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Synopsis: Lana is chosen to be the mother of a god.

Legacy — The Chosen

Lana brushed the crumbs off her apron. She looked down at her dress to make sure she was alright before heading back out of the kitchen.

“Did you see that weirdo in the corner?” Anne laughed as she came back in, carrying three dirty plates.


“Well… he’s in your booth…” Anne said as she took the dishes over to Fernando, by the sink.

“Let me know if he causes you any trouble…”, Bill said. Bill was the cook, and the owner.

Lana grabbed her order note-book and walked out into the diner. She looked around and then she saw him there, hunched over, all in black. He looked like someone had taken a pile of black material and dumped him there… he had no posture. He was just a ‘lump’.

There was an aisle between the booths (which were against the window and the wall) and the stools that faced the counter/bench. She made her way along that.

She straightened herself out and then walked up to him.

“Can I get you anything, hon?” she asked with her bright smile


“Er…?” she gasped, and then realised it was written on a name tag.

“Yes, Sir?”

“Are you a virgin?”

“I… wha…?” she struggled “Yes, I am” she blurted out. She looked nervously back up the aisle and saw no one else had noticed.

“I like that…” he said

“Now list…” she began

He looked up at her. She was caught in his gaze

“I…” she tried again, only the words couldn’t form in her mind. “I…”

“I think you need bigger breasts” he said

She felt a heat in her chest and suddenly her breasts enlarged from 32A to 36C, breaking open the top of her dress

“Oh… ow…” she cried as they pressed up against the material of her top.

She looked around again, this time for help. She was confused, frightened.

“My name is Dios” the man said, “You will learn that there is very little I can’t do…”

She noticed everyone was frozen in their spot

“No one will help you” he smiled

“Who…?” she began

“Shhh….” he said, and her mouth closed over. She cried in horror—her mouth had disappeared completely. Now there was only skin, instead of lips.

She felt the skin that was there where her orifice should have been.

“Mmm-nnn-nnnn” she cried through her nose.

“I prefer darker hair” he said, “And longer”

She felt a heat in her scalp and suddenly her hair, naturally blonde, went dark and grew longer, down past her shoulders.

She turned to run

“Stay” he said

Instantly her feet were stuck tot he spot, as if set in concrete.

She pissed herself in fright.

He took his glass of his table and put it at her crotch “Open up” he said

Her legs parted and he watched as piss trickled through her panties and into the glass.

“All done?” he smiled looking at her terror-filled eyes.

He took the glass and downed the contents

“Waste not, want not” he chuckled

He touched her panties and they vanished. He reeled back for a moment at her thick blonde bush covering her modesty

“That won’t do!” he said

She felt a flush of heat and then all her pubic hairs fell to the ground so that she appeared clean-shaven

“Turn around” he said

She turned slowly, her legs lifting on purpose without her will and stomping hard, as if bound in heavy weights

She faced away from him. She could see Anne there, like a statue.

He pressed a finger up between her buttocks

“Mn-nnhhh” she cried in pain as he opened her anus.

He leant forward, pushing his tongue up into her. He cleaned her out with long deep licks.

“You are so beautiful” he smiled as he kissed her ass-cheeks and made her spin back around.

“I’m going to make you the mother of my child…” he smiled, “Won’t that be good?”

Suddenly her head lobbed forwards; nodding again despite her wishes.

“Later…” he said, without looking back at her

He stood up and passed her, touching those that he passed by

Suddenly she felt her mouth open.

She cried out a pitiful wail

Anne came running out

“Oh my goodness” she said, “What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t you see him?”

“See who?”

“What’s wrong?” Bill asked, charging out with a meat clever

Lana trembled and feel to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably in a pool of her own piss

“Fetch Sheriff Pecan” Anne said

“What’s happened?” Bill gasped

“Fetch the Sheriff!” Anne growled

Lana was taken to hospital. She was clearly distressed. Anne went with her, but was made to wait in the waiting room whilst the doctor and nurses did their best to calm her.

“You can go in now…” a nurse told Anne some two hours later.

Anne walked in. Lana was in a bed. She was still crying, and shivering

“How are you, sweetie?” Anne began

“He’s coming for me…”

“Who is…?”

“That creature… I don’t know what he was… he was able to control me…”

“Control you?”

“Yes, and change me…”

“Change you… how?”

“Can’t you see…?” Lana cried showing her larger bust, and then her long dark hair

“Honey, I don’t understand?”

“My boobs…”

“What about them….?”

“See how much bigger they are?”

“Honey, you’ve always had nice boobs”

“Huh?” Lana cried “And what about my hair?”

“What about your hair?” Anne asked, still trying to understand what Lana was going on about

“It’s almost black!”


“I used to be blonde!”

“Honey” Anne said, “You were never blonde…”

“I was.. this morning I was blonde then HE changed it…!”

Anne was distressed by this… it was obvious to her that her friend had had some kind of mental collapse

“Good evening, ladies” Dios said entering into the room in a white lab-coat, looking everything like a doctor

“Hello?” Anne said taken by his handsomeness

“It’s him!” Lana screamed. He turned on her and in his eyes he made her collapse

“Is she alright?” Anne said, getting up from her seat

“She seems quite hysterical!” he said as he went and had a look at her.

A nurse walked in. She had the name-tag Helena on her

“Can I help you?” she asked, not recognising Dios as a doctor she knew

“I am a doctor” he said to her, “You have known me for several years”

“Yes, of course, doctor” she smiled, wondering why she had not recognised him

“I’ve come to take her temperature” Helena said

“Rectally” Dios said

“Excuse me?” Helena baulked

He looked into her eyes “You need to take it rectally”

“Yes, of course doctor” she said, wondering again why she didn’t know that.

“Is that normal?” Anne said

“You are not concerned by it” he said to her

“No…” Anne shrugged and sat back down. Anne did watch, but a part of her didn’t care.

Helena walked over to the side of the bed and pulled the sheet back. She stopped for a moment and then looked at him. She remembered it was normal to take the patient’s temperature rectally

She rolled Lana over and taking out her thermometer she slid it up Lana’s ass.

She looked at the watch hanging on her lapel and then when she was satisfied with enough time elapsing she pulled it out and looked at it. Helena noted the information on the chart

“Clean it with your mouth” he said

“What? I…?”

“You need to clean it with your mouth..”

“Er… yes…” Helena said and popped the thermometer in her mouth and tasted its bitter taste. She sucked it then she wiped it on her sleeve and put it away before she rolled Lana back. “That will be all now, nurse”

“Yes, doctor…” she said, smiling, and leaving

“That was unusual” Anne said, “I didn’t think they did rectal …”

“You need to check it yourself…” he said interrupting her.

“What’s that?”

“Her ass…” he smiled “You need to check it…”

“I do?”

“Yes” he said, “Have a look…”

“I…” she began, but rose from her chair and went over to her unconscious friend

She stopped and looked up at him. He smiled

“Have a look at her asshole!”

Anne hooded, shaking her shoulder for a second and then she rolled Lana over. She looked up the split in Lana’s hospital gown

“Er…” she wondered what she was looking for…

“Put your finger in”

She did so.

“As deep as you can go…”

Anne pushed a finger in

“Now taste it…”

Anne complied, but winced at the bitter taste.

“What’s it taste like?”

“Shit” she gasped

“Lick your finger clean” he ‘insisted’ and she continued to do so

“You will suck my cock” he said

“Yes” she nodded. She went to him and knelt on the floor. She unzipped him and stopped for a moment impressed by his size

He came in her right away. It wasn’t the sex that he wanted, he enjoyed controlling her more than anything else.

“You may go now…” he said

“Yes, Doctor” Anne said


Lana woke immediately. She was still in the hospital bed, only she was now completely naked. He was too

“What..?” she began

“Lie still” he said “Open your legs”

She did so

She trembled as his cock loomed up large and hard.

“You will not cry out..” he said

“Say it!”

“I will not cry out” she wept, tears rolling down her cheeks as he climbed onto her.

“You are wet” he said

She felt it… she was wet for him. Her clit throbbed.

He took his cock and pushed into her. She looked away in pain and shame as he broke her hymen

He pushed in hard. She bit her lip in silent suffering. Yet, a part of her felt a warm burning between her legs. She suddenly arched her back upwards

“Ahhhh” she sighed. Had he made her do that, she wondered. Or, was she really enjoying it?

He humped her, and she found herself kneading his buttocks, pulling him into her.

“Fuck me!” she cried

“Fuck me, my Lord” she surrendered to him

And at that moment he came in her. She felt a rush of energy sweep over her and she came too.

“You now carry my child”

“Yes, my Lord” she smiled.

She felt so good now… having accepted him as her master it all seemed right and natural.

“You will protect him and when he is older enough I will come back for him.”

“Yes, Lord” she smiled

Dios left her to go on to poison a virgin in the next town…

The End