The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 51

Summer Lovin’: Part 19

Aubrey raced her motorcycle through the back roads, constantly having to remind herself to slow down. The excitement of what she’d be doing that night— and more importantly who she’d be doing it with— kept spurring her to get to Jane’s house faster. It took everything Aubrey had to quiet the little devil on her shoulder that kept whispering about the fun that was to come.

Hypnosis. Fucking. Domination. A threesome with Jane and Connie.

Aubrey rode on the vibrations of her roaring bike before she caught herself and slowed down once more. She was almost there. She could be patient. After all, how many years had Jane patiently had a crush on her and never mentioned it?

While the idea of what Connie would do to them was responsible for most of Aubrey’s arousal, there was also the delighted excitement about sleeping with her long time friend. It was strange to imagine Jane being sexy, but in a good way. Like discovering a whole new side of her that she’d kept hidden for so long.

Aubrey was dying to see what kind of outfit Jane came up with to seduce Connie. They’d bought lingerie together, a secret weapon to throw at Connie, but had each decided their outfits would be a surprise. Aubrey felt certain Jane would drool over what she had on. Still, she’d never seen Jane acting sexy on purpose and so had no idea what she’d wear.

So suffice it to say Aubrey was shocked when, after hastily parking her bike at the curb and racing to knock at the front door of the cabin, Jane answered her door wearing an old looking pink apron.


“Oh wow, you look great!” Jane gushed, which is the reaction Aubrey was hoping for. She’d slipped into her tightest pair of black leather pants, with a leather motorcycle jacket and boots to match. Beneath the jacket was just a thin black top that barely covered more than a bra would. It was her go to I-need-to-fuck-someone outfit, and she was hoping Jane had gone similarly all out for the occasion.

Aubrey did spot that Jane had on a red dress that probably looked great on her, but why she’d cover up her figure with the clashing pink apron Aubrey couldn’t say. It wasn’t even the sexy apron look where there was nothing underneath.

“What’s with the apron?”

“Oh, I was doing some cleaning up and didn’t want to get my dress dirty. I’d have changed into some sweat pants but I can’t go upstairs yet.”

“Is your mom home?” Aubrey asked with a tremor of fear. That certainly would be a wrench in their plans. It wasn’t likely Connie would be comfortable doing anything kinky if Mrs. Silva was around.

“It’s not that. Connie just said we can’t go up until she comes down. Can’t be disturbed.”

“Oh okay. So did you talk to her yet?” Aubrey asked, a bit too eagerly.

Jane chuckled. “Easy there. I’ve got a few things I gotta explain first but you should probably come in. Connie’s guests are waiting on the couch and I was just making everyone some snacks.”

Guests? Snacks? What the hell?

Aubrey followed Jane inside and did a double take when she saw the pair of girls waiting on the couch. It was like they’d just come from a club, done up with tight miniskirts, high heels and plunging necklines. Their outfits were downright slutty, and Aubrey didn’t know which one of her multitude of questions to start with.

Except Jane didn’t seem put out at all by the two party girls. She gave them a cheerful wave and said, “Sonia, Heidi, this is my friend Aubrey. Aubrey, this is Sonia and Heidi.”

“Hello,” Heidi said, her face red and fidgeting in her seat. Beside her Sonia remained silent, narrowing her eyes at Aubrey and making no effort to hide that she was sizing her up. While Sonia appeared cool and in control, Heidi was noticeably uncomfortable in her skimpy clothes, constantly tugging at her short skirt to try and will it to cover up her legs more. Not that she had any reason to worry. The outfit was a bit over the top but Heidi looked absolutely delectable. Aubrey would have killed for a chance to hook up with either one of them any other time.

But right now it was obvious they were all vying for the same girl.

Aubrey glanced over at Jane, hoping for back up, but Jane was already walking away to the kitchen. The warm smell of chocolate chip cookies was filling the air, only making the scene more surreal. For all the years Aubrey had known her Jane would balk at the idea of cooking anything.

Now Jane was smiling a downright genial smile as she announced, “The cookies are almost done. Can I give you girls a refill?”

“Yes, please.”

“Sure,” Sonia said, both girls picking up empty glasses and handing them over. Jane took the cups and hummed to herself as she walked to the kitchen, as if this were all perfectly normal.

Something was going on here, and Aubrey had to get to the bottom of it. She sat in a chair opposite the party girls on the couch and asked, “So you two know Connie?”

“Yeah, we’re here to see her. Why are you here?” Sonia asked, matching Aubrey’s suspicious tone.

“Connie’s hanging out with me and Jane tonight. We already spent all day together.”

Sonia’s eye twitched. “Is that so? Well she had a great time with us last night and made plans to see us again tonight.”

Aubrey’s hopes dropped, until Heidi tilted her head towards her friend to say, “Wait, we didn’t make any plans with her.”

With a stern look directed at Heidi, Sonia amended, “Well we’re going to be making plans together.”

So it was a bluff. They were just trying to crash in and take Connie for themselves.

Before Aubrey could give a cutting comeback she was interrupted by Jane waltzing into the room, carrying three drinks on a tray. “Here you girls go, hope you enjoy! I got you a drink too, Aubrey.”

The girls on the couch took their ice teas with a quick thanks. Jane held out the third glass to Aubrey, but she could only stare at her friend in total bewilderment. Finally Aubrey had to ask, “Okay, what the hell is up with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re serving drinks and baking cookies? You usually groan anytime you’re asked to get… well, anything.”

Jane huffed. “I’m just trying to be a good host for Connie’s guests.”

Suddenly Sonia leaned in, interest piqued. “So she’s not usually like this?”

“No, never. Jane’s always been pretty lazy about cooking and cleaning stuff.”

“She was cleaning when we got here too. I thought she was Connie’s maid or something.”

Jane’s strange attitude vanished as she gave a familiar sneer. “I am NOT Connie’s maid. I’m just trying to be a good host by cleaning a little. Geez.”

“Okay but you cleaning at all,” Aubrey cut in. “That’s just even more suspicious.”

Heidi was taking a sip of ice tea, casually observing the conversation when she said, “Maybe she got hypnotized to clean.”

Aubrey’s heart skipped a beat. In the same instant Heidi was coughing on her drink, eyes wide with panic as if she’d just realized what she’d said out loud. Her guilt was only confirmed as Sonia slapped Heidi’s shoulder with a disapproving glare, and a quick nervous glance at Aubrey and Jane.

They were behaving as if Heidi had accidentally let out a huge secret. Like the fact that Connie hypnotized people. Which meant they really were closer to Connie than she was if they knew about that stuff already. Maybe Connie had already hypnotized them. But before she could get sucked into those thoughts Jane loudly stamped her foot.

“I wasn’t hypnotized to do anything.”

“Jane,” Aubrey said, looking her up and down. “You’re wearing a pink apron.”

“I only put this on so I wouldn’t get anything on my nice dress while I was cleaning.”

“And why were you cleaning in a nice dress in the first place?” Sonia asked.

Now Jane crossed her arms, looking back and forth between Aubrey and Sonia like she was being interrogated. “I just realized the place was pretty messy. I wouldn’t be a good host if the place was messy for Connie’s guests.”

Aubrey grinned as she asked, “And did you realize all that before or after Connie hypnotized you?”

“I—” Jane’s eyes shot open, her jaw dropping. “Oh that bitch. She did hypnotize me, didn’t she?”

“Looks like it.”

“I think your apron is cute,” Heidi said helpfully, relaxing now that it was clear everyone was in on Connie’s hypnotic hijinks.

Jane clutched the apron and groaned. “God you’re never going to let me live this down.” As everyone had a good laugh Jane began tugging at the back of the apron to get it off.

“Oh leave it on,” Sonia snickered. “You look great in it.”

“Can’t believe she made me—”

“Jane,” Aubrey said, catching her friend’s attention. “I think a good host would leave the cute apron on.” It was just a hunch, Aubrey didn’t know much about hypnosis after all, but it was weird that Jane had repeatedly referred to herself behaving like a good host.

Sure enough, at just the suggestion of what a good host would do Jane stopped tugging at the apron, her frustrated frown smoothing out. She retied the strings of the apron and fixed it in place before smiling.

“You’re right. I should leave it on. It is cute.”

Aubrey couldn’t believe that worked. So far she’d only been able to tease Jane with hypnotic pleasure with that Buzz trigger, but she’d made a suggestion and Jane completely believed it. Actually it was more like doubling down on Connie’s suggestion, but it still sent a dominant thrill through her to know she could influence her friend like that. But even stronger was the dark urge to know what it was like to be influenced like that too. To have someone suggest something ridiculous and make her completely believe it. That she would do anything she was told and think it was totally normal. What would it feel like to be that helpless?

An excited knot was tying itself in her stomach. Aubrey needed to get Connie to hypnotize her.

Lost in the submissive daydream, it took Aubrey a moment to notice that Sonia and Heidi were gazing at her in awe. Sonia was star-struck, while Heidi wriggled in her seat and asked, “Do you know how to hypnotize people too?”

“Oh no, I have no clue! I only just found out about this hypnosis stuff today. I’ve just had some experience teasing Jane earlier and figured I’d give that a try,” she admitted, flushing a little with embarrassment.

Heidi lit up. “That sounds like fun! I only got hypnotized for the first time yesterday.”

For a second Sonia hesitated, and Aubrey got the idea that she was about to lie to them. She just gave off the impression of a habitual liar, but to Aubrey’s surprise Sonia gave a deep sigh and shrugged. “Yeah, my first time was yesterday with Heidi. Getting hypnotized from Connie really is a trip, isn’t it?”

Aubrey blushed harder. “Um, I haven’t technically been hypnotized by her yet. That’s what I was hoping to do with her tonight.”

“So that explains the sexy biker look. Though you kinda seem more butch than submissive, no offense.”

“Hey, I’m naturally a butch biker, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be submissive too.”

“I guess,” Sonia muttered, and for the first time Aubrey realized that Sonia had been checking her out with some interest beyond just being competition. Heidi was more obviously interested, her eyes constantly dipping down to Aubrey’s tits then darting away like a skittish cat. Aubrey smiled, remembering the eager way they’d reacted when they thought she could hypnotize people too. She might not have that particular skill set, but Aubrey had plenty of experience when it came to taking control.

While Aubrey was stewing in her thoughts, Heidi turned towards Jane. “So when did Connie first hypnotize you?”

Jane bit her lip, and it was kind of adorable seeing her so bashful. “I- I think I should go check on the cookies.

It was certainly a weird conversation, to be talking openly about getting hypnotized by the same girl, but on the subject of getting hypnotized by Connie it was obvious that Jane was the expert. Aubrey figured her friend just needed a little push…

“You know, Jane, I think a good host would answer all her guests questions honestly.”

Jane had almost managed to escape into the kitchen but stopped dead in her tracks. Betrayal flashed across Jane’s face, along with a definite aroused flush. Aubrey just smirked back at her until Jane sagged, her expression melting to a muted smile. Jane turned back to the girls with her eyes half-closed, a dreamy look on her face.

“Oh yeah, that makes sense. Connie hypnotized me a few months ago I think? It’s hard to keep it straight with how many times she’s done it.”

Sonia and Heidi’s jaws dropped. “Holy crap. You’ve been her fucktoy for months?”

At that Jane turned up her nose, the dreamy expression broken by Jane’s usual haughty attitude. “I am not her fucktoy. She’s just been hypnotizing me every now and then. And we’ve slept together a few times. Someone had to teach her how to eat pussy and make people cum.”

“Wait, you taught her that stuff?” Sonia eyes shone as she stroked a hand along her thigh. “Then I definitely have to thank you because last night she was… really good.”

“Yeeeah,” Heidi hummed, closing her eyes and lost in some clearly pleasurable memories. They had mentioned hanging out with Connie the night before. Which was when Connie-

Aubrey shot up in her chair. “Wait, were you girls the one’s Connie fucked at the lake?”

Sonia grimaced, while Heidi buried her face in her hands. “She told you about that?”

“I mean, she mentioned some orgy at the lake. Honestly it sounded like a blast. Oh and we met Connie’s friend Coop who was there too.”

Heidi picked her head up and flashed a smile. “You know Coop?”

“We ran into her and Connie earlier. I only wound up finding out about all this hypnosis stuff because Coop let it slip.”

Sonia threw up a hand. “Ugh, that’d be just like her. Also, I bet she stole Connie from us.”

“You mean before we could try to steal Connie for ourselves?” Heidi asked, a surprising judgmental note in her voice.

“Yeah, exactly.”

“Oh.” Jane put a hand on Aubrey’s shoulder. “That’s what I forgot to tell you. Coop is—”

She was cut off by a loud series of knocks at the door. It was like a switch was flipped as Jane cut off mid-sentence, apparently forgetting what she’d just been about to tell Aubrey and instead immediately making her way to answer the door like a good host. As Jane’s heels clicked with each pointed step, Sonia tilted back over the couch to peek out the window. Suddenly Sonia barked a laugh. “No way.”

“What is it?” Aubrey craned around to look at the front door, hoping that it was Connie. Though hadn’t Jane mentioned Connie was upstairs? What was she doing up there when everyone who wanted her was down here? But the questions faded as Jane walked over to open the door like a good host would.

Jane grinned and said, “Hi Coop, come on in. Your outfit is really cute.”

“Um, thanks,” Aubrey heard from outside. Both she and Heidi stood up to try and get a peek, while Sonia was biting her hand to stifle her laughter. A second later Aubrey understood her reaction when Coop walked in wearing a completely different outfit from before. Gone were the baggie jeans, the flannel shirt and the skateboard. Now Coop was wearing a pleated green skirt and a green tanktop that were clearly too small on her. Not to mention her dirty blonde hair was done up in pigtails. The wannabe cheerleader was blushing furiously as she walked in, only to stop dead when she saw everyone else inside.

“What are you doing here?” she all but squealed in her husky voice, which finally broke Sonia into a laughing fit. Heidi elbowed her in the ribs to make her stop, shooting her a scowl.

Aubrey winced, only imagining how embarrassing getting ambushed in that outfit would be. So she stood up and greeted Coop by saying, “It looks like everyone is here trying to hook up with Connie. Though it seems like we all went a little overboard on our outfits.”

Sonia scoffed. “I look great. At least I didn’t dress up like a cheerleader.”

“Hey, Connie ordered me to dress like this.”

Instantly Sonia’s attitude changed. “Wait, does Connie have a thing for cheerleaders?”

“I don’t know, it was more about this hot thing she did earlier where she made me—” Coop cut herself off, leveling a finger right at Sonia. “Wait, I’m not telling you anything. You’re trying to steal my date tonight.”

“Hey, biker chick and the homemaker are trying to fuck Connie too.”

Jane stomped her foot again. “I am not a homemaker!” Suddenly there was an electric ding from the kitchen. Jane’s outrage was wiped off her face, replaced with a saccharine smile as she declared, “Cookies are ready!” Then she strutted off to the kitchen, ass swaying as all the girls watched her leave.

As soon as she left the room Coop asked, “Did Connie hypnotize her into Betty Crocker?”

“Apparently Connie’s making her act like a good host to entertain her guests,” Aubrey replied, sinking back into her chair as she wondered what it would feel like with the same suggestion. To have to wear an apron and bake cookies and serve drinks. It would totally ruin her cool girl aesthetic she’d cultivated for years, but that was kind of what was hot about it.

“Okay that’s hot.”

“It’s really hot,” Sonia agreed. Which made Coop round back on her.

“Hey I’m still mad at you. I’m mad at all of you.”

Heidi looked stricken. “Why are you mad at me?”

It made Coop hesitate, but then she crossed her arms firmly, her silly pigtails bobbing as she declared, “Because you’re all trying to fuck Connie when it’s my turn to fuck her.”

“Well we only got to be fucked by her last night.”

“That’s right, Heidi,” Sonia chimed in. “Since you clearly got to mess around with her today it’s only fair that it’s our turn.”

“But I’m the only one who actually made plans with her.”

“But isn’t it fair that we all get a piece of Connie equally?” Sonia stared Coop down, and though Aubrey didn’t know her well Sonia seemed like the type who was used to getting her way. And Aubrey was being completely left out.

So she stood up and said, “Hey, I haven’t even had a chance to be hypnotized by Connie yet, so doesn’t that mean I should get to go first?”

“No way,” Sonia said with a shake of her head, completely contradicting herself. “Me and Heidi have been waiting all day for a chance to see Connie again. There’s no way we’re going to get tossed out without even seeing her. Right Heidi?”

Heidi chewed her lip. “I… I do want to sleep with Connie again, but I didn’t think there’d be so many people.”

“I mean, there were four of us fucking last night.”

“Yeah, but now there’s like six people.”

“Which is why it’s no time to be coy,” Sonia declared as she launched to her feet. “I’m fucking Connie first.”

“No way!” Coop and Aubrey shouted in unison, then gave each other suspicious glares.

Even Heidi shot up to say, “I’m gonna fuck Connie first!”

Sonia rounded on her angrily. “Like hell you are!”

“Y-you told me not to be coy.”

“Not if it means getting Connie before me!”

“Who says you get to decide anything?” Aubrey snapped, cracking her knuckles. Sonia and Heidi both backed up, facing off against the biker girl. Coop, in her silly cheer outfit, balled her fists and stood her ground.

It felt as if the intensity in the room couldn’t get any worse…

Which is when Jane walked back into the room with a big smile and a platter full of fresh backed cookies. “Here you go everyone. Enjoy!”

Aubrey and the others held their defensive positions for a beat, then slowly relaxed. The tension evaporated as they all gathered around the coffee table and grabbed a cookie. As they sat down to enjoy a cookie ceasefire, Aubrey still had her eyes locked with Sonia, determined not to lose Connie to some stuck up, annoying-

Aubrey bit into the cookie and instantly forgot all about the fight. “Holy crap,” she mumbled, then forced herself to swallow. “Jane, these are amazing!”

“Thank you,” Jane replied with a grin, standing even taller.

“Seriously,” Sonia said, after gulping down her bite of cookie too. “These are better than the cookies we sell at the diner.”

“I just followed the recipe,” muttered Jane, who was not hiding at all how much she was basking in the compliments. She stood there with an eager smile, hands clasped behind her back, almost like she was standing at attention. Waiting for the next command.

So Aubrey smirked and said, “Oh, but wouldn’t a good host bring milk to go with the cookies?”

Jane gasped. “Oh my gosh, I’ll go get the milk right away.” She hurried off and everyone laughed.

“Okay, homemaker Jane is growing on me,” Sonia said, to which everyone else grumbled agreement as they kept eating. Then she patted her legs and sighed. “Alright, I’m sorry for coming off like a bitch back there. I just wasn’t expecting so much competition.”

“Same here,” Aubrey said with a laugh.

Coop, who’d settled for sitting cross legged on the floor and had a cookie in each hand, mumbled something with her mouth too full to understand. She swallowed and said again, “I just thought it was going to be me and Connie tonight.”

“Well clearly that’s not happening,” said Sonia. “It might be a lot of us, but maybe we can all share her?”

Aubrey doubted that Connie would be up for all of that. Then again, apparently Connie was some kind of sexual superstar so maybe she could fuck all of them. Plus, she’d be hypnotizing them too. Maybe that would make it easier since sex didn’t have to just be physical stuff from what Jane had explained about it.

“I guess we can try to work something out so everyone can be happy.”

Sonia clapped her hands. “Excellent. And obviously since I suggested we all share it’s only fair I get to go first.”

Everyone booed her, but the animosity was gone. They all started taking turns arguing why they should get to fuck Connie first, and it almost felt like a game. The only one who wasn’t joining in was Jane, who had given out glasses of milk and now stood there silently in the corner of the room.

“Hey Jane, don’t you want to fuck Connie too?”

“Of course, but a good host would let the guests sleep with Connie first,” she said proudly.

“Oh right, she’s hypnotized.” Aubrey rubbed her chin. “Hey Jane?”

Jane turned to her, happy to help.

“I think a good host would have offered to show everyone her ass by now.” She tensed, hoping it wasn’t a request too far. Jane definitely had an exhibitionist streak, judging by how much she’d loved cumming in public earlier, and everyone here seemed to be friendly.

Luckily she didn’t have to worry long because Jane gasped. “Oh, I’m sorry.” She spun around and lifted her dress, flashing her lovely large ass and her black lace underwear to everyone in the room.

Coop whistled while Sonia gawked. Heidi’s face turned adorably red. Even Aubrey couldn’t help but blush.

“So we can just play with her all we want?” Sonia asked, a greedy tone to her voice.

“I’m pretty sure you won’t do anything you wouldn’t enjoy, right Jane?”

Jane rolled her eyes, still holding up the back of her dress to flash the thong she was wearing. “Duh, I’m hypnotized, not helpless.”

Immediately Coop put out her hand and said, “A good host would give me twenty bucks.”

To which Jane held up her middle finger, making everyone laugh.

“A good host would show us her tits,” Sonia offered instead.

This time Jane got a faraway look in her eyes. She turned around and, with a dreamy expression, pulled down the top of her apron and her dress to flash her tits. Then Jane shook her head and smiled, completely fine with her tits out.

“Wow,” Heidi muttered, and Sonia nodded her head.

“I can’t wait to be like that again.”

“When is Connie getting back?” Coop asked.

“She said she’d be down soon,” Jane replied with a smile, angling her bared tits for Heidi and Sonia to have a better look. “She’s upstairs right now and can’t be disturbed.”

Ignoring that last part, Coop leapt to her feet and started for the stairs. Suddenly Jane was running across the room in her heels, tits bouncing as she cut Coop off.

“I said she can’t be disturbed,” she growled, the genial host act gone.

“I thought it would be cool if it was me,” Coop said, trying to play it off.

Aubrey couldn’t help but snicker at seeing Jane acting like a tough bouncer with her tits still hanging out over the pink apron.

“Yeah she was like that when we showed up too,” Sonia said from the couch, plucking up another cookie. “Freaked us out so we decided to just sit here and wait. Course I didn’t know we could get her topless and doing sexy stuff for us all along.”

“So is hypnosis always like that?” Aubrey asked, pointing a thumb back at Jane playing defense against Coop.

“Well it hit us like we were head over heels for Connie.”

“Yeah, we really really wanted to be her fucktoys,” added Heidi.

“And then?”

“Then we fucked her,” Sonia said with a shrug. “We didn’t do much experimenting beyond that. Though she did do a thing where I went mindless later and sent her a naked selfie. That was fun.”

Heidi whirled around to face her friend. “She did? Connie didn’t make me do that…”

“Because you’ve got to show her what a slut you can be. She probably still thinks you’re a prude.”

“But I fucked her just as much as you did.”

“And yet she didn’t order you to send a mindless naked selfie, did she?”

Heidi pouted, and Aubrey gave her a sympathetic smile. “I was just asking if she gave you girls any hypnotic triggers to obey like with Jane.”

Sonia and Heidi gave her matching clueless stares.

“You know, like a word she says and it does something to you?”

“Connie can do that?”

An evil grin spread on Aubrey’s face as she spun around in her chair. Jane was still convincing Coop that she couldn’t go upstairs, not paying attention to the rest of them at all. So Aubrey loudly said, “Buzz.”

Instantly Jane shuddered, a moan escaping her lips.

Sonia gasped. “It makes her moan?”

“It feels like someone’s using a vibrator on her when you say buzz.” Behind her Jane whimpered another moan.

Quickly Sonia called out, “Buzz.” Then snapped her head over to Aubrey to ask, “Does it work saying it again like that?”

Almost to answer the question Jane let out a quivering moan, stumbling back a step as Coop watched in awe.

“Yup. It’s stronger every time you say it.”

“Buzz!” Sonia called again.

“Easy now,” Aubrey cautioned, though she couldn’t take her eyes off of Jane. Her friend was slumped back against the railing of the stairs now, eyes rolling back in her head as she pawed at her tits.

“Buzz,” Heidi chirped in, though still looked sheepish about giving someone she just met hypnotic pleasure.

Hell, if everyone was getting in it on now…

Aubrey gave Sonia and Heidi a look as she held up three fingers. She pulled a finger down at a time as she counted down, and as she pulled her last finger back all three girls rang out in unison to say, “Buzz!”

“Ohhh fuuuck,” Jane whined, shaking with what could only be a powerful orgasm.

The only one who hadn’t joined in on teasing Jane was Coop. And Aubrey realized why when she noticed that Coop had been slowly making her way past Jane, creeping up the stairs while she was distracted.

“Hey, Connie said not to go upstairs,” Aubrey called.

“It’s fine,” Coop quickly said, with a face full of guilt. “I’m sure Connie wouldn’t mind if I—”

Suddenly Jane whirled into action, orgasm forgotten as she wrapped her arms around Coop’s waist. In a shocking show of strength Jane actually lifted the very startled Coop into the air and heaved her off of the stairs.

Aubrey and the others just stared in shock. It was clear Jane was ordered to keep people downstairs, but they hadn’t expected that kind of determination from the girl in her pink apron. They were also probably staring because as Coop was lifted up her legs shot out, flashing her ass and the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her green pleated skirt.

Jane dropped Coop down onto her butt with an undignified oomph. She was heaving for breath after exerting herself, but still jabbed a finger down at Coop. “We… have… to stay… downstairs.”

“Okay, okay! Sorry.”

Jane straightened up and smiled, satisfied she’d done her job. And with that her brain remembered she was supposed to be feeling multiple vibrators teasing her because she crumpled like wet newspaper, falling to her knees and grinding against the air as she moaned.

“Buzz off,” Aubrey finally remembered to say after a few moments, too stunned to speak.

“Thank you…” mumbled Jane, falling backwards to rest on the floor.

“Holy crap,” was all Sonia could say.

Aubrey laughed. “Is that ‘holy crap’ to Jane cumming in front of everyone or ‘holy crap’ because Jane just bodied Coop off the stairs?”

“Both, I guess. I didn’t know hypnosis could do so much.”

It wasn’t as if Aubrey knew what hypnosis could do either, but it was clear that all of them had a lot to learn. And the only one who could scratch this itch to experience it was Connie. Aubrey glanced at the other girls, from Heidi and Sonia whispering to each other excitedly, to Coop helping Jane back to her feet and apologizing.

All of them wanted the same thing, and so Aubrey decided that she couldn’t really blame the others. As much as she was hoping to have Connie all to herself— well all to herself and Jane, which was still better than sharing with three other girls— it wasn’t as if they could go find another hot girl who could hypnotize them. Which meant they really had no choice but to share. Maybe it would be fun. Seeing so many cute girls controlled by Connie along with her. Connie might tease them with hypnotic pleasure like Jane felt…

Aubrey imagined Connie confidently standing in the middle of the room, calmly stating the word Buzz and watching as all of them writhed in pleasure. She imagined herself writhing in pleasure, an imaginary vibrator working at her clit but feeling perfectly real.

Yeah, Aubrey could have fun with this. As long as things didn’t get any more complicated.

There was a knock at the door. Aubrey winced. She should have knocked on wood to stop from jinxing things. All conversation stopped as everyone looked to the door suspiciously. Surely it wasn’t another girl here to fuck Connie. She couldn’t be that popular.

The only one moving was Jane, who primly smoothed out her apron and headed to answer the door, still with her tits hanging out over the top of the apron.

“Jane,” Aubrey hissed, “Put away your tits.”

Jane glanced down at her cleavage and shrugged. “It’s fine. A good host is happy to show off her tits to guests.”

“But it might not be a guest!” Heidi said helpfully.

At that Jane blushed and fixed herself, tucking her tits back into her dress and smoothing out her apron once more. Sonia was trying to peer out the window, but by her frustrated frown she couldn’t make out who it was. So it was a complete surprise as Jane opened the door and gasped.

“What are you doing here?”

Aubrey heard a familiar voice say, “I heard there was a party and I didn’t want to miss out.” Aubrey felt like a stone had just dropped into her stomach. She couldn’t believe it as her ex Katie walked in the door, wearing a tight pair of green pants and a cute blouse with a plunging neckline. Katie saw her and waved. “There you are. Looks like I didn’t miss the fun.”

Sonia and Heidi were throwing Aubrey confused looks, but she was just as clueless as them. So Aubrey got to her feet and hurried to Katie, whispering, “What are you doing here?”

Katie put on a hurt expression, but Aubrey knew her well enough to see that it was play acting. “Is that the thanks I get for coming to be your wingwoman? I’m here to help you and Jane hook up with this Connie you’re so taken with.”

“I don’t need your help,” Aubrey snapped, still reeling from her ex’s surprise appearance. It was harsh, but Aubrey couldn’t let her stay. She’d apologize another time. Right now she needed to get Katie out of here before she saw anything suspicious about the way Jane and the other girls were acting. Aubrey didn’t know how she’d begin to explain the hypnosis stuff going on, or that everyone was settling in to what basically amounted to an orgy.

Aubrey grabbed Katie’s shoulder and started pulling her back to the door, only for Katie to stop dead in her tracks as she saw Coop and her embarrassing getup. How was she going to explain that?

Coop looked just as mortified, standing there stammering and unable to explain why she was dressed as a cheerleader.

But then Katie grinned. “Oh my god, you’re one of the girls who got hypnotized in the park!”

Coop’s jaw dropped. “You saw that?”

“I did, and you were great!” Katie shrugged off Aubrey’s hands, who was too stunned to remember she was trying to lead Katie away. Katie sidled up to Coop, admiring her outfit and giggling at her pigtails. “Gonna give another cheer performance tonight?”

“Uhhh…” Coop looked to everyone else for help. Then Katie planted a hand on Coop’s arm and smiled.

“Well if you need another cheerleader I still have some moves. Though honestly, I thought it was hotter when you were hypnotized into a dog. I’d love to experience something like that.”

Aubrey didn’t know what having your mind shut off with hypnosis was like yet, but she figured it had to feel something like this. Katie knew about hypnosis and wanted to try it? Not only that but she’d seen Coop being hypnotized? Which meant she must have seen Connie too. Did she know her?

Fear and jealousy fluttered in Aubrey’s chest, wondering if Katie was another girl after Connie. There seemed to be no end to them.

“Um, thanks,” Coop finally replied, cheeks red. “Are you here to see Connie?”

“Yup, I’m sure it’s gonna be a hell of a party.” Katie looked over her shoulder at Aubrey and winked.

Everyone else was still frozen solid, unsure of this new mysterious player in the room just as tensions had died down. The only one who relaxed was Jane, who put on a genial smile and said, “Any guest of Connie’s is welcome here. Do you want some cookies and milk?”

“Oh that sounds delightful. And look at you in that apron,” Katie said with a playful laugh. “You look so cute.”

“Oh!” Jane’s eyes went wide, as if she’d been caught undressed. “Sorry, I forgot,” she said, before grabbing the top of her dress and slipping it down, letting her tits out. Because they’d told Jane a good host shows off their tits to her guests.

Aubrey tried to stop her but it was too late: Jane’s breasts were out and flashing Katie, while Jane smiled as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Instead of freaking out, like any rational person might do, Katie just laughed again. “Wow, your tits look even better than I imagined. And so quick to be topless.”

“Well a good host is happy to show off her tits to her guests.”

“Of course you are.” Katie leaned in with a wolfish smile. “Jane, did you get hypnotized too?”

“I did. Connie hypnotized me to act like a good host for her guests and to keep everyone downstairs.”

“Well you’re certainly being a wonderful host from where I’m standing,” Katie tittered again.

Even for someone who knew about hypnosis Katie was taking all of this far too well. Aubrey had freaked out her first time after seeing Connie hypnotize that girl at the movie theater. Of course her freak out had quickly turned into her frantically masturbating, but the point was that she’d had a strong reaction. Katie was acting as if this was… normal.

“So,” Katie said, clapping her hands, “Anyone else hypnotized and having fun? Or are we still waiting for the fun to start?”


She turned, smiling innocently at Aubrey. As much as she wanted to ask what the hell was up, it was too distracting having Jane’s tits out. So Aubrey focused on her first and said, “Jane, a good host covers up her tits.”

“Oh shoot,” Jane whined, instantly bashful about her boobs showing. She hastily walked to the kitchen, stuffing her tits back into her dress. “I’m sorry you had to see that, Katie. I’ll get you some cookies right away!”

But Katie only frowned as Jane disappeared into the kitchen. “Aw, why’d you tell her to put them away? I thought you and Jane were gonna be a thing now.”

“Katie, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you freaking out?”

Katie kept a level gaze with her, acting innocent as she said, “Should I be freaking out?”

“Well don’t you think this stuff is…” Weird? Strange? Hot?

Before Aubrey could settle on a word, Katie shook her head and laughed. “You’re right, I guess I should be freaking out. I had no idea you and Jane were into kinky hypnosis stuff too. Small world,” she added with an odd smile.

“Wait… you…”

Katie stood there proudly in her admission, as every other girl in the room looked around uncertainly.

And in that tense, silent moment they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Every pair of eyes glanced up to see Connie finally appear, her hair a bit wet but looking as cute as ever. Only Connie’s breezy smile vanished and her eyebrows shot up as she took in the state of the room and everyone in it. Including Jane, who sauntered back into the room with a smile and another tray of fresh cookies, her pink apron back in place.

Katie was the first to speak, flipping back her brunette hair and exclaiming, “Connie! So glad you could finally come down. We’ve all been waiting for you to get the party started.”

Connie stared between this total stranger and the other five women in the room. “What the fuck did I miss?”