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Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun—part 3

Sunnyside Apartments—4:45 A.M. March 17th

The eastern horizon was already bringing light to a dreary day, clouds frequently shadowing the small apartment complex. Inside many were preparing for their days and in one small hall a tiny figure clacked along on the hard tile floor, his day in full swing.

Lenny had spread his curse for so many years it wasn’t shocking or overly entertaining anymore. He just didn’t get the thrill he used to and he certainly didn’t enjoy ruining human lives. He used to so enjoy being a brief but fun part of their lives. After he left many humans went on to great things but that was no more. Now after he left, humans often ended up in jail, on the streets, or just so warped in their perversions that they never lived normal lives.

He approached the door to apartment A-2. There was clearly someone awake as the thin light below the door attested to and he heard a muffled conversation going on from within.

“Brenda are you sure you won’t at least consider meeting me at the doctor’s this afternoon? I really think we can get through this.”

“Sorry, honey. I am sure we will get through this one day. But for now let’s just think of it as a blessing in disguise.” Brenda said to her husband as she cleaned up the remains of her breakfast.

Thomas scowled and looked visibly frustrated. “What kind of a fucking blessing would you call it?”

“Thomas!” Brenda said slamming her glass into the sink. “Watch the language, you know what I meant. So you have a low sperm count. That’s nothing serious and we can work it out later. There will always be time to start a family later in life. Besides I can focus fully on getting my Master’s degree now.”

Thomas was upset. His wife clearly wasn’t taking his problem very seriously and her degree didn’t count for much in his opinion. He paced angrily for a moment or two, his wife washing her hands.

“Look it may not be a big deal to you but I’d like to have kids one day. I’m older than you, you may just be twenty three but I have time working against me. I really hoped you would see it my way.” Thomas said quietly, avoiding the anger he felt.

“Honey... Tom” Brenda said, smiling sweetly. “I’m sorry, I know this is hard for you. And I tried. I mean this is my fertile time of the month and we’ve been trying but you know what the doctors have said. It just isn’t likely to happen. I’m just trying to take that as a sign, one that maybe I should focus on my future right now, my education.”

Brenda hugged her husband lightly as he leaned back on the kitchen counter. He looked at her and stopped frowning, not quite achieving the smile she had adored on him since they first met.

“Besides,” Brenda said. “You aren’t old, you’re only ten years older than I am. We have plenty of time.”

Thomas really didn’t feel comforted by that fact. He watched his wife fix her dark hair in the hall mirror before grabbing her purse. “Now honey, I have to go. You know I have an early class this morning. We’ll talk later.”

She kissed him on the cheek and turned to leave. That was when the quick little knocks at the door caught their attention. Three little taps were followed quickly by a rapid succession of thumps very low on the door.

“I wonder who that could be.” Brenda said, setting her purse down.

“No idea.” Thomas said placing his frustration aside as he unlatched the door.

Both Brenda and Thomas jumped a little as the tiny man entered the apartment. He was dressed like a leprechaun, a dirty and creepy looking leprechaun but neither questioned what the costume was.

“Excuse me, can we help you?” Thomas said watching the little figure pass him in the door. Brenda backed away somewhat as Lenny gave her a close look and then smiled turning to Thomas.

“No help for me, not on this day. I’m here to grant wishes, what do you say?”

Thomas looked disturbed but looking at his wife he saw her break into a grin.

“What the hell, do you know this guy, Brenda?” Thomas said.

“Of course not, but don’t you just know this is Carl’s work? He probably hired some actor to freak you out on St. Patrick’s Day.” Brenda replied, tossing back her silky hair as she folded her arms in front of her.

Lenny smiled and looked from one to the other as Thomas seemed to smile as well. Carl was Thomas’ old college buddy. Every year he played jokes like this. Last year it had been on Valentine’s day. He sent a male stripper to their door early in the morning and just about scared the crap out of Thomas when he opened the door to retrieve the paper.

“Sure, makes sense. Although he certainly didn’t think too hard this year. I mean a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day isn’t his best material.”

Brenda smiled and stood next to her husband. “Look just enjoy it taking your mind off everything, I really should be going.”

Thomas grew angry again. She was still completely passing off how serious his problems were and this little joke wasn’t that good to make up for her attitude. “Wait, you just wait a minute. Carl played this joke on both of us, not just me. So I think you get to enjoy this as well.”

Looking from Thomas to the little visitor and not wanting to create a scene, Brenda shrugged. “Fine then, what do you want again?” She asked Lenny.

Lenny clapped his tiny hands and looked at both of them with bright yellow eyes. “Wishes it is, that’s what I need. Ye each get a wish and then I can leave.”

Brenda smiled, straightening her posture and flattening her conservative blouse and knee-length skirt before turning to Thomas. “Cute, huh. Well Tom why don’t you make your wish first?”

Thomas smiled and put one arm around Brenda’s waist. “Fine then, I have the perfect wish. I really wish I could have a big family and that my lovely wife here was more enthusiastic about the idea.”

Brenda rolled her eyes and looked to Lenny. “He never lets up on this. You know what, fine. That’s just fine. I wish I could have a career, something I excelled in and had great future growth potential.”

Thomas scowled a bit at his wife’s snide attitude. Sometimes she really was a smart ass. “Great, we both made our wishes. Is that enough?” He said looking at Lenny.

Lenny was beaming, his pointy teeth showing as he raised his hands towards Thomas and his wife. “Your wishes are perfect, most appropriate too. Now to ensure that they immediately come true.”

Lenny looked at Thomas and focused his eyes. “Ye want a big family and so ye shall get one, your lovely wife here will find this most fun. Whatever the problem you’ve had in the past, the flow of your seed will now last and last.”

Thomas felt strange and what was this guy talking about ‘seed’. That seemed low even for a joke from Carl. He also was feeling very tense, every muscle in his body seeming to suddenly throb with pressure. As Lenny looked at him, Thomas felt an amazing sensation in his pants. He wasn’t going to just reach down and feel them, but he could swear his balls were growing. They felt like they were dropping right out of his boxers. His dick also seemed hard.

Lenny looked over at Brenda. “Now as for you, my pretty young lass, you’re going to have a career and some growth very fast.”

Brenda gasped audibly, her entire body shivering as she looked from Lenny to her husband. Thomas was standing there, his eyes closed, licking his lips. She looked up and down his body and stopped briefly at his crotch. Oh my god, she thought. Her husband had always been well endowed but this looked like something out of a freak show. Even with his pants closed, Brenda could clearly make out every line of Thomas’ cock, thick and long, pressing out and jumping with every beat of his heart. She saw his massive balls shifting between his legs and considered whether it might be possible he was getting bigger as she watched.

Thomas sighed. He felt his balls now wedged down either pant leg and his cock seemed ready to erupt from his zipper. He looked over at Brenda and nearly shot his load as he watched. Brenda stared right back at him but what he looked at wasn’t her eyes. He saw something happening he’d never imagined.

Brenda always had her hair shoulder length and never much longer. She preferred the professional look and was always just a bit of a prude, dressing conservatively and finding revealing outfits very low taste for educated women. As Thomas stared at her, he watched her silky dark hair stretch and grow, flowing down over her shoulders and not stopping until it came close to her ass. Her clothing shifted next, first her conservative blouse tightening and forming itself around her breasts. Somewhere along the way her bra must have simply vanished as her blouse unbuttoned and each side wrapped itself around a generous C-cup.

Thomas nearly fell down as he felt the heavy weight between his legs get even heavier. Brenda had her eyes closed now as her skirt began shrinking and shrinking until it was a tiny mini-skirt. Pleats began to appear on the tiny skirt making his wife look like a twenty three year old schoolgirl. He let his eyes wander up and down Brenda’s soft smooth legs, enjoying the pale white flesh and wondering briefly whether her panties had also disappeared into whatever universe her bra found itself.

“Oh my god.” Brenda said opening her eyes and looking from her freakish looking husband down to herself. Her tits, as she now thought of them, were tightly bound in a miniature blouse that was nearly a third the size of what she remembered putting on just an hour before. Below that she felt the cool morning air on her bare stomach and looking down she found a tiny pleated skirt like some stripper might wear. Even her shoes were not as she remembered. Where she’d put on some basic black pumps, she now had bright red high heels. This was wrong, she thought. Something was not right about this outfit. Her mind struggled to make sense of everything.

Thomas was nearly drooling watching his wife. She looked like the hottest slut he’d ever seen in some late night porn. He walked towards her and she looked up at him.

“Tom, something’s different,... right?” Brenda said, unable to fully understand everything. She just knew there was something wrong about all this, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. “I feel strange Tom.”

Thomas just soaked in the slutty image before him. He heard a snap and looking down, watched his enormous cock snake its way free through the broken remains of his zipper. It was huge. He’d never seen a twelve inch cock before but now he had a pretty good idea what one felt like and it felt good.

“Oh my god, what happened to your...” Brenda trailed off, her eyes full of unmistakeable lust as she felt giddy all of a sudden.

Lenny was enjoying these two. If only he could take Thomas’ place, but he might as well get the full show. “I believe the young lady will enjoy her position. A baby factory on legs is a family tradition. But to get that family started, ye really shouldn’t wait. I suggest the fertile man here deliver her fate.”

Thomas dove at his wife, knocking her onto the carpet. Pawing at her blouse, he freed both tits and began sucking and slobbering all over them. Brenda moaned as each contact with her husband’s tongue sent an electric shock straight into her brain. She could feel herself changing, losing her identity as she was groped and fondled.

Thomas let go of the mouth-watering tits and slipped his hand beneath Brenda’s skirt, finding not only a lack of panties but a very smooth pussy. Since he first slept with Brenda, she’d never shaved her pussy but obviously more had changed than simply her clothing and hair. He looked up at her as he sawed a finger in and out. “Brenda, you’re one hot little slut.”

Brenda was gasping in pleasure as her husband got her wet. She heard him call out to her but what he called her wasn’t right. What was it, she wondered? What had he said wrong? Then it came to her with one of the electric bolts shooting into her brain, she understood what was wrong about what he called her. “Call me Bambi.” She said smiling seductively as Thomas continued stroking between her legs.

Thomas widened his grin. “Bambi it is, you cunt. Now I think it’s time you became a mommy.”

“Oh goody, make me a mommy, fuck me.” Bambi cried out. In some back part of her mind, Brenda still screamed knowing she was vanishing slowly.

Thomas tore his pants off with such force that he ripped the heavy fabric. His muscles burned with raw power and he grabbed his wife by the waist. Pulling her up into the air, he spun her around and plopped her on all fours.

“Say goodbye to any more classes, Bambi.” Thomas grunted flipping up her tiny pleated skirt and sliding in behind her.

Bambi moaned and lifted her head, turning and giving Thomas the most slutty grin she could manage. “Do it Tom, do it. Fuck the education right out of me.”

Thomas slammed forward sending all twelve inches of newly enlarged cock deep inside his wife. He reached places he didn’t even know were possible and could feel Bambi quivering beneath him as she struggled to remain on hands and knees. “Oh yes, Oh my god.” Bambi cried out. Thomas began a quick pace, taking a firm grip on her wide breeding hips and setting out to do just that, breed her.

“Oh Tom, Oh yes, Ohhhhh, ohh shit, fuck me fuck me.” Bambi muttered in a long string of pleasure-based obscenities. Deep within her, Brenda who’d never so much as said the word ‘fuck’ screamed out as she faded. Her education and career-minded goals were already gone and she could now feel every bit of moral decency dissolving with every stab of her husband’s cock.

“Unghh... Yeah you slut. You wanted to wait for a family, well you won’t be waiting long will you?” Thomas growled as he really began slapping his hips into her ass, sending every inch he had deep inside Bambi. He looked down from his wife’s bouncing ass to his balls slapping against her thighs. His balls were huge, he realized, much larger than any normal man. He grinned imagining how much sperm he had just waiting to invade his wife’s womb.

“Oh yess, oh fuck me . Fuck your baby into my slutty cunt. “Bambi cried out, none of what used to be Brenda remaining. She was now a slutty woman waiting to be bred, nothing more.

“Baby?” Thomas said, a sneer on his face. “More like babies. I’m gonna fill you with so many babies you’ll make crazy ladies with sixteen kids seem normal.” He picked up the pace really ramming into Bambi harder now, her loose tits bouncing and slapping her arms as she attempted to hold herself up.

“Oh yes, Yes, fuck me full of babies. Pack me till I pop.” Bambi moaned, her chest now hurting as she felt his cock growing even bigger inside her belly.

Thomas grabbed his wife’s hips and pulled her back onto him, stabbing his cock so deep his old self would’ve worried about causing damage. As he was now, Thomas could care less whether he broke his wife’s spine, as long as he filled her with juicy fertile cum. “Unghh.. get ready slut.”

“Oh OH OHH...” Bambi shrieked, her voice piercing the air and frightening away several birds outside the living room window. She felt Tom’s cock jump and shake as it began flooding her womb with sperm. It felt like a garden hose on full-blast, her womb feeling full nearly instantaneously.

“Oh my god, oh shit, oh honey! You really are filling me up.” Bambi cried out as she looked beneath her at her belly. First it seemed she just had a slight bump but as she watched her belly began expanding, her smooth defined abs losing their shape as the flesh began billowing over the waist of her tiny skirt. She closed her eyes in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm washed over her.

Thomas held tightly, his cock still jumping inside his wife as he emptied whatever amount of sperm his giant balls held deep into her body. He’d been erupting for a full three minutes when he noticed something from his angle, looking down on Bambi from behind. Her belly was now visible from the sides, hanging beneath her. It looked like she was already five months pregnant and quickly coming to term. The sight of her holding herself up on all fours in the living room, her lengthened shiny brown hair jumping as she orgasmed, set Thomas off even more and he felt another giant explosion deep within his wife.

“Oh OHHH, OH wow, I can’t believe it, Oh keep it up, keep fucking stuffing me.” Bambi screamed as she felt her belly touch the floor beneath her and now felt something else. Looking down to her tits hanging loose she watched as first one and then both began jiggling on their own, the nipples appearing to lengthen. In seconds she realized it was actually more her tits themselves that were suddenly growing. She shrieked in pleasure, her tits expanding into giant versions of their previous self.

Thomas reached around and pulled his wife up so he could better see what was going on. She was much heavier than before as he used all his heightened muscles to grip her sides, tugging her so she was on her knees with her back pressed into his chest. He nearly fainted as he saw her belly. It appeared to sit on the floor in front of her, nearly three feet out from her formerly tight abdomen. Her tits were quickly catching up as both appeared larger than watermelons and they were pulsing from within.

Thomas still felt his balls draining themselves as the tenth minute approached. He usually didn’t even have sex much longer than ten minutes but to orgasm for that amount of time, he’d never imagined it. His balls were slowly shrinking back to a normal size as he poured sperm deep into Bambi, no doubt knocking her up with who knows how many babies. Suddenly she began convulsing in front of him, her moaning reaching a garbled gasp.

“Oh, OHHH, Oh shit, oh blurble, blurbbb...” Bambi groaned, something tickling it’s way into her chest and up her esophagus. She shook violently, her eyes wide globes, as sperm began spraying from her mouth, running heavily down over her chin and dripping down onto the carpet. The flow tapered somewhat but didn’t stop as an endless river of white hot fluid trickled into a growing puddle beneath her.

Thomas grunted in pleasure as he watched his wife become a sperm fountain before him, her inflated body finally releasing some of the excess he’d given her. Ha, he thought cruelly, she’ll never mention me having a low sperm count again. He finally felt the last bit of cum he had in him leave his cock and flow into Bambi. “Ahhh, shit that was great.” He sighed, pulling back and letting inch by inch of his giant cock slip from his wife’s much looser pussy.

Bambi gargled and moaned as she felt Tom pull out, knowing he was finally done filling her with cum. She rolled over onto her side and let her sore hips hit the carpet. She gasped and breathed heavily as the last stream of sperm dribbled from her gaping mouth onto her massive tits. “Oh my god, what did you do?” She asked smiling. “That was amazing.”

Thomas enjoyed looking down on the fertility goddess beneath him. Her tits were huge, sitting crookedly on her massively pregnant stomach. Her belly button had popped out at some point giving her an even more obscene appearance. Her face was beautiful with hair hanging in her face and thin white lines of cum dripping from the corners of her mouth and even her nose. She looked like a pregnant slut.

“I fucking impregnated the hell out of you slut.” Thomas said grinning and answering Bambi’s question.

Lenny the very happy leprechaun watched from the door. He always did enjoy these kinds of wishes. He knew it messed up people’s lives but it was just so fun watching them enjoy themselves in such a carnal way. Still, he had work to finish and couldn’t stay all day.

“I hate to depart, I really must go. There are others to see and I have to go. Ye two have fun and enjoy all the lovin. Your babies my dear will total two dozen.”

Thomas was already fondling his wife’s massive belly as their little guest closed the door behind him. He was definitely going to enjoy his wife’s new career as a baby-making machine and part-time sperm fountain.

Lenny hummed a happy Irish tune as he walked down the hall. One more apartment to go and his job would be over. What friendly folks would he corrupt next, he wondered?

To Be Concluded...