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I usually like shorter stories, involving just 2-3 characters. Multi-chaptered stories can often be tedious to read if each chapter does not have an exclusive idea, although you will find a few of these types of stories among my picks. I find that I like stories where the protagonist revels in their lasciviousness. That is, the reason they want control over a certain person is to have the type of sex they wouldn’t have otherwise. I like dorks and slobs coupling with beautiful women. It is very important to see the victim before their mind control-induced change. This also assists in letting the reader know why the controller finds the victim so appealing.

SimFolks by The Sinner

A near perfect MC story involving insidious mind control using a computer program, a slovenly controller, and a female POV. Sinner shows us early on why the victim is so appealing with the victim herself describing her own sexiness. We see Nadine’s idyllic life early on, see it go to shambles in her wanton lust for her creepy neighbor, and her loving every minute of it.

Socket by Tabico

Tabico is well known for her F/F works, and this little M/F tale is overlooked. The professor of the story is unrepentant in his lust for sexy lab assistant Rowena. This shows in his dialogue with the coed. Tabico does a remarkable job of showing us why the coed is so appealing. There is only one sex scene, but it is blazing hot.

Hard Candy by KAH2523

This story is another short tale. KAH does a good job of describing to the reader why is victim is so appealing to the ill-kept candy shop owner Dave. In this short story, we see the victim Candace go from total disgust for Dave to a prancing, kitchen-dwelling sex toy.

Love Potion by Anonymous-002

The unknown author of this story gives us a story of a man, a gypsy, and a disdainful, beautiful co-worker. I like the unrepentant reason why the man visits the gypsy: to turn a hot babe into a sex slave. The author shows the reader why the man is so obsessed, and we see the victim Sabrina both before, in her loathing of her co-worker, and after as a devoted slave.

Mona’s Makeover by Nineball

Story of a snotty, buxom banker, and the loser who she eventually devotes her life too. Incredibly hot detailed sex, with only a cursory description of mind control. The story gets to the point. The controller Rick is quite perverted, driven by his libido, and not sorry about it whatsoever.

Donna Enslaved by Master

A guy performs hypnosis on a pretty co-worker in the park, and by the end of the day is really having some fun. Good descriptions of the guy’s motives, and especially of Donna succumbing to his every whim and verbally giving herself to him.

What A Girl Wants by Trent Wolf

Short ditty showing a sexy career woman getting ready for a night with her slovenly boyfriend. Trent shows what’s going through the victims Samantha’s mind, and her indifference to her boyfriend Andy’s lack of grace.

Kristy and the Slob by EngineX

An epic story about a couple of raunchy criminals and the two pretty English lassies they acquire. This ten-part story is chock full of sex, and the characters Slob and Mack are always thinking of new ways to enjoy their pets Kristy and Suzanne.

Tessa’s Gift by MC Woodsmoke

Modern-day sorceress gives part-time Santa a love potion before she dies. He uses it on nubile, snotty young girl who works as his elf. Again, we see the victim Cara in her snobby disdain for the Lew the Santa change into wanton lust and devotion.

Failed Experiment by Disturbing Coincidence

I was lucky enough to have a short correspondence with this author. I received the chapters as he wrote them. It was like my own MC soap opera during a vacation at home. Disturbing Coincidence has some scorching hot sex scenes in this story. The author does a good job of portraying the luscious Amber into a real sex goddess, for both Stanley and Shelly. I just wish that Coincidence would post the sub-stories from his website to the EMCSA, as they are super-hot.

After School Special by The Sinner

I could only read about half of this story before I had to stop and cool down. What better than a bunch of hot young girls trying on stripper’s outfits for fun? Are you crazy?! Nothing!

Dear Clubhouse Letters by BB Zed

I don’t know why I didn’t include this story earlier, as it has two of my favorite things in an MC story: Latinas and female POV. Not only that, but the Latina describes everything herself! BB Zed stacks several hot scenes together for a quick and hot read. He also writes Jacqui’s POV excellently. A very hot read.

Electric Net by Nightpen

A very short story about a guy that renovates his room with mind controlling electronics. There is only one sex scene in this story, but that sex scene is very hot and detailed. One complaint about Electric Chair is that totally strays at the end, becomes a frat-boy dialogue and loses direction. Still, a very hot little story.

Karen’s Gratitude, Karen on Loan, and Karen Returns by Nick Vegas

Vegas does a remarkable job of creating a very sexy heroine in Karen. The MC has never made any sense to me, and the whole Filipina torturing subplot makes me queasy, but the rest is pretty juicy and hot. I would recommend solely for Karen’s love affair with Isabelle.

Donna’s Delight by MagicCarpet

This is an excellent story. MagicCarpet is a fine writer that paces the story well, writes it very richly, and has some sexy imagery. He also creates some very sexy ladies that the controller gets to play with. The author includes little details that really add to the tale’s heat.

Welcome to Morning Wood by Farleven

A conspiracy story that does have incest. A very hot story, as Farleven details the controlled girls thoughts on their sexual escapades very well. Lots of hot sex in this story, and I highly recommend it.

TV Guide by The Sinner

Yet another Sinner story among my picks. This story grew on me over time. Incredibly hot story based in the lasciviousness of the controller, a teenage boy named Alex. He lusts after his hot older sister and bimboish step-mother. He uses subliminals in television programs to basically satiate all of his fantasies. Again, lots of sex in every chapter.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Mind-Control Forum by ghosthostblue

I usually wait until a story is completed before adding a story to my reader’s picks, but this story is too hot to not recommend. Told in the female POV, the lead character of Cindy is one of the sexiest heroines I’ve read about on this site. The sex and actions of the blonde protagonist are incredibly hot and the writing is disciplined and well-paced

If It Hadn’t Rained by AmandasHypnoLips

FF stories usually don’t strike me effectively, but I have been a fan of this story since its first inception at the MCForum. Amanda creates a very lush atmosphere for the restaurant Persephone’s, and the concluding sex scene is hot as hell.

Talk by Decker

A quick story by a new author. There have been some complaints that the story moves too quickly, but the latter half of the story just does it for me. Told by the female POV with a degree of unrepentance as she describes her naughty behavior. Hot, quick read.

Twisted Tales by Various Authors

A group of stories created from the synopses of the other authors. Twisted Tales packs some punch as every story is well-written, unique, and hot. Don’t be scared away by all of the authors attached to it.

Sock Cocket and Gussy Pirl by MichelleLovesTo

This is a sexy story about two hot sisters that learn to “love each other” with the assistance of a talented hypnotist. The story is told in an in-your-face way; the hypnotist telling about all of the hot things the sisters will do with each other, and how much they will like it. The second half of the story is super hot to me.

My Girl Imogen by Matt Penn

What I like about this story is that it takes place in real life. That is, no gimmicks or things out of the ordinary. Except for the super hot robot that shows up to Mike Anderson’s house right before Christmas. Penn does an excellent job writing Imogen as a sexy pleaser of Mike. The story has just the right amount of detail, all taking place in the regular settings of Southern California and Las Vegas.

Change of Hart by ghosthostblue

This story just about matches the introduction listed at the top of this page describing the type of MC tale I like. It starts out slow, showing the main character virtually insane with lust for Mrs. Hart, then teases, teases, and POW! Ghosthostblue is an excellent writer and this story is damn hot.

The Bastard and the Ghost Bitch by Billy_Ray77

The story involves a highly amoral protagonist, but don’t let that stop you from reading. The MC in this story is not explicit but the way Dan uses it on Mindy is sexy as hell.

Downsizing Lisa by Dan Collins

I liked this story about a man, a magical charm, and his workplace competitor until the end when it gets too mean. MC should be more about fun and hot sex, not invective and meanness.