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Part 7

“Sleep my slaves.” Kurt lower his hand before their eyes and took the pendent from Jennifer’s limp hand. Their heads dropped with the motion of his hand as they were allowed to sink into deep hypnotic slumber. Kurt lifted the sleeping Jennifer and set her lightly on the beds crimson comforter. Turning back to Christine he lifted her chin and looked at her soft lips. Leaning down he kissed his slave lightly.

Standing before her, he cupped her head in his hands. Her dark auburn hair felt so soft under his fingers. “Open your mouth my slave,” he whispered. Her eyes were lightly closed while her mouth fell open a crack. Caressing her hair he slid slowly into her mouth. He felt the heat along his shaft from her warm tongue as he pushed lightly into his sleeping submissive. Christine’s mouth lightly held his cock as he slid slowly across her lips. A few minutes of long smooth strokes and Kurt could feel the tightness in his muscles signalling his impending release. Sliding into her he felt the spurts of his orgasm fill his slaves mouth. He could feel her tongue move along his shaft as she swallowed. Pulling his cock from the sleeping girl’s mouth he wiped her lip with his finger.

Turning from his slaves he began to fill the hot tub with warm water. The candle light played along the slowly filling surface of the tub as Kurt drizzled bath oils into the swirling water. Satisfied with the temperature he turned and strode to the closet. Withdrawing a large leather case he returned with it to the bed. Candle light danced on the assortment of items as he sifted through them, removing some and leaving others. A small pile of leather and metal began to be laid out on the bed next to Jennifer’s sleeping form. Walking back to the tub Kurt turned off the water. A little late he noticed. The bubbles had flowed gently over the edge of the tub and had pooled next to Christine’s leather clad leg. He scooped up a hand full of foam and looked around for a towel. Not finding one within reach he leaned over and brushed his hand first over one, then the other, of Christine’s breasts. Still kneeling where he had left her the hypnotized girls breasts dripped the warm bubbles down on to her strong flat stomach. Finally locating a towel he helped Christine over to the bed laying her next to Jennifer before wiping the water from Christine’s hard nipples.

Returning to the pile of toys at the end of the bed he reached back into the leather case and drew out two thigh-high latex boots. He had seen the pair in a leather/sex shop in a artsy area of Chicago that Jennifer had taken him to on a previous visit. Kurt had later purchased them for Jennifer. He had dreamt of how they would look on her shapely legs and was finally this evening going to see her wear them. Taking a bottle of talc from the case he jettisoned a puff into each boots long, shinny, black leg. Walking up to Jennifer’s side he slid them into place with great effort. He had misjudged just how muscular her legs were. They stretched to fit over the hard quadriceps showing the definition of her legs even through the tight plastic. Next he reached into the pile and pulled out two thick leather cuffs, securing them to her shinny black legs.

“Kneel up on the bed for me my slaves.”

Both women slowly rose to their knees side by side. Kurt managed to place similar cuffs around the ankles of Christine’s leather boots. Then their Master applied supple black leather to their wrists as they slept. Each slave was then fitted with a wide collar of soft, thick leather. Three rings of silver hung from the front of the collars and it is through these rings that Kurt fed the chains of matching pairs of nipple clamps. Jennifer’s nipples were already surprisingly hard as Kurt captured them with the small silver vises. She twitched as they were secured in place but stayed deep in her hypnotic sleep. Rubbing his fingers over Christine’s moist breasts her nipples hardened and the clamps were applied. His slave moaned lightly and smiled touched her lips as the pressure of the clamps took hold on her hardening nipples.

Two velvet bags were opened reveling the long black vibrators they contained. The thick black phalluses were ribbed with rows of small beads below the surface. Near the base of the shafts a small side projection acted as a clitoris stimulator, forked like the tongue of some exotic sexual serpent. Kurt turned each one on and check it’s operation. The beads began to move around and around the shaft as the tip swiveled in a slow twist. The snake tongues blurred as they vibrated in the soft candle light. Turning them off again, Kurt removed a small bottle of clear glycerine from a pocket of the case. Spreading a bead of the fluid over the tip of each toy, they shinned in the dim light. Finally applying another drip of the slippery fluid to the forked tongue he held the vibrator up under Jennifer’s body.

“Kneel down over your Master’s vibrator my slave.”

Lightly Jennifer descended over the dildo. It slid into her as she sighed out it’s penetration. Her hands hung limply at her sides while Kurt watched her pussy strain around the beaded shaft. A drop more glycerine on to the other vibrator and it was positioned between Christine’s legs.

“And down,” Kurt said, tweaking Christine’s nipple as she accepted the black phallus into her pussy. “Ughn...” she moaned as the vibrator slid home.

Stepping back to enjoy his handy-work, Kurt smiled down at his two slaves.

“Very nice my slaves. Place your hands behind your heads, my beauties.” As they assumed the submissive posture, lacing their fingers together behind their heads, Kurt reached in between their legs. Flicking the switches he brought the vibrators to life. Both girls moaned out their pleasures as the vibrators twisted and churned deep inside their aroused bodies.

Kurt turned around and stepped into the warm whirlpool. Sliding down into the water he began to relax and let the tension from the week get carried away by the swirling waters.