The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 47

Summer Lovin’: Part 15

“So are you sure you don’t want me to come in?” Coop asked, batting her eyes innocently.

“Noooo,” Connie wailed dramatically. She threw herself against the door of the cabin, making Coop burst out laughing. Connie smiled. “Believe me, I’d love to. But I am literally about to pass out. No more sex. Connie needs sleep.”

“Fine, but we better have plenty of sex later.”

“I can guarantee it,” said Connie with a wink. “You know, once I’m not deliriously exhausted.”

“Probably for the best,” Coop agreed with a shrug. Then she pressed closer, trapping Connie against the door with a hand on either side of her. Connie shivered happily as Coop leaned in to whisper at her ear. “Because I can’t wait to wear you out again tonight.”

“That—” Connie gulped. She clenched her thighs. How could she still get wet after everything that happened since yesterday? Shouldn’t she be utterly drained of fluids by now? But she was wet, and her heart was racing as Coop traced a seductive finger along Connie’s jaw, pulling her in for a kiss. Connie just wanted to melt into the feeling and lose herself. Just let go and let Coop do whatever she wanted.

Just like with Tammy, when the movie theater girl had completely dominated her. It had felt so good to be submissive for a change.

But as their lips were about to brush, Connie suddenly held up her hand. She put her fingers together, and Coop had enough time to gasp in surprise as Connie snapped her fingers and said the command. “Drop.”

Coop’s eyes rolled back with a happy sigh. She slumped against Connie, her head resting on Connie’s shoulder.

It would be nice to be submissive like that again sometime, but not with Coop. Because Coop was her plaything, and there was no way Connie wanted to give up control of the cute skater girl.

“Are you nice and deep, Coop?”

“Yes Connie,” she replied, blank voice muffled as she spoke into Connie’s shoulder. So Connie grabbed her by the hair and gently lifted her up. Coop was like a helpless puppet. Her head lifted easily, empty eyes staring at nothing. Her head totally vacant of thought. Only obedience for Connie.

It would be so easy to order her into the lakehouse. Make Coop eat her out for hours. Or even just work like a maid. Cook something for Connie, attend to her every need. Now that would be fun.

Coop in a ridiculously sexy maid outfit.

“Coop, do you own a maid outfit?”


“Shame. You should get one. In fact, you will get one. You will buy a maid outfit, because I want you to now feel the strong desire to be my maid. To clean for me, to cook for me, to serve me. Let that fantasy fill you. It won’t be the strongest fantasy in your head. I want you to have all your wonderful desires in tact. But when you wake up you’ll be aware of this new fantasy, and you can’t help but crave it. To dress like a maid for me. To work like a maid for me. To be my maid and follow any command I give. Can you feel this new desire, Coop?”

“Yessss,” Coop hissed. Her eyes kept that blank stare, but her lips were beginning to curl into a smile. Her thighs were rubbing together.

“Are you getting wet from wanting to be my maid?”

Coop groaned. “Yes Connie.”

“Then when I wake you up, you’ll very abruptly tell me goodbye and leave. Don’t worry, I won’t be mad about it. Because you’re going to go home, quick as you can. You’re going to find a maid outfit online. One that’ll make you look so sexy and cute. One you think I’ll love. And, as long as no one is around to overhear or see you, you’ll fuck yourself staring at that outfit. Picturing yourself in it as you serve me. As I fuck you in it. Command my pretty maid to do anything I want. And you’ll have such a wonderful orgasm from it.”

Coop was shuddering now, her breath shallow. She’d slumped forward against Connie now, but this time Coop was thrusting her hips forward, rubbing her crotch against Connie’s leg. Connie was happy to lift her leg higher and make it easier for Coop to grind against her. Connie kept a close eye on the street to make sure no one was around to see. It wasn’t smart to do this in public, but it was too hot to stop now.

“You’ll cum, knowing that some day you’ll be my maid. And then you can feel that powerful need for the fantasy fade, back to how any other desire feels for you. You don’t have to buy the outfit right away. You can save up for it. But know that someday you’ll buy it so that you can present yourself to me. Beg me to take you in as my sexy maid. Isn’t that right, Coop?”

“Yes Connie.” Coop was panting, pleasure overwhelming her.

“Are you about to cum?”

Coop nodded. “Yes. So close. I—”

Coop’s hips were thrusting faster. She bit her lip. Connie could almost see the orgasm welling up inside her.


Coop’s body shook abruptly, then went completely still. A quiet, pitiful whine leaked out of her mouth.

“You can’t cum until you’ve done everything I said. You won’t even be able to touch until you’re back home and looking at the perfect maid outfit. When will you be able to cum, Coop?”

“When- when I’m home. Found the perfect maid outfit. No one around to see or hear. Fucking myself, wishing I could be your sexy maid fucktoy.”

“And you want to be my sexy maid fucktoy, don’t you?”

“Yes Connie.”

“Then you can—” Connie stopped, frowning. “Coop, when you look at maid uniforms how long do you think it would take you to find the perfect one?”

“Hours,” she gasped. “Must be perfect. Has to be the best. Connie deserves it.”

Connie rolled her eyes. She figured that Coop would get swept up from that word perfect. Which meant she might get lost down the rabbit hole of maid outfits, thinking that each one was good but not perfect. Maybe another time Connie would enjoy watching her, so frustrated and scrolling forever, never able to cum. But this was supposed to be fun for Coop too.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to even be the one you’ll eventually wear for me. Just search for a cute maid outfit that you like. Whatever it is, I’d love it. Understand?”

“Find a maid outfit I like. Cute. I understand.”

“Good. Then have fun for me, and wake up.”

Coop snapped awake, stumbling back and blinking. She clapped a hand over her mouth and stared at Connie in sheer awe. She glanced down at her crotch, her legs shaking. Probably checking to see if she was so wet that she’d left a damp patch. Coop seemed at a loss for words, but the crooked grin she wore said all that Connie needed to know about how much she’d loved it.

Then Coop abruptly spun around and ran off. She waved back over her shoulder and shouted, “Laters.”

Coop ran off, and Connie could see the confused distress on her face as she ran away from Connie fast as she could. “Don’t worry, it’s all part of the plan,” Connie shouted, laughing. “I’ll make it up to you tonight!”

Now Coop looked back and smiled. Then she tossed down her skateboard and was riding away as fast as she could. Had Connie told Coop to know what she was heading home for in such a hurry? She couldn’t remember. Either way, she was sure that Coop would have a fun time with it.

Connie smiled. Then wilted, staggering over to the side and almost falling into a rosebush. She caught herself just in time. Shaking her head, Connie dragged herself inside the lakeside cabin. The exhaustion had left for a bit when Connie had gotten caught up in teasing Coop, but now the full weight of it hit her.

She needed to sleep. Could already feel her brain shutting down.

“Michelle? Gloria? You around?”

Connie swayed in the living room of the cabin, listening for an answer but no one shouted back. Gloria must be out. And Michelle still with friends. Connie frowned. There was something important she had to do with Michelle. But she couldn’t remember. Something sexy.

Connie threw herself down on the couch, sinking face first into the luxuriously soft cushions. “Oh yeah…” she muttered smiling. “Gotta… fuck Michelle. Make her… good sex slave… fucking… good… and… sandwiches…”

She fell. Into a deep and wonderful sleep. Michelle was there waiting for her, dressed in a skimpy maid outfit and holding a tray of sandwiches. “Would you care for anything else, Mistress?”

Connie smiled. “You’re the best sex slave ever.”

Michelle giggled. “I know Mistress.”

Connie took one of the sandwiches, but as she ate it the sandwich didn’t feel solid. Like she was eating a cloud. She frowned, wondering what was wrong, when a heavy weight pressed down on her from above.

For a second Connie’s eyes flickered open. The living room of the cabin was sideways. Or maybe she was. And something heavy and warm was laying on top of her. Before she could wonder about it the exhaustion dragged her under again. A hand was stroking at her hair, a soft voice cooing.


Connie was back in the dream, with Michelle gazing adorably up at her. Dressed in that skimpy little maid outfit.

“Mistress,” she said again. “I missed you so much.”

“Missed me? But I’m right here.”

They were in a marble room, with Connie resting across a luxuriously soft lounge chair. The open wall of the room revealed a vast desert stretching out to a golden sky, with tropical palm trees waving in the wind. For a second Connie wondered why they were there. Then she remembered that she was a queen. She must be a queen, since she had a servant.

And Michelle was such a cute servant, too. Kneeling by her side, reaching out to cup Connie’s tits. Connie let out a happy moan as the fingers teased her perfectly.

“I wish you were at the party, Mistress. Wish you could have shown me off. Told everyone I was your slut.”

That did sound nice. Suddenly the room was filled with laughter and banter as a party appeared in the marble room. Women in slinky suits, men in fancy tuxedos. They all had blank faces but kept talking jovially amongst themselves. And in the center of the room was a tower of sandwiches piled to the ceiling. What was up with the sandwiches?

But then she felt a hand slipping down her stomach and cupping at her pussy. Connie gasped and moaned into the touch. Michelle was kissing at her neck, her voice so close yet sounding far away at the same time.

“I was such a good slut for you, Mistress. Everyone at the party got a turn to use me. And the whole time I felt you eating me out. Owning me. I’m yours, even when I fuck other people. Oh Connie, I wanna fuck so many people for you.”

Queen Connie raised her eyes to the party and saw Michelle standing nude before the pile of sandwiches. Everyone was groping at her, touching her, enjoying her soft body. Michelle looked so happy being used. Used like a good slut.

“Good slut…” Connie mumbled, and felt fingers slipping inside of her. For a second the party rippled. Connie had a bleary vision of the end of a couch. Of someone laying on top of her, touching her lovingly and whispering in her ear. But then Connie sank back down and she was in the marble room. She was a queen. And the party goers were having fun fucking her pretty maid.

Connie frowned. Not that it was wrong of them to fuck Michelle. She was a sex slave, it’s what she was for. But how could they be fucking Michelle over there when Michelle was fingering her from behind? She even still felt Michelle’s lips kissing at her neck, whispering all the dirty things the party goers were doing to her.

“I ate out so many girls. Let them eat me out too. I even went down on a few guys, though I know that’s not your preference.”

Connie nodded slowly, her thoughts feeling oddly muddled. She didn’t like men. But it was okay if Michelle did. Connie could have a bisexual slave. Order her to fuck everyone that way.

And now Connie saw that Michelle really was fucking everyone. Suddenly there were two dozen Michelle’s scattered around the party. Making out with Connie’s guests, letting them feel her up. Michelle stuffed between the legs of men and women, servicing them eagerly. Being bent over and fingered, moaning out what a good slave she was for her Mistress.

Connie had always pictured owning Michelle all to herself. But it was fun to see her fucking Tara and Jane when they’d had their threesome. Maybe she should order Michelle to fuck other people. She could watch, or simply hear about it later. But only if Michelle wanted, of course. Watching her harem of Michelles being fucked all around her was intensely erotic. Connie was whimpering and humping as Michelle kept fingering her faster.

“That’s good… so good… Love to watch you get fucked… fucking everyone… my good slut…”

“Oh yes, oh fuck yes. I’m your good slut. I’ll fuck anyone you want, Connie. Simply order it.”

Who did she want Michelle to fuck? Coop instantly appeared before her.

“Coop. Be hot… watch you fuck Coop.”

Michelle’s moan echoed through Connie’s mind. “I’ll fuck him for you, Mistress.”

“Her,” Connie mumbled groggily.

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll fuck her for you.”

“Sonia,” Connie added, seeing the cute waitress appear in the party. Heidi was with her, both girls taking a Michelle slave for themselves. Coop was already behind them, riding another Michelle’s face. “And Heidi. Fuck em… both…”

“Yes, yes, yes. Please more. I want to fuck anyone you command.”


Connie smiled as she saw Tara and Jane appear beside her. The sisters were so beautiful. Connie couldn’t wait to watch Michelle fuck them.

“Tara. Fuck Tara. And Jane.”

For some reason the fingers in her pussy went still. Connie wriggled against the weight above her. She was so close to cumming. Needed it.

“You want me to fuck Tara and Jane?”

“Yesss,” Connie whined, her sleepy smile growing. “Would be… so hot… watch my slaves fuck.”

Connie heard a hiss by her ear. Like someone suppressing a moan. “Are my daughters your slaves too?”

Which made Connie frown as she remembered. “No. Not slaves. But want… want them to be slaves…”

Slowly the fingers stuffed inside of Connie began to move. Pulling out. Then pumping back in. Faster and faster. Pleasure coursing through her.

“You want to make Tara and Jane your slaves too?”

“Soooo bad. Make em… so sexy…”

“Do you plan to do it to them?”

“Only… if they want.”

Someone kissed at her cheek. A soft hand caressing her face, even as they kept fingering her. “You wouldn’t hurt anyone, would you?”

“No,” moaned Connie. “Wanna be good.”

“And if you were their Mistress…” The fingers were pumping faster now. The other hand grabbing at Connie’s breast, the person pulling her in tight. “If Tara and Jane were your slaves… you’d be a good Mistress to them.”

“The best. Wanna be… best Mistress… Make them so happy.”

“Oh Connie.” Another kiss. “If… if they want to be your slaves, and you make them your slaves then…” Michelle moaned into her ear. “I’ll fuck them for you. I’ll fuck Tara and Jane for you.”

Connie was on the cusp of cumming. She groaned, “Fuck. So hot… but so wrong…”

“No,” Michelle said firmly. “It’s good. You’re so good, Connie. The best Mistress. You wouldn’t hurt anyone. So you can enjoy yourself.”

“I can?”

“Absolutely. You’re the best Mistress I could ever hope for.”

And Connie found herself back on her throne with an orgy surrounding her. Tara and Jane knelt at her feet, golden collars shining against their brown skin. Connie reached out to caress them, so happy that they wanted to be hers too. Two Michelles appeared behind them. One took Tara, kneeling down beside her to kiss her. They settled back on the floor, hands and mouths exploring their bodies as Connie watched. The other Michelle took Jane by the collar and dragged her away, bending her over a table. This Michelle was stern, dominant, smacking Jane’s ass as she cried out in pleasure each time.

Connie was fingering herself, or someone was fingering her, she couldn’t tell. It was so hot to see it all finally happen. “My slaves… so happy… make them happy… own them… so good… I… good… cummmming.”

Connie felt like she was shouting but couldn’t tell. The orgasm was so powerful it swept her away completely. She rolled over, basking in the sticky afterglow of the orgasm. It felt so good to see how happy she’d made everyone.

Her eyes cracked open, and Connie had a bleary vision of Michelle leaning over her. Michelle’s hair and make up were a mess, her dress pulled down with her tits bared, but she had the most beautiful smile.

“Did you enjoy it, Mistress?”

Connie nodded. Was this a dream?

“I’m so glad. And I meant every word.” Michelle tilted her head and gave her the warmest smile. “I hope I get to fuck Tara and Jane for you someday.” She was blushing so deeply as she said it, so embarrassed. Why would dream Michelle be embarrassed over that? It wasn’t like it was real.

A spike of fear pricked Connie. “Michelle, is… is this real?”

But Michelle stroked her hair and shushed her, laying Connie back against the couch. Connie instantly felt the heavy sleep coming over her, sucking her back down. “It’s just a dream, Mistress. You can relax.”

“Oh good,” Connie muttered, her fears smoothing away. “’Fraid I… told you… Make you mad…”

“I’d never be mad at you, Connie. Sometimes you’re nervous, which is cute. And you can make a few mistakes from time to time. But this was the best day I’ve had in years. To be used like a total slut at a party like that. I haven’t done something that wild since college.”

Michelle paused for an anxious moment as she considered. “I used to date this cute goth girl who ordered me around. She always had the best outfits, and she’d dress me up in the sluttiest things and dare me to go out. You’d have loved her.”

She nestled in beside Connie, hugging her close.

“One weekend she threw a party where she put me in the bedroom and told me to fuck everyone who came in. And I did it. I used protection, of course, I was a slut but not crazy, but to just let myself go like that. Ugh. That’s what last night felt like. And today too, I guess. I was such a mess. So out of it with you eating me out alllll day. And when I saw you lying here I just had to pounce on you. It was cute seeing you so vulnerable.”

Michelle stroked Connie’s hair and smiled. “And I don’t judge you, for wanting me to… you know. Fuck my daughters. I’ve had the fantasy in my head for a while. Ever since… Huh.”

She narrowed her eyes at Connie and grinned.

“You probably put it there, didn’t you? Naughty Mistress. But that’s okay. Because I know you, Connie. I know you’d never make me do anything I was truly against. I know you’d never hurt anyone like that. I’ve always wondered if you hypnotized Tara and Jane. Fooled around with them too. I don’t mind if you did. Because I trust you to keep them safe.”

“Safe,” Connie mumbled, wriggling closer to Michelle.

“Oh, I hope you’re not upset with me for fucking all those people at the party. You seemed to like it when I told you, but I think you were probably asleep. Just like you’re asleep now. Connie? Coooonnie? Yup, definitely asleep. Well, guess I’ll just have to tell you when you wake up.”

She leaned over and kissed Connie on the cheek again. “Thank you, Mistress. Connie. I don’t know everything you’ve done to me, but I actually feel like myself again. I never even noticed how closed off I was all these years. Like some box pressing me in, telling me to be a good wife, a responsible young woman, not to make any trouble.”

Michelle shuddered.

“I wanted so many things but they all felt impossible. Like I couldn’t reach for any of those desires because they weren’t appropriate. And then you got into my head. Now suddenly all those sexy things I wanted to do I can just… actually do them. I don’t know how long this will last between us. If you’ll fall in love with some cute girl and have to leave me behind. I know things don’t stay forever. But I just want to say thank you, Connie. For being in my life. For helping me be happy. I’ll always love you. Even when you have to move on.”

In her sleep, Connie smiled and grumbled. “Love you…”

Michelle hugged herself, grinning even as a tear slipped down her cheek. It felt so strange. She’d felt drunk on pleasure before, almost delirious, but now she felt awake. Truly awake. She was who she wanted to be, and a feeling inside just knew that Connie was the reason. So Michelle wrapped a blanket over her and tucked her Mistress in. Then wrote a note explaining some things, as well as leaving her phone on the table for Connie to find. There were so many messages from Estelle, pictures and videos taken of her at the party. She trusted Estelle to be discrete. None of the other naughty pictures from past parties had ever gotten out to cause trouble.

Those parties had felt like her only refuge. Like she could only act on her slutty desires when she was nearly black out drunk, and the cage around her mind melted enough for her to be free. But now the cage was gone. She was truly herself. Even watching a video of her being led around the party on a leash someone had found, happily panting as she was led to different people to go down on. Such hedonistic and wild actions felt like freedom. She was free to be the slut she wanted to be. And Michelle was determined to live her new life happily, and to show Connie how grateful she was.

So she left her phone there with instructions so Connie could watch. She could get off to it. She could use Michelle later, or even punish her for being a slut without permission. But she wanted Connie to see how much fun she had. And then Michelle made some sandwiches and left them on the table for when Connie woke up.

Then she stumbled upstairs, showered the sweat and smell of sex off of her. Then dumped herself into bed wearing a smile that felt too wonderfully big for her face. This truly was the best day she’d had in a long, long time. Probably since the first day that Connie had hypnotized her.

“Thank you, Connie,” she whispered, before falling asleep herself.

* * *

Katie was lounging on her bed with a good book. She didn’t mind that she was chilling in her room on a summer Saturday night. Sometimes it was good to spend some time alone and collect yourself. Katie had passed on invitations to parties or to hook up with potential girls that were after her. Tonight she was determined to enjoy her book, and would let nothing make her feel like she was missing out.

Which is when her phone rang.


“Hey Katie? It’s Aubrey.”

Katie couldn’t help but grin when she heard her ex’s voice. “Let me guess. You want something slinky and sexy and sophisticated so you thought of me?”

Aubrey cracked up at that. “You know me so well.”

They’d split up on pretty good terms. Weren’t close, but certainly not resentful of anything. Mostly Katie just heard from Aubrey when she wanted her employee discount.

“So who are you trying to impress by dressing up in lingerie?”

“Who says I’m trying to impress someone?” Aubrey replied indignantly.

“Because every time you get really into a girl you rush out and buy something sexy to surprise them with. It’s your signature move.”

“Well it worked on you.”

Katie smiled, remembering how she had sold Aubrey a particularly impressive black pantie set. She’d watched Aubrey leave the store, wishing she could have seen what the biker girl looked like in it. Only for Aubrey to come back a few minutes later in a long jacket, flashing Katie and asking if she wanted to go out.

Even though they hadn’t been able to make it work, Katie still cherished that memory. Aubrey was audacious, daring, and downright sexy. Whatever poor girl she wanted to gobble up now didn’t stand a chance.

“I didn’t say it wasn’t a great move. So who is the girl?”

There was a pregnant pause, as if Aubrey were afraid to say. Someone she knew?

“Oh please tell me it’s Jane. I always said that she had a thing for you.”

“It’s not—” Aubrey cut off. Her voice went quiet, talking rapidly to someone else. Katie recognized Jane’s voice and winced. Shit, she didn’t want to mess things up for her. But then she heard the two girls laughing. So apparently things were good. She caught Aubrey saying, “Will you just buzz away already.”

Jane made some startled sound, but then Aubrey must have put the phone back to her ear. “Sorry about that. So funny story. Turns out you’re totally right about Jane being into me. And, if you can keep it a secret, we’ve kind of been fooling around all day. And it’s been kind of awesome.”

“You make a cute couple,” Katie told her. Then felt jealousy stab her heart. She clamped down on the ugly feeling. It wasn’t like she was jealous of Jane being with Aubrey, or vice versa. She was simply jealous that they had each other. When Katie had no one, but she should have-

The train of thought ended there. It was driving Katie mad. Ever since yesterday afternoon there had been this strange gnawing idea that she was missing something. Something amazing. Someone amazing. Her.

Her? That was new. Katie had been avoiding her friends and social media all day. Everything she saw just set off that feeling of want, that she had a lack she didn’t deserve, but now Katie knew it was a person she felt like she was missing. Hearing Aubrey’s news all but confirmed it.

Why would she be so certain there was some amazing perfect girl out there for her? Someone who deserved the best, that Katie could make so happy? If only she found her Katie would dress up in the sexiest lingerie, or wear anything that the mystery girl wanted. She deserved the best, and Katie could give it to her.

Except there was no perfect girl. She was just having some weird relationship envy. And she refused to make it anyone else’s problem. It was the real reason she was keeping herself at home, locked up until these nasty feelings left. Katie didn’t trust them, or herself as long as she had them. So she took a deep breath, put on a smile, and told herself to be happy for Aubrey and Jane.

“Sorry bout that. You two have fun, and I’ll tell Beth that you can use my discount. Just wear something nice for Jane?” Be happy for her, that was good.

“Um, the thing is…” Katie could just imagine Aubrey blushing from the embarrassed tone, biting her lip in indecision. Not a lot flustered Aubrey, but it was always cute to see her get like that. “So, we’re kind of both buying lingerie as a surprise for someone else. We’re trying to both hook up with her? Is that too much slutty information to share?”

Oh great, Aubrey gets two girls while I’m sitting here without my girl?

Katie shook her head. She wasn’t going to be jealous. It wasn’t Aubrey’s fault that Katie didn’t have this phantom dream girl that didn’t exist.

“Hey, the more the merrier,” Katie said with fake cheer. Honestly a threesome was a bit daring, but this was Aubrey. And it must be some girl they were after.

“Thanks. I think Connie’s going to totally flip.”

Katie’s heart skipped a beat. “Connie?”

“Yeah, she’s Jane’s friend. Came up with her for the weekend to stay at the cabin. She’s… she’s incredible,” Aubrey said with a laugh. “I’ll have to tell you about her, but let’s just say she’s already made a huge impression around here.”

“She sounds incredible,” Katie said, her hands shaking. That name… Connie…

Why was it making her heart race?

“Anyway, thanks again! I definitely owe you.”

“Same to you,” said Katie as she hung up, her eyes staring off into the distance. For some reason her room was shimmering with green light. Like someone had passed a green filter over her window. It was beautiful. Swirling green everywhere. Katie sat there staring at the empty wall, almost entranced. A voice telling her things, whispering in the back of her mind where she couldn’t hear. All she caught was a name: Connie.

“Connie.” She’d whispered the name reverently. Then Katie shook awake. Her room was back to normal. Had it been different? She must have imagined it. Katie laughed, laying back down on her bed. She picked her book back up, but her eyes kept scanning the same page over and over for minutes, absorbing nothing. Her thoughts kept running in frantic circles that didn’t make any sense. She resisted in vain for as long as she could.

But finally Katie gave in. She tossed her book aside and snatched up her phone. It was easy to find Jane’s social media through Aubrey’s page, and then a quick look through her friends. Only there was no Connie. Had they lied to her? Were they trying to keep Connie to themselves?

Katie was shocked by the cold anger behind those thoughts. What the hell was going on with her? This was crazy. She had to stop now.

Instead she clicked onto Jane’s sister’s page. Just in case. And scrolling through Katie found it. Her eyes lit up. She clicked on Connie’s picture, her jaw dropping.

It was really her. The girl she’d been missing. The girl she needed. The girl she just had to make happy.

Katie stared at the picture of Connie’s smiling face. She didn’t know how long she stared for. All she knew was that a plan was forming. She’d feel bad about it, but all thoughts of restraint were gone. Katie was going to seduce Connie away from Aubrey and Jane. They could have each other. Katie deserved Connie. Because Connie deserved the best. And Katie would do anything to give her the best.

She sent a friend request, and was crushed that it wasn’t instantly returned.

But that was okay. Connie was playing hard to get. She was staying at the same cabin as Jane. Katie had been there before a year or two back, when she was dating Aubrey and met her friend. So they were probably going there. And Katie could go to, but her lingerie would be so much better than what Aubrey and Jane would offer. She’d get on her knees and beg. She’d run through the streets naked. She’d do anything to make Connie happy. The other girls couldn’t offer that to Connie. Connie deserved the best.

As she was stalking through Connie’s sparse profile she saw something posted. Someone tagging Connie in a video.

“Hey Connie, is this you? Never knew you were a hypnotist!”

Katie’s heart beat faster. A hypnotist?

She watched the video, her smile growing as she watched Connie in action. She was so confident and cool in front of the crowd. Hypnotizing the four women to act like animals. Then turning them into her own personal cheerleaders.

Katie felt ready to jump in and join the cheer. She was so enthusiastic that she watched the video again, actually saying the cheers out loud this time. Chanting Connie’s name. She could be her cheerleader. Connie deserved the best.

Only Katie realized that it wasn’t the right play. Clearly from Connie’s sexy smile she loved the cheerleader routine, but she wasn’t a cheerleader herself joining in. Katie needed something to connect with Connie. A mutual thing they could bond over that would lead to them hooking up and dating and then Katie making Connie as happy as can be.

Connie was into hypnosis. Katie grinned as she ran over to her computer. Aubrey didn’t know hypnosis, and she was betting Jane didn’t. Connie would need someone to be into hypnosis with. She’d happily be Connie’s assistant, allowing herself to be hypnotized into anything Connie wanted.

Then she shook her head. No, that wasn’t good enough. Connie clearly had volunteers. Connie needed something more. Connie deserved the best. Someone just as good as her.

Katie found a couple of sources online for learning hypnotism. Some instructional videos. She checked the time. She could watch for a few hours then rush over there. Try to intercept the girls and get Connie all to herself.

She was just certain that Connie would be delighted to find out that Katie could hypnotize girls too. Connie deserved the best.