The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter One

The elevator door opens to the lobby of the luxury high-rise apartment building. Troy, the tenant of the penthouse, exits the cab and turns toward the entry. Abruptly he stops, jolted by the vision leaning against a marble wall. His immediate thought is that she’s a high-class call-girl, but that premise vanishes since he knows security would never allow that. Then his eyes anxiously take her in. She is in profile, extremely tall with a stunningly colossal figure, mammoth tits, tiny waist, flaring hips and unbelievable long legs. A luxurious blonde mane cascades down her bronzed body. Painted on, like a second skin, is a micro-mini dress. It is neon pink and elastic taut to her scintillating curves. Under the shiny, semi-transparent surface he sees huge, hard nipples and no sign of a thong. His silent ogling continues down over a hemline, just barely below her pussy, and a pair of perfectly sculpted legs that are nestled into pewter platforms. The glistening pumps are adorned with diamonds, to match her necklace, groups of pointed spikes and towering, pencil-thin stilettos. She is a walking wet-dream from his most cherished of fantasies.

“HELL-OHH, TRO-EEE,” this knockout purrs, pushing aside some of her flowing tresses to give him a come-hither stare. She is killer gorgeous, perfect pear shaped face with inviting frost pink lips and deeply penetrating gray eyes that ignite his lust.

“h..H..Hi,” he manages to reply, his mind racing, trying to understand how she knows his name. He’s positive that he’s never met this beauty because he’d have absolutely, positively remembered it. “h..How.. na, name?” he stammers. A sly smile crosses her glamorous features.

“COME HERE,” she suggests softly, and Troy willingly complies. He breathes in her sweet fragrance and senses the sexual electricity she emits. ‘I would give anything for this babe’ flashes through his mind as he turns to look up. Her arms elevate, fingers grip his shirt and pull. His face settles inches from the pinnacles of her breasts making him realize she’s almost a foot taller than him. A sharp nail stabs into the underside of his chin raising his gaze upward.

“I KNOW SHAWN.” The mention of his younger brother shocks him. How could an innocent eighteen year old guy like baby bro get next to this ultra-sexy chick? He feels her hands brazenly rest on his hips. “I’VE BEEN ENJOYING HIM FOR DAYS,” she coos, “AND HE’S BEEN TALKING ALOT ABOUT HIS BIIGG BROTHER.” Troy gasps as one of her legs slithers between his thighs and one of her palms caresses his cheek. Spellbound by this vixen’s aura, he suddenly starts to pant and engorge. “SHAW-NEEE TOLD ME WHERE YOU LIVE, WHAT YOUR CLASS SCHEDULE IS, SOOO…” She leans closer, bust encompassing his neck, hot breath in his ear, knee up in his crotch, “…NOW I CAN ENJOY YOU, TOO!” She whispers provocatively.

Troy has never been so turned-on so quickly in his life. In a fog of desire his arm is locked and willingly he is lead to the entry doors, then outside and across to a parking island. Troy is consumed with lust, completely unable to resist this cunning goddess or even comprehend what is unfolding. The staccato clicking of her spiked heels creates the rhythm by which they move, approaching a sleek 24K gold Lamborghini. Reaching the passenger’s side of the low-slung, ultra-exotic sport car she activates the door which silently pivots open. The interior is custom—elegant ebony and glossy snakeskin.

“I’M TAKING YOU FOR A RIDE, DARLING.” She announces low and sultry, nudging him forward. He hesitates, pivoting slightly to look up and behold again this majestic female. Her breathtaking face forms a seductive smirk and she asks teasingly, “WHY DON’T YOU GET IN?” Troy’s mind is muddled, a combination of shock and fear, surprisingly, but his surging cock is adamantly screaming ‘YES.’ Her gaze slowly drops to his groin and the fingertips of a hand glide lightly down the expanding lump until she firmly clutches the thin material of his slacks and rolls his balls around. He quivers and moans like a frightened puppy.

“SIT, MY PET.” She snaps, a mischievous gleam in her sparkling eyes. As if struck by lightning Troy finds himself collapsing into the bucket seat. Swiftly she leaves, rounding the rear of the car as its driver’s side door opens upward. He looks over as she gracefully descends into the adjacent seat, her massive bosom undulating, the two enormously enhanced masses in pristine unison. Her skirt rides up for an instant before she tugs it down. The extremely brief sight of her nude, glisteningly moist lips flashes in his brain and makes him give out a pathetic whimpering sound. “UHH, SWEET THING,” she says breathlessly, “I’M GOING TO DEVOUR YOU!” The sudden roar of the Lambo’s immense engine drowns out his feeble question about her name. Troy rapidly lifts his legs and tucks them inside the vehicle as the doors move downward and seal tight. She revs the supercar once more, letting it settle before doing it yet again. The rumble is deafening, even inside the interior compartment. “HANDS DOWN, BAY-BEE.” she orders, just a moment before a seat harness zips from seemingly nowhere and crosses his body in multiple locations. The straps automatically tighten like a web around him causing Troy to visibly shiver and look over at the blonde siren in alarm. A quite calm, seemingly knowing, smile lights up HER face, telling him that this is the normal reaction to the Lambo’s bondage-like apparatus.

“POOR BOY,” she says with mocking empathy, turning to stroke down his face with the back of her hand, “I JUST DO THIS FOR YOUR SAFETY, HUN. I DON’T WANT YOU HURT BEFORE I CAN ENJOY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.” With her final words her hand is again on the tent his erection has produced. This time she gives its top a circular stroke that sends tingles through Troy’s loins. “Ha..who..Who a..are you?” he stammers in gasps as she continues to play with the head of his boner through the pre-cum soaked material. In horror he realizes that she has him at the brink of release and this has happened in less than a minute. Her index finger appears before his eyes, the long manicured nail gleaming with his jism. The sharp silver talon touches his lips. “TASTE?” she whispers suggestively, but not waiting for an answer her digit enters his mouth. He’s once sampled a dab of his juice in the past, to just have the experience. Now, unexpectedly, he closes his eyes and suckles like a starving infant.

“STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE FOR ME, BABE,” her words come forth as a suggestive command, one not to be denied. He does as told extending it as far as possible. To Troy it seems that getting exactly what SHE wants is somehow natural and appropriate to this siren. Pleasing her seems so right, so natural to him but why he’s been selected by this torrid twenty-something temptress is a mystery…but wait…suddenly Shawn returns to his blurred memory. “UHH, YESSZZ, TROY-BOY” she coos approvingly of his stiffened probe, “I WANT IT.” Her hand moves away and surrounds the golden gear-knob and the Lambo explodes forward throwing his head back into the rest. She upshifts and he can only ogle the taut muscularity of her arms and legs as they move smoothly through three more gears. Blonde tresses billow at the side of her bosom framing the perfectly shaped, shiny crimson globe. His gaze falls to her spectacular abs, etched enticingly into the formfitting metallic rubber. Then the sight of the mouthwatering triangle of her womanhood, exposed, but cast in shadow, drives Troy to moan, “oh,oh, gaaaawd.”

Looking up, he sees her slide on a pair of designer shades, sleek, black wrap-arounds with diamond encrusted bows. The wealth this young lady is displaying defies belief. “MY SHAWN-EE BOY IS AT MY VILLA, RESTING FROM A QUITE SPIRITED MORNING PERFORMANCE,” she states in a matter-of-fact comment over the Lambo’s growl. Wiggling slightly she tugs her hem down enough to conceal her treasure, “NAUGHTY TROY,” she huskily drawls as the vehicle leaps onto the coast highway and she quickly maneuvers into the fast lane, effortlessly picking up gears and blinding speed. “I’M GOING TO NEED TO DISCIPLINE YOU FOR YOUR ROVING EYES.” He gathers his lust-crazed thoughts, swallows and attempts to speak coherently, ”H..who are”

This time she senses his return from the brink and replies sweetly, “I AM LYLA.” “wh..where are we ga..going?” he manages, watching HER hand dangle over the console a scant inch away from his throbbing hard-on. “I AM TAKING YOU TO MY VILLA, SILLY BOY.” The world wizzes by at astonishing speed, as cars ahead frantically yield to the racing Lambo and Troy processes HER response. “ see sha..shawn?” his question comes out in a whine because her fingernails are again expertly stimulating the tender portion of his hardened shaft. “UMMMM, THAT MIGHT BE FUN,” SHE exclaims, downshifting and darting across lanes and onto an exit ramp. The move freezes him and he grips the seat tightly. The tires squeal as she rounds a corner, then jets to another and drifts screeching around it. He’s already realized this incredible female is a top-notch driver, but none-the-less this is quite frightening. Another few such curves and she decelerates and blasts through an open iron gate. “BUT FIRST, TROY DARLING, I’M GOING TO RIDE YOUR CUTE LITTLE TONGUE,” she hesitates, whipping the Lambo into a sideways slide that ends in a jolting halt precisely at the glass front of a shimmering steel structure, “ AND YOUR BIG JUICY COCK…” she continues casually, “ …LATER.”

Troy feels himself shaking uncontrollably, as LYLA shuts down her million dollar machine. He looks up to see a slyness wash over her beguiling face and her sunglasses removed and tossed indifferently aside. Without doubt, he’s about to be fucked by, surely, the most exquisite beauty in all of SoCal. He’s never in his active sex life felt the least bit inadequate-until this moment. Who she is remains a mystery, as does how she got Shawn and why she wants Troy, but all that suddenly vanishes from his mind. She has unbuckled her seatbelt and pivoted to lean over him. Her fingers snake into his curly dark hair and she jerks his head back. Bound and virtually helpless to resist, and not even thinking of such a foolish thing anyway, he melts into the power of her mesmerizing gray orbs. LYLA overwhelms him with a ferocious french kiss that escalates quickly into the conquest of his tongue and the deep exploration of his mouth. His whole being is again aroused to a pounding fever pitch. He feels as if his head could burst from her scorching passion. And his cock?—his mind flashes on it just as she releases her grip, ends the boiling embrace and simultaneously jabs a fingernail directly into the top of his stiffy. The pain is abrupt and severe causing him to yelp loudly. SHE slithers back into the contours of the driver’s seat chuckling triumphantly. “LESSON NUMBER ONE FOR MY NEW BOY-TOY. LYLA CUMS FIRST – ALWAYS.”

In rapid secession, his harness retracts and the Lambo doors swing up and open. Troy inhales desperately. Through tear-stained eyes he sees HER flip down the visor. Vainly SHE stares into the illuminated mirror, fluffing her soft hair then quickly applying a fresh coat of lip gloss. “SWEETIE, AROUND TO MY DOOR.” Surprisingly he finds himself bolting up out of the seat and stumbling to the rear of the now silent monster-car. In his haste, he manages to glance at the gold-framed personalized plate and at once translates: E-V-L-B-T-C-H.

The audacity of that message, coupled with the discomfort in his groin, hits his senses as HER crossed legs come into view. They are magnificent limbs, pristine and powerful in shape and gloriously sun-drenched. Without being told, seemingly as an understood action, he falls to his knees before LYLA.

“SEE MY PLATE?” SHE inquires rhetorically, having intentionally watched him in the rear view mirror. The well-built boy mumbles, “yes”. “WHAT DOES IT SAY, SWEETIE?”. Troy struggles to say the words, “e,ev,ah,evil…”. “BITCH,” SHE interrupts in a low guttural growl, pointing a glittery nail directly at his mouth, then turning it to gesture him closer like a siren beckoning a prey to his demise. Troy leans forward while HER legs uncross and slowly splay out invitingly. “ALL FOURS,” SHE instructs in a sensuous tone, and Troy blindly complies, hands hitting the hot pavement right next to HER pumps, his gaze now level with the expanding vista under HER skirt. His uncontrolled groaning is caused by the vision of the most desirous pinkness he’s ever seen in his life. HER lush lips appear to be actually fluttering ever so slightly and HER prominent clit is protruding like a succulent candy ready to be tasted. Seldom has Troy pleasured his many dates like this in the past, yet the craving to dive into LYLA’s pristine pussy burns like fire in the depths of his loins.

“I AM EVIL,” SHE coos menacingly, “I AM THE BITCH.” His mind reels from the wickedness SHE expresses so proudly while HER fingers snake into his wavy dark hair and grip tightly. “I AM THE BITCH GODDESS THAT SHAWN SO WILLINGLY WORSHIPS.” Effortlessly SHE positions the handsome guy’s face to hover between HER knees and inches from HER divine temple. “WILL TROY?” LYLA asks in a nearly demonic whisper, relaxing the grip on his head and sliding ever so slightly forward. SHE knows that this most torrid of all temptations no male has ever been strong enough to resist. Certainly this one can’t, LYLA muses to HERSELF with arrogant confidence. Meanwhile Troy hangs suspended, frozen emotionally and physically. In his core he rightfully fears the sexual dominance this cunning vixen has so easily and quickly established over him. He knows Shawn could never have denied HER, but the caution Troy should, must, now display is completely overwhelmed by the excruciating yearning to surrender to the unknown passion of this she-devil. He cannot stop himself from extending his neck, pressing the bridge of his nose against the edge of shiny latex and thrusting out his tongue…