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The Kota Cock

Chapter 3: Origin of the Kota Cock

I know I had said that the next chapter would be about Brent but this just wouldn’t stay out of my head so I had to get this out so I could focus on the rest of the story. As you can see it got a little carried away, I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you all for reading.

I never would have thought my life would have turned out this way a year ago. I have a cock that can control any man who looks at it or hell even a picture of it. That was an interesting fact that I had found out one day when I was sending a pic of my cock to a girl I was talking to and it went to my cousin instead. He called me as soon as he got the text asking where I got the picture and who it was in it. I asked him why and he just said he needed to see it in person. At the time I never thought my cousin was gay but hell to each his own, so I told him it was mine and then he asked if he could come over and see it in person. I told him no and to forget all about it, we hung up and didn’t speak of it again at least not until I discovered the truth of what my cock could do.

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that I really started to suspect that something might be different about me. I had gotten home and my dad wasn’t home so I decided to go take a shower and maybe relieve a little tension. It had always been just me and Dad, he’s actually my stepdad but still the only one I’d ever known, I never really knew mom she died when I was a baby so it’s always been just us guys. Dad doesn’t date much just hangs out with me so it was kinda odd for him not to be here when I get home from school. I went upstairs, stripped down and hopped in the shower and started jerking off. I must have been at it for twenty minutes and I just couldn’t cum I even tried fingering my ass and no matter what I couldn’t cum. God this had been going on for weeks, I was even getting blowjobs and fucking chicks like crazy and none of it would make me cum. I finally gave up and got out of the shower and realized there were no towels in the bathroom. Damn well I guess it’s good that Dad’s not home, I walked out the bathroom and turned the corner to go down the stairs just as Dad was coming up them. He barely got out a greeting and then just stopped and kept staring at my crotch.

“Hey Dakota, what’s uuu—“

He just kept staring at my crotch with this glazed look in his eye, it even looked like his jeans were starting to tent out. Ok this is really starting to freak me the hell out.

“Dad, what are you doing?”

“I’m staring at your cock, Son” “Why?”

“Because I have to, it’s beautiful, can I touch it?”

Holy shit this is fucked up. I didn’t even answer I just turned around and ran into my room and locked the door. Was Dad gay? Is that why he never dated anyone and why did this happen now, I know he’s seen me nude before. After a couple of minutes I heard Dad walk up the hall and go into his bedroom. I took this chance to grab some clothes and run downstairs to dry off and get dressed. When I walked back up I could hear Dad talking on the phone with someone and it sounded like he was upset. He’s upset, he’s not the one whose dad was just staring at him talking about wanting to touch his son’s cock. I leaned my ear against the door and started listening in.

“Look I’m telling you, it’s happening to him”

“No I’m not making it up I’ve seen his cock and it was all I could think about, it’s still all I can think about.”

“Look you need to come deal with him and you need to do it soon. His cock is already so strong the only reason I’m free is because he ran into his room before he gave me any orders.”

“He’s your son you need to fix this.”

Fix this? How can my Dad be talking about me like I’m some kinda freak and just who could he be talking too. I just can’t deal with this, I walked back to my room locked the door, climbed into bed and tried to sleep with all this shit going through my head.

I woke up the next morning and thankfully I completely avoided Dad before heading out to school. I got to school and barely made it through the day without freaking out anymore than I was already. I have gym for my last class so I went workout, I must have been really zoned out because before I knew it was almost five and everyone else had left. I finished working out and since everyone had left figured it was probably safe to take a shower here. I walked to the locker room and thought about how odd this was, I had always avoided showering at school because it made me uncomfortable and now it was vice versa. I stripped down, grabbed a towel and some soap and headed to the showers. I was there for some time, I’d zoned out and didn’t realize someone had come into the locker room until they said something.

“Who’s in there?”

Oh Shit who the fuck is that, I jumped around and backed up into the stall and saw it was Coach Brad standing there. God I didn’t realize he was still here, guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

“Oh Dakota, it’s you, sorry I didn’t realize you had stayed lateeee”

As Coach had finished his sentence he glanced down at my crotch and then he just stopped and stared at my cock. Crap not him too, what the hell is going on here, is everyone gay? It was different this time though as Coach dropped to his knees and kept staring at my cock, I could feel myself getting hard. Damn am I turning gay now too what the hell is going on?

“Coach what are you doing?”

“I’m staring at your cock, Dakota. It’s beautiful.”

“Why are you staring at my cock?”

“Because I’m waiting to serve it, I have to wait for orders from Dakota’s Cock”

Ok now it’s getting weird, Coach is drooling now and acting like my cock has a will of its own that he has to obey. God and what’s weirder is this is making me so horny, it’s like one of those stories I found on my friend Dan’s computer one time. It was a gay story involving hypnosis where a guy hypnotized his best friend into sucking his cock. It made me really hard when I was reading it but hypnosis has always turned me on. Maybe I’m bi hell I might even be gay considering I can’t ever seem to cum with a chick. Could it be that my cock can hypnotize men who see it. Fuck I’m horny now, what the hell, let’s see how far I could take this.

“Coach would you like to suck my cock?”


Well what the hell, might as well get a blowjob then. I can’t believe I’m doing this it’s almost as if my cock is controlling me like it is Coach.

“Well then crawl over here and start sucking, Coach”

I didn’t have to tell him twice, he got on his hands and knees and crawled over so fast he was a blur. Next thing I knew he had sat back on his knees and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking. God he’s horrible, well I can tell he’s never done this before. OW!

“Watch the teeth, Coach. Just suck it like you would like your cock sucked”

He didn’t even stop, but he did get better at sucking, damn he’s going to town now. He didn’t scrape me again and it was starting to feel so good I started fucking his mouth and he just sat there and took it. We must have been there for 15 minutes. And I could feel myself starting to cum and I knew it was going to stop just like it always did when I was getting head or fucking, but it didn’t. It built and built until I exploded and GOD it was so good I came and came. Coach started choking there was so much cum I pulled out so he could breath and I kept shooting right all over his face. It seemed like it would never stop but finally it did and Coach swallowed it all and even started gathering the cum on his face and eating it. When he was done with that he started licking my half hard cock and cleaned every last drop of cum from it, he even stuck his tongue in my foreskin and cleaned that too. As I sat there thinking what to do Coach just sat there staring at my cock. I can’t believe how good that felt, I feel so relieved, I feel stronger even, bolder it felt like cumming in his mouth had made me more powerful.

Now it’s time to decide what to do about this, and then it was like the words just popped into my head and I just started saying them.

“Coach, do you like my Cock?”

“Yes I do very much so” “Good that’s because it is the Kota Cock and it is your master.”

“The Kota Cock is my master”

“That’s right, now the Kota Cock wants you to obey it and these are your orders. When I leave here you will count to 100 and then you will wake up and remember nothing of what has happened, make up whatever you need to fill the lost time but it will not be what actually happened. You will wake up and not remember but whenever you see the Kota Cock you will know it is your master and you will remember and obey it.”

“Yes I will obey the Kota Cock, it is my master.”

“Good now start counting, quietly”

I walked out of the room while Coach knelt there mumbling and went to the locker room to dry off and get dressed. I’d never felt so good before, I think I was going to have to keep doing this and not just with Coach Brad. In fact I think I may just have to give Dad a second glimpse of my Kota Cock when I get home. Don’t know where I got that name from, but it’s fitting. The Kota Cock such a good name for such a great cock, I can’t wait until I’ve got more people kneeling in front of it.

As I walked to the bus stop to head home every guy I saw, I imagined them on their knees sucking my cock. My god I’d become obsessed I couldn’t stop thinking with my dick or maybe my dick couldn’t stop thinking for me. I finally got on the bus and thankfully no one else was on the bus and the driver was a chick so I was finally able to relax a bit. I was so wound up again and I had just cum so damn much not too long ago. I felt the bus stop and heard someone get on but I didn’t look up until they sat across from me. I shouldn’t have fucking looked up if I hadn’t then maybe I would have made it home ok but I just had to look. Shit it was Tony the quarterback from school, why’d it have to be him, he thinks he’s such a badass I’ve always wanted to put him in his place and now I would.

“Hey Tony”

He looked at me like I was the scum under his shoe. Oh this is gonna be so damn good.

“Dakota right”


“So how’s it hanging?”

Oh this is just too good so he wants to know how it’s hanging, well I’ll show him how it’s hanging. I started unzipping my fly luckily he’d looked away while I was doing so, don’t’ want him to run away or beat the shit out of me before I get a chance to whip it out. I reached down into my boxers, grabbed my shaft and got ready to give Tony the thrill of his life.

“It’s hanging pretty good, here take a look” as I finished my sentence I whipped out my cock which was now almost completely hard. Tony turned, took one look and the fucker was mine.

“What the Fuck are you—“He didn’t finish his question and it didn’t matter cuz I wouldn’t have answered and he didn’t care anymore all the prick cared about now was my prick, the Kota Cock.

“This here is the Kota Cock, it’s your master now. You have to obey it.”

“Kota Cock, Master, have to obey”

“That’s right, now get over here, get down on your knees and suck the Kota Cock like the slave you are.”

“Suck the Kota Cock, obey, slave” Tony moved over to my side and got down on his knees behind the seat and starting sucking and damn he was good, a lot better than Coach was. He was doing things to my cock that no girl had ever done before I would have loved for it to have gone longer but he was just too damn good of a cocksucker. He took me down his throat right when I started to shoot and damn it was so fucking hot, he took my whole load and didn’t choke once. He pulled off my cock and there wasn’t a single drop of cum that he didn’t swallow. He had to have done this before.

“Tony have you sucked cock before?”

“Yes Master”

Nice so big shot Tony was a cocksucker gotta love this. Well I told him the same thing I told Coach except I told him he would remember all of this but wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone about it except me. I wanted him to remember who made him a little bitch, and just who it is that has the big cock on campus. I’m gonna love using him as my personal cockwhore. Finally reached my stop and I got up and stepped off the bus and walked to my house. I felt so much stronger now and even though I’d just cummed I was ready to fucking go again, guess Dad’s gonna have to give me some fatherly love tonight.

As I walked down the street I thought about my neighbors, and all I could think about was their mouths and asses how much I wanted to fill them with my cock and make them mine. I was obsessed, obsessed with my cock and making it cum, I had cummed twice in the last hour and I was ready to fuck again. I was so hard I could barely walk down the street. As I neared my house, I saw my next-door neighbor Liam outside playing basketball, he is very handsome but never with any ladies, I just knew he was gay and I couldn’t resist. I walked up the driveway towards him and he saw me coming and turned to meet me halfway down the drive. As he walked up to me, his eyes shot down to my crotch and stayed there and stared at the outline of my cock. I stopped and so did he but never once looked up at me.

“Hey Liam”

“Hey Dakota”

“You like what you see here, Liam.” As I said this I grabbed my cock through my shorts and gave it a little squeeze. I saw he was already tenting out his b-ball shorts and could see a damp spot forming. Damn he looked bigger than me, but that didn’t matter my cock was better. He didn’t even answer, just nodded and kept staring.

“You want to see it?” again he just nodded but that wasn’t enough for me. I want to hear him say it I need to hear it. “Say it out loud, Liam”

“I want to see your cock, Dakota”

“Good, do you want to suck it?”

“Yes, please can I suck your cock, Dakota?” I was just about to whip out my cock and have him suck it down when his mom yelled out the door for him to come inside. It snapped me out of my daze and I realized I couldn’t have him suck me off now someone would see us. This was getting really bad, my cock just wouldn’t be satisfied, I couldn’t stop myself. I’d get hard and then I just had to get off and almost nothing would stop me. I turned, left Liam there, and ran back to my house as I got to the door, I turned around to look back at Liam and saw him shake his head, turn and look at me and then run into his house. I unlocked the door and ran inside. I shut the door behind me took a deep breath, calmed down, and I could feel my cock starting to deflate but I was still horny. I could feel that at any moment my cock would take control again. I had to do something about this, I started toward the stairs and then heard my Dad call out to me.

“Dakota, that you?”

Shit I didn’t really want to deal with him right now. I can barely keep control and as soon as I heard his voice I could feel my cock starting to get hard again. I must have been quiet for awhile because he called again.


“Yea Dad, it’s me. I’m just gonna head up to my room.” Hopefully that’ll work and I won’t have to see him. I could feel myself already thinking about what it would be like to have Dad on his knees in front of me. I was halfway up the stairs and had turned to start going back down before I stopped myself.

“Dakota, could you come in here for a minute?”

Shit it didn’t work. My legs started down the stairs and I was barely able to stop them. I could feel my cock throbbing and pulsing, it felt like it was pulling me toward the living room. All I could think about was Dad sucking me off, this was wrong. What the hell is wrong with me? I grabbed the banister with both hands and chocked out an answer.

“Dad, I really don’t feel good. Can it wait, I’d really like to just go lay down.” There hopefully that’ll work Dad always put my health first if I said I didn’t feel good, he usually put things aside until I felt better. But apparently this was the exception to the rule.

“Dakota, get in here right now! We need to talk.”

Damn I started down the stairs and with each step I was slowly losing myself to my cock. Getting sucked off dominated my every thought until finally I just gave into my desires. Dad wanted to talk, well we’ll talk, we’ll talk about him sucking the Kota Cock. We’ll talk about him being on his knees quite often. I reached for my fly, started undoing it, and started getting ready to whip my cock out as soon as I turned into the living room. I stepped into the room behind the couch and slowly took my cock out while I was behind it before Dad could see, I wanted to catch him by surprise, so much more thrilling then. I was so wrapped up with my cock I didn’t even see the other guy sitting next to Dad until he spoke to me.

“Hello Dakota”

This gorgeous guy stood up and I couldn’t help but look at him. He had shoulder-length dark curly hair, a strong defined chin and was just genuinely hot. I had never thought I’d find a guy sexy but this guy I just wanted to kneel in front of him while he did whatever he wanted to me. And then I met his eyes and I froze, I just stared into those black eyes of his and stopped, I could feel my cock soften a little bit just enough not to stick straight out. I was still horny as hell but my cock was slowly just getting softer and softer as I stared into this man’s eyes. I just wanted to keep looking at his eyes but then he turned toward Dad and started speaking with him and all I could do was just stand there.

“You were right, he is very strong, but he’s allowed his cock to control him.”

“Well what do we do now? I can’t keep avoiding him and god knows what’ll happen when he’s at school.”

“Oh I think it’s already happened, he’s already enthralled and fed on at least two men.”

I stood there listening, wondering just who this guy is and how did he know these things about me. And why does Dad know him and sound so scared of me. I had to know, it took everything I had but I was able to force out a question.


They both looked at me like I had grown a second head though that might not be far off. I could feel myself coming out of whatever it was I was in and I could feel my cock slowly start to get hard again.

“He’s stronger than I thought if he’s coming out this soon.” The black eyed guy spoke and tried to catch my eye again but I wouldn’t let him.

“Dakota, this is Christopher he’s a friend” Dad explained

“Call me Chris, Dakota. I’m here to help you.” Chris said while he kept trying to look into my eyes but I kept looking at my Dad wasn’t gonna let the same thing happen twice.

“Help me with what? Dad what’s going on?” Dad looked really upset and scared but finally spit out everything.

“Chris is your biological father, Dakota. He’s here because I can’t deal with you anymore.” I was so hurt when Dad said that, he can’t deal with me? Well since he doesn’t want to deal with me I’ll deal with him. And who does this son of a bitch thinks he is coming back here all this time, I’ll deal with him too. I stepped around the couch and made sure they could both see my cock and I started stroking my shaft to get completely hard.

“Can’t deal with me, well deal with this Dad” Dad’s eyes immediately went to my cock and never left. I wasn’t sure if Chris was looking because I didn’t want to risk meeting his eyes but I’m sure he was glued to my cock. No one can resist the Kota Cock.

“That’s right, just keep looking at my cock, isn’t it nice. Don’t you just want to just keep looking at it, don’t you want to obey it. Just listen and keep watching my cock.”


“Well well, your cock is certainly very nice and quite strong, Dakota but its power won’t work on me.”

Well I’m not gonna stop just because he said it wouldn’t work. I turned toward his voice and kept stroking my cock and started trying to trance him deeper.

“Well get a good look now, Chris. This here is the Kota Cock and no one can resist it. Look at it, isn’t it great, don’t you want to get on your knees and suck it.” I heard him walk closer to me but I kept my head down just in case. Suddenly he was right in front of me and I knew I had him. I looked across to Dad and he had dropped to his knees and continued to stare at my cock. Next thing I knew two strong hands had grabbed the side of my face and started turning it, it was Chris, shit he still wasn’t under control. I hurried and closed my eyes just as he turned my head towards him.


“Oh now Dakota don’t close your eyes don’t you want to look at your father.”

“No I don’t and you’re not my father”

“Oh yes I am, everything you are came from me even this cock.” At this point one of his hands grabbed my chin and held my head steady and his other hand grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it. With each of his strokes I could feel myself getting fuzzier and fuzzier, it was taking everything I had not to open my eyes.

“I am your father, Dakota. I didn’t raise you, but I did make you and I made this cock. Its power won’t work on me but my power will work on you. Just listen to my voice and you’ll know it’s true. I’m your father and you should listen to me. Obey me Dakota, I’m the father of this cock, I’m the father of what did you name it?”

“The Kota Cock.” God his voice made me feel so good. It felt like it was stroking me just as his hand was stroking me and I realized he was right. He made me. I had to listen to him. I could feel my cock submit to his control and I followed shortly after.

“That’s right, the Kota Cock. Well I’m the Father of the Kota Cock and you both have to obey me. Now Submit, Submit Dakota, Submit to your father and open your eyes.”

It wasn’t even a question of resisting by then, I opened my eyes and was lost. All I saw was the black of my father’s eyes and I knew then, I had to obey him. They were so beautiful, so black, and the longer I stared I could see this red tint start to form in his eyes. The longer I stared I could feel a presence enter my mind but it wasn’t like when my cock controlled me, this was better. This was my father’s power, and I knew a son should always obey his father.

“Good boy, keep looking into my eyes and accepting my power into your soul.” He thought I was a good boy, which made me feel so good. I would be good and take all of his power into me. I would obey, I’d make Dad proud and obey my father I’d obey Chris. A few moments went by and the red tint had spread from his eyes and had completely taken over my vision, it was everywhere, everything had a red tint to it. As soon as this happened I saw Chris, my father smile and I knew I had pleased him.

“That’s good Son. You’re completely in my power now and won’t be breaking out of it anytime soon. This is what I want you to do, go upstairs to your room and strip naked, and then I want you to stand in a full length mirror and stare at yourself. I want you to look completely at yourself, especially your cock. Do this until I come for you, now go Son, go and obey your father.”

“Yes, Father.” I turned and walked out and went up the stairs to my room. My only thoughts were what Chris put in my head. Even though I couldn’t hear him he was still talking to me in my head, most of it was just ‘obey me, I’m your father.’ He was also telling me that this was for my own good that he was going to teach me how to control my power. All I had to do was do as he said and then I would know everything, he just had to deal with Dad first. So I had to go upstairs, go upstairs and strip, strip and look at myself in the mirror, look in the mirror and watch my cock. As I stepped out of the room I could hear Dad come out of it and start to ask what was going on but that didn’t matter to me. I reached my room and started stripping, as soon as I was naked I went and closed my closet door and just stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself as he told me. I could see now I looked just like a younger version of Chris, I had long hair down past my ears, a strong chin, and I was really toned. I had always had a swimmer’s build even though I had tried to bulk up, but it would never work. My body always stayed the same, I looked up at my face and I could see my eyes for the first time. They were completely red, the pupil and iris was completely taken over by a red tint. I guess it’s true what they say, ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ he had taken me over completely body and soul so I guess my eyes reflected that. I worked my way down with my vision and looked at my cock. It really was a great cock I’d never really looked at it in the mirror before. I could see why guys wanted to serve it, I wanted to serve it, wanted to make it cum. The only thing that stopped me was my father’s voice in my head telling me to stop and listen to him. His voice started telling me that I had to master my Cock, it was my Cock, it obeys me not me it. I stood there for what seemed like forever watching myself, and I could feel my cock start to win the battle against my father’s power.

Back in the Living Room

Chris turned as Dakota left the room, and walked up to Neal who continued to kneel on the floor and waited for him come out of his trance.

“Damn Dakota’s really strong if it’s taking this long for him to come out of it”

Chris slapped Neal across the face and he blinked, stood up, and shook his head.

“Ow what was that for?”

“To wake you up, idiot. Dakota whipped his dick out and you were in its thrall.”

“See I told you he was strong, I can’t control him. You have to do something. You have to take the power away.”

“Take it away, Neal now why would I do that?”

Neal turned and went to the cabinet next to the fireplace. From inside the cabinet he pulled out a glass and decanter and fixed himself a rather large whiskey. He turned around to answer Christopher’s question and found he was standing right behind him. They almost stood eye to eye except Neal was about 6 inches shorter which was good Neal thought ‘I can avoid his eyes’.

“He’s out of control that’s why. He’ll enthrall me and who knows who else and he won’t stop. Where is he anyway?”

“He’s in his room doing what I told him. Oh and don’t worry I’ll take care of him, Neal but in the meantime you need to remember who’s in control .”

“In control, I’m in control. I raised him, you may have fathered him but Mary wanted you to have nothing to do with him. He’s my son and I want you to take his power away.”

If Neal would have looked up he would have seen the angry look in Christopher’s eyes. Chris wasn’t going to take his son’s power away but he would make sure he wouldn’t run amuck with it.

“Neal Look at Me” the tone of Chris’ voice had changed, if Neal would have been conscious at the time he would have realized it was the same tone that had enthralled Dakota. Neal had heard it before and knew it couldn’t be resisted, he set the glass down and looked up to meet Chris’ black eyes and was lost once more but before he was he pleaded with Christopher.

“Chris, please don’t. I don’t do this anymore.”

“Now don’t be that way Neal, just look in my eyes and remember how much you loved serving me”

They stared into each other’s eyes for several moments. You could see Neal struggle and try to turn away but Chris just grabbed his head and continued to speak to him and remind him of serving, obeying, sucking, and fucking. Neal didn’t have a chance, he always remembered serving Chris and late at night he would jerk himself off to his memories and cry out for his former master. Even when he met Dakota’s mom he couldn’t stop serving Chris, he served Chris then and why shouldn’t he serve Chris again. Chris gave them their son, He had begged him to give them a son since Neal was sterile and Chris being such a kind master to him, obliged. After Dakota was born and Mary died months later, Neal knew Chris would come for Dakota and in his grief he was free enough to take Dakota and run. They ran and Chris stayed away until now. He never wanted this and now because of his fear, Dakota had fallen into Chris’ power and so had he. Neal should never have called his master here but he had and now he was in his thrall again. Neal’s eyes had taken on the same red tint to them that Dakota’s had except it was more prominent.

“There now Neal, don’t you feel better being back under my control.”

“Yes Master”

“God I’ve missed hearing your voice say that. It makes me so damn hard. Well we’ll take care of that later for now I want you to listen and obey me.”

“Yes Master, listen and obey”

“Now you’re going to agree with me leaving Dakota’s powers intact. You’re also going to serve him and his cock and make sure he stays well fed. He’s a growing boy and he’s going to need a lot of will to keep him strong. You’re going to give him your will as well whenever he requires it. You will serve his cock like you serve me. You will have no problem having sex with your son, seeing him nude or being nude around him. Understand?”

“Yes Master I understand and will obey”

“I know you will, now you’ll also keep an eye on him and if he’s getting out of control or trying to permanently enslave anyone or bring any undue attention to himself you will let me know, understand?”

“Yes Master”

“Good now get on your knees and suck me off so I can go deal with our son.”

“Yes Master”

Neal dropped down to his knees and unzipped his master’s fly with his teeth just like he always liked. Chris wasn’t wearing any underwear like usual so as soon as the fly was down his hard uncut 9 inch cock popped out. Neal didn’t even blink he just sucked down his master’s cock and kept sucking.

“Oh fuck Neal I’ve missed your mouth so much. That’s right fucking suck my cock. Oh damn keep it up I’m gonna cum soon.”

Chris stood there fucking Neal’s mouth for some time until finally he came in his slave’s mouth. He tucked himself away and gave Neal his final orders and went to deal with their son upstairs.

“That was really good, Neal. Now just sit there and savor the taste of me and think about all the orders I’ve given you. I’m going to go educate our son about his family.”

As Chris left the room Neal continued kneeling there, his pants tented out and damp, and thought about how much he missed his master. He was so happy to have tasted him again. He could feel his master’s seed working its way through his body and mind and enslaving him to Chris’ will once more. He had missed this feeling so much.

Upstairs in Dakota’s room

Chris stepped into the room and saw Dakota standing nude, watching himself in the mirror. As he stepped up he couldn’t help but think his son really did get his looks even if he didn’t get the full powers of their heritage. He stepped right up behind Dakota and rubbed his crotch on his ass. He looked into the mirror and Dakota’s full attention was on his own cock, the red tint was also starting to leave his eyes.

‘Might have to refresh my control over him.’ Chris thought and wrapped his arms around his son, his heir. He took one hand and grabbed Dakota’s chin and lifted his head up while another hand pinched one of his nipples.

“Look at me in the mirror, Son. Look me in my eyes again”

I had been standing there in the mirror for what seemed like forever when I heard someone walk into my room. In a way I could feel it was my father, as I had been staring at my cock I could feel his power over me fading and I wanted it back. The closer he got the more I could feel the power he had and I wanted it, I wanted him. He stood behind me finally and I could feel him grind his crotch into my ass. He was half-hard and I could tell he was much bigger than me. I felt him wrap his arms around me and it felt so good. He grabbed my chin and lifted my head while he pinched one of my nipples and God did it feel so damn good. He told me to look into his eyes again, so I looked away from my cock and into my father’s eyes. All it took was one look and the red tint was back stronger than ever and I was in his control again. We stared at each other in the mirror while he spoke to me and told me all about myself.

“You have a very nice ass, Dakota”

“Thank you, Father”

“Oh so polite, normally I’d have you call me master but I think I’ll stick with Father. Remind you just who it is you’re dealing with.”

“Whatever you say, Father”

“Good boy, now I want you to listen very carefully to me because these are the rules for our kind. 1) You cannot draw attention to yourself, so make sure anyone you enthrall either forgets the experience or is commanded not to speak of it. 2) You cannot have a child with someone who is enthralled to you. Now I have to ask have you fucked any girls? Have you enthralled any girls with your cock?”

“Yes Father I have fucked girls and no I have not enthralled any. My cock doesn’t work on them.”

“Shit, did you cum in any of these girls, did you use a condom”

“No father, I have not cummed in any girl. I’ve only been able to cum when a guy is sucking me off.”

“Interesting that means that means your power will only affect men and you can only feed from them. Ok rule 3 you are forbidden from this day forth from fucking any girl or having them suck you off. If you do so it will weaken you, you must only have sex with men in fact you only desire men from now on. Rule 4 you cannot cum in the ass of any man you have enthralled. And rule 5 whenever I or your Dad says the phrase ‘Father Says’ you will immediately obey the instructions given after and you will not find any instruction given strange or weird in any way. You will simply obey because you must obey anything your Father tells you, right?”

“Yes Father, I must obey anything my father tells me.”

“Good boy now you will not remember these rules once I wake you up but you will obey them. Now look down at your cock.”

I looked down at my cock as Father commanded me and could feel its power starting to take me over again. It wanted me to disobey Father but I didn’t want to, it wanted me to obey it but I have to obey Father.

“Now Dakota this is your cock. It is not the master of you, you are the master of it. Don’t’ let it control you, command it. You are the master of the Kota Cock. Its power doesn’t work on you because you are its master. Now tell me who is the master of your cock.”

“I am, I am the master of the Kota Cock”

“That’s right, now grab your cock. Tell it you are the master of it and believe it with all your being. You are the Master of your Cock. It has no power over you, you command it, you make it cum, and you control it. You are the master of the Kota Cock and it will obey you. Father Says repeat what I have said to your cock and believe it with all your being.”

“I am the master of my Cock. It has no power over me, I command it, I make it cum, and I control it. I am the master of the Kota Cock and it will obey me.” I said the words to my cock as I held it and believed them and as soon as I did I felt its influence evaporate from my mind and all that remained was the control of my father. I looked up into the mirror at my father and saw that my eyes were glowing crimson red, I was firmly in his power now.

“Good boy Dakota, you’ve mastered your power. In a minute I’m going to release you from my control, when I do your conscious mind will forget the rules I gave you but subconsciously you will remember them and you will obey all the orders I’ve given you as well as your trigger. Also you’ll only remember that I taught you to control your power and that was why you were under my control.”

I heard my father’s words and took them to heart. I stared at him in the mirror and I could feel his power leave me. He stepped back and I just stared at myself in the mirror and watched as the red tint slowly left my eyes. Once it was gone, I blinked and it was like I’d woken from a deep sleep. I felt very weak at first but slowly my strength came back as well as my awareness. Shit I’m butt-naked and there’s some dude in my room. I covered my crotch with my hands and jumped around and yelled.

“What the fuck are you doing in here?” It was Christopher, the guy my dad had introduced as my biological father. He’d somehow hypnotized me and made me come stare at my cock in the mirror. My cock? Huh I feel horny but it doesn’t feel like I have to do something about it. I’m not even hard, that’s right he taught me how to control my cock.

“I’m in here because I just taught you to control your power.”

“Ok, well I can control it now so can you leave. I’d like to get dressed.”

“No I’m not going anywhere. Father Says you’re comfortable being naked in front of me and you don’t want me to leave.”

I told this bastard to leave and as soon as he answered me I suddenly felt a red flash in my head. Why am I hiding my cock and why would I want him to leave? He’s my father I want him to stay, get to know him and for him to get to know me. Of course the best way for him to know me is to be naked in front of him. I dropped my hands from my cock and I could feel it and my balls flop out from the cup my hands had held them in.

“Never mind I’d like you to stay, you don’t mind me staying naked do you? I feel more comfortable this way”

Chris’ POV

Damn he’s so forceful, kicking me out so boldly. Well I’ll fix that, as soon as I said his trigger there was a flash of red in his eyes and I could see him visibly relax and drop his hands from his crotch. Damn this is such a fine looking kid, I’m gonna have to try really hard from fucking his tight little ass. He’s even so polite asking if I’m ok with him staying naked.

“Yes Dakota, I’m fine with you staying undressed in fact Father Says whenever we’re alone you’ll always be naked and you’ll have no problem with me being naked.” I quickly took my shirt off as well as the rest of my clothes and stood there in front of my son completely nude. I walked over to his bed and sat down on the edge of it ready to tell my son all about his family.

Dakota’s POV

As I watched Chris strip down I realized that not only did I not mind him being naked, I wanted to see him naked in fact I think I’m going to be naked whenever we’re alone together and maybe he’ll get naked too. Damn his cock is huge, I can see where I get it from because it’s beautiful I just want to look at it all the time. He went and sat on my bed and spread his legs, now I could get a full view of that beautiful cock. Why did I waste my time chasing chicks when I could have been chasing dicks.

“So what do we do now? And just what should I call you?”

“Well Dakota, I guess you can just call me Chris for now. And as for what we’re going to do, I’m going to tell you all about your family and the source of our power.”

“Ok let me just get a chair, Chris”

“Oh no need for a chair, Dakota. Father Says come sit on my lap like a good son.”

Of course I didn’t need a chair, I should sit on my father’s lap like a good son. I am a good son so I walked over to Chris and sat down on one of his legs and wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his cock and balls touching my leg and it made me a little uncomfortable but I’m a good son and should sit in father’s lap.

“Good, Dakota. Father Says you really like sitting in my lap, it makes you feel really good when I hold you like a little kid.”

I suddenly felt very happy to be sitting on Chris’ lap and touching his chest, feeling his muscles, his cock, and feeling his strong arms wrapped around me. I wanted to stay like this forever.

“Are you comfy, Dakota? We’ll be here awhile while I tell my story.”

“Yea I’m really comfy.”

“Good, well I guess I’ll start with what I am. I’m a demon, a very specific type of demon. We look human but we’re stronger, longer living and most importantly we can control humans, mind body and soul. The humans don’t have a name for us because we keep ourselves hidden. That’s most important don’t ever attract attention to yourself. Now you’re only half demon which is why your powers aren’t as strong. Now why they’re centered in your cock I don’t know but we all have our strengths, mine are my eyes and voice. Any questions so far?”

“Why can we control humans?”

“Ah yes, well that’s because they are our food. We feed on their will, their free will. We entice them to give it to us and when they do it nourishes us. A nice side effect is that they become enslaved to us.”

“Do we always have to have sex with them to feed? I only ever feel stronger when I cum and whoever is sucking me off swallows it”

“No that would seem to be just you, although our cum does have the power to enthrall those who consume it and it is much more potent than our other powers.”

“Well why doesn’t my power ever work on girls?”

“Well I’d guess that it’s probably because only a guy can truly appreciate a cock but that’s just a guess. Let me ask you, do you even like girls, Dakota?”

“Not really I guess, I mean I used to have sex with them but I never enjoyed it and I never came. I must be gay then.”

“Must be, but why put a label on it. In the meantime just enjoy yourself so long as you don’t get too out of control. You’re a good looking guy, hell I’m finding it very hard not to bend you over and fuck right now.”

As soon as he said this I jumped up out of his arms, this was too weird, it’s one thing to sit in his lap and the both of us be naked but fucking. This guy was my father I didn’t want to be fucked by him.

“Ok dude now that’s just too damn weird.”

Chris just chuckled at me and I could see he was getting hard while he sat there and watched me.

“Dakota you really think you could stop me. If I wanted your ass you’d already be bent over this bed and my cock would be in you and you’d love it.”

“Uh no I wouldn’t you’re my father, that’s incest it’s sick, you’re sick.”

Chris chuckled and stood up as he did I backed up toward the door ready to run if he made a move toward me.

“Dakota, you’re thinking like a human, I’m a demon and you’re half-demon. It’s not sick to us in fact it’s a great turn on for us to have sex with our children. It’s how you learn your power and your place. You’re a child, I’m your father you do what I want, when I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it. In fact if you’d grown up with me I’d have had you all the time. I would have kept you under control your whole childhood until you learned to break free of it. In our world you’re not an adult until you can resist your parents will. That’s probably why Neal ran off with you, and since he did you never learned to resist and now you won’t.”

Ok time to run now. I turned to run out the open door but before I could even reach the threshold I felt myself grabbed from behind and thrown back. Next thing I knew Chris had me by the throat and had me against the wall next to my closet door. I tried to struggle but I couldn’t he had too firm a grip on me.

“Oh no boy you’re not going anywhere. I haven’t had any fun with you yet.”

“I’ll fight your power, I’ll learn how to do it.”

“Oh well let’s test that then, look into my eyes.”

I didn’t want to look because I didn’t want to take the chance but I couldn’t resist his voice. I met his eyes and it was so much more sudden than before all it took was one look and then all I saw was red. I could feel him in me and I stopped struggling, there was no use to struggle against him. He is my father, I should only obey him. I felt him release me and I dropped down to the ground but I kept staring at his eyes. He hadn’t told me to do anything else.

“That’s right son doesn’t it feel good to be back in my control.”

“Yes Father”

“Good son, now turn toward the mirror. I want you to look at yourself again, look at your cock again. Try and free yourself from my control, use your cock, use your power and try and resist me. Try with all your might to resist me and if you can’t you will realize this in your woken mind and you will tell me as such. While I wait I think I might enjoy your ass a bit.”

I heard my father tell me what to do and I started doing it. I could feel the power of my cock rise up and I tried using it to force him out of my head. I tried with all my might to push him out. I could feel him behind me and see him in the mirror. As he finished speaking I could feel his hard cock sit between the cheeks of my ass while we stared at each other in the mirror, I could feel him start to rub his cock in between my ass cheeks. I was torn, part of me was disgusted by this and part of me was very turned on by it. I kept trying to fight him but I just couldn’t. I could feel him going faster and faster and as much as part of me wanted him to stop I realized nothing I could do would stop him even if I did break free he would still be too strong for me.

“Father, I’m yours. I cannot break free of your power.”

“Good son as a reward I won’t fuck you yet but I am going to mark your ass with my cum. What do you say to that?

“Whatever you wish, Father”

“Good boy, put your hands against the door and bend over.”

I felt him push me down as I did what he said. I could see him in the mirror as he continued pumping his cock on me. He grabbed my hips and kept pumping and pumping away between my cheeks. Finally with a shout I felt him cum, I could feel his hot spunk all down my back and oozing in between my ass. There was so much he must have shot at least ten times. I even felt some of it hit me in the back of the head. I felt him release me and back up but I stayed where I was until he told me to move.

“Ok son stand up and turn and face me.”

I stood up and faced my father and I could see his cock was still hard and even dripping. He was all sweaty and flushed and I realized at that moment just how much I was attracted to him. I couldn’t believe it I’m getting turned on by my father. I could feel his cum dripping down my back and it was so hot, I could feel myself start to get hard. Father must have noticed because he looked down at my cock and smiled.

“Do I turn you on, Dakota?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Good when I wake you, remember all of this.”

He stepped closer to me and waved his hand in front of my eyes and the red completely vanished from my vision and I was overwhelmed with the shame of getting hard over my own father. I could tell now that before when I wanted Dad to suck me off it was my cock controlling me. I can’t believe I thought those things, I can’t believe I’m attracted to my father.

“What’s wrong, Dakota?”

“This is still sick. I can’t believe I’m attracted to you. I can’t believe I wanted Dad to suck me off.”

“I see would you like me to take that away from you, your shame?”

I didn’t even think I just answered him.


“Good, Father Says you have no shame about being attracted to your Father or your Dad. Father Says you like being attracted to your Father and Dad, we’re all attractive men and should enjoy that. Father Says you have no problem being naked around your Dad or Father and you have no problem having any type of sexual contact with them or sexual conversation with them.”

And just like that all my shame vanished. All that was left was an incredible feeling of horniness that Chris had just came all over my back and that we were standing naked in front of each other.

“How do you feel, Son?”

“Great, really horny right now.”

“Well then, get hard, start jerking off it’s just us here, father and son”

“Yea that’s right”

I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I was completely hard in just a few seconds. I pulled my foreskin over my head and then dragged it back. I always loved that feeling. I looked up from my cock and watched Chris he had moved to the bed and leaned back on his elbows with his legs spread wide. I watched him and was just so turned on it was nuts. He beckoned me over and so I walked over and stepped in between his legs. His cock was right below my hand, in fact I would graze it each time I would stroke my own cock. This was so damn hot!

“You jerk off a lot, son?”

“Not really, I could never make myself cum so I just stopped trying.”

“Well you’re going to make yourself cum this time. You control your cock not the other way around.”

“Oh yea that’s right, it’s my cock I control it.”

“Good boy stroke it, stroke that cock, stroke it for Daddy.”

“Oh yea Daddy I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

“Then cum son cum now”


God it was amazing, I felt such a rush making myself cum for the first time. I didn’t realize it then but Chris had taken his hand and caught all of my cum in it. He held it up like a cup to my mouth and told me to eat it. I turned my head away cuz that was kinda gross to eat your own spunk but in a way kinda turned me on.

“Now don’t be that way, Dakota. Father Says you like cum especially your own, now eat it and take full control of your cock.”

I turned back and slurped down my own cum. Damn it tasted so good I ended up licking his hand clean. With each drop that went down my throat I could feel things lock into place in my mind. Most importantly I knew that my cock would never control me again, it was my cock I was the master of it.

“Was that good, Son?”

“Oh yea, Chris it was delicious. What does yours taste like?”

“Well you’ll have to wait for that. You’ll have to work yourself up to my cock, maybe practice with your Dad until you get used to cocksucking.”

“Ok” I thought I could have just tasted the cum on my back but it was already dry and somehow I just knew it wouldn’t be good unless it was fresh.

“Well Son what do you say we go check on your Dad now?”

“Yea let’s do that” I turned and reached for my boxers on the floor but Chris grabbed my hand before I touched them.

“You don’t need those, it’s just me, you, and your Dad.”

That’s right why get dressed it was just us. Chris let my hand go and I turned and walked out the door and started down the stairs. I could tell his eyes were on my ass the whole way down so I decided to give him a little show on the way.

Chris POV

Damn that little bastard is shaking his ass at me. Not sure if it was a good idea to remove his shame but who the fuck cares, I could stare at that ass all day. Still wish I could fuck him well maybe I still can just can’t cum in his ass. Oh shit now he’s shimmying his ass better not fuck him, there’s no way I could resist cumming in that ass.

Dakota POV

Man I can’t believe this is all happening. I just jerked off on my father after he came all over my ass and now I’m about to walk into the living room but naked and hard while my dad’s in there. And all I can think about is having him suck me off and maybe sucking him off and it’s not my cock making me think it this time. I turned into the living room and walked up to where Dad was kneeling. I could see he was rock hard and his eyes were glowing red. I felt Chris step up behind me and as he did I could feel his hard cock brush my ass and before I could help it I shivered.

“So Dakota, what do you think of your Dad?”

“He looks so sexy kneeling there, hard with that red glow in his eyes. It makes me so hot.”

“I know it makes me hot too, Son. Neal?”

“Yes Master”

Oh it turned me on so much to hear Dad call Chris master. I wanted to hear him call me Master but somehow I knew he wouldn’t. He was Chris’ slave I’d have to find my own slave. Chris ordered Dad to stand up and get undressed in front of us. It was so damn hot, I’d never realized how attractive Dad really was and man he had a really nice package too.

“What are you thinking about Dakota?”

“I want a slave too, Chris. I want someone to call me master like Dad does to you.”

“Well you can have that, just not your Dad, Ok?”

“Ok Chris, but how can I keep someone under like you keep Dad?”

“Well all you’d have to do is entrance them with your cock and maybe program them a bit. Then you’d have to get them to swallow your cum.”

“That’s awesome, I can’t wait to find a slave of my own.”

“I’m sure you can’t Son in the meantime you need to feed. Your Dad will be fine for now and if you ever find that you are in desperate need you can use him to keep yourself strong but you can’t always feed from someone already enthralled to you.”


“Because their will has already been weakened, it won’t be as sustaining. You keep staring at your Dad, what do you want to do?”

“I’d really like to suck his cock. I’ve never done it before I want to see what it’s like.”

“Well then I guess since we’re your dads we should teach you these things.”

Chris walked around me and up to Dad and waved his hand in front of his eyes and the red glow disappeared from his eyes. He came to looked at me then down to my cock and I could see the red flash in his eyes again. He looked up at me and then at Chris.

“What did you do, Chris? Why are we all naked?”

“Well Neal, Dakota here wants to learn how to suck cock and since you raised him you should teach him.”

“No Chris, stop this I’m not going to do this with my son.”

“But Neal, you’re his dad, it’s your job to teach him, to keep Dakota happy.”

I saw the red flash in Dad’s eyes again, he started to get hard once again and mumbled something that sounded like ‘keep Dakota happy’ then he turned towards me and it was just like nothing happened.

“Well Dakota, you want to learn how to suck cock?” “Uh yea Dad I’d like to learn.”

“Well come here and get on your knees, the best way to learn is by doing.”

I didn’t even say anything I just walked over and dropped to my knees in front of my Dad. My dad’s cock was about the same length of mine but thicker and he was cut unlike me and Chris.

“Ok Son what you want to do is wrap your lips over your teeth and slowly take the cock into your mouth.”

I did what he said and damn it tasted so good. Before he even said anything else I started sucking his cock in and out of my mouth, I had to taste more of it. I started wrapping my tongue around his cock while it was in my mouth. God what have I been missing.

“Oooh that’s good but slow down a bit. Now grab my balls and massage them a bit. Yea like that, ok now pull back off my shaft and just swirl your tongue around my head. Shit yea that’s it, now slowly suck down on my shaft and slowly back up and keep doing that.”

I kept doing everything Dad told me too. I could slowly feel his balls tighten up and I knew he was about to cum. I wanted to taste it so bad. Dad told me that when he came I should back off his cock and just let him shoot into my mouth and swallow when I was comfortable to.

“Ohhh Shit I’m cumming”

I felt him shoot and shoot into my mouth and it was delicious. I choked a bit at first but was able to swallow the rest down. I kept sucking on him as he was softening until I felt a hand pull my head back and it was Chris.

“That was very good boys. Now I think you should both do this every night. Dakota, Father Says you will let your Dad to teach how to suck cock and later on how to get fucked in the ass. Neal I think it would make Dakota Happy if you would teach him every night how to suck cock and then later on teach him how to get fucked in the ass.”

I suddenly felt a red flash in my head and I could see Dad’s eyes flash red and it hit me then that Dad and I should do this every night. He can show me how to suck cock and then maybe teach me how to bottom. It’s only right that a son should learn how to have sex from his Dad.

“Dad I think we should do this more often and maybe you could teach me how to deep-throat too.”

“That’s a good idea Son, and maybe if you’re good I’ll also teach you how to take a cock up your ass.”

“I’d really like that, Dad”

“Well I’m glad you’re going to have some quality time together now.” Chris stated. And I agreed with him wholeheartedly.

“Hey wait a sec why is Dad not obsessed with my cock, Chris?”

“Oh well it’s because I’ve programmed him to ignore it unless you call it the Kota Cock.” Well that made since wouldn’t want Dad to be staring at my jock all the time that is until I wanted him too of course. I think I’ll give it a try.

“Hey Dad, look at the Kota Cock.” There was a red flash in his eyes and then he saw I was nude looked down and his eyes never left my cock.

“Why don’t you come over here and show the Kota Cock how well you suck cock, Dad.” He didn’t answer he just walked over and then went down on his knees in front of me and started sucking me off. God this was just so fucking hot, I can see Chris has started stroking himself while watching us. He should enjoy this too. I pulled out of Dad’s mouth and walked over and sat next to Chris on the couch.

“Hey Dad come over here and suck us both off.” Dad shuffled over on his knees and went down on Chris’ cock while he stroked mine and then switched. While Dad was sucking us off me and Chris started making out and feeling each other up. We were at it for about twenty minutes and then I felt that familiar churning in my balls.

“Ohh Dad I’m about to cum, fucking swallow it. Put your mouth on my cock and swallow my cum.” He had at this point been sucking on Chris’ cock but stopped and sucked down my cock just as I started to cum. He had deep-throated me and I shot straight down it. God I came so much it was wonderful and like Chris said I could feel myself get stronger not as much as when Coach or Tony had blown me but still I felt so much better.

“Neal get back over here and finish me off.” Chris all but yelled but Dad didn’t move he just kept licking my soft cock but I could feel myself start to get hard again. Screw him I wanted it another go.

“Ignore him, Dad just keep doing what you’re doing. The Kota Cock commands it.” I had barely gotten out my orders when I felt Chris grab my head and turn it toward him. I got one look at his eyes and then all I saw was red again.

“Oh yea you little shit, well since you want Neal to suck you off again, you can get down here and suck me off like a good boy.”

“Yes Father, suck you off like a good boy.” I pushed Dad away, knelt in front of Chris and started sucking down on his cock. I was only at it for about five minutes when he told me to stop.

“Dakota sit back up here on the couch and let your Dad suck your cock.” I did as he said and I could see him grab Dad by his chin and look into his eyes and then Dad’s eyes started glowing red.

“Neal get on your hands and knees and suck Dakota’s cock while I fuck your ass.”

“Yes Master” Dad bent down in front of me and started sucking me again while Chris moved behind him and slowly started shoving his cock into Dad’s ass. Chris waved his hand in front of my eyes and the red vanished and I was under my own control again. Then he grabbed Dad’s hips and started pounding away at his ass. It was so damn hot, every thrust Chris made pushed Dad onto my cock and he would just moan on to my cock, it felt so good. I don’t even know how long we were there for but I finally I could feel myself about to cum.

“Ohh Dad I’m about to cum.” I’d been staring at Chris fuck Dad the whole time that Dad had been sucking me off so I didn’t even have to look up at him but he looked up at me and then I saw red and heard his voice tell me ‘Don’t Cum.’ Suddenly I no longer had the urge to cum and the red was back in my eyes, I knew that Chris wanted us all to cum together. I was right a few moments later Chris yelled out for us all to cum and I did. I shot down my Dad’s throat as I felt him shoot all over my legs and feet. Chris finished thrusting into Dad and pulled out, he released me again and I just sat there watching him while he moved to the couch to sit next to me.

“That was great, Son” Chris leaned over to me and gave me a deep kiss then as our tongues battled each other I thought about how great I felt about my life now.

“Chris I have a question, why didn’t you use a condom on Dad?”

“Oh I don’t need one, as a demon I’m immune to human illnesses.”

“So I could be immune too because I’ve never really been sick before.”

“Most likely but you should still be careful.”

“Ok” Chris turned his attention to Dad, he picked his head up and started kissing him deeply, and it kinda turned me on because I knew that he tasted me on Dad’s tongue. I could tell that Chris really did love Dad from the way he was kissing him. God I really want someone like that for me, someone always there to obey and love me. I got up and left them in the living room and went upstairs to my room. I could tell they wanted to be alone so I decided to go to bed. I climbed into bed and thought about just who I could turn into a slave.

I woke up the next morning and it was Saturday so I didn’t have school. I got up and walked out to go take a shower, I didn’t even bother putting any boxers on, it was just us guys why put on clothes. I walked past Dad’s door on the way to the bathroom and I could hear noises I walked up to the door and could see through the crack that Chris was fucking Dad. Dad was moaning Chris’ name and not master so I could tell Dad was of his own mind in this, not only did it make me feel a little horny, I thought this might be my chance to have two parents. I turned away and went to the bathroom to get washed up.

I was in the shower for a little while when I heard someone come into the bathroom. I heard them taking a piss and then I felt the shower door open behind me.

“Hey Son, sleep well?”

It was Chris he stepped up and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. I could feel myself start to get turned on and I just relaxed and leaned back against him. He started rubbing my shoulders as he leaned back against the shower wall.

“I slept pretty well.”

“That’s good, so did you enjoy watching me fuck the hell out of your Dad?”

“How—“I wasn’t able to finish my sentence because at this point he’d bitten my earlobe and it took my breath away.

“I told you, I’m your father, I could smell you, feel you, taste your arousal.” As he spoke his right hand slowly traveled down my abs til he grabbed my cock. His left hand was alternating between my nipples pinching and rubbing them. While he kept whispering into my ear and nibbling at my earlobe, god it felt so good. He kept stroking me and stroking me, it was like he knew just what buttons to push.

“Feel good, Dakota? You don’t have to answer I know it does, I know your body it’s like an instrument and I know just how to make it sing.”

I just moaned and kept moaning until finally I felt my release building and I just yelled it out as my cock shot and shot.


“And there’s the crescendo, very good Son, you make me proud.”

I just melted into his arms at this point and he washed me up even my hair and when I could finally stand, I turned around to return the favor but he stopped me just as I was starting to sink to my knees.

“No, you’re not ready for that yet, Dakota but you can wash me up.”

I washed him up and once we were done I leaned up and kissed him on the lips. We made out in the shower for a bit then stepped out, dried off, and headed downstairs to join Dad for breakfast.

We walked into the kitchen and Dad was at the stove nude, finishing cooking some eggs. Chris walked right up to him wrapped his arms around Dad and turned Dad’s head to kiss him. They kissed for awhile as I sat down at the table with a glass of milk. Chris came and sat down next to me while Dad brought us our plates. When he set mine down, he leaned in and kissed me on my lips, I had never realized just how soft Dad’s lips are. We all sat and ate breakfast together like a family, Chris and Dad asked my plans for the day which I told them were to go workout at school and then maybe just hang out at the mall or something. I got up to go get dressed when Dad yelled out to me.

“Dakota don’t forget you need to feed today and not anyone you’ve already enthralled, ok?”

“Ok, Dad”

I finished getting dressed and left the house. I started walking to the bus stop and saw that Liam was outside just sitting there like he was waiting for something. Once he saw me he came running up, I guess I was what he was waiting for.

“Hey Dakota, wait up.” I slowed down and waited for him to catch up to me, once he did I turned to face him and saw him glance down at my crotch, I wasn’t hard but I could feel the need building up, Dad was right I need to feed and I think Liam might fit the bill just nicely.

“Hey Liam, ‘sup”

“Uh, listen about what happened yesterday?” He looked really nervous but I could tell he was getting turned on just talking to me. Think I might play with him a bit first.

“Oh about that look just forget about it, Ok? It’ll never happen again, I’m sorry I did that to you.”

I turned and started to walk away when I felt him suddenly run up and grab my shoulder and stopped me. I turned around and looked at his face and I could see the desperation in his eyes and his body shaking in need.

“NO! Please don’t go, I need to see it”

“See what?”

“Your cock, Dakota”

“Ok I already told you I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday”

“I’ll give you anything just let me see it please.”


“Yes anything I’ll pay you even”

Pay me, well this could be interesting. I considered it for a moment and realized I could make some real money with my cock and have fun doing so. I told Liam I’d let him see my cock but we need to go somewhere no one would see us. I started walking and turned the corner of our street where there was some overgrown trees and bushes. I knew there was a clearing in there, it was where some of the guys would go to get high or hookup. I turned toward there and looked back and saw Liam following me like a little puppy. We got into the clearing and I made sure no one was around then turned around to tease Liam a bit more.

“So why do you want to see my cock?”

“Oh god Dakota, it’s all I can think about since yesterday, I could see the outline of it in your shorts” “Really and what do you think about it?”

“Oh god it looks amazing I want to see more of it. It’s all I dreamed about last night.”

“Really, did you jerk off last night thinking about my cock?”

“I tried but no matter what I did I couldn’t cum. Even when I woke up I’d be rock hard and soaking wet but it was only pre-cum. I’ve been so horny since I saw you yesterday. Please let me see it now”

“Oh now not too fast, do you only want to see my cock or is there something else you want to do with it.”

At this point I could see him fighting not to say anything and his pants were so tented out I thought he was going to pop the zipper.

“I…uh…I want… I want to….to suck it too”

“Ok well what are you going to give me to show you my cock?”

“I’ll give you all the money I have on me, forty bucks”

I didn’t even have to ask for it. He just pulled his wallet out and handed me all the money in it which was just a little over forty bucks. Oh yea definitely going make some money from this.

“Very good, Liam I tell you what, why don’t you whip your cock out for me too.”

Liam just dropped his wallet and both his hands immediately went to his pants and he just undid the zip and button and threw his pants and boxers down to the ground. His cock was pretty nice, the same size as mine but not as thick and he was cut. I set my workout bag on the ground and reached to my shorts and pulled back the waist band and reached into my pants and pulled out my cock.

“Well there you go, Liam how’s the Kota Cock look?”

“The Kota Cock?”

“Yep this is the Kota Cock and you’re its slave now Liam”

“Yes slave to the Kota Cock”

“Good boy now get over here, get on your knees, and worship your Master.”

He shuffled over to me with his pants around his ankles then dropped down to his knees and started sucking my cock. Damn he’s good he’s definitely sucked a cock before. I didn’t have to give him any instruction, definitely gonna have to try to get mostly gay guys now to suck me off, didn’t take me long before I was ready to shoot.

“Oh I’m about to shoot, Liam swallow it all you little bitch. SwallooooOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! OOOHHH SHITTT YEAAA!”

Liam pulled back with his mouth open and I could see he’d swallowed every last drop except a little bit that was hanging from his bottom lip which his tongue licked up real quick. I grabbed his chin and made him look up at me and damn that glazed look in his eyes was so damn hot. He was definitely going to be a repeater. I told him that whenever he wanted to suck me off he was going to have to pay me like he did this time. He agreed of course, so I left him there with orders not to speak of this and as I stepped out of the bushes I could hear Liam scream out his climax ‘I Love the Kota Cock.’ I finished walking to the bus stop and when I got on the bus I saw that Tony was there too. As soon as he saw me I could see his eyes light up but then he blushed and looked down. Well this is interesting, so I walked and sat right next to him.

“Hey Tony”

“Hey Dakota”

He had his hands in his lap trying to hide his rock hard cock and I knew exactly what it was he wanted.

“So Tony, you want to see the Kota Cock again?”

His head jumped up and he looked me in the eyes and I could see just how much he really wanted my cock. So I guess it’s true no guy can resist my cock once they see and especially if they taste it. All he could get out was one word and that word was enough.


I looked around to make sure we were still alone, once I saw we were I reached down and whipped my cock out. Tony was staring at my crotch the entire time, I could see his eyes and once they laid sight on my cock that sexy glaze came over them and Tony’s eyelids drooped a little while his jaw sagged.

“Tell me what you want Tony?”

“I want to suck the Kota Cock, Master”

“Good boy but you can’t yet, you haven’t earned it yet today.”

“Ok, Master what can I do to earn it?’

“Take your cell phone out and take a picture of my cock.”

He quickly did as I asked, in fact he took more than one. I took the phone from him and programmed my number in as well.

“What now, Master”

“Ok every night you’re going to look at that picture and remember just who it is that you belong to. When you get the chance you’re going to show it to any guy you think is hot and tell them how wonderful it is to be a slave like you, understand?”

“Yes Master”

“Now every guy you show it to, you’re going to get a picture of them and send it to me as well as send me their phone number as well”

“Yes Master, show your cock to others, send you pictures of them.”

I tucked myself back in to my pants as I saw we were reaching the school. I stepped up and walked off the bus. I turned back and saw that Tony had stayed on and as the bus went by he just stared at me with this look of longing on his face. I knew he’d recruit me a lot of hot guys to snack on. As I walked into the gym I knew this was going to be a great year. Couldn’t wait to have my own little harem of slaves to give me money and suck me off.

EPILOGUE: One Year Later

Well it’s certainly been a great year, the entire football team pays me to see my cock and suck me off. Hell I’ve even got a few of them tricked out as prostitutes. Dad and Chris have even gotten together and we’re all a family. Chris isn’t there all the time and I haven’t gotten to suck him off yet but I do get to jerk his cock often. I still haven’t found a slave of my own like Dad is to Chris but at least I’ve got plenty of guys to keep busy til then. Liam certainly would be good to keep but somehow it just doesn’t seem like he’s the right one.

I walked into the locker room after my workout. I could hear some noises coming from inside, it sounded like someone was getting a blowjob. I slowly turned my head around the corner and saw the hottest sight of my life. My friend Dan was on his knees in front of Kyle who was on the basketball team. Damn I knew Dan was gay but he was such a nerd that I never thought he ever got any action especially from Kyle. I’d have enslaved Kyle myself but never got a chance to. It looks like Dan’s a damn good cocksucker and it was at that moment that I knew Dan would be the one I’d make mine like Dad. I could see that Kyle was about to cum so I turned and hid around the corner until they left. This might be my chance to get them both and it’s a good thing cuz I’m getting really horny after seeing that. I heard Kyle’s muffled shout as he came, they talked for a bit and then I could see Dan walk out of the locker room. Damn I guess I’ll have to try for him later but I could get Kyle and bust a nut too.

I walked into the locker room and I could see Kyle had gone into the private showers, I quietly stripped down and walked into the same stall he had chosen. I pulled back the curtain and Kyle jerked himself around but not before I got a nice look at his ass.

“AH, oh Dakota, you mind I’m a little busy here.”

“I don’t mind, Kyle in fact I think I’ll join you.”

Kyle kept his eyes on my face like any of us that learned not to look down at the other guys in the shower but I could tell he wanted to look down. I caught his attention with my hand and slowly drifted my hand down my chest, over my nipples, I stroked my abs and I could see his vision was following my hand. When I reached my crotch I grabbed the base of my shaft and pointed my cock towards him. I loved this part I’ve gotten so strong now all it takes is a single glimpse and they’re completely under my power. I’ve even found that if they smell my crotch, my musk, that it’ll put them in a trance not enough to control completely but enough to make suggestions. I could see Kyle’s eyes bug out when they met the sight of my cock.


He tried to speak but then his eyes completely glazed over, his pupils were so blown you couldn’t see the blue of his iris, and his jaw dropped so much he started drooling and the longer he stared his eyelids began to droop down while his cock started to rise up.

“Ok Kyle, now I’m going to ask you some questions and you’re going to answer them and tell the truth, understand”

“yeaaa answer, tell the truth” Kyle all but slurred.

Ok this slurring bit is hot and all but it’s gonna annoying if I’m going to be interrogating him about Dan.

“Ok Kyle keep looking at my cock, this is the Kota Cock it is your Master now, the more you stare at it the easier you’ll find it to talk clearly. The more you look at the Kota Cock the more you will desire it, crave it, obey it. Now keep gazing at your master, the Kota Cock, and answer all my questions, understand?”

“Yes Dakota, look at your cock, answer all your questions, tell the truth.”

“Good boy, Kyle except when you see the Kota Cock you must call me Master. Now first question, is this the first time that Dan has given you head?”

“No Master he gives me head a lot.”

“Really and why does he gives you head, are you both a couple?”

“No Master I help him workout and in return he sucks me off whenever I want.”

“Are you gay, Kyle?”

“I’m bi Master.”

“Not anymore Kyle, from now on you’re completely gay and there’s nothing that turns you on more than me and my cock, understand?”

“Yes Master I’m completely gay, and I desire nothing more than you and your cock.”

“Good boy now one more question, does Dan give good head?”

“Oh yes Master, no one can suck a dick like Dan does, he can suck you off so well you’ll think you died.”

“Very nice, well why don’t you get over here and show the Kota Cock how Dan sucks you off.”

Kyle walked over and dropped down to his knees in front of me without ever taking his eyes off my cock. He grabbed my shaft and tenderly took me into his mouth and as it has been lately once his tongue tasted my cock he immediately sucked me down as much as he could. Most guys choke but Kyle must have had some practice at sucking cock. As he sucked I could feel his will enter me and make me stronger as it did I thought about just how I would get Dan on his knees in front of me. It’d have to be somewhere private so that I can indoctrinate him properly like Chris taught me I couldn’t just suck all his will from him like I am to Kyle because then he’d just be mindlessly obedient and I didn’t want that. Ah there goes the last of Kyle’s will, hmm gotta love the prideful jocks they always fill me up. I felt my balls start to tighten up and I knew I was ready.

“Kyle I’m about to cum, I want you to swallow it all like a good little bitch boy.”

I put my hand on the top of his head and started fucking his mouth. Kyle was really good he just sat there and took my pounding, like he had any choice. A couple of minutes later and I was shooting right down his throat before I stopped shooting I pulled back a bit and made sure he tasted my cum. A good taste of it always keeps them nice and subservient to me.

“Now Kyle look up at me.” Which of course he did, he stared up at me with those dazed out blue eyes of his, I absolutely love that look. I rubbed his blond head and then cradled his face with my hand as I spoke to him.

“Now Kyle get a good look at my face, this is the face of your Master. Even when you’re awake from this trance you will still have a deep desire to obey me. You won’t know why but you’ll just find yourself deeply attracted to me and completely willing to do whatever I tell you to, understand?”

“Yes Master, I understand”

“Good boy, now you won’t remember being my slave but whenever you get a text from me with the words ‘Obey the Kota Cock’ or hear me say those words, you will immediately go into this same trance and be ready to obey me completely like a good slave, nod if you understand.”

He did of course, I left him there with orders to wake up and finish his shower without remembering anything. I walked down to another stall and started showering and I thought about just how I was going to get Dan to be my slave. Then it hit me maybe I could get him to tutor me, it would take some time to drop the hints. Wouldn’t want to just go up to him and say ‘hey I need you to tutor me’ no I’d have to be subtle or else he’d get suspicious. And hey it might not even be that hard to get him tranced considering he has a hypnosis fetish if his browser history is anything to go by. Oh yea I think I’ve got a plan brewing and soon I’ll have my own little boy like Dad is for Chris.