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Light and Shadows VI: A Darklight Shines

by J. Darksong

Added 21 December 2013

Updated 08 February 2014

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Life for Jimmy Frasier has finally returned to normal. Taking the new name ‘Darklight’, he has worked tirelessly to repair his reputation and improve his situation. His luck turns, however, when a chance trip out of town lands him square in the middle of a dire situation which threatens to become an international catastrophe.

Chapter Length Added
Ch.1) All I’d Blessed, All I’d Wronged 4617 words 21 Dec 2013
Ch. 2) Until the Day Was Gone... 5546 words 21 Dec 2013
Ch. 3) And There You Lead Me, On 4119 words 04 Jan 2014
Ch. 4) The Gods and The Angels 5180 words 04 Jan 2014
Ch. 5) Take Me To Heaven 4064 words 11 Jan 2014
Ch. 6) In A Book Full of Death 5860 words 25 Jan 2014
Ch. 7) Of All the Things I’ve Done... 6638 words 01 Feb 2014
Epilogue 3598 words 08 Feb 2014