The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Legend of Croft’s Landing

Ch 1

By Astropirate

On October 31st 1695 Lady Eleanor Croft and her maid, Sandra Murphy vanished without a trace from Croft Hall, the ancestral home of the Baronets Croft in the heart of Buckinghamshire. It was that same night that Sir John Croft, the third Baronet had arrived home unexpectedly from London, where had been attending matters concerning the newly founded Bank of England.

Rumours circulated that Sir John had caught his wife with her lover and in a fit of rage murdered them both, burying them secretly in a vault in the centre of the manor house. Whatever the truth Sir John was never charged and no bodies were ever found.

As time went on the story began to develop and legend of Croft‘s Landing took shape. This story was allegedly passed on by a servant at the manor who had witnessed the events. The story was that Lady Eleanor was actually a witch and had cast a spell on Sir John compelling him to marry her. When he returned home on that dark night he did indeed find his wife in bed with her lover, Sandra Murphy, her maid. Enraged and disgusted he drew his sword and slew them both.

With the help of a faithful servant Sir John buried them beneath Croft hall and no more was said of it. No more, that is until certain stories began to surface.

According to this, the spirits of Lady Eleanor and Sarah Murphy haunted the Croft hall. It was also said that their spirits returned every one hundred years on the anniversary of their murders and a number of young women vanished without a trace. Thus, the legend of Croft’s Landing was born.

Constable Julie Evans, Police liaison officer for the village of Croft’s Landing was fascinated as she read the story from the book she had borrowed from the library. It was reported that several women disappeared from Croft’s Landing and the surrounding area at Halloween 1895. At least six more vanished in 1995, including one of Julie’s predecessors, Constable Maxine Perry. Nothing was ever written about 1795 but it was a time of revolution and a small village like Croft’s Landing was insignificant. That’s why Julie was convinced there were unreported disappearances then. The legend went to say that the strange glow on Croft’s hill every Halloween was the witches’ coven, comprised of the souls of the disappeared women as they celebrated their Sabbath.

The most recent disappearances were almost twenty years ago, in 1995. The police file consisted of the medical records of Doctor Sarah Olden, who also disappeared as well as her private journal. These were all that police had to go on as they investigated.

It all began in the early summer of that year. Newlyweds, Brandon and Caroline Coyle moved into the three storey house that now stood on the long since demolished Croft hall. The thirty year old Brandon, a barrister, had been gifted the house by his late uncle David. Brandon and his beautiful twenty-seven year old bride had decided to move there. Caroline was a qualified teacher and had a job in the prestigious St Catherine’s school for young ladies in the town of Linton meadows just five miles away.

The timing for their move was perfect. Brandon would be away practicing law in London and with school on summer holidays Caroline was free to set about arranging the house.

It was an extensive house and Caroline was eager to explore it. When she reached the east wing she noticed a tall dusty cupboard up against the wall. It wasn’t that she was curious about but she could feel a draught blowing from behind it.

Although it was tall Caroline managed to heave it aside to reveal a bolted door. Intrigued, she unbolted the door and although it was dark she could see steps that clearly led to some sort of cellar. Using a torch she cautiously made her way down the spiral staircase.

It was clear from the cobwebs and dust that no one had been down here for years, probably decades. Caroline had an eerie feeling as she slowly descended the dusty stairs. The wind was haunting and resembled cries for help. When she reached the end of the stairs she uneasily walked around the apparently empty cellar.

To Caroline’s relief, there was nothing there. Over in one corner, however, she spied something that was covered in a large cloth. Caroline, thinking it might be a valuable painting, pulled the cloth off to reveal a beautiful antique mirror. ‘A strange place to have a mirror,’ she thought. She moved forward to investigate it. After wiping it clean she was amazed how new it looked and yet there was something about the design that told Caroline it was not of this century. She was no expert but she knew enough to know that it was an old style mirror. As she continued to look into the mirror Caroline was startled when she saw the image of two naked and beautiful women embracing each other. One was perhaps in her late thirties and the other was in her early twenties.

Caroline swung around to see where this reflection came from but there was no one to be seen. Again she turned towards the mirror and she could see the women once again. This time they smiled and they called Caroline to join them. They extended their arms, bidding her to come to them.

She tried to break away but was unable to do so. The image of the two women began to move towards her. As they did so Caroline screamed in panic. A brilliant flash of light came from the mirror and suddenly Caroline found herself in a dreamlike and foggy world.

“Who are you? What do you want?” asked Caroline in an anxious tone.

Neither woman answered. They just smiled. The older woman suddenly moved forward and kissed Caroline’s lips. The younger woman kissed Caroline’s neck. The affect was paralysing as the women proceeded to undress Caroline and she was unable to either stop them or protest. Her blue blouse and her plain white bra were removed quickly, revealing her firm breasts.

Each of the women took a breast and began to expertly suck and nibble, much to Caroline’s unwanted delight, as she could not resist moaning to this wonderful pleasure. As the women began to move down Caroline’s naked slim waist her pleasure became unbearable. “Oh my God,” she cried several times.

As they proceeded to lower her jeans and knickers Caroline felt compelled to aid the women by kicking off her flat shoes and raising her legs to ease the removal.

As she stood helplessly naked before them the younger woman continued to lick and caress Caroline’s breasts with her tongue as the older woman knelt before Caroline. As she gripped Caroline’s bare hips her tongue began to invade her trimmed pussy and began to lash her clit. At the same time the younger woman knelt behind her and began to lick the bare cheeks of her arse.

“Oh yes,” cried Caroline several times as her pleasure reached the point of no return. She could feel her love juices gather as the older woman’s tongue continued its wonderful flicking movement. All the while, Caroline’s sexual excitement continued to build and her body shuddered. At last Caroline’s orgasm refused to be restrained and exploded forth. She gave a deep sigh of both relief and sexual satisfaction. Almost at the same time there was another brilliant flash of light and Caroline found herself back in the dusty cellar, fully clothed and staring at her reflection in the mirror.

“My God, what happened?” she asked. “Was I dreaming?”

Caroline shook her head as if to wake herself up. She realised that she had dropped the torch. Something had happened but she was unable to explain it. If she said anything to Brandon he’s think she was crazy.

Caroline covered the mirror and quickly retraced her steps back up to the main house. After bolting the door and heaving the cupboard back into place and decided not to say anything. She decided instead to have a long soothing soak in the bath.

As she relaxed in the bath Caroline reflected on what had occurred. It did indeed seem like a dream or some sort of vision but one thing that she couldn’t explain was that the physical pleasure she had felt was very real, so was her huge orgasm. What really concerned her though was the fact that she had been in a lesbian threesome.

‘But I’m straight,’ she thought. ‘I never had feelings for any woman. I love Brandon,’ continued Caroline, deep in thought. Finally she got out of the bath and decided to have dinner. Feeling tired Caroline decided have an early night and was soon fast asleep.

That night however, the vision Caroline had experienced returned in an erotic dream. Once again it was a very pleasurable experience for her. The same two women appeared in it. This time Caroline simply stood naked and still as the younger woman travelled down her front with her tongue and the older copied her companion’s movements by travelling down Caroline’s back. As the young woman’s tongue drilled through her pussy lips towards her clit Caroline moaned softly in her sleep. When the point of orgasm arrived Caroline suddenly woke up. She was sweaty and breathless. What astonished her more was that she was naked. The bed clothes were rolled down and her nightdress was tossed on the floor. What concerned her even more was the fact that her left hand was on her breast and her right finger had penetrated her pussy. She had been masturbating while still asleep. Caroline simply could not understand it. She had not done that for many years. More disturbing were these visions of lesbianism. Was she going crazy? She just didn’t know. Tiredness finally overtook her and she fell into a much more peaceful slumber.

* * *

Caroline could feel the heat of the early morning sun as it beamed through the closed curtains onto her face. Having showered and dressed, Caroline felt as if the rays of the sun had energised her. She felt as if she could move mountains. She moved heavy furniture about until she was satisfied she had it right. Eventually she decided to take as break and make some tea. While she was in the kitchen the doorbell rang. To her surprise and delight it was her older sister, Faith.

Faith Darrow was forty two and married to Geoff, a successful business man. In contrast to Caroline, who was five feet nine, Faith was over six feet tall. Her long golden hair shimmered in the sunlight. Her muscular physique revealed a woman who exercised in the gym at least three times weekly. Indeed, her appearance resembled that of an Amazon warrior.

“Faith!” cried Caroline as she opened the door and hugged her sister enthusiastically. She led Faith into the living room.

“Well, I had hoped to give you a hand but I see you have it all well in hand,” said Faith.

Caroline laughed. “Oh I don’t know what got into me sis. I just felt so energetic and just kept at it.”

“Well, you look like you could do with a break. How about a drink to celebrate your new home and Amanda’s wedding?” responded faith as she produced a bottle of wine.

“I’ll get some glasses,” said Caroline and they sat on the sofa and sipped their wine.

Amanda was Faith and Geoff’s twenty year old daughter who was marrying the son of one of Geoff’s business partners. Like her mother, she was tall with a good physique.

Caroline put her glass down and turned to her sister. “Let me show you the rest of the house,” she said and she led her sister around the house. When she showed Faith the master bedroom she gasped as she saw the river view.

“Oh Caroline, it’s absolutely gorgeous,” she cried expressing her delight.

It was then that it happened. As Faith stood with her back to her Caroline found herself licking her lips lustfully. ‘Magnificent body. Must have, must have,’ kept echoing through her mind. Caroline couldn’t understand it. How could she suddenly feel this attraction for her own sister?

Faith swung around as Caroline shook her head. “Are you alright, Caroline?” she asked with concern.

“What? Oh yes, just a bit of a headache,” lied Caroline.

Faith took her sister’s hands. “I’m not surprised. You’ve done a lot of work. You need to take it easy.”

Caroline said nothing, she simply leapt forward.

“Caroline! What do…?” Faith was unable to finish her sentence as her sister’s lips met hers. The effect was startling. Faith knew she should break free but found she was unable to do so. The longer the kiss lasted it seemed as if every moral she lived by was being drained away as she gently held her sister’s head and returned her kiss with equal passion.

As Caroline began to slowly unbutton Faith’s white blouse her sister made no protest. She simply cooperated as she pulled down the zipper of her navy skirt and allowed it to slide to the floor, revealing the flesh coloured tights that encased her lacy black knickers. As her blouse fell to the floor Faith’s huge breasts were displayed as they strained to escape the confines of her low cut black lace bra.

Faith Kissed Caroline’s neck and proceeded to unbutton her shirt and as she opened it she could see Caroline’s medium breasts nestled in her plain white bra. As she slid down the strap Faith began to kiss her sister’s bare shoulder. The sensation made Caroline shudder.

They removed each other’s bras tossing them to the ground and when the sisters kissed their breasts collided, Caroline’s were almost overwhelmed by Faith’s huge globes. Faith gestured to her sister to lie on the bed and she gently mounted her and resumed her passionate kissing. Faith made her may down Caroline’s neck and onto her breasts, kissing, licking and sucking as she went. Each one of her movement brought a fresh moan of joy from Caroline.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed Caroline as her sister began to circle her breast with her tongue. Each circle decreased as she drew nearer to the nipple. When she finally arrived at her target Faith’s mouth engulfed Caroline’s nipple and with apparent expertise, began to suck lick and nibble.

“Oh fuck, Faith. It’s so wonderful. Please, don’t stop.” begged Caroline.

As if complying with her sister’s wishes, Faith made her way down the deep crevice between her breasts and up to her left breast copying her actions. It resulted in the same proclamation of joy from Caroline.

As Faith made her way down her slim waist, licking, sucking and nibbling as she went, Caroline moaned deeply. Each of faith’s actions produced a louder moan each time. Her excitement became almost unbearable as Faith made her way between Caroline’s long slender legs and began to drill through her pussy lips and work on her clit.

Again Caroline could not resist moaning as her sister’s tongue went to work. At last she could feel her juices build. The sensation was so wonderful that she wished it could last forever. However she couldn’t hold back and when her orgasm came it was the biggest she had ever experienced.

After taking a moment to gather her thoughts and take in some air Caroline turned Faith over onto her back and began to copy her actions as she worked on her sister’s beautifully toned body. Faith’s orgasm was also the biggest had ever had. As if they had been lovers for years the sisters embraced each other. Caroline rested on Faith’s naked breast and exhausted from both the work on the house and her love making she was quickly consumed by sleep. Faith followed her soon afterwards as they held each other in a loving hug.

* * *

When Caroline woke up she realised she was alone in the bed. She called out to her sister but there was no response. When she looked out the window the car was gone. Caroline got up and showered. When she came downstairs she put her hands on her head. “My God, what the hell is wrong with me?” she cried as she relived what just happened. She had seduced and made love to her own sister and what was worse was that Faith reciprocated her lust. Caroline decided to phone her friend, Doctor Sarah Olden, who was also her GP and made an appointment to see her.

* * *

“Caroline!” cried Sarah Olden, greeting her friend with a handshake and ushered her to a couch opposite her desk.

Sarah Olden the same height as Caroline. Her dark, wavy hair was shoulder length. Her slim body was complemented with huge firm breasts. Her large round rimmed glasses added to her sexy image as she sat in the chair beside her desk.. “So what can I do for you?” she asked kindly.

Initially Caroline hesitated and then spoke up. “I really don’t know where to begin,” she said.

“Well, why don’t you start at the beginning?” Sarah responded encouragingly.

Caroline proceeded with her story, going through the events meticulously as they appeared in her mind. When she reached the point of the story involving Faith she paused.

Sarah remained seated in her chair, adjusting her glass and listened with fascination. As she crossed her long smooth legs Caroline could hear voices in her head. They were the same voices she heard as she seduced her sister.

‘Wonderful body. Must have, must have,’ she kept hearing. Unconsciously, Caroline licked her lips. Nonetheless, she was determined to ignore these voices and carry on.

“Caroline?” asked Sarah and Caroline suddenly felt she had just returned to Earth. She shook her head.

“What happened then?” enquired Sarah totally unaware that her words seemed to act as a trigger to Caroline and all thoughts of resistance vaporised. She remained silent but suddenly moved forward and planted a passionate kiss on Sarah’s moist lips.

As with Faith, the sensation Sarah felt was both electrifying and hypnotic. It was as if all her inhibitions, moral or ethical, simply vanished as she matched Caroline’s kisses with the same passion. She gently eased Caroline onto the couch and continued kissing her. When Caroline’s hand made its way up Sarah’s skirt, feeling her stocking covered leg, both women seemed to feel a fresh injection of crazed lesbian lust as the stripped each other naked and enjoyed the feel of each other’s beautiful bodies as they came together and moaned. They licked and sucked each other’s breasts and going into a sixty-nine position began to lash each other’s clits. Expertly, they continued with the rapid movement of their tongues. At last they both felt their love juices beginning to gather and tried to prolong the wonderful feeling that followed. However they finally both succumbed to huge orgasms that left them breathless and excited, not to mention sexually fulfilled.

For a few moments, Sarah and Caroline rested on the couch hugging each other affectionately as they gathered their thoughts. Then Sarah spoke up.

“You have nothing to fear, Caroline dear. What you have is a wonderful gift. You’re definitely not going crazy.”

Sarah’s words had a soothing affect on Caroline and she dressed rapidly. It was only when she left Sarah’s office that her doubts began to return.