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Magic Hypno Pen Chapter 2

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. This story contains unrealistic depictions of non-consensual sex and hypnosis. In real life, these things are highly immoral and illegal and I do not condone them. All characters are above the age of 18.

* * *

“Unf… ah, ah… fuck, that’s so good!” Elise moaned out repeatedly, her entire body feeling as though it were on fire and flying. She shivered with pleasure, trying to hold out on her orgasm for as long as physically possible — after all, Valentine hadn’t given her permission to cum just yet.

Valentine took pride in those sounds she would always make over and over again. She had gotten quite good at knowing which exact spots would drive Elise wild. Her clit was the obvious choice Valentine would go for when eating her new girlfriend and-or converted lesbian fucktoy out, but it turned out that Elise quite enjoyed it when Valentine teased her inner thighs, or the lower part of her stomach.

Valentine got even more sick pleasure from seeing Elise just at the edge of orgasm, only to take her lips off of her clit and start worshipping her thighs. Elise groaned out, wordlessly begging for Valentine to go back to bringing her to the egde of cumming over and over again. The taller, more experienced girl took her nonverbal cues and did as she wanted.

“Please, please don’t stop,” Elise begged mindlessly. “Please let me cum, Valentine, please please let me cum…!!”

Valentine took her lips off of Elise and smiled cunningly up at the slutty lesbian. She looked and acted like a total whore, desperate for Valentine to spend all waking hours of her day making Elise cum. She’d gone through a total wardrobe and hair change as well. She looked quite amazing with that side swept black hair, with a buzz cut on one side and purple streaks going through her hair. Her clothing options had changed from crop tops and frilly skirts to skinny jeans, leather jackets and band tees or punk shirts. Valentine, of course, made all the suggestions.

Also, the magic hypno pen was very much an beloved toy of Valentine’s — but it wasn’t permanent. What was permanent though was the larger-than-normal tattoo of bare tits now on Elise’s left shoulder. She definitely scared off a good amount of her straight friends with that thing.

(“I dunno why they were so weird about it,” Elise muttered to Valentine over coffee, disheartened. “Like, I’ve always been this gay, right?” Valentine chose not to respond, feeling a tinge of guilt.)

“Sure,” Valentine graciously permitted. “Cum for me.”

Valentine went back to eating Elise out, harder and more aggressively this time. Elise didn’t hold back with her orgasm, shouting out and moaning. It was honestly pretty possible that the neighbors heard her shrieks of ecstacy and passionate gasping for air. As Elise drifted down from her long drawn-out orgasm, Valentine pulled away, licking the juices off her lips and looking at her beloved, affectionate girlfriend.

“That was like, so amazing,” Elise exhaled with a slight smile at Valentine. “You never disappoint me.”

Valentine blushed, flipping her hair back and rubbing Elise’s thighs with love. Of course, it was their third time having sex that day, so this was quite routine for her. Their relationship was about dates and dining and cute moments, too, but it was mainly about the passionate mind-blowing sex. After all, Elise had to make up for years of dating men who didn’t know how to make her cum. Valentine graciously obliged with giving her orgasm after orgasm.

Actually, there was one week Valentine put her in chastity, but the amount of times Elise cummed the day after definitely made it worth it.

“You never disappoint me either, love,” Valentine cooed. Internally, she thought, ‘Hypnotizing you was the best decision I ever made.’

What Elise said next shocked Valentine out of her pride, though.

“But like… I want to try some other things. You know?” Elise mused, not noticing the way Valentine had to prevent her face from contorting with the offense taken. “Like, you’re cute. And really good at sex. But like… I’ve never slept with anyone else, y’know? I mean, I have, but… y’know. So, like, maybe…”

Elise grew quiet, and Valentine watched her try to word her thoughts with anticipation. What was she going to ask? Valentine felt a shred of fear. A thought crossed her mind — did her brainwashed lesbian toy finally gain awareness and figure out what Valentine had done to her? The cruel things Valentine had put her body and her brain through, turning her straight as a ruler roommate and friend into a ditzy lesbian?

How did she figure it out? Where did Valentine go wrong?

Questions raced through Valentine’s mind, until Elise finally spoke up again. “Actually… I think I’d like to meet some of your friends.”

“What? Like… how do you mean?” Valentine furrowed her eyebrows, less anxious and more curious. Come to think of it, Elise pretty much stayed to herself since then. She tried to talk to her friends, but they had just gotten so awkward about her recent changes that they didn’t want to spend time with her. Though, Valentine was completely content having Elise all to herself.

“Like… do you have lesbian friends?”

“Uh… uh huh. Yes. That’s kind of a given, Elise,” Valentine chuckled uncomfortably.

“So like, you should introduce me to some of them!” Completely unashamed or unaware of how slutty she sounded, Elise continued, “And then, like, they can take turns fucking me, or fuck me all at once. And like, you can be there too!”

Valentine pondered this. Elise had never made any of these kind of requests in the last month since she turned, as Valentine put it, “big gay”. But… it could be fun. Valentine’s friends had always also lusted over Elise — after all, Elise was as one friend put it, “the perfect specimen.” She was exceedingly attractive. And Valentine’s friends were pretty experienced in the bedroom, too — some even moreso than Valentine.

It wasn’t that Valentine felt jealous, so to speak; or rather that she would feel jealous. It shouldn’t be a problem. Why would it be a problem?

Valentine washed off the concerned look on her face and replaced it with a smile. The idea of her friends taking turns with Elise and sharing her like a bottle of wine at a party was indeed pretty fucking hot. And hey — more of a feeling of power and ownership over Elise, right?

“You know,” Elise added after a pause, hoping it would convince Valentine. “Because, other girls are like, cute and stuff…”

God. Elise was such a dumb lesbian, it was honestly laughable sometimes. At least it was cute.

“Sure,” Valentine chuckled. “I’ll get some of my friends together. Let’s arrange a time.”

“Oh, yay!” Elise cheered, clapping her hands together in quite the adorable way. Before she had much of a chance to celebrate, Valentine noticed something was ‘off’ in her little giggle.

“Something wrong, dear?” Valentine asked, glaring at her and smirking with a cunning expression.

“No… but… I’m kinda horny again…” Elise bit her lip and looked at Valentine with needy, begging eyes. That sparkle in them, the way she silently begged for Valentine to fuck her — and so soon after Valentine had already fucked her… she always loved seeing it. “Can you pretty please fuck me gay again?”

“Wow, you’re such a pillow princess,” Valentine chuckled. “But sure. And since you wanted to try something new, why don’t I pull out that vibrator we hadn’t used in a while?”

* * *

They eventually decided on Friday as a day for their little get together, their little lesbian rendezvous. Valentine had reached out to a few of her friends in advanced — a few people said they couldn’t do it, either because they were in monogamous relationships or they weren’t in a sexy mood. (One thought Elise was too good for her and was worried about being a disappointment.)

Valentine eventually decided on two of her friends — one being her friend Phoebe, a butchy trans woman with a buzzcut even gayer than Elise’s and a nice, lean figure, and the other friend being Flora, a femme who lived up to her name by the way she only ever wore floral clothing, regularly wore flower crowns around to any occasion (this little meetup included).

Phoebe had taken an interest in Elise a while ago when Valentine regularly showed off pictures of her, remarking that “spaghetti’s also straight until you heat it up.” While Flora’s fascination with Elise was much more pure, thinking she had great taste in clothes and fashion — that was, until she snarkily added, “of course, her clothes would look much better on the floor in my room.”

Both were pretty surprised that Valentine had managed to turn Elise gay, considering how much Valentine kept them updated on how painfully heterosexual Elise was. Flora ended up throwing away her surprise when she commented that lots of gay girls end up acting really really straight… just to hide their gayness. That probably made sense, usually.

Of course, Valentine didn’t mention the part where she quite literally brainwashed Elise. Her friends didn’t need to know that much.

Valentine had set up the apartment to make it more like a party atmosphere, getting snacks and a nice variety of alcohols. Of course, she bossed Elise around, telling her plaything to do her fair share (her fair share being about seventy five percent of the work, obviously; it was quite nice to have someone so mindlessly obedient and so enamoured with Valentine.) They set up the lights to be low, relying mostly on red and yellow fairy lights that set quite a sexy atmosphere. They even got new heart-shaped and pink throw blankets and pillows for the occasion. The apartment, to be completely honest, looked much nicer than usual.

It was 5:55pm, five minutes before Valentine’s were supposed to arrive. Flora had already texted Valentine that she was on her way. Phoebe was the kind of anxious busybody who always ended up being either early or on time, so Valentine wasn’t particularly worried about her.

Deep in her thoughts, Valentine was startled when Elise came over and wrapped her smooth arms around Valentine’s waist in a strange, uncharictaristic move of confidence. Valentine yelped out a little with an “eep!”, eliciting a chuckle out of Elise.

“Are you nervous, babe?” Elise suddenly asked, rubbing her hands around Valentine’s tummy. Valentine snorted, grabbing Elise’s hands and running her fingers over them.

“Should be asking the same of you, Elise. This is your first time sleeping with other girls. And you chose a foursome, of all things. It’s a bit extreme, to jump from only having had one partner to wanting to be… well, a wanton slut.”

Elise blushed at the hard degradation, but she had no verbal response other than an embarrassed giggle. After all, she knew that Valentine was right — she had become quite the sex-obsessed lesbian.

“I’m not that nervous,” Elise brushed off Valentine’s ‘concerns’. “Your friends sound nice. They’ll treat me well, right?”

Valentine wanted to say something along the lines of, ‘well, they might treat you like prey, or a piece of meat, but that’s probably what you want.’ But she probably should be sympathetic this time. “Yeah, they’ll treat you real well. After all, I did pick the best of the best.”

“I knew you would, love,” Elise giggled once again.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. It was 5:58 now, so Valentine’s assumption was that it was Phoebe. Much to her surprise, when she opened the door she was greeted with both of her friends.

Flora was wearing a gorgeous white dress with sunflowers on it, with strappy blue heels. Her slender arms were covered with floral tattoos — daisies, marigolds, lilacs, dahlias, zinnias, and all other sorts of colorful flowers covered her arms from top to bottom. Valentine couldn’t even begin to guess how many thousands of dollars Flora had spent on those tattoos. Her makeup, as always, looked quite flawless.

Phoebe, on the other hand, didn’t really bother to dress up for the occasion. That said, she did dress slighter nicer than usual. She was wearing a plain black tee-shirt as opposed to the band shirts she would usually wear, and she went for what was probably her nicest pair of white jeans Valentine had seen from her. Phoebe was one of those people who never really grew out of her punk phase, especially with that denim black jacket, adorned with pins and patches, that she would always wear around.

“Hey hey, welcome,” Valentine said coolly. “You two came together?”

“Yep. Saw in the group chat we were both going, so we were like, ‘why not?’” Phoebe responded, putting her hands in her pockets and smiling smugly.

From behind Valentine, the two could see Elise almost cowering nervously. There was a smile on her face, one that was almost looking guilty. Was she ashamed of her lack of experience? Or was she just so enamoured and taken aback by how cool and attractive Valentine’s friends were?

“Is this her, Valentine?” Flora asked, her grin widening. “She’s sooooo cute. She’s kinda like a puppy!”

“Yeah, but like, a really small one. Like a poodle, or one of those dogs that’s like a ball of fluff.” The way Phoebe added that kind of made it sound like she was objectifying or teasing Elise, but that was far from a problem for any of the gays in the room. “Real glad you managed to convince her she’s gay. Now she can be one of us!”

“Uhh… y-yeah,” Elise nervously stammered out, the smile on her face becoming more dopey. “Anyways, come inside! We’ve got food, drinks… um, me.”

Phoebe laughed out, a cackle that was a single enthusiastic ‘ha’. “Wow, you really did turn her gay. Pretty cool stuff, if I do say so myself.”

“Well, I suppose if you’re offering yourself up, you must be super enthusiastic about this,” Flora added. “Let’s party, then!”

Flora and Phoebe stepped in, taking off their shoes and strutting in. Elise giggled, walking them into the living room where all the decorations and concessions stayed. Valentine stared for a minute, wondering if this was a really good idea. What was she saying? Of course this was a good idea. Even just as friends, she could already hear the three getting along, with Flora and Phoebe asking various questions about Elise’s life — her classes, her career choice, her hobbies… and of course, what made her realize she was gay. (She forgot what Valentine did, so it wasn’t a big deal.)

Just as Valentine was getting ready to join them, another knock on the door occured. Valentine was a bit puzzled — maybe it was that new sex toy she ordered, or something Elise was waiting for. What was it?

Valentine opened the door, the newcomer being pretty surprised by the speed of her opening the door. It wasn’t a delivery person or any of the sort, though. Valentine recognized her as one of Elise’s friends, Jennie — one as extremely straight and boy-crazy as she used to be.

“Hey Valentine! Is this like, where the party is?” Jennie asked in her valley girl accent — she was probably from the South and moved up for college.

“Um… yeah, but we weren’t expecting anyone else. Did, uh, Elise invite you?” Valentine blinked, completely thrown off. As someone who had grown to revel in the control she had over the last month, now having things out of her control was very… well, it wasn’t particularly ideal.

“She sure did! Said it was gonna be lots of fun. I of course brought my family’s champagne with me.” She waved up what was certainly a bottle of champagne. Valentine definitely welcomed the booze, but was not as quick to welcome the sudden change in attendance.

Valentine panicked. What was she going to do? Elise’s friends were not only as straight as Elise used to be, they were as stupid as Elise still was. There was no way Jennie had gathered that this was going to be a lesbian orgy.

A thought clicked in her head. She still had the power. She could still take control of the situation. Jennie had never been over their apartment before…

“Yeah, sure, let me show you the way. Elise didn’t actually tell me she was inviting anyone,” Valentine mentioned with a casual laugh, ushering Jennie away — not to the living room, though, rather to Valentine’s room.

“Cool! So like, how long have you known Elise? And like, that jacket is so cute on you. Wait, I can see your bra straps… oh my gosh, that color is so adorable. Where did you get it? I need to go lingerie shopping. Hey, maybe we can all go on a trip, and…”

Jennie kept talking, completely oblivious to how Valentine had led her into her room and locked the door behind her. Walking back over to the still garrilous Jennie, Valentine pulled out the hypnosis pen that was strapped to her side, and took off the cap.

“Oh my gosh, your room is so cute. I totally need some interior designing tips. Hey, where is Elise, anyways—“

Jennie was cut off, her monologue shut down when Valentine grabbed her arm. Before Jennie could register the brief assault, Valentine had scribbled the words “dumb horny lesbian” down her arms. Jennie was briefly imobilized when Valentine had grabbed her other arm and wrote the words “obedient plaything” down it. Jennie blinked a few times, adjusting to her new conditioning and absolutely in a daze. It almost seemed like she was fighting back against the conditioning — though, with how potent the ink of the pen was, it was almost impossible.

When Jennie came to, her smile had grown even wider. At the same time, there was nothing in her eyes — no sign of intelligence or light or anything. Mindlessly, she spoke up again, her sentences much less dragged on. “So like, where’s the party? There are hot girls there, right?”

Valentine chuckled. Back in control. “They’re in the living room, plaything. Feel free to go over there.”

“Hehe, alright!” Jennie bounced away, unlocking the door after taking a moment to figure it out. Valentine stared at her. Now that the pen was open, she might as well use it a bit more.

If she was going around hypnotizing people anyways, maybe she could have some fun. Pulling up her shirt to show her stomach, Valentine wrote the words ‘spiral eyes’ down her midriff. Her eyesight wobbled for a minute before reorienting. To figure out if it worked, Valentine pulled out her phone and turned on the camera, looking at it as a selfie.

Oh yeah, Valentine smirked as she looked from various angles. Those were some real nice spirals. Now the question was… how could she best use them?

* * *

Coming out of the room, Valentine hopped into the living room trying to hide her excitement. She had almost missed the start of the action, as Valentine walked in on Jennie getting her first lesbian experience. The girl who was even smaller than Elise couldn’t keep her hands off of her friend; she was so eager to get a hold of her that she already started groping Elise’s tits and worshipping her neck and shoulders. Elise moaned out, barely able to contain herself as Flora and Phoebe watched, taking a sip of their jungle juice.

Valentine smirked, quite proud of her work. That pen really did a number on both Elise and Jennie. If she had a crueler sense of humor, she’d snidely tease Elise with something like, “oh, so I guess homosexuality really is contagious”.

Phoebe flipped her hair, turning her attention away from Jennie’s indecent touching back to Valentine. Immediately, she noticed the most obvious thing about her. “Holy shit, Val, what the hell happened to your eyes?”

The spiral eyes turned Valentine’s pupils and irises into a black and white spiral that moved outward; obviously this would be a massive feat of science normally, though Valentine wasn’t going to share where she got them from. “Oh, just new contacts. I figured they may fit the occasion.”

“Uh… why?” Flora asked, furrowing her eyebrows and tilting her head confusedly. “I mean, they’re great, but like… jeez, how much did they even cost you?”

Valentine shrugged. “They were pretty cheap. High quality, though.”

Flora and Phoebe looked at her bewildered, unsure if they should believe Valentine. Valentine immediately tried to divert the topic, not wanting anyone in the room to pry too much. Valentine may have successfully hypnotized Elise and her friend, but she would always end up being a terrible liar if she was interrogated enough.

“Anyways, as much fun as Jennie is having with Elise… why don’t we play a game? Say… what about truth or dare spin the bottle?”

“Sounds good to me,” Phoebe’s demeanor completely shifted as the topic was changed. “Lucky for us, I just finished a bottle of booze, so we can use that.”

“Perfecto,” Valentine grinned. Suddenly, another idea popped into her head — it might have raised some more suspicion between the two girls who weren’t hypnotized completely brainless, but it was probably worth it anyways. “Can you hand the bottle over to me? I have… an idea.”

“Uh, sure,” Phoebe passed the bottle to Flora on the other side of the couch, who reached her hand and handed it to Valentine. Valentine turned around so no one could see her alter the bottle.

Silently and inconspicuously, Valentine pulled out the pen and wrote on the bottle, “always point towards Elise”. She couldn’t feel the bottle shift unfortunately, though she did think to write “erase ink” as well. As soon as she did, the previously written ink drifted from the bottle, as she could see the particles dissipating into the air.

Valentine turned back to the group, and sat on a throw pillow. “Alright, well, let’s play.” She placed the bottle on the ground and spun it around, as Valentine continued to ignore Flora and Phoebe’s suspicious stares.

The bottle spun, and soon enough it pointed towards Elise — just as Valentine hoped.

“Alright, Elise,” Valentine started. “Truth or dare?”

“Uh… truth,” Elise started, clearly wanting to start off easy.

Flora and Phoebe conspired for a moment, coming up with a question together. Finally they decided and turned back to Elise with cunning grins on their faces. “Alright,” Flora started. “What’s the best thing Valentine does to you? Y’know, in bed.”

“Oh, that’s easy!” Elise started enthusiastically. “I like, love it when she eats me out. Especially when she gets her tongue on my clit. God, it’s like, so hot, I always get so wet at the thought of it…”

Elise’s legs shifted, closing together tight. Phoebe smirked and continued the interrogation. “Really? Would you say you’re pretty wet now?”

“Oh yeah, one hundred percent.” Elise was completely unashamed in her answer, clearly not caring if any of Valentine’s friends thought of her as a wanton slut from that answer.

“Okay, one more question,” Flora started. “Does she ever use her teeth? You know, to lightly nibble at it. I’m sure someone like you would like that, huh?”

Elise giggled. “Oh yeah, she did it once… in fact, I think I may have came just from that.”

“I have to know more,” Jennie said. “I’m like, pretty new to this stuff too, but I want to know. How else does—“

“Hey, rules are only one question, and we already asked two,” Valentine jokingly glared at Jennie. The glare was enough to scare Jennie into place. Valentine was clearly a true Domme.

Valentine had to admit she was a bit embarrassed by Elise’s answers, but she shrugged it off. After all, it was worth it to see Elise humiliate herself.

“Alright, one more go then.” Valentine grabbed the bottle, spinning it once again. It went round and round, almost quicker this time as Valentine was quite a bit more excited. Just as Valentine expected, the bottle landed on Elise once again.

“Oooh, again,” Phoebe grinned excitedly. “This bottle really knows what we want. Alright, lucky girl, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Elise grinned, this time clearly more willing.

“Alright,” Phoebe tilted her head up, her eyes glancing upward to think. “Let’s see… I dare you to eat Jennie out.”

“W-what, me?” Jennie stammered. “I’ve… I’ve never done that before.” Jennie finished with a giggle.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything. You do want to try anything once, right?”

“Uh… well, yes, but like… will I be good enough?”

“Come on, Jennie, of course you will!” Elise pressured her, putting a hand on her friend’s knee. “It’ll be fun. I promise I’ll be good. Tell me, has a guy ever made you cum?”

“Like, never,” Jennie blushed. “Typical straight guys… well, if you’re sure.”

Elise nodded, motioning her head towards Jennie’s crotch. “Well, then, take your panties off then.” Valentine had to admit, it was quite nice seeing Elise take charge for once in her life. Jennie spread her legs, stretching her white dress just a little as she pulled down her pink panties. Elise immediately got to work, and as soon as she did, Jennie let out a loud gasp. It was definitely obvious she’d never been eaten out, probably after only having had slept with inexperienced guys.

Elise followed the same things that Valentine would do to her, and the way Valentine would order her around when Elise would eat her out. She started with worshipping Jennie’s inner thighs, definitely an erogenous zone for both of them. Going upwards, Elise began licking Jennie’s cunt, sucking up all the sweet juices as her tongue went slightly inside. It was quite nice for them both, Elise having a pretty long tongue. Taking Flora’s idea, Elise very gently nibbed the lips of Jennie’s pussy. This elicited even louder moans from her friend, who’d been denied pleasure from others all these years.

Elise continued eating, being urged further and further by Jennie’s ‘please’s and ‘more’s. Having this be her first time being eaten out, it was clear Jennie was only going to take a few more seconds until she’d come. After all, Elise was quite experienced at this point, even knowing to use all of her face instead of just her mouth.

“Oh gosh, this — this is so good, I, I can’t hold back any longer,” Jennie moaned and groaned, her hands desperately clutching the rug underneath her. “I— I’m going to finish, please Elise, please, please— aaah!”

With Jennie’s long string of begs, she finished, having the best orgasm of her life — quite frankly, one of the only orgasms she’d ever have. Her cunt and clit twitched in Elise’s mouth, who kept eating her out through her entire orgasm. Phoebe and Flora chuckled a bit, amused by how much Jennie had let go of herself — and Elise, for that matter.

Valentine was pretty amused, herself, seeing how far gone Elise and now Jennie were.

Elise pulled her mouth away from the finished pussy, a string of girl cum dripping from her mouth. She licked it up off her chin, very satisfied with herself.

“Uh… did I do well?” Elise asked in a dopey voice.

“Oh, yeah, in fact, let’s forgo the bottle shall we?” Phoebe suggested, suddenly beginning to unbuckle her punk belt and let it loose. “We’ve seen what you can do with your mouth. Would you mind if I dared you… to suck me off, as well?”

“Of course not!” Elise eagerly crawled over to Phoebe.

“And how about I eat you out while you do that,” Flora offered, going behind Elise. She pushed up Elise’s dress, only to find she wasn’t even wearing any panties. “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind something like that, right?”

“Of course not,” Elise said confidently as Phoebe took out her dick from her pants. “More girls to fuck, the merrier!”

“In that case, I’ll go ahead.” Flora began eating Elise out, her cunt dripping quite a lot. Elise, meanwhile, took Phoebe’s dick into her mouth; she was much more experienced working with dicks, and if she was being honest — the taste of a girl’s cock in her mouth was much, much better than any of the guys she had pleased with her mouth. Already she could taste the precum on her tongue; the salty taste overwhelmed her in the best possible way.

Valentine looked on adorningly at her sub getting fucked and teased. Phoebe began to facefuck her, which was quite the nice sight to see. And Valentine knew from experience alone that Flora was well-known and admired for her mouth work.

But that left one person alone — Jennie. Jennie had already cum, but it was clear she already wanted to be fucked harder by a squad of hot women. Jennie’s eyes gazed at Elise with jealousy. Valentine had to admit she felt a bit bad for the newly-turned lesbian.

“Jennie,” Valentine offered over the sounds of Elise squealing around Phoebe’s dick. Jennie turned to her. “How would you feel about me sitting on your face and ordering you to eat me out?”

Jennie grinned, and already that told Valentine enough. “Yeah, like, I’d love that.”

“In that case,” Valentine stood up, dropping her pants and black underwear and walking over to Jennie. “Lie down and open your mouth. I promise I’ll be gentle this time.”

“Okay!” Jennie sang enthusiastically, as Valentine silenced her with her cunt.

This was the best party Valentine had ever had in her life.

* * *

The party went on into the late hours. Phoebe and Flora had left around 2am, with Jennie a bit more hesitant to leave (“what? But I wanted to get fucked more!”)

Valentine walked them out the door, closing and locking it. Now was time for some good aftercare — after all, Elise really deserved it.

She walked back into the living room, looking at her girlfriend. Elise was fucked silly, her eyes barely looking straight and her body shivering. Of course, that wasn’t usually a bad thing. She’d usually look like that when Valentine would fuck her hard.

She was of course covered in cum and pussy juice. Not that Elise would have any complaints.

Valentine sat next to her girlfriend, putting a hand on her shoulder — a place that wasn’t drenched. “You have fun?”

“Mhmm,” Elise hummed sleepily.

“Good. Very good,” Valentine cooed. “Now, why don’t we get you in the bath? We can use your favorite bath bomb, if you’d like…”

Elise grinned and giggled. That was a good enough answer for Valentine. After all, she had done so well, being her good lesbian slut.

* * *