The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Kirsty and the Slob

by EngineX

Added 19 January 2002

Updated 09 March 2002

Reader’s Pick: Bankington

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Kirsty takes an instinctive dislike to an unpleasant stranger on the train, but soon finds herself compelled to do exactly as he says. For his own part the stranger finds Kirsty a very attractive proposition and is soon planning for her long term future. The plans have little to do with the young woman’s welfare and everything to do with his own satisfaction...

Chapter Length Added
Part 1—Introducing The Slob 4891 words 19 Jan 2002
Part 2—Maid for Service 2302 words 19 Jan 2002
Part 3—Kirsty Entertains 2910 words 26 Jan 2002
Part 4—An Unexpected Bonus 1576 words 02 Feb 2002
Part 5—Taking Two Birds In Hand 5901 words 02 Feb 2002
Part 6—The Daily Grind 4978 words 09 Feb 2002
Part 7—Escape! 4523 words 17 Feb 2002
Part 8—A Profitable Venture 6167 words 23 Feb 2002
Part 9—Good Breeding 3417 words 02 Mar 2002
Part 10—Farewell to Kirsty 2656 words 09 Mar 2002