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Part 5

The following week seemed to pass in a serial, dream-like flow of time. Jennifer spent her time working during the day, busying herself with the various tasks and projects that called for her attention. The evenings seemed to be filled with distractions that made her anxious and irritable. By late evening she found herself eager to leave the company of others to retire into her own space. There behind the protection of solitude she would finally let herself feel the freedom that she craved throughout the day. Behind locked doors she would free her body from the confines of her clothing and explore herself while thoughts and fantasies filled her mind. She hadn’t known where these fantasies would lead but as Friday approached they became more and more intense.

Work on Friday was a distraction, something to be tolerated and completed at the first available moment. Rushing home from the agency she tossed a few more belongings into her carry-on bag and called down to the front desk for a cab. She felt as if she were running late put never stopped to think about where she might be going. Standing impatiently for the elevator door to let her off, she contemplated if she had gathered everything she wanted for the weekend. Finally sitting in the taxi she began to relax. Just let everything happen and she would be fine. Without thought she told the driver the hotel’s name and they sped through the city.

Arriving at her destination she walked up to the front desk and asked for her key. A small sense of confusion run through her mind as she wandered toward the room. Jennifer walked gingerly through the doorway and paused to look around. Standing inside the room the door gently shut behind her. Her eyes roamed the surroundings while her mind became more confused. Looking at the room she found it vaguely familiar, the soft love seat, the glassy hot tub, the high bed on the raised dias, the fire place. Yes the fire place, what was it about the fireplace that was so important? She never thought to question why she was here but her subconscious mind had begun to feel a tinge of excitement sinking into her from these vaguely familiar surroundings. Suddenly a female voice broke through the silent revery from the adjoining suite.

“Hello, Jennifer.”

Startled, she turned toward the doorway to the opposite room but her feet seemed to be rooted to the spot. She merely watched as a silhouette filled the darkened doorway. A long moment passed before the figure struck a match on the door jam and lit a candle in here hand. The glow filled the darkened void revealing the gorgeous woman leaning against the opening. Her long auburn hair spilled across her shoulders and down her back. The candle flickered as she entered from the suite and tipped the flame to light others placed around the hot tub and night stands.

“How do you know my name?” Jennifer asked of the stranger.

Jennifer watched mutely as the woman went about her work, her mind seeming to fill with molasses as her eyes tracked the woman’s movements. Only slowly did Jennifer notice that the woman was clothed only in a dark burgundy corset and thigh high boots, reveling only the barest hint of stockings sticking out from beneath the shinny black leather. The room filled with more and more light as each candle sprung to life. The swaying of the fire light soon revealed the true blood red depth of her roommates lingerie. The stranger leaned over the tub to light additional wicks and Jennifer couldn’t help but notice the firm roundness of her breasts held in position by the push up corset. Jennifer’s eyes traced down along her body and over her tight, round ass before being held by the tan skin of her muscular legs peeking out from inside of the high leather boots.

Making the last of her rounds, the stranger walked casually up to the silent Jennifer. The heat from the candle’s flame could be felt on her cheeks as the woman approached to stand right before her.

“My name is Christine, Jennifer, and I know many things about you. I will bet that you don’t even know what you are doing here. Do you?” she asked.

“Umm.. no, I uh...” the words lost there order in her mouth.

“Well Jennifer, I know why you are here and that gives me the advantage.” The woman’s eyes glimmered at Jennifer, so bluish green it was almost shocking.

“I will bet that you don’t even remember the last time you were here.” Jennifer just mutely stared back.

“I even would bet I know what you have been dreaming about over the last week.” Jennifer’s face flushed with the memory of the vivid dreams she had been experiencing recently.

“Your body probably feels more from this place than your mind remembers. You know why you are her, deep down Jennifer we both know,” her voice lowered and took on a sing-song quality. “You can feel your body responding to this place, responding the candle lights, responding to my voice. You have come here to fulfill your orders, to find that which you have been told you are looking for. You have come tonight to further your search for what you didn’t even know you had lost.”

Jennifer’s mind was swimming in confusion now. Everything she said caused a twinge in her for she knew deep down she was right, without really knowing to what she referred.

Christine slowly moved the candle from left to right across their field of view. She watched as Jennifer’s eyes followed the movement. She watched the reflection deep in the pools of Jennifer’s eyes. Then feeling a sudden desire she leaned in and kissed Jennifer full across her lips.

The sudden intrusion snapped Jennifer out of her fog and she turned quickly to run out the door. As she reached for the doorknob it seemed to recede further and further into the distance. She felt faint and wavered for a moment.

“You can leave if you want to, Jennifer. But I don’t think you do. Do you?” Jennifer remained standing where she was and her mind filled with jumbles of thoughts rolling over and over.

“Go ahead Jennifer... walk out that door. But if you stay it is by your own choice, isn’t it?”

Jennifer didn’t know what to think, her mind was awash with conflicting ideas, but one thing was clear, crystal clear, she didn’t want to leave. Jennifer turned slowly back around to face the woman and in a distant voice, “I must stay.”

Christine watched as Jennifer stood defeated in her attempt to flee. “I will bet the reason you came here this evening has something to do with this!”

Christine raised her hand in front of the candle to reveal the small crystal pendent dangling on it’s silver chain. Jennifer’s eyes locked to the crystal immediately as the facets caught and reflected the candles glow. Slowly it turned in the semi-darkness. The crystal seemed to possess the only light in the void.

“I see you have been shown this pendent before, haven’t you?”


“And you have come here to be hypnotized by it again, isn’t that right?”

A slow realization spread across Jennifer’s mind. This is why she had come here. This is why she couldn’t leave. She had come here for this... but something was wrong... something that she couldn’t put her finger on...something was not as it should be... she was to come here and be hypnotized again..but... but... she gave up trying. She couldn’t figure out the mistake, besides the crystal was so beautiful... so very beautiful.


Jennifer’s eyes remained on the pendent and Christine could see her give in to her conditioning. A slow grin spread across Christine’s pearly white teeth as she began to realize the power of the coup de gras she had pulled.

Jennifer couldn’t help herself. She could feel the pull from the pendent, drawing out all of her thoughts. Every turn of the crystal caused bright, multicolored flashes to leap at her from deep inside the gently swinging gem. The facets held her attention as her mind and body slipped from her control. A tender hand ran lightly over her cheek. She didn’t respond. Soft lips could be felt along her neck but she was unable to care. Jennifer felt the thin straps of her summer dress pulled over her shoulders a moment before the silky material pooled at her feet. Still her attention was on the crystal, only the crystal.

A voice came into her mind from out of the silence. “With every sensation you will slip deeper into you feel it?”

“Yes...” Jennifer mumbled as her exposed breasts were gently massaged. Her captive mind gave into the powerful conditioning and she let herself flow with the sexual stimulations that flooded her mind.

Tossing the crystal toward the love seat Christine continued to caress Jennifer’s body, deepening her trance through the physical contact. She pulled the wet panties from between her own legs and kicked them from her high heeled boots. The with great effort she shredded Jennifer’s silk panties from her body. Standing face to face Christine looked into the vacant eyes before her, as she reached down to grab Jennifer’s hands. Pulling them up to her mouth she wet the girl’s fingers before lowering them to her breasts. Christine held Jennifer’s hands to her tanned breasts, forcing the hypnotized girl to circle them slowly over her new Mistresses hardening nipples.

She spread the hypnotized girl’s legs slightly and took Jennifer’s hand down between her thighs, pressing both their fingers into the soft folds of her slave’s sex. Jennifer let out a soft moan as the two women’s fingers slid slowly between her pussy lips. Her Mistress could feel the moistness and knew that Jennifer had been aroused by her sensuous induction. Slippery fingers slid over and between her pussy lips for a few minutes before Christine brought them up to her mouth. Jennifer stared straight ahead as her hypnotist’s tongue ran along the underside of the women’s fingers. Christine knew from experience how these sensations washed over the helpless hypnotized mind. Like a flood they ate away at all resistance until only the blank obedient foundation remained.

Jennifer’s hand was passionately licked before being brought down to touch her Mistresses pussy. Christine bent her knees slightly and slid their hands up between her legs. Turning Jennifer’s palm up, she straddled the girls hand, forcing her fingers into her wetness. Christine pushed her hips slowly forward and back over her slave’s hand, feeling the fingers slide deep into her before being drawn slowly out and across her swollen clit. Gasping and moaning she squirmed. Pushing the fingers deep and hard into her sex. Her loud panting the only sound filling the room.

Christine pulled their hands from between her legs and brought them up to Jennifer’s mouth. Straightening the fingers she painted her juices onto Jennifer’s lips. Tracing around and around her slaves mouth she slowly slid them between her glistening lips. Sliding their fingers deeper, Christine could feel her slaves soft tongue touch their tips.

“Lick them,” she said.

Jennifer’s tongue slowly touched along the length of their fingers tasting her Mistress for the first time.

“Lick them and suck them, slave.”

Her mouth pursed around the fingers as they were slid in and out. Her tongue began circling it’s soft tip along the underside. Her lips glistened as they smoothly slid across them over and over. Jennifer’s tongue felt so good as it stroked up and down her mistresses fingers. So fluid were the motions so blank were her eyes. Christine drew her hand away reluctantly from her slaves mouth.

“I have a better use for your soft tongue.”

Christine strode over to the raised bed and jumped into the middle with one bound. She knelt on the comforter and removed her corset. All the while she was watching Jennifer’s naked body standing motionless, waiting. Christine almost giggled at the rush of power she felt. The incredible power that she had over this gorgeous brunette was coursing through her, surging like an electric current.

Laying across the bed she commanded Jennifer to come to her. Jennifer turned, and walked softly over to the edge of the bed’s platform.

“Kneel!” The command was issued with a sharp inflection. The hypnotized girls knees came to rest on the soft carpet of the dias as Christine positioned herself in front of her slave.

“Have you ever been with a woman before, Jennifer?”


Christine sat up quickly and reaching out her hand roughly pinched Jennifer’s nipple.

“I am your Mistress now. You have submitted to me and I demand that you show that respect. Therefore, you shall address me accordingly. You are my slave and I am your Mistress,” she said with a slight tweak of her nipple again to accent her point. “Do you understand... slave?”

“Yes... my Mistress,” Jennifer said in a soft tone, lowering her eyes.

Satisfied for the moment with her slaves response Christine flopped back on the bed, “Have you ever been with a woman before, slave?” The power flowed through her body, she squirmed with the rushing sensations. God she loved this control.

“No, Mistress.”

“Then tonight you will be taught and you will be a good student too... or I will be forced to punish you for your errors.” The power flowed. The surging could be felt in her chest, thumping and growing.

“Do you masturbate, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, then show me where you touch yourself.”

Jennifer’s hand reached out to lightly touch her Mistresses pussy but as she made contact Christine slapped her hand away.

“No, with your tongue, slave.” Oh the power.

Jennifer leaned in as her Mistresses legs parted wider and wider. Her soft tongue began to move slowly over the swollen lips. Christine held her breath as the first waves of sensation swept through her. She felt her hips begin the rhythmic motion with the circling of her slaves tongue. She was good for a novice, she thought. Christine’s continual arousal parted her lips farther revealing the tender inner labia. Jennifer’s tongue wound down and around, circling her Mistresses clit before tracing along her inner lips. Tidal waves of pleasure flooded Christine every time she felt the tongue glide over her hard clit. Her breasts swelled with her arousal and demanded attention of their own. Wetting her fingers Christine drew lazy circles around and around her hard nipples. Cupping her breasts she rolled her nipples between finger and thumb in time with the rise and fall of her hips. Her eyes closed as she concentrated on the pleasures she was receiving. Over and over Christine felt she was at the brink of orgasm, but she made herself hold back. Like a sexual surfer she laid in wait for just the right wave to ride.

A soft muffled sound came from next to the bed, but Christine didn’t look up right away. She just focused on the soft kissing and caressing between her legs. Another muffled sound brought her attention back to the side of the bed. She turned her head and opened her eyes to identify the noise. As her eyes came into focus in the darkened, candle lit room her attention was drawn to the pendulum of the metronome as it was set into motion.

“Christine, you will watch the metronome,” Kurt’s deep voice broke the silence.