But these random women weren’t thinking straight.

For every Coop or Sonia who would gladly still find her hot and want to be her fucktoy, there might be a woman who wasn’t interested and just made to act that way because of Gloria.

Which meant she had to act fast. Connie ran down the street towards the movie theater, anxiously scanning the faces of the women she passed in case any of them broke out into a case of crazy horny lust-for-Connie. Not that she even knew if she’d be able to recognize it. It’s not like women in real life grew hearts in their eyes or little pink hearts swirling over their head when they would see her, though it would have been much more convenient.

Connie ran past the old guy in the ticket booth, who didn’t even look up from his paper as she barged through the door. Once in the lobby, Connie grabbed her knees and gasped for breath, but kept an eye on the door in case a swarm of horny girls came screaming after her like she was a rock star. Fortunately Connie wasn’t nearly that popular. No one was chasing her, so Connie let out a sigh of relief.

“Back so soon for another taste?”

She looked up and saw Tammy grinning at her from the concession stand, the redhead’s massive tits resting on the glass counter.

“Can’t say I blame you,” Tammy chuckled, running a hand over one of her tits. “But you’ll have to try a lot harder to earn another chance at worshipping my body.”

“I’m not here for that,” she told Tammy, although Connie couldn’t help but tremble and remember just how amazing Tammy’s tits had been. “I’m just here to wait for my friends. What time does their movie get out?”

“Like, half an hour ago.”

“What?” Connie glanced at her phone and was shocked to see the time. “How the fuck was I gone for over an hour?”

Tammy shrugged. “They already left, sorry.”

“Fuck. There goes my ride.” She gave Tammy a sheepish smile. “Heyyyy, Tammy.”

“Look, it was really fun having you eat my pussy and all but I’m not going to give you a ride.”

“Please? It’s an emergency. I gotta get out of town quick.”

Tammy shook her head firmly. “Not gonna happen. I can’t afford to lose this job.”

“Wha—but you flashed your tits and we fucked in the projector booth. Now you care about being a good employee?”

“I can get away with a lot of crap here, but I still can’t just straight up leave.”

Connie opened her mouth to plead some more, then stopped herself and let her shoulders slump. “Fine. Sorry for begging like that.”

“I’m fine with a cute girl like you begging, just not for a ride.”

Connie blushed, remembering just how Tammy had been dominant earlier and made Connie do plenty of begging. It was still weird how much fun it was to be submissive sometimes.

“Oh, that reminds me.”

Tammy raised an eyebrow as Connie fished in her pocket and took out a plastic card.

“Here’s a gift card for a clothing place nearby. You can get yourself a new bra there to replace the one you lost.”

As Tammy took the card she cracked a smile. She put one hand on her hip and used the gift card to pretend to fan herself. “You went out to replace my bra? That’s kind of sweet.” She rolled her eyes. “Fine, I’ll let you eat me out again.”

Connie’s jaw ached in protest, nearly locked up from eating out so many girls in a single day. “I wasn’t angling for that.”

“So you wanna suck on my tits instead?”

For a moment Connie was tempted, but she had a plan to stick to.

“No, I have to pass. I just got the gift card cause I felt bad, not because I was trying to get more time with you.”

Tammy was staring at her in bewilderment. She was willing to bet that no one had ever turned down an offer to enjoy Tammy’s tits before.

“Your loss,” Tammy finally said. “But I don’t really need it. I’m fine being out a bra.”

“Go there and buy a bra,” Connie firmly told her. “Something super sexy. Just trust me on this.”

“Why?” Tammy asked, suddenly suspicious.

Connie could barely suppress a smile as she thought of cute, chubby Janice back at the store. “Just go there and thank me later.”

“Whatever,” Tammy said back, but still put the gift card in her back pocket. Satisfied that she made things up to Tammy (and hopefully Janice, too) Connie had to turn back to her existing problem.

A whole town of brainwashed women desperate to fuck her.

Well, maybe not a whole town, but even with the five girls she’d already de-programmed from Gloria’s command, that still meant over a dozen sleeper agents hidden anywhere in the town. Connie just had to get out before they overwhelmed her.

After getting permission, Tammy let Connie out of a back exit into an alley. She waved goodbye to Tammy and took off running past the dumpsters, holding her nose as she sprinted down the alley. It gave her a straight shot to one of the major streets, but already she could see plenty of foot traffic walking around. Everywhere she looked there seemed to be gorgeous women on vacation and enjoying the summer day, any one of whom could have been hypnotized to crave her.

Connie took the risk of walking out onto the sidewalk, forcing herself to walk instead of run so she wouldn’t attract more attention. She saw a line of hats on display in a store window. Maybe she should buy a disguise. The girls wouldn’t be triggered to come after her if they couldn’t recognize her. But all Connie imagined was walking in to see a beautiful girl gasping in awe at the sight of her, before leaping over the counter and pinning Connie to the wall to fuck her right there in front of everyone.

She couldn’t take that risk. Instead Connie kept her eyes alert and her feet moving, walking agonizingly slow until she finally reached a bench with a bus sign above it. Connie collapsed onto the green bench. It was right on the corner of the block, across the street from a park, so there weren’t as many people looking her way. Why would they build a park when they was already thick woods all around the vacation town? Rich people were weird, Connie decided, but at least there was no one gawking or running after her.

The only person around was a hairy, fat guy on the bench next to her, and Connie felt confident that Gloria hadn’t hypnotized him to be interested. The bus rounded a corner down the street, and Connie grinned. Just one short bus ride and she’d be home free.

Which is when she heard the commanding voice behind her.

“I said to file the brief for the Johnson case first, then tackle the Westerberg account.” The haughty voice belonged to an imposing woman that came up behind the bench, her long shadow sliding over Connie as the sound of clicking heels caught her attention. Without thinking Connie turned over her shoulder to look, and felt heat flush over her face like she’d just stepped into a sauna.

The woman was gorgeous. She was dressed in a fitted black suit, with tight pants and an open coat that only highlighted her toned figure. Her blonde hair was cute incredibly short in a surprisingly stylish way. And she had a firm scowl on her face as she scolded whatever unfortunate underling was on the phone.

“Do I have to hold your hand on every assignment?” she spat, eyes hidden behind a thick pair of sunglasses. “I swear if I get back from lunch and that work is misfiled I’m personally going to use a stapler to—”

The woman stopped, and Connie realized she’d been staring at her. Just as she was about to turn away, though, Connie noticed the woman taking off her sunglasses. Her bright green eyes were wide, staring directly at her. The serious expression on her face vanished as she hissed in a breath, her cheeks flushing. Connie wasn’t experienced enough to know precisely when a women became dripping wet with need, but she was pretty sure that was the exact look.

“I have to call you back,” she told her phone absently, turning it off and putting it in her purse without ever taking her eyes off Connie.

Connie’s heart plummeted. She glanced down the street, but the bus was still taking it’s sweet time to get there.

“Hi there,” the sexy woman told Connie, her face bright and smiling now as she extended a hand. “I’m Victoria.”

“Um, Connie.” She shook her hand nervously, and watched as Victoria shuddered as if she’d gotten a jolt of pleasure just from touching her.

“Connie.” She sighed the name, and Connie couldn’t help but melt to hear such a hot older woman speak her name as if it were a magical thing. “So, Connie, where are you heading?”

Connie shot up to her feet. The bus was still thirty feet away. But Victoria was taking the same bus. Suddenly her refuge would become a steel cage, with Connie trapped inside as the programming in Victoria’s head made her more and more desperate. Plus, there was no way she could even try to hypnotize Victoria back to normal with people on the bus to overhear.

“I was just about to get lunch at my favorite spot,” Victoria said casually, but Connie could see the hunger in her eyes. Victoria practically purred as she ran her eyes up and down Connie, only it sounded less like the purr of a cute kitty and more like a hungry mountain lion about to pounce. “Why don’t you join me and—”

“Sorrygottago!” Connie shouted all as one word, abruptly turning and sprinting into the street. The bus honked at her as she ran out in front of it, and Connie had to run out of the way of another car whose driver called her plenty of choice names, but Connie was free as she ran headlong across the street and into the park. It was the dumbest plan she could think of. Still, it seemed to work. Victoria would go on about her day and soon she’d forget all about-


Connie looked back and yelped as she saw Victoria sprinting after her, moving impossibly fast even in her high heels. The park was big, full of needless shrubs and bushes all over, and Connie took advantage of them as she dove straight through a bush wall. The branches snagged on her clothes and whipped at her face but she pushed through and ran. Why the hell was Victoria following her? Was her compulsion to hook up with Connie that strong? Was Victoria even aware of why she was chasing her?

Either way, Connie certainly didn’t want to have to deal with this yet. She was exhausted and, shocking as it was to say, entirely too tired of fucking hot girls for one day. And yet she already heard Victoria calling her name, crashing through the bushes after her. So she just kept running, looking back over her shoulder and heedless of where she was going.

Which is how Connie found herself blindly colliding right into the pair of punk girls in the park. Connie went sprawling down onto her back, where one of the girls, tall with dyed green hair and a cigarette firmly in hand, shot her a nasty look.

“What the fucks your problem?”

“Sorry,” Connie muttered. She instantly shrank back, dreading a fight, but luckily the other girl shot Greenie an equally nasty look before bending down to offer Connie a hand. The nice punk was curvy with beautiful dark skin, in a tight fitting band T-shirt that was warped over her big tits, and an even tighter fitting plaid skirt. Connie took her hand and the punk gal offered her a warm smile.

“Sorry about Leighanne, she’s always grumpy. I’m Nilah.”

Connie’s eyes instantly latched onto Nilah’s cleavage and she found herself blushing hard. “T-thanks.” Wasn’t she just doing something? It was hard to think with those tits blinding her.

“I’m sorry too,” Leighanne said, the sour edge in her voice gone completely as she also offered her pale hand. Connie blindly took it, still spellbound by Nilah’s cleavage. She spared a quick glance at Leighanne, who wore a black skirt with fishnet stockings, but unfortunately it was matched with a baggy sweater that hid her figure from view.

Then Connie shook her head. She didn’t have time to worry about fantastic tits. There was a sharply dressed lesbian after her!

“I—I gotta go. Someone’s chasing me.” She tried to get up, only to feel the world wiggle under her feet as pain flared in the back of her head. Connie flopped back onto her ass, but Nilah and Leighanne kept a firm grip on her hands to help her up.

“Are you in trouble?”

“If someone’s after you I’ll kick their ass,” Leighanne promised, her painted black lips cracking into a sharp smile.

“Me too,” Nilah joined in, although she seemed too sweet to be able to kick anyone’s ass.

“That’s okay. It’s not—It’s just a misunderstanding and—”

Leighanne’s fingers tightened around Connie’s hand. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Nilah’s grip tightened too. “Same. I’d do anything for you.”

Connie’s head had been shakier from the fall than she’d expected, but now as her vision cleared she was able to see the bright, eager expressions on the punk girls faces. The instant devotion in their eyes. These girls were madly in love with Connie.

Gloria had gotten to them too.

“Oh you gotta be kidding me.”

“Never,” Nilah promised, as she yanked Connie up onto her feet. There was so much force that Connie wound up stumbling right up against Nilah, who promptly wrapped her arms around Connie in a protective hug. Nilah shuddered, her eyes fluttering as she got a hit of a wonderful drug called Connie.

Crap. How was she going to get away from them now?

Leighanne suddenly let go of Connie’s hand and backed away. There was a strange, confused look on her face. She glanced at Connie, then down at herself in disbelief.

Connie held her breath. Nilah was clearly programmed with adoration for Connie, but Leighanne seemed conflicted. Almost like she was fighting it.

‘Please,’ Connie thought, willing Leighanne to question her and her friend’s sudden attraction to Connie. ‘Fight it and help me get your friend back to normal too.’

Just as Connie was starting to feel some hope, Leighanne tugged at her baggy sweatshirt as if it were filthy. In one swift motion she threw it overhead and tossed it aside. No longer hidden from view, Connie saw that Leighanne’s body was thin and lithe, her midriff exposed under a short tank top. Her tits weren’t as big as Nilah’s, but Connie still couldn’t help but gulp as they came into view. And Leighanne saw her reaction. The green-haired punk shuddered in ecstasy.

“That’s better. Don’t know what I was thinking covering up.” She reached up to toy with her hair, giving Connie a goofy smile. “I look a lot better now that you can see more of me, right Connie?”

Connie would have collapsed if Nilah didn’t still have her in a warm bear hug. She already knew where this was going. Gloria had seemed to give each girl a specific form of encouragement that varied between them. Tammy had been eager to use her tits to make Connie happy, while Janice was conflicted between being a good girl and being naughty for her. Judging from the way Nilah was rubbing her head against Connie’s shoulder like it was the greatest sensation in the world she was willing to bet that she was a cuddler. While Leighanne was already tugging at her skirt and the bottom of her tank top, probably wondering if she should just strip naked right here in the park for Connie to enjoy the view.

Granted, a hot punk girl as her personal stripper sounded fantastic, and the idea of adorable Nilah wanting to snuggle up against her forever with her soft, amazing breasts was also great, but Connie didn’t need more hypnotized girls to have moral dilemmas over. She had enough of that as it was.

Which Connie was firmly reminded of as she heard someone stumble through a bush, a pair of high heels clicking to a stop behind her.


A pair of hands caught Connie’s arm in a vice-like grip, yanking hard to break her out of Nilah’s arms. Connie cried out, and Nilah snapped out of her euphoric daze to snatch onto Connie’s other arm at the last second.

Victoria was seething, giving death stares at the two punks. “What are you trying to do to Connie?”

“What are you trying to do to Connie?” Nilah snapped back.

Both girls growled and tried to drag Connie to them, making her the rope in a game of lesbian Tug of War, and Connie already felt her shoulders straining from the effort.

“You must be the one who was chasing her,” Leighanne’s voice said accusingly. Connie glanced back, wondering if she could maybe use Leighanne to help break her free from the other two hypnotized girls, only to find Leighanne looking into a pocket mirror and doing her dark makeup. Trying to look her best for Connie, who was about to be snapped in half like a stale bread-stick.

“Let me go!” Connie shouted and kicked her legs wildly.

To her surprise Victoria and Nilah gasped and let go of her instantly. Connie stumbled to her feet, barely catching her balance. Both girls now gave her matching apologetic looks.

“I’m sorry, Connie.”

“We didn’t mean to.”

“It’s just, I saw you being accosted by these hooligans.” Victoria gave Nilah a look sharp enough to cut a steak.

But Nilah countered it with her own dagger-edged glare. “We were helping Connie. You’re the one who chased her.”

Victoria scoffed. “I wasn’t chasing her. That was just—”

“You were totally chasing her,” said Leighanne, who marched up to the conversation with fresh smoky shadow around her eyes. She glanced at Connie hoping for approval.

Only Connie wasn’t having any of this. “Listen. I know you’re all confused and feeling… urges.” Connie saw all three women shiver and squirm, overcome with the same lust for Connie. “But I’ve got places to be. So I gotta go.”

She turned to flee, hoping that would be enough. Only for Victoria and Nilah to each grab her by an arm.

“I’m soooo sorry for scaring you,” cooed Victoria, who pressed herself tight against Connie’s side.

“Me too. It was wrong to fight over you.” Nilah flashed her a bright smile, even as she firmly held onto Connie’s arm and pressed her huge tits into Connie’s side.

“Let me make it up to you. I’ll get us a reservation at my favorite restaurant. I know people there.”

“No, let me make it up to you. I can cook you dinner.” Nilah looked past Connie to smirk at Victoria. “A home cooked dinner is so much better than some cheap takeout.”

“Abalone’s is not cheap takeout,” Victoria hissed, clutching her fingers. “There’s a three week wait for a table and they’d never let some trashy sluts like you get in.”

“Who are you calling trashy?”

Connie winced as the girls dug their nails into her arms. “I’m really not hungry! And I just gotta go.”

Victoria gasped. “No, you can’t leave. There’s so much we need to do.”

“Please stay,” Nilah whimpered, lifting a leg to rub it against Connie’s hip. “You’re so amazing.”

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.”

On either side Connie was trapped by a sexy girl wearing an adorably terrified face. Each of them must have felt like Connie was the love of their life, and they couldn’t afford to let her leave. Which was flattering, except that Connie was stuck in between them.

“Don’t you idiots see it doesn’t matter how you feel?”

Connie, Nilah and Victoria glanced up in surprise to see Leighanne in front of them, glaring righteously.

“All that matters,” she announced, before tugging her long green hair up into a ponytail, “Is whether you think my hair looks cuter like this, Connie. Do you like it up? I’ll wear it up. I’ll wear my hair however you think looks good.”

Victoria scoffed. “Please, as if she cares how you look. Connie would never date you.”

“And what, you think she’d date your skanky ass?”

“Skanky?” Victoria released Connie’s arm and stalked right up to Leighanne. “My ass is not skanky.”

“But it is flat as a board,” Leighanne cackled with glee. “Connie deserves a girl with an amazing ass like mine.” Without warning Leighanne twirled around and hiked up the back of her skirt, flashing her pale ass wrapped in the fishnet stockings, her black thong barely concealing anything.

“My ass isn’t flat, it’s toned, because I actually take care of my body.” Victoria was already unzipping her suit pants, bending over and sliding them down to show off her own ass in a pair of lacy purple underwear.

“My ass is better!”

“No, mine!”

Both of them kept their asses out, glaring over their shoulder at each other as Connie stared in bewilderment. So far it didn’t seem like anyone else was nearby to see, but if these girls were already perfectly comfortable undressing in public just to compete for Connie, then she didn’t want to stick around any longer to see how much further they were willing to go.

Connie turned to bolt away, sliding out of Nilah’s surprised grip. She almost got away, with Victoria and Leighanne gasping in horror as Connie started to leave. Only Nilah dove at her and caught Connie’s leg. The chubby girl wrapped herself around it, turning herself into an anchor to keep Connie in place.

“Where are you going?” Nilah asked, looking hurt. “I didn’t even get to show you my ass yet.”

Connie saw Victoria tugging her pants back on, while Leighanne was fixing her skirt, both hurrying over to join Nilah. It didn’t seem like there was any hope of escape. Which meant she had to do something really desperate.

“There’s just… something I wanted to show you.”

“What’s that?” The girls all asked in unison, eyes alight at anything Connie offered them.

She slipped her necklace over her head. Connie stared into the green crystal, doubting that she could actually hypnotize three girls at once. But there was clearly no getting away from the three adoring girls unless she put them into a deep trance to fix them.

“Just stare into the crystal,” Connie said, trying to keep her voice even as she dangled the crystal out before them.

Leighanne stared deeply with no hesitation at all. Victoria immediately scoffed at the ridiculous idea of hypnosis. Then her need to please Connie must have taken over because she leaned in, eyes wide and focused on the spinning crystal. Nilah craned her head up, but couldn’t see from down around Connie’s leg. Begrudgingly Nilah peeled herself off Connie to stand up and get a better view.

“Watch the light shining off the crystal. How it dances. Just let it pull you in.”

To her disbelief, it was working. Nilah, Leighanne, and even Victoria all began to relax, their shoulders dropping as their eyes began to glaze over. She was doing it!

“Hey, what’s going on?”

Connie went stiff at the man’s voice. Keeping her arm holding her necklace out before the girls, she craned her head around and groaned. There were nearly ten people standing there, some group of college kids giving her curious looks and nudging each other. The men and women were glancing between Connie’s guilty expression and the dazed, absorbed looks on the three girls staring into the crystal.

“Um, this is…”

What the fuck was she supposed to say?

Then someone in the group cackled with delight. “Oh shit, this is one of those street hypnosis shows!”

“Yes,” Connie said firmly, face pale with terror. “That’s exactly what this is.”

Now the group started grinning and laughing, circling around Connie and the others to get a closer look.

“So what are you going to make them do?”


How was she supposed to deprogram them with everyone around listening? Then, to make things worse, Connie saw Victoria shaking her head, snapping out of the trance. Nilah and Leighanne both blinked awake, then looked at her expectantly.

“Well?” Victoria asked, crossing her arms. “Weren’t you going to show us something?”

The group cheered, surprising the three girls in front of Connie.

“When did they get here?” Leighanne asked, frowning.


Nilah slid in next to Connie. “Can’t we just forget about this? We can go back to my place and hang out.”

The crowd started to snicker and laugh at the dopey, devoted look Nilah gave Connie as she hugged her arm. Leighanne and Victoria were also starting to smile, their programmed need to hit on Connie kicking back in.

“Yo, do something already!” A frat guy shouted, earning some laughs by the girls in the group.

“Yeah, hypnotize them to do something fun,” a girl chimed in.

The crushing weight of everyone staring at her was threatening to drag Connie down into the dirt. What little confidence she had was obliterated by being thrust into the center of attention, and already Connie wanted nothing more than to run off and cry. Except if she ran then Nilah and the other two girls would just chase her and make a spectacle of themselves. Then everyone would know they’d been hypnotized to lust after her, and no one would believe she wasn’t responsible.

What the fuck else could go wrong, Connie thought grimly. Then a loud voice belted out from behind the group of strangers.

“This is bullshit!” Someone shoved their way through the group and leveled an accusing finger at Connie. “Hypnosis is totally fake,” they shouted for all to hear.

Skeptic looks littered the crowd now, but when Connie saw who was challenging her she felt a desperate plan forming. Throwing on what she prayed resembled a confident grin, Connie challenged back, “Is that right? Then why don’t you step up and see for yourself?”

She just had to hope this would work.