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Lady of the House

Prescott fumed as he looked at the tablet. The video was damning. His wife Carla was clearly in flagrante delicto with Hector the groundskeeper.

Hector had come on Carla’s recommendation. She had known his family, so she said, back in Mexico City.

“I want her to pay!” Prescott snapped, pounding the side of his fist on the desk.

Ranger had done his work well. Like a private detective had followed Carla’s circuitous route to Hector’s trailer and then managed to ease a small camera in through the skylight right above the ‘action’.

Carla didn’t particularly like anal, but she knew Hector loved her ass, and she took him into her, because she was going to use him, use him like she did her billionaire husband.

Prescott couldn’t help but notice the cynical look on his wife’s face as Hector’s sweating body pounded her ass, doggy-style.

“Si! Si! Si!” she mouthed as he rode her.

Prescott got a tiny piece of satisfaction realising that he wasn’t the only one being fucked.

“Can I convince you to use the collar now, Mr Callahan?” Ranger asked Prescott

Prescott Callahan was exceptionally wealthy. He ran a tech company making the finest computer chips. He was a man of science. When Ranger had approached him suggesting that he buy a magic collar Prescott almost had him run out of the building.

Ranger was a man who knew what you wanted before you did. And he insisted. The suggestion that Prescott’s wife needed to be controlled was met with further howls of derision.

“It’s one thing to convince me my wife is cheating on me… Mr. Clyde… And, I’ll pay you well for this… but it’s another to convince me that some pink collar is going to bring my wife to heel…”

“Sir” Ranger said, “I know you’re a man of science, and I fully respect that… but there’s more to the universe than what we can prove…”

“Don’t start on this debate…I know you want $20 million… and if the collar worked, I’d gladly pay”

“Sir” Ranger said, not wanting to let this opportunity go by… “Why not try it on someone first?”

This got Prescott’s attention. Of course the question had arisen in his own mind that if this man, Ranger Clyde had a mind-control device why he didn’t just use it himself on some rich bitch and get more than $20 million himself”

“I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way…” Ranger had explained. There were ‘rules’ to magic—apparently. One was that the intended had to put the collar on themselves, freely.

That was problematic.

“How do you know if I won’t just take the collar and use it, and not pay you…?” Prescott asked

“Rules, Sir…” Ranger said, “The collar wouldn’t let you do that…”

“It won’t?” Prescott snorted

“Yes, Sir…” Ranger said, annoyed that he could meet someone who just couldn’t plainly see the benefits of what he was proposing.

“Who made up these rules?” Prescott mused to himself. “Very well…” he said.

* * *

“Daddy?” Amanda called as she stepped into the house Visiting from Sacramento, Amanda Callahan was pleased at least not to be greeted by Carla.

Amanda was a successful businesswoman; of course having a very rich daddy gave her a head-start. But she was a non-nonsense woman, and a blessing to her father in that she’d never grown up a spoiled brat.

Amanda wore casual clothes that didn’t suit her. She was at home in a business suit. At only 22 she’d made the cover of several glossy magazines, and been a major source of hits—her internet blogging well followed

Amanda couldn’t stand Carla. She’d spotted the gold-digger straight away.

Amanda had used her keen mind to get ahead (albeit with daddy to bankroll her). Carla had used her tits and ass to get ahead.

Amanda stepped into the vestibule and took a moment to take in the quiet. The high ceiling here gave her footsteps on the marble floor a slight echo.

She noticed the small pedestal… a box upon it. There was a small card on the box. Opening it it read “To the most beautiful woman in my life… xoxo Prescott.”

Amanda opened the elegantly small box. A pink collar—like a dog collar was there. It did have a fascinating jewelled clip though—out of place on the dog collar.

Amanda had an idea, bringing a smirk to her face. She took the collar out and

putting the box and card in her bag she put the collar on.

The world seemed to grow dull; grey. Colours ran out of the world

Amanda stood there for some time. She had a sense that she was there, but also a sense she had no purpose. It was like she was waiting for someone to come and jolt her.

Prescott noticed his daughter’s Mercedes in the drive.

He was generally happy to see her, his daughter from his first marriage—but now was a complicated time…

Opening the door he was surprised to see his daughter standing there.

Suddenly she felt alive, “Daddy” she laughed and ran to him. She leaped into his arms

“Amanda!” he gasped as she covered him in kisses. She’d not been this affectionate towards him since she was a little girl.

“Oh, Daddy” she whimpered as she continued to kiss him, “I’m so happy to see you?”

“Is…?” he gasped, “Is anything the problem?”

“No, Daddy?” she gasped, “Nothing at all… I’m just so happy…”

“Enough of that” he said, “I need to take a shower”

“Yes, Daddy” she said immediately releasing him from her zealous embrace.

She followed him up the stairs, very closely, like a little puppy. He went into the master bedroom. She ran passed him into the bathroom and he could hear her running the shower.

Prescott kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants. He walked into the bathroom only in his undies.

He was totally surprised to see his daughter, naked, standing by the shower.

“Amanada?” he gasped,

“Let me shower with you…” she begged, “Please Daddy?”

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, Daddy…” she said, “I love and obey you”


“Yes, Daddy” she said

He noticed the collar around her neck.

“Oh, shit” he said, “Where did you get that?”

“This?” she asked, touching the collar


“I found it downstairs… I didn’t want that bitch Carla to have it…”


“Did I do wrong Daddy?” she cried, “I only want to do what you want”

“That was meant for Carla…” he said

“Do you want me to take it off…?”


“Very well, Daddy” she said. She took it off and handed it to him.

“You’re not angry with me, Daddy?” she asked, with no change in attitude despite the fact she was not wearing the slave-collar.

“No, of course not”

“ Good” she burst into a smile, happy that she had pleased him. “Do you want to take a shower now?”

“i…” he began

She stepped back under the water. He watched as the water flowed down over her head, over her small breasts, down to her dark patch of fur.

“Come, Daddy” she begged, “Let me wash you?”

“I..” he began again

She stepped out fo the shower, taking hold of his undies she pulled them off him

He was embarrassed, his cock was so hard.

“Oh, Daddy!” she skipped with delight, “You’ve got a gift for me…” She felt his hardness “Can I have it now?”

He didn’t say anything

She sank to her knees, on the hard tiles and took his cock in her mouth and began to suck it. She did so lovingly, kissing it and licking down the sides.

“Mmmm” she mewed as she kissed him. She watched his face, keeping eye contact, judging what pleased him the most. And then she took him all in as she sensed his peak.

He came in her. Came in his daughter’s willing mouth. She shuddered herself, coming just on sucking his cock.

“I’m the lady of the house” she said as she sucked and swallowed his come.

Her lips smacked together “There, all gone” she laughed showing him her empty mouth

“Did Daddy like that?”

“Yes…” he sighed, “Yes, indeed”

“Let’s have that shower now…” he said

“Yes, Daddy”

Amanda returned to the bedroom from downstairs. She eyed her father with a lust she had never felt for anyone before. Like a predator she slinked onto the bed, and moved up towards his hard cock. It was moments later, above him, she sank onto him, embracing him with her cunt.

“Did you put the gift back?”

“Yes, Daddy” she smiled as she eased down onto him. She came just by having her dad’s cock in her. She trembled as orgasm ripped over her.

They did not hear the car in the drive-way.

Carla came home plotting her next move. Her ass itched from the pounding she had got under Hector. She was surprised to see a small box on a pedestal in the middle of the vestibule.

There was a card.

She read it…

“To the most beautiful woman in my life… xoxo Prescott.”

“Stupid fool” she said as she took it out. She was unimpressed with it.. “What’s he think I am? A fucking dog?”

Nevertheless she didn’t want to give it up, the jewel alone was worth something. Carla put it on around her neck

Suddenly the world seemed to grow grey and dull.

“Honey” Prescott said as he walked down the stairs with just a damp bath towel around his waist

“Prescott, baby!” she gasped, suddenly coming alive at seeing him

She ran to him and covered him in kisses. As she did Amanda came down behind them, naked still.

“There’s two ladies of the house, now” he said as she embraced him

“Yes, Daddy” Amanda said

“Yes, Prescott” Carla said

Prescott slid his hands around them, squeezing their butts.

They returned upstairs to make love

The End