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synopsis: As much as he enjoys it, Jonah knows he’s addicted to femdom humiliation. Perhaps his sister Angela, a skilled hypnotherapist, can help him with that.

Losers Can’t Be Choosers

(By S.B.)

Chapter 19 — Someone’s Bark...

Despite knowing a thing or two about self-defense, Angela knew she wouldn’t stand a chance in a fair fight against the two mesmerized men so if she hoped to set things straight once and for all, she had to play it smart. The problem was: how to do that when they were so desperate to please the one that ravaged their minds?

“Jonah, Nick... please! You don’t have to do what she says!” She pleaded.

As if wanting nothing more than to prove her wrong, Jonah was the first to leap forward, snarling. “I must always obey Goddess. And I will.”

Nick mimicked him, body undulating as if he were a serpent about ready to choke her. The man-beast would complete his task and Gail would put him even deeper as a reward. It was a win-win situation even more for Angela that would get to experience the thrill of being a happy hypnotized hypnotist once more. “You heard what she said. Start running.”

“Ten seconds head start,” Jonah sniggered. “I bet you can’t make it back to the car before we catch you. Prove us wrong, sis.”

“I’ll be back in no time to wipe that smug off your face, Gail!” Angela shouted as she ran. One... a long stride towards the warehouse’s open door. Two... almost stumbling on her own feet as she tried to gain momentum. Three... about to reach the handle of the warehouse’s open door. Four... the animalistic growls intensifying before her. Five... the moment she realized the rules were just for show. Six... Gail’s twisted laugh confirming it.

Angela exited the derelict building with the pursuers already on her tail. As expected, Jonah moved the fastest, his former Olympic training put to nefarious use. The count upwards hadn’t even reached ten when he jumped out of the entrance with the paramedic struggling to keep up.

Jonah was right, of course. Even in peak physical condition it would have been impossible for Angela to clear the distance separating her from the four-wheeled method of escape in such a short amount of time. Luckily, hiding places were abundant and, even as kids, she had always been better at playing hide-and-seek than he could possibly dream. With that to her advantage, she immediately made a right hard turn running along the warehouse’s external wall before rolling behind a stack of rusty containers. As he honed in on her position, salivating like the deranged animal he now was, she doubled back through the opposite side, confusing him long enough to increase the distance between them.

Nick wasn’t so easily fooled though. Unable to run as fast as Jonah, he sniffed the air the moment he headed outside, closing in on the action from the other side. The moment Angela dashed away from her hiding place, he jumped to grab her and fell into a puddle of dirty water, failing to grab her restless ankle by an inch. Frustrated, he slammed both fists on the wet ground, dark brown dirt creeping on his fingernails and face like an improvised war paint, only to be stepped by Jonah who was on the move again.

“Fuck!” He growled. Despite both being given the same order, chasing the hypnotherapist was a rivalry, not a friendly competition, and the victor would get all the laurels, he was sure. No one would stand in the way of being his Mistress’ favorite pet. If Jonah was hellbent on playing dirty, he too would do the same. He stood up and looked to his right, just in time to see the young woman giving her brother the slip once more as she crawled through a giant metal pipe laid to abandonment.

He sprinted that way taking advantage of his competitor’s uneven position to gain the upper-hand. Before Jonah realized it, he was being kicked into the pipe, head banging against the curved edge. It would leave a nasty scar.

“She’s mine, you hear?” Nick spat.

“We’ll see...” Jonah replied, his ears still ringing from the sudden and splintering headache. Warm, thick blood criss-crossed across his forehead and onto the bridge of his nose. He shook his head, unwound his aching muscles and resumed his predatorial stance.

Their raging hormonal bout was just the break Angela needed to make a run for the car. Nick was right behind her, foul breath impregnating the air, gaining three steps for each one of hers.

“You can’t get away! Might as well give up now!” He shouted.

Ignoring his provocation, she finally reached Gail’s vehicle, opening the passenger’s seat door with uncontained strength. It creaked on his hinges, scratching the paint. Too high from the adrenalin of the chase, Nick saw the metal hunk flying his way, hitting his torso with a loud “plop”. He fell on his back, both hands clutching his chest from the pain.

“I’m sorry,” Angela thought. She entered the car, grabbed the keys and...

... Jonah’s right hand crashed through the window yanking them from her. They fell to the ground outside.

“You’re not leaving until Goddess has her way with you!” He cackled.

“And I’m the one who will deliver the prize!” Nick yelled, standing up against all odds.

What followed was a mess of of sweaty bodies pummelling one another while Angela shrieked. Nick was the first to score a landing blow, bruised knuckles hitting the underside of Jonah’s jaw. The gymnast responded with a barrage of punches between the fourth and the fifth thoracic vertebrae. Glass shards flew between the two men, a pointy storm about to collapse. The paramedic responded with a well-timed dodge before throwing the full weight of his body against Jonah’s unguarded groin. Both rolled away from the stationary vehicle as they continued the onslaught.

The therapist watched in terror as the fury escalated, fists flying from every angle like in one of those comic-book movies she loathed. In a battle of raw strength, they were evenly matched so the smallest of details would decide the winner... or whoever she helped.

Nick was the obvious choice. As much as she loved her brother, he had been hypnotized so many times already that snapping him out of the suggestions imprinted on his mind would take longer than she could afford. As for the young paramedic, his conditioning was still fresh, meaning there was still a chance to break the spell in a timely fashion. All she needed was the right angle to work with, a shock perhaps, something he never saw coming, something like...

“Yes, that could work. It has to!” she muttered. With tiny shards of glass all over her clothes, she stretched her body out of the car, grabbed one of her shoes and hurled it at her brother’s head.

Pinned to the ground at that moment, Jonah glimpsed the flying footwear but had no chance to move. The sole grazed his eyes, blinding him momentarily. Nick pushed his knees against his rib cage and then punched him in the mouth so hard a solitary tooth cracked open. The second blow turned the world into a blur. He collapsed before the third.

Unconvinced he had won so easily, Nick continued to castigate his opponent until Angela shouted in his ears.


Nick’s neck snapped, drool washing the dirt from his choleric lips. He didn’t want to put an end to the violence yet he had a job to fulfill. Angela stopped in front of him, hands raised in the air to prove just how unmenacing she was and said:

“I give up, okay? You’re too strong and I know I won’t stand a chance against you if we go toe-to-toe. I give up. Do you accept my surrender?”

“You will obey Gail!” He retorted. “Everyone must.”

“You’re right, Nick. You’re always right. I’ll do what I must do. My brother is passed out, and this is your chance to shine. Take me to your... I mean, our Mistress, so I can atone for my sins.”

“Do you promise to go quietly?”

“Cross my heart. I already said I surrender. You’re in charge, Nick. You’re always in charge.”

“No... she is. Gail is a Goddess on Earth and a Goddess must be worshipped. You’re in for a world of pain for trying to go against her. You shouldn’t have done that.”

“I know, and believe me I couldn’t be more ashamed of myself,” Angela sighed as she studied his body movements. The out-of-control rage was subsiding as evidenced by the drooping eyes and the more relaxed speech.

“Let’s go then,” he got up and grabbed her shoulder.

“Wait... you can’t just leave Jonah here!”

“Why not?”

“What if he wakes up and tries to steal your thunder again? Don’t you want to look good for your Goddess?”

“So what are you suggesting?”

“There’s always the car trunk.”

“Good idea.”

Nick picked up the sleeping brother and threw him in the back of the car. With one threat out of the way, Angela could now go in for the kill. As they walked back towards the warehouse, she asked:

“Nick, do you remember asking if I wanted to have a cup of coffee with you?”

“Yes, but that’s hardly important right now. The only thing that matters is keeping my Mistress happy.”

“That’s fair. I want her to be happy too but...”

“But what?”

“You can’t tell me you forgot how curious you were about me. You wanted to know more. You wanted to know how we met. You remember that, don’t you?”

“I... vaguely...” he blurted. “But that’s irrelevant! Stop talking and walk faster.”

Angela did the complete opposite, taking him by surprise. She stopped a few feet away from the vehicle, turned her smoldering gaze to him and cooed:

“I fucked your father multiple times, and you saw me naked!”


“You heard me. That’s the big secret, the real reason behind my awkward reaction to you in the ambulance and after that. Your father and I were in a relationship that went way beyond what’s expected of therapist/client. I could have been your stepmother had we continued, Nick.”

“You’re lying.”

“No, I’m not. Remember that one time you caught your father naked with a young woman in the house? You were peeking at the door, probably jerking yourself like the horny teenager you were. That was me, Nick. I know you stripped me with your eyes while we were driving to the hospital but you’ve already seen it all. I fucked your father, and you saw me naked.”

“Stop saying that!”

“No! You need to remember. I need you to focus on this image I evoked. You had a life before meeting Gail, one filled with strange moments like these. You will have it back once you wake up. Wake up, Nick! You need to wake up!”

“Lies! You’re just trying to distract me from my true purpose! Gail is everything! Gail is...”

“... someone you met today and warped your senses while I’ve been in the back of your mind for a decade now. I fucked your father and frankly, I find you quite fuckable as well but we can’t do that if you don’t remember who you really are. Don’t you want to fuck me, Nick? A nice, long fuck, a fuck so intense you’ll lose your breath before we even get started. She fucked your mind but I want your body. Take me, Nick! Take me right here, right now! Fuck me like your father did!”

“But I don’t...”

Angela leaned on him tickling his chin with her hair.

“... want to? Why not? Too much of a pussy to lap at my pussy? You’re already Gail’s bitch. You can be mine, too. She doesn’t have to know. It will be our dirty little secret when we finally go to her. Come here, Nick. Let me show you what you’ve been missing ever since you saw me naked.”

He followed her lead, head bobbing to meet her eyes. They were even prettier than Gail’s and she was a deity. Angela lowered her stance and rubbed her boobs against his cock. His rock solid legs turned into jelly as she did. Then, her lips grazed his manhood promising an oral delight like no other. Was this really happening? A blowjob out in the open—even in the middle of nowhere—went beyond any porn fantasies of yore. It was so strange yet desirable. He continued melting for her right until...

... the split second where he allowed himself to close his eyes in anticipation of her rude swallowing. The tip of her tongue swirled over his pants and then she bit him.

Just like she had done to his father so many years ago, Angela gnawed his swollen ball sac, canines piercing the various layers of fabric all the way to the dark rosy flesh. Nick’s teeth clattered, wobbly lips trying to suppress a scream that would even raise the dead.

“Snap out of it, dumbass!” Angela insisted as she went for seconds. The paramedic looked up at the moon emerging from the cloudy sky, bitter tears rolling down his cheeks, the circle of pain completing itself.

“What the…? Where am I?” he mumbled, foul dominance shattered for real. Whoever said someone’s bark was worse than their bite, hadn’t met Angela Barnes.