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Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun—part 2

Sunnyside Apartments—3:30 A.M. March 17th

Lenny hobbled along on his tiny legs, his boots clacking on the hard ceramic floor. He regretted being discovered but his curse was one he had to bear, a twisted gift that he needed to give to all residents of this building. It was as it had been for over a millennium. He avoided humans as much as he could, especially around the seventeenth of March. In long forgotten memories he enjoyed watching humans, especially human women. He had been fascinated with their bodies, but that was a distant thought now. Lenny only remembered the corruption and warped lives he had brought humans over the years, especially the women. Tonight would be more of those memories, more corruption and warped reality to create.

Approaching the door to Apartment A-3, Lenny heard a commotion from inside. The occupants were clearly awake and not very happy.

“Damn woman, Can’t you do anything right?” Jim shouted, his voice only a little slurred at this point.

The woman, his wife Gina stormed across the living room, angrily knocking the bottle of beer he’d rejected on the floor. “Look I don’t know what the hell your issue is. You wanted beer, I got you beer.”

Jim staggered a little from his chair and approached Gina.

“Look you dumb bitch. I wanted beer, not goddamn light beer. What the fuck about that do you not understand?”

Gina stared him in the face, searching her memory for just what she saw in this slob she’d married only a year prior. He was never abusive, never laid a hand on her but nobody could deny he was a complete drunk. He needed alcohol more than air and especially around St. Patrick’s day.

“Why don’t you just get your own drink then you can stop shouting at me all the time?” Gina said, pulling one strap of her tank top back up as it slid down from her shoulder. She tossed her dirty blonde pony tail in her husband’s face and turned to storm off.

Jim enjoyed briefly eyeballing his young wife’s slender ass and wide hips as his sleep-deprived mind wandered. Looking up he saw she was pissed off and that pissed him off. “Listen bitch, you’re the wife. You provide for me. If I want a drink you get it, and I better damn well enjoy it!”

Gina gave him a look from the kitchen door. Her eyes were slits and her mouth pursed tightly. One of her tank top straps had left her shoulder again, giving her husband only the hint of two main reasons he’d fallen for her. She saw him staring at the swell of her cleavage, a silly grin on his face.

“Ha, don’t expect to be enjoying these for some time.”

Jim just about got a reply out before both of them heard the tapping at the door.

They turned and stared for a moment, neither exactly sure about what they’d heard. Then it came again, a steady tapping at the bottom of the door.

“Who the fuck is that?” Jim said going back to his chair and falling into it.

Gina straightened her hair and pulled her strap back up on her shoulder. “You probably woke the neighbors idiot. Now I have to make up once again for your stupid behavior.”

Removing the chain, Gina opened the apartment door to an empty hallway. Looking around in the dim light, she saw nothing and nobody in either direction down the hall. “What the.. Hello... Is anyone there?” She called into the darkness.

“Young lass I know it be difficult to see, but just look down. Right here I be.”

Gina jumped a little as she shot her glare straight down in front of her. A little man stood there coming no higher than her thigh. He was smiling and looked like he was dressed up for some costume party.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.” Gina said.

The little man walked right past her into the apartment, looking around and then back up to her. “Don’t ye worry your pretty little mind, Lenny is small and often difficult to find.”

Jim saw the tiny man walk right into his apartment and jumped up from his chair. “Hey hey man, what the hell. You can’t just barge in here.”

“Shut up Jim, he might need help or something.” Gina said, her eyes returning the angry glare at her husband.

Looking down to the little man, Gina kneeled before him so she could speak at eye level, her strap again leaving her shoulder and Lenny getting a nice eyeful of cleavage.

“Now I’m sorry if our argument disturbed you. Can you tell me what you need?” Gina said in as friendly a voice as she could muster.

Lenny smiled, only letting his eyes briefly focus on her full breasts, as he looked first to Jim then over to his wife. “I be wanting to help, that’s all I need. I can grant you wishes, try it , you’ll see.”

Jim laughed, louder than Gina had heard in some time. She stood and gave him a look as if to say shut up. Then looked back down to their strange little visitor. “Look, that’s cute, your little word game and all. But we really don’t have time for this.” She said, trying to remain polite.

Jim was still chuckling to himself. Lenny smiled widely, his piercing yellow eyes shining. “Tis no game I be trying to play. Just tell me your wish and I’ll grant it today.”

Jim laughed again and Gina went over and punched him lightly in the side. “Shut up Jim. Something’s obviously wrong with the little guy.”

Jim only briefly let his wife annoy him as he was just too amused to argue. “Look honey he wants a wish, I got a wish. I wish I could just get a good drink whenever I wanted one.”

Gina pushed her husband away, stalking off back to the little man, both straps having slipped down from her shoulders. She straightened them up and gave Jim a glare. “Damn Jim, that’s all you ever think about, drinking. Well you know what that’s what my wish is. I wish I could give my stupid husband here a drink whenever he wanted and he would never complain.”

Lenny smiled at both of them. Jim was again giving his wife a semi-drunken stare, letting his eyes wander over her legs and flat stomach, stopping at the curve of her breasts. Gina was tapping her foot, looking from the floor up to her husband.

“Wishes you’ve made, and come true they shall. Ye both should be happy with what happens now. The man enjoys drinks, his wife shall provide. He will drink up his fill and be satisfied.”

Gina looked confused and felt very strange all of a sudden. Her thoughts seemed to be cloudy as if she were about to faint. She looked over at Jim and he had a look in his eyes. He seemed very awake and something about his stare turned her on. She felt her skin flush and for some reason she began to feel dizzy.

Jim let his hungry eyes roam his wife’s body. Then he looked at Lenny. “Nice rhyme little man but where’s this drink I’m supposed to enjoy?”

Lenny grinned even wider, his crooked yellow teeth showing. “The young lass your wife has a bountiful chest, I think you should enjoy drinking milk from her breasts.”

“What?” Gina cried out, her head swooning a little as she listened to the strange little man.

Jim turned to his wife as she stood on shaky legs. She just barely seemed to be holding herself up as her eyes closed and she leaned her head back. Again both her tank top straps had fallen from her shoulders and with her posture leaning back as she was, Jim couldn’t help watching her bulging cleavage.

“Oh god, what... what’s happening.” Gina moaned as she felt a tightness in her chest. She reached up and slid her straps back up onto her shoulders, opening her eyes and looking down. Her breasts were feeling heavy. No, she thought suddenly, not her breasts, her tits.

“Oh shit, oh help Jim, help me.” Gina whimpered as her right shoulder strap snapped off. She looked down and her hands flew to her tits, taking one in each hand and pressing tightly into her chest. They were growing, she couldn’t believe it, but they were growing. Her left shoulder strap was now digging into her skin and her tits appeared to be inflating like balloons. They’d left their former C-cup glory behind and entered what appeared to be DD-cup territory as the strap finally broke and only her hands were holding her top in place.

“Holy shit.” Jim said watching, his mouth hanging open. He felt himself getting hard but he also felt something else. He found his mouth parched and was quickly becoming very thirsty.

“Oh Jim , please help..” Gina moaned, her tits now overflowing her hands and the fabric of her top struggling to maintain itself. The seam along the side let out a loud rip as the tank top came apart. Gina let her hands fall away from her chest as her tits seemed to slow growing finally coming to a stop. The remains of her tank top fell to the floor and she gave quite a show to Lenny and her husband.

Jim drooled as he looked at his wife. Gina had always been a hot little number with a tight body and great tits. But now she stood there in just her tiny little night shorts her hands coming up to meet monstrous melons hanging from her chest. Her eyes were closed in what he could only guess to be pleasure as her pony tail swished from side to side. She looked like a reluctant stripper fondling herself.

“Oh my god...” She gasped, letting her eyes open and dropping her hands from the ballooned out tits she now had.

Jim gasped as well looking at her nipples. First they appeared to simply be hardening but soon he could see they were lengthening as well. Slowly both of Gina’s nipples stretched into three inch long udders hanging off her six inch wide aureola. She shivered and shimmied, giving Jim a nice display of how bouncy her new assets were, each long hard nipple jumping.

“Oh my god, Jim, please. I’ve become some sort of freak. Please help.”

Jim smiled and looked over at Lenny. The leprechaun smiled back and gave him a thumbs up. “Your wife looks unsteady right now on her feet, perhaps ye should lay her down and drink from those teats.”

Jim felt his stomach growl it’s approval as he stumbled across the room at his wife. Grabbing her in his arms he threw her onto the floor on her back, her heavy tits resting on either side of her torso, the nipples nearly touching the carpet.

“Oh please, Jim help me, please.” Gina whispered as her breathing was growing thin. The weight of these huge new tits was proving a lot for her lungs as she watched her husbands wide eyes.

Jim grabbed both of her tits and pulled and massaged at them, lifting them up and letting them drop back down onto her chest. They were heavy and full, with the incredibly long nipples nearly the size of his middle finger. He looked his wife in the eyes, licking his lips.

“Oh I’m gonna help you alright bitch. I’m gonna do what you suggested and get my own drink.”

Jim pulled his wife’s nipples up into the air, stretching them far from her huge tits, and he squeezed. Milk erupted from each of her tits, spraying up into the air like twin volcanoes. It covered her face and ran down each mammoth breast onto her tight abs and down soaking her tiny shorts. Jim squeezed again, grinning like a mad man, hosing his wife down with her own milk, covering the surrounding carpet. He brutally crushed her large tits and enjoyed her gasps and pained expressions as he watched the white liquid spray straight up into his face.

“mmmm... Delicious.” Jim said letting the milk dribble down his face and catching it with his tongue. “I’m never gonna be thirsty again am I?”

With that Jim dove right into his wife’s cleavage, sliding his mouth closed over her huge left nipple. He groped and tightened his grip on her tits, sending a river flowing into his stomach. He swallowed and swallowed and couldn’t get enough of the incredibly sweet liquid. As he continued to gulp down her milk from one tit, Jim crushed the other tit, sending a fountain shooting up over his shoulder, feeling the warm splashes covering his back.

Gina closed her eyes, her mind melting in pleasure as her husband fed off her giant udders. She felt amazingly happy for some reason, content to lay there forever and let him milk her dry. But she’d never be dry, she thought, she’d always have plenty of warm milk so her husband would always have a drink. She let her hands pull him tightly into her chest, feeling his throat tickle her nipple as he sucked like a vacuum.

Deep gargling gulps could be heard filling the room as Jim spent twenty minutes solid sucking on just one nipple. Milk now covered half the room and the two figures on the carpet seemed in complete rapture as they groped and squeezed at each other. Lifting his head for a breath of air, Jim wiped milk from his upper lip his eyes full of pure lust.

“Shit, you taste good Gina.” He said smiling.

Gina smiled too, gesturing for Jim to look down. “Yeah looks like you can’t get enough. I guess I shouldn’t worry about you having a beer gut any more.”

Jim looked down and let his eyes take in the huge bulge in his normally flat stomach. He looked to have gained twenty pounds. He grinned and patted his belly. “What can I say, I guess I’m going to have to get used to a milk gut from now on.”

Jim lifted one of his wife’s giant floppy tits, milk dripping from the overly sensitive nipple. “Looks like you have to get used to something also. You always used to worry about sagging when you got old.”

Gina looked at her stretched and abused tits. They each appeared to have turned from round and full to long and loose. Her husband had already pulled her nipples into four inch monsters. She had no idea where they’d sit on her if she stood up. She shrugged and smiled. “Who cares about sag, just so long as my man gets some enjoyment out of them.”

Jim grinned and sank down onto her again, shoveling her right nipple into his mouth. He sucked and squeezed sending even more warm juice shooting into his bloated belly. “Oh oh yesss.” Gina cried out.

Lenny watched with amusement. He so wished he could join in a nice little drink but that was his curse and why he always held sadness in his face.

“I won’t stop your meal, I really must go. There are others to see, and wishes to bestow.”

Lenny quietly left the apartment and went to see what twisted wishes he’d be offering the next tenants.

To Be Continued...