The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Legend of Croft’s Landing

Ch 2

By Astropirate

At the end of surgery on that same day Sarah Olden was putting her case notes together. She reflected on her wonderful experience with Caroline Coyle and decided to take those notes home with her.

There was a knock at the door and Sarah’s twenty-one year old receptionist, Laura Redmond came in. “It’s almost five Doctor and that’s the last of the patients,” she said.

Sarah looked up. The sight of Laura, whose blonde hair was shoulder length and almost as bright as the sun, stirred Sarah’s hormones but she managed retrain herself.

“That’s ok Laura. You can go. I’ll lock up.”

“Thank you Doctor, Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Laura.”

Sarah gathered up her notes on Caroline and drove home. The house was empty now. Her husband, Bob Durkin, an engineer, was away on a year’s contract in the Gulf. As a result she would be the first to admit to her sexual frustrations. So, when she had been seduced by Caroline, although it was an initial shock, it also was a relief as her pent up emotions were released. That wasn’t the only thing though. Sarah noticed in herself a lust for her pretty receptionist. She shook her head as she drove in an effort to get the image of the young woman in her white blouse and short black skirt out of her head.

Arriving home, Sarah stripped and had a long soak in the bath before making dinner. She decided to have an early night and read her notes on Caroline while in bed. The explicit details that Caroline had provided aroused Sarah, combined with her own sexual encounter with her, caused her to masturbate. Putting out the light, Sarah fell rapidly to sleep.

While she was sleeping Sarah had the strangest dream. Laura stood before her naked and smiling. Voices seemed to say ‘Beautiful body must have, must have.’ Sarah woke up and realised she had a finger in her pussy. She unconsciously put her finger to her mouth and sucked her own pussy juice, something had never done before. Sarah went back to sleep without further incident.

* * *

The following day the surgery was just the usual routine. It was at the end of the day when it all changed. The last patient had left and Laura looked forward to leaving. She was just about ready when Sarah buzzed her “Laura, could you come in here for a moment?” she asked.

“Yes Doctor,” responded Laura, somewhat puzzled. When she entered the office Sarah was standing at the filing cabinet. “I’m sorry Laura. I can’ find Caroline Coyle’s file,” she said.

“That’s strange. I filed it away this morning,” responded Laura innocently as she moved forward to investigate. “Here it is,” said Laura after searching through the drawer. As she looked up at Sarah, who was at least five inches taller than her, Laura was startled as Sarah’s dived down like an eagle scooping upon her helpless prey and as their lips collided in a deep passionate kiss, Laura felt an extraordinary sensation, almost like an electric current, running through body. It aroused her sexual passions as she returned Sarah’s kisses with equal passion. It wasn’t long before she was naked. Her white blouse, short black skirt and her lacy black underwear, which she had worn to please her boyfriend, were strewn in a heap beside Sarah’s blue one piece dress and plain underwear.

Laura moaned as Sarah explored her young smooth body with her fingers and tongue as she lay on the black couch.

Ohhh,” moaned Laura as Sarah’s wonderful firm breasts clashed with her medium melons. The tingling feeling excited her whole body.

Sarah turned and they assumed a sixty-nine position. She began to gently explore Laura’s trimmed pussy with her tongue. Sarah penetrated gently through her pussy lips and began to lash the younger woman’s clit. At the same time, Sarah’s body became excited as her young lover probed her own pussy. Soon they settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm that they desperately tried to prolong for as long as possible. Finally, however, their huge orgasms wouldn’t wait as they exploded forth, leaving them both gasping for air and truly sexually satisfied. Sarah held her young lover close to her breast and kissed her forehead. After a few moments they headed for Sarah’s private shower and continued their sexual exploration as the hot water sprayed about them. It was to become the daily routine from that day on.

That same evening Laura was in her flat awaiting the arrival of her flatmate, Constable Maxine Perry. She was consumed with lesbian lust for her flatmate. For Laura, all thoughts of her boyfriend simply vanished, replaced by a crazed desire to seduce Maxine. Knowing Maxine’s routine, Laura decided to have a shower and waited in the living room dressed only in her bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her hair like a turban.

About an hour later a tired Maxine Perry opened the door to the flat and let herself in.

“Hi Max!” Laura shouted from the living room but Maxine was too weary to respond. She simply hung up her overcoat, dropped her handbag on the floor of the hall and made her way to the bathroom, just as Laura thought she would.

After checking the water in the bath was just as she liked it Maxine stripped and uncharacteristically laid her clothes in an untidy heap on the bathroom floor before getting in. There she rested, allowing the warm scented water take the tiredness and weariness from her body.

After about an hour of waiting impatiently, Laura heard the bathroom door open and Maxine heading for her bedroom. She waited a few moments and then made her way to her flatmate’s room. She knocked gently on the door.

“Come on in Laura,” Maxine shouted from behind the door.

When she entered she saw Maxine sitting in the bed wrapped in a bath towel and drying her long black hair. The sight almost drove her wild.

“Hard day at the office eh?” asked Laura as she took the hair dryer and continued to dry Maxine’s hair.

“Wearisome,” was all Maxine could reply.

Laura continued to dry Maxine’s hair in silence. When she was satisfied that the hair was dry Laura switch off the dryer and began to gently massage Maxine’s bare shoulders.

The gentle touch of Laura’s soft hands made Maxine sigh in deep satisfaction. “Oh God, Laura. That feels so good,” she said wearily.

Laura just smiled as she continued to work on her flatmate’s shoulders. She moved her hand forward to Maxine’s breast and began to fondle it.

Maxine, who was almost in a dreamlike state, swung around. “For fuck’s sake, Laura, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” she protested. Maxine tried to get up but Laura was quicker and before Maxine knew it, Laura planted a deep and passionate kiss upon her lips.

The affect was startling for Maxine. It was as if every ounce of revulsion had drained away with the kiss and was replaced by lust. She couldn’t resist her flatmate as she placed her hand at the back of Laura’s head and began to return the kiss with equal passion.

Soon, they were naked and pushing Laura gently onto the bed, Maxine mounted her new found lover and began to explore her beautiful body.

“Oohh,” moaned Laura when Maxine’s finger began to gently probe her trimmed pussy.

Maxine moved down Laura’s body from her neck to her medium breasts, nibbling, sucking and licking as she did so. Each of Maxine’s movements brought a corresponding moan from Laura.

“Oh my God, oh my God!” exclaimed Laura with excitement as Maxine engulfed her right breast and began to suck and lick her nipple. As Maxine moved down the valley between her breasts, Laura’s body shuddered with excitement as her tongue action continued with amazing expertise. Once again, as Maxine devoured her right breast, Laura cried out in deep satisfaction.

Laura continued to moan as Maxine continued to travel down her body, exploring with her tongue and lips as she went.

Maxine gently spread her young lover’s smooth legs before drilling through her pussy lips and lashing her clit.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” cried Laura as she reached the point of no return as her love juices began to gather. As Maxine’s tongue accelerated, Laura’s juices continued to build until finally, her orgasm gushed forward like an uncontrollable torrent.

After a moment’s rest Laura turned Maxine onto her back and proceeded to copy every one of Maxine’s movements which resulted in the same deeply satisfying sexual pleasure. Exhausted, they fell rapidly asleep, cradled in each other’s arms. From that moment on they slept together, giving each other the sexual pleasure they each desired.

* * *

If her sister Caroline suffered from moral misgivings over their recent sexual encounter Faith Darrow had absolutely none at all. On the contrary, she felt like a different woman, which, in a manner of speaking, she was. She had enjoyed the love of another woman, even if it was her younger sister. It wasn’t that she loved her husband, Geoff any less; it was just that she loved the idea of having other sexual options to explore. The first signs that she had changed revealed themselves when she visited a boutique in Linton Meadows to look for a new outfit for her daughter Amanda’s upcoming wedding. She blatantly and openly flirted with the two twenty something shop assistants. The embarrassed young women were loyal to their boyfriends and neither had an inkling of lesbian thoughts between them. They were very relieved when Faith left the shop. Faith just laughed as she carried her new purchase home. Her first seduction would be closer to home.

It was a warm sunny day and Faith was upstairs in the bedroom changing the bed sheets. The room was at the back of the house gave a bird’s eye view of the back garden next door. As she looked out the window Faith spied her young neighbour, twenty-four year old Barbara Keating sunbathing topless.

Barbara, like Faith’s sister Caroline was newly wed and she and her husband, Martin, had just recently moved in next door. As she stood at the window, Faith couldn’t help but admire the beautiful young woman as she soaked up the sun.

She closed her eyes and began to envision imaginary lesbian scenarios with Barbara. She unbuttoned her shirt and lifting her bra Faith began to fondle her breasts, licking her lips as she did so. Eventually she found this was not enough as she rapidly stripped naked, tossing her clothes aside into an untidy pile. She lay down her bed and began to masturbate ferociously, dreaming of having her young neighbour beside her and making love. By the time Faith reached her huge orgasm she had decided to act and formulated her plan of seduction.

* * *

It was two days later and Faith knew from habit Barbara would be just finished lunch. She rang the doorbell and it was swiftly answered by Barbara, who was wearing a tee shirt and shorts.

“Hallo Barbara. I just wanted to welcome you to the neighbourhood and give you these.” Faith handed her young neighbour a brand new set of cutlery.

“Why, thank you Faith. That’s very kind of you,” responded Barbara as she accepted Faith’s gift. “Would you like to come in for tea?” she continued.

“Thanks,” replied Faith, delighted all was going to plan.

As they sat at the table Barbara explained that she worked part time in the accounts department of Bolger’s department store in Linton Meadows and Martin worked full time in the village pharmacy.

All through their conversation Faith could feel her lustful desires bubbling to the surface. She restrained herself, waiting for what she felt would be the right moment. That came when Barbara who was five feet eight, making her shorter than Faith, stood up and led her around the house. When they reached the bathroom Faith was neither unwilling or unable to hold back any longer. Without a word she grabbed the young woman’s head and swung her around. The sudden movement prevented Barbara from saying anything as Faith kissed her prey passionately. The hypnotic sensation made Barbara surrender immediately as she obediently returned Faith’s kisses. While still kissing Faith put her hand up Barbara’s tee shirt. To her surprise and delight she discovered that Barbra wore nothing underneath as her probing hand gently squeezed her breast. Barbara’s body shuddered and she responded by breaking off her kiss and discarding her tee shirt, bringing her medium but firm breasts into view. Barbra bowed to kiss and lick each of them alternately.

“Ohhh,” moaned Barbara as she did so. She reached for the button on the shower and warm water began to flow. Barbara slid her shorts down to reveal her beautiful nakedness and entered the shower without hesitation. Overwhelmed with lust, Faith stripped as quickly as she could and joined her soon to be lover. For Faith, this was a fantasy come through. Even before the meeting with Caroline she had often imagined a lesbian encounter with a younger woman. Her desire to be the cougar with a young kitten was about to be realised and she was going to enjoy it.

As the jets of steamy water cascaded about them Faith continued kissing Barbara on her neck, exciting the younger woman. At the same time she gently probed Barbara’s shaved pussy, making her cry out, “Oh God, more, more.” several times over.

Faith withdrew her finger and began to descend the young woman’s body. Despite the fact that Barbara’s body was soaking Faith was amazed at the smooth silky feeling of the young woman’s body. Arriving at Barbara’s pussy was yet another new and exciting experience. Both she and Caroline donned full bushes where as Barbara’s bare pussy made it easier to drill through her pussy lips and lash her clit.

Barbara couldn’t contain herself as Faith’s tongue went to work. “Oh yes, Faith. Fuck me, fuck me,” she cried.

Encouraged by Barbara’s cries Faith’s tongue movement continued unabated. At last, Barbara felt her juices starting to gather as she begged Faith to continue and her breathing became deeper and deeper. Finally, her orgasm erupted making her sigh deeply in a combination of relief and sexual satisfaction.

Without needing to be told Barbara positioned herself to replicate Faith’s actions that resulted another huge orgasm for Faith.

They dried each other off before getting dressed. This was only the beginning for Faith and Barbara. They would often make love and sleep together regardless of their respective husbands.

* * *

Faith’s newly acquired and almost insatiable appetite didn’t end with Barbara. A few days before her wedding, Faith’s daughter, Amanda had phoned her to say she wanted to stay with her until the wedding. Faith was delighted. Geoff was away in the United States on business but he would be home in time for the wedding.

When Amanda arrived Faith hugged her daughter enthusiastically. Like her mother, Amanda was over six feet tall, well built with huge breasts. As they deposited her luggage in the spare bedroom Faith stood behind her daughter and licked her lips with lust.

Amanda swung around to her mother. “Well, I see you changed things in my old room,” she said.

Faith laughed. “You don’t mind, do you darling?”

“Of course not mum. It’s lovely,” Amanda responded with a smile.

Faith could no longer contain herself as she viewed her tall and beautiful daughter stood before her. Her long golden hair reflected the sunlight and her general physical condition excited Faith. She moved forward and putting hands on her daughter’s head, Faith kissed her. Initially Amanda tried to struggle but Faith’s kiss brought with it an overwhelming and powerful feeling of lust. Amanda was consumed with this lust as she returned her mother’s passionate kiss. In frenzy they stripped each other naked and as she lay on the bed Amanda allowed her mother to explore her warm naked flesh with her hands and tongue. She moaned softly as she felt the warmth of her mother’s flesh as the older woman moved down her body. Spreading her daughter’s smooth legs, Faith began to probe Amanda’s pussy with her tongue, drilling through her pussy lips and lashing her clit.

“Oh my God,” cried Amanda as her excitement built. Suddenly and almost to Amanda’s disappointment, Faith withdrew her tongue. She opened a drawer and took out a strap on dildo. As soon as she put it on she proceeded to pound her daughter’s pussy, whose body reacted positively and they settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm. At last, as her orgasm exploded, Amanda gave a deep sigh of sexual satisfaction. After a few moments she turned her mother over and it all began again only it was Faith who orgasmed. With all their inhibitions gone, Faith and her daughter made love and slept together up to her wedding night and beyond.

* * *

In the meantime Caroline Coyle was totally oblivious to what she had unleashed and the affect it had on the others. The spirits that had entered her had not had the same affect as they had on the other women. Caroline was much more strong willed. True, she was troubled. It was bad enough that she had seduced her friend Doctor Sarah Olden but what troubled her more was seducing her sister, Faith Darrow. She hadn’t spoken to Faith since. She was either too afraid or ashamed to. It came as a surprise then when Faith rang her and invited her over. Caroline was reluctant at first but when Faith explained that Amanda was staying with her and she wanted to throw a little get together before the wedding Caroline accepted with some unease. It was a decision that was to changed things forever.

* * *

It was Friday evening and Caroline parked her car outside Faith’s house. From the sound of the music the party was well underway. She walked up to the door and rang the bell. Caroline’s first shock was when the door was opened by her niece.

Amanda was dressed in a robe. “Aunt Caroline! It’s great to see you,” she said as she hugged her aunt.

“Oh don’t mind this,” said Amanda in an assuring tone, as she observed Caroline’s face as she saw the robe. “It’s only a little game we’re playing,” continued Amanda, as she ushered her shocked aunt into the house.

“Caroline! I’m glad you made it,” cried Faith who was also dressed in a robe. Indeed, Caroline noticed that all the guests were wearing robes. “I seem to be a little overdressed,” was all Caroline could say.

Faith and her daughter laughed. “Nonsense,” responded Faith and at that moment kissed Caroline’s moist lips. At that same moment Caroline felt a kiss on the right side of her neck. It was Amanda. There was also a kiss on the left side. It was Sarah Olden. This had not only a hypnotic affect but it was also like an anaesthetic.

All the women slipped their robes to the ground and as they stood naked in a circle around Caroline, who, although in an entranced like state, was very conscious of her surroundings.

The women began to undress Caroline. Her white blouse, navy blue skirt, lacy underwear were soon disposed of and she moaned softly as the woman began to pleasure her entire body. Sarah Olden took one of Caroline’s breasts and Amanda took the other. They began to suck, nibble and lick with great expertise. Faith went down on her knees and probed her sister’s pussy while others worked their way down her bare back. As time went on the party descended into crazed night of lesbian lust. Caroline’s last moral objection vanished that same night.

* * *

As dusk fell on October 31st 1995, Doctor Sarah Olden and her receptionist left the surgery together. Faith Darrow and her recently wed daughter, Amanda also left their places of residence. Caroline Coyle left the school as normal and Constable Maxine Perry also left the station at the same hour.

None of the above women were ever seen again. Despite a thorough police investigation and widespread searches no bodies or any sort of trace of the vanished women was ever found.

One story that was reported was that on that night a local vagrant was on Croft’s hill. He claimed to see the women dancing naked around a bonfire. When he approached them they simply vanished into thin air.

Now it was Halloween 2013 and Constable Julie Evans put down the book. She walked to the window of the station and looked out. She could see Croft’s hill from the distance. There was a strange glow on it. It made her think. ’Was their any truth to the legend of Croft’s Landing?’ Julie shuddered as she put the book away.