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Magic Hypno Pen

* * *

Valentine loves her roommate. Unfortunately, her roommate is painfully straight. She decides to make some amends to this, after her roommate goes through an awful breakup.

* * *

Please note this story is intended for adult audiences! Do not read if you are under the age of 18. There are depictions of non-consensual hypnosis here; what happens here would be highly immoral and illegal (along with impossible) in real life, and I do not condone these things.

* * *

Valentine knew three things. One, she was a lesbian. Two, she was extremely gay for her roommate, Elise. Three, Elise had no interest in her.

Of course, Valentine knew many other things — she was in a prestigious art school, after all, and had studied greatly upon the pursuit of art, painting and sculpture styles, and various eras or art history. But these three facts were the biggest thing that were on her mind.

It didn’t help that she and Elise shared a room, and Valentine had to look away every time Elise undressed or had a guy friend over to flirt with each other in front of Valentine. Elise was everything Valentine wanted. She was funny, smart as hell (at least academically), adorable... not to mention, she had those cute freckles on her face that made her even more stunning when a boy complimented her and she would blush like mad. God, she was so perfect.

She just wasn’t into girls.

For a long time, Valentine considered moving out because of it. It was getting too much for her, too hard to keep functioning in her living space when all she wanted to do was look at Elise. Valentine had lost track of how many paintings she’d secretly done of Elise. Elise was the perfect model.

If only she would get naked for Valentine. For more reasons than one, that is.

God, Valentine just had to get her head out of the gutter. Why was she like this? Why did she always pine after straight girls? It was like she tortured herself to no end, biting her lip and wishing an oblivious Elise the best in her relationships. Or comforting her when they didn’t work out and trying to stop herself from saying “I would never treat you like that.”

(Valentine slipped on that once, but luckily Elise didn’t pick up the hint once again. Maybe Elise was the oblivious lesbian here.)

As Valentine mused in her head, she tried to distract herself from Elise’s phone call where she gushed to her “BFF” about one of her most recent boyfriends.

“So then he says, ‘you’d look good in a flower crown’ and I just about squealed! He’s so cute, I could stare at him for days... oh, and that dick is SO GOOD.”

Valentine wasn’t bitter by a long run, but did Elise really have to go into that much detail? So loudly? Did she even realize Valentine was still in the room?

“Oh, and then, he takes me to the craft store... and picks out a ton of fake flowers for me... and says he’s going to make the crown himself and surprise me with the flowers he chooses! Isn’t that so romantic? Ugh, he’s such a great guy. Hashtag blessed, y’know?”

Valentine was, on the other hand, hashtag stressed.

“But I don’t know if it’s going to work out,” Elise’s voice suddenly dropped in excitement, and Valentine almost turned around to inquire further. What in the world? But she was so excited about him!

“Yeah, I know he’s great, but like...” Valentine’s heart nearly stopped in dread as she said the next piece. “He’s a bit too feminine for me, y’know?”

Valentine just about groaned inside. Just as she was getting somewhere, Elise ended up back at square one — wanting super masculine cookie cutter boys. Elise might have been smart academically and in fashion, but she certainly didn’t have the best taste in men.

As Valentine scrolled through her local social media pages, she saw an ad for a yard sale that happened to be going on right now. She hadn’t heard about it, but it was probably worth checking out. After all, anything to distract her from her recent troubles — and a little impulse shopping never hurt, after all.

Or well, maybe it did. Valentine never really made the best financial decisions throughout her life. In fact, she could already hear her wallet complaining.

* * *

The junkyard sale was unsurprisingly full of junk. Plenty of clothes that with one glance Valentine could understand why they were getting tossed. Kitchen appliances that were most certainly broken. Some art tools, but mostly Crayola pencils and used erasers. There was, of course, a section filled with actually interesting objects such as neat home decor and things Valentine never knew she needed, but they were snatched up almost immediately after Valentine noticed them. Eventually, most people were gone; the only people left were Valentine, a few bored stragglers, and the middle aged woman who was running the sale.

Valentine looked through the art supplies again; at the very least, maybe she could get some cheap items for art school. Again, they were mostly cheap pencils and dried out markers. Some sketchbooks with maybe fifty or so pages left. And a plastic palette that definitely was missing half of it.

And then there was one thing Valentine saw in the corner of the art supplies, tucked under the massive amount of cheap crayons, was a brush pen. It looked decently high quality; upon closer inspection, the ink wasn’t used up at all, and it was a gorgeous ocean blue color. Valentine more preferred pinks and oranges, but she definitely liked some blues in her artwork. Maybe she could draw a nice ocean, or a hot spring...

“Ah, that pen’s quite special,” the lady running the stand mentioned to Valentine. Valentine was jolted out of her thoughts as the lady spoke to her.

“Oh,” she blinked. “How so?”

“It’s considered magical. Got it from some sort of fortune teller, y’know. Said it had transformational powers, y’know?”

No, Valentine didn’t understand.

“She told me it could transform whoever’s drawn on with it into the words or images being drawn on them,” the lady shrugged. “It sounded like a lot of mumbo jumbo to me, so I never used it. It’s just been collecting dust for years.”

“Sounds pretty fake, in my opinion,” Valentine laughed, and the lady laughed with her. “But it’s a really pretty pen. I could probably use it for my art.”

“Oh, do you go to the art college around here? I’ve seen a few of y’all here. Sorry I don’t have a better selection of art supplies, it’s all stuff my kids use,” she said with a chuckle. “But feel free to take that pen. It’s only two dollars. But you can take it for free, if you really want.”

Valentine looked in her wallet. She had just two dollars in cash — technically, one dollar, three quarters, two dimes and a nickel. She bought the pen, wished the lady well, and looked at it and wondered if it really worked.

Probably not. It was probably just a gag gift... it was still nice, though, at the very least.

Valentine bounced on back home, looking at her phone. Elise had sent her a text that made Valentine unsure if she was happy or sad.

“Valentine....... babe....... my boyfriend just broke up with me :(((((“ the text read. Another text came in soon after, “how could he do this to me???? He just played with my emotions totally...”

Valentine wasn’t surprised in the slightest, but she offered her support. “Aw boo, you don’t deserve that. I’m so sorry.”

The next two texts Valentine got made her blood almost boil — it sounded so insensitive, and yet there was no way Elise could have known.

“I wish I was gay like you,” the first text read. The second text read, “girls sound so much easier to date.”

Oh, if only Elise knew just how utterly wrong she was...

* * *

Valentine came home to none other than Elise on the plush couch in the living room, sobbing her eyes out. At least, she was doing that until she noticed Valentine and immediately tried to suppress her tears and gross sobbing in the name of appearances.

Valentine felt bad for her, sure. Elise was talking about how much she liked her now ex-boyfriend just earlier that morning; and now he was the bane of her existence, all in the span of less than three hours. But a sick, sick part of Valentine felt happy that Elise was single again. Maybe now was her chance to convince Elise to go gay.

No! Why was she having those thoughts? Elise was her friend, first and foremost, not her prey. Valentine walked over to Elise on the couch, sitting down next to the teary girl and patting her back.

All Valentine had to do right now was say the exact same things she’d say to Elise after all her breakups.

“You were too good for him,” Valentine started, trying to hide the boredom in her voice. “If he had a choice between you and anyone else, he’s an idiot for choosing anyone else.”

“Thanks, Valentine,” Elise sniffled, sitting back up straight. This was the agonizing part — Elise leaned into Valentine, embracing her in a tight, comforting hug. Valentine of course returned the hug to be nice, but it was a hard not to get sucked into her soft and warm skin, her aromatherapeutic perfume, and her bigger-than-average breasts.

“I don’t know why I get involved with all these guys,” Elise continued. Valentine merely hummed in agreement.

“They all just end up breaking my heart. I just want to be in true, true love.”

“Me too, Elise,” Valentine echoed.

“I wish you could make me fall in love.”

That put Valentine off in a weird way. What in the world was she even talking about?

“I... feel like that’d be highly immoral,” Valentine mentioned hesitantly. “I can’t make you fall in love, and I don’t even know who I would make you fall in love with.”

Wait. Those were both lies, weren’t they? First of all, if Valentine could, she’d absolutely make Elise fall in love with her — it’d solve all of her problems with her roommate, after all. Second of all... if that pen she got at the yard sale really did work... No, this was a ridiculous line of thought. Valentine would never manipulate Elise like this!

Or would she? The thought was oddly tempting. If she could also make Elise not remember... then... what was the big problem?

“I know,” Elise sat back up and pouted. “Maybe I just need to get my mind off of it right now. Need to do something that will... y’know, something that will make me feel good? That’ll bring out my inner beauty... like... an art project?”

Elise was pretty much thinking the same thing as Valentine, it seemed; minus the lesbian brainwashing Valentine’s mind was going towards. But an art project... yes, Valentine could see that working out quite nicely with the pen...

Was she really going to do this? Yes.

“Elise, y’know, I have an art project I’ve been sitting on,” Valentine started. “It’s where I write lots of words on the person’s body in an artistic way — you know, body paint and ink and everything — and take photos of it. How does that sound?”

Elise seemed hesitant in a strange way, but oddly accepting of the idea.

“You’d, uh, have to get naked.” Valentine wasn’t sure why she added that, but her mouth spoke before her mind thought.

“That sounds fun,” Elise wiped away her tears and smiled as she accepted the suggestion. “Sounds like a fun day at summer camp with my friends.”

Valentine wouldn’t have to feel the sting of those words for much longer, not after she could alter Elise’s brain to actually make her a lesbian. But was it actually going to work? Or was Elise going to come to and find words like ‘submissive lesbian slut’ written all over her body? It was worth a shot anyways, especially if Valentine could find a way to blindfold Elise... right?

“Well, why don’t we do it here?” Valentine suggested. “No time like the present... oh, actually, I think it’d really say a lot of cool things for the project if you were blindfolded too! Something about... not being able to see your own beauty?”

“Oh, I like that,” Elise said with a soft smile. “I can grab the blindfold I use for sleeping, I think...”

Elise stood up and went to the room. In the meanwhile, Valentine pulled out the “magic” pen and stared at it. It was a nice pen, for sure; but was it really magic? Maybe if Valentine could test it on something...

Valentine pulled out a piece of paper from her bag; just a normal sheet of paper from a cool square sketchbook she had. She took the pen, her hand shaking just a little as she wrote “FLOWER” on the piece of paper with the pen. She let go, letting the piece of paper stand there for a few moments. What was going to happen?

Suddenly, Valentine let out a yelp as the paper began to contort and fold itself. Her heart nearly stopped as the paper neatly folded itself into a beautiful origami lily. How in the world did that happen? Was there a ghost in the room? Was Valentine going crazy? She touched the paper flower, just to make sure it was real; picking it up, she examined it. She could still see the blue ink on the paper through the folds, but the paper was folded neatly and excellently. It was so precise, that Valentine immediately thought she could cheat on all of her sculpture finals with this pen.

“Oh, that’s a really cool flower,” Elise came back into the room with the blindfold and noted. “Did you learn how to do that in class?”

“Uh... yeah,” Valentine lied, pushing the lily to the side. Now she knew — now she knew that the pen would most probably work. At least, she hoped so; of course, she had never tried it on a human, so there was really no time like the present.

“So, you need me to, uh... strip?” Elise said with a hint of a tease in her voice, already beginning to unbutton her shirt. A hot flush soared through Valentine’s body.

“Y-yeah, if you could, and uh, lie on the sofa face down... that’d be great,” Valentine gave out a nervous grin as Elise complied, taking off her clothes to show her cute floral lace panties and bra set. Her body was even more perfect than Valentine had ever imagined; Valentine already knew how soft her hands and face were, but the rest of her body looked even more huggable — fuckable. Her stomach jutted out a little, but in a cute and cuddly way; her breasts weren’t the biggest Valentine had seen, but they were definitely large in and of themselves; and her ass was... just a solid ten out of ten, in Valentine’s eyes.

But it was too soon to think those thoughts; first, Valentine had to try out the pen on her. Valentine stood up as Elise laid out on the sofa, her back showing off the strips of her bra and most, if not all of her ass.

“I’m... going to be using a simple blue pen for this,” Valentine said, pulling out the pen and readying it for use.

“Okay,” Elise said in her cute, straining-to-be-happy voice.

Valentine debated what to write. Something like ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ was out of the question; she didn’t want to change Elise’s body, and Elise was already pretty and beautiful in and of herself. Something to change her personality ever so slightly first, just to test the waters, just to see if this would really work...

In the corner of Elise’s back, the top left corner, Valentine wrote the word ‘confident’ in neat cursive handwriting. She took a step back and looked, waiting. Was Elise going to say anything?

“You know, I don’t think I need that asshole anyways,” Elise suddenly said, a hint of, to Valentine’s shock, confidence in her voice.

“I don’t think so either,” Valentine echoed with a smile.

“I’m, like, my own person. I know how to be myself, I know my own worth... and I should never place it in the hands of some boy. I should just be me — self-sufficient. Confident.”

It worked! It really worked! How in the world did Valentine come across such a pen? Heck, how was the pen even working? It really was magic. Valentine needed to see more.

“I agree,” Valentine said. Unbeknownst to Elise, Valentine took a deep inhale, gathered her confidence, and wrote the word ‘lesbian’ in big, bold letters — right in the center of Elise’s back. She waited again.

“What word did you write?” Elise asked.

“I, uh... wrote the word ‘gorgeous’,” Valentine lied.

Elise giggled. “Gorgeous... I like that.” After a short pause, Valentine not knowing what was going to happen next, Elise suddenly added, “I think you’re really gorgeous too. I think I’ve always thought that.”

Oh, no. It really was working. Or was this an oh yes moment? Valentine wasn’t sure, though this wasn’t the first time Elise had complimented her appearance. This time, though, it sounded more sincere; definitely more than a gal-pal type of compliment. In any case, it made Valentine’s heart beat that much faster.

“Thank you,” Valentine gracefully responded. “You’re so beautiful. I hope you can see that.” Suddenly, Valentine took the opportunity to run her hands up and down Elise’s back. Elise had no complaints. In fact, she moaned and leaned into the touch. This was working too well — did Valentine really turn Elise into a lesbian just by writing one word on her back? Was it really that easy?

“Were your hands always this soft?” Elise asked. “They feel so... nice. Warm. Not like any guy I’ve ever been with. Can you... massage me some more?”

“Of course,” Valentine accepted the offer gladly, rubbing her hands deeper and deeper into Elise’s back. She dug her fingers into each crevice, relishing in the satisfied sounds that Elise made, taking in every moan and sigh of pleasure. Elise was enjoying this — she was enjoying being intimate with a woman. Maybe Valentine just awakened some deep response inside of her, but either way... Elise felt good. She felt good, being with a strong, capable woman who wasn’t going to hurt her.

“I think I might be bi,” Elise suddenly said. Valentine’s heart beat through her chest. Bisexual was definitely a start.

“I mean... girls have always been cute. But I think that I might be... more into girls now? Like, I want to try dating a girl. I think it might be better than dating a guy, y’know? Well, you probably do know, but...”

Elise trailed off, taken in once again by Valentine’s strong massaging techniques. Valentine cheerfully added, “I think you would be an amazing girlfriend to a lady. I can definitely see you as bisexual... or even just straight up gay.”

Elise chuckled. “Straight up gay... an oxymoron! I love it. Can you... write that on me, too?”

“Sure,” Valentine cheerfully agreed, writing the words ‘straight up gay’ on her lower back. Elise giggled again, almost feeling her mind being tickled by the magic hypnosis pen.

“Mmf, I already feel gayer just by you writing that,” Elise laughed louder. “Wasn’t this supposed to be an art project for you? I guess we’ve kinda forgotten about that... Hey, maybe you should take off your clothes too...”

Oh, so she wasn’t just becoming a lesbian, she was becoming a stupid lesbian! Wonderful to know, Valentine thought to herself smugly. She could always go for some more bimbos in her life.

“Sure, I can do that,” Valentine obliged as she took off her leather jacket, her shirt and her pants. Stripped down to her lingerie, a black velvet bra and underwear, she was just as naked as Elise was. It was motherfucking hot, hot, hot.

Elise turned to look at Valentine, a small smile curling on her face as she blushed. “You’re... you’re so pretty... I never knew how pretty you were until now...”

“You like looking, huh?” Valentine teased. “I would have never guessed you were so gay. After all, you always took pride in being my token straight friend.” Valentine debated saying the next few words that came to mind, but she spoke anyways. “It’s caused me a lot of grief, you know. Seeing my straight roommate with her straight boyfriend, doing straight things while I wanted to do nothing but gay things to her... you knew that about me, didn’t you?”

Elise looked upwards, then shook her head and giggled. “No, I didn’t. But I can see it now.”

Valentine let out a grin — a sly, cocky grin full of all the power she had. She could make Elise anything. Heck, she could probably even turn Elise back to being straight and fuck with her head... not that she’d do that.

“Let’s see... what else can we write...” Valentine mused. “Oh, I know!” She wasn’t about to tell Elise, though, as she wrote the words ‘horny’ and ‘submissive’ in various places on her back. Suddenly, she could hear Elise moan and pant out, squirming her legs a bit as she tried to fight the growing heat and wetness inside of her. That clearly worked, getting her all pent up, horny, waiting to be fucked.

“Mmf... Valentine... this was the best decision ever...” Elise moaned, adjusting her legs once again to accommodate her clearly wet pussy. “I... I need more...”

“More? Okay, I’ll give you more,” Valentine teased as she ran her hands up and down Elise’s legs, nearly touching her ass though not quite — though, Elise’s moaning and wordless begging really drove home how much she wanted it. But Valentine wasn’t going to give it to her so easily; no, Valentine wasn’t that willing to relent to Elise’s desires after how much she was teased and coaxed for months, years.

Pulling out the pen once again, Valentine immediately knew to write ‘lesbian slut’ across one leg, and ‘gay horny bimbo’ across the other. Elise let out a giggle, the intelligence draining from bimbo setting in. Valentine could almost smell her juices in her cunt. She wanted a taste... just a small taste... Valentine had waited so long, and her mouth was almost drooling over Elise’s body. How could any woman be so perfect? How could Valentine have this much power over someone so beautiful?

“Mm,” Elise hummed, sitting up. Valentine could almost see the hypnotic spirals in her eyes. “Babe... it’s really hot here...”

Valentine was herself extremely hot at being called ‘babe’ in a seemingly non-platonic way.

“Do you mind if I... take off my bra and underwear?”

Oh, fuck. Yes.

“Not at all, dear,” Valentine coaxed Elise on further as Elise obliged, taking off her bra and her underwear. Understandably and clearly, fluids leaked down her inner thighs, coating it in a spectacular display that Valentine had to pry her eyes away from. What also caught her eyes were Elise’s cute and slightly hardened nipples. They looked so fun to grope and tease and pull on. Valentine had to physically stop her body from moving there on its own.

“You’re so damn cute,” Valentine cooed. “Kinda want you all for myself...”

“Hmm... that sounds nice... being my roommate’s toy...”

That did sound nice. Very, very nice. Without waiting for Elise’s OK, Valentine took out the pen again and wrote on Elise’s cute stomach, ‘Valentine’s Pet’.

“There,” Valentine presented proudly. “Now you’re my pet. How does it feel?”

Elise giggled again. Valentine was not going to get sick of that giggle anytime soon. “Good. Sooooooo good...”

“Really? You really like being my pet?”

Another giggle from Elise. “I like it so much more than being that idiot’s girlfriend. I could go for being your pet for the rest of my life...”

“Good.” Now Valentine was feeling herself get more and more dominant. Valentine herself could definitely go for Elise being her submissive little pet for the rest of her life. “How about you say I write on your legs, too? Some more to show you’re mine...”

“Yes, yes...!”

Valentine lowered herself to Elise’s legs, sitting on the couch in front of her crotch, before she thought to ask. “Hm... yes, what?”

“Yes, wh... oh! Um... yes, please.” Elise added bashfully.

“Good pet,” Valentine praised as she grabbed the pen. She couldn’t think of what else to write, so she repeatedly wrote ‘horny’, ‘pet’, ‘sub’, and ‘slut’ all over the front and sides of Elise’s legs. With each word, Elise clearly grew needier, hornier, wetter, wilder. More attached to girls — and, to Valentine specifically.

“V-Valentine,” Elise stammered. “I... I need something from you...”

“Yes? What is it?” Valentine knew what was coming, but she felt like teasing Elise anyways. “Use your words, pet.”

“Please... I... please eat me out...”

It was so easy for her to submit, and it was so easy for Valentine to turn Elise into her lesbian subby slut. Both of them clearly loved every single minute of this. A wider grin spread across Valentine’s face and she obliged, kneeling down to lick Elise’s soaked cunt. She started with the juices and fluids around her thighs, almost going down to her knees. Valentine worked her way up, doodling spirals into Elise’s legs as she ascended up them. With each spiral drawn with the pen, Elise became more mindless, more hypnotized than she already was. It was perfect. Being a forced lesbian and being forced into mindlessness at the same time... it was amazing for Elise. And Valentine’s blood rushed with the power from Elise submitting to her.

Valentine started with soft licks once she reached Elise’s pussy, flicks of her tongue that barely scraped inside; as Valentine got deeper though, her eating out got more intense, harder, needier from Valentine herself. She used her entire face, lifting up and back down to please Elise not just with her tongue and lips, but with her entire face. Of course, having been a sexually active lesbian for years, Valentine knew that the sweet spot to any vagina-haver was their clit; and so, she focused most of her attention on Elise’s small clitty.

She spun her tongue in circles, just like the spirals she had drawn on Elise’s legs that made her so brainless. A brainless lesbian trance slut bimbo. That’s all Elise was now — that’s all Valentine made her. She was still pretty confident, thankfully enough; after all, girls needed to have a ton of confidence to be this slutty.

Elise moaned and groaned louder and louder as Valentine kept eating her out with more thrusts from her tongue. Her cunt twitched in between Valentine’s lips, drooling more cum onto Valentine’s tongue. Elise begged and moaned, “please please, Valentine, please go harder! I need more, more, more...!” She sounded like a broken record to Valentine, just begging over and over again for her slutty release — the first climax she’d probably ever have gotten from a girl, but by far from the last.

“Valentine...” Elise suddenly moaned out — it sounded like a ‘yellow’, so Valentine backed up.

“Yes? What is it, my pet?”

“I’ve never... um... I’ve never finished during sex with someone else before...” Elise shyly admitted.

Typical of straight girls — most straight guys didn’t know how to pleasure a woman, at least in Valentine’s limited experience and her time hearing about Elise’s terrible sex from her.

“Really? Would you like to?” Valentine asked.

“Yes! Please, can I... can I cum, Mistress?”

Being called Mistress was the hottest thing by far to Valentine — only slightly more hot than the fact Valentine turned her 1 on a Kinsey Scale roommate to a 6 on a Kinsey Scale.

“Yes, you can, pet. Cum for me,” Valentine chuckled, giving the order as she continued to eat out Elise. Elise panted just a bit more, screaming as she had her giant release into Valentine’s mouth — she came loads, squirting much more than any girl Valentine had been with had before. Her cunt needed this — Elise needed this. More than anything, she needed the guiding hand of a woman to show her... she didn’t need men. She needed hot, good, lesbian sex — just like the kind Valentine had given her.

Elise’s body shook through her climax, her body shivering as its release continued. Valentine didn’t stop eating her out, and was resolved to not stop until she had overstimulated Elise just a bit. Elise of course didn’t mind — a little overstimulation was no harm, and only made her body thrust more into Valentine’s mouth. Her clit was shaking. Her cunt was shaking. Elise’s legs closed around Valentine’s head as she rode out the last bit of her first orgasm, going onto her second, and her third...

After a while, Elise was done. Her body had calmed down, and she let go of Valentine’s head from her legs. Valentine pulled back, incredibly pleased with her work. She could have swore she saw Elise pass out from the pleasure, briefly, only to come to moments later. She sat up, looking at the pleased Valentine and giggling.

“Hey Valentine,” Elise started, piquing Valentine’s interest. “Have you ever been told, ‘you’re my Valentine’?”

“Yes. By many, many girls,” Valentine laughed. “How was it? Your first experience with a girl, that is.”

Elise smiled widely. Her smile turned into a manic grin. “It was so, so good. I can’t believe I ever dated guys... hell, I can’t believe we’ve been roommates for years and I’ve never gotten you to fuck me!”

Trust me, Valentine internally thought. It would have been pretty easy to get me.

“Elise, if you want more experience with girls...”

Elise cocked her head, looking at Valentine as Valentine grabbed the pen and wrote ‘free use for hot girls’ over and under Elise’s tits. Elise looked at it, and couldn’t help but smile again excitedly.

“Why don’t you go out and find some more hot girls to fuck you?”

* * *