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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 46

Summer Lovin’: Part 14

Connie instantly fell in love with Burger Joint. It was clearly a smaller mom an’ pop style food place, with kitschy art on the walls and old 60’s music droning from a radio.

“This place is awesome.”

“Totally. It’s an institution,” Coop agreed, following in after her. “Plus the owner sells me weed, but don’t tell anyone.”

Connie caught a faint, earthy scent mixing with the delicious smell of fried foods. “Ohhhh. Burger Joint. I get it now.”

“Come on, it’s my treat.”

Connie lit up at that. She was eager to find out if the food was as good as the atmosphere, plus having a hot skater girl buy her lunch made it extra nice.

“Hang on, I gotta introduce you to my… friends first.” Connie hated the hesitation, but she really didn’t know Aubrey all that well yet. Then again Aubrey was practically standing up at her booth, excitedly waving Connie over. Jane had a broad grin on her face too. Connie still worried that Jane just thought of her as her sister’s friend, and not as a friend, but that was probably just her over thinking things. Jane liked her. Definitely.

“Connie!” Aubrey cheered as she headed over, making Connie blush as Coop snickered at her. “What are the odds of seeing you here?”

“We were just passing by,” Connie laughed, sliding into the booth next to Jane. “So what are you girls up to?”

Under the table Jane grabbed Connie’s wrist and squeezed. Hard. Jane’s smile was all teeth as she turned to Connie and hissed, “We’re doing just fine. Having some lunch. Together.”

Connie winced, both from the pain and from realizing way too late that they definitely should not have come in. Her whole goal for the day had been letting Jane and Aubrey have some alone time, and then she’d come barging right in without thinking. Connie turned to leave but Coop was already joining Aubrey on the other side of the booth, the girls shaking hands and exchanging names. An immediate retreat was no longer an option.

‘Sorry,’ she mouthed to Jane, who just rolled her eyes and looked out the window.

Aubrey’s eyes immediately found Connie’s, shining brightly. “So where’d you go during the movie, Connie? We couldn’t find you anywhere.”

Connie felt a shot of fear as she saw Aubrey’s feline smile, almost a knowing smile, but there was no way Aubrey knew about what Connie did with Tammy or she’d be freaking out. “Oh, um, I got a call from Coop to hang out for a while. Right, Coop?”

“What the heck are you talking about?”

Connie kicked her under the table. Coop pulled up her leg and laughed.

“Relax, I’m just messing with you. Yeah, we’ve been hanging out all day.”

“Doing what?” Aubrey asked, eyes darting between the two of them.

“Just playing video games,” Connie replied as nonchalantly as she could, which wasn’t very nonchalantly at all. She was already sweating, wondering why this felt like an interrogation all of a sudden. Luckily Coop was there to save Connie again.

“Yup. We’ve been playing one of those horror games where you just get swamped with zombies. Connie sucks at it though. She keeps letting the zombies grab all over her,” Coop added with a wink.

Connie gave her a dirty look, but Aubrey just laughed. “Sure, sure. Well it looks like you’re making a lot of friends in town already. How’d you two meet?”

Never a great liar, Connie dug out her phone and started going through her texts, anything to not have to show her face. “You know how it goes. Coop was skating. She fell. I ran over to check on her. And we just kinda hung out.” It was more or less the truth. On the plus side using her phone as a distraction finally reminded Connie to send a text to Tara asking how their weekend was. It kept slipping her mind to check in, what with all the hypnotized girls interrupting her day. Hopefully her and Naomi were having fun with the run of the house.

Aubrey frowned, clearly hoping she could fish something out of Connie. She glanced between Connie’s embarrassed flushed cheeks and Coop’s casual smile, not finding whatever it was she was looking for. Was there some way Aubrey knew that Coop was part of the orgy she’d bragged about having last night? Could she tell just by looking at Coop?

“So great seeing you Aubrey, but we should get going. Come on, Coop.”

“Aww, we’re not gonna eat?”

Connie spared a glance over at Jane, who was smiling gratefully. “We can get something to go. You know, more of those zombies to take care of.”

“Oh right. Fair,” Coop said with a shrug, and was about to get up when someone stepped up to the booth and blocked them in. A hippy girl with her dreads tied back under a bandanna stood there, wearing a Burger Joint apron and carrying a tray in her hands. She flashed Connie with an overjoyed smile.

“Here’s your order,” she said brightly, dropping a tray of food down on the table. It was overloaded with French fries, onion rings and several burgers, enough that the food was nearly spilling off of the tray as she put it down.

Aubrey eyed the mountain of food in disbelief. “I thought you said you didn’t order, Connie?”

“We didn’t,” Connie muttered, a sinking feeling in her stomach. She glanced up at the hippy girl, who trembled with delight just from having Connie look at her.

“Oh, whoops, my bad. Must have been a different table,” the hippy chick said with a nervous laugh, tucking her dreads back over her shoulder. “But I can’t really bring the food back, so you can just have it on the house, okay?” She rested a hand on Connie’s arm and batted her eyes. “Enjoy the burger,” she said with a husky tone, then turned and hurried off back into the kitchen, giggling to herself.

Connie watched her leave, and when she turned back Jane and Aubrey were staring at her suspiciously. Then the tension broke as Coop cried out, “Free food!”

She dove in, while Aubrey just shook her head.

“How do you do that?”

“Seriously?” Jane asked. “Is it give free food to Connie day?”

“I don’t know what your talking about,” Connie replied, in a completely unconvincing tone. She grabbed at one of the little cardboard containers for the burgers, snatching up the one closest to her that had a smiley face drawn on it. Connie just wanted to eat something and have an excuse not to talk for a few minutes. Except when she opened the container there was no burger, just a wadded up and damp pair of pink and green panties. She shut it fast, only earning an even more suspicious glare from Jane.

“Um, clearly there was some kind of mistake here. So I’m gonna… go make a complaint.”

She hopped up out of the booth. Coop had a bunch of fries stuffed in her mouth but gulped them down to say, “Where’r you goin’?”

“Oh, just to take care of something. Remember that thing I was telling you about?”

Coop stared at her blankly, then her eyes went wide. She glanced over at the kitchen and back at Connie. “Ohhh, got it. Yeah, go take care of your stuff.”

All too aware of Jane and Aubrey watching her go, Connie hurried off away from them, only to hear Coop say, “She’s probably just got to hit the bathroom.” Connie winced. Why’d she have to go with that excuse?

She rounded the edge of the kitchen, ducking out of sight of their booth into the back of the burger place. There were the doors to the kitchen, along with a supply room and, of course, the bathrooms. Just her luck. Connie was just wondering how she’d be able to get the hypnotized hippy girl out of the kitchen, when the door to the supply closet swung open.

The girl with the dreads smiled at her. She still wore the green bandanna over her head, and a peace sign necklace around her neck. Other than that she was completely naked.

“I was wondering what took you so long.” She giggled and retreated into the dark supply closet, waving for Connie to follow. Connie sighed and slipped her green crystal necklace over her head. Better try to make this one quick, before Jane and Aubrey got any more suspicious.

* * *

“So what’s Connie really doing?”

Coop shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe number two?”

“Gross.” Jane wrinkled her nose, while Aubrey threw back her head and laughed.

“No, seriously. Cause it seems to me like she went back there to hook up with that chick.”

Jane narrowed her eyes as Coop squirmed in her seat. She could practically see the little gears turning in her head as she tried to make up a lie. Then finally Coop just shrugged. “Yup, probably banging her.”

“I knew it,” Aubrey replied in a quiet, awed voice.

“Oh great. Connie’s fucking another anonymous chick in town. Isn’t she amazing?”

Coop pursed her thin lips at Jane and said, “You don’t have to sound bitter about it. So what if Connie’s popular?”

Jane was caught off guard. Obviously she was pissed, but she didn’t really have anything against Connie. Except of course that Aubrey was back to drooling over the idea of sex god Connie and had forgotten all about teasing her like she should be doing. They were having so much fun with the hypnotic trigger too. The trigger Connie had made in her head. Why did everything have to come back to Connie?

“I’m not bitter,” Jane cried defensively.

“She’s just a little jealous,” Aubrey teased, and Jane felt her face flush with heat.

“I’m not jealous of Connie!”

But now Coop had the same teasing grin as Aubrey. “Oh shit, you totally want Connie too.”

“I do not!”

Coop held up her hands, saying, “Hey, I get it. I wish I was fucking Connie right now too. She’s amazing.”

Aubrey turned to look at Coop like she’d suddenly transformed into a rock star. “You fucked her too?”

Jane growled. “Connie isn’t amazing. She’s mediocre at best. She didn’t even know how to eat pussy until I taught her.”

This time it was Coop who gave Jane a wide eyed stare of disbelief. “You taught Connie how to do that? Damn, thank you then. Cause she is…” Coop’s eyes rolled back in her head as she let out a happy moan.

Aubrey pouted. “Damn. I’m the only one who hasn’t fucked Connie yet.”

“Really? Cause I could totally put in a good word for you with her.”

Jane had heard enough. She thought Aubrey was finally interested in her, but clearly she was nothing compared to the amazing, wonderful, more-fuckable-than-her Connie. She started to slide out of the booth, but was surprised to notice a cell phone sitting on the table. Connie’s phone.

She picked it up as it buzzed in her hand with a new message. Jane glanced up, but Aubrey and Coop were absorbed in a conversation about how amazing Connie must be in bed. Knowing it was immature, Jane swiped on the phone to see the text. It was Connie’s own fault for not having a password.

Her first instinct was to open up Connie’s photos. Maybe there was some embarrassing photos or videos she could show Aubrey. Her thumb hesitated over the icon, but then she moved it up to the top of the screen instead and tapped the notification for the new text. It opened up, and Jane blanched as she saw a gorgeous naked girl. She was smiling at the camera seductively, eyes half closed as she blew a kiss.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me.”

Aubrey and Coop finally seemed to remember Jane was there too. “What is it?”

Jane realized she was caught holding the phone. She wanted to stammer an explanation, then instead sighed and turned the phone around. “Connie left her phone and got a text.”

Aubrey’s eyes bugged out. But Coop broke into a delighted smile. “Oh shit, Sonia really wants her attention, huh?”

“Wait, you know her?”

Coop glanced up. “What? No. I mean—”

Aubrey grabbed the phone out of Jane’s hand, staring at it closer. “Hang on. She’s a waitress over at Zed’s. Connie fucked her too?”

Jane rolled her eyes. Of course Connie did.

“Listen,” Coop said nervously. “Maybe we should put Connie’s phone back. She might get mad if—”

The phone buzzed in Aubrey’s hand.

“Another text.”

Coop and Aubrey exchanged a glance.

“I mean we already saw Sonia naked,” Aubrey said.

“Not much harm in seeing another selfie of her,” Coop agreed, blushing and forgetting all about putting the phone down.

“Ugh, if you two are gonna perv over Connie’s sloppy seconds then just do it.”

The two girls grinned and leaned in cheek to cheek as they tapped on the phone. Jane acted like she didn’t care, but when they both gasped in shock even she got curious. “What? Is she fucking herself or something?”

“Different girl,” Aubrey muttered, looking truly shell shocked.

“Girls,” Coop added absently, still staring.

“Girls? And they’re…”

“Totally naked.”

“Connie is so lucky,” Coop said as she shook her head.

Jane wanted to throw herself into a pit. How the hell was she supposed to compete with Connie? Aubrey was even sliding her fingers over the screen, zooming in. Just what was Connie doing to these girls that they’d send such desperate nude pics?

“Hang on, is that…” Aubrey’s eyebrows shot up. “Tara?”

Jane’s blood went cold. “What?”

She snatched the phone from Aubrey’s hand. Sure enough, smiling on the screen was a topless Tara. Connie was fucking her too? But Connie said that Tara wasn’t interested. And wait, Tara had a girlfriend.

Then Jane noticed a pale arm around Tara’s shoulders. The photo was zoomed in. She zoomed the photo out, revealing a completely naked Naomi, smiling and clearly taking the selfie of the both of them. They were in the living room. Naked. And taking pictures for Connie. With their legs spread and everything.

Jane was overcome with sudden, blinding anger. Why was everyone fucking Connie? It wasn’t fair. She wanted to smash the phone, but managed to control herself. Instead she tapped on the text and hit the trash bin icon to delete it.

Then she slammed the phone down on the counter and fumed.

Aubrey looked ashamed, but Coop was looking between them in confusion. “Um, what’s going on?”

“The girl in the picture is Jane’s sister.”


“And my sister’s girlfriend,” Jane growled. “Didn’t know that Connie was apparently having threesomes with them too.”

“Well, I can’t really judge after what I did with Connie,” Coop said, which she realized was the wrong thing to say when Jane gripped the table and gave her a death stare. “Look, just because you don’t like Connie doesn’t mean you have to be mean to us about it.”

Jane flinched back. She felt like she was slapped. “Wh- I don’t don’t like Connie. I mean.” She waved her hands frantically. “I like Connie. It’s just—”

“Just what?” Aubrey asked, leaning in.

Jane felt her brain cells frying. Why did they have to keep talking about Connie? “Listen, okay. Connie’s been totally crushing on me for years. She was like a dumb little puppy always watching me whenever she hung out at our place, which was all the time. And when I finally starting going down on her she was so shocked and delighted, it was kinda sweet. But suddenly she went from being the dopey dweeb in love with me to fucking every hot girl in town, and they’re all so hot and amazing and why is Connie fucking everyone but me now?”

Jane was left panting after her rant, with Coop and Aubrey staring at her in shock. Then Jane realized what she said.

“That’s not- I didn’t mean—”

Aubrey reached out and took her hand. “Jane, it’s cool. It’s okay to feel jealous.”

“But I- you- I like you not—”

Aubrey smiled, and Jane felt herself sliding down low in the booth. She was burning with shame and lust and oh god she really was jealous of everyone sleeping with Connie. She wanted Connie. When the fuck had that happened?

Jane glanced up at the new girl, and Coop looked a little uncomfortable sitting there stuffing fries in her mouth. “Sorry for the meltdown. I- I guess I got some things to sort out.”

Coop chuckled. “Hey, I totally get you having it bad for Connie. She’s a real amazing girl.”

Jane groaned.

“Would it make you feel better if we teased Aubrey?”

She was taking a bite of her burger, but Aubrey almost choked on it as she stammered. “Tease me about what?”

“You’re the only girl who hasn’t slept with Connie at this table. We can totally hold that over your head, right Jane?”

Jane found herself starting to smile. “I guess that’s true. And I did go down on Connie every night before bed when she started crashing at our house.”

Aubrey’s jaw dropped, and Jane started giggling. She gave Aubrey a challenging stare, and Aubrey responded with a predatory grin. “Oh, you want to play?” Aubrey suddenly turned to Coop with an innocent look. “Hey Coop, what sounds do bees make?”

Jane sucked in breath, heart racing.

Coop gave her a confused stare. “Um, I don’t know. What?”

“No it’s not a joke, I’m just asking.”

“Oh. Um, buzz?”

Jane felt it instantly. Her hips wriggled against the booth, and Jane crossed her legs to try and sit still.

“That’s right. They Buzz.”

She had to bite her lip. The sensations got stronger when Aubrey said it too. Was it repeating the word, or having multiple people say it? Or was it the fact that Coop had no clue about the hypnotic trigger? Or that they were doing it right in the middle of the restaurant? Jane didn’t know why, but she was absolutely loving it all the same.

“So Coop, what other things Buzz?”

Coop shrugged. “Dunno. Mosquitoes?”

“Mosquitoes do what?”

“They buzz.”

Jane squirmed and wrapped her arms around herself.

“They do what? I couldn’t hear you,” Aubrey said, putting a hand to her ear.

“They buzz,” Coop said louder, and Jane whimpered as invisible pleasure pulsed against her clit.

“Say it louder.”

Coop narrowed her eyes, and noticed Jane almost doubled over in the booth. “What’s going on?”

“It’s a game me and Jane are playing,” Aubrey said after a moment of panic. “We’re trying to see who can say Buzz the loudest.” She’d raised her voice higher when she said the word, and Jane felt herself almost on the edge of cumming. Oh god, this was the best.

“Oh like the penis game,” Coop said brightly.

“Y-yes, but we just say Buzz. And try to get other people to say it. Right, Jane?”

Jane raised her head, shaking and sweating and feeling like she was going to go crazy with the need to cum. “Th-that’s right. We try to say… say…” Suddenly Jane felt it happening. Coop and Aubrey were looking right at her and suddenly Jane felt herself cumming. Her toes curled. Pleasure coursed through her. And Jane cried out, “Buzz off!”

Then face planted against the table, trying to hide the pathetic face she made as she came.

Aubrey was laughing and clapping, which only made Jane more ashamed, and thus loved it more. Maybe she really did have a thing for doing sex stuff in public. She was still trembling from the orgasm.

“Jane just tapped out. When you say Buzz off you’re out.”

A brief tremor ran through Jane from hearing the word ‘buzz,’ but it passed with the next word out of Aubrey’s mouth. Still, it was enough to almost make Jane moan. She could feel how drenched she was down there. Definitely need to change. But it was worth it, just to have Aubrey do this to her.

Jane lifted her head and gave Aubrey a grateful smile. And Aubrey reached out to cup Jane’s cheek. Then she mouthed the words, ‘you’re welcome,’ and Jane shuddered with delight. They’d have to do this again sometime. Jane was just thinking of an excuse to give Coop to leave, when Coop suddenly got up onto her knees on the booth, looking back at the kitchen.

Coop clapped her hands over her mouth and shouted, “Hey!”

Jane and Aubrey both tensed as they saw the people in the kitchen stop working, as well as the handful of people in the restaurant all look their way. “Coop,” Jane hissed, but Coop ignored her.

With a broad grin Jane shouted, “Just wanna say this place is amazing! I love the food, and I totally see what all the BUZZ is about!”

Jane’s clit exploded. Or rather, it was like her entire body became as sensitive as her clit and was filled with heavy vibrations all over. She became pure pleasure, and quickly bit the side of her hand and screamed into it to stop from moaning at full volume.

Coop had shouted the word. She’d shouted the word to everyone in the building, and everyone was looking at them.

The kitchen staff looked confused, but waved in thanks. Coop sat down in the booth with a satisfied smile, while Aubrey stared in disbelief. Jane was shaking and doing her best not to disintegrate as she was instantly cumming. And cumming. So intense it wouldn’t stop.

“So,” Coop said as she crossed her arms. “Do I win?”

“Eeeuunngghhh,” Jane whined, eyes rolling back in her head.

Aubrey gasped. “Buzz off.”

Jane collapsed against the table with a shaky breath.

Aubrey let out a sigh of relief, then smiled up at Coop. “You definitely win. I take my hat off to you.”

Coop took a little bow, while Jane just stayed there with her face smooshed against the table, twitching every few seconds from aftershocks of the orgasm.

That had been the most intense orgasm of her life. And Jane wanted more.

Cumming in public. Humiliated in public. Used in public. Jane wanted so much more of this. She lifted her head and offered a weak smile to Aubrey. But she was too out of it to speak yet. Luckily Aubrey seemed to guess what she was thinking and nodded, patted Jane’s head.

“I think we’re gonna head out. Jane seems a little out of it.”

“Alright, well it was nice to meet you. And yeah, is she okay?” Coop peered down at Jane, who gurgled happily.

“She’s fine. Just a hypnosis thing,” Aubrey said with a wink to Jane. A private joke between them.

Except Coop was friends with Connie.

Jane’s eyes shot open wide, but it was too late. She saw the recognition on Coop’s face. The surprise and delight. “Oh shit! You guys do hypnosis stuff with Connie too?”

Aubrey blinked in confusion. “Connie does hypnosis?”

“Yeah! She just got done hypnotizing me and some other chicks. Here.” Coop started digging in her pants for her phone, while Aubrey gave Jane a confused look.

“Buzz off, buzz off, buzz off,” Jane whispered to herself, but the magic words weren’t stopping anything this time.

Coop held up her phone to Aubrey. Jane couldn’t see the screen, but heard Connie’s voice clearly.

“Now when you wake up, you’ll believe you’re just a happy puppy. So eager to bark and play. And of course you’ll move like a puppy, since you’re not a human. Are you a human, Coop?”

A girl whined. No, Coop’s voice whining, followed by the sound of laughter from people.

“You’re just a dumb, happy puppy, aren’t you, Coop?”

This time there was a shrill, happy bark in Coop’s voice. And applause spilled from the phone. Coop turned the phone around so Jane could see, and she was treated to a shot of Connie standing over Coop, the skater girl down on all fours and panting with delight. There were other girls too, also on all fours, and people watching.

Connie had hypnotized Coop in public. Humiliated her in public. Used her in public.

Jane felt a sudden stab of jealousy. She imagined herself on all fours in front of a crowd, hypnotized to act like a dumb puppy too. Only she was naked. And Connie held a leash attached to Jane’s collar, proudly showing her off. Jane barking, crawling, showing off her body without shame while everyone laughed at her.

She shuddered at how insanely hot the idea was.

But the fun idea was ruined as she noticed the understanding dawn on Aubrey’s face. She knew that Jane had lied about who her hypnotist was.

“My friend shot the video for me. I guess it’s a little embarrassing but it was so much fun. Oh, you gotta see this part. Connie made me and the girls act like cheerleaders and I totally make an idiot of myself by—”

Jane couldn’t stand it. She shot up and ran. Ran out of the booth, right out of Burger Joint, even as Aubrey called her name. Jane just ran down the block, no clue where she was going.

There were tears in her eyes. Why was she so stupid?

Why did she have to lie to Aubrey about being hypnotized by Connie?

How had she not realized how badly she wanted Connie too?

How could she want two people so badly, even when it was obvious that they were going to hook up and leave her behind?

Aubrey was into the hypnosis stuff. And Connie had apparently gotten so good that she was taking her show on the road. When was the last time that Connie had even hypnotized her? Jane couldn’t remember. She had a flash of herself hypnotized, frozen in front of her mom and Tara, with Connie there.

It felt more like a dream than a memory, but it turned Jane on just to picture Connie using her, showing her off. Only Connie would pass her over to hook up with Aubrey, who was so much hotter than her. And Aubrey was into hypnosis and kinky stuff like being in charge. They were made for each other. While Jane was left with what?

She was on the verge of crying when someone hugged her.

“Jane! Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

Jane looked back and saw Aubrey holding her, concern written all over her face.

“I’m such a loser,” Jane cried, not even sure which of her failures she was talking about.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’m so sorry for what happened in there. I thought it was cool to tease you, but I guess it went too far and I’m so stupid not to ask you first.”

“Wait, you think I’m upset over cumming back there?”

Aubrey looked at her in surprise. “You’re not?”

“No! That was amazing. I loved it. But… but I lied to you.”

Aubrey pulled Jane against her, and she sniffled against Aubrey’s motorcycle jacket. “So I’m gonna guess Connie was your hypnotist ex?”

Jane nodded against her shoulder. “She’s not really an ex. We never dated. But all the hypnosis stuff was true.”

“And you were embarrassed to say so?”

“I thought… I thought it would just make Connie sound even more amazing. But you found out anyway, and now you can just go hook up with her and leave me all alone.”

Jane felt Aubrey stiffen against her. So it was true. Aubrey really was going to forget about her and-


“Gah!” Jane stumbled as a vibrator turned on against her clit. “What are you—”

“Buzz,” Aubrey said again. “Buzz. Buzz buzz buzz.”

Jane stifled a moan and clenched her thighs together tight, but there was no way to resist the overwhelming pleasure. She looked up at Aubrey and saw-

Aubrey grinning down at her. “You actually think I’d choose someone over you?”

“Well… you were… and Connie… nnghn…” Jane gurgled. She couldn’t get words out. She was so upset and sad and happy and the pleasure was mixing it all together.

“Jane, listen to me very carefully.”

Aubrey grabbed Jane’s chin and forced her to look up at her. Jane whimpered, knees shaking, and Aubrey just drank it in with a satisfied smirk. “Do you have any idea how fucking hot you look being this helpless?”

Jane blushed. “I—”


“Ohhhhh,” Jane moaned, blushing harder. Were there other people on the street? Could they hear her? See her squirming like there was a vibrator in her pants? She tried to look around, but Aubrey held Jane’s chin tight between her fingers so she couldn’t look away.

“Look at me, Jane. Look into my eyes. I want to watch you cum for me.”

Jane stared into Aubrey’s eyes and felt herself truly melting. She almost didn’t notice when Aubrey leaned forward and kissed her. Jane moaned as their lips met, but then Aubrey pulled back and left Jane reaching out for more.

“Buzz.” Aubrey said, eyes locked on Jane’s. There was such authority in her voice. Such finality. How could Jane do anything but cum and whimper in delight?

Jane didn’t hold back. She didn’t care who could hear. She moaned and wriggled her hips and gripped Aubrey tight, never taking her eyes off of Aubrey’s. They kept their gaze locked the entire time that Jane came. And only broke the connection when Aubrey, satisfied, whispered, “Buzz off.”

“Oh fuck,” Jane groaned, collapsing against her. Aubrey held her up, laughing the whole time.

“God, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. And you actually thought I’d give up doing that to you?”

Jane blushed. “I figured you and Connie would…” She waved a weak hand. She didn’t know what they would do, but her insecurities had been so sure that Jane would have no part of it.

“Look, I’ll admit that Connie’s hot. And I’m super curious to learn about this hypnosis stuff.”

Jane started to frown, but Aubrey kissed it away. When Aubrey pulled back, Jane was left smiling.

“But I only want to learn more so I can keep messing with you, cause you clearly love this stuff too.”

“It’s… growing on me. I think I was in denial about liking it. Like it was embarrassing.” Jane thought of Connie, the happy expression she got whenever Jane agreed to be hypnotized. And thought of that snowstorm, all for her, swirling around them as they kissed. “I think I’ve been in denial about a few things.”

“I figured,” Aubrey chuckled. “And I’m happy to move at your pace. Whatever you need. Cause you’re my friend, Jane. But I totally want to fuck your brains out.”

“I’d really like that,” Jane giggled up at her. Then she bit her lip. “Actually, I think there’s maybe something we could do to help me… process my feelings.”

“What’s that?”

Jane smiled. “How about you come over tonight?”

“Got something special in mind?”

“Yup. We’re gonna ask Connie for a threesome. To do all her kinky hypnosis stuff to us.”

There was no denying the turned on blush on Aubrey’s face, but this time Jane didn’t feel jealous. Because whatever happened they’d be sharing it. “You sure you’re cool with that?”

Jane nodded. “Absolutely.”

* * *

Connie shuffled back to the booth, hair a mess. She sank down opposite Coop, who was still munching at the pile of food the hypnotized girl had dumped on their table.

“Have fun?” Coop asked with a smirking mouth full of fries.

“Ugh. She was enthusiastic.” Connie swiped uselessly at her hair. “She was naked and jumped me as soon as I got in there. And then I realized the light was off and she couldn’t even see the crystal to get hypnotized.”

“Oooh, so how’d you put her under?”

“Had to get creative. Got her to sit still so I could kiss her all over. Made her focus on the pleasure, on the feeling of my lips on her skin, and the lower I kissed the deeper into trance she fell.”

Coop whistled. “Dayyum. I wish I could’ve watched.”

“Yeah, it was kinda fun. But god I thought she’d drop when I got to her pussy, but she was only kinda under. I had to kiss my way all the way down to her feet before she dropped completely.”

Coop cracked up laughing, while Connie snatched a cold hamburger. Her stomach was grumbling after everything.

“You have the wackiest life. I’m surprised that you didn’t just make her turn on the lights when she calmed down and started listening to you.”

Connie was just about to take a bite of the burger but froze. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Hey, you got it for next time,” Coop said with a smirk.

“Look, let’s just eat and get out of here before I find any more sex zombies. I’m ready to go back to the cabin and relax.”

Across the table, Coop squirmed and pouted. “You don’t want me to come over and be your sexy cheerleader?”

Connie groaned. “God, that sounds so hot but I’m so tired. I’ve had, like, two hours of sleep and hooked up with more girls than I ever even fucked before this weekend.”

“So is that a no on the cheerleader thing?” Coop asked, batting her eyes playfully.

Connie smiled. “It’s a yes on the sexy cheerleader thing. But I’m going to be very selfish in bed. I’m just gonna lay there and you can do sex things to me.”

“Sounds like a date,” Coop laughed, and Connie found herself grinning.

Then a girl walked up to their table. She wore a Burger Joint apron, just like the hippy chick working the counter. “Um, hi. My name’s Barb, and this is gonna sound totally weird, but you’re super hot, and would you like to go out tonight?”

Connie sighed. “Do you want to date, or would you like to just fuck here?”

The girl blushed and giggled. “Oh, um, that works too. I’ll let you do anything you want. I know you just fucked Kylie, and she looked, just, so blown away and happy by it that I had to get some.”

“Back to the supply closet,” Connie muttered, taking off her necklace. She held it out, and Barb’s eyes instantly locked onto it. “Coop, you don’t have to stick around. Just call me when you want to come over.”

“Kay. Oh wait!”

Connie turned, still holding the necklace out and Barb following it like a rabbit following a tasty carrot. Coop ran over and handed Connie her phone. “You left this on the table. We, um, might have peeked.”

Connie’s face went pale. “What did you see?”

“Nothing bad!” Coop quickly answered. “Just a nude selfie Sonia sent you. You should call her too.”

“Well, I guess it’s not so bad if Jane and Aubrey saw that.”

“Oh, also Jane’s sister sent you a nude too.”

Connie’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“Yeah, her and her girlfriend. I forget her name, but it was a really hot nude.”

“Hang on, Tara and Naomi sent me a naked pic?” Connie was frantically searching her phone. Then Coop winced.

“Wait, I think Jane deleted it. She seemed pissed. Sorry, Connie. I’m sure you can get them to send another.”

“But- but why did they send one in the first place!?” It didn’t make any sense.

“Wait, are you not fucking them too?”

“No! I mean, there was some stuff before but… not since they hooked up.”

Coop shrugged. “Maybe it was a mistake?”

Connie’s trembling fingers finally managed to open the text. There was a blank spot with a red X for the deleted picture. Connie was about to search her phone to try and restore it, she had to see it, but then noticed a new text below it.


Connie frowned. It didn’t sound like Tara, but then Tara probably would be mortified if she took a private picture with her girlfriend and accidentally sent it to her best friend. And Connie would be an awful friend if she tried to find it again.

NO PROBLEM, Connie texted back. ALREADY DELETED IT. She wondered if she should mention that Jane saw it, but then Connie realized that she still had her other arm holding up the necklace, with Barb staring vacantly, already starting to drool in trance. They were getting looks from the other people in the place, and Connie hastily put her phone away. She’d deal with the nude pic situation later.

“Come on, Barb. Follow me.”

“Okay,” the entranced Barb said, following behind. And Coop hurried right after them.

Connie raised an eyebrow, but Coop just laughed. “Oh come on. I don’t want to miss this.”

“Fine,” Connie said with a smirk. She led the two girls into the supply room, wondering how her life had gotten so complicated so fast. Still, she had to admit that she was having a hell of a vacation. And it seemed like tonight was going to be particularly special for her. If all these hypnotized girls didn’t fuck her to death, of course.