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Part 4

Wiping his mouth as he stood, Kurt left her watching the metronome for a few more moments while he turned to draw a bath in the hot tub. Glancing over at Jennifer, he poured the scented bath bubbles into the slowly filling tub. She lay just as he left her. Her legs were still spread, the moisture glistening in the hair on her beautiful mound. Her face looked calm as she watched the metronome slowly swing. He felt his blood pounding in his groin as he moved the love seat a little closer to the fire before stopping the metronome’s pendulum.

“Kneel on the bed my slave.” Without a sound she rolled up to her knees before her Master. “Take your hands and caress your breasts for me, my slave,” Kurt said as he reached next to the bed and pulled out a short golden chain with small metal clamps on each end. Jennifer’s hands moved slowly over and around then under her breasts, holding them up as Kurt applied the golden clamps around each hard nipple. A short breath accented the application of pressure trapping her nipples to the small chain. She looked beautiful kneeling before her hypnotist master, the gold chain sparkling an arc between her full breasts.

Kurt watched his slave kneeling, ready to submit her body to his pleasure. Then he backed away from the bed to sit on the love seat. The couch felt warm from the fire. Kurt seated himself before motioning for Jennifer to come to him.

“Jennifer, straddle your Master,” Kurt said as she slowly approached the couch. Her body was gorgeous, a silhouette against the light from the fire as she slowly knelt, straddling Kurt’s legs. Kurt pressed the tip of his hard penis against her wet sex while she knelt over him.

“It feels so good, you want your Master inside of you. You need to have your pussy filled, feel the desire building my slave,” Kurt whispered into her ear as her breathing became quicker and her body began moving in rhythm over the head of his penis. Kurt held her up as he pressed just the tip of his shaft between her slippery lips.

“Hotter and hotter my slave, your body burns with the need to feel me inside of you. Slide me deep into you, my slave,” He felt her pressing down with her body. But Kurt held her up with his hands, he wouldn’t let more then the first inch slide between her lips.

“Please, Master, I need to feel you inside of me.” Jennifer breathed.

Kurt could feel her begin to grind her hips, but she was resting on only the tip of his shaft. Her grinding was causing the head of his penis to slide in and out from between her wet lips. She moaned in frustration as he felt her wetness running along the length of his shaft. Kurt slowly pulled Jennifer to his mouth and kissed his hypnotized lover. As they kissed he released his pressure and pulled her forcefully down over his penis, her gasp at the sudden thrust was captured between their joined mouths. Her eyes opening wide with pleasure were locked to her Master’s as she began to slide back and forth on his enlarged shaft. The small chain between her nipple clamps jingled with her slow gyrations, pulling slightly on her breasts. Kurt leaned his slave back and lightly ran his tongue over her captive nipples, feeling how hard they fought against the bondage of the clamps.

The heat from her moist pussy conducted deep into Kurt’s body as he concentrated on the sensations of their movement. Holding her body in his hands he guided her motions in time with his own. Kurt slowly would raise Jennifer. So slowly her body moved that they both felt every inch of his cock sliding out from between her wet pussy lips. Holding her motionless at the top they paused, Jennifer poised over his shaft, before he slid quickly back into his lover, grinding together when he was fully inside of her. Both would gasp with the sudden rush of pleasure.

Feeling their bodies sliding against each other brought Kurt’s breathing to a peak. Her slow grinding motions felt incredible on Kurt’s throbbing member. He could consciously feel every place that there bodies touched. The warmth of her legs wrapped in the sheer silk of her stockings pressed against his thighs; her hair that had fallen out of place and brushed his cheeks as he kissed her soft warm mouth; the smooth skin and strong muscle tone of her hips as they rocked her body back and forth against his. But most of all he could feel the fiery wetness of her sex along every inch of his hard cock. Pushing his hips upward he thrust deeper into his hypnotized lover. She cooed her pleasure as she continued to slide back and forth impaled on her hypnotist’s member. Pulling her against himself, Kurt quickened the pace, his motions mirrored in hers as they rocked against each other in the dim fires glow.

Their breathing became synchronized pants as each thrust pushed the air from their lungs. Gasping out his pleasure, Kurt felt Jennifer’s muscles tighten and watched as she drew down harder and harder onto his shaft. Kurt knew that she was close and felt that he wanted to feel the explosion of sexual release with her. intensifying his motions inside of his hypnotized slave, Kurt started moving her forward and back so that he could better feel her wetness sliding along the sensitive underside of his throbbing penis.

Holding her gaze with his deep penetrating eyes, he could see the fire reflected in her pupil, the fire was not just a reflection but also a physical apparition of the pleasure that was burning somewhere deep in her hypnotized mind. Her hips bucked and Jennifer drew a deep breath, squeezing down on Kurt’s cock as her legs began to shudder. A last long gasp left Kurt as he felt himself pulled over the edge with her. Her body trembled with pleasure and seemed to be timed perfectly with Kurt’s throbbing as he let himself release, feeling the hot spurts filling his slave.

Kurt could feel the sensation as the tension drained from their bodies. They sank together into the love seat. “Close your eyes and sleep, my slave.” Kurt whispered into her ear as he brought her head to rest against his shoulder and held her in the warm radiance of the fire. Moments went by as he just held her to his chest and listened to her soft breathing. Then Kurt gently lifted her, feeling himself slide from out between her lips. Her body was limp in his arms as he carried her into the hot tubs warm inviting water. The blanket of bubbles hissed as Kurt lowered them into the gently swirling tub.

Positioning himself behind Jennifer, Kurt quietly blew away the fragrant bubbles from in front of her mouth. “You are floating deep in hypnosis my slave... Deeper then you have ever been before. I want you to sink for me ever so slowly sink into new depths with the warm waters around you.” Kurt intoned as she sank deeper and deeper under his spell. His hands moved small eddies of water around her body as she lay helpless in her slumber. Brushing slowly around her body Kurt felt the soft smooth skin soaking in the tubs gentle bath-oil lather.

“Jennifer my slave, you will always obey your Master while under hypnosis, wont you?”

“...yes Master, I will obey.”

“You have remembered your conditioning well my slave. Next week you will return to me and we shall continue your training. Do you understand?”

“...yes, Master, I understand.”

“Tonight will be but a dream to you. You will not remember anything after our glasses of wine in the lounge. Everything after that point will be but a wisp of a dream. A dream that you will fantasize about, masturbate about, but will not believe it to have happened. You will tell no one of this dream. Do you understand, my slave?”

“...yes, Master, I understand.”

“Friday of this coming week you will pack a bag for the weekend. You will bring clothes for two evenings out and an assortment of lingerie. You will take a taxi here and check into this room. It is booked under my name and there will be a key waiting for you at the desk. You will not question these commands for you know that yours is only to obey. Isn’t that right my little one?”

“...yes, Master, mine is only to obey your commands.”

“Very good my submissive slave, you can open your eyes and we shall get dressed to take you home. Your eyes are open now but you are still deep asleep...” Kurt continued programming her until she was, sitting hypnotized, in the taxi on the way back to her apartment.

Jennifer awoke with a start. Her fingers were wet with her juices and she could feel her sex throbbing for more attention. “I must have fallen asleep” she thought as the dream swam through her mind again and again. It was so vivid and so erotic that she couldn’t help herself as her hand slide slowly back between her legs. Oh god, it would be nice to be hypnotized she thought, her fingers sliding over her aroused pussy. As she began to fantasize about it again she didn’t even her voice whispering “..yes Master, I am obeying...”