The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Jazz And Sex

Part 2

The next night with Pat was a little different. I didn’t remember much from the first-except that I had been drugged and hypnotized. I couldn’t really see what the jazz musician was doing to me because although I was in hypnosis, my eyes were shut the whole time.

However, tonight he had a new type of induction for me: a pocket watch. This watch was so beautiful and it hung off of a chain. I had never seen anything so stunning! Pat held it up in front of my eyes and said, “Look at the watch..look at the it swings back and forth. Relax. You’re getting more relaxed and keep looking at the it swings back and forth. You’re getting more tired and sleepier. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t look must look at the can’t look away. You’re getting more tired and sleepy...ever tired and sleepy...look only at the watch...listen to my would like to sleep... sinking in a deep sleep. Don’t fight against it...just look at the watch...see how it swings back and’re getting more tired and sleepier. You are so tired and would like to sleep. Don’t stay awake..close your eyes and sink deeply under my are so tired and sleepy..soon you will sink into a deep, hypnotic sleep. Close your eyes..sink in this deep, hypnotic sleep...this deep sleep...good deep sleep...”

My eyes slowly closed and Pat continued, “You hear only my will obey me completely. You must sleep for me.”

As soon as my eyes closed he continued, “You are finally in a deep, hypnotic are completely under my control.”

* * *

“Open your eyes, Juni, but remain asleep.”

I opened my eyes and felt Pat’s wet lips on mine. I answered his kiss. We kissed each other again and I was breathing heavily. His hot body was very near to mine and he felt my breasts on his body and touched them. Pat kissed my neck intensely and I stroked his hair. I felt his hands on my breasts and moaned in pleasure. I felt his hands all over my body, so warm and firm. I started to tremble with body was shaking.

I was breathing so heavily and felt Pat kissing my naked body. His lips were so warm and tender on my skin, and I closed my eyes to enhance the pleasure.

Pat kissed my neck and shoulder and I was holding him in a close embrace. We kissed again and our tongues touched each other. Pat whispered erotic things in my ear, and his face was in between my breasts. He played with them and I was moaning again. Pat tasted my breasts with his lips and it felt good. His lips felt wonderful on my skin.

* * *

Night 3:

“Juni, you’re only hearing the sound of my voice. Now relax, relax. feel how tired you’re tired and tired and sleepy. You’re getting sleepy. You’re getting so tired...sink into a relaxing sleep...a deep, hypnotic sleep. Focus only on my voice and relax. You’re getting relaxed and tired...ever more tired. As you continue concentrating on my voice, you’re getting more tired and sleepier. You’re getting more tired and sleepy...more tired and sleepy...listen only to my would like to sleep...deep sleep...sinking in a deep, hypnotic sleep. Don’t fight against’re getting tired...ever tired...see how tired my voice is making you...ever more tired and sleepier. Don’t stay awake...close your eyes and sink deeply under my are so tired and sleepy, you would like to deep sleep...your eyelids are much too heavy to hold are sink ever deeper into a relaxing..deep sink ever deeper into a hypnotic sleep...very deep and sink ever deeper and deeper. Close your eyes Sink into the deep, hypnotic sleep. This deep sleep..good deep are so tired...and would like to sleep. You hear only my voice and you obey me completely. You must sleep for me and do everything which I tell you.”

At this point, I wanted nothing more than to just close my eyes and sleep. They were so heavy and I could barely keep them open any longer. I closed them and Pat continued, “You are finally in a deep, hypnotic sleep. You are completely under my control.”

As before, the jazz guitarist told me to open my eyes but remain asleep. I could only obey without question.

* * *

We were in the bedroom and undressed, with Pat wearing a condom. Pat touched my breasts with his hands and I felt his warm touch when he stroked my skin. Pat said “kiss me”, and I did. He opened my mouth with his lips and then sucked my nipples-causing me to moan in pleasure. With my arms around his neck, we shared a French kiss. He kissed my breasts again, which were soft and sensitive when he stroked them with his tongue. This caused me to moan again.

We kissed passionately, with our tongues touching each other and our bodies moved against each other. I softly stroked his chest and he stroked my limbs, softly whispering my name.

“Juni,” he said, “I want you to touch me with my limb. Kiss me while you touch me with your warm limb.”

And so I did. I kissed Pat’s lips and touched him with my warm hands. A surge went through his body and I heard him moan. His limb was hard and strong now when he intruded my body. I held him with my legs while he licked my breasts, and was moaning while he pushed my warm body with his limb.

I felt him in me now. The moans were getting stronger and strong and I nearly screamed out, but Pat quieted my lips with a kiss. His penis pushed into my vagina.

He felt that I liked it, and he pushed me stronger with his hard penis. I was moaning again, and in the process he was licking my breasts while I continued moaning. Pat went on pushing me and I held him with my legs. Our bodies sweated and shook, and he thrusted in and out of me. I was building towards an orgasm, and another push of his penis brought me to it. Afterwards, Pat withdrew his penis and splashed it all over my body while I was moaning loudly. The orgasm was coming and I tasted his juices. Pat stimulated me with his finger and I had a great orgasm while moaning.

* * *

Night 4:

Pat has such stunning eyes. I never really noticed how intense and deep they were before. He told me, “Relx and look deep into my eyes...relax. Look further into my eyes...deep into my eyes.”

My eyes were locked onto his and he said, “Very good...completely relaxed...look deep within my eyes. It doesn’t matter if you become sleepy..and also tired and sleepy...look further into my eyes. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t look away. Look further into my eyes. Ever deeper...ever deeper. You are tired. You are tired and sleepy.Your eyelids are getting heavy..yes, you are so tired and tired and sleepy and your eyelids are so heavy. Your eyelids are so heavy...look further into my eyes. You’re so tired and sleepy. Your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. Your eyelids are getting more heavy. They become ever heavier.”

My eyelids felt like lead but I managed to hold them open. Pat continued, “You are so tired, so tired...your eyelids are so heavy, so heavy, yes, so are tired...yes, you are tired...your eyelids are so heavy, so heavy. Relax. You are so tired..yes, so tired...and your eyelids are so heavy...yes, so heavy. So hear only my voice and you are so tired...and sleepy...your eyelids are so heavy...yes, you only hear my voice and you are so tired. You sense how tired you are are so tired and sleepy,,your eyelids are getting so heavy. Listen only to my voice. You are getting more hear my voice..what it says..and you look deeper within my eyes, entirely deep within are getting ever more tired and sleepier...your eyelids are getting heavier. You would like to sleep because you are so tired and sleepy, but for now hold your drowsy eyes open until I say that you can close them.”

I held my eyes open and Pat saw that they were half-open and sleepy-looking. My lips were slightly parted as well. It was as if I were in a daze.

“Close your eyes now, Juni.”

Finally I could close them! I remember that everything went black and I heaved a huge sigh of relief. It felt so good, and my head slumped down.

* * *

After Pat told me to open my eyes, he commanded me to undress as well. I did, as did he (with him once again wearing a condom), and we shared a passionate kiss. I felt his tongue in my mouth and put my arms around his neck. Pat put his arms around my waist as we continued to kiss passionately. His hands wandered to my upper body, up to my breasts, stroking my arms and neck. Pat held me tight, kissing my neck and lips. Our tongues met again and we shared a deep kiss. I pressed my breasts against his body and was completely helpless. Our kisses were passionate and addictive, and we couldn’t stop. We clung tighter to each other, not wanting to let go. He touched my breasts with his hands, pressed them softly, and kissed them. Pat licked them and I said, “Go on licking my breasts. I like that.”

With that, he licked and sucked my nipples. I was softly moaning in deep pleasure and Pat felt my legs wrapped tightly around him. He began to massage my neck and shoulders, and I kissed his fingers while continuing to hold him tight with my legs. Pat came down to my breasts and licked them again, and I was moaning and starting to stroke his other limbs as we lay side by side on the bed. I sat naked on him and he kissed my breasts again, holding, licking and sucking them while I continued moaning. This lasted for some time.

After the sex was over, we fell into a long, deep sleep.