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Lake of the Sky

Conrad held Linda’s hand as she stepped aboard the sailing yacht. Linda was forty-four, olive skinned. She was half Mexican, half Irish. She had a well rounded figure; ‘shapely’ you would describe it.

His daughter May, and Linda’s daughter Cara came next aboard

“Thank you, daddy” May smiled as she took his helping hand.

“Where do you want me?” Linda asked

“The cockpit” he said.

She looked around and then back at him and shrugged… She’d never been on a boat before.

“I’ll show you” May smiled and lead her astern.

The cockpit was a small area at the back of the boat for steering and controlling it, but also above deck. It would have been exposed to the elements but Conrad had rigged a cockpit cover. Later he world pull this down to give better forward vision. It would only be needed in bad weather; and none had been predicted.

Conrad eyed Cara. She was exceptionally sexy. She wore a black bikini with a loose T-shirt top. His daughter wore a smilier outfit, red bikini, but May; she didn’t wear a bikini top under her shirt. She didn’t have the figure for it.

Linda wore shorts. White, with navy blue polka-dots and a white cord tie. She also wore a bikini top under a T-shirt, but she wore an open shirt over that.

May took Cora below to show her about.

Conrad sat at the wheel next to Linda as he lead the boat out.

“You’ve such a beautiful daughter” Linda said.

“Thank you” he smiled.

“How old did you say she is?”

“She’s tuning 19 in two days”



“She doesn’t look it…”

“Yes, she’s petite, like her mom… she’s not even 5ft”


May returned to the wheel. Linda was aghast that May was topless.

“Ah…” she began to say as May sat next to her father and leant in on him. She looked like a little child, but she was older than she looked.

Linda felt very uncomfortable.

“Take your top off” he said to her

She peeled her over shirt off and folded it and set it down beside herself. She wondered then why she’d done that.

“You said your daughter is 18?” he asked

“Yes, she turned 18 yesterday”


“So, we’re almost a year apart” May smiled, intrigued by the near coincidence

“Yes, babe”

“Take the shirt off too” he said to Linda.

Linda did so, taking off her T-shirt.

She was a fuller figure and her bikini top hung down holding in the tips of her pendulous breasts.

Cora popped her head up from below. Already her T-shirt was off

“Take your top off too” he said to her.

“Hey!” Linda began

“It’s fine!” May said to her, her eyes boring into Linda’s

Linda relaxed back into her seat “Yes, it’s fine” she said.

Cora reached around behind and undid the bikini straps. Her breasts were larger than May’s but not as sagging as her own mom’s.

Linda thought about why she had reacted the way she had. Surely this wasn’t right.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate” Linda said

“Yes, you do” he said

She relaxed and smiled

“It’s a rule” May chirped “When we’re at sea… we go topless”

“Oh, I see” Linda said. It didn’t quite make sense in her head but she thought that it was appropriate.

“Take yours off too…” he said

“Yes” she nodded and soon all three women were bare-breasted.

“Go take Cora forward” Conrad said to his daughter

“Yes, daddy” she said springing to her feet. She lead Cora towards the bow. The two spread towels out and lay down on them to bask.

“Your daughter, she’s part Asian?”

“Yes…” Conrad said, “Her mom was from Vietnam

“Ah” she thought, that explained her small figure, her olive skin and other features.

“Part mermaid” he added with a laugh.

Conrad talked small talk for a while, till they’d lost sight of land.

May dropped the sea anchor and then returned to her towel. She had some lotion and she applied this over her flat chest.

“That looks good” Cora said

May smiled and dolloping some onto Cora’s back she massaged it in for her.

“Tell me…,” Linda said, “I’ve been wondering…”


“How you got my name, my contact details…?”

“Your eldest daughter…. Liz”


“You’ve come out to sea with me and you only ask now?” he smiled

“I don’t… I… I feel like I’m comfortable with you”

“Well you’re really at my mercy?

“Yes, I suppose I am” she said. But it was true. There was something about his presence that had drawn her to him.

She lived alone with her daughter Cora, whilst her elder daughters Liz and Beth were at college. She’d talked about dating again and it was her eldest daughter her found Conrad on a social-site

They’d arranged to go out on his yacht

“He has a yacht?” Liz smiled, “See! I told you he looked rich…”

May rubbed the lotion in and then stopped

“What’s wrong?” Cora asked

“Take off your bikini” she said


“I want to put some on your ass”

“No… I…”

“Do it!” May growled, her eyes glaring at Cora

“I… I don’t know…” she said, propping her head up she couldn’t see her mom in the sunken cockpit

“Take them off” May smiled

“Yes” Cora said.

And, as she did May did the same.

Cora noticed that May was clean-shaven down there.

May noticed Cora noticing her shave sex “More streamlined’ May said with a smile.

Cora had shaved to avoid a bikini-line but was otherwise still covered in a thick brown bush.

She rolled back onto her stomach and May started kneading the lotion into her ass.

“You never mentioned what happened to May’s mother” Linda said

“Yes that’s right, it’s none of your fucking business” he snapped

She felt stung by his words.

“I don’t like the tone of your voice”

“I don’t care”

Linda felt ill-at-ease. She stood up and went to her daughter

She stood, shocked.

Cora was on her stomach, her legs apart. May’s face was burned in Cora’s crotch, eating her out. Cora squirmed with delight

“Cora!” Linda spat

But Cora was too engulfed by what was happening between her legs.

Conrad joined Linda’s side

She looked at him. He was smiling.

May looked up “She’s a virgin, daddy” May said with some joy at the discovery

“Good” he grinned

“What the hell is going on here…?” Linda spat

“Linda?” he asked, grabbing her arms

“Yes?” she sighed gazing into his eyes

“Suck my cock”

“I…” she began when she found herself sinking to her knees

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done this…” she said apologetically

“You’ll do fine” he said as she began taking his pants off.

Linda sucked on his cock

A part of her said what she was doing was not right. It wasn’t normal. It was… she needed to suck him. She wanted to suck his cock

Cora beat the deck with her fist as May’s tongue drove her to orgasm.

May got up and moved over Cora. Cora looked around, disappointed that May wasn’t licking her anymore.

“My daddy’s going to take you now” she said


“Don’t worry… “ May smiled, “It will be good”

Cora nodded, she felt an implicit trust for May’s words

“Roll over” May said

Conrad was down on his knees

“What are you doing?” Linda asked as she watched him lay over her daughter. She felt like she was watching a movie. As if she wasn’t really there… as if it wasn’t really happening

“Come with me” May said to her. Linda found herself taking May’s hand. May lead her below just as Cora let out a cry as she was penetrated.

“Ow!” she cried, “Ow… oh… oh… oh… oh, yeah!”

Cora gasped with delight at each thrust of Conrad’s hips. Her clit burned. She’d never felt this before, a hot pleasure.

May drew Linda onto the bed and kissed her.

“Why am I doing this…?” Linda said

“Shhh… relax”


“You must obey me”

“Yes” Linda smiled, and relaxed

May got up over her, squatting over Linda’s face. “I don’t know what to do?” Linda cried

“Imagine what you’d want someone to do to you” May said gently

Linda drew her tongue up, touching May’s bud.

And as she licked it it grew out, erect, like a small penis

She was amazed

“Oh, fuck, yes” May gasped, grabbing Linda’s hair and pulling her face up between her legs

Cora’s legs wrapped around Conrad’s things “Fuck me!” she growled, her fingernails clawed his back, “Oh, yesssss!” she screamed.

Conrad’s hips bucked and he suddenly shot his come into her tight bloodied pussy. Cora’s back arched upwards and she cried out as she came too.

When she came down from her high she found it sore between her legs. He pulled her up by the arm and they went below. It stung a little for her to walk. He had a big cock and it had torn her a little.

May was grinding her clit onto Linda’s face.

Cora had never seen her mom have sex, but she was aroused by it.

“Let her eat your pussy” he said to her. She nodded.

May pulled back and let Cora take her place. Cora’s pussy dripped semen onto her mom’s face. Linda looked up into her daughter’s body. Her mouth hung open eager to catch the drops of sperm that dripped from Cora’s snatch.

Cora sank slowly onto her mom’s salivating mouth.

May bent over offering her hips to her dad. He was still rock hard. She pushed back, finding her anus press against his cock head. She pushed back, biting her lips as her ass opened slowly to embrace his shaft.

She pushed back down on him and then fucked him, letting him in and out of her rectum.

Linda felt no shame as her mouth pressed against her daughter’s gaping pussy.

Afterwards she and her daughter rose and went on deck. It was night.

There was a luminous glow coming up from the depths.

“What is it, master?” Linda asked

“It’s your way to the next place” he said cryptically

She wasn’t afraid. She was curious, her master was there and she was pleased

The water began to bubble, as if boiling.

There suddenly arose a pod, like an avocado, green and uneven in texture, but the size of a person.

“Come” Conrad said to Cora. She went to him.

May was already in the water, next to it, opening it up. It opened like a clam shell, along one length/side

Inside it was mostly hollow, but also like an avocado, a green pulp.

Conrad helped Cora step down into it. She lay down, as if in a bed.

Tendrils broke out from the inside of the pod. Some went in her sex, some in her mouth, and nose. A foam formed over her and then it set, making a cocoon over her. May closed the pod and it self-sealed along its side.

The water bubbled and the pd disappeared beneath the waves. A second pod emerged

“To your new life…” Conrad said to Linda. She smiled, willingly getting into her pod as she had seen her daughter do.

And then she too was taken away.

Conrad bent over the side and pulled his daughter back aboard.

They kissed. She caressed his cock… more fucking…

After they made love they both leapt into the refreshing cool water. May swam down 60feet in one free dive. Her father hovered above her, just near the surface… but watching her. May did somersaults and swam about for almost ten minutes before she came back up to where her father still swam, about 5ft below the surface.

They kissed, and they made love under the waves for another while. May took a deep breath of water, savouring the salty brine.

Coming back on-board May opened her mouth and spat the water out, letting air back into her lungs. Her father did the same. May missed having water in and around her… she was ‘of the sea’… or rather, they lived below it, with the sea above them; a ‘lake of the sky’ over their heads.

Back ashore as she tied the boat up to a bollard as she looked at her dad as he turned the motor off.

“You said she had two other daughters”

“Yes, daddy” May said

“Good” he smiled

“I’ll give them a call, shall I daddy?” May asked

“Yes” he said as he leapt onto the wharf

The End