The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter Two

...Troy is lost in time and in his obsession to pleasure LYLA. HER exquisite sex temple is so incredibly delicious, repeatedly gushing sweet, hot liquids into his eager mouth and splashing over his face. Feverishly he plunges inward with his tongue, hearing HER terse commands from above, “FASTER,” “DEEPER”, “FLICK IT”, “SUCK IT”. HER stilettos dig into his lower back, HER gloved hands guide him where SHE desires. How long he is on hands and knees serving HER is lost, unknown to him; how many orgasms SHE has is beyond his ability to comprehend, seemingly countless. Troy follows HER urgings, swallowing copious amounts of LYLA’s juices every few minutes. With each feeding powerful pheromones unwittingly pull him further and further under HER spell. To LYLA he is quite similar to his brother now, tamed and addicted to HER debilitating nectar. Both of these boys have willingly surrendered. Will they relinquish control of their multi-million dollar trust fund as easily?

Troy is barely conscious of the long fingers carressing his skin, He simply is not able to grasp his defenselessness, so engrossed in this treacherous seductress. Nor is he cognizant of HER voice speaking into a cell phone directing the callee to prepare a playroom with champagne and caviar. SHE admires his broad shoulders, his powerful physique. This one is built much like his younger brother, and much to LYLA’s liking. He has the potential to be a fine addition to HER collection if his cock is as enjoyable as his tongue and his shared fortune becomes HERs. For now, however, he is merely the latest specimen to bow to HER wicked will.

The evening sun is a huge orange sphere setting over the ocean as Troy is finally allowed out from between LYLA’s statusque legs. He slumps into an exhausted heap at HER feet, face coated in layers of milky white film, both dried and glisteningly moist. SHE sees the telltale vacant stare and knows Troy is totally enthralled with HER. Planting first one and then the other of HER dazzling pumps just in front of his face SHE effortly arises from the Lambo’s bucket seat. “THAT WAS NICE,” he hears from above, gingerly raising his head to gaze upward. He can not even see HER face as seemingly miles of bronzed body, with a touch of hot pink latex, terminate at the underside of HER bodacious bosom. “THANK ME,” SHE calls down sternly. Troy struggles up onto one shaky arm and mumbles, “Thank you, LYLA, thank you, i, i’ve...” SHE interrupts his stammering, “SHOW ME YOUR GRATITUDE, MY LITTLE BOY TOY,” with one of HER legs moving forward, the sole of its shoe placed on top of one of his outstretched hands. He feels the pressure but hesitates, unsure of what SHE requires. SHE wants to break him as completely as Shawn. Its only a matter of time.

“KISS IT,” SHE responds to his motionless state. Now Troy has never done this before, that is, grovel at a female’s feet, yet for LYLA it seems an act of devotion he sincerely wishes to do. Thus his fingertips gingerly touch the spiked surfaces and his lips touch the shiny metal toe. Closing his eyes he continues undaunted over the points, along the side, kissing in short bursts. Reaching the incredibly slender shaft of the stiletto he sticks out his tired, raw tongue and licks up and down feverishly. He is lost in his revelry when suddenly SHE retracts HER foot. The tapered front of the pump swings swiftly backwards, then even faster forward, drivng deeply into his exposed groin area with considerable force. He meekly doubles up with severe discomfort. “NOT YET HUN,” SHE barks as Troy desperately gasps for breath realizing he is hard as rock and tetering on the brink of explosion yet again. LYLA sees this and has once more acted to deny him release. Immediately he shrivels, his craving has been cruelly squelched..

Ignoring his distress, the beautiful, sadistic amazon steps away, continuing in an entirely different, decidedly sweeter tone, “THIS IS ONE OF MY SERVANT GIRLS,” Straining to look up, Troy sees a cute redhead in a white jumpsuit staring down on him with a sly smirk. The babe has appeared from nowhere and is at LYLA’s side. By comparison she is quite a lot shorter than the towering blonde, yet nontheless strikingly tall. “SHE WILL TAKE YOU INSIDE, MY DARLING, TO FRESHEN YOU UP FOR ME,". With that embarrassing yet encouraging comment, LYLA gracefully turns and strides toward the reflective glass villa. His eyes follow the duo of shiny, wildly undulating rear globes as each of them pounds up and down. Alternately they stretch the gleaming rubber to an exceedingly sexy tautness. Troy feels himself begin to helplessly engorge at the sight. SHE casually flips a portion of long flowing tresses over a shoulder and disappears from view, causing him to whimper pathetically.

“Troy,” the girl standing at his side says, her voice bringing him back to a hazy reality, “My name is Candie.” Effortlessly lfting his shaky form up she half-carries, half-drags him into a side entrance of the stylish villa. “I will bathe you and dress you for the evening. You look quite like your brother,” she adds, leading him into a huge bathroom suite. Without hesitating she strips off his remaining clothes, taking care not to touch his raw face or semi-erect member. Speechlessly he watches her realizing, if not for LYLA, Candie would be the hottest lady he’d seen in a long time. Her touch is soft, her movements fluid. Now naked he has become fully arroused, yet she goes about drawing the bath and getting him in. He soaks as she scrubs and speaks of her adoration for “Mistress Lyla’. He wants so very much to cum, but when he grasps his boner Candie scolds him pulling his hands away. She insists he can’t get himself off because the Mistress, and only SHE, will enjoy him tonight. Troy’s frustration remains, but in the steamy fog of the room and in his muddled mind he fantasizes about having mind-blowing sex with LYLA. He knows he must wait for that...

...Troy is refreshed, having eaten a sumptuous meal, he is dressed in an outft of Candie’s choosing and being guided through a labyrinth of halls toward LYLA. He’s incredibly anxious, following the lovely redhead now regalled in a saucy spandex gown. He begins to hear sounds as they descend a stair. One voice is unmistakable, that of the Evil Bitch. SHE is near, in the next room. Candie turns abruptly, halting Troy’s progress. “Boy,” she emplores, “You must wear this in HER presence.” From under a cape she produces a slim, sparkling gold collar. Troy is so distracted by the closeness of LYLA, just out of sight, that Candie quickly slips the band around his neck and locks it into place. “Go to Mistress Lyla,” the girl gestures and steps aside. Troy shuffles forward.

The space is immense, with many different lighted areas and a plethora of furnishings and equipment. Motion to his left averts his gaze. As his eyes adjust to the lower illumination Troy gasps at the vision. SHE is astride a naked male, HER collosal body coated in shimmering black leather. “Shawn,” he blurts, “Wh, wha, what...” He is unable to continue, so shocked seeing his younger sibling secured to an elaborate padded bench, wrists and ankles in metal restraints. LYLA is riding Shawn with wild abandon, crotch high boots squeezing his torso, a short crop in one hand and a chain leash in the other. His face is twisted in a strange far-away smile as he turns his head toward his brother. “Shawn,” Troy squeals, stepping forward. LYLA forces the boy’s face back to HER with the stiff shaft of the crop not interrupting HER rhythmic humping. “TROY,” the leather-clad sex goddess snarls, “KNEEL, WATCH, LEARN.” He sinks to his knees in a daze. His mind races-should he help his bro? Of course not. He’s being fucked by this gorgeous bombshell and obviously he’s loving it. Troy oogles LYLA, lusting at HER nasty ensemble: crotchless booty shorts, brief bustier, arm-length gloves and glittering diamonds everywhere. HER sun-drenched body shimmers with a reflective lotion as it thrusts and undulates over Shawn. SHE is relentless, jabbing with spiked heels, prodding with the crop, elevating shawn’s head with the leash. Giving HER male mount inaudible instructions, Troy sees his sibling lunging strenuously with the Mistress’ coacsing. On and on SHE bucks atop the young stallion. Troy is mesmerized, his voyeuring desperately turning him on.

LYLA’s passion boils over. SHE hisses, “YES,YES, YES,” as the orgasm washes over HER. Troy moans, recalling a few hours ago when his mouth and tongue illicited the same ecstacy for HER. He touches his turgid cock as the sizzling sex continues on the bench, on his panting brother. Finally the haunting bitch coos, “GOOD BOY,” patting Shawn’s cheek SHE swiftly unhooks the leash and dismounts. Troy gasps seeing his bro’s erection still standing upright like a steel pole, its base encircled in an elaborate strapping that has obviously not allowed any hope of cumming. LYLA seductively struts across the marble floor, approaching HER new thrall, heels loudly clicking. Troy’s torso shudders, and he feels both desire and fear course through him. The studded palm of a glove scraps his face and SHE addresses the handsome hunk, “HELLO BAY-BEE.” HER hands reach down and powerfully rip open his shirt; then move up to attach the dangling leash to Troy’s collar. The sharp snap of the clasp shocks him, as his nostrils are filled with the same scent his mouth experience in HER juices. Looking up he realizes, in his confused thoughts, that this beguiling temptress completely controls Shawn and is intent on doing exactly the same with him. “NEXT,” LYLA whispers.