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Part 8

“Open your eyes, but remain under my deep hypnotic trance, slaves.”

They both opened their eyes to the blank obedient stare Kurt enjoyed so much. They knelt over the vibrators, clits slowly hardening. Soon their sensitive clits had made full contact with the vibrating forked tongues. Each slave squirmed as the incredible sensation pleasured their obedient minds. Watching them, Kurt felt the familiar sensation of blood flowing once again to fill his penis. With every heart beat his shaft twitched and swelled. He watched his two slaves as they were fucked by the toys. His hand unconsciously closed around the base of his shaft. Laying back he watched his slaves, his hand lightly running along the length of his member.

His slaves began to move rhythmically over the dildos. Staring straight ahead, they moved in synchronous motions as they were propelled along the path to orgasm. He could see their slippery juices mixing with the lubrication along the shafts of their black penetrators. Christine began to pant as her hips circled over the vibrators humming length.

“Not yet my slave... you must wait for Jennifer.”

“Yes Master...” she said, somehow conveying her disappointment through her monotone.

Jennifer’s body was building up to her own release. She began pushing down hard against the phallus, her clit trapped between the forks of the wicked tongue. Her breathing became ragged. Christine was wild with desire, her hips swaying, her head tipped back against her interlaced fingers. She was crying out, needing to let the orgasm take her. Jennifer began moaning out her own impending orgasm as Kurt found his body tightening with a rush of power. His heart was beating hard against the walls of his chest. His pace matching that of his slaves.

“Do you need to cum, my slaves?”

“Ugh...Yes Master, Ugh...Ahhmm...”

“Will you always submit and obey?”

“God yes... Master Please...please Sir we always...yes..Obey,” they chimed in a chaotic chorus. Each giving oaths of servitude as they begged for release.

“...yes Master...yes Master...yes Master...” Jennifer panted.

“Cum for your Master, Scream out your pleasure and obedience!” Kurt commanded, standing up quickly from the hot swirling waters.

The room filled with their cries of ecstasy and submission. The cacophony of their orgasms echoing in the large chamber.

Kurt leapt from the tub and snatched a towel from the dresser, brushing it over his muscular body. Tan skin gleamed from the light reflected in the shinny bath oils. He was a rock, hard and firm from the display he had just witnessed. The sight of the two beautiful women begging for his control filled him with endorphin. He was going to take them, take them hard and rough. Fuck them with his pulsing shaft until they came again and again. They had begged for his dominance and now they were going to feel it deep inside of them.

“Lay back, Slave Christine!”

She fell back in to the soft folds of the comforter but like the well trained slave she was she didn’t let the vibrator fall, keeping it tight, deep in her pussy. Kurt saw this and was pleased.

“Bring your knees up!” Christine brought the four inch heels of her leather boots up to touch them against her hips. Kurt brought her hands to her sides and quickly locked the wrist cuffs to her ankle bands, securing her into that position.

“Jennifer, remove your nipple clamps.” She found the small knurled wheel that held the tension and slowly unspun it’s threads. A gasp came to her lips as the blood pushed into the freed nipples. “And now Christine’s...” She repeated the process and soon Christine’s breasts were liberated from the metal clips. “Good girl, Now straddle Christine.”

As she moved to place her leg across the prone woman the vibrator slipped from her, landing glistening and humming on to the bed.

“Did I say you could remove the vibrator my slave?”

“No, Master.” Jennifer said laying her body across the helplessly bound Christine.

Smack ! A light open handed slap stung her exposed buttocks. Kurt removed the vibrator from Christine. The soft moist sound of it being pulled from her was mimicked by her own gurgling sigh. Without notice he shoved the wet phallus deep into Jennifer’s empty pussy. The sudden thrust pushed Jennifer down, brushing her cheek against Christine’s lips. Both women’s eyes held each other in the soft light.

Kurt stepped between his slaves legs and positioned his hard shaft against Christine’s wet pussy lips. Reaching down beside the bed his hand came up with a soft glove-leather whip. He pulled the soft multi-stranded instrument through his free hand feeling the light caress of the expensive leather. The cat-of-nine-tails actually possessed perhaps forty long dark blue and black strands, dragging each and everyone of them slowly over Jennifer’s up thrust ass. Thrusting his hips forward he felt the first few inches penetrate into Christine’s slippery tunnel. His abs came up against the end of the vibrator sticking out from Jennifer’s body. His next thrust made both slaves grunt as his motions filled both of them with a large phallus. Kurt pushed against them again and again driving the vibrator in time with his own shaft. He could feel his arousal build with each moan from his hypnotized slaves.

Jennifer was being pushed forward with each thrust, impaled on the large black penis humming away deep in her pussy. As she was moved, her breasts would rub delightfully against the nipples of the helplessly bound woman that she straddled. The pleasure was their’s alone to share, enjoyed deep inside their compliant minds. Gasping out with each motion their eyes were locked as one.

“Kiss her!” He commanded to either or both, it did not matter. Both slaves took it as a personal command and their tongues met a second before their lips. Gasping and panting the two slaves desperately explored the others lips while looking deep into each others blank eyes.

Jennifer’s eyes suddenly flared wide as she felt the first strands of the leather redden her ass. “Good girl, Jennifer. It pleases me to see you accept my leather.” Another soft lash warmed her butt as she passionately kissed Christine. The light slaps were alternated by Kurt drawing the bands slowly across the accosted area. Her ass would lightly sting for a moment before being caressed by the smooth leather strands. Deep in hypnosis her heart raced.

“You seem to be enjoying this. I know I am.” He thrust hard into both girls forcing their mouths together for a long moment. “Would you like me to stop, Jennifer?”

“I only obey Master. Use me as it pleases my Master.” Jennifer stated flatly as she was drawn back into another kiss by Christine’s hungry mouth.

Slamming into their bodies Kurt could feel himself ready to explode. Grabbing Jennifer’s vibrator he held the tongue to her clit as he rocked back and forth against them. Christine’s slippery pussy gripped and held her Master. Over and Over he drew his cock between her lips. The heat and wetness driving him toward sexual release. The heated sensations finally sending him past the point of no return, tipping slowly on the apex he fell over the edge. Screaming out his release over his slaves groans of pleasure he let the flood gates open on the pent up tension. Filling his slave with his hot cum he shuddered, nerves firing out of sequence made his muscles flutter like a banner in a hurricane.

He finally opened his eyes to stare up at the ceiling above him. The candle light causing an aurora borealis to swim across the plaster. He watched the warm golds and oranges play along the shadows before lowering his gaze. He watched the two women still passionately kissing as he had commanded. He pulled out from Christine and removed the vibrator from Jennifer in one motion. Both girls grunted at the loss. Kurt turned to gather a glass of wine leaving the two women to their own pleasures.