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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 54

Summer Lovin’: Part 22

Connie floated down the hallway, her thoughts swimming with all the possibilities that this upcoming party would hold. Coop. Jane. Aubrey. Sonia and Heidi. Katie. Flashes of the girls were running through her mind in a dizzying array, showing off different combinations of them hooking up, being hypnotized, following her orders and obeying her. She was so absorbed in her wild imaginings that Connie walked right into the bedroom door. It swung open to expose the blushing Connie’s mistake, though neither of the two girls inside were in any state to notice.

“Wake up,” Jane recited, eyes blank but with a strained excitement to her voice that was new. The hypnotized girl was rocking softly in place as if she could not sit still. For a moment Connie wondered what was agitating her, only to remember her own suggestion that Jane would get more aroused every time she woke Aubrey from trance. Though Connie had only been gone a few minutes, that would have given them time for dozens of cycles of Aubrey sinking into trance. Clearly even her own trance couldn’t contain how horny Jane had become.

Aubrey, on the other hand, was drooling on herself and groaning slightly, looking to anyone who didn’t know about hypnosis as if she were incredibly drunk or stoned. Connie waited for the signs of Aubrey waking from the trance, only there were none. It was as if she were stuck hovering barely above being mindless, like she had forgotten how to wake up. While there was no change that Connie could see, the barely coherent Aubrey groaned a word, stretching it out into a drawl, “Awaaake.”

“Sink into the stars,” recited Jane as her body trembled.

Aubrey’s expression relaxed, her posture improving slightly as she quickly replied, “I am lost among the stars.”

“Wake up.”

Aubrey’s shoulders slumped, her head rocking uncertainly back and forth as she groaned, trying to wake up fully but was too deep or too tired to manage it. After about thirty seconds she groaned, “Awaaake.”

It was fascinating for Connie to see how Aubrey’s difficulty with trance had shifted. At first it had taken her some time for her mind to settle into a proper trance, and waking her up was far easier. Now Aubrey appeared to drop instantly, her focus actually sharpening from the mindless trance, and it was the act of waking up that was giving her trouble.

“Good girls,” Connie suddenly said, when she caught herself being mesmerized as she watched this exchange continue back and forth.

Both Aubrey and Jane cried out in a wordless, blissful moan. Distracted like this, Connie crossed the room and stood over them, placing her hands over their mouths before either could speak again. As disoriented as the hypnotized pair seemed, both subconsciously understood that their Mistress wanted them to stay silent. Neither said a word, though Jane continued to squirm in place.

“Jane, you can stop putting Aubrey into trance and waking her up now. You did such a wonderful job.”

Jane gurgled against her hand, her eyes looking completely out of it.

Connie peeled her hands away from their mouths. “Jane, tell me how horny you are.”

“So horny,” she whined in a dreamy tone. “Can’t sit still. So wet. I need to be touched, Mistress.”

“Good sl—” Connie had nearly been about to say slave, but had to remind herself that wasn’t the case. While Michelle was ready for that level of devotion, Aubrey and Jane had only agreed to be her playthings for the night. She could have asked Jane if she felt comfortable being her slave, only in her pent up state Jane probably would have agreed to a number of things she’d regret later. That was something she should have asked from the start, and it wasn’t polite to try to raise the stakes with her hypnotized. So instead Connie cleared her throat and said, “Good slut.”

Jane shuddered with delight, clearly comfortable with that role.

“When you wake up I want you to express all that pent up lust and arousal at Aubrey. Show her how you truly feel about her. Express how you’ve always wanted her. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” sighed Jane, an excited edge to her otherwise empty voice.

“Aubrey, tell me how horny you are.”

Aubrey blinked slowly, her mouth opening and closing without giving an answer.

“Aubrey, are you awake or in trance?”

Again her mouth moved absently, giving only a faint groan that could have been, “I don’t know.”

Connie knelt down beside her and stroked her cheek. Aubrey shut her eyes and melted into the touch, slumping over against Connie’s shoulder. “Aubrey, I want you to look up at the stars.”

Her head shifted to actually look up at the ceiling. Connie chuckled.

“I bet you feel completely scattered among the stars.” Slowly Aubrey nodded. “So lost in the pleasure and bliss of it. It must feel wonderful to be so free and empty.” This time Aubrey nodded twice. Connie stroked her hair and smiled. “But now it’s time for you to gather yourself and return. To wake up and come back to the world. So I want you to feel the stars pulling together, pulling you together, and letting your thoughts return. Let yourself wake up, as if from a deep and wonderful dream. Take your dream and focus on how refreshed and happy you feel.”

Aubrey’s eyes closed and her body relaxed, like she was actually going deeper to sleep. Connie was wondering how her speech could have had the opposite effect when Aubrey sucked in a deep breath, chest puffing out, and as she exhaled Connie felt the other girl stretching against her. After a few seconds Aubrey picked up her head, blinking blearily and taking in where she was. Aubrey still looked completely out of it, but at least she was present as she saw Jane and smiled. Then Aubrey noticed Connie and smiled wider.

“Hey. You’re back.”

“You’re the one who’s back,” giggled Connie, free to feel relieved now that Aubrey seemed fine. “Guess I sent you deeper than I thought. How do you feel?”

Aubrey closed her eyes and moaned with total contentment. “Amazing. Super out of it, but amazing. What did you do with me?”

“Nothing much, we’re just getting started.”

“Cool, I wouldn’t want to miss a—”

“Sink into the stars.”

As much as Connie wanted to give Aubrey a break to collect herself, she had work to do. After all, there was about to be a massive party/orgy for all of them to enjoy. So she needed to be sure that Jane and Aubrey got the personal time they deserved first.

Clearly her practice with Jane worked as Aubrey’s expression fell, her eyes glazed over and she proclaimed, “I am lost among the stars.”

Connie gave her just a few quick instructions, enough to be sure the trance was holding and keeping the mindless girl comfortable and happy. Besides them Jane was still rocking in place, hips humping hard enough to almost shake the bed now. Connie ordered her to be still. Jane froze in place.

Satisfied that everything was ready she ordered Aubrey to wake. This time Aubrey was able to find her own way back to consciousness, her eyes fluttering open and her arms stretching out. She saw Connie next to her and smiled.

“Hey. You’re back,” Aubrey said, then frowned and scratched at her head. “Woah. Déjà vu.”

“That’ll happen with hypnosis,” Connie told her with a pleased, secretive smile. “Now I believe you and Jane deserve a chance to explore with each other.”

Aubrey stiffed, hissing in a breath as she glanced fitfully over at the still hypnotized Jane.

“You’re not gonna control us both?”

“I definitely am,” Connie assured her, “But I figured your first time should be just the two of you. I’m more than happy to watch,” she added, as she stood up from the bed and walked across the room, spinning a chair around to give her a good view of the sex to come. She saw the anxious way Aubrey was rubbing her arm and smiled. “Are you nervous?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Aubrey replied, then looked shocked at herself. Aubrey probably wouldn’t have even admitted that to herself, but the hypnotic compulsion to obey your Mistress really had a way of loosening your lips. “It’s just- I’ve known Jane for years. It was fun to tease her earlier, but actually fucking her is… it feels different.”

“If you want, I’d like to hear what you’re nervous about.” Connie chose her words carefully, so as not to make it a command, which Aubrey seemed very grateful for.

“I’m just worried it’ll change things. Or that we’ll get started and she won’t really want me. That I’ll push her too far. I don’t want to hurt her.”

Connie nodded, understanding where she was coming from. Except that Aubrey had only ever known Jane as the shy, almost asexual best friend who’d been terrified to show the slightest amount of flirting or sexual attraction. It was a version of Jane that Connie could hardly imagine considering the wild fun she’d had with Jane. Her Jane had been stuck up, bossy, sure of herself, and more than happy to flirt and seduce to get who she wanted. It was a version of Jane that Aubrey likely had no clue existed.

It was time for them to get acquainted, Connie thought with a smile.

“Don’t worry, Aubrey. I know for a fact how much Jane wants you, and she’s going to show you too. It might not look it, but Jane there is insanely horny for you.”

Aubrey gave a skeptical glance at Jane, who sat there still and unmoving with her entranced expression. The only clear sign of her arousal were her stiff nipples, which weren’t enough to impress the other girl.

“If you say so. I’ll still take things slow with her, try not to go for too much at once.”

“See, there’s your mistake,” Connie cut in, wagging a finger at Aubrey. “You still assume that you’re the one who’s going to be in charge when you fuck.” Aubrey gave an embarrassed laugh, as if the idea of Jane being the sexually aggressive one was insane. So Connie grinned wide and said, “You can wake up now, Jane.”

Instantly Aubrey spun towards Jane, suddenly thrust into the deep end without warning. She gulped, tried to calm herself and look confident as she said, “Hey Jane. How are you—”

Only Aubrey stopped when she saw the expression on Jane’s face. She’d switch from totally vacant to absolutely ravenous. Jane’s whole body shook as she stretched from her position, dropping to all fours on the bed as she panted desperately.


Jane’s eyes fixed on Aubrey. A hungry, animal sound escaped her throat, and then Jane launched herself at the other girl. The thicker Jane easily pinned Aubrey beneath her, grabbing her wrists and slamming them down on either side of the bed. If this was a horror movie Jane could have easily been a blood thirsty werewolf ready to bite. But this was real life, and Jane was only a pent up lesbian who’d been hypnotically primed with intense arousal and the suggestion to finally release her desires. A werewolf probably would have been more merciful, Connie thought to herself with a smirk, as Jane’s hands grabbed at Aubrey’s skimpy top and ripped it in half.

“Holy—” Aubrey was cut off with a kiss as Jane planted her mouth down on hers. It wasn’t a romantic kiss, but one full of need and want and so much more desperate. All the while Jane’s hips were grinding against Aubrey’s leg, humping like a needy dog.

Finally Aubrey managed the strength to push Jane back, gasping for breath. The biker girl snapped her head over to stare at Connie, with an expression mixing between accusation and wonder. “What did you do to her?”

“Just got her horny and told her to do what she’s always wanted with you. That’s the truth.”

Jane clutched at Aubrey’s hands and shivered. “Oh god, Aubrey, I’ve wanted you for so long. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve fucked myself wishing it was your fingers inside me? Wishing that you would kiss me and fuck me? Sometimes when I eat other girls out I pretend it’s you instead.”

Connie picked her head up. “Wait, you never did that with me, right?”

Either Jane didn’t hear her or she ignored the question as she resumed her shameless attempts to grind against Aubrey. With the arousal raging through her body Jane really was like a wild animal. Suddenly Jane sat up, still straddling Aubrey’s lap, and started to grab at her fancy red dress, yanking hard to rip it off. Like a warning alarm in her head Connie could hear Jane’s angry voice shouting about letting her ruin her expensive dress.

“Jane, drop into trance!”

Jane groaned like she was upset, but her hands stopped tugging and she sat down against Aubrey’s knees, shoulders slumping as she sunk into trance.

“Ugh, that’s on me, sorry,” Connie said as she got up from her chair. “Should have known she’d be in a clothes ripping mood with how worked up I got her. Jane, strip off your dress. Carefully.”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Jane, who absently begin to unzip the back of the dress.

All the while Aubrey was staring with wide eyes, hair ruffled into a mess and her lipstick smeared. Or perhaps it was Jane’s lipstick smeared over her lips. “Holy crap.”

“You didn’t know Jane had it in her, did you?”

“No. I never thought… You really didn’t make her do that?”

Connie shook her head, taking the red dress carefully from Jane and inspecting it. Thankfully there didn’t look to be any tears or rips. “Phew. Crisis averted. Hang on, the underwear looks fancy too. Jane, are you emotionally attached to what you’re wearing now?”

“No. Bought it this afternoon with Aubrey. Wanted something sexy to impress Aubrey when she saw me.”

Aubrey gasped. “I thought the lingerie was to impress Connie.”

“No,” replied Jane, head slowly turning to face Aubrey. There was no emotion in her eyes as she said, “Connie’s easy. She’s so hopeless she can be turned on by anything.” Aubrey laughed at the surprisingly snarky remark, delivered in entranced monotone, while Connie grumbled and tossed Jane’s dress aside.

“So you really got the lingerie for me?” Aubrey asked, biting her lip.

“Yes, Aubrey. I wanted you to see me looking sexy. I wanted you to know I could be sexy. I wanted to stop being afraid and hiding my feelings.”

Connie waited to see if Aubrey asked anything else, but she was only staring up at Jane, unable to put her thoughts together after that revelation.

Clearly there was a lot about Jane that Aubrey needed to learn.

Connie cleared her throat. “So Jane, would you like to take the lingerie off now, or do you want to rip it off and impress Aubrey?”

Jane shuddered. “I want to rip it off. I want to show Aubrey how wild she drives me. I want to show Aubrey how wet I am for her.”

Connie shrugged, before looking down at the still shocked Aubrey. “I recommend you take this chance to strip too. I’m pretty sure Jane’s not going to stop with your top.”

As if only just remembering, Aubrey glanced down at her torn top, split down the middle to expose her bra. “Shit. I guess I should.”

So Connie dropped herself down into a chair as Aubrey wriggled out from under Jane. Her cheeks were bright red, and while she was shaken from seeing Jane being aggressive for the first time ever, Aubrey didn’t look as though she’d disliked it. In fact her hands were shaking with excitement as she tossed her jacket aside and stripped off her torn shirt.

Connie was appreciating the view, only to notice the frozen Jane, hypnotized and missing out. “Jane, you will be unable to move anything below the neck until I say so. Wake up now.”

Jane’s eyes became alert. Her head whipped over to scowl at Connie for interrupting, until she saw Aubrey standing there in just her tight leather pants and black bra. Jane whimpered, her body giving an involuntary shudder.

“I figured Jane would enjoy the show too. Oh, and feel your arousal increasing the longer you’re stuck like that, Jane.”

Jane made a deep growl, but was smiling wide as Aubrey took off her bra. Now that Aubrey had seen for herself how horny Jane was, she was regarding her friend like she was a caged tiger. A little scared, a little nervous, but incredibly excited. Aubrey slid down her tights, angling her ass towards Jane. It was funny for Connie to watch as Aubrey stripped off her outfit, the one she’d chosen to seduce Connie with, when her attention was solely on Jane. Stripping to feed Jane’s arousal, doing it just for her.

When Aubrey slid her panties off she dove onto the bed besides the frozen Jane, trailing a finger over her immobilized friend. “I never knew you could be like this.” Aubrey’s fingers drifted down into Jane’s panties and found just how soaking wet she was for her. Aubrey licked her lips as her fingers slid back and forth, knowing Jane was helpless to do anything but moan.

“Aubrey,” growled Jane, eyes shut from the mounting lust inside her. “Please.”

“God there’s so much fun I could have with you stuck like this. All helpless, waiting to be dominated.” For a second Aubrey’s eyes darted over to Connie, silently grateful for this impossible opportunity. But then Aubrey’s teasing smile broke into something more honest, something vulnerable and just as desperate. She sat back on her heels, pulling her teasing hands away. “But I want you to take me, Jane. Show me what you can be like. Please.”

Jane’s head stretched forward as far as her neck would allow, struggling to close the distance between them. When that failed she pouted over to Connie. “Please, Mistress. Let me fuck Aubrey. I—”

Connie raised a hand to cut her off. Connie had made no secret of how much she liked to make her subs beg for things while she was in charge, something Jane was no doubt expecting now. But Connie had already decided this wasn’t about her. This was for Aubrey and Jane to enjoy. The only reason she’d frozen her was for Aubrey to get a chance to strip and tease her back, to stoke the fires inside Jane on her own. So it was with a smile that Connie said, “You’re free to take Aubrey as much as you want.”

Instantly Jane became a blur, tackling into Aubrey and sending them both crashing down on the bed. It rocked violently, the frame slamming against the wall, but neither woman cared. They became lost inside each other, kissing and groping wildly. At first Aubrey managed to pin Jane, staring down triumphantly, but then with a shocking show of strength Jane got a knee under Aubrey and flipped her overhead. She fell down onto the mattress, the bed creaking and threatening to break but managed to hold itself together. Then Jane pounced, and Aubrey gave up on any ideas of taking charge. Jane pinned her large thighs around Aubrey’s head and planted her cunt down onto her mouth.

“Eat me,” Jane demanded, too horny to use more articulate words. She gripped Aubrey’s hair and groaned as the tongue entered her. “Oh god. Yes. Yes. Aubrey. Oh Aubrey, yes! Yes! Fuck me!”

Connie winced, debating on telling Jane to quiet down, except she couldn’t deny it was a hell of a show. The other girls downstairs were well aware of what they were doing. And Michelle was safely in her room, hypnotically conditioned to ignore anything happening outside. So as Jane moaned and cried out with orgasmic glee, Connie was content to sit there and watch. Her hand began to slide down into her skirt, only she caught herself, suddenly afraid that her masturbating would be intruding.

But Jane’s wild eyes settled on Connie. “Thank you, Mistress,” she moaned, sweat glistening on her bra. “Thank you so much. Are you gonna fuck yourself?”

Connie glanced down at her indecisive hand in her lap. Jane had lifted her hips enough for Aubrey to turn her head. “Please do it,” she said, between gasps for air.

Jane nodded enthusiastically. “Please fuck yourself, Mistress. I want you to cum as we fuck.”

The words filled Connie with joy, touching her more than she expected. Jane and Aubrey were finally consummating a crush they’d both harbored for years, and yet they still wanted to include Connie in their pleasure.

“You’re gonna fuck us too, right?” Aubrey suddenly asked.

“Of course,” Connie promised, as she stood up and slid down her skirt. “Once Jane works out some of her frustrations on you.”

At the reminder of how horny she was, Jane groaned and grabbed hold of Aubrey’s head. “Don’t stop,” Jane commanded, before shoving her hips down and smothering Aubrey with her dripping cunt. Aubrey’s legs kicked against the wall, her hand rubbing away at her own pussy as she ate Jane out. Jane whimpered as another orgasm built, and this time Connie was happy to sit back in her chair, now nude herself, and finger her own cunt as the other girls fucked.

Connie had plenty of ideas for how to dominate them with hypnotic commands, but for now it was nice to simply sit back and watch the new lovers change position and enjoy each others bodies.

But all the while her imagination was brewing up hypnotic possibilities for how she’d play with her new toys next.

* * *

Coop was floating in a dark ocean, swimming thoughtlessly along its serene waves until a loud snap woke her up. When she opened her eyes she found herself lounging on a mostly comfortable couch, her arm asleep from having been pinned underneath her. She sat up and flexed her numb fingers, wincing as the pins and needles sensation went crawling up and down her arm in waves. What had she been doing? Wasn’t she at Connie’s cabin? Wasn’t there a party?

A moan drifted to her from across the room. Coop gasped when she saw Sonia pinning Heidi to the wall, passionately making out with her. She didn’t gasp because it was surprising; in fact Coop felt smugly vindicated for suspecting that the bickering Sonia had a crush on her coworker. Instead she gasped because of the sweep of pleasure that hit her at the sight of them.

Coop forgot all about her half-asleep arm as she became transfixed by the girls kissing. She licked her lips, wishing she could join in. It was like a wriggling excitement inside her chest begging to be set free. Coop wanted so badly to kiss someone. To give pleasure. Instead she had no one, and couldn’t help being disappointed.

It never occurred to Coop to wonder why she wasn’t able to get up from the couch. It was simply something she knew was impossible for her, the same way she knew it was impossible for her to fly or do long division.

So Coop was content to stare and watch from her seat on the couch. Watching as Heidi’s hands ran along Sonia’s back, occasionally dipping down to grab her ass. Watching Sonia’s right hand firmly kneading at Heidi’s tits through her shirt. Coop couldn’t see where Sonia’s other hand was, but judging by Heidi’s soft moans it must be somewhere fun.

Coop was so absorbed in the small details of the girls actions that it took her a while to realize that they were gradually moving slower. Their once passionate hands were barely inching along now, drifting lazily lower until they fell away completely. Their moans tapered off to quiet grunts, then to whimpers, then to complete silence. Sonia fell gently against Heidi, both girls looking to be propped up only by the wall behind them. The kiss finally broke as Sonia’s head slid to the side, sinking into Heidi’s shoulder, and Coop saw the blank expression left on Heidi, her tongue just poking past her parted lips as her entranced eyes stared at nothing.

Coop couldn’t believe it. The girls had started with such energy that they couldn’t have been in trance the whole time. How had they been hypnotized?

“Hypnosis is wild, isn’t it?”

And that was when Coop became aware of Katie, sitting on the other side of the couch from her. She’d been only a throw cushion away and Coop had been completely unaware. Judging from the gloating grin on Katie’s face, that had been by design. Katie had woken Coop up from trance and stuck her on the couch just to watch the others make out, totally oblivious of her presence.

Katie was right. Hypnosis really was wild.

“What did you do to them?” Coop knew it was a dumb question to ask. Obviously Katie had hypnotized them the same way she’d hypnotized Coop, tricking them all to be under her control while Connie was upstairs and unable to help. But why was Coop here on the couch instead of up against the wall, left mindless while mid-make out?

“Hang on, this is the fun part.”

Katie put her fingers together and snapped. Coop flinched, waiting for herself to drop again, or experience some other shift in reality, but nothing happened to her. When she warily opened her eyes everything appeared normal. She was still trapped on a couch and unable to get up. Katie was still sitting nearby, her smug smile unchanged. From the corner of her eye Coop saw a flash of movement. Across the room Heidi’s eyes were fluttering, her arms lifting in confusion as consciousness returned to her.

She wasn’t the only one, as Sonia groaned and lifted her head off Heidi’s shoulder. Coop saw a strand of drool stretching off Sonia’s lips, which she wiped away absently. “What happened?”

“Dunno,” Heidi muttered. Then the girls noticed each other and how they were pressed up so intimately. Sonia bounced away from Heidi in a panic, while the other girl tried to do the same and just knocked herself against the wall. Sonia whirled around angrily for the culprit. Her furious eyes fixed on Coop, who shook her head and pointed at Katie.

Sonia narrowed her eyes at Katie. “What do you think you’re doing making us kiss?” Even with her show of outrage, Coop could see the red blush in her cheeks and the frantic excitement bubbling underneath the anger. She wasn’t upset about being hypnotized. Instead Sonia was reacting like she’d been, well, caught making out with her crush at a party.

“Just showing everyone a good time,” Katie said with a wink towards Coop, who still wondered why this was supposed to be for her. Then, before Sonia could deny anything, Katie snapped her fingers.

Instantly the anger drained from Sonia. Coop figured she’d been put back into trance, until Sonia broke into a silly smile. She turned, and behind her Heidi’s bewilderment had been replaced with the same eager smile. Sonia and Heidi crashed into each other, showing the same passion they had when Coop had first woken. The pair had apparently forgotten all about Coop and Katie, focused only on each other’s bodies.

“You made them super horny,” Coop said slowly.

There was a snort, and Coop saw Katie covering her mouth to suppress a laugh. “That’s not exactly how I’d put it. These two already had a crush on each other that was firmly established. I just made it so my snap brought it up to the surface and becomes more important than anything else.”

Despite the danger of having this stranger seated beside her with control over her mind, Coop still found herself whispering, “Called it.”

Now Katie laughed out loud, a genuine sound of delight, and Coop found herself proud as ever of making a cute girl laugh. If the situation had been totally different, like a completely ordinary party, Coop would have slipped closer to press her advantage, maybe put a hand on Katie’s arm and gauge how interested she was. Unfortunately this wasn’t an ordinary party. Katie was controlling them the same way Connie could, except Connie had been in control of herself.

“You need to listen to me,” Coop implored, swinging her legs up under herself and sliding closer across the couch towards Katie. She put a hand on her arm and looked Katie in the eyes, trying to show how serious she was. “You’ve been hypnotized, Katie. The same thing happened to me. And Heidi and Sonia.”

At the mention of them Coop’s eyes glanced over at the girls and was surprised to see their passionate make out had cooled to a lazy kiss. It was like their batteries were running out, both girls doing their best to caress the other with what little energy they had left. Their eyes were glassy, as though they were half in trance already.

“Your crush on Connie isn’t real,” said Coop, forcing her attention back to Katie. “I know how it feels, like you’re obsessed with her and want to please her, but it’s not really you. If you just let me get Connie she can hypnotize you and fix it.”

Hearing that you had been hypnotized into a crush should have been alarming. Or at least shocking. Instead Katie just gave Coop a bored smile and a shrug. “I already know all that. I don’t care.”


“You already told me all about how Jane’s grandma hypnotized you and Connie broke you out of it. And yes, she obviously must have done the same thing to me. But I don’t care if it’s hypnosis or whatever. I love Connie. I need to be her girlfriend. That’s why I’m doing all this. So I can earn her love and make her happy. Hang on a sec.”

Coop was too stunned by the crazy confession to care that Katie turned away from her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that Heidi and Sonia had gone still again. Katie snapped her fingers and both girls blinked awake, stumbling away from each other.

“What the—”

Katie snapped again. Sonia and Heidi barely looked like they’d come back to awareness before they were overcome with desire once more, stumbling back together into a desperate kiss.

A kiss that would, Coop finally realized, slowly drain their minds away until they were hypnotized once more. Then Katie’s snap would wake them up, while a second snap would fill them with horny desire and start the process all over again.

Katie had set the girls up to be manipulated so easily. And each time they woke up they’d be a little more drained, a little weaker to Katie’s control. A cycle she could run over and over until she had them as weak and suggestible as she desired.

“It’s just like what Connie did to Aubrey and Jane,” Coop said, and though she was scared she couldn’t keep the impressed tone out of her voice. Katie spun back to Coop and beamed from the praise.

“I know, it was such a fun idea I had to steal it. I thought about setting them up to keep doing it automatically like she did, but honestly I like the fun of staying in charge.” Katie snapped her fingers for emphasis. Across the room Sonia and Heidi broke their kiss, staring at each other blearily. Katie quickly snapped her fingers again, sending both girls back into their frenzied and oblivious kiss. “Oops,” giggled Katie.

Coop just stared at her in awe. When she’d met Connie it had felt like a magical thing, this impossible person with the power to control minds and expose her to all kinds of sexual wonders. Sure, the hypnotic crush in her own head had started it, but Coop had been plenty obsessed with Connie for her own merits.

And now her was another beautiful girl with the same kinky gift for hypnosis.

‘Who would win between them?’ Coop couldn’t help but wonder. If Connie came down and saw what Katie was up too would they duel for hypnotic control? Coop could imagine Connie saving the day by dropping Katie into trance and fixing her mind. She should have been completely sure of it.

Instead Coop felt herself filled with traitorous doubt. She’d felt firsthand how easily Katie could trick you. Had even been made to lie to Connie and beg for her permission to be hypnotized by Katie, too far gone to even realize it was a setup. And seeing Sonia drooling against Heidi’s cheek, both girls slumped limply against the wall, only served as a reminder of her own skill.

Katie snapped twice in quick succession. Heidi groaned and Sonia picked up her head, their desires returning faster than their thoughts as they sloppily made out.

Coop slowly turned her head towards Katie, hating the way her heart was racing and her own arousal was growing. She didn’t want Katie to win, not at all. But there was no denying how powerful Katie was. And suddenly it was terribly easy to imagine Connie losing this fight. Connie sinking into trance, her eyes just as empty as she’d made so many other girls. Leaving Katie in charge to rule them all.

“What are you going to do with us?” asked Coop, unaware if the butterflies swirling in her stomach was because of fear or attraction.

Katie smiled, and Coop realized how easily Katie could control her. She was just as helpless of a puppet as Heidi and Sonia, and it would only take a simple command to make her do whatever Katie ordered. Not that Coop wanted that.

“Don’t worry, Coop. The only one I have eyes on is Connie. I’m going to show her what a great hypnotist I’ve become and impress her into being my girlfriend.” Coop must not have been able to keep the surprise off her face, because Katie crossed her arms and frowned at her. “What?”

“It’s just… if that’s what you wanted, why do all this?” Coop waved her hand weakly over at the other girls, once again back in a mindless stupor. Katie snapped her fingers, eyes never leaving Coop’s face.

“Well I’ve got to show her what I’m capable of. I spent hours learning hypnosis for this.”

Coop’s jaw dropped. “Wait, you weren’t a hypnotist before this?”

“Nope, I never even knew it was a thing you could do beyond silly magic shows. I just saw that Connie was good at it, so I figured it would be a good way to get her attention.”

“Hey,” Sonia said in a stern voice, but certainly not a yell. She was glowering at the girls on the couch, but there was something missing in her anger. As if she were tired, not entirely there. “What are you up to making us kiss?”

“We’re trying to have a discussion about Connie here,” Katie snapped, figuratively and literally with a click of her fingers. Sonia spun drunkenly on her heel, and Heidi happily trudged over to meet her. They both already looked dazed and totally out of it. A few more cycles and Katie’s snaps will have completely broken them to her will, too helpless to raise any fight.

Had she really only just learned hypnosis? Katie must have had a natural gift for it, Coop thought, to already be this amazing. Or maybe she was always dominant and capable of this, and it just took the crush being implanted in her mind to drive her to it.

“So like I was saying, I can’t afford to blow this with Connie. I need her to be my girlfriend.” As she spoke she grabbed Coop’s wrist tight. Coop’s heart fluttered at the touch. “That’s why I’m breaking your will. And theirs. I’m going to make you my slaves and then give you to Connie as presents. She’ll see how amazing I am with hypnosis and know that I’m not jealous if she hooks up with other girls. I think it’s so hot that she’s upstairs fucking Aubrey and Jane right now. But I need to be special to her. I need to give her a reason to keep me. So I’ll show Connie that I can enslave any woman she wants into a mindless plaything. All for her.”

Katie’s face was manically twisting with different emotions. She spoke of Connie with love and anguish and fear. The hypnotic crush was driving her to need Connie more than anything, and Coop understood all too well the fear of losing her. When she’d been under the same spell Coop had been ready to throw her agency away and become a fucktoy for Connie. She would have done anything Connie said just to please her.

Maybe that was why Coop felt so moved to help Katie. Not with her crazy plan, but to truly help her break free of the crush. Although, dark as it was to admit, Coop was relieved to hear that Katie only planned to enslave them so she could give them to Connie. She trusted Connie and knew she wouldn’t take advantage of them. That Connie would free her and the others and do everything she could to fix Katie too.

But she knew how heartbreaking that would be for Katie. That rejection could drive her wild, and so Coop wanted to help before it came to that.

“Katie, please listen to me.”

Katie was focused on her, but off to the side her fingers snapped twice, no doubt setting Heidi and Sonia off into another loop of mind-melting kissing.

“I want to help you, but Connie doesn’t want slaves. We were all ready to be Connie’s fucktoys last night, we were that out of it. Instead she hypnotized us and took the compulsion away. Sure, we still fucked, but because we really wanted to.”

It was heartbreaking to see the pain on Katie’s face. Coop wanted to kiss her and make it better, but she had to make Katie see that her plan was doomed.

“Connie’s wonderful, and I’m sure she’d be happy to be with you if you asked. I mean, look at you. You’re so gorgeous with the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen. I want you, so she should too. And I’m sure she’d love what you’ve learned with hypnosis. Honestly with the way Connie talked about Tammy trying to dominate her I think she’d enjoy someone else taking charge of her too.”

Katie’s eyes gleamed hungrily. It should have worried her, but then Katie snapped her fingers. Coop relaxed as she stared into Katie’s eyes. Such a pretty shade of green.

“But none of that matters because this might not be what you truly want. Let Connie hypnotize you and she’ll take all those suggestions in your head away. It might change how you feel, but at least it’ll be the real you. I’m sure the real you is amazing.”

“And what if the ‘real me’ doesn’t want you, Coop?” Katie asked, snapping her fingers a few more times.

The words hit like a knife to the heart. The thought that Katie, who could so easily control her and make her into a perfect little sex slave, wouldn’t want her anymore would be tragic. Maybe Katie was right. Maybe it didn’t matter if her feelings weren’t real. Because this Katie was perfect already. This Katie who was so strong and dominant, able to toy with them so easily.

Katie snapped her fingers again and suddenly Coop realized how jealous she was of the other girls. She wanted to be controlled by that snap. To be under Katie’s power. But while it would be hot to be controlled to make out with Sonia or Heidi or anyone else Katie told her to, what Coop really wanted was to be claimed by Katie herself. To have Katie snap her fingers and leave Coop overcome with desire, all sense of free will gone. Just a horny slave eager to kiss her Mistress, to please Katie and be fucked by her any way she wanted. To be Katie’s slave forever.

Coop would love that so much.

The epiphany filled her with joy. Which was quickly snuffed out with a wave of dread as Coop realized what she was feeling, and the confident gleam in Katie’s eyes.

“You did this to me,” she whispered, unable to hold back the shiver of delight at the knowledge that Katie was already pulling the strings in her mind. “You gave me a crush on you, just like I had on Connie.”

“Just like the one I have on Connie,” Katie said with a gorgeous smile. Coop wanted to dive in and kiss those luscious lips so badly, but fought with all the resistance she had left. It was alarming to find just how little resistance there was. “Now you know just how I feel about her. Everything you feel for me, I feel for Connie. So won’t you help me, Coop?”

Trapped on the couch, Coop had mentally prepared herself to resist a lot of tricks that Katie might pull. Only she never imagined having to resist a plea from the woman she loved. It wasn’t real, she told herself, knowing how little that mattered now. No wonder Katie didn’t care. Such powerful feelings that overrode all common sense and logic couldn’t be anything but true love.

Coop wanted Katie so badly, and yet Katie had made it clear that she wanted Connie instead. It stung, but Coop could overcome that. What she really wanted was to make Katie happy more than anything, and if that meant helping her to be with Connie then Coop would be happy to help. She might have given in, too, except for the sure knowledge that Connie wouldn’t be happy to see Coop and the others turned into mindless slaves. There was no doubt that sweet, foolish Connie would take one look at the enslaved Coop and break her from Katie’s absolute control. Connie would free her, a thought that now filled Coop with despair.

Because she’d happily be a slave for Katie, even if that meant she must be given away to another. Coop no longer minded if Katie enslaved Heidi and Sonia too, because they’d love it as much as she would.

The barrier was Connie herself, and Coop didn’t know a way around that to help her beloved Katie.

“I’m sorry. I want to help you now. You’re right, it doesn’t matter if the crushes aren’t real.” Coop grabbed at Katie’s hands and felt a charge of electricity travel up her arms at the touch. In some small part of her mind there had still been a rebellious voice fighting against Katie’s conditioning, but as soon as Coop touched Katie she finally accepted the truth. “I- I love you, Katie.”

“Do you care if it’s not real?”

Coop shook her head with firm determination. “It doesn’t matter if you did this to me. Because I love you and I forgive you. I only want to make you happy. I’m so happy you did this to me.”

The way Katie smiled was like the sun rising on a cold morning. Katie was leaning forward and Coop’s heart leapt into her throat as she knew she was about to be kissed. Being kissed by Katie was all she could ever want in that very moment. But as much as she wanted to indulge, Coop had to do what was best for Katie. So she let go of Katie’s hands and pulled away.

“That’s why this is so hard to say, but your plan won’t work. Connie won’t like it. She could have made us slaves herself but said it would be wrong. If you show Connie what you’ve done to us I’m sure she’ll find it hot, but there’s no chance she’ll accept it permanently. She’d want to fix us, and then fix you so you won’t love her anymore either.”

The words pained her to say, and her pain only magnified as Katie absorbed all of this with a sullen nod.

“So I really won’t be able to change her mind?”

Coop frowned deeply and wished she had anything to say that could cheer Katie up. It didn’t matter if it was hypnosis. She loved Katie. She loved Katie with all her heart. She’d do anything to make her happy.

So perhaps that’s why, almost off handed, Coop replied, “Not unless you hypnotize her.”

Those five magic words lit up Katie’s face, and that smile made Coop’s heart melt with joy. “Coop. You’re a genius.”

“I’m not,” she chuckled, bashfully looking away as her face burnt up with delight. Coop noticed Sonia and Heidi had slumped off the wall and knelt in a heap on the floor, drooling on each other mindlessly.

‘Katie will enslave them after me,’ she thought, which would have once horrified her. Now Coop only felt the dark shiver of joy that ran through her. The thought of being Katie’s slave made her so wet now. She hoped Katie would fuck her before giving her to Connie as a present. Her secret desire was that Katie would change her mind and keep her as her sex slave forever.

“You said Connie might be interested in being hypnotized. If we can convince her to go under for me, then all our problems are solved. I’ll make Connie fall in love with me too. We’ll be the happiest girlfriends ever, and I’ll convince her to keep you and all the others as our slaves.”

Coop whimpered and clenched her thighs together at the realization that, once Katie and Connie were dating, any slaves of Connie would belong to her girlfriend too. She really would get to stay with her love, being a devoted plaything for the happy couple.

Then Katie paused, her grin shrinking as her lips pressed together in serious thought.

Coop took Katie’s hand, sinking low to look up at her. If either Heidi or Sonia had been awake, they might have said that Coop looked like a pet concerned for their owner.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s just that- well, I assumed that I would be Connie’s slave too. After all, kinky hypnotists enslave anyone they want. That’s what all the stories I read online said, anyway. But if I hypnotize Connie, wouldn’t that make me the stronger one?”

Coop cared deeply for Connie and thought the world of her, that hadn’t changed. But that admiration and desire was a small match against the bonfire of her hypnotic love for the brunette woman above her. “You’re definitely stronger than Connie! You can do anything. You’re amazing.”

Katie puffed up at her words, which filled Coop with pride. “So since I’ll be convincing Connie that it’s good for us to have slaves, maybe I’ll make her my slave too.”

It sounded perfect. Obviously as Katie’s girlfriend Connie would have a special place among all of her slaves, but Coop could imagine herself and Connie naked, presented before the Mistress they loved so deeply. Katie would make Connie love her the same way she’d instilled it in Coop, so they really would be identically smitten with their hypnotist. Plus Heidi and Sonia, not to mention Aubrey and Jane.

“That would be amazing, Katie. You could have us all as your slaves. Once you hypnotize Connie there’ll be no one to stop you. Then you can make everyone here your slaves. All of us can worship you together.”

“Yes,” Katie growled, warming to the idea. Coop took the opportunity to press closer to Katie, sinking her cheek against Katie’s chest as she was lost in thought. When Katie’s hand landed on top of her head Coop would have purred if she’d been a cat. “You really do love me, don’t you?”

Coop closed her eyes, and searched for whatever small part of her still wanted to escape this trap. She found the faintest, smallest piece of resistance, a thought that was horrified at her own eagerness to betray her friends and see them enslaved. Coop sympathized with that lone thought but then, with a firm resolve, silenced it. She loved Katie. She must love Katie. Nothing mattered to her but Katie. And all of her friends would be so much happier loving Katie the same way she did. When Coop opened her eyes there was nothing but love and adoration there.

“Yes, Katie. I love you so much.”

“And it doesn’t matter that I put it there with hypnosis, does it?”

“Nope. I’m so happy loving you, Katie. Everyone should love you like I do,” Coop fawned, pressing her face deeper against Katie’s cleavage. Almost to oblige her, Katie yanked down the front of her blouse, popping a few buttons as she slipped her bra down and exposed her breast. Coop kissed at it desperately, thinking it was the greatest tit that could ever exist.

She realized now how foolish she’d been to deny Katie’s love for Connie. It was easy to say in hindsight that manipulating feelings was wrong, but now she remembered how wonderful her crush on Connie had been. How right and perfect it felt. Though she was glad that Connie had removed it, if only because it left her free for her new overwhelming love for Katie.

“You’ll help me hypnotize Connie, won’t you?”

Coop popped her lips off of Katie’s nipple and grinned drunkenly. “Of course. Anything for you. I love you. I love you so much, Katie.”

“Good girl. Then you won’t mind becoming my slave, will you?”

“No,” she answered instantly, then frowned. “Although, if I’m all mindless Connie will know something’s wrong. We can’t make her suspicious if you’re gonna trick her into trance.”

“Oh, you can keep your mind. Though I’ll take it whenever I wish,” Katie promised her. Her hand was drifting over Coop’s stomach, like she was petting the tummy of a loyal pet, until her searching fingers found the hem of her too-short pleated skirt. Only then did Coop remember that she was dressed as a cheerleader, with her hair in silly pigtails. Her face went bright red that the love of her life should see her in such a mortifying outfit. It would be different if Katie had ordered her to be her cheerleader, she’d do so without any shame. But she was dressed up to please Connie.

Although, Coop could use that. Pretend she still wanted Connie and get her guard down. Get her to agree to be hypnotized by Katie. Promise her how wonderful it felt, and Connie would learn the full truth of that statement soon enough.

Katie’s fingers found Coop’s pussy lips. Coop gasped and pleaded, “Oh god, please fuck me, Katie. Please.”

“Don’t worry, Coop. If you really help me have Connie, then you’ll have a special place in my heart right behind her. I’ll fuck you like you’re my favorite toy.”

Coop drooled with delight as Katie’s fingers filled her, the pleasure overloading her mind. Was that another of Katie’s suggestions lurking in her head, or was this the effect of her own endless love for Katie? Then again, her love was one of Katie’s suggestions, which is why it was so perfect.

“Give me your mind,” Katie commanded, and Coop found herself doing so. An opening sensation in her head, as though she’d pulled down all defenses. “You are mine, Coop. You will serve me faithfully. You will be my slave and obey me completely. You will help me claim Connie. And you will cum on my fingers now.”

Coop accepted every word of Katie’s without resistance. She was hers. She would serve Katie faithfully. She was her slave and would obey. She would help Katie claim Connie. And she came on Katie’s fingers, sealing herself to her new Mistress with an orgasmic pledge.

The pledge was a rambling string of slurred words, lost in the climax, but Coop managed to moan out a single word at the end. “Youuuurs.”

“Good slave. Take a moment to bask in it. You deserved it for not resisting me at all. And when you’re ready you’ll help me do the exact same thing to your two friends over there.”

Through bleary eyes Coop saw Heidi and Sonia. There was no hesitation in her heart at the thought of enslaving them to Katie. They would love it as much as she did.

“And then we’ll make a plan for Connie.”

Coop’s mind was hazy, but she knew her subconscious held everything she’d learned of Connie over the weekend. Everything she’d said and done, and surely there must be weaknesses that they could exploit. Coop would see Connie hypnotized into the perfect slave for Katie, identical to herself. Then they would serve the woman they loved together.

“I can’t wait,” Coop promised her Mistress with an adoring smile.