The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 45

Summer Lovin’: Part 13

“So how many women are still hypnotized?” Coop asked, skateboard tucked under her arm.

Connie threw up her hands. “I’ve got no clue! Apparently Gloria went into a hypno frenzy and doesn’t have an exact count, but there might still be a dozen girls.” She saw Coop snickering at her. “Glad you can see the humor in it.”

“Sorry, Connie. I’m just picturing a whole army of hypnotized women marching down the street.” Coop handed her skateboard to Connie, then put on an expressionless face. She stuck her hands straight out and began walking like a zombie, chanting, “Must fuck Connie. Must fuck Connie. Must fuck Connie.”

Connie punched her shoulder. “Shut up. That’s what it felt like when you, Sonia and Heidi came after me. And now it feels like everywhere I turn there’s some girl who’s obsessed with me and needs to get into my pants.”

“You don’t have to tell me. I experienced it. It’s like someone took over my head, and suddenly it was my purpose in life to become your fucktoy. And I didn’t even realize that I was acting weird. My body was hijacked and I just thought it was totally natural that the first moment I saw you I would want to strip and let you fuck me in any way you wanted.”

Connie shivered. “Fuck, that’s hot though. Like that’s the hottest thing but I can’t enjoy it. This is a nightmare,” she wailed, clutching Coop’s skateboard to her chest.

“Hey, if it means anything I’m super happy you didn’t take advantage of me. You put my head right and then asked if I wanted to be a fucktoy. Which I was still more than happy to do. Plus everything you just did to me in the park.” Coop rolled her eyes back in her head and let out a lewd moan. “That was so hot. It was kind of fun being a bimbo cheerleader, not gonna lie. Ugh, my friend Sunny is never gonna let me live it down though.”

Connie put her hand on Coop’s shoulder and smiled. “For what it’s worth you definitely made a cute slutty cheerleader.”

The skater girl turned to Connie with a face of mock outrage. “And what makes you think I was a slutty cheerleader?”

“Are you trying to say that as an airhead cheerleader you wouldn’t try to sleep with me?”

“I guess we’ll never find out,” Coop shrugged. She looked away innocently, but couldn’t stop from biting her lip. And the way her nipples poked through her T-shirt betrayed how turned on she was.

Connie gripped Coop’s shoulder tighter and pulled her in close. “Then maybe I’ll just drain all your smarts away and turn you back into my personal bimbo cheerleader. Then we’ll see how slutty you really are.”

It was intensely satisfying to watch the unrestrained desire on Coop’s face. “O-okay. We can do that.”

“Of course, we’ll need to get you a cheerleader outfit.”

Coop shook her head. “No way. I’m definitely not—”


She stopped and looked back at Connie. Saw the serious look in her eyes.

“You… you really want me dressed up as a slutty cheerleader?”

“Well, I do,” Connie admitted, blushing. Then she leaned in closer, their noses touching as she gazed into Coop’s eyes. “But I want you to want to dress up for me. To embarrass yourself, because you know it’ll please me. Would you do that for me, Coop?”

Connie heard the other girl let out a needy moan. “I… yeah, I would.”

Connie pulled back, satisfied at seeing Coop standing there in a daze, face flushed and panting hard. The girl looked so madly turned on already, and she’d only teased her.

“Be honest, Coop. How wet are you right now?”

Coop stammered, then blushed even deeper. “It’s like Niagara Falls down there. Fuck. How are you so good at that?”

“So good at what?” Connie asked her, tilting her head and pretending to be confused.

“… At turning me on,” she whispered.

Connie shrugged. “I guess I’m just that good.”

Coop smiled at her. “You really are though. So, I guess I gotta try to buy a cheerleader outfit.”

“I mean, you don’t have to actually buy one. I was just messing with you.”

“But I want to!” Coop declared, looking determined.

Taken aback by the conviction in her voice, Connie was still touched. “If you want to. Or it can just be, um, a slutty outfit of your choice. Maybe cheerleader-esque.”

“So just something with a skirt?”

“Something you can spin around in and show yourself off,” Connie decided, smirking.

“I think I can whip something together. So should I come by your place tonight?”

Connie blanched. She’d just been daydreaming about it. The fact that a girl as hot as Coop actually wanted to dress up for her and come over was like a fantasy. She definitely wasn’t ready to do it that night. She was almost about to call it off but stopped herself. When she’d been surprised at the park, Coop had saved her. Plus, she’d been terrified then but managed to pull off a hypnosis show on the fly. She was stronger than she thought she was.

“Tonight.” Connie nodded. “Yeah, you can come over. I’d have to see if I can get the place to myself. Wouldn’t want to be interrupted and—”

Which is precisely when she was interrupted by someone banging against a window and shouting her name. Connie glanced over to see a small resteraunt called Burger Joint, the name burned into an old piece of wood above the door. It looked like a cozy, out of the way spot, which is why Connie was shocked to see Aubrey grinning at her from the window. Jane was standing behind her, drink in hand, as Aubrey began waving excitedly for her to come in.

Coop gasped loudly, and Connie glanced over to see the skater girl with her eyes wide. “Oh my god,” Coop muttered. “Sex zombies!”

Connie burst out laughing. “Relax, Coop. They’re not hypnotized.”

“Aww.” Coop’s shoulders slumped. She looked disappointed.

“Don’t worry, with my luck we’ll run into some hypno zombies before long.”

“Yesss,” Coop hissed, pumping her fist. Then her stomach rumbled. “I guess I could go for a burger. Should we go in?”

Connie chewed her lip. She didn’t want to intrude on Jane hanging with Aubrey. Then again, if Aubrey was waving for her to join them, then they probably weren’t in the middle of anything important.

“Okay, I guess we can stop in for a little bit.”

“Awesome, I can’t wait to meet your friends!” Coop took Connie’s hand and ran for the door, dragging a laughing Connie behind her. With the exhausting day she’d had, Connie could use a chance to relax with some friends.

* * *

“Connie totally had her naked and kneeling in front of her. It was amazing.”

“Amazing, I know. You’ve already told me three times,” Jane muttered, holding open the door for Aubrey as they went into Burger Joint. It was one of her favorite places to grab some delicious food and was a staple of her family’s yearly vacation, but even the delicious, nostalgic scent of grilled burgers didn’t pick up Jane’s spirits. Her shoulders were slumped, her mood was in free fall, and the frown on her face advertised just how miserable she was. All of which Aubrey failed to notice as she practically skipped into the burger place. This was Jane’s personal hell.

It all started during the movie when Aubrey had gone out to the bathroom and come back with a grin stamped on her face. She must have been overloaded with energy because her feet were tapping nonstop as she bounced in her seat. At one point she even gripped Jane’s wrist tight and turned to her with a serious look, like there was something she was dying to say and couldn’t hold in. But she only turned away to keep nervously bouncing and watching the movie, leaving Jane with her heart pounding.

She actually thought that Aubrey was into her and nervous to make a move.

Instead, Aubrey rushed them out the door as soon as the credits started to roll, and the second they were alone began to ramble about seeing Connie fucking the girl at the concession stand with the big tits. Not just fucking her, but dominating her completely. Jane assumed she was just exaggerating about the girl kneeling and calling Connie Mistress. Until she mentioned the necklace.

Aubrey had cupped her chin thoughtfully, wondering why Connie was just holding it out to her with the crystal dangling in the air, but Jane knew exactly what it meant.

Connie had hypnotized her.

Not that Jane minded. The stuck up girl was practically humping Connie’s leg back when they bought snacks, so she could totally buy them making out and Connie asking to do her weird hypnosis stuff to her.

What Jane did mind was the fact that Aubrey talked about it all the way here. To Aubrey it might as well have been some amazing religious experience. Connie, the goddess of slutty movie theater girls with big boobs and no taste.

“It’s just, Connie managed to get her naked and doing kinky stuff in, like, fifteen minutes. How can she even pull off something that… that…”

“Awesome?” Jane suggested with a roll of her eyes.

“Exactly! It’s awesome.”

Jane sighed with disgust and walked up to the counter to place her order. She just couldn’t work it out. How did Connie go from a total dweeb in their hometown to some kind of sexual dynamo that had hot girls drooling all over her? For a second Jane had a terrifying thought of Connie swinging her necklace like some kind of mind controlling villain, bending the woman of the town to fall for her. Jane instantly laughed it off. As frustrated as she was with Connie’s popularity, she knew that Connie was good at heart. She wouldn’t do something that might hurt people. Jane might not know a whole lot about hypnosis, but she always felt safe when Connie did it.

A memory fluttered up in her mind. Of her and Connie standing in her room as an impossible snow storm whirled around them. Sparkling white snow covering her bed, and her desk, and crunching under their feet. Soft, fluffy snowflakes catching in their hair. Connie had created it just for her. It might have been the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her.

Jane shook her head. No, she couldn’t fall under Connie’s spell too. She was still upset with her for stealing Aubrey. Not that Connie had actually done anything to steal her except to be inexplicably amazing at everything.

“Um, are you gonna order something?”

Jane opened her eyes to see Aubrey and the cashier waiting on her. She blushed and quickly ordered a burger. The cashier took it with a glazed smile, her tied back dreads bouncing lightly as she wrote it down. Burger Joint did have it’s low tech charm, as well as amazing fresh food. The downside was the employees living up to the bad pun of the store’s name by seeming perpetually stoned. Right about now Jane could actually go for some weed to calm herself down.

They got their food, picked out a booth, and as soon as Jane sat opposite her Aubrey asked, “So where do you think Connie went?”

“No clue. Maybe she’s off fucking other hot girls.”

“Shit, probably,” Aubrey said with a sigh.

“I was just joking.”

“I’d believe it though. She’s like a lesbian urban legend by now.”

“Yeah, her and Bigfoot,” Jane muttered dejectedly.

“Is everything alright?”

Jane glanced up and saw that Aubrey was finally looking at her.

“I’m great.”

“No, seriously. You look upset about something.”

“It’s nothing,” she said, taking a long drink of her soda.

Aubrey narrowed her eyes. “I know when you’re upset. I’m your friend, Jane. You can talk to me.”

She wanted her to talk? Fine.

“It’s just… You’re my friend and all you’ve done all weekend is talk about Connie. Connie did this and Connie did that and Connie fucked her. It’s all you’ll talk about.”

Aubrey sat there shocked, not sure how to respond. “I’m sorry, Jane. I just met her, and she’s really cool. I didn’t mean to gush but—”

“I know! She’s sooooo amazing and you totally want to bang her.”

Aubrey blushed hard. Seeing that her crush really did want to fuck Connie just made Jane’s chest hurt. It was obvious, but it still hurt to see.

“You don’t have to be jealous, Jane.”

Jane took a sharp sip of her drink and almost choked on an ice cube. “What?” Did Aubrey know that she had a major crush on her?

“I know you’ve got a thing for Connie, and I’m not gonna make a move. Not like I have a chance with her,” Aubrey said with a sad smile, as if she wasn’t the hottest person Jane had ever seen.

“I do NOT have a thing for Connie.”

Jane raised a confused eyebrow. “Then why are you acting so jealous? It’s not like you have a thing for me.”

Pure panic hit Jane’s system. She wanted to run. She wanted to reverse time and stop this entire conversation from happening. She wanted to jump over the table and kiss Aubrey on the lips.

Instead her body went into some kind of spasm and her arm swung out, smacking her drink right off the table and spilling all over the floor.

The hippy behind the counter shouted, “What the hell?”

“S-sorry,” Jane mumbled, all too aware of the wide-eyed shocked look that Aubrey was giving her.

“You… you really…”

“Oh my god, obviously.” Jane sighed and let her head fall down to the table, and right into a puddle of the spilled soda. She picked her head back up and felt cold soda drip down her face. Yup, this was her day alright.

Aubrey extended a napkin out to her. “I had no clue. You never—”

“You were the coolest, hottest person I ever met. Of course I was terrified of telling you.” She dabbed the soda off her face, wondering if this was what rock bottom felt like.

“So hearing me talk about Connie so much…”

“Has been absolute torture, yes.”

Aubrey winced. “Yeah, that would explain a lot. And I’m sorry for that. I just figured you liked Connie too. You brought her on the trip.”

“Cause obviously she’d come with us. She lives at our house.”

“Wait, she’s living with you? Why’s that?”

Jane blanked, wondering what she meant. “She just does. It’s no big deal.” There was a moment of worry as Jane wondered why Connie was living with them too, but a firm, grandmotherly voice told her that it made sense and there was no need to question it. It was fine that Connie lived with them. “Anyway that’s not the point. I just don’t get why you think Connie’s so hot while I’m not hot.”

Aubrey shook her hands wildly. “I never said I didn’t find you hot!”

“But you never acted like you did! I’m hot. I can be hot.” Jane suddenly blushed as she noticed the hippy girl behind the counter staring at her. She must be looking crazy acting like this.

“It’s… I’ve known you since we were kids. You’ve always just been Jane to me. I guess I never really thought about how you changed.”

“Well I sure noticed. When we hit fourteen and you were suddenly tall and getting curves, and dressing in cool jackets and just being… cool. Every year you got hotter and I was just your ‘friend.’”

Aubrey tilted her head and smiled. “You are my friend, Jane.”

Jane groaned.

“Hang on, dammit. What I mean is that I always treasured having you as a friend. And maybe if I started thinking of you another way then I would get worried that I’d screw things up. You were the best part of coming to the lake every summer. If I made a move and you got mad then—”

“You wanted to make a move?”

Aubrey scratched at her head and chuckled. “Maybe. Once. A few years back. And I guess I repressed that so hard that I never even realized it was there. That’s why it’s easy for me to gush over Connie. She’s new. She’s cute. She’s apparently fucking every hot girl in town,” Aubrey said with an amazed look, which she wiped off her face when she saw Jane scowl. “So yeah, it was easy to look at her and see why she’s hot. Also, it was kind of hot hearing her say that she hooked up with you.”


With a smile Aubrey nodded. “I honestly was figuring that you might have been ace since you never showed any interest in sex before.”

Jane hung her head. “I was just terrified of saying anything to you about it. But no, I’m not asexual. I’m very sexual, thank you.”

Aubrey chuckled. “Then I guess I should hear about your sexual escapades. That way I might not be as impressed by Connie’s life.”

Jane gulped. The look Aubrey gave as she said that. Batting her eyes. Voice slipping into a husky tone. Was that flirting? Had Aubrey flirted with her?

“Um, o-okay. So what do you want to know?”

She gave Jane a smirk. “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”

Jane started to smile. It was really happening. Aubrey wanted to know about kinky things she’d done! Jane opened her mouth to tell her, only to draw a total blank.

In a panic Jane tried to run down a checklist of everyone she’d hooked up with. And it was all pretty bland. Making out at parties. Sometimes hooking up. One threesome that had been lukewarm at best. One girl had tied Jane’s hands behind her back once but the rope burned her wrists and they’d stopped pretty quick.

Now that Aubrey was finally ready to look at her in a sexual way, Jane realized just how boring her sex life was. Or at least it was boring compared to Connie’s orgies.


“I used to be hypnotized by an ex.”

Aubrey’s smirk shifted into confusion. “Hypnosis? Is that kinky?”

“It was the way she did it,” Jane said, trying to dip her voice into a sexy tone like Aubrey had used. “She would make me obey her. Eat her out on command.”

“Ooh. That actually does sound kinky. So she’d dominate you?”

“Definitely. I even had to call her Mistress.”

Aubrey plucked up a French fry and smiled. “See that? Sounds like your just as kinky as Connie.”

Jane sat up straighter, heart racing as she spoke. “She’d freeze me in place, or mess with my memory. Make me beg to fuck her.” Had Connie done all that? Jane knew she was exaggerating and laying it on thick, but some of the kinky things she was saying felt familiar. Like half-remembered dreams. It was hot though. Incredibly hot. To be telling these explicit details to Aubrey. And to see Aubrey’s cheeks flushing as she smiled, getting turned on too.

“So it was just hot hypnotized sex between you? Or were you two dating?”

“We never dated. Though I think she was interested. Why wouldn’t she be?” Jane flipped her hair, remembering the moonstruck way Connie would always stare at her.

Aubrey gave a dry chuckle. “I’ve never seen you act like this. It’s fun.”

Jane blushed. “I had to turn her down, but we still hooked up for fun. She was sweet about it though. Like this one time…” She remembered snow falling and her blush deepened.

“What’d she do?”

“I told her my favorite season was winter because I love snow. So she put me into trance. When I woke up it was snowing in my room. Like snow falling from the ceiling, coating everything. And it felt completely real too. It was beautiful.”

Aubrey whistled. “Hypnosis can do stuff like that?”

“It’s a bit like magic,” Jane said with a laugh. “Like she’d say a word and it could make something incredible happen.” Suddenly Jane’s eyes went wide. She chewed on her lip, wondering if she should.

Seeing her nervous expression only made Aubrey lean in closer. “What is it? You look like you’re remembering something really dirty.”

“It’s… She gave me a trigger. That I say a word and it makes it feel like there’s a vibrator on my clit.”

The look on Aubrey’s face was priceless. “And that works?”

“Incredibly,” she replied with a pleased smile. “I still use it sometimes when I get off. Like when I’m in the shower, or bored on the bus.”

“Damn girl.” Aubrey gave her an excited grin. “I didn’t realize you had a thing for doing stuff in public.”

Did she? Jane supposed she did like the risk of using the trigger when she was walking down the road alone. Or in class. Or walking around with her friends. Just mutter the word ‘buzz’ and her clit was suddenly assaulted by incredible vibrations that made her whole body tremble. And no one would be able to know what she was doing.

Her eyes darted up to catch Aubrey’s gaze. “Do you want to use it on me?”

Aubrey’s breath caught in her throat.

“I can tell you the magic word. I’m pretty sure it’ll work for you. Hypnosis only works if you actually want something to work. And the thought of you being able to whisper that word to me anytime you want is just…” Jane shuddered. “It’s already making me wet.”

It was impossibly satisfying as Jane watched Aubrey gulp. “That…” She gulped again. “That would be amazing.”

“Then anytime you want me to feel a vibrator teasing me,” Jane said slowly, licking her lips, “Just say the word… Buzz.”

The sensations hit her clit instantly. Jane had been leaning over the table to practically whisper to Aubrey, but when the imaginary vibrator suddenly turned on she felt her legs go out from under her. Jane hit the table and let out a surprised moan.

She instantly clapped a hand over her mouth and shot up straight on her seat, while Aubrey just stared at her in awe.

“Holy fuck. You’re feeling it right now?”

Jane nodded. Fuck. How did she not realize that it would turn on when she told Aubrey? That felt like a rookie hypnosis mistake. And it was way stronger than normal. The pleasure pouring into the very core of her. Was it because Aubrey was watching her, knowing it was happening? Jane wasn’t sure, but it took all her self control to take her hand away and whisper, “Buzz off.”

The vibrator shut off, and Jane melted down into the seat with relief. Aubrey was giggling at her, eyes shining.

“That was incredible.”

Jane looked up to see Aubrey smiling ear to ear. She made a weak bow, but her whole body was still shaking.

“So to turn it on I say Buzz, and Buzz off turns it off?”

The unexpected vibrations hit hard and vanished almost instantly. Jane jerked in her seat like she was electrocuted. “E-easy with that.”

Aubrey blushed and whispered, “Sorry, didn’t think.” Then she slid a foot over to slide along Jane’s ankle. “But it was super hot to watch. And I can do that to you anytime now, can’t I?”

Jane’s eyes shot open. Aubrey was giving her a downright predatory look, and it made Jane scared and aroused all at the same time. She might have been too horny to think this one through. Although the idea of Aubrey wanting to use this trigger on her was seductively hot. That her friend held this power over her.

“I… I thought you were on the more submissive side,” Jane panted, trying to compose herself.

“What gave you that impression?” Aubrey’s foot kept sliding higher, up past Jane’s knee and slipping up her thigh now. Jane whimpered.

“The way you were drooling over Connie dominating that girl.”

Aubrey’s foot paused. She was blushing.

“Okay, yeah. I do like that. The idea of Connie dominating me is—” Aubrey started to smile at whatever dirty ideas were in her head, but then her expression turned cold. She gave Jane a sharp look, and an even sharper smile. “But this isn’t about Connie. This is about you. And how insanely cute you looked writhing in your seat like that.”

Aubrey’s foot resumed slipping up Jane’s thigh. It was nearly to her crotch but stopped.

“I never knew you could make such a cute face, Janie.”

As excited as Jane was at the prospect of what Aubrey was doing, she instantly frowned at the name. She hated being called that, and Aubrey knew it. But when she glared at Aubrey, she found herself wilting against Aubrey’s stone cold expression. Without cracking a smile Aubrey’s foot drifted over to rub at the opposite thigh now. It moved in lazy circles, always just about to reach her burning pussy and pulling back.

“I want to see you making that adorable face a lot more. Whenever I want. Got it, Janie?”

Jane shuddered in her seat. It felt like it did with Connie. How she felt powerless. Weak. Unable to fight back. And it was so incredibly hot.


Aubrey tapped at Jane’s crotch with her foot. Jane barely managed hold in her moan. At the other end of the booth Aubrey crossed her arms smugly, the leather of her motorcycle jacket creaking. “Janie, you spilled your soda. You should go get a new one.”

What was Aubrey talking about? Jane didn’t ever want to leave this booth. “I don’t need—”

“Janie, go get another soda.” Aubrey punctuated it by driving her foot forward and grinding it against Jane’s crotch. Her dripping pussy ached gratefully at the touch. Jane gripped the table and wriggled in ecstasy. But then Aubrey pulled her foot back and sat there expectantly.

“I… I’ll be right back.”

Jane had to wait a moment for her head to clear and her legs to stop shaking. Aubrey was teasing her. More than that, she was dominating her. It wasn’t what Jane had ever imagined, but she wasn’t about to complain. Not when it felt this amazing.

She slid out of the booth on wobbly legs. But before she could take a step Aubrey leaned over to her. She smiled. Then said a single word. “Buzz.”

Jane went rigid as the vibrator turned on against her clit. It felt like she was being electrocuted in the greatest way. Her entire body was vibrating with need. And Aubrey just watched with a pleased smile as Jane stood there boiling with lust in her own body.

“You’re evil,” Jane hissed, with a giant grin on her face.

“You know you love it.”

It was an old joke between them. Anytime Aubrey pulled a prank or was playfully mean Jane would call her evil, and Aubrey would respond with that line. Such a familiar part of their friendship now brimming with sexual tension as Jane stood there hypnotically teased, dripping with arousal as Aubrey gave her a domineering look. Jane’s head was swimming as she wobbled over to the counter to order a soda.

Was this really happening? It had to be a dream. It was too wonderful to be reality. The two hippie girls behind the counter kept giving her weird looks as Jane clung to the counter, wriggling and whimpering just often enough for them to see that something was going on with her. The fact that she’d given Aubrey the power to reduce her like this was fantastic. And Aubrey had gone for it so eagerly. Was she always like this, with a secret dominant side?

And what would Aubrey do to her when they weren’t in public? Just keep teasing her? Or was Aubrey going to fuck her? Do all sorts of kinky things to her? Jane didn’t have the slightest clue what kinks Aubrey might have hidden away. Jane wasn’t even sure what kinks she had. She’d always told herself that she had fun playing with Connie but that she was just humoring her. Being hypnotized and played with. Controlled. That was just her being selfless and letting Connie have her fun.

But now it was Aubrey controlling her and she was still loving it. Maybe… maybe she was always into stuff like this?

Jane wasn’t sure, but as she stood there being teased with a vibrator in public she knew only one thing: that she absolutely couldn’t wait for more.

“Here’s your drink.”

“T-thank… you, mhm.” Jane clamped down on a moan and turned it into an awkward smile. The hippie girl just raised a pierced eyebrow and watched as Jane grabbed her cup, nearly spilling it as a tremor of pleasure ran through it. Then Jane was stumbling her way back to the table where Aubrey sat waiting to keep teasing her. The vibrator was relentless on her clit, and Jane just hoped Aubrey would be just as unforgiving. It was turning into a wonderful day. Then she looked past Aubrey, out the window and at who was walking down the street.

“Oh come on,” Jane muttered.

Aubrey saw Jane frowning out the window, then turned and broke into a grin. She banged on the glass and shouted, “Connie! Hey Connie! Come on in!”

Jane’s smile drained away completely, leaving her a dejected girl standing there with an imaginary vibrator in her pants. She watched Connie and some other girl start heading towards the entrance. “Buzz off,” she whispered to herself, and felt the hypnotic vibrations on her clit vanish. And she’d felt so close to getting what she wanted, too.