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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 44

Summer Lovin’: Part 12

Coop sailed down the park path on her skateboard. With the wind blowing through her hair and the warm sun on her face Coop felt like she was flying. A happy illusion that was hard to keep up with her friend Sunny babbling about her latest date.

Her preppy friend was frantically chasing after her on roller skates, and yet someone managed to keep up almost an endless stream of conversation. “It was just, like, so lame, you know? He couldn’t think of a nicer place to take me to? And the movie was, like, so lame. A total chick flick.”

“Uh huh,” Coop said, hardly paying attention.

“You’re so lucky girls just throw themselves at you. You totally don’t have to deal with all the bullshit of dating. I should totally stop going out too. Although Tony did offer to take me swimming. And Miranda wanted me to take a ride in her new car. Who should I—”

But Coop had already tuned her out. She shut her eyes and let the wind blow past her as she just rode, balancing perfectly on her board as she let herself sink into that wonderful memory that had clung to her all day.

Connie above her, stroking her cheek and calling her a good slut. Coop whimpering with delight. Someone was eating her out. She never checked if it was Sonia or Heidi, and so in the memory Coop just imagined it was both girls, hypnotized into obedient fucktoys for Connie and fucking her at their mistress’ direction. That sharp smile on Connie’s face as she watched from above. Completely in charge, and yet still tender and caring.

Coop felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach as she remembered that smile. No one had ever made her feel that way before.

And now Coop was completely lost, as she had no clue how to ask Connie out again. After all, she’d fucked all three of them. Would it be bad manners to just ask Connie out on a date for some more domination and sex? Should she check with Heidi and Sonia first? Or invite them all for another round of the orgy?

It was all a kinky confusing mess that Coop couldn’t unravel. And she couldn’t ask Sunny. She was a serial dater, but she doubted Sunny had any experience with this kind of stuff. Coop sighed in defeat. Maybe she’ll get lucky and run into her again.

Which is when she heard a voice. The very voice she’d been fantasizing about.

Coop twisted her body to the left and saw Connie, standing in the center of a group of people. Her heart soared. Then the rest of her body was soaring as her skateboard twisted out from under her, sending her flying forwards and crashing down hard on her side.

“Woah, wipeout,” Sunny cackled. She skidded to a stop, barely keeping her balance on her skates. “You alright?”

Coop lifted her head, her entire body aching from the fall. “I feel amazing.” She was instantly on her feet and limping towards the crowd.

“Coop! You forgot your board!”

She barely noticed Sunny rushing to catch up to her, awkwardly running in her skates across the grass. All she could focus on was Connie. Gorgeous, confident Connie…

Who looked scared to death. Coop came to a stop.

Connie held her crystal necklace out to three women, and Coop had an instant jealous moment wishing that it was her staring into the pretty gem. But she forced herself to take in the rest of the scene.

The other people in the group were in a loose semicircle around them, almost like they were watching Connie. And Connie clearly didn’t want to be the center of attention. She looked nervous, afraid. The three women were half in trance, but began to shake themselves awake. There was a clearly pained expression on Connie’s face. She wanted to hypnotize them, but the crowd was in the way.

“Yo, do something already!” A frat guy shouted, earning some laughs by the girls in the group.

“Yeah, hypnotize them to do something fun,” a girl chimed in.

Anger boiled over inside Coop. How dare these assholes push Connie around like this? Connie was an amazing hypnotist, Coop knew that firsthand, but she also knew that Connie was sensitive. With this kind of peer pressure she was floundering.

Which is when Coop got a great idea. Connie just needed the right subject to shut this crowd up.

“This is bullshit!” Heads turned around to see who shouted, but Coop was already shoving her way through the crowd. Connie’s terrified eyes landed on her, and went wide in shock. Before Connie could say anything, Coop forced herself to sneer and point a finger at her. “Hypnosis is totally fake.”

There was a moment of confusion, and then Connie burst into a grin that made Coop’s heart fill with joy.

“Is that right?” Connie challenged, putting a hand on her hip. “Then why don’t you step up and see for yourself?”

Coop was already strutting forward when a hand grabbed her by the back of the shirt. She spun around to see Sunny holding onto her. “Coop, what are you doing?” Sunny threw a suspicious glare over at Connie. “Don’t piss her off. She might hypnotize you to do something weird.”

Coop couldn’t help but grin. If Sunny only knew the things Connie had already made her do.

“I’ll be fine,” she promised Sunny. Then spoke loud enough for the crowd to hear as she announced, “After all, there’s no way this chick can hypnotize me. She can spend all day but I’ll never, ever—”

She had been turning slowly, looking at all the chuckling, disbelieving faces in the crowd as she spoke, only she cut off as soon as a familiar green crystal was dropped before her eyes.

Coop froze, unable to stop the gasp that escaped her. The crystal whirled in the air, it’s many facets catching the light and making sparkles dance across it’s surface. Coop was already sinking, dropping, and it felt as wonderful as it did last night.

“Stare for me,” Connie said, her voice brimming with confidence now.

Using the last of her willpower, Coop forced herself to look away from the crystal to check on Connie. All of the fear was gone. Now Connie wore that sharp, all powerful smile just like she had in her memory. Then Connie put her fingers up before Coop. She snapped her fingers and Coop instantly fell back into trance, warmed by a sense of pride.

* * *

The crowd gasped in unison as Coop slumped forward. Her legs stayed straight, but it was like the top half of her had lost all power. Her arms hung limp below her as she bent at the waist, her head bowed down as low as it could go.

Connie felt an electric thrill run through her. It wasn’t just the sexy sight of Coop falling completely under her power, which was still delicious. This was a whole new kind of excitement, as Connie saw the stunned looks on the entire crowd.

Even Victoria, Leighanne and Nilah were staring in complete shock. She’d nearly had them in trance before, yet they were surprised to see that Connie could actually hypnotize someone.

Connie took a few seconds to bask in that moment. Then she reached beneath Coop’s face and tapped a finger to her forehead. With no effort at all she was able to lift the entranced Coop’s head back up, posing her as easily as a plastic doll as she put Coop standing straight up.

“Are you deep in trance for me?”

“Yes,” Coop replied, eyes empty of all thought.

“Good, now C—” Connie caught herself. Coop had thrown herself in as a plant, someone that Connie could hypnotize with ease to amaze the crowd. If she knew her name already then they’d know it was a setup. Which it was, even if Coop was truly hypnotized. “Could you tell me your name?”


Connie blinked in surprise. “Your name’s Amelia?”


Someone from the crowd stepped forward. She wore overalls and roller skates, with cute freckles on her cheeks. “Um, we just call her Coop.”

“Coop. That fits her much better,” Connie said with a smile. “You can call me Connie.”

The girl shuffled awkwardly closer in her roller skates to get a better look at her. Connie recognized Coop’s skateboard under her arm. “No way. Is she really hypnotized?”

“She sure is. Coop, tell your friend here how hypnotized you are.”

Coop swiveled to face her friend, with that blank expression never changing. “Connie has put me into a deep trance, Sunny. I must obey her.”

Sunny stumbled back on her roller skates. If anyone in the crowd had been doubting Coop’s performance, then seeing Sunny freaking out put their fears to rest.

“Okay that is waaay too freaky.”

Connie smiled and tapped her chin. “It is a waste to just have her blank like this. Tell me, Sunny, what kind of a girl is Coop? I take it she’s a skater.”

Sunny gasped. “How’d you know!?” Then she glanced down at the skateboard under her arm, with colorful graffiti letters spelling out the name COOP. “Oh. Right. Um, she’s definitely a skater. Total tomboy.”

Nodding along, Connie rested an arm on Coop’s shoulder. Coop didn’t react at all. “So if I made Coop act like a girly, giggly, airhead cheerleader, then that would be about the complete opposite of her personality.”

Even hearing that made Sunny break into a nervous smile. “A cheerleader? Yeah, no, Coop would never do that.”

Connie just smiled and whispered into Coop’s ear. “Coop, thank you for coming to help me. No matter what suggestions I give you won’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing in front of a crowd.”

Coop nodded, staring ahead at nothing.

“When I wake you up you’re going to temporarily believe that you’re a bimbo cheerleader. Giggling, ultra girly, a complete ditz who loves to jump and cheer. Can you become that for me?”

Again Coop nodded.

“Good. Then wake up as a cheerleader who’s super excited to be part of my hypnosis show.”

Connie snapped her fingers. Coop’s eyes fluttered before she broke into a giddy grin. She hopped in place and clapped her hands together. “Like, OMG, that was the coolest thing evar!” The crowd burst into laughter, while Sunny’s jaw dropped. Coop giggled and twirled a finger in her hair, before glancing down at her clothes. She tugged at her flannel shirt and the band tee beneath it, and stuck out her tongue at her torn jeans. “Ugh, like what am I wearing?”

“No way,” Sunny muttered, shaking her head slowly. As soon as Coop saw her she threw up her hands and wailed.

“Suuunnnny, why did you let me go out in such a grungey outfit? I, like, totally don’t look cute at all!”

“Well I think you look very cute,” Connie announced, and the crowd tittered and laughed.

Coop blushed and exaggeratedly threw her hand. “Oh stop. You should totally see me in my cheer outfit. I look, like, way cuter.”

Suddenly Leighanne rushed in front Connie, pointedly positioning herself to block out Coop. “You like ditzy cheerleaders? I can do that.” She blushed and shook out her green hair. “I mean, I can, like, totally act like a bimbo too.” Leighanne broke into a giggle fit like an airheaded character in a movie, and the crowd loved it.

Nilah narrowed her eyes at her friend, even as she wrapped her arms tight around Connie’s waist. “Are you feeling okay? You’re acting really weird.”

Victoria scoffed. “You’re both acting childish. Honestly, and you think you have a chance of going out with Connie.”

Connie only grinned wider. “Ladies and gentlemen, I forgot to introduce my other three volunteers. Give it up for Leighanne, Nilah, and Victoria, who as you can see I’ve already hypnotized.”

The crowd cheered, and to Connie’s surprise her audience had almost doubled. More people passing through the park were heading over to check out what the commotion was. Mostly, though, Connie kept her focus on the three women Gloria had programmed, who all wore identical confused looks.

“What are you talking about? We’re not hypnotized.”

“Yeah,” Nilah insisted, her face nestled against Connie’s shoulder. “You were gonna hypnotize us but you didn’t do it?”

“Are you sure about that?” Connie asked with a smirk. “Would you normally snuggle up with a complete stranger like this?”

For the first time Nilah actually looked down at herself and appeared shocked to be cuddled up to Connie. She started to pull away, but her hands lingered on Connie’s arm.

“Well, this isn’t… it’s not like that.”

“It’s just that you feel some wonderful sensation when you’re touching me?”

“Exactly!” The people in the crowd chuckled, and Nilah’s face filled with doubt as she stepped back. As soon as she let go of Connie her hands trembled, as if she were already addicted to the touch.

“It’s nothing to worry about,” Connie assured her. “All three of you have your own hypnotic suggestion.”

Leighanne put her hands on her hips, the punk girl frowning defiantly. “I know that I wasn’t hypnotized.”

Connie made a show of tapping her chin thoughtfully. “You know, I think it’s really cute when girls wear their hair up in a bun.”

In an instant Leighanne had pooled her bright green hair up on top of her head. “Like this?” she asked, wearing a hopeful smile.

“No, wait, it’s pigtails that I think are cute.”

Leighanne shook her hair out wildly, then grabbed two handfuls of green hair to give herself pigtails. “Is this better?”

“Oh that’s perfect. It’s adorable,” Connie told her. The crowd laughed, but Leighanne broke into a ridiculously happy smile.

“I also think it’s cute when girls with pigtails twirl around.”

Delight burst across Leighanne’s face. “I can do that!” she cried as she spun around, lifting one leg off the ground and twirling on her toes. Her hands kept a tight grip on her makeshift pigtails, and so as she kept spinning faster and faster her skirt flared up around her waist. The crowd yelled and cheered as her thong showed off her ass for the crowd.

“That’s enough,” Connie quickly said. Leighanne stopped whirling and stumbled in place, dizzy but grinning madly even as the crowd let out a disappointed groan.

“No way,” Nilah whispered, clutching a hand to her chest and staring in disbelief. “You… you really did hypnotize her.”

“And you.” Connie held out her hand, which Nilah instantly took. A shudder of pleasure ran through her. Nilah’s eyes nearly crossed as she let out a moan of relief. Which turned to embarrassment as she heard the crowd whooping and cheering, but still she held on to Connie’s hand tight.

“Maybe you hypnotized them, but I’m not that easy.” Victoria held her ground, arms crossed and giving Connie a glare that begged her to try and cross her. It was a stern look that might normally have sent Connie running, but at that moment confidence was surging through her. Maybe it was having the crowd cheering for her, or having the other three girls obediently falling for all her suggestions, but at that moment Connie felt powerful. Which meant she wanted nothing more than to wipe that smug sneer right off Victoria’s face, and replace it with a more adoring, submissive look.

Eyes trained on Victoria, Connie called out, “Hey Coop, how’s my favorite cheerleader doing?” There was the slightest twitch of jealousy at the corner of Victoria’s mouth.

“I’m, like, doing great!” Coop tittered. She skipped over to Connie, throwing both arms over her head. “I’ve been working on, um, a routine just for you.”

Now Connie completely ignored Victoria, turning her back to her so she could smile at Coop. Strangely enough, Coop now had her hair in pigtails, just like Leighanne. “That’s great. I’d love to see it.”

Coop squirmed in place and blushed. “Oookay, but it’s, like, kinda rough.”

“I’m sure any routine you do will be great. After all, you’re the best cheerleader I know.”

There was no mistaking the annoyed growl coming from Victoria. Coop, on the other hand, lit up with the praise and stepped back, clapping her hands together. Leighanne ran up behind her and clapped her hands together too, apparently desperate to copy the fake cheerleader since Connie had praised her.

“Ready, okay!” Coop jumped up in the air, kicking out her legs wide. A second later Leighanne tried to do the same, but with much less flexibility. She did end up flashing her ass at the crowd again, who cheered encouragement. Coop landed and broke into her best attempt at a cheer routine, and though it was obvious she’d never done it before Coop still had the confidence of an expert cheerleader.

“Gimme a C!” Coop cried with a fist pumped in the air.

“C!” the crowd shouted.

“Gimme an O!”


“Gimme an N! And, um, an I?”

Coop blinked innocently, and Connie laughed along with the audience. Then Coop nodded to herself and did a back flip. “Goooo Connie!”

Everyone clapped and cheered. Even Coop’s friend Sunny was laughing along, with her phone out recording the whole performance. Connie felt a twinge of guilt, hoping she wasn’t embarrassing Coop too much, but she had agreed to perform for the crowd. Connie would just have to make it up to her, and she already had a few ideas.

Then she saw Victoria stomping angrily past her, marching right up to Coop. “That was a terrible cheer,” she shouted, and the crowd went quiet to listen.

Coop stuck out her tongue childishly. “That was a totally awesome cheer. You think that you can, like, do any better?”

“Of course I can! I’ll show you I’m the best cheerleader for Connie!” With a crazed determination in her eyes, Victoria suddenly spun around and went into a coordinated dance, high kicking in her pant suit as the audience shouted encouragement. Connie was shocked to see how good Victoria was, and wondered if she actually had been a cheerleader.

“C! O! N! N! I! E!” she chanted, taking a moment as she rocked her hips to shoot Coop a smug look. “Go Connie!” Victoria finished by throwing a fist up in the air and bending one leg up at the knee in a classic cheerleader pose. She was panting but drank in the crowds approval, and more importantly the pleased smile on Connie’s face.

Then the spell wore off. Victoria frowned and stumbled back, her face turning red. “Wait, why… why did I do that?”

“Because you’re all hypnotized,” Connie told them, then smirked at Victoria. “And you might be the best hypnotized subject in the group.”

All of Victoria’s embarrassment and uncertainty faded away as a grin spread across her face, surprisingly delighted at the idea of being the best at anything for Connie.

With Nilah still clutching her other hand, Connie held up the crystal from her necklace. “In fact, I bet you could drop into trance faster than Coop.”

Victoria shot Coop a superior look. “Obviously I’d be better at being hypnotized than her.” If she noticed the crowd chuckling to themselves, she didn’t let it show.

Coop bounced in place and giggled. “OMG I’ve never been hypnotized before but, I’ll, like, be happy to try.” Now the crowd broke into full laughter as Coop and Victoria stepped up in front of Connie in a duel to see who was better at being hypnotized. For just a second Victoria frowned, probably wondering why she wanted to be the best at being hypnotized, but one look at Connie and she was back to eagerly doing anything for her, just like she was programmed.

“Don’t be upset when I’m hypnotized first,” Victoria informed Coop, who just happily rocked her hips in place, with a dopey grin like a complete bimbo.

“Ready?” Connie asked, lifting up the crystal. Both girls nodded. Connie curled her fingers and set the crystal spinning in place. “Drop for me,” she commanded.

Victoria’s eyes went right to the crystal, and there was an immediate shudder as her shoulders drooped and her arms fell limp at her side. With a sluggish smile she muttered, “No way I’m gonna—” She was cut off as the crowd gasped, turning her head away from the crystal by instinct to see Coop standing there completely entranced, eye empty and mouth hanging open. Victoria rocked back, her unfocused eyes blinking. “Wha- but, how?”

“I guess Coop is just a natural at being hypnotized,” Connie mused, suppressing a grin. Obviously she knew that Coop would drop instantly for her, since they’d spent all last night practicing.

Victoria snapped awake, clutching her fists angrily. “R-rematch! Let’s go again.”

“Alright,” Connie said with an over the top shrug, her audience cheering. “Coop, wake up.”

Coop blinked awake and smiled, back to her normal self. Then she clapped her hands to her face in horror. “Aw crap, I misspelled your name in the cheer.”

The audience clapped and laughed.

Victoria sneered. “I’m gonna be hypnotized first this time.”

This time Coop shot back her own competitive look. “No way. I’m always gonna be mindless first.”

“You’re on!”

Before Connie could even ask if they were ready, Victoria was already staring intently at the crystal dangling from her fingers. Her face went slack, her eyes wide and focused as a sigh escaped her.

Connie couldn’t help but smile at how easy it was. What had she even been nervous about? “Drop for me!”

Victoria and Coop simultaneously fell into trance. The crowd peered forward, and Connie could hear them murmuring and whispering to each other about who fell first.

“I think we have a draw,” Connie announced. “Victoria, Coop, you are incredibly happy to both be hypnotized for me, and feel no need to compete any more.” The two of them just stood before Connie, showing no reaction. “Now shake each other’s hand and congratulate them on being mindless.”

With robotic stiffness Coop and Victoria swiveled to face each other. They extended a hand, then shook. “Congratulations on being mindless,” they recited in monotone voices, to the amusement of the whole crowd.

‘That’s one down,’ Connie thought. Still holding the crystal out, Connie tilted her head and smiled. “Gosh, aren’t hypnotized girls the cutest thing in the world? I love nothing more than a pretty, mindless girl.”

On cue, Leighanne shoved between Victoria and Coop, who didn’t react at all to being knocked aside. Leighanne, eyes shining and green hair tied into pigtails, cried, “I can be mindless too! Just watch!” And with that she stared intently at the crystal, focusing hard and gritting her teeth as she willed herself into trance.

Connie smiled and said, “Drop.”

A wave of relaxation washed over Leighanne as she smiled sleepily, her eyes slipping closed. She slumped forward, arms dangling to the ground.

The crowd applauded, as Connie stood with the three girls standing stiff like mannequins. And Nilah still clutching her other hand, watching the show in awe from her front row seat. Connie turned to smile at her, and Nilah shuddered.

“My turn?”

Connie nodded. “But you’re lucky.”

She squeezed Connie’s hand, and it was obvious she was nervous. “I am?”

“That’s right. Being hypnotized feels so much better when you’re touching the hypnotist. You can feel it already. The warmth of my hand. How wonderful it is.”

Nilah’s eyes began to lose focus as she grabbed Connie with both hands now, her fingers rubbing absently over Connie’s wrist. “Y-yeah. It feels… really good.”

“And just let that pleasure take away all thought now. Filling your head and leaving you feeling wonderful.” Connie was about to raise the crystal for her, but instead she shoved it into her pocket. This time Connie lifted her hand before Nilah’s face, stretching out one finger to tap against her forehead. Nilah’s eyes crossed and she gurgled a happy moan. Her knees shook as she experienced all the pleasure Connie had promised. Connie slid her finger down the bridge of Nilah’s broad nose, slowly pulling it back as Nilah’s eyes lazily focused on it. Then Connie swept her hand back quickly and commanded, “Drop.”

Nilah’s head slumped to her chest, leaving her just as entranced as the others.

It had gone so quiet that Connie had actually forgotten about her audience until they burst into applause. Connie stepped back, smiling as the crowd’s enjoyment washed over her. She bent over and bowed, with the four entranced girls standing stiff as statues around her.

“Girls, line up behind me and take a bow.”

Victoria, Leighanne and Coop stood up at attention and walked absently behind Connie, joining Nilah. Wordlessly they fell into a line. Connie took another bow, and the four girls bowed with her.

The crowd whistled and clapped loudly, while Connie noticed lots of phones out and recording the whole show. She stood up and turned to face the girls.

“Now girls, I want you to focus on all the hypnotic commands in your mind. All the behavior you were told to follow that’s locked away in your subconscious.” All of Gloria’s commands, Connie thought silently, hoping the girls got the intention. “Now let all those commands be wiped away, just like wiping words off a blackboard. I want your minds to return to how they normally are, without any commands you received this weekend.” Connie hoped nobody in the crowd would notice her word choice there, but she had to risk it.

Coop showed barely any reaction, but Victoria, Leighanne and Nilah all had their eyes fluttering, hopefully erasing everything Gloria had programmed into them.

Connie gave them a few moments, then asked, “Raise your hand if there are any hypnotic suggestions left in your head.”

Leighanne and Nilah didn’t move, but Victoria lifted her hand like she had a question to ask.

“Are you still erasing?” Connie asked, a twinge of fear in her voice.

“Yes,” Victoria replied. Then, after a few tense moments, she lowered her hand. With empty eyes she informed Connie, “All suggestions are erased.”

“Good,” Connie said, suddenly proud of herself. She’d actually done it. All three girls were now free of Gloria’s commands to hit on her, and would wake up back as their normal selves. And she’d even done it with a crowd!

Connie glanced back over her shoulder. There were now nearly thirty people in the audience, quietly laughing and talking among themselves. But many were looking at her hopefully. No doubt wanting to see another trick.

A bright flame flared in Connie’s chest. “Victoria. Leighanne. Nilah.”

The three girls stood up straighter.

“I could wake you up right now and send you back on your day. Or I could have you continue with another suggestion for the show. Would you like to get another hypnotic suggestion and perform for the crowd?”



“I would.”

Connie chewed on her lower lip.

“It’s going to be embarrassing,” she admitted, an idea already in her head. “Are you really comfortable with the crowd laughing at you?”

“It’s excited,” Victoria replied, a flush in her cheeks even as her face remained blank.

“I don’t mind,” Leighanne said, shrugging slowly.

“I’m having lots of fun,” Nilah said. “Also I’m incredibly turned on and want to experience more.”

“I’m also very aroused,” Victoria added in a blank voice.

Leighanne nodded her head. “I’m super wet.”

Connie winced, grateful they were talking quiet enough that the crowd couldn’t hear.

“I’m really enjoying a chance to serve you again, Mistress,” Coop said, taking Connie by surprise. Connie decided she’d have to find a way to make things up to Coop after this. But first, they had a show to finish.

“Alright then. Girls, listen closely.” She pulled the entranced girls in and began whispering. And around them the crowd hushed, waiting in anticipation.

* * *

“Now beg for me,” Connie said with an imperious smirk. Coop let out a quiet whine from down on her knees. Then she put her hands up to her chest and barked loudly.

The crowd cheered, while Coop just sat in the pose like a dog doing a trick, paws up and panting happily.

“Good girl, such a good girl.” Connie gave her a pat on the head, which Coop happily nuzzled into.

Leighanne suddenly shoved in against Coop, barking jealously from down on all fours.

“Yes, yes, you’re a good girl too.”

Leighanne wagged her ass, her skirt riding up and threatening to flash the audience. Again. Connie tucked the back of her skirt down, which put her close enough for Coop and Leighanne to rear up and lick at her face. The crowd laughed as Connie stood up, wiping spit off her cheek even as she smiled. They really were such cute pets.

While both Leighanne and Coop panted from all fours, waiting for their next command, Nilah was happily rubbing up against Connie’s leg, purring with satisfaction. Connie reached down to scratch behind her ear, making Nilah purr with even more delight, before she looked out at the crowd.

“Does anyone have a tennis ball or a Frisbee?”

Everyone who wasn’t recording on their phone checked their bags, and in no time Connie saw several Frisbees being offered out to her. She grabbed two of them, one yellow and one bright green. “Alright girls, go fetch!”

She tossed one out into the park, and both dog girls ran off barking as fast as they could on all fours.

Connie twirled the green Frisbee in her hands and looked over at her last volunteer. “Victoria, do you want to fetch too?”

Victoria was down in the grass, chewing lazily and making no reaction. With a smirk Connie gave the Frisbee a light throw. It sailed perfectly over to Victoria and bumped against her head, as the young woman in her business suit just let out a low, displeased, “Mooooo.”

Connie turned back to her chuckling crowd and said, “I guess cows aren’t big fans of fetch.”

Just then Leighanne trotted back to Connie’s feet, carrying the yellow Frisbee in her mouth. She dropped it to the ground and gazed up at Connie with a proud smile.

“Good girl, playing fetch so well.” She reached down to give Leighanne a rewarding pat on the head, until Leighanne suddenly let out a low growl. She narrowed her eyes at Nilah, who backed away hissing. Leighanne whirled on her, barking loudly and scaring Nilah back towards Victoria, who let out another moo.

“Bad girl! Don’t scare Nilah.”

At that Leighanne wilted, dropping to the ground and whining apologetically up at Connie.

“You sit there and think about being a good dog.”

The hypnotized punk let out another whine. Then Connie walked over and knelt next to Nilah, who had her back raised up high like a scared cat.

“Shh, it’s alright. See, every thing’s okay.”

Nilah gave her a skeptical look, but started to relax as Connie ran an affectionate hand along her back. She settled down and went back to purring.

Connie was just scratching her under her chin, which Nilah really seemed to love, when the audience suddenly started hooting and shouting. She turned and couldn’t help but laugh; Leighanne was still resting with her face on the ground, but her ass now pressed up against Coop, who had mounted her from behind and was humping her excitedly.

“Bad dogs. Did I say you could do that?”

Coop and Leighanne ignored her, humping away and panting happily as the crowd cheered them on and took pictures. Connie marched over to them and knelt next to the dog girls pretending to fuck. In a low voice she whispered, “Comfort check.”

Coop’s hips paused, as both her and Leighanne lost that dazed, dumb look on their faces. She’d given them the trigger to make sure they were comfortable with what was happening in front of the crowd. Coop looked over at her and smiled. “Um, I’m good.”

“I’ll say you are,” Connie chuckled. Then looked down at Leighanne who was blushing furiously down against the grass. “And you?”

Leighanne’s eyes darted back and forth across the crowd of people watching and recording as Coop humped her like a horny dog. Then she looked to Connie and said, “M-maybe one more minute? Please?”

“Getting off on it?” Connie whispered with a smirk.

Leighanne nodded and blushed harder. Coop leaned down over Leighanne and chuckled. “If you like this you should see what else Connie can—”

Connie quickly snapped her fingers. Instantly Coop and Leighanne went blank, before breaking into dumb happy puppy grins.

“Well go on,” Connie encouraged Coop with a pat on the head.

Leighanne barked encouragement too and wriggled her ass back against Coop’s hips. Coop let out a howl and went back to humping at Leighanne, thrusting hard like she was trying to drive her into the earth. The crowd burst into cheers. Nilah had crept closer, watching the display with interest as she purred. Even Victoria had turned to watch.

And Connie stood over them, watching proudly and basking in the crowd’s excitement. So this is why performers did it, she marveled. Then she noticed Coop’s friend Sunny, who was red in the face as she grinned and recording Coop on her phone. She walked over to her, making sure not to block the shot of Coop dry humping the happily panting Leighanne.

“Your friend makes a great dog,” Connie chuckled.

Sunny nervously laughed back, and brushed some hair behind her ear. “I guess she does. You’re, like, a really good hypnotist.”

“Well I try my best to be entertaining.”

“I see that,” Sunny said, as Coop let out a howl and a final thrust. She pantomimed cumming, or maybe she really did cum. And Leighanne drooled blissfully from the ground as she came too. The crowd went wild with applause.

“If you’re wondering I didn’t specifically tell your friend to act like a bitch in heat, but things get crazy when you mess with the subconscious.”

Sunny bit her lip. “I bet. Um, do you just do street performances or do you do private shows too?”

Connie shrugged, her attention mostly on the girls she’d hypnotized into happy animals. “I guess it depends on how private you want the show to be.”

Sunny blushed so hard the freckles on her cheeks practically disappeared. “Uh, I, um, I think I’d like that. Can I give you my number?”

And it was at that moment that Connie realized she’d been flirting. She hadn’t even meant to. She’d flirted with a girl and it worked!

Of course now that she realized what she’d done Connie’s old anxieties came back. “Let me just take care of the girls first and I’ll get your number after?”

Sunny brushed her hair back over her ear and grinned. “I’d like that.”

Smiling drunkenly, Connie hurried back over to the animal girls and clapped her hands. Nilah, Coop and Leighanne all looked up attentively, while Victoria rolled her eyes. “Moooooo.”

“Alright, girls. It’s Cheer Time!”

At that, all four girls went wide eyes, the trigger changing their personalities. They all leapt up to their feet, giggling vapidly and brushing off the dirt and grass.

This time Victoria was all bouncing cheer and she stood up front. “Come on girls, let’s show everyone our cheer.”

Coop and the two punk girls jumped and twirled in saccharine delight.

Connie stood back, arms folded over her chest as the four fake cheerleaders got into a formation.

“Ready? Okay!”

The crowd went wild as the cheerleaders danced and spun, completely uncoordinated but believing they were the best cheer team in the state. Connie hadn’t given them a specific routine, but noticed that before long the cheerleaders had began shaking their asses and grinding against each other, much to the crowd’s delight. And Connie too, for that matter. Watching Coop grinding against Victoria while Nilah and Leighanne crouched down to shake their asses, she felt the urge to just keep them entranced and take them back with her so she could fuck their brains out.

She knew she wouldn’t really. But it gave her a powerful sense of confidence to know that she could do it, but also made her proud to know that she was in control of herself enough to only play with the girls who wanted her to. Like Coop.

She was absolutely going to fuck Coop senseless tonight.

Just then the four girls all straightened up and threw out their arms. “C! O! N! N! I! E! Connie! Connie! Gooooo CONNIE!”

The crowd chanted Connie’s name, while all four hypnotized cheerleaders gave Connie an adoring smile.

It was hands down one of the best moments of Connie’s life.