The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 50

Summer Lovin’: Part 18

When she’d ran up the stairs Connie had been in a total panic. Hearing about how wild Michelle had become, and how proud she was of her total depravity, had left Connie afraid that she’d broken Michelle. That her suggestions and adjustments to Michelle’s mind the last few months had twisted some vital part of her personality and transformed her into a total slut devoid of reason. With every step Connie ran up she repeated the same desperate prayer: to take it back. To fix Michelle. To undo whatever she’d done to her.

And so Connie was more than a little surprised to find herself fifteen minutes later in a luxuriously hot shower, letting the soothing water glide over her body as a pair of devoted hands attended to her. Michelle washed her diligently, an absent expression fixed on her face. Connie was lathering up some shampoo for her hair but paused, glancing back at the entranced Michelle.

“And you really enjoyed being passed around the party like that?”

“It was one of the best nights I’ve ever had,” replied Michelle, in the same pleased monotone with which she’d answered all of Connie’s questions. No matter how many times Connie asked her Michelle’s responses never changed. Michelle was more than happy to relay each perverted thing she’d done over the night of the party, as well as the following day.

“What time did you go to sleep?”

“I passed out in the early hours of the morning after having too many orgasms to stay conscious.”

Michelle slid the bar of soap over Connie’s chest, rubbing her hands obliviously at Connie’s tits. She washed her Mistress mechanically, as if unaware of how sexual the act could be. Connie just kept her lips tight, listening and ignoring the temptation to order Michelle to grab her tits and tease her properly.

“And what did you do in the morning?”

“I slept a few hours. When I woke up I was confused because you were no longer eating me out. But remembering your hypnotic command made me feel your tongue back on my pussy, and that put me at ease. Estelle took care of me and made sure I ate and drank water to stay hydrated. A few guests of the party stayed over, and I used my mouth to help three of them cum, but mostly everyone was content to lounge around and discuss the party or how their lives were going. It was fun to catch up with them, although I was eager to be put to use as a good slut again. Eventually Estelle drove me back home where I found you on the couch asleep.”

Connie couldn’t help but blush at this part. Even though Michelle had already told her the whole story there was no way Connie couldn’t get horny with what she heard. As tempted as she was to turn around and watch as the entranced woman told the story again, Connie knew if she did that there’d be no stopping her from diving on Michelle. So instead she stood still, biting her lip and forcing herself not to masturbate as she said, “Tell me what you did to me, slave.”

“I climbed on top of you,” Michelle reported, her face blank and empty of emotion as she washed at Connie’s back now. “I groped you and fingered you, whispering all of the dirty things I did at the party. You weren’t totally conscious, but you talked in your sleep and it made me very aroused to see you like that. As if you were in trance. You made cute whimpers as I made you cum. I was tempted to wake you up and fuck you, but I was so exhausted that I decided to let you rest. I put a blanket over you to make you comfortable, Mistress. I wrote you my note to explain my absence. I also left you my phone, which received many of the videos recorded of me from the party. I hoped that you would enjoy seeing what a good slut I was and masturbate to the videos. Or come up and fuck me. Then I went to bed and fell asleep.”

Connie knew she was dripping wet, and not just because of the shower. Did she always talk in her sleep? What secrets might she have given away? It would be so easy to simply ask Michelle what she’d said while asleep, and yet the simple truth was that Connie didn’t want to know. Instead she finally turned to face Michelle.

The older woman was still entranced, dressed in a purple nightgown that was completely soaked through as the water sprayed over them both. Michelle’s hands lost track of Connie when she turned, but quickly reached for Connie’s stomach and continued soaping and washing her, just as she’d been instructed.

Connie could still remember how terrified she’d been as she burst into Michelle’s bedroom. Throwing open the door so fast that it slammed against the wall, and Michelle shot up from her bed in a panic. When she saw Connie she had relaxed, casually reaching up to tug down the top of her nightgown and expose a tit to Connie.

“Welcome home, Mistress. Your slave has missed you. Did you read my—”

Connie quickly ordered Michelle into trance, and she obeyed. Connie demanded to know why Michelle had behaved that way at the party, and she’d given her a simple answer: because she was horny and wanted to. Not that Connie had believed her at first. Connie ordered Michelle to recite everything that happened at the party, and Michelle told her in detail, without a shred of shame or guilt. She explained every slutty action she took, as well as what she’d done to Connie when she’d returned home.

It was about a solid minute that Connie had stood there lost in thought, trying to make sense of what had happened in just two days. Finally Connie had ordered Michelle to get into the shower. She was panicking, not sure what to do about Michelle. There were already voices downstairs. Coop and Aubrey had probably arrived by then, but Connie knew Jane would stall them. Fixing Michelle was more important.

As soon as they were in the bathroom Connie locked the door. “Michelle, turn on the shower and get in.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Obediently Michelle turned the knob and a spray of water shot out. And then Michelle immediately stepped into the shower, not bothering to remove her nightgown first. As she was soaked in the no doubt freezing water Michelle jerked and sputtered, spitting out water. She turned to Connie, surprised and awake.

“Connie? What’s going—”

“Go into trance,” Connie told her again.

Michelle obeyed, returning back to her mindless trance, this time oblivious to the water pouring down on her head. Connie was going to tell her to step out, but at this point Michelle was already soaked.

“Michelle, I want you to feel this shower cleaning you. Not just your body, but your mind. It’s wiping away hypnotic suggestions now. Any hypnotic commands or suggestions you received this weekend are just being washed right out of your head.”

It was the best plan Connie could think of. She had to remove whatever suggestion it was that had messed up Michelle. All Connie could think was that it had to have been something she said on the way over. The only command she could remember was making Michelle feel as if she were being eaten out by her, but there’s no way that could have caused Michelle to go all out like this. It must have been something she mentioned in passing that she couldn’t even remember saying. Connie just had to make it right.

“Can you feel the shower washing away those hypnotic commands?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And how does it feel?”

“Okay,” Michelle said with an anticlimactic shrug. “The shower is cold, but warming up.”

Connie inched closer, watching Michelle anxiously. “And what about any suggestions affecting your behavior?”

“All commands and suggestions from this weekend have been washed away, Mistress.”

Connie nodded, daring to ask, “So how do you feel about what happened at the party?”

She’d expected Michelle to freak out. Or react with outrage when she remembered. Instead Michelle had smiled and said, “It was incredibly hot. I hope to be used like that again by you soon.”

What followed was several minutes of interrogation. Connie kept asking about what Michelle did, why she did it, how she felt about it, but Michelle always replied the same. Connie kept telling her to answer honestly, to answer free of hypnotic influence, and yet that didn’t change her responses at all.

Eventually Connie got into the shower with her. When the water warmed up, of course. She’d ordered Michelle to wash her while she considered everything. And that was how Connie found herself now. Completely cleaned up but not telling Michelle to stop. And Michelle kneeling beneath her now, ignoring the water splashing into her face as she soaped and massaged Connie’s legs.

“So you really, truly, without hypnotic influence at all enjoyed being used like that? Like a complete slut?”

“I truly did, Mistress. I loved being a complete slut for you.”

It just didn’t make any sense. Connie knew Michelle was kinky and submissive. That Michelle had alluded to doing slutty things in the past. But was this really how far Michelle wanted things to go? Did she expect Connie to do those kind of things to her, having her presented at a party to be freely used by anyone who wanted her?

It was hot, sure, although Connie still felt intimidated. Suddenly her own fantasies of having a harem of slaves were tame by comparison. “And you have no regrets about last night?”

Michelle’s hands stopped for the first time. Michelle had been washing Connie’s thighs, but now she paused to look up at Connie. “I do have a regret about last night, Mistress.”

Connie’s heart leapt up into her throat. Here it was. The truth that Connie had fucked things up and Michelle would surely hate her now. “What is your regret?”

Her blank expression never changed as Michelle responded, “That you weren’t there with me. While I enjoyed playing with everyone it would have been far better if you were there to control me directly. To give me orders and tell me to do anything you wanted. I wish it was you holding my leash and showing off your obedient slave to everyone.”

Connie stared at Michelle in disbelief. Then she knelt down next to her and hugged Michelle. Tight. “Michelle, you can wake up now. And remember everything we talked about in trance tonight.”

She couldn’t see Michelle’s face as the command take hold, but she did feel Michelle stir in her arms. She figured when Michelle began hugging her back and kissing at her neck that she was wide awake again.

“I’m sorry,” Connie muttered.

“No, I’m sorry.” Michelle pulled back. Her face was full of concern as she put a hand to Connie’s cheek. “I’m sorry I scared you. I thought you’d enjoy my note, but you were so scared when you put me under. And all your questions. Did you think you made me do all that against my will?”

Connie nodded. “I thought I broke you.”

“No, Mistress.” Michelle smiled a truly beautiful smile. “You set me free. Everything you’ve done with me the last few months have been wonderful. You’ve helped me live out so many of my fantasies and made me so happy. And I apologize for scaring you.”

“I just saw you doing all that wild stuff in the party and all I could think was, ‘You did it, Connie. You finally snapped Michelle’s brain by messing with her.’ I was worried I wouldn’t be able to take it back.”

“You didn’t mess anything up. Look at me, Connie.”

Connie had slid back against the wall of the shower, staring down at the water rushing into the drain, but now Michelle grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look up.

Michelle took a deep breath before she fixed Connie with a stern, confident look. “Connie. I’m a slut. I want to be a slut. I know that’s not very appropriate, but honestly I’ve always loved getting to make people feel good. I really should have told you more stories about what wild times I had in college. If you’d really known about that side of me then hearing about last night probably wouldn’t have made you so worried.”

“You just weren’t like that at all when I first—” Connie struggled to think of how to phrase it. When she first moved into the Silva house? When she first started hypnotizing them? When she first started trying to convince her to become her lesbian slave?

Michelle heard the question trail off and smiled. “Honestly I’d forgotten I was like this myself. It’s like when college ended I suddenly became a different person. I stopped wanting to be a slut. I shut out all my friends and focused on getting a good job and finding a good man. I guess I just grew up or something.”

Connie saw the sad, faraway look in Michelle’s eyes and suddenly understood. Gloria must have hypnotized her daughter and given her some life advice. She probably thought she was helping Michelle. And Connie had seen how easily Gloria was willing to influence others with her idea of helping.

Connie sat there watching Michelle, seeing the strange path her life has taken that led her to being the hypnotized sex slave of an eighteen year old perverted girl. It probably wasn’t what Michelle had expected. It’s certainly not what Connie expected. But she knew that Michelle really was happy with her, no matter what Connie’s own doubts told her. So she decided to ask a question she hadn’t thought to ask this whole time.

“So you had fun at the party?”

Michelle looked up in surprised. Then giggled. “Yes, I did. I didn’t expect to get that wild, but it was a blast. I really do wish you could have been there.”

Connie couldn’t keep the odd look off her face. “To be honest, I’m not sure if I could handle everything you said was going on. Some of it sounds definitely hot, but also like it was way too wild for me. I don’t think I’m ready to go that extreme with things. At least not yet.”

“I’m not asking you to, Mistress. I’m happy to do whatever makes you happy.”

“Thank you. Maybe if I have some time to think on it I could get into it. A full on sex party just seems like a lot to run.”

Michelle giggled again. “Estelle does throw the best parties.” Then she reached out to touch Connie’s shoulder. “You look tired. Are you having a fun vacation?”

Connie closed her eyes and winced. “Oh god, I’m a total hypocrite.”

“What do you mean?”

“Um, so we never really talked about being exclusive or anything, right?”

“I hope not, otherwise I’d feel guilty for going down on so many people.”

“What I mean is… I kinda hooked up with a lot of people too.”

Michelle’s fingers tightened on Connie’s shoulder. She pressed in close, her eyes shining with glee. “You did?”

“It’s a really long story, but I might have hypnotized and fucked—” Connie stopped to do the math in her head, which only made Michelle’s eyes grow wider in wonder. “Holy crap, like ten people.”

“You fucked ten people since we got here?”

Connie shrugged sheepishly. “I just hypnotized three of the girls in the park, I didn’t fuck them. But I did have to go down on the two girls at Burger Joint.”

Michelle stared deeply into Connie’s eyes, sensing more.

“Okay, and maybe I have this girl Coop coming over tonight for a date. Oh, but now it’s gonna be a threesome. Wait, it’s a threesome turning into a foursome. Is foursome a thing?”

“You busy little slut,” giggled Michelle. “I shouldn’t have expected anything less of my mistress.”

“I didn’t do anything with them they didn’t want to,” Connie quickly added to defend herself.

But Michelle’s smile was relaxed and certain. “I know, Mistress. I trust you completely.”

Connie smiled, and then Michelle blushed and looked away. She almost looked embarrassed, although Connie couldn’t imagine what would be embarrassing after the perverted things they’d both already owned up to.

“What is it, Michelle?”

Michelle blushed harder and kept her mouth shut. Connie was just getting tempted to give an order, when Michelle finally asked, “Was one of those girls Jane?”

“No!” Connie cried out, much too fast.

Michelle just watched her, with no reproach in her eyes. Just curiosity. And Connie supposed she owed her the truth.

“Um, okay so… Jane wasn’t one of the girls today. But… she might be?”

The shower continued to spray over them both as they sat in the tub. Michelle cocked her head and drummed her fingers along the edge of the tub. “She might be?”

“She came onto me,” Connie said, waving her hands wildly. “And it’s not just gonna be us, but Aubrey and Coop too!” Although Connie wasn’t sure why she thought explaining that more people would be fucking her daughter would make Michelle feel better about it. But to her surprise Michelle burst into a delighted laugh.

“Jane and Aubrey finally hooked up? I’ve been waiting years to see those two get together.”

“You knew about that?”

“Oh please. It’s obvious to see how smitten Jane was. I’m honestly just surprised that she made a move.” Michelle’s eyes narrowed, giving Connie a sly smile. “Did you help her out with that, Connie?”

“I- I might have been her wingwoman. Just a bit.”

“And does being a wingwoman usually involve fucking both people you’re trying to help?”

“Honestly I have no idea what I’m doing or why everyone wants me so much.” Connie hung her head, finally admitting what had been gnawing at her heart all weekend. She didn’t mention that Gloria had initially hypnotized all the girls before they’d met her, but Connie still couldn’t believe that almost a dozen women were so eager to be with her.

But Michelle scoffed. “Obviously they want you because you’re amazing.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so.” Michelle leaned in and kissed her, and Connie gratefully gave herself up to the kiss. They slid down to the bottom of the tub, with Michelle straddling Connie’s lap. Her hand began to creep down to Connie’s pussy. It would be the first time they actually fucked, and Connie had never imagined it would happen like this.

Only for Michelle to suddenly pull away. She stood up, smiling cheerfully down at a horny, flustered Connie as she was left dripping wet. “So what time were the girls coming over for you?”

“Um, I think they might already be here.”

Sternly Michelle crossed her arms. “And you’re up here fooling around with me instead of showing those girls a great time?”

“I- I had to make sure you were okay. And I needed a shower.”

“Well you’re plenty clean and I’m doing fine. I just need some rest. So get dressed and go have some fun, Mistress.”

Connie could only lay there in the shower and watch as Michelle casually peeled off her soaked nightgown, revealing her amazing body. Then she stepped out of the tub, and Connie quickly scrambled after her.

Gripping the edge of the tub, Connie forced herself to ask, “And you’re really okay with me hooking up with Jane?”

Michelle was toweling off her body and making a suspiciously sexy show of it. “Honestly I assumed you already had.”

There wasn’t a lot Connie could say to that, so she just watched as Michelle opened the bathroom door and strutted out naked. Connie groaned and shivered. How could she possibly be so lucky to have a woman like Michelle so devoted to her that she’d actually encourage her Mistress to fuck her daughter too?

But that just reminded her of Jane downstairs, probably dealing with a confused Aubrey and Coop. Did Connie really have the energy to fuck another three girls like she did last night?

Whether she did or not it didn’t matter. Connie wasn’t going to let this chance go. So she picked herself up and shut off the shower, quickly drying off and getting dressed. She got trapped in front of her suitcase for a few minutes, panicking about what to wear until it occurred to her that the girls had already made it clear they wanted her. There wasn’t much of a chance that she’d blow it just by wearing the wrong outfit.

In fact Connie could probably strut downstairs naked and they’d love it. She was almost tempted to do just that, except that she didn’t have Michelle’s confidence just yet. So instead she put on a skirt, her favorite T-shirt and a cute pair of panties. She headed back to Michelle’s room and saw her sitting in bed with a book. Only Connie noticed the blush on her slave’s cheeks, and the way one hand was hidden under the blanket.

Connie leaned against the door frame and grinned. “I thought you were tired?”

“I am,” Michelle replied sheepishly. “But teasing you got me all worked up.” Then Michelle’s eyes glanced up and down as she giggled. “You look very cute, Mistress. I’m sure the other girls will be all over you.”

“Don’t change the subject,” said Connie with a stern voice.

Instantly Michelle dropped the book. She sucked in a breath, her full attention on Connie.

“You’re supposed to be resting, and instead you’re trying to sneak in another orgasm. I can’t let my sex slave be that greedy.”

Michelle’s lip quivered as she squirmed under the blanket. “Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress. Can your slave please be allowed to cum?”

The answer was going to be no, but Connie let Michelle hope as she slowly strutted over to the bed. She smiled down at Michelle, running a hand over her still damp hair. It felt good to be in charge like this. Natural. Connie savored the feeling, knowing this is how the other girls wanted her to act. She could play the part of the confident Mistress, even if she didn’t have the confidence part down all the way yet.

So to tease her, Connie bent down closer to Michelle and asked, “If I were to let you cum, tell me what fantasy you’d enjoy as you came for me, slave.”

Michelle’s eyes went wide, and for the first time she actually looked ashamed. Michelle actually hesitated, but the hypnotic need to obey must have taken over as she admitted, “I’d rub myself thinking about you fucking Jane.”

Connie was utterly speechless. Having Michelle not just accept that Connie wanted to fuck Jane but encourage her was one thing. And yet the thought that Michelle would actually get off on Connie being with Jane…

That was another step closer to her deepest fantasies. Of having Michelle and Jane being her willing slaves. Happily fucking her together. Or fucking each other to please Connie.

Michelle opened her mouth, probably with some kind of excuse, but Connie didn’t want to spoil the moment. Instead she quickly tapped Michelle on the forehead. “Drop for me, slave.”

Michelle’s anxious expression melted away to sublime peace as her eyes fluttered shut. Connie stood there watching the entranced Michelle, considering. She’d always hoped she could make Michelle have fantasies about Tara or Jane. That she could get the girls to naturally find each other sexy, and have them all join together as her slave harem.

It would be easy to dissect Michelle’s fantasy and encourage it. Or alter it more to Connie’s purposes. To train and condition Michelle into exactly what Connie wanted.

Suddenly Connie took a step back. She remembered what kind of person she wanted to be. As tantalizing as brainwashing Michelle was, she already had Michelle as her willing slave. And now Jane was interested in being hypnotized too. Her impossible fantasy was more possible tonight, and she didn’t need to do anything underhanded to get it.

Michelle already trusted her completely, and that was more precious than changing Michelle to fit her fantasies.

So instead she bent down and kissed Michelle on the forehead. “Can you hear me, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You won’t try to get off any more tonight. You’ll simply focus on actually relaxing and having a good nights sleep.”

Connie had expected some note of frustration, but Michelle really was down deep enough to stay totally neutral as she replied, “Yes, Mistress.”

Connie’s eyes glanced to the door and she blushed. “Also you won’t hear or notice anything going on downstairs. Unless it’s an emergency like a fire or something. Even if you get up to use the bathroom you won’t notice anything me and the other girls might be saying or doing. And you also won’t want to go downstairs, unless there’s a real emergency. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Satisfied, Connie straightened up. “You can remember my suggestions I just gave you as you wake up on the count of three. One, two, three.” Connie snapped her fingers, and Michelle jerked awake in surprise. She seemed to take stock of herself, then pouted at Connie.

“Oh that’s mean.”

“Don’t want you spying on me with other girls, after all,” Connie said with a grin.

Michelle blushed. “I meant that I can’t masturbate. That’s just for tonight, right Mistress?”

Connie made a show of thinking about it. “I’ll let you know how I feel about it in the morning.”

Michelle whined, but picked her book back up. “Yes, Mistress.” As Connie was almost out the door Michelle suddenly called her name. When Connie turned she saw Michelle smiling warmly at her. “Have fun with everyone, Connie. You’re a wonderful mistress, and I’m sure they’ll see it.”

“Thank you,” Connie muttered back, blushing ear to ear. She shut the bedroom door feeling drunk and dizzy on praise. It felt so much easier when someone else complimented her. Like she could really believe it.

“I’m a wonderful mistress,” she whispered to herself. Then Connie grinned and said, with more heart, “I’m a wonderful mistress.”

There was nothing to be afraid of. Just because she was hypnotizing Aubrey for the first time, and Jane for the first time since she admitted she liked it too, and dominating Coop as well. It all seemed overwhelming, but Connie’s confidence held fast as she headed down the stairs to meet the girls.

She would show them a great time. She’d be the confident hypnotist that Michelle had shown her she could be. It really was okay for her to be this happy, and to have such good things happen to her.

Although, Connie realized that she might have too much of a good thing going on as she froze at the bottom landing of the stairs.

Aubrey was sitting in a rocking chair next to Coop, who smiled the second she saw Connie. And coming out of the kitchen was Jane, wearing an apron over her sexy red dress and carrying a pitcher of ice tea and two glasses. Except Jane walked right past Aubrey and Coop, instead setting the glasses down in front of the couch.

“Here you go,” Jane cheerily said to Heidi and Sonia, both girls dressed up nice as if they were on a date. They both ignored Jane, instead giving Connie guilty smiles.

And standing right in front of Connie was a woman she’d never seen before. A tall brunette with curly hair, wearing a tight pair of green pants and a cute blouse with a plunging neckline. The strange woman looked to be Aubrey’s age, another college girl, and she favored Connie with a huge smile as if they’d been friends for years.

“Connie! So glad you could finally come down. We’ve all been waiting for you to get the party started.”

Connie stared between this total stranger and the other five women in the room, who she finally noticed were all throwing suspicious glances at each other. Finally Connie’s eyes settled on Coop’s as she asked, “What the fuck did I miss?”