The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Luxury Pets

Commissioned by Mike Lee

Stepping into Mark Neimus’s was always a delight. Not so much of because of what they had to sell, but their AC was always on high blast. Nearly anytime of year in Austin, that was a pleasure. Especially after finishing up an afternoon’s work of mowing a lawn, as John just had.

John loved coming here, especially after a hard day’s work. It was a great way for him to relax. It wasn’t so much that he liked shopping, he never bought anything for himself here. Even though he could afford it, John was the type of man to spend $200 on a shirt. But he liked experiencing the exclusivity that it offered. He enjoyed the stereotypes the store so heavily relied upon. But more than that, he liked disrupting the regular flow of things when he broke those stereotypes.

Of course, he could go to almost any store in downtown Austin and find much of the same prejudice put into practice. But he found this store in particular to be the one where he could have the most fun. The store was so big he was seldom recognized, no matter how many times he came back. And even though he was a regular, they restocked and reshelved everything so often he could seldom find anything even if he was looking for it.

But ultimately what kept him coming back was what always stayed the same: he could get away with whatever he wanted so long as he was a customer with intent to pay. And the company never seemed upset whenever its employees mysteriously quit.

It wasn’t during every trip to the giant department store that John was unable to find an excuse to cause a bit of havoc. But those trips were seldom.

Today, every store clerk he came near who was occupied turned their back to him as he neared. They went along pretending to be about whatever they were supposed to be doing before he came along. When he was successful in gaining their attention any question he asked was always answered with the same deferment to another employee in another department. When he got there it was not uncommon for the next store associate to go out of their way to even avoid eye contact with him or pretend he didn’t exist as if he were some sort of street beggar.

It wasn’t like the store was understaffed. The store was big, but there were plenty of employees around him. They just didn’t want to be found. And it wasn’t like the store was busy. It was a Tuesday afternoon for crying out loud!

It looked like was going to be a regular trip to the Mark Neimus’s.

It was only with a mild bit of frustration that John eventually made his way along. He knew why he was being ignored, it was the same thing that kept him coming back. He was being ignored because he was an average joe.

Sure, he was a little hot and sweaty. But not any more than most in Austin this time of year especially. And granted, he’d just mowed the lawn and hadn’t changed out of his dirty clothes. But they weren’t so dirty as to be out of place in public.

He wasn’t wearing a tank top. No parts of his body were exposed that shouldn’t. He didn’t draw looks of scorn walking down the street.

But upon entering the store it was as if he ceased to exist. And John knew it was simply because of the way he was dressed. Casually. In cheap clothes.

He had tested it several times before, coming in dressed up in a well worn suit he’d found in a thrift store. It wasn’t tacky. It was clean. But it hadn’t been tailored. But apparently, not well enough to impress the snobbish who frequented here.

Only when he had come in wearing an expensive suit that had been fitted did anyone in the store give him any mind. It didn’t matter that he was sweating profusely as he wore it. So long as he wore his money on his sleeve, he was tended to.

That bothered John. His dress shouldn’t determine his treatment any more than the style of his hair.

John knew that if he was treated this way regularly, surely the average joe had it much worse. It was in the average joe’s defense he took action. John was a man of the people.

He liked to think of himself as a common man, even though he knew he wasn’t. Even with a name like John Smith, a man with powers such as his was hardly average. But that didn’t mean his desires weren’t as base as the next man’s. His needs demanded satisfaction from time to time as would any other’s.

However, thank to John Smith’s powers, his needs were more easily satisfied than most other men.

And more often.

And more perverse.

And today’s regular trip the luxury department store looked to suit his needs. It was the best place to come and cool off after a hard day’s work. He knew there weren’t a lot of average joes in the store today.

The only time there were a lot of common folk in the store was during the holidays. John avoided going out much then. With a few exceptions, like the night before turkey day, there was too much collateral damage. Too many innocents. As much as he liked to reap havoc on a system, no one should be punished for simply being poorly placed at an inopportune time.

No, today the only average folk would be found in one of two places: jewelry or customer service.

The jewelry section was always off limits. If a trivial stone was what it took to earn someone’s love… perhaps the love of their life, so be it. John Smith was not above letting someone potentially ruin their own life. He had learned better than to trust someone with a chastity belt with a rock for a key.

Customer service was a special case. He didn’t dare go there this time of year. Too much of a chance of the average joe trying to get his life back for half the price he paid a trinket. And those who worked the desk were never picked on by him. No one deserved to be treated as poorly as those behind the customer service desk, whatever their wrongs. Especially with the clientele this store catered to.

No, customer service was John’s rare holiday treat. He was always quite patient and particular for the winter solstice to have his fun with the devil’s who went to needlessly torment souls that day.

It was his small gift to the employees of the store who worked there. He let them watch.

Today, the department of his choice was clothing. It had never failed him when he was feeling frisky and looking to get riled up. Sometimes he was just out to have a little fun rather than merely deliver ironic justice to peoples misdeeds.

The clothing department never failed him. The glorified rags found here entertained him as much as the people who wore them. Yes his pants were torn. But damned if he didn’t earn those rips. Not like the designer jeans selling for $400 he just walked by. Why anyone in their right mind would pay so much for damaged goods still baffled him.

It wasn’t like John wasn’t willing to pay for well fitted jeans. Or clothes of any type for that matter. It felt wonderful to be dressed in clothes that fit well.

But he wasn’t going to be gouged in doing so. Paying exorbitant prices hurt everyone. It was the only droplet of economics that ever trickled down.

John recognized his powers afforded him wealth. He also recognized that wealth provided him a greater deal of power. Such influential power he took care to use responsibly.

It astounded him that so many people with such wealth didn’t.

Stopping at a display he found particularly garish, he eyed the price tag. $1,000 for a ladybug polka dot dress. Nothing special to it beyond a designer tag.

He chuckled.

That at last drew enough attention to gain him not only eye contact but a bit of conversation.

“If you don’t like the prices you shouldn’t shop here.” said the slender store employee.

Reading her nametag, John answered. “Ah, Evelyn! Thank you for noticing me at last! It’s because of the prices I come here. Could you help me find something?”

“My job is to help paying customers. Not browsers.”

“Now, that’s not very thoughtful, Evelyn. How can I pay for something if I can’t find it? Tell me do you have any gym clothes?”

Without a word Evelyn pointed toward the sporting side of the clothing department.

“Thank you.” John said adjusted his watch.

Evelyn and the rest of the store stood still as John walked over to her. He gave her a closer look and gave her a quick search to learn anything more about her. There wasn’t much to be found, but her ID with her full name and a sticker of a black and white cow on it.

Evelyn Chin. John wondered if she knew what her name doubled over meant in Japanese. He might have fun with that. But he knew the cow sticker would provide him entertainment today.

He returned her ID and adjusted his watch back to let time again move on.

There wasn’t much to be seen in the sporting side of the clothing section today. Sadly, there were no shoppers here. John loved toying with wealthy joggers. It was delightfully fun to change a running addict’s body. Watching them gain a few extra pounds, especially in their already tight clothes, always did it for him. John enjoyed turning them into the objects they despised.

No, this side of the store seemed quiet today. He would have to make due with the employees to have his fun for now.

John found a few of the little things he might have use for later on. He knew he would need a new collar today. Silly that he would find the thing in the sports section of the clothing. It was only $36 and came with a leash. A bargain for a store such as this! He would have fun with that.

Today’s shopping done, John headed for the nearest register. He carelessly picked out a few other knickknacks along the way, just so he’d force more attention to himself. As begrudging as they were to help him—they had to if he was going to be a paying customer.

He found the checkout island in it’s odd location away from the door. There was an attractive woman idle at the register.

With a happy grin on his face, John made his way over.

When she noticed his approach she rolled her eyes, frowned, then sighed.

Such a pity. She would have to do her job today.

After setting his items on the counter John adjusted his watch to get a better feel for the cashier.

Once time stopped he went over and gave her ass a good squeeze through her dress. Then he slipped down and found her ID tag. Ivy Yap. Pretty first name, like her. Last name not so much, like her personality no doubt.

As John was returning her ID to it’s proper place he noticed a fresh pressed business card that was stuck behind it in the keeper. West Lake Augmentation, Plastic Surgery and Medspa. Little Ivy wanted bigger melons it seemed.

He returned the card behind her ID. Then he gave her breasts a quick squeeze for good measure. They weren’t ample. But they were pert. Enough to be pleasurable when got a hold of, but he would have liked it if there were more to hold. Augmentation might be a good idea.

He could help with that.

John went behind Ivy, pulled up her shirt and undid her bra hooks. After which he put it back on her, just with one hook too loose.

Leaning over to her he whispered his commands. “Ivy, you like listening to my voice. Mine is a voice you can trust and one that you find attractive to listen to. The more you listen to my voice, the more attractive you find it and me.”

“You were right to take the breast augmentation card, Ivy. You can feel that your poor little breasts are too small. Even your bra feels too loose. You are embarrassed of your small breasts. You blush whenever someone looks at them, ashamed about how small they are. You wish you had big full breasts. Breasts like the best offered by augmentation. And whenever you get self conscious about your small breasts that’s all you want to talk about. Big breasts turn you on and so does talking about them.”

Readjusting his watch time was set free again. “Hello!” John said in a cheerful tone.

“Hi…” came the first terse reply. It soon transitioned, though. “Excuse me! Hello! How are you today.” Came the final response. It was fun to watch people’s psyches catch up on realizing newer more desirable inputs.

“I’m doing well, thank you. My that shirt looks nice on you!” John said looking at her chest.

Ivy blush beet red and put her hands over her small chest.

John couldn’t help but notice how cute she was when she blushed like that. “You know, you’re going to have a hard time checking me out if with your hands over your chest like that.”

The cashier flushed red again, then let her hands down. “Sorry. I just get embarrassed about my small chest. I really wish they were bigger.”

“Really. They don’t look that small. Especially not for a woman of your size.” John said, leaning in as if to get a better look at the tits he’d already checked out.

Playing with her dark hair, Ivy flushed again. “Stop it! They are too tiny. My fitted bra even feels loose, there’s barely anything to support. I’d love it if I had bigger breasts.”

Still looking at her tiny chest. “Well, big breasts can be quite lovely. Have you considered implants.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it. But I don’t want to spend the money.”

“But you have the money to spend?”

“Of course! I work here don’t I?”

“So why don’t you just bite the bullet and give yourself an upgrade?”

“I don’t want people to think I’m a bimbo.”

“Why would they do that?” John’s eyes still on her tits. He couldn’t see them, but he guessed her nipples were quite stiff by now.

“Because people don’t understand. A woman can want to have big full breasts, because that’s what she’s always dreamed of having. But everyone thinks that she has them to impress men.”

“You don’t want bigger breasts to impress men?”

“No. I want bigger breasts because… I want bigger breasts.”

“Do you like bigger breasts on other women?”

Ivy bit her lip a bit before answering. “Yes. I shouldn’t be having this sort of conversation with you on the sales floor.”

“It’s okay, Ivy. You can trust my voice. You can trust me. Isn’t that right?”

“I can trust you?”

“That’s right, Ivy. You can tell me anything. I’m glad you like big breasts on other women. It must be hard working here then, with so few good busts about.”

“Yeah. You have to be to skinny to work here. And most of the people who shop here are skinny as a beanpole. The girls at least.”

“I’ve noticed. That’s too bad. But I think you are right, Ivy. I think you would look quite nice with a larger bust. I’m fond of big breasts myself.”


“Well, I’d love talking with you more about big breasts, but I do have things I need to tend to. But I need some help—I couldn’t find everything I was looking for. No one seemed to want to help me on the sales floor. Could you get someone to fetch a few things for me?”

“For you? Of course.” Then she picked up her walkie talkie “Code green to register 7. Evelyn, can I get some help?”

“On my way.” came the voice on the radio.

“She’ll be right over. What is it she can help you find?”

“Well, I never feel quite right as a male going into the lingerie section. I was looking for something for my lady friend. You’d like her, plus she has big breasts.”

The thought of another woman’s big breasts excited Ivy as much as talking about want of her own. “Um, well, was it anything in particular?”

“Yeah. I was hoping it would be something that matches this collar I found.” John said motioning to the collar/leash combo he’d picked out.


“Yeah, it’s kinky. But that’s one of the things I like about her.”

“Oh, it’s the plebe.” said Evelyn on her arrival.

“Now that’s not very nice.” said John, frowning.

Evelyn rolled her eyes at him went back to ignoring him. “What can I get for you, Ivy?”

John adjusted his watch. Time stopped and he spoke to store clerk. “Evelyn, you adore the dog collars and have always wanted to wear one. You think they are sexy. But you never have because you are too embarrassed to do so. You wish you could wear one all the time like you were someone’s pet. You secretly wish you were. The thought of being someone’s pet excites you. You wish someone would order you around like a dog and tell you what to do. You like being dominated and you like being ordered around. But you are worried about being humiliated by asking someone to degrade you like that. You don’t want anyone to know you secretly are a pet wanting a master but are too ashamed to look for own. But don’t worry, Evelyn. You will find your master soon. You will know him because he will be the first person to tell you to put on a collar for them. You love the idea of being a well behaved pet. And putting on a collar when you are told to do so will make you forever happily that person’s pet.”

Time still standing frozen, he turned back to Ivy and gave her new orders. “Ivy, from now on every time you scan an item for sale you will have a small orgasm. You will do your best, without harassing them, to get people to buy more items because it turns you on. That’s why you are a cashier. It arouses you to take people’s money. That’s the real reason you want bigger boobs. You know you’ll get more sales with them. And you know that people will think your slutty, but that way you won’t have to hide it every time you shudder in orgasm at work for making an extra buck.”

John clicked his watch and time warmed up.

“Oh, this gentleman needed something in the lingerie section. Something that matches this” Ivy said holding up the black and white checkered collar.

Evelyn looked at the collar as her new hopes and wishes registered in her being. She wanted to wear that collar. She wanted to be a pet. She rubbed her legs together, then her face flushed red with shame at the thought.

“Evelyn, hello? Can you get something that matches this?” Ivy pressed.

“Oh, um, sure. What size?” Evelyn asked Ivy, still ignoring John.

John disregarded the snub and answered the question. “Well, the panties should be about your size. I’m sorry, I don’t know the specific measurement. As for the top, well, bring back the largest one you have. My lady friend is quite busty.”

“Lady friend? Whatever, ‘dude’.” Evelyn said, addressing John for the first time before seeking the items. She still spoke in difference, but John was happy that she recognized his dudeness.

“Oh, and get a dog bowl, too.” Ivy chimed in.

“A dog bowl?” asked John.

“Well, you said she was kinky, right?”

“Right, good suggestion! Thank you!”

“Sure, I’ll go and fetch them.” Evelyn cracked a smile at her own word choice. She liked to fetch.

“Great! While Evelyn is away, why don’t you go ahead and start to ring this up.”

“Of course!” Ivy said biting her lip before scanning the item. The tiny orgasm quaked her enough to make her body shake and her eyes flutter.

“Are you alright?” John asked.

“Yeah, I just, um…” Ivy stuttered, ashamed that even though the orgasm was tiny that she couldn’t hide it. It was the first she’d had in too long a time to control.

“You look like you just bit into the most delicious strawberry. Say, I’m a little hungry for sweets myself. Do have chocolates or the like?”

“We’ve got boxed chocolates! Let me call Evelyn and have her bring those back for you, too!” Ivy said, bringing up her radio.

“No. I’m sorry. That would be too much for me. Maybe next time. But the look you gave just now. It was one of orgasmic bliss, like biting into a fresh strawberry. But I didn’t see you do that. What brought it on?”

Completely unaware anything was amiss Ivy answered. “Well, I normally keep this a secret. But I know I can trust you. I really get excited making money. We work on commission here. And knowing I just earned some extra cash… Well…” Ivy leaned in to whisper the last bit. “It gave me a little orgasm.”

“Really? Making money excites you that much?” John asks reaching into his pocket for his wallet.

Only partly shamed by her own revelation, Ivy nodded. “Yeah.”

“Well, isn’t that something. And your candid honesty deserves a tip. Here!” John said handing her a crisp one dollar bill.

“Oh! Thank you!” Ivy said, shuddering and flushing red in excitement.

“Gladly. And there’s more where that came from if you are willing to work for it! I know you’re thinking about spending it on yourself to get some bigger tits. I might be able to help you with that.” John said looking at her chest again.

“Really? You do work? I’d really like to have bigger titties.”

“I’d like you to have bigger titties, too, Ivy. But I don’t do work, I do other things…”

“Here’s what you asked for.” Evelyn said in her monotone, interrupting.

“Oh, thank you!” Answered John looking at the black and white bra, panties, and even dog bowl. He wasn’t surprised their pattern didn’t match entirely. “I was really hoping for more of the checkered pattern on the collar than just matching colors. But I’m impressed by the cow pattern and you even got a matching bowl! My lady friend is going to love this! But, I’m not sure the bra right size.”

“38C. Largest we’ve got in stock.”

“Really, that’s the largest size your store offers?”

“I could look online. But our store really doesn’t cater to fat people.”

“So a 38D or DD would be considered fat?”

“Pretty much.”

“Seems a shame, you’re losing a pleasantly large market by not catering to the busty. Well, it will have to do. Anyway, let’s see how it looks. Put it on for me, will you Evelyn?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Evelyn almost spat.

“Look, I’ve got lots of money to spend and I’ll happily take it somewhere else…” John started, putting his wallet back in his pocket.

“Just put it on, will you!” Ivy insisted.

“It’s not my size! I’m not that fat, it will just fall off.”

“That’s not the point. I’m a paying customer, I’m asking you to help me in purchasing a product the customer is always right, correct?” John asked.

Sighing aloud, Evelyn starts to put the bra on over her shirt. “Fine.”

“Hey now. You know that’s not what I asked.”

“God, alright. I’ll be right back.” Evelyn said huffily and started toward a changing room.

“Don’t walk away from me! I asked you to put the bra on and put it on properly. Where do you think you’re going?”

“To the changing room…”

“Now, now. You’re not stripping naked or anything to get into that. I’m asking you to try on a bra. It’s not like no one’s seen your tits before, is it.”


“Don’t talk back! Put the bra on. Properly. Right here, right now!”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Sir is good. I like it when you’re well behaved.”

“I like being well behaved, too… Sir.”

“Good girl! Now hurry up and try that bra on. Don’t be bashful, you haven’t got much to show anyway as small as you are.”

Evelyn took off her shirt and turned around. John didn’t reprimand her for doing so. So she quickly took off her own bra and tried on the cow patterned one as quickly as she could without flashing anyone. Once the top was clipped, she still had to hold it up with her hands because it was too big on her.

“I told you. The bra doesn’t fit me.” She said turning back to John and Ivy.

“That’s because you’re not wearing it right.” said John.

“What! I think I know how to wear a bra!” Evelyn complained.

“Maybe. But that’s not just a bra is it? It’s a cow pattern bra.” John corrected. “And to wear a cow pattern bra correctly, you need to be on your hands and knees like a cow.”


“You heard me. You want the bra to fit, right? Now get on the floor and wear the top properly.”

“You’re nuts if you think I’m going to…”

“Bad girl! I’m nuts if I thought you were well behaved! You can easily do it, can’t you?” John cut in.

“Yeah, but…”

“Well get on the floor then!” Interrupted John again. “There’s a good girl. You are well behaved aren’t you!”

Evelyn couldn’t help but smile at the compliment. “But it still doesn’t fit!”

She was right, the bra hung loosely and almost empty below Evelyn’s torso.

“Give it a minute.” John said holding up his watch. He then froze time again and walked over to woman on the floor. He pulled from his pocket a small thistle seed. He knelt down and pulled down the woman’s bra a touch. Then he anointed each breast with the seed. His task done. John returned the bra to its place and went back to where he had been standing before adjusting his watch again.

As time sped up, Evelyn’s bra filled out. Eliciting happy moans from Evelyn and Ivy.

“There we are. It’s a shame there weren’t any larger bras. That one looks too tight on you. I suppose you were right, Evelyn. That bra doesn’t fit you.”

“I told you!”

“Don’t talk back! Behave yourself!” John reprimanded.

“Yes, sir.” Evelyn answered, bowing her head in shame as she knelt on all fours.

“Well, Ivy. What do you think? Evelyn’s breasts are too big for the bras you sell here. Does she still look good in it?” asked John.

Licking her lips, Ivy answered. “Oh yes! She looks really good in that top!”

“I’m not convinced.” said John shaking his head. “I just can visualize it without the bottom.”

“I’m sure Evelyn will showcase it for you.” Ivy chimed.

“Hey! I’m not a lingerie model!” said Evelyn from the floor.

“No, but you could be. You are very pretty Evelyn. And I am an agent. Why don’t you try the bottom on for me?”

Evelyn was about to protest when John gave her a stern look.

“Good girl.” He said when she started to take off her own pants. “I expect good behavior from my pets, and customer service is no exception!”

Those words sent a shiver down Evelyn’s spine and two wet spots began to darken her bra. Her pants removed and red panties on display for everyone to see, Evelyn stopped before becoming completely nude from the waist down. “I shouldn’t be doing this.” She said looking up to John.

“Nonsense! No one is going to think it silly that a sales girl has used the sales floor as a changing room. Not so long as she was doing it to close a sale. The customer asked her to do it. And the customer is always right! No go ahead and finish putting those new panties on so I can see how they look before I buy them. That’s a good girl. So well behaved!”

Evelyn was glowing with praise as she stripped her panties and replaced them with the black and white cow pattern bottom.

“What do you think Ivy?” John asked the cashier’s chest.

Blushing and covering her tiny breasts she replied. “Oh, she looks good. That bra complements her big boobs. They really fill it out nicely swaying below her like that. In fact, with that pattern and her on her knees; she looks like a cute cow.” Ivy giggled.

“I don’t know something’s missing.” John said tapping his chin before looking at the register’s counter. “Oh yeah! Here. You need to put this on, Evelyn.”

The store clerk’s heart raced as he handed the collar down to her. He wanted her to put on the collar. Blushing she took it in her hands then hesitated. “I… I can’t. What would people think?”

“Are you really that worried? Especially after taking your top off and changing your underwear in public?”

“But…” Evelyn started. She wanted to put it on and be a pet. She just didn’t want anyone to know how much it excited her.

“But what? Don’t you think you’d look sexy in this collar?”

“Yes, but…” Evelyn’s chest was pounding. Was he the one? Was he going to be her master?

“Then put it on!” John ordered. “I’m not going to buy it until I’m one hundred percent satisfied.”

“Come on, Evelyn.” Ivy urged. “I need this sale!”

Trembling with excitement, Evelyn began to put the collar. He was the one. He was going to be her master. As she slipped the collar around her neck and comfortably tightened it, any doubt slipped from Evelyn’s mind. She was happy, and she knew she would be eternally so long as she was by her master’s side. She knew she was now eternally his pet. And she loved it.

“Good girl!” John said, rewarding his pet by patting her on the head. He then clipped on the leash. “Let’s give it a spin shall we?”

Crawling on her hands and knees, Evelyn was happily led around by the leash. As he walked her around the register she had trouble keeping her eyes off of him. She adored him so. She would do anything for her master.

“Hmm… That still doesn’t feel quite right. Does it girl?” John asked his pet.

Confused and worried of her master’s displeasure, Evelyn answered. “I don’t know. The collar feels so good. I’m so happy to have it on for you. I’ve always wanted to wear one. I’ve always wanted to be a… to be your pet.”

“And I’m very glad you are my pet.” John said disarmingly, rubbing Evelyn’s head. “But with the black and white collar on, and you dressed in cow patterned bra and panties you look like a pet cow. Especially with your very large milky breasts. Doesn’t that seem silly?”

“But, but I like cows! And I’m your pet aren’t I? Don’t you like me as your pet? Can’t I be your pet cow?”

“Of course, my pet. I do, I do. But how can you be my pet cow if you are clothed? Cows don’t wear panties, and cows certainly don’t cover their udders with bras!”

“But… we’re in public. You don’t want your pet to be naked in public, do you?” Evelyn asked, worried for her master’s sake.

“Oh, my pet. Pets aren’t naked unless they aren’t wearing their collars. Now take of those silly clothes. That’s a good girl!” John said as the woman slipped off the panties and let the bra fall free.

Her heavy breasts hung lower without the bra’s support. And Evelyn’s bosom was distended with excitement... and milk.

“Let’s try that again, shall we?” John said tugging at Evelyn’s leash.

Again he walked her around the register. Ivy couldn’t take her eyes off of Evelyn’s wonderful breasts. They were so happy and full. She couldn’t help but stare in envy.

“Very good!” John said, stroking his pets head. She leaned into his hands as he rubbed her.

Smiling, John knelt down to eye level with his pet. “Are you my pet cow, Evelyn?”

“Yes! I’m your pet cow!” the former sales clerk gleefully responded.

“Good girl, so well behaved!” John said patting her again. Then he picked up the bra and pantie set that was left on the floor. “Does my pet want these clothes then.”

Shaking her head she answered. “No! Cow’s don’t wear clothes.”

“That’s right! You’re my good pet cow, aren’t you?”


“Good girl! Well, I’m sorry Ivy, it looks like we won’t be buying these.” John said setting the bra and panties back on the counter.

Ivy hardly noticed, she was still entranced by Evelyn’s naked breasts.

“Ivy, Evelyn’s big naked breasts are really something to look at, aren’t they?” he asked.

“Yeah.” She replied dreamily. Big breasts turned her on. And she really wished her own breast were bigger, too.

“Would you like to touch them, Ivy?”

“Yes.” came the reserved response.

“Well then, come over here! I’ll let you, Evelyn is a nice pet. Aren’t you Evelyn?”

His pet nodded.

“She likes it when strangers pet her. She especially likes it when they play with her breasts. She’s a good cow. Isn’t that right, pet?”

“Oh yes!” Evelyn answered, still nodding.

Cautiously, Ivy stepped out of the cashier’s platform over to John and Evelyn. Kneeling down she reached out and ever so gently stroked the side of Evelyn’s breast. Shivers went down both girl’s bodies.

“Oh, come now. Don’t be shy! You can really feel her up if you want. I know you want to know what big titties feel like. Go ahead and grab them. Just be gentle. I don’t want you hurting my pet cow.”

Blushing, Ivy bowed her head. But that didn’t stop her from taking a big handful of Evelyn’s tit.

“That’s right. Her big breasts feel really good. Don’t they, Ivy?” John went on.

“Yes.” Ivy said, still massaging the cow’s breasts.

“So warm and full. Why don’t you play with the nipples. Look how hard they are. They’re just begging for attention!”

“Oh!” Evelyn cried as Ivy brushed her nipple for the first time, exciting them both.

“I’m sorry!” Ivy said pulling her hand back.

“Oh, come now. Don’t be shy! She liked it. In fact, give it a good long tug.”

Complying with the order, Ivy reached her fingers around one of Evelyn’s elongated nipples. Then she squeezed and pulled downward.

“Ooooh!” squealed Evelyn as milk sprayed onto the floor.

“I believe the word you’re looking for is ‘moo’ my little cow. And I’m sorry about the mess, Ivy. Here.” John said putting the dog bowl underneath to catch up the milk. “Alright, now do it.”

More confident now, Ivy reached down and took a teat in each hand and began to rhythmically tug at them.

“Moo!” Evelyn cooed as she was milked. The bowl beneath her gradually filled as her flow steadied. The sweet smell of her lactate filled the air. Ivy may have been jealous of Evelyn’s big breasts, but as worked up as she was now, Ivy may have been leaking as much as the cow.

“There’s not much cows like more than having their nipples tugged. Cow’s love being milked. Don’t they, Evelyn?” said John.

“Moo!” replied the happy cow.

“Good! I’m glad! Playing with her big tits is a real turn on, isn’t it, Ivy?” John pronounced.

“Yeah.” Ivy answered, more breathy than she’d wanted. She was rather embarrassed by how much the cow’s breasts electrified her.

“It always gets me worked up to. And I know it’s got Evelyn all turned up. See?” John said bringing Ivy’s hand to cover Evelyn’s pussy.

Both Evelyn and Ivy gasped as her had was brought to her rump. The cow’s cunny was swollen and hot with excitement. Ivy tried to pull her hand away, but John just guided it and rubbed her hand across the cow’s enlarged clit.

Evelyn bucked. Ivy started breathing heavy.

“Oh my, she’s almost ready!” John happily proclaimed. “Milking cows always gets them worked up. You’re pretty worked up, too, I see Ivy?”

Panting slightly, she answered. “Uhm, yeah.”

“I tell you what, why don’t you stick a couple of fingers in her and tell me if she’s ready and we’ll take care of that.”

“Ready for what?”

“Why, ready to be bred of course. If there’s only one thing that cows love than having their nipples tugged: it’s being bred. Isn’t that right Evelyn?”

“Moo!” swooned the happy cow, rubbing her cunny into Ivy’s hand.

“I…” Ivy started to protest before John adjusted his watch.

Time stopped. “Ivy, you want to see Evelyn bred. You want to see her fucked. You want to see me fuck her. You know she’s getting fucked like a cow because of her big tits. You know that if she gets fucked, you’ll get big tits. You want big tits. You want to get fucked. You want big tits so you can get fucked like Evelyn. You want big tits so you can be a pet like Evelyn. You want to be my pet like Evelyn.”

Content with the most recent adjustments, John adjusted his watch and let time flow again.

“I want to see her bred!” Ivy said.

“Good! Now go ahead and slide two fingers into our little cow here and see if she’s ready.”

Her hand already over point of entry, Ivy pulled it back and wet two fingers out of habit. That was the way she always liked it. Then she knelt down and told the cow “I want to see you fucked, Evelyn.” And slid her fingers effortlessly into her snatch.

“Moo!” moaned the blissful cow. Clenching about the woman’s fingers.

“Well, did they go in easy?” John asked.

“She’s holding onto my fingers with her pussy. She’d pull me in if she could!” said Ivy.

“Excellent! Would you like to watch me fuck her, Ivy?”

“Yes!” the cashier answered with enthusiasm before covering her mouth. Had she just said that out loud?

“Thank goodness! I’d hate to have a cow in heat and try and take her anywhere without a proper fucking first!” John said, dropping his trousers and stepping out of his sweaty boxers.

He smelled heavily of precum. He always got worked up transforming beautiful women. Especially for the ones he had decided to take home with him. It didn’t seem proper to leave a pet without her master.

His long erection stood proudly now, free of it’s confines. Stepping behind Evelyn, he stroked the fine curve of her ass before pulling out Ivy’s hand. He placed her sticky fingers in front of Evelyn who happily began to suck away at her own juices.

Ivy bit her lip. She’d never had her fingers sucked before.

“Be careful! I don’t know if she’s a biter. I know how much you like big tits, Ivy. Why don’t you keep playing with Evelyn’s tits while I fuck her to be safe.”

As luxurious as it felt to have her fingers sucked upon, Ivy didn’t need a second invitation for breast play. She loved big tits. She wanted big tits. She wanted big tits like Evelyn.

Milk splashed into the dog bowl as Ivy continued playing. Evelyn mooed contentedly as she was milked.

Then joyously as she was fucked.

Ivy had trouble hanging onto to the cows teats as John pounded her. They were quite heavy as they swung to and fro to his regular thrusts. She was worried about tugging too hard, but the nipples only further stiffened as they were milked.

She swore she felt them pulse when Evelyn cried out in what could only be an orgasm. Ivy felt herself getting wet as she played with the beautiful pets breasts as she was fucked. Ivy wanted to get fucked. She wanted to get fucked like Evelyn.

“Here it comes my pet!” John cried as he clenched her.

“Moo!” Evelyn moaned in anticipation.

“Oh god, oh yes, oh god oh fuck fuck fuck fuck aah!” squealed Ivy as she as a sympathetic orgasm ripped through her. She dropped Evelyn’s tits and brought a hand down to rub herself through her skirt. She knew she could work out a quick second orgasm for herself.

“Playing with Evelyn’s big breasts really turned you on. Didn’t it, Ivy?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Ivy screamed as the words brought her to peak.

John chuckled. “I’m so glad. But I’ll ask again to make sure you heard me. Did you like playing with Evelyn’s big tits, Ivy.”

Basking in her own afterglow the cashier replied, “Mmm, yeah.”

“Did it feel good to hold them, to milk them? To heft their weight?”

“Yes!” Ivy answered, almost whimpering in pleasure.

“After feeling them, would you like to have big titties, Ivy?”

“Yes!” rubbing herself furiously again.

“Do you want big tits so you’ll get fucked?”


“Do you want big tits so you can be a pet, Ivy?”


“My pet?”

“Yes!” screamed Ivy, coming a third time.

“What do you think, Evelyn? Would you like Ivy to come home and live with us?” asked John.

Evelyn was still glowing from her own fucking. “Mmm, so long as she is sure to milk me like that again! She is welcome anytime!”

“Alright then.” Said John. “Ivy, the choice is yours. Would you like to come home with me as my pet?”

“Mmm… Yes. Yes master!” She said looking up at him and sucking on her own fingers.

“Good. But you must do something for me first.”


“You were kind and milked my pet cow for me. But I don’t want that milk to go to waste. Get down on the floor and drink it like a good pet for me.” John commanded.

Radiant from her three previous orgasms, and looking forward to more in her new life to come, Ivy knelt on the floor. “Yes master.” she said in her sexiest voice before beginning to lap up the fresh milk.

“My oh my, what a good pet. She’s as well behaved as you my little cow.” John said, pulling up his pants.

Evelyn beamed at the compliment and gave a happy moo. Smiling in a dreamlike state as she watched Ivy drink up her milk.

“Well, now that you’ve submitted yourself to me, go and pick out a leash and collar for yourself. I saw a tiger print that I’m sure you’ll enjoy, but feel free to bring back anything else that is more to your personality.”

“Yes master!” Ivy said, licking her lips before skipping off to find a new wardrobe.

John smiled, watching the former cashier’s ass. “Now if only we could find someone to help check us out.”