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Light and Shadows 11: Taming the Darkness Within

by Gbrn32e and J. Darksong

Added 01 July 2017

Updated 02 September 2017

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In the weeks following the Incident with Supernova, things have finally begun to return to normal. For some, however, the aftermath still lingers. Jimmy Frasier is fighting his own inner darkness, trying to come to terms with the sheer scope of his new powers. Jette of the Beautiful Gems, struggles with her guilt over her actions as the puppet of Venus Satore. And Venus Satore herself is having a crisis of conscience, coming to terms with her past misdeeds while wondering where her future lies...

Chapter Length Added
Prologue 6581 words 01 Jul 2017
Ch.1) Product of What I’ve Become 6845 words 08 Jul 2017
Ch.2) Filled Me Up With Hate 5995 words 15 Jul 2017
Ch.3) Relent or Resist 6950 words 22 Jul 2017
Ch.4) Take Back the Moment 6918 words 29 Jul 2017
Ch.5) Always In My Head 6714 words 05 Aug 2017
Ch.6) Into the Fire, Consumed 6938 words 12 Aug 2017
Ch.7) Under the Knife, I Surrender 8321 words 19 Aug 2017
Ch.8) The War That I Wage 8968 words 26 Aug 2017
Epilogue 10245 words 02 Sep 2017