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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 48

Summer Lovin’: Part 16

Connie tossed and turned on the couch, mumbling incoherently in her sleep. She was so exhausted, and yet her sleeping mind was racing. Memories passed before her, the faces of the different women she’d met in town. Each of them blank and entranced, with Gloria’s green necklace swaying before their empty eyes. So many women hypnotized to want her.

Groaning, Connie’s hand slipped into her pants to rub at herself. She imagined Sonia and Heidi. Tammy. Janice. The girls in the park. And so many more faceless women, hypnotized to want her. Connie dreamed that they were all out there, wet and rubbing themselves for her.

But then Connie’s dream shifted into a grocery store aisle stacked with soup that kept stretching on forever, and she was terribly distressed that she didn’t know how to speak German.

Connie snored and her hand slipped out of her pants. But even as her dream changed, there were still other women out there thinking of Connie and what she had done for them.

* * *

Sonia clomped her way down the hallway. She kept obsessively checking her phone every five seconds, but every time she was frustrated to see that there was no new message from Connie. It was totally inconceivable. How could Connie have not messaged back after Sonia sent that smoking hot nude pic to her? And after she’d been hypnotically commanded to take it in the first place.

Which only made the whole thing hotter, and thus more frustrating. Sonia had expected Connie to text her instructions to fuck herself more. To take more pictures of herself for Connie to get off to. Or to even come to wherever Connie was and eat her out until she was told to stop.

What Sonia hadn’t expected was to fret for three hours after being ghosted.

Some rational part of Sonia’s mind reassured her that Connie might have been busy. That she maybe hadn’t even seen the pic yet.

But the horny part of Sonia’s mind wanted to find Connie and fuck her brains out again. And the horny part winning out was why Sonia was even here in this sad apartment building, trudging angrily down the carpeted hallways until she found the right room. It only took her three tries banging on doors before she got it right.

The door opened a crack as Heidi blinked at her in surprise. “Sonia? What are you doing here?”

“Hey Heidi. Just thought I’d stop by.”

Sonia tried to peek in, but Heidi kept the door barely open, her face pressed into the meager gap and leaving her cheeks smooshed. “How do you even know where I live?”

“I came by one time last year, remember? We watched that movie.” Sonia fidgeted, desperate to get past the small talk but afraid of bringing up what she wanted.

“You remember from only being here once?”

“I have a great memory for addresses. Speaking of, you dropped Connie off last night, right?”

Heidi’s eyes instantly narrowed at her. “It was more like this morning with how late it was, but I did.”

“Great. Could you give me her address? I gotta return something to her.”

“What do you need to give her?”

‘My face so Connie can ride it,’ Sonia thought to herself, shivering with desperate arousal. But that only made Heidi’s suspicious glare into an even more suspicious glare, so Sonia reached for the amazing excuse she’d thought up on the way over. Only to internally panic as she realized that she’d never actually came up with a lie of what she needed to give Connie. She’d gotten too caught up in fantasies of Connie’s thighs on either side of her head, with Sonia’s tongue lapping at Connie’s magnificent cunt. But now she’d never get her chance because she already screwed up.

“I have, um…” Sonia reached into her pocket, grabbing the first thing she found and producing it urgently. “Her phone! I’ve got her phone.”

Heidi glared at her, not hiding her suspicion at all.

“Yeah she lent it to me, and I forgot to give it back. Which is why I came to you, because I couldn’t just call her, obviously. Right? Cause I’ve got her phone. Yeah, that’s it.” Sonia smirked to herself, proud of her quick thinking.

“Sonia. That’s your phone.”

Sonia scoffed. “No it’s not.”

“It has your name bedazzled on it!”

Now Sonia turned her phone over and saw the glittering fake gems spelling out her name. “Damn my love of bedazzling.”

“You just want to fuck Connie again!” Heidi exclaimed, leveling an accusing finger at Sonia. Who only shrugged back.

“Obviously. Don’t you want to fuck Connie again too?”

Even mostly hidden behind her door, Heidi’s cheeks clearly turned red. “Well yeah, she was great. But I’m not gonna just say where she’s staying.”

“Ugghh. I wouldn’t even ask but Connie hasn’t answered my text and I don’t have any other options.”

“How many times did you text her?”

“Just once. I’m not desperate,” Sonia said as she crossed her arms and huffed. “Now tell me where she is so I can surprise her and get her to fuck me again.”

“No way! That would be a total breech of Connie’s privacy. You think you can just show up at her door, dressed in some sexy outfit and she’ll just hypnotize and seduce you all night long again? How selfish can you be?”

Sonia saw the anxious way Heidi avoided her gaze. “Hang on a second. What are you wearing?”

Heidi’s eyes shot open wide with fear. “Nothing!”

But Sonia wasn’t fooled. Clearly Heidi was just ripping off her plan. Heidi pulled back to slam the door shut, but Sonia kicked her foot out. The door flew in, making Heidi shriek in surprise as her outfit was revealed.

Sonia was in a state of disbelief as she saw Heidi dressed in a taffeta hot pink dress with big puffy shoulders and an obnoxious amount of bows.

“Huh. I thought you’d be in something sexy to seduce Connie.”

Heidi looked down at her puffy dress and back to Sonia, confused. “But I am dressed sexy to seduce Connie.”

“Seriously? You look like you’re going to prom.”

“This was my prom dress.”

Sonia rubbed at her eyes and sighed in frustration. “Okay, you clearly have no idea how to slut it up.”

“W-well I’ve never needed to slut it up before!”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’re real proud of that,” snapped Sonia as she walked into the apartment and slammed the door shut behind her. “But if you want a chance for Connie to fuck you again then you’re going to need to learn quick. Now let’s see what I’m working with.”

Without waiting for a response Sonia strutted past the stunned Heidi and into the girl’s bedroom, sneering at the closet full of boring clothes.

“Oh this is gonna be a challenge.”

“Hey wait!” Heidi ran up and threw out her arms, blocking Sonia from the closet. “Who said you could come in here and insult my clothes?”

“Sorry Heidi, but if I’m going to dress you up for Connie then I’m going to need to be critical. Cause you know the kind of action Connie gets so you’re really going to need to grab her attention.”

Slowly Heidi lowered her arms, her pink prom dress ruffling loudly in the quiet room. “Wait. You want to help me hook up with Connie?”

Sonia stopped, completely caught off guard. Why was she helping Heidi? Her plan was to get Connie all to herself. And Heidi showing up would just be competition.

Except now that Sonia considered it, she actually didn’t mind if Connie fucked Heidi instead of her. Obviously it would be better if Connie fucked them both, but the thought of Connie dominating Heidi made Sonia’s heart flutter and her pussy melt.

She looked Heidi up and down, remembering all of the wild things they had done to Connie the night before. And had done to each other. Things Sonia wouldn’t mind doing again, actually. Heidi had been wild and gorgeous in bed, and Sonia wouldn’t mind seeing her fucked again.

Though obviously not with Heidi in that dress.

“Okay, take that off now. The pink is distracting me. We gotta put you in something that accentuates your sensuality, not make you look like a pink road flare.”

Heidi puffed up her cheeks, pissed at being insulted, but she begrudgingly unzipped the dress. “So are you gonna help me fuck Connie?”

Sonia groaned as she rifled through the closet, making her way through a tragic number of sweater vests. “Yes, dummy. I want to see Connie bend you over and fuck you again. Why is that so hard to believe?”

“It’s just not like you.”

“What? Being nice?” Sonia glanced back and saw Heidi was down to her underwear now. The plain girl shrugged at her with a guilty look. Sonia sighed. “Fine, I deserve that. I haven’t really had a chance to show it yet, but I do want to start being nicer to you. Connie may have pointed out I can be a bit of a bitch. And I suppose you’re technically my closest friend in town.”

“Really? But I thought you were really popular.”

Sonia frowned and blushed hard. She turned back to focus on the clothes in the closet. “Maybe I just make you think that to seem cool. Maybe I don’t actually have any friends who want to hang out anymore because I was mean to them. Maybe I just sit home alone watching TV and tell you I was out at a party so you’d look at me like I was really cool. Or whatever.”

She waited, but Heidi said nothing back. Was she upset at being lied to? Would she make fun of Sonia for being a loser all along? The silence was almost too much to bear. After a moment Sonia chanced stealing a glance over her shoulder to see what Heidi’s reaction was.

Which is how she saw Heidi with her hands clutched to her chest, tears in her eyes as she stood there in her underwear.

“Sonia… I had no idea you were so lonely. I totally would have hung out with you if you’d asked.”

Pity. That was almost worse than Heidi gloating. “Listen, you don’t have to—”

But suddenly Heidi grabbed Sonia from behind, arms wrapping around her in a crushing hug. “I’m gonna be a good friend and make sure you don’t feel lonely anymore. I promise, Sonia. Anytime you want to hang out I’m there. I promise.”

Sonia wanted to roll her eyes, or make some snide remark. Except her eyes were too teary to do a proper sarcastic eye roll, and her throat was tight as emotions welled up in her. So instead Sonia stood there as Heidi hugged her tight, drinking in the affectionate warmth.

When she was able to manage it Sonia said, “Fine. We can hang out. We’ll watch TV or get food or stuff. Go bowling. Whatever people do.”

“I don’t know how to bowl,” Heidi said, giggling into Sonia’s shoulder.

“Me neither. So we won’t do that.”

“But it could be fun to try.”

“Fine, we’ll go bowling,” Sonia replied dryly. Then turned and saw Heidi grinning up at her, and suddenly she actually did feel excited to go bowling. To think that Heidi would actually be excited to spend time with her. All this time Sonia had been so certain that if Heidi got to know the real her she’d reject her, like everyone else had.

Everyone but Connie, who let Sonia give herself up completely in worship of her. And gave her the courage to open up again.

Sonia saw Heidi grinning there in her plain white bra, but imagined her in sexy lingerie. There was certainly potential there.

“Alright, we’ve got to take you shopping for something sexy. Something Connie will just need to rip off of you when she sees you.”

“Wouldn’t that be a waste of money if she just rips it off me?” Heidi asked, blushing deeply.

“Can you put a price on seeing Connie stare at you in total shock, then look at you with complete lust?”

Heidi visibly shuddered. “Okay. Shopping. Let’s do it.”

“Good. When we show up at her door Connie won’t know what hit her. But first we gotta take care of this.”

“Take care of what?” asked Heidi innocently.

Sonia unzipped her pants and slid them off, exposing her completely soaked cunt. “This. I’m so fucking horny that I’m going to explode if I don’t fuck someone quick.”

Heidi’s jaw dropped, and she actually pointed at herself as she asked, “And you want to fuck me?”

Sonia stepped forward and took Heidi’s face in her hands, pulling her in for a deep, long kiss. Heidi was shocked at first, then gradually gave in to the kiss until she was moaning and grabbing at Sonia’s ass. When they broke the kiss Sonia grinned.

“Oh yeah. I definitely want to fuck you.”

They fell backwards over onto Heidi’s bed, pawing at each other desperately. Until Heidi waved a hand excitedly. “Wait. Weren’t we going after Connie?”

“We’ll go over later,” Sonia mumbled between kisses at Heidi’s tits. She tugged the bra down to free her meager tits, making Heidi blush. “Right now I want you all to myself.”

To that Heidi didn’t have any objections. She slid her white cotton panties off, and Sonia quickly slid down the bed to kiss at her thighs. She saw Heidi’s wet pussy and licked her lips. It wasn’t exactly the cunt she’d been planning to worship, but Sonia certainly didn’t mind the temporary change in plans. And now Connie would be surprised by two sexy sluts offering themselves to her for the night.

Connie would be sure to love it. Once Sonia showed Heidi the proper way to look and act slutty, of course.

* * *

Victoria rushed into her law firm, desperately speeding past the other attorneys so nobody could get a good look at what a mess she was. Some buttons undone on her blouse, short blonde hair askew, and her tailored black suit still bearing grass stains on the knees from crawling in the park. Maybe she could have come up with a good excuse for it, it was her job to argue for a living after all, but Victoria didn’t want to waste time pretending she slipped and fell on her lunch break and that’s why her clothes were so disheveled. She needed to be alone, and so she’d sped through her law firm like she was trying to break a record.

She ignored greetings from coworkers.

Ignored important questions about upcoming briefs.

Even rushed right past her cute new receptionist that she’d had her eye on all month.

Victoria couldn’t slam the door to her office shut behind her fast enough. As soon as she was alone she hugged herself, breathing hard. These feelings were overwhelming her, and it had all started with that damn cute girl Connie.

She still didn’t understand how she could have been so head over heels for a young stranger like that. It had felt like being under a spell. A love potion that made her blindly dash off into the park after Connie, even almost get into a fight with that strange goth girl over Connie. And ultimately let Connie hypnotize her in front of a crowd for a show.

Victoria bit her lip and staggered over to her desk on legs that felt like jelly.

She remembered it all so vividly. Performing for the crowd, humiliating herself so eager for Connie’s sake. Overcome with that suggestion that she should be the best for Connie. She’d even broken out her old cheerleader moves that she hadn’t done since college. And then she… she…

She’d been hypnotized to think she was a cow.

Victoria collapsed into her chair as the memories flooded in. Crawling on all fours in her expensive suit. Being only able to moo and groan like a dumb animal. Staring out at the laughing crowd and being too dumb to comprehend anything that was going on.

“Oh god. I even ate grass.”

She could still taste it. Victoria, for all her legal accomplishments and victories, had mooed and eaten grass in front of a cow like she was nothing but a simple, mindless, cow.

And nothing had ever made her so wet in all her life.

Victoria couldn’t get her pants down fast enough. She frantically tugged down her suit pants and soaked panties to her ankles, before dropping back into her chair and rubbing at her clit like her life depended on it.

Why had it been so hot? It wasn’t because of Connie. Whatever compulsion that had made her go mad over the cute young girl had vanished after the show, but this unbearable arousal had refused to leave. Was it the humiliation of it? Having everyone point and laugh at her instead of cowering in awe and fear?

A moan almost escaped her, but Victoria was able to contain it.

Yes, that was hot, but that wasn’t it. Was it the hypnosis? She’d been made so helpless by Connie’s skill. Made mindless and obedient, happy to follow her suggestions. Victoria remembered herself and the other three girls standing there before Connie, completely entranced. She hadn’t been able to see them, too focused on Connie to turn her head, but Victoria could almost sense the other girls standing at attention with her. All of them obediently absorbing Connie’s words.

“Mmm,” Victoria hummed, the pleasure spiking.

That was better. Hypnosis. Submission. Public humiliation. All things she’d never have imagined herself involved with, and yet her pussy was practically melting beneath her fingers.

Still that wasn’t it. Victoria wasn’t recapturing what she needed. What had left her dripping in her pant suit as she hurried back to work, face blushing red? What did she need to cum? What had been the hottest part of it all?

She recalled the grass under her palms. The weight of herself on all fours. Dipping her head down and chewing lazily on grass. Too dumb to consider the taste or the people crowding around to watch her. Too dumb to do anything but chew and moo. Just a cow.

Victoria’s fingers plunged deep inside of her cunt as she came hard. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, overwhelmed by pure pleasure. And as the climax faded Victoria floated there in the blissful haze, her eyes losing focus. And as a smile spread on her face, she let out a placid, happy, “Mooo.”

She clapped a hand over her mouth. Victoria instantly checked the door, somehow certain that every member of the law firm must be on the other side listening in as she mooed while cumming. But there were no shadows under the door of anyone eavesdropping.

Victoria sat there panting, a puddle under her ass from cumming so hard. She slowly pulled her hand back. And whispered, “Moo.”

Her pussy responded instantly.

“Moooo,” she said with a low moan, her body burning intensely with fear and arousal and excitement and shame. “Mooooo.”

She slipped out of her chair, falling to her knees hard but barely feeling it. Victoria instantly ducked her head under her desk, getting down on all fours and mooing again quietly. The sound echoed beneath her desk. The cold air on her bare ass and dripping cunt was unimaginably hot. Victoria wanted to rip off the rest of her suit and be naked. She wanted to fuck herself senseless.

But in that moment she couldn’t move her hands at all. Because in that magical moment, on all fours, Victoria could close her eyes and imagine she was a cow.

“Moo. Moooo. Moo moo moooo.”

The sheer pleasure of what she was doing had her on the edge of cumming already, without even touching herself.


The door rattled as it began to open.

Victoria clamped her mouth shut, fear gripping her as she realized that she had her naked rear poking out from under the desk. She should be hidden from view from the doorway, but if they walked into the room they’d see her under there with her pants around her ankles. They’d see how wet she was, like a complete slut. And if they heard her mooing…

Why did that just make her want to fuck herself more?


It was her new receptionist. Maxine. The cute one.

“Victoria are you okay? I thought I heard something fall.”

“Th-that was just me,” she called out, too afraid to move from this embarrassing position. “I just dropped something and… have to get it.”

“Oh, alright. I just- it sounded like you might be hurt?”

Victoria’s pussy clenched. Cute Maxine had heard her mooing?

“I hit my head. I’m fine. Just letting the pain fade.”

“I’ll get you some aspirin.” With that the door shut, Maxine’s footsteps fading.

Victoria didn’t waste any time. She buried her fingers in her pussy and clapped her other hand over her mouth. She mooed into her hand and came in seconds. The half naked girl collapsed onto the floor, smiling face pressed into the carpet with her eyes shut. She could just drool hair, happily content with her ass up in the air for hours. But Victoria had work to do.

By the time Maxine came back with the aspirin Victoria was dressed and seated in her recently wiped down chair. She thanked her receptionist and gave a few directions on calls to make. By all appearances Victoria looked like she was hard at work. As soon as Maxine left, however, Victoria quickly closed out the spread sheets on her computer screen and brought back up her hidden internet search.

To think pet play was such a big thing for perverts online. Cow girls, dog girls, cat girls. All sorts of animals really. It was only imagining herself dumbly mooing that made Victoria’s body shudder, but all of these new possibilities were terribly exciting.

She’d just spend another few minutes browsing and then get back to work. The compulsion was sated for now, but Victoria knew that Connie had awakened something in her with that hypnosis show. There was a new fetish that she’d indulging in, and perhaps explore a few other new desires too. Submission, humiliation, even hypnosis seemed fun.

But Victoria had always been goal oriented, and now she had her sights set on getting three things:

A set of this cow print lingerie with fake horns, fake tail and a cowbell.

An introduction to the local sex dungeon she’d discovered in the next town over, which seemed to host a few people into pet play.

And a date with Maxine. She just hoped that Maxine found cows cute.

* * *

Tammy was already turning up her nose when she entered the little clothing shop down the street. She’d passed this place a thousand times walking to work at the movie theater, and judging from the interior she hadn’t missed much. Not that the clothes on display were bad. There were just no customers, and if people weren’t there to see her buying nice clothes for herself than it was missing half the point of shopping. She was nearly about to walk out, except she didn’t want to waste the gift certificate.

Connie had gone through all the trouble of buying it for her. And Connie had been a fantastic fuck.

Tammy could still hardly believe everything they did in the projection room. Such an inexperienced submissive with so much potential. Tammy was willing to bet that Connie hadn’t submitted to many ladies, and yet Tammy couldn’t get Connie out of her head.

Damn. Now Tammy was horny again. And there literally weren’t any cute girls in sight to help.

Suddenly Tammy squinted suspiciously around the store. No customers was one thing, but why weren’t there any salespeople? Tammy was about to call out, when she heard an unmistakable sound. It was faint and muffled from the back of the store, but Tammy instantly recognized a woman moaning in ecstasy.

“Oh Connie, you sneaky girl,” Tammy muttered to herself with a grin. She reached back and locked the door, not that she imagined there’d be anyone walking in to interrupt. Connie had been so insistent that Tammy head to the store right after her shift to buy a new bra, and now Tammy found herself in a suspiciously empty store. The perfect place for Connie to wait and seduce her, to beg for Tammy to fuck her just one more time.

It made perfect sense. Tammy just had that effect on girls. She began sneaking her way through the aisles, heading toward the hallway of changing rooms she saw in the back. Sure enough she began to pick up the quiet grunts and moans of a woman masturbating in one of the changing rooms.

This was just too hot. Tammy’s heart was racing, her pussy dripping as she imagined Connie waiting for her. Naked and on her knees, fucking herself silly. But not cumming, of course. Connie would keep herself on edge like a good slut. Waiting for Tammy to show up and claim her.

How had Connie gotten this store emptied out for them to fuck? Tammy suddenly imagined that Connie was some secret millionaire, ready to whisk Tammy off in her private jet and lavish her new mistress.

Only Tammy got the distinct sense that Connie hadn’t been rich enough to be her dream future wife/obedient slut. Still, she’d been cute enough that Tammy had wanted to fool around with her. And however she managed to rent out the store it was an impressive enough play that Tammy might seriously have to reconsider.

Tammy was nearly upon the changing room where she heard Connie’s wailing whimpers coming from the other side of the curtain. Not even doors. So open and exposed to be fucking herself behind a curtain. And with the store’s front door open for anyone else who might wander in.

Truly Connie must be a serious exhibitionist. It gave Tammy all sorts of wonderful ideas of things to do in the future. Pushing her little slut to see just how daring she can be. How much she’d be willing to risk embarrassment and exposure just to prove herself to Tammy.

She was reaching for the curtain but hesitated. This wasn’t right. Tammy couldn’t go in there like this.

Grinning, Tammy ripped off her black polo work shirt and tossed it over onto the counter, baring her huge tits.

If Connie was going to be kinky and masturbate waiting for her, then Tammy had to make it worth the wait. She shimmied off her pants and kicked off her shoes, setting all her clothes quietly onto the counter. Now she stood there totally naked. It was utterly exhilarating. Tammy checked out the big glass window at the front of the store. Someone passed by outside but didn’t gave the place even a glance. They’d never know that Tammy was right there, bare ass for everyone to see.

They’d have privacy fucking in the changing room at least. Unless Connie begged Tammy to bring her out into the store and fuck her where others could catch them. Would Tammy be willing to take such a risk just for the thrill of it? She honestly didn’t know, and the prospect of that danger left her absolutely soaked.

She couldn’t wait any more.

Tammy gripped the curtain, listening to the whimpers from inside the changing room. Then, waiting until the moans rose to a higher pitch, Tammy whipped the curtain aside and presented herself to her waiting slut, showing off her body in all its glory.

Only Connie wasn’t in the changing room. Instead there was a plump, gorgeous naked woman sitting on the bench with her legs spread, fingering herself with total abandon. Tammy just stared, confusion mixed with awe at the beautiful woman who was maybe just a few years older than her.

Several thoughts fought to get through Tammy’s head all at once. Tammy was confused at where Connie was. Tammy was confused at who this woman was. Tammy was confused at why this woman was just fucking herself and moaning in the store when anyone could walk in. Tammy was insanely turned on that this woman was just fucking herself and moaning in the store when anyone could walk in.

The woman plunged her fingers in deep and straightened up, groaning in pleasure. Then her eyes open and saw Tammy standing in front of her, totally nude.

Tammy was too shocked to do anything, not even cover up or jump out of sight, but luckily the strange woman was equally shocked and petrified. They both stood there, naked and staring into each others wide eyes.

Finally the woman spoke, in a surprisingly controlled voice for a lady with three fingers shoved into her cunt. “Hi. Who are you?”

“Tammy. I’m Tammy.”

“I’m Janice,” the chubby woman replied. She went to extend her hand, probably out of habit, only for her fingers to wetly slide out of her pussy. Janice looked at her hand, realizing what was happening, and quickly hid it behind her back. Her face went bright red, her breath hitching.

Tammy was also on the verging of freaking out. She’d stripped in a store and barged in on this woman. What the hell was she doing? Hoping to explain, Tammy lamely said, “I thought you were someone else.”

Janice’s jaw dropped. “You thought someone else would be masturbating in my store?” she asked, neatly avoiding explaining why she was masturbating in her own store.

Completely mortified, Tammy just nodded stiffly. “I thought you were this girl Connie.”

It was the worst excuse Tammy could have given. Except, to her shock, Janice’s eyebrows rose up in recognition. Janice shivered, her tense body almost relaxing. “You know Connie?” Janice looked down at herself, then up at Tammy. With her eyes lingering on Tammy’s impressive tits. “Did Connie send you?”

“She did,” Tammy said, suddenly wondering if this was some kind of setup. Connie had been fun, but Tammy hadn’t expected her to be friends with a hardcore exhibitionist. Had she given Tammy the gift certificate just to lure her in for more fun? She actually looked around, half expecting a grinning, naked Connie to jump out from one of the clothing racks.

But no Connie popped out. Instead, Janice got up on shaky legs, her hands clasped in front of her shyly. She even bowed her head as she began to muter. “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I can’t… but if Connie wants it…”

“What does Connie want?” Tammy demanded. She slipped into her dominant voice without meaning to, but it had an instant effect on Janice. Trembling, Janice raised her head to look Tammy in the eyes.

“She wants you to fuck me.”

Part of Tammy was a little offended that Connie would be demanding things of her. Then again, if those demands were to fuck hot, subby shopkeepers then Tammy might be willing to make an exception.

Putting her hands on her hips, Tammy cocked an eyebrow. “She does, does she?”

Janice nodded, and Tammy saw the way she clenched her thick thighs together. She was absolutely soaked. “Connie played with me earlier. I knew she was kinky but to fuck a total stranger…” Janice moaned and smiled at Tammy. “I know I shouldn’t want to, but this is so hot. Have you done this before?”

“Dominating a cute girl? Absolutely.”

Janice wilted, and for a second Tammy actually thought she was going to swoon. But then Janice recovered, pulling her hands away. She stopped trying to cover herself up. Instead she made herself stand up straight, arms at her sides. Standing at attention.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Janice muttered, licking her lips. “I’m gonna let a stranger fuck me just because Connie wants it. Oh, she’s so dirty.”

“Tell me about it,” Tammy snickered. “Connie just told me I could come here to buy a bra. I didn’t know she set all this up.”

Suddenly Janice stiffened. “Wait, a bra?”

“Yeah. I kind of lost mine when we hooked up earlier, so she came back and gave me a gift certificate. I almost didn’t even show up, but good thing I did or you’d have been waiting here fucking yourself for hours.”

Tammy had expected the teasing to make Janice blush and squirm, only Janice just stared back at her blankly.

“Connie didn’t order you to come fuck me?”

“Well, for the record, Connie doesn’t order me to do anything. I ordered her around when we hooked up earlier. I only just met her today.”

“Same here,” Janice muttered. Her hands swung up to cover herself, as if Janice was suddenly filled with embarrassment again.

“What’s wrong? I thought you were having fun?”

“I- I thought Connie sent you to fuck me.”

Tammy shook her head. “I never said that. You said Connie told you to fuck me.”

“No! I assumed she told you to show up and fuck me.”

“So what? It’s just a big coincidence that I show up and find you masturbating?”

“That- You’re the one who barged in naked! What was I supposed to think?” Janice shouted.

“I heard someone getting off in the store and assumed it was some kind of kinky setup!” Tammy shouted back.

“Well it wasn’t! I was just horny!”

“I was horny too! That’s why I wanted to join in!”

Tammy and Janice kept shouting until they were nose to nose, trembling and glaring into each others eyes. Then Tammy abruptly spun around, laughing and slapping her thigh. “Wait! Wait, stop. Why are we angry?”

“I- I don’t know,” muttered Janice, backing down too. “I’m just embarrassed by this whole thing.”

“Hey, this is at least your store. Imagine how I feel standing here naked and expecting to get laid.”

Janice suddenly snorted, trying to hold back laughter. The two naked woman looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“This really is a totally unbelievable situation, huh?”

Janice clapped her hands. “I know! I have no idea what to do!”

Smiling, Tammy looked her up and down. “You seemed pretty excited at the idea of me dominating you earlier. Why don’t we just do that?”

“But… that was just a misunderstanding.”

“Thinking Connie set this up as some kinky matchmaker was the misunderstanding. I definitely want to put you on your knees and ride your face until you’re gasping for breath.”

Janice bit her lip, legs shaking as she said, “I- I think I’d like that.”

“Then how about I fuck your brains out, and then we can talk about how we both hooked up with Connie after.”

Suddenly Janice turned around, hugging herself tight. For a moment Tammy was worried that Janice was having second thoughts, but then Janice glanced back at her. “I just- I don’t normally do these things. I hope you don’t think I’m a slut.”

There was something amazing about seeing this gorgeous, plump woman acting so modest and shy even after being caught moaning and fucking herself. Like she was actually ashamed of being so brave and daring to get off like that. Tammy wasn’t going to hear of it.

“Unfortunately for you, Janice, I do think you’re a slut. In fact, I saw all the evidence I need to know that you’re a slut.”

Janice had just enough time to look mortified before Tammy’s hand snatched out and grabbed her chin. She forced Janice to stare into her eyes, using her other hand to caress the side of her face.

“But I like sluts like you. In fact, I’d love to own a slut as depraved and needy as you. So I’m going to order you to do depraved things for me, Janice. So you can prove how needy you are. So you can prove what a slut you are. And if you impress me, then maybe I’ll keep you. Would you like that?”

Janice was actually shaking and panting, reacting as if Tammy was already fucking her. Clearly she wasn’t too experienced with dirty talk if just that had her so on edge. Tammy was looking forward to breaking this gorgeous slut in.

“I- I’d like that.”

Tammy clicked her tongue and wagged a finger in front of her eyes. “That’s not how good sluts talk, Janice. You have to address me as Mistress.”

And just like that Janice’s eyes lit up. She grinned, hips wriggling as squeaked out, “Y-yes Mistress.”

“Now. Will you be a good slut for me?” Tammy tilted her finger to point down to the floor.

Janice slipped down to her knees, never breaking eye contact. “Yes, Mistress. I want to be a good slut for you, Mistress.”

“Then show me how well you can serve me,” Tammy announced, spreading her legs wider to give Janice access. She expected Janice to hesitate, but instead she dove in desperately, as if she’d been waiting for this chance all her life. Tammy nearly stumbled back out into the hallway as Janice eagerly began lapping at her cunt, pressing in hard. Tammy had to grab the edges of the changing room to keep from falling. Leaning back, Tammy realized she could see the whole store stretching out before her. As well as the window, with a sidewalk full of oblivious pedestrians going about their day.

Right now all they’d see was Tammy’s head poking out from a changing room in the back. If she moved two feet back they’d be able to see her, standing nude. And see Janice, on all fours and eating her out so lovingly.

Tammy bit her lip, and left that as just a fantasy. For now she was more than happy to enjoy this wonderful surprise. So Tammy righted herself and shut the curtain, petting at Janice’s head as she kept going down on her.

“Damn, girl. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together.”

Janice pulled back, face slick with pussy and panting for breath, but also grinning ear to ear. “I hope so too, Mistress.” Then she dove back in, making Tammy’s eyes roll back as the deep pleasure of it sunk in. And though she couldn’t say how, Tammy felt like she owed Connie for setting all this up.

* * *

“Oh god. Oh yes. Right there. Fuck, yes, yes. Ohhh fuck… fuck… Connie!” Eve cried out the name as she threw back her head, overcome with rapturous pleasure. She floated in the orgasm, so content that she didn’t notice the tongue quickly withdrawing from her pussy.

“Who’s Connie?”

Eve cracked open an eye and saw her girlfriend Lauren glaring at her from between her thighs. “Who?”

“Connie. You shouted the name Connie as you came.”

“D-did I?” Eve gulped. She hadn’t meant to. Truly. She didn’t even know a Connie. But with the suspicion growing on her girlfriend’s face Eve knew there was no way she’d talk herself out of this mess.

The name had simply appeared in her head. She was enjoying her usual fantasy about herself and Lauren fucking on a tropical beach when Connie had suddenly appeared, standing there smiling in the white sand. Eve had never met her before and yet she instantly knew her on sight. Recognized her face instantly, as if she’d studied her picture and been hoping to meet her. Eve remembered wanting to protest at this strange girl showing up in her fantasy.

But then Connie kissed her. In the fantasy Eve melted completely. Lauren vanished from her mind entirely, even as her girlfriend kept eating her out in their bedroom. Instead Eve’s head was full of burning need to please Connie. Massaging her. Serving her drinks. Kissing her feet. Doing anything Connie possibly desired.

When she came she was tied up, face pressed desperately to Connie’s cunt and hoping to make her cum. The sight of Connie cumming and grinning down at her had been such a thrilling sight. That she’d pleased her so much. It was no wonder Eve lost track of what she’d said.

Except now the fantasy was over, and Eve was trapped naked in bed with her furious girlfriend.

“Seriously? No excuse for moaning another girl’s name?”

“I- it was just a fantasy. I just got caught up in it. I’m sorry.” Eve held her hands up as she babbled, pleading for forgiveness.

Lauren brushed her sandy blonde hair back with a suffering sigh. “Fine. Whatever. Not like I haven’t pictured other people while we’ve been together.”

Eve gasped. “You have?” When Lauren leveled a dark look at her Eve blushed. “Sorry. Not the time.”

She was afraid that Lauren would spend the night sulking, or even worse yell at her. Instead Lauren hopped up onto the bed beside her and spread her legs. Eve stared at her girlfriend’s spread legs until Lauren snapped her fingers. “Well? I’m giving you a chance to make it up to me.”

“Right. On it.”

Eve hastily got down on her knees as relief filled her. Clearly Lauren couldn’t be too upset if she was expecting Eve to go down on her. Eve caressed Lauren’s thighs, trailing her fingers up and down, teasing her just how she liked. There was still a faint frown on Lauren’s face, but it was being teased away as Eve set to work. Smiling, Eve opened her mouth and began to softly kiss at her girlfriend’s clit, using her fingers to spread her lips.

“Mhm. That’s good. Get in there. Eat me out, Connie.”

Eve froze. Connie was here? Heart racing with joy, she shot her head up.

Only to see Lauren grinning smugly at her, arms crossed over her tits. “Not so fun, is it?”

Of course Connie wasn’t really there. Connie wasn’t real. Just a figment of Eve’s horny imagination. And now Lauren was using that name to tease her back.

Eve sighed and went back to eating her out, but she wasn’t let off the hook that easy. Fingers reached out and ran through Eve’s hair as Lauren pulled her in deeper. “Yeah, that’s a good slut. Go on and eat me out, Connie. Make me cum. Put that mouth to good use, Connie. Oh Connie, I love your tongue. Oh Connie!”

It was annoying to have her girlfriend mocking her even as she went down on her, and yet that wasn’t what was making Eve so mad. It was fine for Lauren to mess with her, she’d earned some teasing. But somehow Eve was getting pissed that Lauren would talk to Connie like that.

Even though she wasn’t real at all, Eve knew that Connie deserved to be pampered, to be made happy, to be worshipped. Connie didn’t deserve Lauren calling her a slut while pretending that Connie was eating her out. Connie shouldn’t be treated like that.

Eve saw glittering green light pass before her eyes. Her tongue slowed as she heard a voice talking low, the woman too quiet to be completely understood.

“Have to make her happy… Do what she wants… please her… Connie deserves it.”

Connie’s face was smiling at her through the green shimmering light, frozen in place like a picture.

Eve curled her toes and let out a low moan. Connie deserved it.

Then she shook her head, remembering that Connie wasn’t real. You couldn’t say a figure in your sex dream deserved more respect.

“I- I’m sorry, Connie.”

Eve’s eyes shot open. Had Lauren just apologized?

Lauren’s grip on her head had gone limp, so it was easy for Eve to lift her head. Lauren laid there on the bed, eyes closed and her lip quivering. “I… I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. I’m sorry, Connie.”

There was something strange about seeing Lauren apologize to someone who didn’t exist, and yet for some reason her heart soared. She could just imagine Lauren begging Connie’s forgiveness for talking down to her like that. No, kneeling before Connie.

“You shouldn’t be talked to like that,” Lauren mumbled, shivering slightly. With her eyes closed it almost seemed like she was talking in her sleep, lost in the fantasy. Lauren spoke slowly, in a quiet, reverent voice that Eve could just barely hear. “You’re right, Connie. I should be the one eating you out. I should be your slut. Would that make you happy?”

Eve was frozen there, gazing over her girlfriend’s naked body as Lauren actually tilted her head, waiting for Connie’s response. Eve was anxious to hear what Connie’s answer would be too. She gripped Lauren’s thighs tight, hoping Connie would tell Lauren to be a good slut for her.

Which is when Lauren’s head shot up, startled like waking from a dream. She looked around frantically- looking for Connie, no doubt- then noticed Eve staring at her. Lauren coughed into her hand and blushed.

“J-just messing with you. Obviously.” Lauren glanced over at the wall, unable to look at Eve. “Like I’d really… say that to someone.”

“It’s okay,” Eve told her, stroking Lauren’s thigh. “You can imagine it if you want.”

“What? Being someone’s slut.”

“No. Being Connie’s slut.”

There was an unmistakable shudder. “I… I don’t…”

“It’s what I fantasized about,” Eve admitted, cheeks flushed. She was wet just remembering it. “I imagined that she walked up to me on the beach and I- I don’t know why but I just had to do whatever she wanted. She deserved it. I’d do anything just to… to…”

“To make her happy?”

Eve looked up and saw Lauren looking at her intently. She was confused, concerned, but also undeniably turned on.

“Exactly. I just wanted to be her slut. When I came I was thinking about going down on her and getting to make her cum.”

Lauren’s legs twitched, trying to squeeze in on Eve on impulse. She blushed, but Eve smiled and ran her hands up Lauren’s legs.

“It’s just a fantasy, so there’s no problem enjoying it. Right?”

“Yeah,” muttered Lauren, hands sneaking up to play with her own tits. “Just a fantasy.”

“So you can be Connie’s slut if you want.” Just saying the words made Eve’s heart race. It was as exhilarating as if she were really giving her girlfriend away to another woman. “You can eat her out and make her cum. And I’ll make you cum too, like you did for me.”

Lauren sucked in a breath and held it, debating with herself. Then let out a moan and squeezed her tits. “Fuck, I’m not even that submissive. But I’m just picturing Connie standing there with that lopsided smile and she has dimples in her cheeks and I just wanna hug her legs and beg her to let me eat her out.”

Eve could picture it perfectly. Lauren wrapped around Connie’s leg, looking more desperate than she’d ever shown before. Eve could even picture Connie’s lopsided grin too, the left side curled up a little more with dimples showing in her cheeks. But how did Lauren know that Connie smiled like that?

Before she could ask she heard Lauren moan.

“Connie? Can I please make you cum?” Lauren wriggled on the bed, her eyes half open as she stared up at nothing. But Eve knew exactly who she was picturing standing over her. “I’ll be such a good slut for you. Just like Eve was.”

Eve realized she was playing with herself. She shut her eyes and smiled. “She’s so good with her mouth, Connie.” She imagined that Connie was really there, standing on the bed naked and debating if they were worthy. “She’ll be such a good slut for you. My girlfriend’s so wet imagining going down on you.” Eve trailed a finger up Lauren’s pussy, and she truly was soaked.

“Eve’s right. Your cunt is so beautiful. I’ve never wanted anyone more.”

Eve whimpered, then felt a hand blindly pat her head.

“No offense, Eve.”

“No, it’s okay,” Eve said, totally understanding it. “Connie’s special. We gotta make her happy.”

“She deserves it,” Lauren moaned, and Eve moaned with her. Eve bowed her head down and began to eat out her girlfriend, hoping that Connie was watching and enjoying the show. Then Lauren squealed with joy. “I can? Oh thank you, Connie. Thank you so much. I promise I’ll do my best. I’ll… Mhhhmm.”

Eve cracked an eye open and saw Lauren rubbing her tits, licking up at the air desperately. For a moment she felt ridiculous, the two of them role playing that there was some sexy woman in the room dominating them.

But then that glittering green light was back and suddenly Eve saw her. Connie. Sitting on Lauren’s face, smiling down and playing with Lauren’s tits. Eve dove her tongue deeper into Lauren, making her moan into Connie’s cunt. Connie looked so happy. She was making Connie happy. Lauren was making Connie happy.

It’s what they were meant to do. The woman’s voice in the back of Eve’s head told her, and she knew it was true. Knew that if she saw Connie she’d be overjoyed at the chance to seduce her. That she’d be filled with the need to please her. She’d be Connie’s slut.

And judging from the way Lauren was moaning and worshipping the pussy above her, Eve felt confident that Lauren would be Connie’s slut too.

If only she was real.

For some reason Eve thought of that cute lakeside town they’d stopped at for gas the day before. She just remembered the gas station and seeing an old woman talking to Lauren, waving something green. Something shining. And then the green shining thing was in Eve’s face. And then Connie was in her face, being imprinted onto her mind.

That’s when the fantasies about Connie had started. She’d popped into Eve’s head over and over on the road trip back home. Hours of driving with phantom images of a beautiful woman that she needed to please. For some reason Eve felt like she’d missed some chance to have her, and that made her sad.

But hearing her girlfriend moan Connie’s name replaced that disappointment with joy. Maybe Connie wasn’t real. But she could still be a part of their lives. Their imaginary lover. No, their mistress. They were her sluts, after all. Eve and Lauren would do anything to make her happy. So Connie would be in charge of them. She’d be their kinky mistress in bed.

Eve came, her tongue plunging deep into Lauren and making her cum as well. And in their heads both girls imagined Connie cumming, the sound of her moans making their own pleasure skyrocket.

Eve and Lauren collapsed against the bed, sweating and panting and grinning madly. Without having to say anything, the couple knew that Connie the imaginary mistress was going to be a part of their sex lives from now on. If only she were real.

For now, though, the girlfriends were content to lazily make out, each one already brainstorming fun things they could do for their imaginary mistress.