The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 49

Summer Lovin’: Part 17

Connie felt wonderful. Fantastic. Amazing.

Alright, she still felt dog tired and now her back was achey from sleeping on the couch, but compared to how exhausted she was before Connie woke up feeling great. The nap was just what she needed to feel like a human again. She checked the clock on the wall, wishing she’d slept a little longer. She was tempted to grab a few more hours of sleep, or more sensibly go up to her bed and sleep. It occurred to Connie that since she’d arrived in town for vacation with the Silva’s she’d yet to actually sleep in the bed they’d given her.

She was about to go up, too, when she suddenly remembered Coop. She’d given the cute skater girl so many hypnotic commands in the last 48 hours that it was hard for Connie to even remember them all. But she clearly remembered making plans with her, and ordering Coop to come over later for some more fun. So she had no choice but to clean herself and get ready to fuck a hot girl. What a chore, Connie thought with a laugh. How had her life changed so much in one weekend?

“Someone had a good nap.”

Connie’s head whipped around to find Jane grinning at her. Then Connie did a double take at what Jane was wearing. While Jane was already hot with her amazing curves, Connie found her jaw dropping as she saw Jane decked out in a red dress. Her hair was done up, her make up sexy, and her high heels meant business.

“Holy hell.”

Jane smirked. “Thanks, that’s the reaction I was hoping for.”

“I was worried you’d be in a bad mood after—” Connie wiggled her hand, alluding to the whole strange day they’d had, with Jane being upset at Connie for most of it. Clearly her mood had turned for the better.

“Don’t worry about today. Yes, I was pissed. Yes, I was jealous. But things with Aubrey ended up working out. We were actually going to head out to a party tonight.”

“Aubrey is definitely going to lose it when she sees you.”

Jane put on a coy expression, turning and cocking a hip. Almost like she was showing off for Connie. “Oh? Do I look that good?”

“You do. You really do.”

“Aw, that’s right. You have a thing for me, don’t you?” Jane began to strut across the room to Connie, who clutched at her blanket tight. She had Coop coming over. And Jane was interested in Aubrey. So Connie definitely shouldn’t be letting herself get turned on by Jane, although it was almost like Jane was hitting on her. A suspicion only strengthened when Jane sat on the couch next to her, leaning in and pressing her tits against Connie’s arm. “It’s okay, Connie. After all, we’ve already had lots of fun together, haven’t we?”

Connie gulped.

“Although it has been a while since we fooled around.” With a sultry look Jane tapped thoughtfully at her chin. “I’m trying to remember which of us went down on the other last. Do you remember if you ate me out last, Connie? Or did I eat your pussy last?”

“Um, I, um, can’t remember.”

“I guess we’ll have to keep track for next time, won’t we?” Jane licked her lips. “So I guess the real question is should I go down on you first? Or would you rather eat me out first?”

Jane laid a teasing hand on Connie’s thigh.

“Whoa!” Connie leapt off of the couch, almost tripping with her legs caught in the blanket. She spun around wildly to untangle herself, all while Jane watched with the same, cocky smile. When she was free Connie faced Jane, concern and confusion on her face. “What are you doing?”

“Oh come on,” Jane said with a pout. She crossed her legs, and Jane saw a flash of pink panties. “You don’t have to be nervous. How many times have we fucked already?” Then she grinned. She laid back on the couch, stretching out her arms and putting herself on display. “Or maybe you wanna hypnotize me first. It’s been way too long since we got to play around like that. Wanna hypnotize me Connie? Then you can decide who goes down on who. I know I’ll be happy to do anything you say.”

Connie couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Jane was hitting on her? Jane was offering to be hypnotized? All those times before Jane had acted as if it was some big favor she was doing for Connie by going into trance for her. What was happening?

Jane was acting like all the other hypnotized women around town, programmed to pursue Connie and fuck her no matter what.

“Jane, drop into trance for me now,” said Connie, her voice turning firm.

The surprise on Jane’s face faded into a muted smile. Jane’s eyes went blank and her body sagged back against the couch. As she shifted her legs uncrossed, and Jane slid down the couch enough to make her dress slide up and reveal her panties again; a fancy pair of pink lingerie panties.

Connie forced herself to look away. “Stand up and pull your dress down.”

“Yes, Connie.”

From the corner of her eye she saw Jane moving, heard fabric rustling. After a few seconds Connie turned back and saw Jane standing stiff in place, her dress down around her ankles and leaving her in nothing but her underwear. Jane’s bra matched her panties, pink and frilly and drop dead sexy on her.

Before she became tempted to keep staring Connie spun back around and covered her eyes. “Not that far down! Get the dress on normally, Jane.”

“Yes, Connie.”

What the hell was going on? Connie had ordered Gloria to stop hypnotizing people to fall for her. And why would Gloria target her own granddaughter to throw herself at Connie?

This time when Connie peeked Jane had her red dress back on properly, although she stood in a rigid pose, back straight and face completely vacant.

“Jane, has your grandma hypnotized you today?”

“No, Connie.”

“She hasn’t? Not even a little?”

“No, Connie. Not even a little.”

“Then… why are you hitting on me?”

“Because I’m trying to seduce you.”

Connie threw up her arms in exasperation. “Why are you trying to seduce me when you were interested in Aubrey?”

“Because I want to have a threesome with you and Aubrey. I want to have you both fucking me tonight.”

“Oh. OH.” Now Connie was truly stumped. “Why do you want me for a threesome?”

Face empty of emotion, Jane revealed, “Seeing you hooking up with so many girls in town made me incredibly jealous. I’ve been supressing my attraction to you for months, and finally realized that I missed fucking you when Aubrey challenged me on it. As I’m incredibly attracted to you both I want you both to fuck me tonight.”

Connie was left blinking in shock. “You’re into me?”

“Yes, Connie.”

“And you want me to fuck you and Aubrey?”

“Yes, Connie.”

“And you’re not hypnotically influenced by anything to want me?”

“Not directly. I’ve been insanely horny from Aubrey teasing me all afternoon with my hypnotic trigger to feel the sensation of a vibrator whenever I say buzz.” Jane’s hips shifted, a quiet sigh escaping her as the trigger activated. “I have been denying my interest in hypnosis and how much I enjoy when you control me. Having Aubrey control me was wonderful, and I want to explore it with both of you.”

Connie had to sit down. She collapsed onto the couch, holding her head in her hands while Jane stood perfectly still, eyes fixed on where Connie had been before.

“So wait. You’re attracted to me, you’ve got an interest in hypnosis, and you told Aubrey your trigger?”

“Yes, Connie,” Jane replied, no emotion in her voice but with her hips gently rocking back and forth.

“Buzz off,” Connie said. As the pleasant sensations vanished Jane’s body went back to being still.

“And Aubrey was into using the trigger on you?”

“Yes, Connie.” This time Connie swore she saw Jane’s mouth shifting into the barest of smiles, even in her deep trance. “She has been mercilessly using the trigger. She teased me a lot, and made me cum four times this afternoon.”

Connie rubbed her mouth, wondering what to do with all these revelations dropped in her lap. Not only did Jane suddenly want her, but she was into hypnosis now? And Aubrey was into using hypnosis for sexy reasons too?

“You really haven’t been put into trance today?”

“No, Connie. Only my buzz trigger was used.” Jane squirmed and groaned.

“Buzz off.”

Jane went still, while Connie contemplated. She could fuck Jane again, something she hadn’t had a chance to do in forever. Not since she decided to stop having the Silva women fuck her in trance. They were all willing to do it, with the right frame of mind, but it still made Connie feel guilty that she wasn’t letting them remember.

Except Jane actually wanted to fuck her again. And be hypnotized by her. And Aubrey wanted it too. It was practically a dream come true. Connie even pinched herself to make sure that she wasn’t still dreaming away on the couch.

So obviously she should fuck Jane and Aubrey and enjoy herself.

Except she had Coop coming over to be hypnotized and fucked already. Connie couldn’t bail on her to sleep with someone else, even if it was a threesome. Although…

“Jane, do you remember Coop who you met at Burger Joint?”

“Yes, Connie,” Jane said with a nod.

“She’s coming over in a bit to fuck me. I’m going to hypnotize and control her too, like you want me to do to you. How would you feel if she joined us?”

Jane suddenly pouted, and Connie was afraid she’d actually snapped her out of trance. But then Jane shrugged, her face returning to a neutral blank again. “As long as you pay attention to me too I guess it’s fine. You’re already fucking half the town anyway.”

Connie wanted to object, until she’d remembered everyone she’d hooked up with over the wild weekend. “How do you think Aubrey would react to me inviting Coop to join us?”

This time Jane tilted her head to the left, squinting her eyes. “They appeared to get along at Burger Joint. Aubrey was tricking Coop into saying buzz—”

“Buzz off,” Connie muttered, before Jane even had a chance to moan at the trigger activating.

“—So I don’t think she would mind Coop watching as we fuck and be hypnotized by you. I would have to check with her to be certain.”

Connie got up on shaky legs. Her hands were twitching with nervous excitement. Was this really happening? She was about to have another foursome, this time with Jane and Aubrey?

“Okay. Okay. So you’re going to check and see if Aubrey is okay with Coop joining us. And then we’re all gonna… yeah…” Connie burst into a huge, goofy grin. This was really happening. The mental image of herself standing over Jane, Aubrey and Coop, all three girls naked and looking up at her with adorably hypnotized expressions… ready to do anything she commanded…

Connie let out a shaky sigh, practically drooling as she imagined what she could do in that situation. Then she noticed Jane still rigid in place, awaiting orders.

“Jane, forget about this trance and wake up.”

Jane’s eyes fluttered. She leaned back, expecting to find the couch, and Connie had to lunge and catch her arm before Jane’s high heels slid out from beneath her. She caught her in time for Jane to stop from falling, and Jane glanced up at her in confusion.

“Wasn’t I—” Her eyes widened. “Did you just hypnotize me?”

“Just a little,” Connie admitted, blushing. “How do you, uh, feel about that?”

Jane straightened up and smoothed down her red dress. “Almost falling wasn’t the best,” she said, and Connie winced. “But that instant moment of feeling lost. Knowing you must have moved me around without me even remembering. That was… that was kinda hot.” She was smiling nervously, brushing back her hair.

“Well, I could do it some more. When Aubrey and Coop come over.”

“Coop?” Jane’s eyes narrowed. “That girl you were with?”

“Oh, right. I made you forget.” Connie winced again, worried she would freak Jane out. But to her surprise Jane actually shuddered and hugged herself, smiling faintly.

“You made me tell you about Aubrey?”

“About how you two wanted to have a threesome with me? Yup. You told me all about it.”

A dominant thrill ran through her as she watched Jane squirm and smile wider. Jane really was enjoying this. Cool girl Jane that Connie always felt intimidated by. Was she always waiting for Connie to take control like this?

And then Jane suddenly snapped out of the submissive state and glared at Connie. “Wait, so you just suddenly put me in trance out of nowhere?”

“I- I thought you found that hot.”

“It is hot,” Jane fumed. “But why would you hypnotize me for no reason?”

“I had a reason! You were acting weird, and I was worried.”

“All I did was hit on you.”

“Yeah, and that’s weird for you.”

Jane’s anger subsided as she waved a hand. “Fine, fair enough. So you put me in trance and made me tell you what, exactly?”

Now Connie could see it. The glint of fear in Jane’s eyes. Worried about what she’d said. Connie tried to remember their conversation. Then she said. “I’ll let you remember if you want.”

Jane’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “You can do that?”

“It’s easy. If you’re okay with me dropping you again.”

Jane took a step back, taking a wary glance down at the floor.

“I mean drop you into trance, not on the floor,” Connie hastily added, feeling like an idiot.

“Is that what you call it? Dropping me?” Jane bit her lower lip, then smiled. “Yeah, you can drop me.”

“Then drop into trance for me, Jane.”

There was nothing hotter for Connie than seeing the obvious desire in Jane’s eyes drain away to emotional emptiness. That Jane knew what was coming and was turned on by it, even as she fell into trance.

Connie took a moment to appreciate how hot Jane looked, blank and hypnotized like that. Then she got to work. “Jane, when you wake up I want you to remember when I last put you in trance just a minute ago. You can remember it clearly, and you will remember this trance too.”

“Yes, Connie.”

“You will remember how it felt to go into trance, and how it felt waking up.”

“Yes, Connie.”

Then Connie paused. “Jane, answer me honestly. Would you be comfortable if I teased you right now? In a sexy way?”

Face completely blank, Jane nodded. “I would enjoy it. I’m already wet from knowing you hypnotized and controlled me.”

“In that case.” With a smug smile, Connie walked up and carressed Jane’s face, enjoying the way she had no reaction at all. “Buzz.”

There was the faintest shiver. Jane’s eyes fluttered briefly. Otherwise she stood still as the trigger activated, making her feel like there was a vibrator working away at her clit. Satisfied, Connie walked away. She went into the kitchen and got herself a glass of water. Her throat felt pretty dry after the nap. And she was dying for a sandwich, though she couldn’t remember why. But Connie figured she shouldn’t push it yet. So she casually walked back into the other room and found Jane with her hips rocking slowly in place, the bottom of her skirt swaying as she humped at the imaginary vibrator.

Jane was whimpering quietly, a faint moan repeated over and over with each thrust of her hips. Connie waited a few more seconds to savor the sight. Jane’s hand was twitching, and her eyes were starting to roll back from the pleasure. When it seemed like Jane was right on the edge of cumming Connie declared, “Buzz off.”

A long moan escaped her as Jane’s hips stopped rocking. Her cheeks were flushed, and she was breathing deeper, but her face showed no reaction. “Jane, wake up for me now.”

Slowly life came back to Jane’s face. And she immediately flung a hand to her crotch, cupping herself through the dress as she took in a ragged breath. “Fuck. Fuck!”

Connie watched in awe as Jane rubbed herself frantically through her dress. She threw her head back and shut her eyes tight, grunting as she came. When she was done Jane dropped her arms, standing there shivering and her breath shallow. Then she finally swung her head back down, staring at Connie with a mixture of anger and arousal.


“So how was that?”

“Oh that was great,” Jane growled. “Although you have no idea how pissed I am that you made me reveal that I was into you. I’m still working through my shit, and you can just make me tell you all that like it was nothing?”

Connie rolled her shoulders nervously, looking away. “Um, in my defense I didn’t know you’d tell me that. And then I was so shocked I had to double check.”

Jane advanced on her, still breathing deeply. “So you just make me reveal my secrets like that?”

“I- I’m sorry if I—”

Suddenly Jane grabbed the front of Connie’s shirt and dragged the startled girl to her, smothering Connie with a kiss. When she broke it she just grinned at Connie like a hungry beast. “You better make me cum like that more tonight to make up for poking around my head.”

“Okay,” Connie said, feeling like she had whiplash.

Jane made a show of licking her lips. “That was amazing though. I can remember being stuck in place, unable to think or move or do anything as my clit was exploding. How’d you know when to stop me before I came?”

“I guess I just got lucky,” Connie chuckled, not wanting to admit how much experience she had watching Jane cum.

“Aubrey is going to love that.” Jane smoothed her hair out and sighed, getting herself back under control. “Guess I understand why all the women in town are throwing themselves at you. You’ve really been holding out on me.”

“You’re the one who wasn’t into me,” Connie suddenly said, and wished she could take it back.

Jane frowned. “Yeah, I was kinda being a bitch turning you down like that.”

“No, no it’s fine. You had to work out your own stuff. And I was just some nerd with a crush on you, like you said.”

“You’re not just some nerd. You’re actually kinda awesome, Connie.”

Connie’s heart leapt into her throat, and a huge smile broke across her face. “Really?”

“Ugh, I wish I could make you forget I said that. So cheesy.”

“Sorry, I’ve never been hypnotized so no luck there.”

“Figures.” Jane was starting to turn away but stopped. “Hey, when you put me in trance before. Why’d you ask if my grandma hypnotized me?”

“Oh. Uh, well you were acting weird and I was worried someone hypnotized you. And, uh, your grandma is the only other hypnotist I know.”

Jane cocked a hand on her hip. “What? Did you think my grandma hypnotized me and made me throw myself at you?”

“I guess that is kinda ridiculous, huh.” Connie blushed, praying that Jane didn’t realize how close to the truth that really was.

“Anyway go shower and get ready. I’m looking hot and Aubrey’s changing into something sexy too and I don’t want you embarrassing me by smelling nasty.”

“I don’t smell nasty,” Connie shot back, then hesitantly sniffed herself. She grimaced. “In my defense I slept in a lake last night and had sex with a lot of people today.”

“Gross,” replied Jane, though she was wearing a playful smile. “Oh and I guess my mom left you a note.”

“Your mom’s back?”

The thought of Michelle made it all come flooding back. How at the start of the trip she’d teased her with a suggestion to feel a tongue eating her out. A suggestion that Connie was coldly realizing she never took away. What did two days of constant cunnilingus do to someone? And had Jane noticed her mom acting strange? They were being more open about using hypnosis for sexy purposes but Connie doubted that Jane would be cool with learning that her mother had become Connie’s obedient slave.

Fighting through her nerves, Connie made herself ask, “H-how’s she doing?”

Thankfully Jane just shrugged and replied, “I haven’t seen her. I think she’s sleeping upstairs.”

At least Jane wasn’t suspicious. Connie checked the coffee table next to the couch and sure enough there was a folded piece of paper with her name on it, and Michelle’s phone beside it. She must have completely missed that they were there, what with Jane trying to seduce her as soon as she woke up.

Jane wandered off to another room so Connie hastily opened the note and started reading. And reading. Her face going pale and her eyes going wide as she read about just how Michelle had spent her time at her friend’s party. All the degrading things she’d done. All the people she’d gotten off. All the things she’d said to the whole party. Bragging about her wonderful Mistress.

Connie shook her head. That couldn’t be right. Sure, she’d made Michelle horny and pent up but the simple hypnotic suggestion shouldn’t have made Michelle do all this. Which is when the note started to detail all the videos that Michelle’s friends had taken of her, stored on her phone.

Heart racing Connie snatched up the phone and saw several texts that had come in. None of the numbers were in Michelle’s contacts but they were all saying how much fun she was at the party and how she should come to other parties. Connie took a deep breath and brought up Michelle’s saved videos. The tiny screen was filled with a dozen small boxes, each showing a different video from the party. Even as tiny minimized boxes Connie could recognize a naked Michelle in each one, surrounded by other people. With a numb feeling Connie tapped her finger on the topmost video, the last one taken. The video filled the screen, revealing Michelle naked and on her back with her arms and legs spread wide. Smiling blissfully as she writhed on the floor, cumming for all to see.

Cheers and whistled came dimly through the phone as the audience applauded Michelle. And Michelle just rolled over and bowed her head.

The camera closed in on Michelle’s smiling face. “So what do you have to say, Michelle?” some woman asked.

“I’m a good slut for my Mistress,” she moaned, eyes rolling back in pure pleasure.

Everyone cheered again. Random hands reached down to slap Michelle’s ass or grope at her. Michelle just smiled and kept turning to offer them better access to her. Connie was watching the video in total disbelief. She was so absorbed in it that she didn’t even hear Jane’s footsteps until she was right next to her.

“Oh my god are you watching porn?”

Connie froze, utterly caught. Luckily Michelle was turned away from the camera, so it only showed her bare ass and dripping pussy. Nothing that Jane should recognize as belonging to her mom.

Jane leaned in with a mocking grin. “You can’t even wait until Aubrey and your friend get here?” Then she checked out the video again. Connie wanted to shut it off but she felt totally frozen, a deer in the headlights unable to shut off the porn she’d been caught watching.

Jane bit her lip and moaned. “I guess she is kinda hot, for a total slut.”

Connie gulped. Now her fear of being caught, of Michelle being caught by her daughter, was compounded with the insanely hot fact that Jane was getting off to the video. She was turned on watching her mom being treated like a slut. Not that Jane knew it was her mom. But it meant that Jane objectively found her mom hot.

Fantasies of having both of them in trance flooded Connie’s head. Of having Jane and Michelle making out, hooking up, doing anything for her. So wrong but so hot.

But then Michelle started to turn around on all fours, coming around to face the camera. Jane was still watching, groping at her tits now as Connie’s frozen hand held the phone for her. If she saw it was Michelle there was no way Jane wouldn’t totally lose it.

Finally Connie sucked in a breath and yelled, “Trance for now, Jane!”

The words had gotten jumbled in Connie’s mouth, and all she could do was watch in slow motion as Jane’s head slowly turned to her, with Connie having no clue if the odd command would work. But Jane had just enough time to look at her in surprise before her eyes went blank, her hands falling limply off her tits to dangle at her side. And right next to the entranced Jane was Michelle smiling for the camera, groping herself right there on the phone screen.

Even flooded with adrenaline from almost being found out, Connie still felt the urge to fuck herself right then and there. Enjoying the video of Michelle playing with herself right beside the entranced Jane, totally oblivious. But she had to fix Michelle first.

“Jane, you’re going to forget you saw me watching this video. You’re gonna forget the video.”

“Yes, Connie,” she replied in monotone, still bent forward at the waist.

Connie shut off the video and pocketed Michelle’s phone. “You’re gonna wait here for Aubrey, and have her wait until I come down. Oh and when my friend shows up let her in and tell her to wait for me.”

“Yes, Connie.”

“Be a good host and keep her comfortable until I get back.”

“Yes, Connie. I’ll be a good host for your friend.”

With that Connie snapped her fingers and said, “Wake up, Jane.”

Jane blinked twice, noticing how she was bending forward with her arms hanging at her sides. She straightened up and smiled. “You did it to me again, didn’t you?”

“Yup,” said Connie. She was hastily putting on her shoes and getting up from the couch.

“What did you do to me this time?”

But Connie was already running for the stairs as she called, “You’ll have to find out!”

Jane started to run after her, but as soon as she reached the landing of the stairs her feet froze in place. Casually Jane turned around, knowing she should stay downstairs. Then she grinned and shook her head in wonder. “How the hell does she do that?”

Dying with curiosity, Jane had no choice but to remain downstairs and wait for Connie to come back. She noticed the blanket that had fallen off the couch and frowned. For some reason it rubbed her the wrong way, so she picked it up and folded it neatly. Even rearranged the seat cushions on the couch. And the floor could do with being swept.

After all, it would be rude if Connie’s friend showed up and saw the place looking messy. Cleaning up was the least a good host should do. So Jane hurried off to the kitchen to find a broom, humming to herself and wondering what hypnotic trick Connie might have played on her this time.