The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 53

Summer Lovin’: Part 21

“Just keep focusing on the crystal and how lovely it looks. See how it catches the light. Let it draw in your attention as you sink deeper into trance.”

Aubrey creased her brow, her lips quirking down into a frown. “Sorry, Connie. I’m trying but I’m really not feeling anything.”

It didn’t make any sense. Connie had been dangling the crystal in front of Aubrey for almost five minutes but wasn’t getting any kind of reaction from her. Except boredom, disappointment and a little pity, which stung the worst. All of Gloria’s other victims had begun to drop into trance the second they saw the crystal, so Connie had been expecting it to be that easy here too. Her attention had been on figuring out what to do if Aubrey didn’t want to hook up with her and Jane anymore once she was no longer under Gloria’s spell. So much so that it caught her by surprise when she realized that the swinging green crystal was having no effect at all on the biker chick.

Connie had panicked and went into her usual hypnotic patter, only that wasn’t helping much either. The repetitive appeals to Aubrey’s consciousness to sink deep and focus on the crystal were having the opposite effect now, as Aubrey seemed to be rapidly losing confidence in Connie’s abilities. Which meant Connie needed to change tactics before Aubrey asked to call the whole thing off.

It stung to admit defeat, but it was the right move. So Connie lowered her arm to take a break, her sore muscles only a harsh reminder of just how futile dangling the crystal for so long had been.

“I must be nervous,” Connie chuckled, which only made her nerves worse. She was blowing this. Not just for Aubrey, but also for Jane, who’d been so excited to finally be hooking up with her long time crush.

Connie glanced over her shoulder to gauge how upset Jane had become with the whole fiasco, only to find Jane glassy eyed, her lips parted absently with a bit of drool stretching down from her chin.

She couldn’t help but laugh at that, which made Aubrey turn towards Jane and laugh too.

“At least my hypnosis is working for somebody.”

“How long has she been like that?”

“No idea. For all I know she could have dropped as soon as I started.”

“Lucky,” snickered Aubrey, before she let out a deep sigh.

Connie braced herself for Aubrey to ask to quit. Instead she was shocked as cool girl Aubrey slumped back against the floor and said, “I’m sorry, Connie. I’m fucking this up. I don’t know why I can’t do it.”

“What are you talking about? If this is anyone’s fault it’s mine.”

“You’re doing great. Just look at Jane over there.” Aubrey swung out an arm to point at Jane, still sitting entranced in her chair. Connie didn’t see a point in waking her up yet, not when she was failing to hypnotize Aubrey. Plus it was always cute to see Jane entranced like that.

“Listen, Jane’s had way more experience being hypnotized than you. It’s okay if it doesn’t happen right away.”

“Well what about Coop and the others? You just met them this weekend, right? Clearly everybody has no problem going into trance but me.”

Connie bit her lip, wondering what to say to console her. She couldn’t admit that the girls were all highly suggestible because Gloria had already hypnotized them. But then, if that was the case and it wasn’t working for Aubrey did that mean she wasn’t one of Gloria’s victims?

This wasn’t the time to speculate, Connie reminded herself. She crawled her way across the floor until she was laying down beside Aubrey, who rolled away to avoid eye contact.

“It’s okay, Aubrey. I read that there’s people who have trouble with trance.”

Back still to Connie, Aubrey said, “So I can’t be hypnotized?”

“It means we gotta try this a different way.” Except Connie had never hypnotized anyone herself. Here she was acting confident, when all she’d done was piggyback off of Gloria’s hypnotic hold on women. Tara, Jane, Michelle, and now all the women in town she’d hypnotized.

Suddenly Connie’s eyes went wide. Naomi. She’d never been hypnotized before and yet Connie had been able to hypnotize her all on her own. And she’d helped Naomi sort through her issues too. Gave her the confidence to be Tara’s girlfriend.

And accidentally given her a fantasy about Tara’s whole family being under Connie’s control, but she’d managed to fix that up in the end.

So Connie took a deep breath and folded her hands over her stomach. She could do this. All she needed was confidence and patience. “Let’s just take it easy. Aubrey, I want you to lay down here with me. Close your eyes and take some deep breathes.”

At first Aubrey didn’t move. Then hesitantly she rolled over and slid into place besides Connie. She took a breath and let it out quick.

Without saying a word Connie took a deep breath and held it, and this time Aubrey took a deeper breath. When Connie exhaled, Aubrey did too. For a bit they just sat there together, eyes closed and breathing in a slow, regular rhythm. When Connie cracked open an eye she saw Aubrey looking more relaxed, holding the breathing pattern all on her own now.

“I want you to tell me how you picture being hypnotized in your head. What do you think it would feel like to be hypnotized?”

Aubrey took another deep breath as she thought it over. “I guess it means you’re not thinking. Just doing things without any awareness.”

“That’s good. Deep breath now.”

Aubrey breathed deep.

“But you can be in that state of mind without hypnosis. I bet you’ve done things without thinking about it. Like doing something on autopilot since you’ve done it so many times before. I want you to think of a time that you were acting on autopilot.”

“I guess for like stuff I don’t really care about. When I’m doing chores. Working out. Going on long drives.”

“Tell me about one of those long drives.”

“Well I rode my bike through the desert once. I remember being on the road alone at sunset. The sun seemed to take forever to go down, and the sky was beautiful. All these stars seeming to appear in the sky as it got darker, just appearing out of nothing. It was really breathtaking. I realized I’d just been riding, totally zoned out on the road for like an hour.”

Connie imagined the scenery and considered it. She could work with this. “And that’s what hypnosis can feel like. Just letting yourself zone out. To be driving along a road at sunset. The desert going past, unchanging scenery that seems to stretch forever. The sky just as beautiful as that night. What color was the sky?”

“Purple,” Aubrey said, and Connie saw a smile on her face now. She sounded less present, as if she were back on that desert road. “Kinda blue-ish purple, like violet. Almost night but not quite. It was really nice.”

“And you can picture yourself staring up at that sky as you drive. Feeling your motorcycle running underneath you. You don’t have to steer at all, like it knows exactly where to go. You can just keep coasting on that road, staring up at that beautiful sky.”


“Letting all your cares and concerns just drift away. Like you’re driving away and leaving all of that behind. Putting miles between yourself and anything you have to worry about. Here it’s just you and the road. Nothing but you and that huge sky full of stars. Can you see it?”

“Yes,” Aubrey replied, almost dreamy.

“And it feels good leaving everything behind, doesn’t it?”


“Nothing to worry about. Nothing to think about. Just drifting on the road, deeper and deeper towards that pretty night sky. Knowing you’re driving someplace beautiful.”

It was like she could see the tension leaving Aubrey.

“You’re just driving. You know exactly where to go. Towards a place with no worries. That zoned out place where your body knows just what to do without needing to think. Doesn’t that sound great?”

Aubrey’s voice was quiet now. “It does.”

“And you can see the sun finally beginning to set. The sky getting darker. All the stars coming out now. Stare up into that sky and try to count the stars, Aubrey. Try to—”

“One. Two. Three.”

Connie started as Aubrey began counting out loud. She simply watched with a growing smile. Aubrey was counting absently, her voice losing energy the higher the number went. Usually Connie counted people down into trance, but this was useful too.

“Keep counting the stars, Aubrey. No need to worry about the road. Your motorcycle is gone and you’re light and weightless. You’re just flying along staring up into the night sky.”

“Thirty three… thirty four… thirty five…”

“But you’re getting tired trying to count all those stars, aren’t you?”

“Thirty nine. Yes, tired. Forty… Forty one…”

“There are so many stars that you know you can’t count them all, don’t you?”

“Forty six… Yes, too many stars.”

“But that’s the great thing about the stars, Aubrey. You don’t have to count them all to enjoy them. You can just stare up into the sky and absorb it all. So many stars and lights that your brain can’t handle them all, so you don’t try to.” Connie kept talking evenly as Aubrey stopped counting. “You simply stare and enjoy without thought. Absorb the beauty of the night sky and just let all your thoughts fall away.”

“Okay,” Aubrey said with a tired sigh. She laid there on her back, eyes closed and making no movement except for the steady rising and falling of her chest, still keeping the same rhythm of deep breaths that Connie had shown her.

Connie did her best to sit up quietly and not disturb her, but as she shifted to her knees a floorboard creaked. She winced, but Aubrey didn’t react at all. Neither did Jane, still hypnotized on the chair.

“How does it feel to stare up into the stars like that?”

“Good,” sighed Aubrey. “Relaxing. Nice.”

“And it’s so easy not to think at all. To just be perfectly at ease and relaxed. Your head full of all those pretty stars and nothing else.”

“Nothing else,” she muttered.

“And now I want you to listen to my voice, Aubrey. My voice can control the stars and the night sky. My voice can make them do whatever I want. Understand?”


“And if there’s nothing in your head but the stars, and I control the stars, then that means I control you, doesn’t it, Aubrey?”


“Who controls the stars?”


“Who controls your mind?”


“And who am I?”

“You’re Connie.”

Connie rolled her eyes and smiled. “I’m your hypnotist, Aubrey. I’ve just hypnotized you, and I can do it again whenever I want. I control you and can hypnotize you. Recite that for me.”

“You control me and can hypnotize me,” said Aubrey in an absent voice.

“Good girl.”

Aubrey squirmed slightly, the only reaction that she’s shown so far. “Did you like being called good girl by me?”


“Then whenever I praise you, I want you to feel a warm rush of pleasure. And whenever you do what I command you’ll feel the same pleasure. Understand?”


“Good girl.”

Aubrey squirmed again and smiled a dreamy smile.

Connie checked on Jane, but the girl was still hypnotized and unaware. Good. She didn’t need Jane overhearing these next few questions. “Now Aubrey, I want you to tell me what you honestly think of me.”

“You control the stars,” she replied instantly. “You can control me and hypnotize me.”

At least those suggestions are holding, Connie thought to herself. Then Aubrey kept talking in her dreamy tone of voice.

“You’re very pretty and do a lot of exciting, kinky things. You make Jane blush. You control people and do sexy things with them. I want you to control me and do sexy things to me.”

“That’s good,” Connie interrupted, and saw Aubrey’s legs twitch as pleasure hit her from the praise. “But why do you want me to control you and do sexy things to you.”

Aubrey scrunched up her eyebrows, as if she were exaggerating being deep in thought, only Connie knew that the hypnotized girl truly was putting her all into considering it. “Because I’m horny. And I want to know what it’s like to be controlled. Always wanted to be controlled but everybody is too intimidated. Nobody has ever tried to control me.”

“Nobody, huh?” Connie rubbed at her chin. “Aubrey, you know Jane’s grandma Gloria, right?”


“Do you remember the last time you saw her?”

“Yes. It was yesterday.”

Connie’s heart was racing. “And what happened when you saw her?”

“She showed me her necklace. A pretty green crystal.”

So there it was. Connie sat back on her heels as her worst fear was confirmed. Aubrey was hypnotized to have a crush on her like all the other gals. And when Aubrey removed that artificial crush it might affect her feelings for Jane. If anything happened to screw it up Jane would never forgive her for-

“Then we got ice cream.”

“What?” Connie was so caught in her panic she hadn’t realized Aubrey had kept talking.

“Then we got ice cream,” Aubrey repeated unhelpfully.

Connie leaned over Aubrey. “I want you to tell me what happened when you saw Gloria last.”

“She showed me her necklace. A pretty green crystal. Gloria was holding it up so I could see it clearer but then Jane interrupted us. Gloria said she would show it to me later and I left with Jane. Then we got ice cream.”

“So Gloria never hypnotized you?”


“You were never told to have a crush on me?”


“So why do you have a crush on me?”

“Because you’re cute and sexy and Jane trusts you.”

Connie fell back to the floor, staring in shock at the gorgeous biker girl who had a genuine, non-hypnosis-related crush on her. “And how do you feel about Jane?”

“I like her. Really nice and funny friend. Amazing ass.” Aubrey wriggled her hips as she said that last part. “Want to have sex with her but always thought she wasn’t interested. Really excited that she wants to sleep with me. I really enjoyed teasing her with her hypnotic trigger and making her cum for me.”

Connie glanced over at the entranced Jane, who had no reaction at all to Aubrey’s confession. Then she looked down at Aubrey, just as blank and under her control. And definitely wanting to submit and fuck Connie of her own free will.

Both of these hypnotized women wanted to obey and be used by her. Not to mention the three girls downstairs eager to be her playthings again. Connie felt her pulse pounding in her head and throbbing in her clit as the truth hit her. She could fuck them all. She could control them all. Nothing to feel guilty over at all.

The only hitch in the plan was Katie, but if she was to be believed then she already had a kink for erotic hypnosis too. Plus she was Aubrey’s ex, so she couldn’t be that bad. And she’d playfully asked to borrow Coop for some fun, so she was interested in getting up to some kinky things tonight too.

Connie pictured herself and Katie standing over the other five girls, teasing and dominating the mindless women.

Now that would be a new kind of fun for her.

Then fantasy Connie snapped her fingers and Katie’s eyes rolled back, sinking to her knees and instantly becoming naked and mindless like the others. It would probably be smart to hypnotize Katie too, since there was still a chance she was one of Gloria’s victims. Her arriving at the party was too coincidental. As long as Katie agreed to be hypnotized, but Connie didn’t imagine that being a hard sell for her if she had the kink for it too.

Unless Katie was only interested in dominating and hypnotizing instead of submitting.

Suddenly the fantasy twisted in Connie’s head. It was Katie snapping this time, and Connie’s eyes rolling back. Katie wrapping an arm around Connie as she went limp, her head devoid of all thoughts but obedience. Katie ordering her to her knees. Ordering Connie to please her mistress and make her cum. Connie entranced and obeying completely, opening her mouth to worship Katie’s pussy.

Connie was blushing furiously at the fantasy, a hand creeping down to cup her crotch. Her eyes darted guiltily to Aubrey and Jane, but both women were still hypnotized and oblivious. They had both submitted to her, and for some reason Connie felt guilty at the thought of submitting to another.

Only when would Connie get another chance to be hypnotized? The only hypnotist she knew was Gloria, and Connie couldn’t let the old woman hypnotize her for a number of reasons. That would surely be a disaster.

Connie sat up and clapped her hands together. She had to focus on the present. First, she had to take Aubrey deeper and get her properly ready to play. Then she’d show Jane and Aubrey the fun time that she’d promised. Then it was downstairs to bring all the other girls into the fun. And see if Katie was interested in joining what would definitely qualify as an orgy. Connie wouldn’t mind having a second hypnotist to play with everyone, not to mention the chance to see another kinky mistress at work.

And maybe, just maybe, Connie might ask to be hypnotized herself. After she’d given everyone else their fill of being her playthings, of course.

There was a grin stamped on Connie’s face now as she imagined all the possibilities. It certainly had the potential to be the best night of her life.

But maybe she was getting ahead of herself. Connie turned her attention to Aubrey. “Aubrey, I want you to open your eyes for me.”

Aubrey’s eyes snapped open, with that dull, sexy gaze that Connie loved to see on women.

“Whenever you hear me give a command I want you to acknowledge it. Understand, Aubrey?”

“Yes, Connie,” Aubrey replied with a sleepy slowness.

“Whenever you are in trance you will call me Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good girl.” She watched Aubrey shiver on the floor as her eyes kept staring blankly at the ceiling. “Now I want you to stay deep in trance for me as you obey these commands. Keep staring at the infinite stars in your head as you stand up now.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Aubrey muttered as she began to pick herself off the floor. She moved groggily, like she was waking up from a nap. There was a moment as she stood that Aubrey wavered, and her eyes began to clear. She blinked and her attention found Connie, her blank expression filling with confusion.

She was coming out of the trance, so Connie quickly got up and laid a hand on Aubrey’s cheek. Aubrey opened her mouth to say something but Connie cut her off. “Shhh. Relax, Aubrey. Just stare at the stars. So many stars in your head. So many stars that you can’t have a thought at all. Just take a deep breath and lose yourself among the stars.”

The words instantly drugged Aubrey, slipping her back into the trance. The biker girl let out a dreamy, “Yes, Mistress.” She took a deep breath, and by the time she let it out Aubrey didn’t look to have a thought in her head.

“Sit on the bed,” Connie commanded, pointing to a spot at the edge of her bed.

“Yes, Mistress.” Aubrey walked over and sat where she’d been directed.

“Jane, sit next to Aubrey.”

For the first time in minutes Jane stirred. She’d remained still as a statue as Connie had hypnotized her friend, but now she got up and easily made her way to sit on the bed besides Aubrey. The two of them hypnotized with matching blank looks.

“You both look so sexy like this,” Connie couldn’t help but chuckle. “Would you both like to see what you look like hypnotized?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Aubrey replied.

“Yes,” Jane answered simply.

Connie got out her phone but frowned. “Jane, you will call me Mistress for the rest of the night. Understand?”

The older girl had always given Connie grief about not wanting to be her slave, and she had been expecting the hypnotized Jane to put up a fight. To her surprise Jane nodded and said, “Yes, Mistress.”

She’d investigate that later, but for now Connie held up her phone. “Can I take a picture of you both like this?”

“Yes, Mistress,” both girls replied, slightly out of sync.

‘We’ll have to work on that,’ Connie thought with a grin as she took the picture. Then a few more for good measure. But it was time to get to work.

“Both of you listen to my words now. You wanted a threesome with me knowing that I would want to be in charge of you both. Are you ready to be my playthings for the night?”

“Yes, Mistress,” answered Jane and Aubrey.

“Then I want you to submit to me now. Pledge your minds and bodies to be mine, at least for the next few hours. You can say no to anything that you truly object to, and please tell me if anything makes you uncomfortable. If you accept that, Jane, then I want you to submit to me now.”

Jane nodded her empty head. “I submit to you, Mistress. My mind and body are yours, at least for the next few hours.”

They were words that Connie had dreamed of hearing from Jane, even if the hypnotized girl had made a point of clarifying that it was temporary. Connie couldn’t suppress a dark desire from rippling through her mind, the knowledge that Jane submitting to her now was a step closer to claiming Jane as her permanent slave. As much as Connie wanted to be a good person, there was no way to fully dismiss her dreams of owning Jane, Tara and Michelle as her personal harem. Not to mention that there were so many more women that she could consider adding in.

Connie shook her head to focus.

“And now you, Aubrey. Submit yourself to me.”

Instead of nodding as Jane had, Aubrey slipped off of the bed and went down on her knees before Connie. The sexy biker woman extended her arms and leaned forward, going into a full kowtow. It was more than Connie needed, but she couldn’t deny how hot the complete act of submission was.

“I submit to you, Mistress,” Aubrey said in her absent voice. “I pledge my mind and body to you, at least for the next few hours.”

Connie rolled her eyes. “You can get back on the bed, Aubrey.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now you need to sink deeper into trance for me. Train yourself to drop into trance for me. From now on, Aubrey, when you hear the words ‘Sink into the stars,’ you will remember the beautiful, endless night sky I’ve shown you. You will remember the stars and sink into them, losing yourself just like you did before. Sinking into the stars until you are completely hypnotized. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I want you to see the stars in your head align themselves into those words. Let that hypnotic trigger imprint itself into your mind and take control. Tell me when you see them clearly.”

Aubrey’s expression stayed the same, but her body trembled. After a few seconds she said, “I see the words, Mistress.”

“What do they say?”

“Sink into the stars.”

“Good girl.”

Aubrey moaned.

“Now I’m going to wake you up by counting up to ten.” Connie clarified what Aubrey would feel, the blank girl nodding along as Connie began to count. “…Nine. And ten.”

Aubrey rolled her shoulders and smiled, her eyes clearing. Then she gasped, full comprehension hitting. “Holy crap. Holy crap! You did it.”

“Yup. Just needed a new approach.”

“I remember. That was… that was…” Aubrey was grinning uncontrollably, her normally cool demeanor gone as she was giddy as a kid on Christmas morning. She glanced back at Jane, her friend still hypnotized. “Thank you,” Aubrey suddenly said, taking Connie’s hand. “Thank you, Mistress. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me and Jane.”

“We’ll get to that. But first you need to sink into the stars.”

“What do you—” Aubrey’s confusion melted as understanding hit. Her eyes fluttered and her hands let go of Connie’s, falling limp to her sides. Connie was so used to Jane and Michelle dropping into trance for her instantly, so it was fun to see the gradual process of Aubrey losing her mind. It was fun, but Connie was eager to train Aubrey to drop as quickly as the others.

“Tell me when you are in trance.”

It took about thirty seconds as Aubrey’s eyelids drooped, her body relaxing and standing there limply with her chin dipping to her chest. Then Aubrey finally lifted her empty gaze to Connie and said, “I’m in trance, Mistress.”

“Good girl. When you are mindless and ready to obey you will tell me so by saying…” Connie tapped her chin, trying to think of something cute for the hypnotized sub to say. “You will say ‘I am lost among the stars.’”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Connie began to count up to ten, happy to see that Aubrey was responding right away with signs of waking up. By ten Aubrey was shaking her head and smiling.

“Wow, that’s so crazy. So you can hypnotize me with just—”

“Sink into the stars.”

“Saying… saying…” Aubrey’s voice trailed off as her eyes glazed over. Connie waited patiently as Aubrey slumped gradually back into trance. Finally Aubrey lifted her head once more and announced, “I am lost among the stars.”

“Good girl. Go sit on the bed by Jane.”

“Yes, Mistress.” As Aubrey turned Connie began to count once more, reaching ten just as Aubrey plopped herself onto the bed with a dazed expression. Aubrey shook her head, noticing Jane with a shock. Then she grinned and squirmed in place. “You’re going to do it again, aren’t you?”

“Until you can drop into trance for me almost instantly.”

“This is so hot,” Aubrey admitted, making Connie blush.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got an idea to make it hotter.”

“What do you have in—”

“Sink into the stars.”

When Aubrey announced she was lost among the stars, Connie gave her and Jane a few careful commands. Once she was satisfied they were ready she ordered Aubrey to wake, not bothering to count. It still took about ten seconds, but Aubrey was able to bring herself out of trance on her own.

She smiled at Connie, right back to bouncing excitedly as soon as the trance cleared. But Connie pressed her lips tight, barely able to suppress a smile. Aubrey kept looking to her expectantly, so she didn’t notice Jane turning towards her.

The still hypnotized Jane cupped a hand under Aubrey’s chin. Aubrey flinched in surprise, then was happy to let Jane force her to look at her. The blank Jane declared, “Sink into the stars.”

Aubrey gasped, then went inside herself as her consciousness scattered among the imaginary stars in her head. After half a minute Aubrey announced, “I am lost among the stars.”

Connie watched eagerly as the blank girls faced each other, both nothing but empty dolls. In an empty voice Jane instructed, “Wake up, Aubrey.” Then she sat there stiffly as Aubrey gradually worked her way out of trance. When Aubrey blinked herself fully awake she stared at Jane in surprise, then tried to turn to Connie, only to feel Jane tighten her grip on her chin. Jane kept Aubrey staring ahead at her as she said, “Sink the the stars.”

They were a perfect loop now. Jane dropping Aubrey, waking her once she was under and then dropping her again once she woke. And there was the faint tremor running through Jane, a spike of pleasure she’d receive every time she hypnotized her friend. By the time Connie came back they’d both be horny and plenty eager to obey.

“I am lost among the stars.”

“Wake up, Aubrey.”

The urge to touch herself watching them was powerful, and this time Connie didn’t resist. After all, they were her playthings now. So Connie walked to the side until she was standing behind Jane, where Aubrey could see her. And just as Aubrey came awake Connie raised her skirt up with one hand and slid her other hand right into her soaked panties. The effect was instant as Aubrey’s eyes went wide with shock and delight. She was so distracted watching Connie touch herself that she probably didn’t even register Jane saying her new trigger.

But her subconscious heard and obeyed so well. Connie’s fingers slid along her slick pussy lips as she watched Aubrey’s expression go slack, the light fading behind her eyes. Connie was too preoccupied to count, but it sure seemed shorter than thirty seconds this time.

“I am lost among the stars,” Aubrey announced in a dull voice.

“Wake up, Aubrey,” Jane commanded in an equally dull voice.

“God this is so fucking hot,” Connie couldn’t help but whimper. Her fingers kept teasing at herself, and yet she was trying her best not to fuck herself outright. Because if she started fucking herself now she’d be liable to watch Jane dropping Aubrey for an hour straight.

So Connie allowed herself to watch the hypno loop repeat itself another five times as she rubbed at her desperate cunt, and then she yanked her hand away. Connie wiped off her wet fingers and adjusted her clothes, looking relatively put together for when she went to check on things downstairs. She opened the door and heard some faint pop music drifting up from below. But Connie paused in the doorway.

Biting her lip, she turned back to the programmed girls one last time. Aubrey was weakly groaning, eyes fluttering as she became, if not really awake, at least aware again. Her mind was being fractionated, dropped into trance and yanked back up over and over again like a yo-yo. Connie was betting that another few cycles and she would completely out of it. The idea was so hot that she had to grip the doorknob tighter to keep from touching herself again.

“Sink into the stars,” recited Jane, and Aubrey groaned meekly as she dropped once more.

Connie licked her lips and said, “Jane, pause.”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Jane, sitting cross-legged on the bed and still as a statue. Her hand kept it’s grip on Aubrey’s chin as the girl sagged and slipped into trance with ease.

“I am lost among the stars,” Aubrey declared in a weak, defeated voice. This time Jane kept her mouth shut, both girls simply sitting mindless and awaiting command.

“Who owns you?” Connie asked them.

“You, Mistress,” they replied in near unison.

Connie shuddered and hugged herself.

“Good girls. Jane, resume.”

“Yes, Mistress. Wake up, Aubrey.”

Connie shut the door behind her and collapsed against it with the biggest grin. Controlling women really was a high that she couldn’t get enough of. Peeling herself off the door Connie made her way down the hall, passing Michelle’s closed bedroom door. She’d commanded Michelle to ignore and tune out anything she heard happening outside of her room. Would the command hold? Michelle was such a well programmed hypnosub that Connie should have no reason to doubt it.

But what would happen when Connie was making Jane cry out in orgasm, or moan mindless oaths of devotion to her mistress? The cabin walls didn’t look thick enough to insulate against that. It made Connie imagine Michelle reading her book, hearing her daughter’s orgasmic moans, possibly moaning Connie’s very name. And Michelle not being bothered at all, her subconscious making her forget every passionate thing her daughter would be moaning.

Fuck, why was that hot?

Connie could probably fuck Jane right in front of Michelle and have her hypnotically be oblivious to it. She already had a trigger that made her invisible to Michelle. She could do it.

Or give the same trigger to Jane, and fuck Michelle right in front of her too.

Connie shook herself hard. She was getting too worked up on horny ideas. Besides, as hot as they were Connie lived with Michelle and Jane and could experiment when they were back home. Tonight was her only chance to play with Aubrey and the others, so she had to take advantage of that.

If everyone downstairs would be interested, of course.

When Connie made her way down she saw Sonia and Heidi dancing away to music playing from somebody’s phone, seemingly happy to entertain themselves. Then Connie noticed Katie leaning over Coop, and for a moment she thought she was kissing her. A strange surge of jealousy filled her, but before she had time to decipher it Katie slid back enough for her to see that the brunette was only whispering in Coop’s ear. Then Coop threw back her head and laughed, snorting at some hilarious joke.

The jealousy still wrung worried hands in her chest, making Connie feel like she was missing out on the rest of the party. Of course, she had Aubrey and Jane to herself upstairs. Shouldn’t that have been enough for her?

No, a dark voice whispered seductively in Connie’s soul. Not when she could have them all.

As Connie wrestled with her greedy impulses, Katie glanced over and grinned. “Hey there! How’s everything going upstairs?”

Coop turned too, hanging her arms over the back of the couch and smirking at Connie. “Having lots of fun with the girls?” She winked, and Connie blushed.

“We’re, uh, getting to the fun.”

“So you hypnotized Aubrey?” asked Katie, and there was a fascination in her words that made Connie break into goosebumps. There was something about meeting another girl with a genuine interest in hypnosis that Connie had never felt before. Plus it was Katie’s ex she was hypnotizing, so perhaps she was a little jealous herself.

Connie cleared her throat. “It took a bit of work but I got her to relax into trance. Jane is helping her get better at going deeper now.”

“How’s she doing that?”

“By repeating her new trigger and waking her up over and over,” Connie said, trying to sound cool but feeling an embarrassed heat rising in her cheeks. Her nervousness wasn’t necessary, though, as Katie and Coop both stared at her in awe.

“That’s brilliant,” Katie told her.

“And fucking hot.”

Connie was burning up from the praise and quickly changed the subject. “So how’s things down here?”

Coop shrugged. “Pretty chill. They’re dancing it up and I’m just chatting with Katie.”

“Okay. I’ll try to have us back down soon—”

“Take your time,” Katie interrupted. “Seriously. I want you three to enjoy yourselves up there. I’m pretty sure the other girls are more than happy to wait to have a piece of you.” She gave Connie a conspiratorial smile that made her blush. Here Katie was occupying the other’s attention so Aubrey could have a good time, playing the part of wingwoman to both her and Connie.

Of course Katie could get a piece of Connie too, if she only asked. Or Connie could invite her, but when she tried she found the words catching in her throat.

She was saved by Coop calling her name. “Hey Connie, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“So promise not to get jealous or anything, but could I let Katie hypnotize me?”

Connie had a flash of Coop staring mindlessly into Katie’s eyes, slipping off her clothes and calling her Mistress.

Surprisingly the only jealousy Connie felt was that she wouldn’t be there to witness it too.

“Um, yeah. Yes, you can definitely do that.” Connie smiled and decided to be honest, adding, “Although I’d kinda like to watch that too. It sounds very hot.”

Katie flashed a catlike grin, and suddenly Connie remembered her fantasy of letting Katie hypnotize her. “Don’t worry, Connie. We can keep things PG down here for a while. I’ll just practice with Coop and get her nice and ready. I’ll save the good stuff for when I have you too.”

Connie gulped, wondering just how literally she meant by saying have her too.

“S-sounds good. You two have fun.” Connie turned and ran back up the stairs, her face bright red at the realization that everyone in the cabin really might get involved in an orgy tonight.

From the couch, Katie chuckled as she watched Connie vanish from sight. Then she broke into a dreamy sigh, unable to hold together her cool exterior anymore.

“Isn’t she perfect?”

“Connie’s great. I can’t wait ’til she gets back for some fun,” Coop told her, smiling amiably.

“Me too.” Katie glanced at Heidi and Sonia, both girls shaking and dancing obliviously. Luckily Connie hadn’t looked at them very closely or she would have noticed the blank gleam to their eyes as they danced to the music.

“Anyway, what were we talking about, Katie? I can’t seem to remember.”

“We weren’t actually talking. You were deep in trance when I heard Connie coming, so I ordered you to act like we were talking casually.”

“Oh, neat,” was all Coop said, hardly caring. She was just talking casually with Katie, after all. Nothing serious. “But I did want to ask Connie if you could hypnotize me.”

“Yes, I also told you to ask that. It’s a little moot since I’ve already hypnotized you, but I wanted to see if she’d be upset with me playing with her toys. Luckily for me, Connie seemed very open to the idea of sharing you.”

Coop snickered. “Yeah, she was blushing so hard. I bet she wants to fuck all of us.”

“And she should,” Katie said, suddenly serious. “Connie deserves to fuck us all. She deserves whatever she wants. And I’m the one that can give it all to her. Because I love her more than anyone ever could.”

Even through the command to be casual Coop began to back away, nervously looking around. “Are you okay, Katie? You’re acting weird.”

“You just don’t remember,” Katie said, raising a hand between them. “Here.” She snapped her fingers.

Understanding crashed down on Coop as she remembered. She wanted to yell and warn Connie, but she couldn’t raise her voice or do anything to alert Connie. Already Katie’s hold on her mind was that strong.

“You don’t have to do this,” she told Katie in a hushed voice. Coop looked to Sonia and Heidi for help, only to remember Katie commanding the entranced pair to put on music and to dance while ignoring everything around them. “You’ve been hypnotized. You—”

“Shhh,” Katie told her, and when she placed a finger on Coop’s lips they sealed together tight, with Coop too obedient to say another word. “You must be confused, Coop. You’re the one being hypnotized here. After all,” she said, tugging her green crystal necklace out from between her breasts, “Connie already gave me permission. And I’d never do anything to let Connie down.”

Coop tried to think of a way out of her situation, a way to help Connie and the others from the sex zombie that Katie secretly was, but then the crystal began to swing before her eyes.

Coop’s eyes glazed over immediately. It was no use resisting, when she’d submitted to her new Mistress long before. She fell back into trance, ready to accept commands from her Mistress.