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Part 9

Jennifer slowly blinked as she felt a soft tongue touching her lower lip. She was looking down into Christine’s eyes but the other girls focus was many miles away. Her eyes were still locked into the dark pools before her, but her mind became aware of a few thoughts for the first time in hours. She felt the tongue lightly touching her own. She felt the wetness between her legs. Her hard nipples were brushing against another’s. Starting as a trickle, memories came to her from out of the fog. She remembered glimpses of the first night laying by the fire with her Master, Memories of her masturbating dreams over the past week, dreaming of his control. A vague thought of coming here tonight passed through her mind. Her lips closed around a soft tongue, sucking on it while she flicked her tongue against it’s tip. A memory came to her, standing helpless as this beautiful woman touched her body, Standing helpless as she enjoyed the caress. The trickle of remembrance became a torrent, flooding her mind. She broke the kiss.

Still sluggish she rolled over on to the soft bed cover. There she lay, staring up at her Master... er, her friend...Kurt.

“Wha... What have you done to me...?”

A slight pause held in the air, “Nothing that you haven’t dreamt about, my slave.”

At the utterance of the word ‘slave’, a tingle cascaded down through her body. She liked that.

His hand reached out to touch her cheek, but she turned away. Her eyes came to rest on Christine, bound, leather wrist cuffs attached to ankle cuffs. Helpless. She saw her eyes, distant and empty. She saw her nipples hard and swollen. She saw her neatly trimmed mound standing up from between her leather clad legs. It glinted in the fire light from the moisture of sexual desire. She looked back up to her beautiful face and remembered in her mind the contact between their lips. She had been with this woman. Hunger grew from within her. She turned her eyes back up to meet her friend’s.

“You know I can’t do this,” looking up at him.

“You know you really don’t have a choice, my slave.” Again the tingle run slowly through her body. Around and around it oozed, passing from one nerve fiber to the next in a slow hopscotch of chemical-electrical current. She lifted one hand up then the other, looking at the bonds around her wrists. Feeling around her neck, she traced her fingers over the leather collar. Reaching down her body her fingers came into contact with the shinny latex covering her legs. Extending a leg into the air she gazed up at the leather buckles around her ankles. Her gaze started down at the spiked heel and wandered along the tight black plastic shaping itself around her legs. Her fingers spun lazy circles on the smooth surface plastic coated thighs. Tingle.

She felt sexy. Sexier than she could ever remember feeling. Yet she was confused. She glared up at Kurt. He now slid down next to her on the large surface of the bed. Taking a sip of wine, he said nothing and watched as her stare softened. He didn’t speak, just watched, waiting for her reactions.

“You could put me under again easily,” searching his eyes. It was a half question, half statement.

“Yes I could , My slave.” he said flatly.

Tingle. “Am I hypnotized right now?”

“You will never be totally out from under my influence again, My slave.”

Another tingle. “What if I refuse?” Her hand brushed lightly over her mound absentmindedly reacting to the tingles.

“You wont, My slave.”

A long moment passed. “I am going to half to put you back under again my slave Jennifer.”

“Yes Master... I know.” With that she knew her choice, if it was entirely her’s to make. Her fingers found her moisture as her mind accepted her submission. “Please, take me, Master...”

Extending his hand she took it in hers. Helping her up, Kurt led her over to the soft, plush, velveteen chairs arranged near the suites table. Turning them both toward the fire, Jennifer was situated into one of the warm high backed chair. Snuggling back into the secure arms of the chair the fire’s warmth surrounded her like an invisible blanket. Her hand once again slid between her legs to satisfy the demands for stimulation that she felt pulsing through her body. Kurt held her gaze while he brought her back into the warm empty void that she knew from before. Her fingers caressed her sex as she gave herself over to her Master.

Hypnosis and sexual stimulation permanently intertwined in her obedient mind. She soon felt the total release to her Master’s control. Deeper than ever before Kurt brought her. Never again would she question the choice she had made. An hour later Kurt left her kneeling on the chair. She straddled the vibrator while she watched the metronome’s consistent motions. Even at this point her programming was just beginning. Slowly over time she would have more sessions with her hypnotist Master. She would enjoy the sessions and dream about them often, her Master had commanded her too.

Kurt walked to the edge of the bed, unbinding Christine he pulled her to stand before him. “Get Jennifer dressed and see that she makes it home. When you return to me I am going to make you beg my forgiveness for your indiscretions tonight.” He Kissed her soft lips before swatting her ass, hurrying her to her new duties.

A few days later a package arrived at Jennifer’s door. Taking it inside she delicately unwrapped the box and withdrew all of its contents setting them in a line on the bed. She quietly locked her door and them returned to the bedroom to examine her new treasures. She casually stripped naked and sat on the bed. Lightly humming to herself she picked up the beautiful cherrywood metronome and set it on the nightstand beside her bed. Reaching back to the other items she withdrew the large black vibrator and a small bottle of glycerine. Checking for batteries before coating it’s length with the shinny, clear fluid. She knelt by the head board and slid the glistening phallus between her legs. Almost absent mindedly, she turned it on and slid down it’s full length. Her humming tune was interrupted momentarily by her sigh as the vibrator began sending waves of pleasure through her. Leaning forward she opened the cherrywood case setting the pendulum free. Her eyes followed the motion as he pussy gripped the vibrators shaft. Slowly over the next few minutes her humming stopped. She watched the pendular motion of the weight as it bounced from side to side as she reached to pick up the phone. Dialing she waiting through a few rings before Kurt answered.

“I am ready Master.”

Kurt spoke to her open and receptive mind. Planting suggestions and desires while erasing certain memories. After a length of time he was finished.

“Stop the metronome now Jennifer.”

“Yes Master,” she said in monotone.

Kurt waited for a few seconds then broke the silence. “So like I was saying, it was fun having dinner with you last weekend.”

“Yes, it was good to see you again,” she said in her normally bubbly voice.

“I would love to do it again when we get a chance.”

“I don’t know,” Jennifer began, " I don’t think my boyfriend will approve. Maybe we should not go out anymore. We could just be friends.”

Normally the phrase that is the kiss of death, Kurt just smiled, “OK I can live with that, Just Friends. By the way, weren’t you going on a business trip next weekend?”

A slight fuzziness descended into Jennifer’s thoughts, “Um, yes. Yes I am going on a business trip. I must remember to pack for two days.” The words rolled off her tongue. “I am bringing my friend Tanya. She will enjoy the trip.”

“Remember to tell your boyfriend you will be gone.”

“Yes I will remember, thanks for reminding me though.”

“Hey, what are friends for? See you around Jennifer,” Kurt broke the connection.

He was such a nice guy. Jennifer hated having to end it with him. After all through it was for the best. She looked again at her new metronome sitting by the bed. Such a beautiful metronome, she thought, I will have to examin it more closely again tonight. She hung up the phone and unconsciously pulled the vibrator from between her legs. Moving off the bed she went to get cleaned up. She couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend tonight.