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synopsis: As much as he enjoys it, Jonah knows he’s addicted to femdom humiliation. Perhaps his sister Angela, a skilled hypnotherapist, can help him with that.

Losers Can’t Be Choosers

(by S.B.)

Chapter 4 — “Gail” Force Winds

Gail Summers was three years older than Angela but looked way younger. She had doll-like features complete with elbow-length black hair, big pale blue eyes and a celestial nose. Only her lips contrasted with the aura of purity that enveloped her face as the plump red outlines were more akin of a botox-filled porn star despite being one hundred percent natural. Gail’s attires were as professional as they can be, usually consisting of pinstripe suits in shades of navy blue or charcoal. She also looked really good in black thigh-high leather boots just like the ones she proudly exhibited that day. She was quite the rare breed, and one of the most energetic persons anyone could meet. No one would think that looking at her standing perfectly still though.

“Mom, I thought you had closed the door behind you!” Angela protested.

Clarissa shrugged. “So did I. Blame it on the old age.”

“You’re not that old but this wasn’t in the plans either.”

Clarissa took three steps forward, eyes fixed on the unwavering posture of the young secretary. “Is she...?”

“She certainly seems to be,” Angela noted. She snapped her fingers twice. Gail offered no response.

“I wonder how long she had been standing there.”

“Long enough to go under, it seems.”

“Is this the first time this happens?”

“The first time I’m aware of. Oh well, might as well wake her up and get the explanation done once and for all...” Angela sighed.

“Wait!” Clarissa grabbed her daughter’s left shoulder.

The hypnotherapist didn’t try to disguise the boredom this time around. “What now? Do you want another demonstration?”

“No, I just noticed something.”

Angela crossed her arms in a somewhat defiant stance. “Okay, spill it.”

“Look at her eyes. They’re not facing us but rather...”

The therapist followed Gail’s lustful, yet vacant gaze across the room.

“She’s looking at Jonah.”

“Exactly. I think your secretary has a crush on him. Or, if not a crush, it’s quite obvious she wants to fuck him big time!”


Clarissa chuckled. “Just saying things as I see them but wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure?”

“So you do want another demonstration, after all.”

“I just want you to ask her, if that’s okay.”

“If I do that, you promise to be on your way?”

“Cross my heart, sweetie.”

“Fine,” Angela approached her secretary and guided her to a comfortable sitting position, next to her brother who remained in a perfectly dutiful kneeling stance. “Gail, can you hear me? Nod with your head or just say ‘yes’ if you’re able to speak.”

“Yes,” Gail slurred.

“You are hypnotized. You are in a trance. I don’t know how it happened but that’s besides the point now. What matters is that you’re feeling very relaxed, and very open. You are very relaxed, and very open. Let the awareness of this feeling pull you even deeper. You are very relaxed, and very open, completely focused on the sound of my voice. Listen to my voice and sink further down, down, down... that’s it. Keep listening to my voice and accept that, in a moment, I’ll be asking you some questions, and you will answer them with complete honesty. Say ‘yes’ again if you understand what I’m asking you to do, and if you agree with it.”


“Good, very good. Just a little bit deeper now so that nothing of your conscious mind gets in the way. I’m now going to ask you a question. Gail, my mother thinks you have a thing for my brother so please indulge me. Is this true?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Really? Tell me what you feel.”

“I feel...” the sentence was left hanging.


“... an overwhelming desire to put a collar around his neck, pull him by the hair and force him to lick my pussy!” Gail’s lips curled outwards, revealing the tip of a voracious tongue.

“Excuse me?” Clarissa choked.

“Gail, do you mind repeating what you just said?” Angela queried.

“I want to make him my personal bitch and I want to do it right now!”

“Okay then. Hold that thought, please.”

“That was unexpected,” Clarissa commented.

“Very. I never thought...”

“I think this deserves a little extra digging, don’t you agree?”

“Actually, I was thinking of doing exactly the opposite,” Angela checked her watch. “I really need to get things ready for...”

“Just a few more minutes. I’m curious.”

“Curious about what?”

“She just admitted she wants to forcefully dominate your brother and your brother has a thing for forceful domination and humiliation. This is a genuine gold mine, Angie! Ask her how these thoughts of hers came to be.”

“I don’t want to do that. Mom, please...”

Clarissa rolled her eyes. “Fine, I’ll do it for you. I think I’m starting to understand how this works.”

“She’s not going to respond to you.”

“We’ll see. Gail, listen to me. You know who I am, don’t you? I’m Angela and Jonah’s mother, Clarissa. Since you’re so willing to answer anything my daughter asks you, surely you don’t mind extending the same courtesy to me, do you? I promise this won’t take long. Just tell me this: these desires you just revealed concerning Jonah... are they exclusive to him or is dominance something of a kink of yours?”

Gail faced Clarissa with a surprisingly predatorial expression. A faint growl escaped her throat.

“Dominance is in my blood. I love it. Back in college, there was no one that could resist me. If I set my eyes on someone, that someone would be eating off the back of my hand in no time. I was so swift and compelling I even earned a special nickname.”

Clarissa rubbed her hands, her enjoyment of the whole situation clearly uncontained. “Tell me more.”

“They called me ‘Gail’ Force Winds.”

“So you’re a true storm, huh?”

“You can say that. Everything that crosses my way must bend.”

“Everything?” Angela asked.

“Everything... and everyone. Fuck, I could easily make you both worship my boots right now! As a matter of fact, why am I not doing that as we speak?” Gail purred, assuming an upright position before anyone could do anything to stop her.

“Hmmm... hold on a minute...” Clarissa backed away. Gail chased her with vigorous intent, hips shaking. “Come on, Clarissa... surely you want a piece of this. I’ll give you that and so much more if you just...” she raised her left boot, the spiked heel pointing directly at the older woman’s pussy. “... suck on this for a while.”

“I think I’ll pass,” Clarissa hid behind her daughter.

“Not feeling curious any more, Mom?” Angela scoffed.

“Definitely not. Wake her up, please.”

Angela took four steps to the right to intercept the advance of her horny, mesmerized employee.

“Gail, listen to me. It’s time to let some of those feelings subside, do you understand? Though you may wish to dominate us both right now, that’s not going to happen. I’m off-limits. My mother on the other hand...”


“Mom, I told you I needed to get things ready, didn’t I? We’ll talk some other time but if you don’t leave right now, I’m going to have to unleash her on you...”

“I’m going, I’m going!” Clarissa darted away, without looking back. She moved so quickly one would think her ass was on fire. Better that than to bow down to worship a libidinous doll though.

“Boy, your mother sure is something, isn’t it?” Gail laughed the moment the older woman left the office.

“She sure is... wait a minute, you’re awake?”

Gail stretched her arms and smiled, coyly. “Of course I am. I’ve been awake this whole time. Did you actually think I went under so easily? I know you’re good, Angela, but you’re not that good.”

“But why did you do that?”

“You two seemed to be having so much fun together that I wanted in on the action as well,” Gail confessed. “And role-playing is fun.”

“So that whole ‘Gail’ Force Winds thing was just an act?”

“No, they did call me that in college and I do love to be on top of things. All of that was true.” She rubbed her clit with the right index finger. “If you ever want a bit of fun for real...”

“I don’t swing that way, Gail. And I’m still your boss.”

Gail frowned upon seeing the cum stains on the floor. “Well, boss, you certainly had Jonah made quite a mess in here, didn’t you?”

“It’s for a good cause but you’re right, this is messy as hell. Do you mind?”

“Not at all. I’ll help you clean up in no time but...”

“But what?”

“I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on around here and I do care for Jonah. Can I help with the next session?”

“What do you have in mind?”

Gail pointed at one of Princess Ashley’s pictures still embellishing Angela’s laptop screen.

“I have a latex catsuit just like that one back in my place,” she grinned. “How about a little double mental domination?”

Angela crossed her arms, not entirely sure what to make of her offer.

“And if I respectfully decline?”

Gail reached for her cell phone and started playing with the camera. “Well, in that case, I may have to respectfully document the evidence of what transpired here during my lunch break. It should make quite the story although I don’t think your real clients will approve.”

“I can’t believe you’re blackmailing me!”

“Oh please, this is just a simple business arrangement. I’ve been wanting to play with Jonah for a while and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. What’s it going to be, Angela?”

“I’m tempted to fire you right now.”

“No, you’re really not. I’m one of the best at what I do and you know it.”

Angela sighed. “Jonah’s addicted to humiliation and is looking for a way to curb his feelings. I’m going to need to break him completely to get him to snap out of it. How mean can you be?”

“On a scale of one to ten, I’d say a solid twenty-five,” Gail winked before extending her left hand. “Do we have a deal?”

Under the circumstances, accepting her help was the lesser of two evils. Angela took one final glance at her watch, noticed the minutes creeping in like wiggling worms looking for a meal and sealed the arrangement.

“My place, next weekend. I’ll text you the address. Bring the catsuit and anything else you think may prove useful.”

“Sure thing, boss.”

“Now please clean this up while I bring Jonah back from trance, will you?”

“Consider it done.”

Alone again with her brother, Angela quietly apologized to him.

“I’m sorry. I bet this is not what you were thinking it was going to happen when you came to me for help but everything will work out, I promise. However, in order to ensure you remain cooperative through the whole process, I’m going to have to trigger a temporary amnesia response, okay? ‘diaper’ and ‘diaper’, Jonah, and forget Mom, Gail, and everything I had you do ever since you went under. I want you to retain the feelings of discomfort though. Extreme humiliation is bad for you, my dear, and the sooner your brain processes that, the faster we can get you back on the right track. ‘Diaper’ and ‘diaper’... forget... ‘diaper’ and ‘diaper’... forget...”


Jonah blinked and found himself standing outside the restaurant where he and Angela had lunch. His vision was as blurry as his mind. A figment of a dream where he was nothing but a pathetic cum-eater flashed momentarily, only to fade when his phone informed him of an incoming message. It was Angie’s.

“Wait for my call next Saturday. We have a lot of work to do,” it said.

“Whatever you say, sis,” he muttered, not realizing the hint of subservience on his lips. A tiny fraction of his rational self told him something had happened, yet its voice was insignificant amidst the discord of amnesia triggers planted in his brain. Jonah yawned and decided to walk home.

On his way there, he passed by a young brunette with her face displaying all the radiant signs of recent motherhood. She held a baby girl in her hands. Her diaper was dirty.

“Diaper and diaper,” he thought. He would think that exact combination of words many more times in the days to come.