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Journey to Saigon

Part 2: A Night In The Rain/ Horrible Memories

Saigon: 1939

The next morning was raining, so Juni and Thieu wore raincoats and hats before they went out. The rain was coming down, but the two didn’t care. They laughed. Juni even took off her hat and let the rain pound on her hair and face. Thieu did the same thing, and they reveled in the rain.

The two walked through the city, laughing and talking, until Juni saw something that absolutely shocked her: a young Vietnamese woman was being assaulted by a Vietnamese man in public. The woman struggled, but to no avail. The situation called out to Juni. She had to do something.

She broke away from Thieu and went through the crowd to where the man and woman were. Thieu yelled for her to come back, but it was too late. Juni had gotten close to the couple to see the struggle continue. While the thunder rumbled, Juni grabbed the young man and tried to break his grip from the woman. The man grabbed Juni by the hair, slapped her and pushed her down. Suddenly, she had a flashback:

Dr. Josef Mengele slapped her in his office and she stopped crying out of fear. Then he pushed her on the floor.

Now it Saigon it had happened again, but Juni didn’t cry this time. She got up and just as she had done to Mengele, the Eurasian punched this man in the stomach, causing him to yell and double over in pain. Then she grabbed the young woman by the arm and ran off with her. Thieu found the both of them and was very angry with her cousin.

“Juni, how could you do something like this?", Thieu shouted in the rain. Juni was the angry expression in her cousin’s face, but didn’t apologize for her actions.

“Let’s go home,” Thieu exclaimed, “we can talk about this there.”

“What about this other girl?", Juni asked.

“She can come with us, but for now lets go home. You’ve gotten into enough trouble.”

* * *

At home, Thieu was calmer and said, “Okay Juni, now you have to explain yourself.”

“In Berlin, I was raped,” Juni said.

“Raped, by who?", Thieu asked.

“I was raped by Dr. Josef Mengele and I didn’t even know it.”

“How could you not know it?", the other woman asked.

“Dr. Mengele injected a mind-controlling serum into me, but he lied and said that it was an immunization shot. In other words, he hypnotized me.”

“What happened then?", Thieu asked.

“Mengele told me to undress, and being under the control of the serum, I did. We ended up having sex.”

“How did you get out of it?", the other woman asked.

“I fell off the examining table while we were having sex, and was knocked out. An hour later, after I slowly regained consciousness, it was only then I realized that I had been raped.”

“How horrible!", Thieu exclaimed-gasping.

“It gets worse. Dr. Mengele and I got into a heated argument, where in the process he slapped me and pushed me down on the floor. Later, he knocked me against the wall.”

“How did you escape?", the other woman asked.

“My best friend Matthew Strauss rescued me. If he hadn’t, Dr. Mengele would’ve re-injected that serum into me and I would’ve been hypnotized again.”

“He does,” Juni said.

“Why did you save me tonight?", the other woman asked.

“I did it because I saw myself in your struggle,” Juni said, “tonight when I fought that man, I had those horrible flashbacks of Dr. Mengele assaulting me, but I also remember fighting back. I fought back against Dr. Mengele and I fought back against that man.”

“You certainly did,” the woman said, “he certainly was hurting!”

“Yes, but at least you’re all right,” Juni said.

“I am, and I can’t thank you enough,” she said, “I know it was a dangerous thing to do but you were the only one who intervened while everyone else watched.”

“It certainly was dangerous,” Thieu said, “but now I know that my cousin can hold her own in a fight.”

“You can stay with us until the rain stops,” Juni said, “Thieu and I would love your company.”

“Thank you,” the woman said, “by the way, can I have another cup of tea? It’s delicious.”

“Of course,” Thieu said-and went to get some more from the kitchen.

* * *

It was close to midnight when everyone went to bed. They had practically spent hours together! The next morning however, the rain had stopped and unfortunately the young woman had left. Juni, on the other hand, didn’t look so good. The slap produced a slight bruise on her face, and her body ached slightly from being pushed down. All she wanted to do was lay in bed and hope that Nga wouldn’t see her like that. Unfortunately, Thieu got a look at her, and it wasn’t pretty.

“Is this the worse you’ve ever looked?", Thieu asked-amused.

“No, I’ve looked worse. Dr. Mengele made sure of that,” Juni said weakly.

* * *

A few days later, Juni looked into her bedroom mirror. She stood naked with her hair behind her and inspected her body. The bruises from her previous rape were gone; they required medical treatment to heal. For the first time since that horrible incident, she wasn’t ashamed to see her naked body...the body that Dr. Mengele had defiled.

She close her eyes and went back in her mind to the incident. There it was again, what she could remember: her naked body wrapped in the cloth, Mengele pushing her on the floor, grabbing her and pulling her up, fighting him and her being knocked up against the wall. It was like watching a movie.

As the “movie” was playing, Juni’s face and body wrenched in pain and she exclaimed, “No..please, please stop! Don’t hurt me anymore!". She repeated this several times, unaware that Thieu had opened the door and came into the room.

“Juni...Juni,” Thieu said.

She couldn’t hear her cousin’s voice because she was expressing pain.

Then Thieu called out her name again:


She still could’t hear her.

Finally, Thieu rushed over to her cousin and said, “Juni, Juni-open your eyes!", shaking her a bit.

The Eurasian finally heard her voice, opened her eyes and came back to the present. The look on her face expressed fear and pain, and there were even tears in her eyes. She and Thieu embraced and her cousin asked, “Where you having memories of that rape?”

“Yes,” Juni exclaimed through tears. She cried very hard and Thieu softly said, “It’s okay. You’re safe here; no one is going to hurt you. You don’t have to remember that horror over and over again.”

Juni didn’t say anything, and Thieu continued to comfort her. They had been together for a while, until Juni stopped crying.

“Do you want some tea?", Thieu gently asked.

“Yes please,” Juni said.

She went to get the tea, which Juni slowly drank. Everything was going to be okay.

* * *

A month later, Juni went back to Germany, much to the dismay of Thieu and her grandmother. However, in 2006 at the age of 90,she and Matthew (who were now great-great-grandparents) took a trip to Vietnam and Juni was reunited with Thieu; now a widow with great-great-grandchildren of her own and the woman that she had rescued from the 1939 assault.

It was a wonderful reunion filled with fun, joy and celebration.