The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Jazz And Sex

Part 3

Night 5:

Pat spoke to me again, in that sexy, mature voice:

“You are getting tired...ever more are so unbelievably would like to deep are so tired and hear my voice..and your eyelids are getting heavy. You can hardly hold them are so tired. Don’t fight against it. Close your eyes...your heavy eyes...your tired tired..and sleepy. You must must hear only my voice...that tells you...that you are getting tired. Your eyes are so tired..and heavy. You are tired and sleepy..your eyelids are getting heavy. Hear only of my are getting more are getting always hear my voice...what it would like to do what I are getting always more tired and sleepier..your eyelids are getting always heavier. You would like to sleep because you are so tired and sleepy.”

I was a bit tired and my eyelids were a bit heavy.

“You are getting tired...ever more would like to deep are so tired and hear my voice..and your eyelids are getting heavy. You can hardly hold them are so tired..and sleepy.”

My eyelids were trembling. I felt very sleepy now.

“Close your eyes...your heavy eyes..your tired tired...and sleepy. Your eyes are so tired..and tired and are tired and sleepy..your eyelids are getting heavy.”

“So tired and sleepy. I must close my eyes now,” I said.

I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer. I finally closed them. Pat continued, “Your eyes are are so tired and sink ever deeper into this restful hypnotic are so do everything which I say. Open your eyes but remain asleep.”

“Yes Pat,” I said sleepily. Then I opened my eyes without question.

* * *

A few minutes later: (with us both fully clothed)

Still hypnotized, I pressed my warm body next to Pat’s and felt his heartbeat and soft breathing. I put my arms around his neck and he stroked my hair. Then I touched my lips on his neck, gently kissing it and sliding my lips down it. Pat’s hands felt that I was shivering, and he put one hand down my shirt and touched my skin. He took one of my breasts in his hand and I said, “Oohh, that feels good. Give me more.”

My lips were trembling with excitement. They were hungry and begging to be kissed. I tried to calm them but they were restless, wanting more and more to be kissed, though I didn’t tell him.

Pat’s lips found mine and we kissed intensively. I took one of his hands and he felt my breathing and heartbeat, and with his other hand he stroked my upper body and I began to moan softly, slowly and more and more heavily. I felt his warm stroked on my skin and somehow I felt very secure. I continued to moan, and he quieted my lips with more of his kissed. Pat played with my lips and came closer to me. My lips were wet and hungry for his kissed, and when he touched my breast again, I was moaning as a response to the touching. I stroked Pat’s face and soft hair, and he was whispering erotic things in my ear.

On the bed, Pat took off my shirt and bra, and I closed my dark eyes. He began to kiss my neck and came down to my breasts. I was moaning louder now and said, “Pat, make me weak.” With that, he touched my breasts with his warm hands. I felt them..and he kissed my breasts and sucked my nipples. The sucking was very intense, to the point where they were sore. Then he licked them with his warm tongue and I moaned in pleasure, opening and closing my eyes to enhance the experience. His tongue loved my nipples. Pat especially loved sucking my breast and playing with my nipples. He also liked to hear me moaning and held my hand all of the time.

* * *

Night 6:

I looked into Pat’s eyes again. He said, “As you look into my eyes, you are getting tired, so tired. Your eyelids are so heavy, so heavy. Relax. You are so tired, yes, so tired...and your eyelids are so heavy. Relax. You are so tired and sleepy...your eyelids are so heavy. So hear only my voice and you are so tired...and sleepy...your eyelids are so heavy...yes, you hear only my voice and you are so tired. Close your eyes and sink deeply under my control. You must sleep for me and do everything which I tell you.”

Soon I was out like a light.

“You are finally in a deep, hypnotic sleep. You are completely under my control.”

* * *

The real fun started in the bedroom:

It was totally dark now and noone could disturb us. We were totally naked (but Pat wore a condom) and felt our hot bodies. My breasts touched Pat’s bosom and I was very close to him now. I put my finger on his lips-which was a sign for him to kiss them. Pat kissed me and our tongues came together. It was a very hot situation. He pressed his body against mine and I did the same thing. He felt my full breasts on his chest and kissed me again. We had a complete French kiss. Then he put one of my legs up sp he could softly intrude into my body and I was moaning loudly. I was welcome his “invasion”, as my leg was in a sexual position.

Pat’s nose was in between my breasts and I smelled his natural scent. He played with my breasts and began to push my body, and I was moaning continuously when he started the pushing. He had both breasts in his hands and stroked them while pushing my body again...and he kissed me again. I was moaning and he liked it when I said “Push me, baby.” Pat’s head was in between my breasts and he pushed me in the gentle way that I liked it.

I was moaning in short waves and was near to an orgasm. He licked my breasts and I embraced him with my arms and legs. In this moment, Pat made a last push and we both had an orgasm. We both moaned when he came into me. We fell asleep after this and his hand was in mine. We slept until 10 or 11 a.m. the next morning.

* * *

During the next week, Pat and I went around Philadelphia and saw some interesting sites, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall before I had to go back to California. That was a great week for both of us, and Pat hoped that I would visit him again someday. For now, we agreed to just keep in touch.

Oh well, we’ll always have the Jazz Club at Founder’s Hall.