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Part 3

“Remove your dress, Jennifer.”

Her hands delicately slid the dress down from her shoulders and squirmed it over her round hips, never once did her eyes leave the pendent. As the dress sloughed off to the floor she moved one leg then the other to free her feet from the cloth. Standing still in the flickering candle light she wore only her black bra, panties and garter. She was a stunning sight. Kurt could feel his blood pounding in his veins. He couldn’t help but feel his arousal growing as his eyes roamed her beautiful body. Each heart beat was pulsing in rhythm with his muscles, causing his pants to tighten over his slowly expanding penis.

“Now the bra... and panties,” Kurt commanded.

As her panties softly landed at her feet she returned to standing at attention in only her black garter and stockings, awaiting her masters commands.

“You are beautiful my slave Jennifer, you will obey your Master.”

“...yes Master...” she said in monotone.

Kurt smiled to himself wondering which she was saying “yes” to.

“Relax your body and feel how good it is to obey... touch your breasts my slave...touch them and feel the pleasure.”

Jennifer’s hands moved up along her body to cup the underside of each breast. Sliding around each mound her fingers brushed lightly over her nipples and instantly they began to harden.

Kurt watched as Jennifer’s hands caressed, squeezed and pinched her nipples, her breath becoming ragged with her arousal.

“Good girl, now place one of your hands between your beautiful legs and finger yourself, my slave.”

Jennifer’s hand disappeared between her legs as commanded. Spinning and turning the hypnotic crystal held her attention while she masturbated. Turning and spinning the pendent filled her world as her hand moved gently over her pussy. Her eyes were barely open as her head tipped slightly back with her increasing arousal. But still she watched the hypnotic pendent as commanded and deeper she sank under Kurt’s hypnotic trance.

Kurt watched for a while as his slave, standing with her knees slightly bent, pleasure herself. “Close your eyes, my slave, feel how good it feels to submit to me.” Jennifer’s eyes slowly closed as her hands masturbated her body faster and faster. As her breath began to come in gasps, Kurt could hear the slurping of her fingers as they slid over her wet pussy.

“Do you want to cum my slave?”

“Yes Master... please...please ...uh..uh..”

“Then I want you to cum for me, slave.”

“I obey...I obey..I uh..uh...uhhhhnnnn.” Jennifer’s body shook as her hands pushed her over the brink to orgasm. With no frame of reference, her orgasm filled her blank thoughts with unrestrained pleasure Plunging her mind into a warm pool of swirling ecstasy. Swirling more and more with each breath she felt the heat and soft eddies from the warm pleasure as she drifted through her orgasm. After a long timeless moment she began to catch her breath and her hands slowed as her orgasm began to subsided.

“You may stop touching yourself, my slave.” Eyes still lightly closed her hands dropped limply to her sides as she waited for her masters commands. Kurt stepped around behind her and whispered for her to open her eyes but remain in a deep hypnotic sleep. Slowly Jennifer’s eyes opened as her breathing finally returned to normal.

“Watch the reflection as I touch my slaves body. Your body is stiff and ridged, at attention, my hypnotized slave girl.”

Instantly Jennifer’s arms were glued to her sides and she stood straighter in the mirror.

“It feels so wonderful to submit to your Master, doesn’t it my slave?” said Kurt as his hands slowly brushed along Jennifer’s stomach and slid up to cup her breasts.

“Yes, my Master,” Jennifer breathy reply signaling her continued arousal. Her eyes were starring helplessly into the mirror as she watched her Master slide his hand between her legs. A soft gasp escaped her lips as Kurt parted her lips and slowly wet the length of his finger in the soft folds of her pussy.

Kurt pressed his body against the back side of his slave, holding her to him as they watched their reflections in the mirror. Jennifer’s mind couldn’t comprehend the waves of pleasure as they swept her along. She could only obey the commands that she heard, but as Kurt quietly slid his wet fingers over her hard clitoris the pleasure was alone in her mind. He slowly built her arousal until her body was struggling to continue to stand at attention. Kurt then carefully lifted her body up, carrying and setting her gently across the high mattress of the bed.

Leaving her for a moment he stepped to the bed table and set a small metronome to swinging. It’s slow cadence was punctuated by the soft “ticks” at the end of each swing. Turning the metronome toward Jennifer he began to undress while deepening her trance for the simple pleasure of hypnotizing her deeper under his control.

“Watch the pendulum my slave Jennifer. Watch as the silver pendulum swings slowly from side to side.”

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick.

“Listen to the sound, Jennifer. Deep, Asleep, Deep, Asleep.” Kurt watched her eyes glinting with the reflected light on the pendulum as he finished undressing and returned to the bed.

“Spread your legs, my slave.” Kurt said as he knelt at the side of the bed. Without taking her glazed eyes off the pendulum, Jennifer slowly opened her legs around her Master’s shoulders.

“You are being hypnotized deeper and deeper Jennifer. It feels so good to be hypnotized. Remember how good it feels to be hypnotized, deeply hypnotized.” Kurt whispered as he lowered his mouth to cover her wet pussy lips. He could hear her let out a soft “oh” as he lightly kissed her pussy. “Hypnotized, it feels so wonderful to be hypnotized, doesn’t it my slave?” he asked as he slid his tongue slowly along one side then the other of her aroused pussy lips.

“Ohh, yes it feels so wonderful, ahnn...” she breathed as her eyes tracked the metronome’s swing.

Looking up to watch his handy work Kurt spoke in time with the swinging pendulum, “Deeper... and Deeper, Deeper... and Deeper. It feels so good to obey. Deeper and deeper. Watch the metronome Jennifer and feel yourself slipping deeper into my trance. Back and forth... back and forth. Must, Obey, Must, Obey. Feel how good it feels to obey your Master.” Kurt then pressed his lips against her mound, parted her pussy with his tongue and began to slowly caress her hard clitoris with its soft tip.

Jennifer mouthed silent words in time with the pendulum while her mind felt the pleasures of obedience and hypnotic control. Watching the weight swing from side to side her body built toward orgasm. Kurt’s lips and tongue were softly caressing her pussy as her hips began to grind in time with both the flicking of his tongue and the swinging of the metronome. “Must obey, must obey,” she breathed silently while the brainwashing continued. Laying on her back, her hips began to press harder against Kurt’s mouth as his tongue slid around and around her aroused pussy. The continuing attention to her hardened clit was beginning to tense her muscles for the impending orgasm.

“I obey... I obey...” her voice came above a whisper from the building sexual tension. “Feels good...feels so good to obey... feels so good.... obeying, hypnotized and obeeeiii...” she sighed as the orgasm washed over her mind cementing the brainwashing with a rush of endorphin.