The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 52

Summer Lovin’: Part 20

“What the hell did I miss?” Connie asked, standing frozen on the stairway.

Aubrey opened and closed her mouth, at a loss for words. Heidi and Sonia exchanged a look as they sat on the couch, too guilty to explain their presence. Coop was still watching the suspicious brunette woman in the green pants that had greeted Connie.

So to Connie’s surprise it was Jane who spun around, her pink apron fluttering, and with a breezy smile said, “Well after you left I started cleaning. Then your friends Sonia and Heidi came to the door. I let them in and served your guests drinks as a good host would, and started baking cookies. Then Aubrey and Coop came over and I served everyone cookies. And showed them my ass and my tits like a good host would. The girls teased me with the hypnotic pleasure trigger you gave me until I came, and then Coop tried to sneak upstairs but I stopped her. And then Katie came over to join the party, and since she’s a guest I showed her my tits and went to get her cookies too. That’s everything you missed.”

Connie could only stare slack-jawed as Jane did an actual curtsy and smiled up at her. It only took a quick look around the room at everyone’s faces to see that she was telling the truth.

The new girl, who was apparently named Katie, made a low whistle. “I missed all of that? Guess that’s what I get for being fashionably late to the party.”

As much as Connie was freaking out over having all of her hookups from the weekend in the same room— well most of them, anyway— she forced herself to focus on Katie. A complete stranger now intimately aware of how she’d been hypnotizing and messing with everyone else. When she’d told Jane to be a good host she’d just meant for her to be polite to Coop. Not bake cookies and expose herself and tell a total stranger about the kinky stuff they got up to.

But the strangest part was that Katie was totally unfazed by everything she heard, her friendly smile not changing in the slightest during Jane’s recap.

“I’m sorry, who are you?” Connie asked, trying to contain her panic as she descended the stairs.

Katie grinned and stuck out her hand. “I’m Katie, Jane and Aubrey’s friend. Technically I’m Aubrey’s ex, but we’re still on good terms. She told me about a party that was going on and I wanted to check it out. Though I wasn’t expecting anything this much fun.”

Connie stared Katie down, trying to figure out why she was really here. The easy explanation was that she was another one of Gloria’s victims, hypnotized to crush on Connie and come after her. Only if Katie had a hypnotic compulsion to lust after Connie then she did an amazing job of hiding it, as she just returned the handshake like it was perfectly normal.

It was easy to remember the ecstatic reactions that Coop, Sonia and Heidi had when they touched Connie. Then again, Janice had been able to hide her crush and act innocent at first, until her hypnotic arousal came rushing out all at once. There had to be some way to find out the truth without anyone else at the party catching on too, considering that the only one aware of Gloria’s actions so far was Coop. She couldn’t let Jane discover what her grandmother had been up to on Connie’s behalf.

So Connie took a deep breath and remembered the confidence she’d been surging with just moments before. “Nice to meet you, Katie. Do you mind if I go welcome everybody first and get back to you?”

“It’s your party, have fun. Just let me know if you’re gonna drop anyone into trance. I’d love to watch.”

The casual attitude Katie had with hypnosis was still throwing Connie off, but she brushed it aside as she quickly went over to the couch to confront Sonia and Heidi.

“So what are you two doing here?” she asked in a quiet but firm voice.

“We came for the party,” Sonia lied unconvincingly.

Connie’s first instinct was to just drop Sonia into trance and make her confess the truth, but Katie was watching them. Until she figured out what she knew Connie would have to be careful.

Luckily Heidi only needed a stern look before she crumbled. “We came over because we were too horny and wanted you to fuck us again.”

Connie sighed. “I should be mad at you for barging in, but how can I be angry about a reason like that?”

Sonia leaned in eagerly, cool demeanor totally forgotten. “So you’ll fuck us?”

“First let me deal with Katie, then I’ll decide if I’ll let you stay. Got it?”

Both girls straightened up on the couch and answered in unison, “Yes Mistress.”

Connie blinked at them in surprise. “I did remove all the programming I put in your head last night, right?”

“You did,” replied Sonia, blushing deeply. “I just like it when you act in charge.”

“Me too,” Heidi agreed.

And here Connie wanted to take tonight easy. First it was just going to be Coop she would play with, then Jane and Aubrey got added to the mix. And now how was she supposed to turn away Heidi and Sonia acting so cute and submissive too?

“Just wait here and make small talk with Katie. Keep her occupied, okay?”

Both girls nodded, filled with obedient determination. As soon as Connie stepped away Sonia raised a hand and shouted, “Katie! I love your pants! You have to tell me where you bought them!”

It was hardly subtle but it worked as Katie cheerfully went over to chat with them, leaving Connie free to talk with the others. Aubrey and Coop where whispering together, while Jane stood by like a maid waiting for a command. As soon as Connie approached Aubrey grimaced.

“I swear I didn’t invite her. I had no idea she was even into hypnosis!”

“It’s fine,” Connie said, though she wanted to get to the bottom of things too. “Seems like everybody decided to drop in tonight. I’m lucky half the hot girls in town aren’t here.”

“Oh I hope not,” Jane said with a polite frown. “I don’t have nearly enough snacks for that many people.”

“Okay, lets start here. Jane, why are you wearing an apron and flashing your tits at people?”

“Because I didn’t want to get my nice dress dirty while I was baking cookies,” she answered primly. “And they told me that a good host shows her tits to her guests, so I made sure to do that too.” Jane smiled with pride, then suddenly frowned. “But then Aubrey told me a good host doesn’t show her tits so I stopped. Which means I was a bad host when I showed off my tits. Oh no. Unless I’m a bad host now for not showing my tits. What if I—”

Connie saw the panic of the paradox on Jane’s face and cut off her babbling with a firmly spoken word. “Drop.”

Instantly Jane went silent, her head dipping forward and her eyes glazing over. Connie stole a quick glance back to Katie, but she was chatting with the other girls with her back turned to them. Grateful she was safe, Connie turned back to see Coop tilting to the side, her eyes fluttering as she began to sink into trance too. But then Coop managed to shake it off, her eyes clearing as she straightened up.

“Sorry Coop. Didn’t mean to get you too.”

“It’s cool, just felt it a little,” she chuckled, the tomboy regaining her senses and smiling. “That is so cool though.”

“I’ll say.” Aubrey was staring at Jane in complete amazement, and Connie couldn’t help but remember the awe that filled her the very first time she saw Jane hypnotized.

“This is your first time seeing her in a trance, right Aubrey?”

Aubrey just nodded. She gave Jane’s arm an experimental poke. Jane wobbled but didn’t react.

“Jane, just stand there and don’t pay attention to what we’re saying until I tap your shoulder. Understand?”

“Yes Connie,” the blank Jane answered with a nod.

“So, who wants to explain why Jane was showing her tits and just told a stranger about me hypnotizing her?”

Aubrey gulped and hesitantly raised her hand. “W-we figured out that she was acting weird because you hypnotized her to act like a good host. So I decided to tease her by saying that a good host would show off her ass and tits and, well…”

“She did exactly that.” Connie shook her head. “I would probably have- No, I’d definitely have done the same in your shoes, if not worse. Plus it’s my fault for telling her to be a good host. I just didn’t want her to slam the door shut in Coop’s face.”

Coop gasped and stared at Jane, who had zero reaction to the accusation. “Why would she do that?”

“Because she and Aubrey wanted to have a threesome with me. I told her we were already hooking up and she asked to join in. I just wouldn’t put it past Jane to try to cut you out.”

Aubrey blushed. “Sorry about that. I didn’t realize you two were already—”

“It’s fine,” Coop said with a wave of her hand. “Connie can fuck anybody she wants. I should have guessed how popular she’d be.” With that Coop glanced across the room at Heidi, Sonia and Katie as they made small talk. “So why is this Katie chick here anyway?”

“I don’t know,” Aubrey whined quietly.

“She said you told her there was a party going on.”

“I didn’t say that. I just told her me and Jane were trying to hook up with you and asked her for her employee discount.”

Coop grabbed Connie’s arm, eyes wide. “You don’t think she’s…”

It was obvious she was going to say sex zombie, Coop’s joking term for the other women like her who’d been whammied by Gloria, only she managed to stop herself from blurting it out in front of Aubrey. Still the damage was done as Aubrey crinkled her brow with concern.

“Think she’s what?”

Floundering, Coop backed up and shyly said, “That she’s, uh, out to sleep with Connie too?” For her it seemed like a decent recovery, and still got to the heart of the problem that Connie wanted to figure out.

Aubrey crossed her arms, frowning as she considered it. “Katie told me that she came to help us hook up with you, but it’s still weird she just showed up. And I never knew she was into hypnosis or anything kinky like that. Maybe she just never told me.”

Connie considered what she’d heard but it was hard coming to a conclusion with such uncertain information, like trying to tie knots with wet spaghetti. If Katie was trying to be a wingwoman to Aubrey and Jane and help them sleep with her than that was a good sign she wasn’t hypnotized into crushing on her, but what were the odds of her just randomly showing up and being into hypnosis too?

Then Connie saw that her internal debate was making Aubrey cast suspicious glances at her ex. It wouldn’t be good if Aubrey started to question her motives too. So Connie quickly changed the topic, remembering something Aubrey had just mentioned. “Employee discount on what?”

Aubrey’s blush deepened as she shifted nervously. “Some lingerie to impress you…”

Coop snickered and Connie gulped.

“I think that’s what gave Katie the idea. At first she thought it was for Jane and I just blurted out that we both wanted to hook up with you. So I guess she thought it was for like a party happening and she’s been to the cabin before and…” Aubrey trailed off, looking flustered and embarrassed which was honestly a cute look on the biker girl. Connie took a moment to appreciate her outfit. She wore tight leather pants that Connie wanted to just run her hands over. Looking so badass in her leather jacket and some skimpy black bra of a top. God she was so hot. Connie couldn’t help but shiver at the thought of Aubrey grabbing her and dipping her down, pinning her to the floor to make out. Although shouldn’t she be the one on top in her own fantasy?

And Coop. Dressed in an adorably skimpy green skirt and top, going for the cheerleader look that Connie had ordered her to emulate. Except that was supposed to be for her eyes only, not for Coop to be in the middle of a party looking ridiculous in pigtails. Connie swore to make it up to her later.

Not to mention Jane, who she’d accidentally turned into an apron wearing, exhibitionist maid. Actually, that wasn’t such a bad thing, except she should have know not to do anything weird in front of strangers. Of course, Katie wouldn’t be a stranger to her.

The girls were looking towards Connie, all except Jane who stared blankly ahead, and Connie found herself horny and wanting all three of them. Plus Sonia and Heidi in their ridiculous but hot party outfits they had on. Connie even wanted to take Katie. She’d have to hypnotize and fix Katie if she was a victim of Gloria’s, after all. And all the girls so far had still been eager to play with her even with the suggestions removed. Connie shuddered and enjoyed a fantasy of having all six girls in trance, moaning pledges of devotion as they kissed all over her naked body.

Her dirty thoughts must have been obvious because Aubrey and Coop were smiling, clearly eager to pitch in.

Then from across the room a shout knocked Connie back to reality. “Hey! I said to tell me if you were dropping anyone into trance.” Katie was stepping over the coffee table, grinning ear to ear as she hurried over.

Connie had to shake off her horny fantasies and was too slow in recovering. Before she knew it Katie was beside her, inspecting Jane’s hypnotized expression with glee.

“Wow, she looks so out of it. Doesn’t she look pretty like this, Aubrey?”

Aubrey was forced to nod her head. “Yeah, she does.”

“How’s it feel being in trance, Jane?” Katie leaned in close, waiting for an answer, but Jane stayed silent. “Hello?” She waved a hand in front of Jane. “Um, Connie? I think you broke Jane.”

Maybe she was being defensive of her skills as a hypnotist but Connie blurted out, “She’s fine. I just told her to ignore everything we said for now.”

“Ooh, that’s so cool! What are you going to do with her?”

Connie made a face. “Hey Katie, can I have a word with you over here?”

“Sure thing.” Katie walked away from Jane, still acting as though her friend being hypnotized was completely ordinary. There was no way she couldn’t be one of Gloria’s victims, except that the other girls had all been head over heels for Connie and completely clueless about hypnosis. None of them even remembered Gloria hypnotizing them until Connie put them under.

Connie cupped her chin, wondering what she was going to say. There had to be some way to make Katie slip up and admit she was hypnotically in love with her. Although Connie didn’t have a clue how she was supposed to figure this out. As she was trying to choose her words, Katie suddenly leaned in. For a moment Connie thought she was going to make things easy and just kiss her.

Instead Katie went to the side and whispered into her ear, “I had no idea Jane was into hypnosis too. You gotta tell me what she’s like as a subject later. And about this pleasure trigger she has. I’ve always wanted to hypnotize a girl to have something like that.”

Connie flinched back in surprise. “Wait, you- you’re a hypnotist too?”

“Sure am,” Katie replied with total confidence. “Although I admit I haven’t had the most experience. Small town, you know?” Then she glanced over her shoulder at the other five women in the room. “Then again, guess I wasn’t looking hard enough if you found all these subjects.”

With a nervous chuckle Connie said, “It’s more like they all found me.”

“And Aubrey? God, I bet she’d look so hot hypnotized. You gotta tell me what you’ve done with her so far, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

“I, uh, haven’t hypnotized her yet.”

Katie stared at her aghast. “Then do it! Get that girl alone, put her in trance and have some fun with her. And then tell me how it was.”

It was wild to have another person so eagerly egg her on to hypnotize someone. If Katie were really crushing on her then she’d be begging Connie to put her into trance instead of Aubrey. And yet Katie had her eyes on Aubrey, and Connie couldn’t blame her. Across the room Aubrey was groping at Jane’s tits, enjoying how utterly unresponsive she was. As if Jane were just a doll to be played with.

Just as the dirty thoughts started to form in Connie’s head she found Katie speaking them out loud.

“God that’s so hot. But I’m just imagining her and Jane together, both equally blank.”

The fantasy was vividly clear in Connie’s head. Both girls hypnotized, just dolls with absent smiles. Totally under her control. Connie licked her lips, picturing Aubrey and Jane on their knees before her, totally mindless and ready to obey.

And as Connie stared and fantasized about the girls, Katie slid behind her to whisper in her ear as if she were the devil on Connie’s shoulder.

“Doesn’t Aubrey look amazing tonight?”

“Yeah,” Connie sighed, still lost in a daydream of ravaging the pair of beautiful girls.

“Don’t you want to just put her into a trance? Make her obey?”


“What would you do first? Make Aubrey kneel? Strip out of those tights? Or make out with Jane?”

They were all such tempting options. Connie found each idea flashing through her head, all so tantalizing as they fought for the spotlight. But as she was getting lost in the fantasies a loud clap brought Connie crashing back to earth. She shook her head and saw Coop laughing as she clapped her hands loudly next to Jane again, the hypnotized girl having no reaction at all.

Connie noticed Katie over her shoulder and quickly stepped away, putting some distance between them. “Um, listen Katie. I’m sorry but this was kind of supposed to be a, uh, private party?”

“Because you were going to hypnotize everyone with kinky suggestions and fuck all night?”

The weird noise that escaped Connie’s throat at the accusation was a mix of arousal and guilt. “N-no.”

“Hey, I get it. You don’t want someone you don’t know or trust crashing the fun. I certainly wouldn’t want a stranger interrupting me hypnotizing a pretty girl. So if you prefer I could leave.”

Now Connie didn’t know what to do. If Katie really was hypnotized by Gloria to pursue her she wouldn’t just offer to leave. Also if Katie was a hypnotist herself would she even be able to fall for Gloria’s necklace trick? Surely she would have seen that coming. Could it really be a total coincidence that Aubrey’s friend crashed what she thought was a normal party, while also being a kinky hypnotist herself?

With her indecision obvious, Katie patted Connie on the shoulder and said, “I’ll just go. It was nice meeting you, Connie, and we should definitely hang out sometime to talk about hypnosis. I haven’t had the chance to meet another hypnotist to talk shop with.”

The truth was that Connie had never had a chance to talk to another hypnotist either. Obviously she couldn’t talk to Gloria about what she got up to with her granddaughters. Talking to someone else who appreciated hypnotized submissive women actually sounded great. Except that they left tomorrow.

“Hang on,” Connie said, catching Katie by the sleeve. For a second she thought she felt a tremor of excitement from the girl, but when Katie turned it was the same neutral smile. So Connie sighed and said, “You can stay if you want.”

It was easier to hypnotize Katie here than worrying about whether she was affected by Gloria or not all night long. Plus everyone at the party was already obedient to Connie aside from Aubrey. Once she had them hypnotized it would be easy to make anyone forget anything they weren’t supposed to hear. Plus, Katie was cute. And a hypnotist.

“Thanks, Connie. I promise I won’t cramp your style or get in the way.”

With that settled, Connie returned to Jane and tapped her shoulder. “Can you hear me, Jane?”

“Yes Connie,” she replied in a monotone.

“Tell me how it felt acting like a good host for everyone.”

“Embarrassing but hot. It turned me on to bake cookies and get everyone drinks. And I’m really wet from flashing all of your guests like it was normal.”

“Good girl.”

Jane shivered and let out a wordless moan at the praise. Suddenly Connie heard chuckles from behind her and saw that everyone in the room was watching her. Everyone was grinning aside from Sonia, who remained on the couch with a pout on her face and making a jealous whine. It was the second time that day she found herself hypnotizing someone in front of a crowd. Surprisingly it was Katie who she focused on as the unfamiliar girl gave her a an encouraging smile. Connie gulped back her stage fright and continued with Jane.

“Would you like to return to normal, or spend the rest of the party acting like a good host?”

Jane shut her eyes and lowered her head, as if the hypnotized girl were debating with herself. After a few moments she raised her head and half opened her eyes. “I would like to stay a good host for the rest of the party, Connie. I’m going to act upset with you when you wake me up and tell you I never want to do it again, but that will be a lie.”

“Then when you wake up you’ll continue being a wonderful host like you have been. Just remember not to do anything you would truly be uncomfortable doing.”

“Yes Connie.”

“Then wake up now.”

Jane’s eyes popped open and she frowned furiously at Connie. “Oh you are so dead for this. Do you have any idea how mortifying it is wearing an apron and doing all this?”

As furious as Jane was acting, she’d already confessed that it was just a show. So Connie didn’t bat an eye as Jane glared at her. She simply tilted her head and asked, “If you hate it so much then why are you so wet?”

A question that made Jane squirm and lose the scowl on her face. “Y-you don’t know that I’m wet.”

“Then why don’t I just check for myself?”

Jane hissed in a breath, her eyes roaming over everyone watching them. Her indecision was obvious. Both afraid and excited at the thought of Connie reaching under her apron and seeing how wet she was.

She wanted it, but was still obviously nervous. So Connie decided not to push it, since they had all night to fool around.

“You look really cute in that apron,” Connie added.

“Shut up,” Jane whined. The other girls in the room laughed, and Jane blushed deeper.

Coop suddenly held up a hand. “Hey Jane, can you get me some water?”

Instantly she stood upright and did a curtsy, her embarrassment forgotten. With a robotic smile Jane said, “Of course, Coop. Can I get anyone anything else?”

Minutes later the group of girls were all sitting around the room and laughing, all except Connie who’s face was bright red since she was the topic of discussion. Everyone had apparently decided to start taking turns telling stories about Connie, to cheers and oohs and nudges at Connie’s expense.

Sonia and Heidi filled everyone in about how she’d dominated them in a foursome on the lake.

Jane had shared the story of the first time Connie hypnotized her in her bedroom and made her see a glittering white snowstorm around them. Thankfully Coop cut in before Jane could share any more conspicuous stories about their hooking up. Then Connie was shocked when Aubrey confessed how she’d witnessed Connie hypnotizing Tammy at the movie theater, which prompted all sorts of questions.

But all along Connie kept darting her eyes over to Katie, gauging her reaction for any sign of jealousy or longing to be Connie’s fucktoy or any other indicator that she had been hypnotized by Gloria. So far there hadn’t been any red flags, until Katie brought up the park. The way she told it she’d managed to catch the show and was busy telling everyone how amazing Connie had been hypnotizing Coop and the other girls to perform.

“You should have seen it! That hot business-lady in the suit just mooing and trying to munch on grass. And Coop made the cutest dog, I swear.”

Sonia and Aubrey started teasing Coop by asking if she wanted a treat, which prompted Jane to automatically bring the plate of cookies over to them and bring up a round of laughter.

Connie laughed along, eyes narrowing. When it died down she tilted her head towards Katie and asked, “So when Aubrey told you she was looking to hook up with me you knew who I was?”

To which Katie quickly shook her head. “When Aubrey mentioned that she was going to hang out with this amazing Connie girl I thought, ‘That’s just a coincidence. No way is it her.’ But my curiosity got the better of me and wouldn’t you know it, same Connie from the park. It really was a great show by the way.”

Connie knew it would have been polite to accept the praise, but instead found herself asking, “But you remembered my name from the park?” The other women in town had all been hypnotized by Gloria to know Connie’s name and recognize her from a photo. So if Katie knew her name…

But Katie didn’t act like she’d been found out. With an easy laugh she said, “Well you had a squad of hypnotized girls cheering your name for the crowd. Makes you easy to remember, Connie.”

Now Connie was blushing as she became keenly aware of everyone else leaning in curiously. How was she going to explain her impromptu cheerleaders praising her in the park? It made her sound like a narcissist, but also was another point for Katie being here innocently and having no connection to Gloria’s antics.

“Oh right, guess that makes sense,” she mumbled, embarrassed. Where had all that confidence gone she’d felt upstairs? Connie looked over to Coop for help, but she just shrugged, just as lost at what to do. The shrug made her pigtails bounce, and Connie wished she could have had Coop alone to appreciate her silly outfit. To tease her for being a good dumb cheerleader and then grabbing those pigtails and pulling Coop down between her legs.

Then Connie remembered where she was, with everyone watching her. Katie had definitely noticed Connie staring dreamily at Coop, and began to smile. “You know if you want to do an encore of the cheerleader act you should get Aubrey to do it. She was a cheerleader back in high school.”

That news made Connie and Jane both do a double take at Aubrey, who looked horrified.

“You were a cheerleader?” Jane asked incredulously.

“It was just for extracurriculars,” replied Aubrey, her face turning red. Connie couldn’t imagine this sexy biker gal in a cheer uniform. But the thought was appealing. Aubrey acting like a cheerleader for her. Aubrey hypnotized into a ditzy cheerleader, her cool bad-ass personality forgotten. Then it could be Aubrey and Coop dressed like cheerleaders kneeling before Connie, giving her an L-I-C-K right on her C-L-I-T.

Connie shivered at the enticing thought. The others had all circled around Aubrey, grilling her for information about her cheerleading days, but Katie had silently snuck up right next to Connie. Practically whispering in her ear, Katie said, “Just imagine her hypnotized into your own personal cheerleader. Hell, with all the girls here you could have your own dedicated squad.”

God it was tempting. But Connie still gave a suspicious glance to Katie. “And where would you want to fit in with that?”

“As hot as being a hypnotized cheerleader for you would be I’ll take a pass for now,” Katie chuckled. “No offense, but I only chant and do splits for girls I know a bit better. But if you were feeling generous and wanted to lend me a cheerleader to make out with I wouldn’t say no to that. Coop is definitely my type, although I wouldn’t mind hooking up with Sonia either.”

Connie blinked in surprise and muttered without thinking, “Okay.” She was mostly just shocked that Katie hadn’t instantly begged for the chance to be her hypnotized slut like the others had. Which meant she hadn’t been entranced by Gloria into having a crush on her. Katie was just a normal gal who happened to wander in on everything. And who happened to have an interest in the sexy uses of hypnosis too. It was almost too good to be true.

And to seal any lingering doubts Connie had, Katie leaned in and whispered, “But you should definitely start with Aubrey. She’s sexy, amazing, and she was gushing to me about how into you she is. Believe me, you want to get with her.”

If Katie really had been conditioned to crush on her there’s no way she’d be pushing her to hook up with Aubrey. Then something she said made Connie lock up. “Wait, Aubrey was gushing about me?”

“Duh, I haven’t heard her crushing on a girl like that in a while. You, her and Jane will definitely have a great time. I can keep the rest of your friends occupied down here,” she added with a wink, before strolling over to Sonia and Heidi and leaving Connie with her thoughts.

The way Jane had told it, she’d angled for the threesome as a way of hooking up with both her and Aubrey, since she had a crush on them both. Connie had assumed Aubrey was just up for some fun; she seemed like that kind of adventurous sexy type. But for Aubrey to be so into Connie that even her ex thought it was weird…

It dawned on her how blind she’d been, worrying about the wrong girl at the party. After all, Aubrey had spent the previous day with Jane. It would have been easy for them to run into Gloria. Just a few swings of her pendant and a few choice words about desiring Connie was all it would take. Not to mention the fact that Aubrey had been constantly showering Connie with compliments and acting impressed by all of her sexual hijinks. Like a smitten girl who was jealous and wanted her turn.

Of course. It all made sense now. Aubrey was way too hot to be into someone like her on her own. Which meant Connie had to put Aubrey’s head right before she got out of control.

Right then Aubrey was still being interrogated by Jane and Coop, both wearing teasing grins. She wasn’t acting out of control, but then Sonia and the others had seemed normal at first too. And Connie had already agreed to hook up with her, so why would she need to act out? Aubrey was going to get exactly what Gloria conditioned her to want.

“Fuck,” Connie whispered to herself, seeing the obvious truth. Aubrey was a hypnotic time bomb just waiting to go off and make her do something crazy to please Connie. Katie was right, though not for the reasons she thought. Connie did have to start with Aubrey.

Connie checked on Katie and, true to her word, the brunette was chatting with Sonia and Heidi. She just happened to look over then and caught Connie’s eye. Katie grinned, before twisting around to yell, “Hey, Coop!”

Coop spun around in surprise, pleated skirt fluttering. “Who, me?”

“Unless there’s another Coop,” Katie said smoothly. “We want to see an encore of your cute doggie act from the park. Why don’t you show us?

“Oh no.”

“Oh yes,” cried Sonia, instantly getting into it.

“Please?” asked Heidi.

“Here, Coop. Here girl,” Katie said, clapping at her thighs like she was calling a dog.

Jane and Aubrey giggled as Coop threw back her head and groaned, but wandered over to them all the same. Leaving Jane and Aubrey alone next to Connie. Something both girls picked up on too, as they instantly shared a look and smiled expectantly at Connie.

“Hey, wanna go upstairs?”

It was hardly a smooth line, but then the threesome had already been agreed to. “Absolutely.”

Connie saw the eager gleam in Aubrey’s eyes, wondering if it would still be there when she broke Gloria’s hypnotic control on her. Aubrey could lose all interest in Connie, after all. But surely her feelings for Jane wouldn’t change too, right? And how was she going to explain everything to Jane?

She realized those worries were just weighing her down. First she had to get Aubrey hypnotized and her mind back to normal. She would worry about all those other ideas after that.

As the three headed upstairs, Connie saw the way Katie was engaging the others, keeping their attention as she snuck away. Just before they vanished from view, Katie covertly held out a thumbs up to Connie. And then from behind her Coop also winked and gave a thumbs up to Connie, tilting her head towards Katie.

Connie wanted to give Coop the message that Katie wasn’t suspected of being hypnotized anymore, but it wasn’t like it would cause any problems for them while they were upstairs. Katie would just keep them all engaged, being the perfect wingwoman just like she’d promised.

It really was amazing that she was a hypnotist. As Connie wound her way upstairs behind Jane and Aubrey she couldn’t help but smile at the hope of staying friends with her. Connie wanted to stay friends with everyone she’d met in town, of course, but Katie felt different. She wasn’t going to be a hook up or a hypnotic plaything like the rest. She was cool, helpful, and Connie was desperate to find out what she knew about hypnosis. After this was settled she was definitely looking forward to getting to know her better.

* * *

It had been a few minutes since Connie left to go upstairs and Coop was keeping her promise to look out for Connie. It hadn’t been an explicit promise, but ever since she heard about the sex zombies in town out to jump Connie’s bones Coop had decided she’d do whatever it took to have Connie’s back. So when that chick Katie showed up out of the blue Coop was instantly on guard.

The problem was that so far she seemed totally normal. While it was a hell of a coincidence that she was a hypnotist too, Connie hadn’t made any moves to kick her out or anything yet. And Katie was even keeping Sonia and Heidi engaged so Connie could have some privacy with the others. It’s something Coop would have done for her too, although she did resent being stuck down here instead of up where the fun was.

Still, everything was going as normal as it could for an impromptu party of Connie’s hook ups, plus one additional Katie. Which is when Katie suddenly clapped her hands and leaned in with a wicked smile towards Sonia. The stuck up waitress glowered at Katie and said, “What?”

“You’ve got a crush on Heidi,” Katie declared with certainty.

“No way!” Sonia shouted, at the exact same time as Heidi. Both girls looked to each other, blushed, then turned on Katie to protest. But to Coop it was like a revelation. It was so obvious. She should have recognized the sexual tension between them, but her intuition was probably off since they’d all had sex together the night before. Hard to notice two people’s chemistry when they were taking turns going down on her and Connie.

So now that it was pointed out Coop brayed with laughter. “You two so totally have the hots for each other.”

“I do not have the hots for Heidi.”

“We just work together.”

“We argue all the time.”

“The way a couple would, I’m betting.” Katie flashed a grin at Coop, and it was funny watching her rile the other two girls up. So obviously Coop had to join in.

“I bet you two made out before coming over, too.” Coop had meant it as a joke, only to see Heidi and Sonia freeze up, blushing hard.

“Wow, good call,” chuckled Katie.

Sonia recovered faster than shy Heidi, quickly crossing her arms and turning up her nose at them. “That- that was just because I was horny waiting for Connie. It didn’t mean anything.”

Which didn’t fool Coop at all, but it did make Heidi turn a stricken look at Sonia. “It didn’t?”

Now Sonia looked like she’d been slapped as she floundered for an excuse. “I- that wasn’t what I—”

Coop was ready to crack up watching the two do a speed-run of will-they-won’t-they, but she noticed Katie watching them closely with a growing grin. The kind of expression Connie would wear.

“There’s an easy way to prove you don’t have a massive crush on each other.”

“How?” Heidi asked, while Sonia just shot Katie a mean look.

Katie kept a straight face as she said, “I hypnotize you.”

The three other girls shuddered practically in unison. Coop recovered first to ask, “You can really do hypnosis like Connie?”

“I can’t say if I’m as good as her. That show in the park really was impressive, and it sounds like that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what she’s done with you girls. But I’m pretty sure I’ll have no trouble putting you two into trance.”

Heidi and Sonia leaned in to whisper to each other. Coop couldn’t blame them for being nervous. Especially since it was obvious they were crushing on each other and would end up revealing that if they went under. But then, it would also mean they’d be going into trance. Coop knew the main allure of getting hypnotized was being able to do it with Connie, and yet just the idea of being hypnotized at all sent an excited chill up her spine. And she’d at least been recently hypnotized and teased by Connie, while Sonia and Heidi hadn’t experienced anything since that magical time on the lake. Given how dressed up they were and how they crashed the party, it was obvious they were desperate.

So it didn’t really surprise Coop when Heidi, squirming in her seat, turned back to Katie and said, “Okay.”

Sonia just crossed her arms and glared down Katie, making it sound like more of a challenge. “Sure, go ahead and try.”

If Katie was daunted by Sonia’s attitude she didn’t show it at all. Instead the perky brunette clapped her hands and replied, “Wonderful! Just stare at this for me.” And in one smooth, practiced motion she reached into her cleavage and lifted up her necklace, revealing a cut green gem that had been hiding inside her blouse.

Coop didn’t notice Sonia and Heidi catching their breath, because she was too busy having her own breath hitch at the sight of it. The gem was nearly identical to the one Connie used on them.

“Watch as the crystal catches the light,” Katie instructed. She let the gold chain of her necklace slip through her fingers, making the crystal drop a few inches before she caught it. As it bobbed in the air Coop could see the light reflecting off the edges of the crystal. It spun in place, the light shifting over it’s hard edges, constantly transforming.

The emerald light made Coop’s knees weak.

“You already know how to drop into trance,” Katie told them in a calm, measured voice. “Just like Connie taught you. She showed you just how deep into trance you can go. Connie taught you how easy it is to sink for the crystal.”

The green crystal was beginning to swing back and forth now. Coop’s eyes stayed locked onto it, following the way the light shimmered over it’s cut sides. Just like how she would watch it for Connie. Knowing how to go so deep into trance, just like Connie taught her.

With her eyes seeing only the crystal, it was easy for Coop to imagine that it was Connie holding the chain and swinging the crystal. Something began to relax in Coop’s mind. Her thoughts slowed without her realizing. Just as Connie had taught her to go into trance.

“You want to keep staring into the crystal. It feels so good to watch it swing back and forth. So relaxing to let the green warmth of it take your thoughts. To relax and sink into the crystal. It feels so good, doesn’t it, Sonia?”

The ‘yes’ had been right on the tip of Coop’s tongue. An automatic answer to say that it did feel so good to watch the crystal. But then she heard Sonia’s name. It was like being really into a song and having the music skip, the way it did on her vintage CD’s that got scratched. Coop blinked and took her eyes off of the crystal.

Katie was swinging her necklace with that relaxing, warm green crystal on the end. She was leaning towards Sonia, holding it before her face. And Sonia’s expression was sleepy, dreamy, as she mumbled, “Yes.”

It was the same expression Coop had seen on her face so much last night, every time Connie went to put her under.

With a shock Coop realized how sleepy and dreamy she felt herself. She gave herself a shake, her thoughts tumbling free to move around and work again.

Now that she could sort of focus again, Coop was able to see that she wasn’t the only one caught in the crossfire. Heidi was tilting forward, her head bobbing down to her chest but snapping back up like she was trying to fight falling asleep. Every time her head popped up she would blink a few times, as if she couldn’t remember where she was. Then her eyes would catch sight of the spinning green crystal again and her confusion would melt away, replaced with a content, lazy smile. Heidi’s eyes would glaze over before her head dipped lower, lower, until her chin hit her chest and she’d pop her head back up to start all over again.

Coop was so fascinated she just stood there watching Heidi’s head bobbing up and down every few seconds as she struggled not to fall into the trance. It was almost hypnotic itself, or maybe Coop was still recovering from nearly being entranced by Connie’s crystal. Katie’s crystal, Coop reminded herself.

“That crystal,” she muttered, her voice sounding weaker than she expected.

Katie turned an easy smile over at Coop, her hand keeping her necklace swinging before Sonia and Heidi. “It’s pretty, isn’t it?”

“It looks…” Coop’s eyes caught the crystal and she felt an instant pull, like the world dropping an inch beneath her. Coop shifted in her seat and forced herself to look away. “It looks just like Connie’s necklace…”

“I know,” Katie admitted. “I saw the way she used it on you and the other’s at the park and it just stuck in my head. I must have watched that video over and over, but the best part was when there was a close up on the crystal. The way Connie used it on you was just perfect.”

Coop found herself nodding, her eyes slipping shut as she saw the crystal in her head. The crystal held not by Katie but Connie, holding her green gem right before Coop’s eyes as she sent her deep into trance.

But Coop caught onto something Katie said and forced herself to leave the lovely memory. “Wait, video? I thought… I thought you said you were at the park.”

By the time Coop opened her eyes Katie wasn’t looking her way. She sat rigid, looking tense, arm stiffly held out to show the crystal to Sonia and Coop.

Then Katie relaxed and the crystal went back to swinging, acting like that odd moment had never happened. “I said I saw the show at the park,” Katie replied, “Not that I was there. The video got uploaded online. You really were amazing though. I knew I had to see the real thing for myself.”

“So you knew it was the same Connie.” There was some sense of danger, but Coop’s head was still fuzzy and it was hard to grasp what was wrong. “You knew it was Connie that Aubrey talked about… and you wanted to see her…”

Coop flashed back to the park, and then the burger place after. The way all those women had been hypnotized to fawn over Connie, desperate to please her. The hypnotized sex zombies, that’s how she’d put it.

And now she knew Katie was one of them.

Before Coop could come up with a plan to warn Connie she saw Katie catch the green crystal with her other hand. With a flick of her wrist she sent the gem spinning around. Light flickering off of it like a disco ball. The same way Connie spun it to catch the light…

‘She’s using it just like Connie.’

The thought slowly drifted to Coop, whose attention was fixed on the spinning crystal. Thinking of Connie using the crystal on her. How good and right it felt to stare at the crystal. How easily the green crystal caught her attention. How much she wanted to sink for the crystal.

“Can’t think while you see the crystal spin,” a voice told her.

Coop couldn’t think while she saw the crystal spin. It was true. Her thoughts were whirring like specks of light, constantly changing and spinning too fast for her to catch.

“Your thoughts and will being sucked up into the crystal where you can’t reach.”

The draining sensation was pleasant as Coop felt her thoughts leaving her. Her very will. All control leaving her to go into the crystal. Like so many times before.

Coop’s eyes glazed over as she saw only the crystal. She couldn’t see that Sonia and Coop were staring at the crystal too, wearing matching blank expressions. Nor could she see the triumphant grin on Katie’s face as the crystal began to slow in its spin.

“And when the crystal drops, you will drop too. Down into a deep and obedient trance. Tell me where you will fall.”

Coop blinked slowly as she heard the voice. Her head was so empty, but she knew this answer. The voice had told her. “A deep and obedient trance,” Coop replied. She was confused. It sounded like three of her had replied, the words the same but not synced together. She couldn’t wonder about that though, because she had no thoughts to think. They were all in the pretty green crystal. Hung in the air for her to stare at. Coop needed to watch the crystal. She loved to watch the crystal. She-

Suddenly the crystal fell from it’s spot. Coop watched it begin to fall through the air, and it felt like the floor opened up beneath her. Then she remembered it was okay for the crystal to fall. The crystal was meant to drop. Just like she was meant to drop.

Coop dropped into her mind, knowing exactly into what she was falling.

A deep and obedient trance.

Coop stood there with a vacant smile on her face, oblivious to everything around her. There were voices but she had been told not to hear them. Coop obeyed. She heard nothing as she sat there and waited. Heard nothing until the voice of the crystal finally said her name.

“Now Coop, why don’t you tell me all about Connie? I want to know everything about her.”

Coop turned towards the hypnotist with eyes that were glazed over and vacant. She opened her mouth and obeyed.