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The Maid’s Motto — Chapter 4

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The wait was surprisingly long for having several models gagged and held in cages. Rochelle seemed more annoyed than the rest of the women, which made sense given her specific circumstance. After an hour of being caged, the delivery service finally came and grabbed each cart on a trolley. Cindy had no idea where they were heading, but she had to suck it up and finish the job if she was going to leave with her prize: a conversation with the mysterious man who wouldn’t fuck her.

Once Cindy was delivered, she was relieved to see her former math teacher in the room. However, her solace was short lived when her parents and everyone else from the table she had served filed into the room.

“Our bitch is here.” her father yelled, his stuttering and mumbled speech indicating he hadn’t stopped partying.

The delivery man opened the cage and led Cindy by her leash to the middle of the room. She crawled onto the ottoman and waited on all fours like a good little bitch. Across from her, there was a mirror so she could see what she had become. Her mask, which smelt like it had been resting in her mother’s pussy, still covered the top half of her face. Her dog ear headband and thick black collar completed the bitch look. The leash was attached and hung on hook next to her set-up. The only silver linings were that being gagged allowed access to only two holes that people could access and that she didn’t have to worry about her identity being revealed.

However, she was still at the mercy of the party guests. How much more did she have to endure just to meet the man that had occupied her thoughts since the poker night? Her father walked over with a drink in hand and knelt in front of Cindy.

“How’s our good little bitch?”

Cindy tried to respond, but she had forgotten about her gag and instead only let out a few barks. Her father laughed in amusement and then groped one of her dangling tits.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself.” her father said. “Well it’s time to get you ready.”

Cindy watched her father in the mirror as he grabbed a bottle of lube from one of the drawers.

“Can’t have a dry bitch in here.”

Eric poured the lube on Cindy’s back, coating her skin with a cool stickiness. He rubbed it all over his daughter’s body, especially her stomach and tits, making her shine like a basted turkey. When he was done with her top half, he did the same to her legs and ass and to Cindy’s surprise, his slippery hands made sure to get every inch of her two holes to ensure maximum lubrication. Once her father was done, he pulled out a butt plug with a dog tail that matched her ears and worked it into her ass with ease.

“The bitch is ready!” her father announced to the party.

Her former neighbor rushed from another room and was first in line. “I won the first game, I get to break the bitch in.”

Her neighbor dropped his pants and took the leash from Eric. He had Cindy at his mercy and he exercised his power with a tight pull of the leash that kept her head looking straight ahead. While his cock slowly slid inside her, Cindy was not excited. Yet her body was. All the sexual frustration from having not being able to cum returned and she craved the cock that was inside her. Her mind was torn between the absurdity of the situation and just accepting the pleasure it brought. Making it worse, the moans she elicited were translated into barks as her former math teacher fucked her.

For the rest of the evening, Cindy’s leash was handed from party guest to party guest as they fucked and had their way with her. Eventually, bailing out was no longer an option. Meeting James was potentially just a few cocks away and she had already gone past the point of humiliation that taking a few more loads wasn’t going to be a deal breaker. The worst part of being the party fuck toy was that her body was also free game for the eventual discharge. The guests sprayed their loads on her back, her ass, her face, her hair and anywhere that hadn’t been covered. Wherever she wasn’t covered in lube, she was covered in someone’s cum and the feeling of having her entire body covered in a foreign substance turned her on more than it disgusted her. All in a day’s work as a fuck toy bitch.

The last person to use her worn pussy was none other than her father. After unknowingly encouraging a gang bang and public humiliation of his youngest daughter, now he was going to add his own contribution, further shaming her into never revealing this experience. She stared at herself in the mirror, her skin glistening from the mixture of fluids covering her skin. The ball gag tightly bound in her mouth, pushed her lips out and made them look plumper like she had received injections. Her eyes were barely visible under the mask which was now covered in more than just her mother’s sexual juices.

In the mirror was a girl that Cindy didn’t recognize. She saw a girl that had debased herself so much that she didn’t know where her boundary was anymore. How could she draw a line after going through the ultimate taboo act of accepting her father’s cock? To him, she was just another dumb blonde fuck toy. If only he knew that he had raised that dumb blonde fuck toy, but maybe it would turn him on more. Part of her wanted him to take the mask off so she could see his reaction as he fucked her. But the other part of her needed that anonymity. She wasn’t ready for that kind of attention. All she needed to be at the moment was just a dumb fuck toy. She would do whatever it took to get what she had come for.

As the cock rubbed gently against her pussy, Cindy straightened her posture and arched her back for maximum sex appeal. She couldn’t disappoint the grand finale. To do so would be to break the one and only rule she had been given. ‘Whatever makes the customer’s life easier’. Fucking a fully lubed up doll in the perfect position was certainly the easiest fuck Eric would ever get. His cock slipped in and Cindy barked with excitement. She barked with pleasure. She barked as he grabbed her hips for stability and pushed a little harder. Cindy couldn’t believe it. She was actually being fucked by her father. Every thrust elicited a bark, which created more sexual tension. Feeling her pussy tightly squeeze her father’s thick cock was hot on its own, but watching him do it, drove her closer and closer to finally releasing the banked pleasure from the entire day that had yet to be relieved.

“That’s a good fucking slut.” Her father said as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. There was no avoiding the shame, she now had to face it head on.

“Oh, this is the best pussy I’ve ever had.” her father said between breaths. “Fuck, you’re so tight.”

Cindy barked. It’s all she could do, and it only drove her further into the depravity. Her cunt was dripping wet and the pleasure was like nothing she had experienced before. The physical sensation was familiar, but the psychological impact from the day and now the after party had taken its mental toll. She was her parent’s sex toy and her body drove them crazy with lust. It was a mystery how they kept their hands off her at home if a slim blond with big tits was their kryptonite.

There was nothing but admiration for her father, who’s stamina was a sight to behold. She could see why her mother fell for him in the bedroom. Cindy did her best to bounce up and down his cock, but it was really him controlling the pace while holding her hair tightly to guide her.

The barks continued, but the pace slowed down. Cindy couldn’t take another ruined climax. It was making her so horny, that it was becoming difficult to think. But there was something bothering her father and from his pensive expression, she knew that he wasn’t going to finish until that issue was resolved.

Pulling her hair back further and tilting her head up, her father reached around with his free hand. Adrenaline pumped through Cindy. The nervous energy she had when she first started the day returned as her focus narrowed to the movement of his hands. He was going to unmask her and stare right into his own daughter’s eyes while he was balls deep inside her. Not to mention everything else he and her mother had done. Not only did Cindy’s heart race, but so did her building climax. If she had to look her father in the eyes in this compromising position, her whole body would involuntarily release and she’d cum all over his cock like the little slut she was. It would be simultaneously the hottest and the most cringe-worthy moment of her life.

But her father didn’t grab the mask. Instead, he grabbed the mouth gag and released it. He handed it to his wife, who proceeded to put it on for fun. With Cindy’s mouth free from its prison, there was nothing to contain her loud moaning. Hearing herself made it even hotter as it drew a smile from her father.

“Tell me you’re a good little slut.”

There was no resisting now. Like his cock was a puppet master, she was his willing puppet.

“I’m a good little slut.” Cindy said. She didn’t bother consciously disguising her voice. The pleasure was already doing that.

Her father slapped her ass, eliciting a yelp. He slapped her again.

“Another one, daddy.” The double entendre was lost to everyone there but Cindy. And she was ready to explode.

Her father slapped her ass one last time and then abruptly stopped thrusting.

“If you want release, you’re going to have to earn it, bitch.”

Cindy rocked back and forth on his cock, trying to build her orgasm back up. Staring at the scene in front of her, she was hot and ready in no time. But for some reason she couldn’t cum. On the edge of ecstasy, Cindy waited and waited, but the reprieve never came. It was a constant arousal each time she backed her ass up onto his cock.

“You want to cum, don’t you?” Her father asked.

“Oh God, yes.” Cindy said through tortured pleasure.

“Beg me to cum inside you.”

He wasn’t wearing a condom, but Cindy was on birth control. There was virtually no risk, but the notion still concerned her. However, her primitive brain overruled and took control like an animal in heat.

“Please fill me up. Shoot your hot load deep inside me.”

“Not good enough.”

“Please fill this dirty slut up. I need your cum inside me.”

Cindy tried her best to jerk him to completion with her rocking pussy, but he had tremendous endurance and remained in control. Her father said nothing further and Cindy continued going through the motions and experienced the highs of pleasure without release.

“This slut sounds thirsty, let’s get her something to taste.” her father said.

Her neighbor returned and the sexual session turned into a threesome with Cindy spit-roasting herself between two cocks. The two men let her do all the work for a few minutes, which tore down her resistance. With her endurance wearing down, her neighbor waited until she was fully penetrated before stuffing his cock down her throat. Holding her head in place, he face fucked her while she was impaled on her father’s cock. Unlike her father, her neighbor barely lasted longer than two minutes. He again held her face tight and exploded down her throat with the excess cum bursting from either side of her mouth leaving a trail of sticky destruction.

When the neighbor moved away, her father pulled out and forcibly flipped Cindy onto her back. Through the thin disguise, Cindy looked up, hoping the mask was doing its job. He put his cock back inside her, killing any concern that he knew who she was. Leaning forward, he grabbed her throat and gently choked her as he dominantly fucked her. She was being completely manhandled and her body couldn’t get enough.

With cum dripping from her mouth, Cindy let go and felt the power of her father through both his firm grip around her neck and his cock stuffing her every second. She was completely his and despite her attempts to not enjoy it, that simply wasn’t possible. Her father continued to pound her body like it was a sex toy specifically made for him and her elusive orgasm seemed like a sure thing soon.

With the momentum building, her father leaned over and whispered sensually in her ear. “Say, ‘please let me cum daddy’ in your sluttiest voice.”

Cindy didn’t care anymore. If they found out who she was, it was awkward for everyone, not just her. Her hands wrapped around his neck and brought him closer. She looked him in the eyes through the mask. “Please let me cum, daddy. I’ve been a good girl.”

“Yes you have.” her dad said.

He stood back up and, using his thumb on her clit, rode her to the grand finale. Cindy moaned and screamed in pleasure as they simultaneously came. His thick load filling her up kept her climax going longer than she thought possible. It was the most liberating orgasm she had ever had. There were no strings attached. Just pure sexual lust mixed with the danger of being exposed as a dirty slut willing to do anything to get off. For a moment, everything faded and Cindy had no concerns in the world. Just the blissful existence of having been manhandled and fucked by a dominant man that happened to be her own father.

Lying in the afterglow, her father leaned over and gave her a kiss. She didn’t hold back and locked lips with him as if giving him a gift for the amazing sex. The kiss was short lived and Cindy was left by herself in the middle of the room. She hadn’t realized that the party was soon coming to a close, which meant she had survived the challenge. But her part wasn’t over yet. Her neighbor walked over and wrote his name on her right tit. This was followed by the rest of the party signing her like she was a guestbook. The last two to sign were her mother and father. Her dad signed his name just above her pussy, and her mother signed her name along Cindy’s delicate neck. From head to toe she was covered in the names of the people who had also covered her in all sorts of bodily fluids. She was truly a party favor.

The group then took a picture with Cindy in the middle, right between her mother and father. After that, everyone left and the party was over. Cindy was free to roam and she walked into the bathroom to see herself. The sight before her was not the young, hot and ambitious blond that she usually saw. Instead, there was a used slut covered in the evidence of her deeds. The fact that they signed their names on her like she was a national monument that had to be experienced was both hot and degrading. A perfect summary of her night.

But it was worth it. The endgame was coming soon when she would finally get to meet James. She wanted to be fucked by James, and in the back of her mind she hoped it was more mind blowing than her father. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do to see that through now.

* * *

Lucas answered the door and his jaw dropped.

“Holy shit.” Lucas said. “Kat, is that you?”

She made a claw and giggled. “I heard you needed a special house cleaning.”

Lucas could barely form words as he moved out of the way and gestured her in.

Kat moved slowly and sexually, emphasizing all of the new parts of her uniform. The cat headband that gave her cat ears. The black makeup around her eyes and nose that accentuated a more catlike face. The black leather top that covered her entire chest except for a window leaving her breasts on display and then cutting off to show her midriff which had a diamond paw print belly button ring. The only items that covered her bottom half were a black thong under full length nylons with a pair of black heel boots completing the look. Kat pulled off the uniform so well, that Lucas almost missed the gloves with her long black fingernails poking out and the tail protruding from her ass, likely attached to

a butt plug resting deep inside her.

“I guess you already know where everything is.” Lucas said, still mesmerized by the maid uniform.

“I do. Shall I get started?” Kat asked.

Lucas nodded sheepishly. Usually, he had his wits about him, but the transformation was truly awe inspiring. His ex-girlfriend’s best friend was at his condo and ready to clean in the hottest outfit imaginable. Cindy had told him about Kat’s business changes, but he couldn’t believe it. When he called up Kat to inquire about a clean, neither Kat nor Cheryl had answered. Instead, it was another woman, who had more than happily scheduled the new service ‘Full Clean and Fun.” Kat had barely stepped in the door and he was ready to give her service a five star rating.

Unexpectedly, Kat walked over to Lucas and dropped to her knees. She gently rubbed her hand on his crotch.

“As part of the Full Clean, we offer complimentary cock cleaning. Would you like your cock drained?”

Lucas had his cock out in no time. At any moment he expected Cindy or Cheryl to jump out and Kat to get up and tell him how gullible he was for falling for something so stupid. But Kat took his cock like a champion and displayed skills he would have never imagined from the sexually conservative Kat. Whether it was the fellatio skills or her outfit, Lucas did not last long. He came in her mouth and she sucked everything up like a vacuum. After he was clean, Kat stood up and went straight to work like she hadn’t just blown him. The nonchalant behavior was strange, but so excitingly hot.

For the next three hours, Kat ignored Lucas and focused solely on cleaning his house. Regardless of what Lucas tried to do, she had been a complete distraction in the way she carried out each task. When she did the dishes, she had stood with her back arched and her ass out so her thong was swallowed up and her cheeks were on full display. When she put each dish away on the bottom shelf, she had bent over fully at the waist to give Lucas the ultimate view. When she did the vacuuming, she had stood with her feet wide apart while slightly bent forward so her tits and ass jiggled with the vibrations. Even in between tasks, her body had been held in the most attractive way imaginable. Lucas had to bite his knuckles hard to not get up and take her right then and there.

When the cleaning was done, Kat approached Lucas again with a big smile and did a curtsey.

“Kat that Your cleaning service is the best damn thing I have ever seen.”

She nodded slightly.

Her lack of acknowledgment made the whole thing seem strange. Not that he was complaining about the blow job and the show she had put on. But his friend Kat was either being really professional or clearly something was up.

“As a complimentary service, you may use my body however you please for the final hour.” Kat said.

She put her hands on her hips and said nothing more. Lucas waited, but there was nothing else but a smiling, silent Kat standing before him. He waved his hand in front of her face and there was no reaction. He squeezed her tit and drew his hand back quickly, but still nothing. Was she serious?

Lucas took a deep breath and did the one thing he knew would break her out of her spell or reveal the potential prank. He kissed her on the lips. Not a quick kiss or a sloppy kiss, but a passionate kiss like he used to do with Cheryl. There was no reaction from Kat and Lucas broke his kiss.

“So are you just like a doll?” Lucas asked.

“I can be whatever you want me to be.”

The first thing that came to mind was not something he expected. Unbeknownst to Cheryl, the reason he had Cheryl on his radar in the first place was because he was dating Kat. It was Kat who had broken his heart and sent him down a path of serial dating. The feelings had long faded as his treatment of women like toys in his future relationships numbed the pain. But her long red mane glowing in the light and her cute sexy body compact in her uniform, he realized he had missed her cute smiling face and the connection they used to have.

“What if I wanted you to be like when we were dating?”

In a weird way, the affection returned to Kat’s eyes. Her loving gaze brought back so many memories. Before he could say anything further, her lips connected, and she sunk deeply in his arms. For a moment, it felt like they were back together again and had never fallen apart. Her sensual lips were playfully biting and wrapping around his. He missed the passionate kind of love only available deep into a relationship. Her hands knew exactly where to go and all his little idiosyncrasies.

Lucas led her to the bedroom and tossed her on the bed. She landed with a playful giggle. It was exactly like old times. He went for a kiss again, but she pulled back. She pointed to between her legs and smiled. Lucas undid his pants, pulled out his cock and made the same gesture to in between his legs. Her smile dropped and that look saved her the trouble of refusing. And just like that, in his lust-filled mindset, Lucas was reminded why some girls were easier to date than others. Kat had one way for sex and it was hers. To be fair, it had been great, but the focus had always been on making sure Kat got her release when she wanted.

“You know what, on the other hand, I think I prefer you like a sex doll.”

Kat’s mouth dropped open and her arms lifted wide like an inflatable doll. As much as Lucas wanted to relive the past, he also just wanted to get off the way he wanted. And part of that was face fucking Kat’s beautiful mouth. Kat’s immediate, docile obedience was a surreal experience. He grabbed her red hair on either side for leverage and the slid his cock in and out. This was his foreplay and her non-reaction to being face fucked only made him hornier. With her arms out and mouth wide open, she was exactly like an old school inanimate sex doll.

But Lucas wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. He could do anything he wanted.

“Kat, I want you to act like a slut who will do anything to be fucked by me.”

Kat’s eyes looked up at Lucas. The suction of her lips indicated she was taking back control. Her hands wrapped around his shaft and she started giving him the most enthusiastic blow job he had ever received. For someone who had hated giving blow jobs, she was certainly a pro now. The eye contact never ended as the once blank stare was now full of cock lust as she happily sucked away.

Lucas couldn’t believe how susceptible the redhead had become. When they had dated, Kat would be best described as wild in bed but with limitations. With the things she had allowed, she was quite frankly the best experience Lucas had ever had. But some stuff, she had refused to do and it was a complete road block to exploring each other’s sexuality. It was one of the main reasons the relationship had fallen apart. And now here she was sucking cock like a porn star.

The methods behind the new company that Kat now apparently worked for were intriguing. If Kat could be triggered to become any persona, what would her original self say?

“Kat, I want you to become aware of your situation without any of the mental triggers.” Lucas said.

* * *

The first thing that Kat noticed was the bulge in her mouth. The next thing was the tightness of whatever she was wearing causing her breasts to almost pop out on display. She pushed Lucas back and examined her cat themed outfit.

“What the hell am I wearing?” Kat said. She stood up and looked at Lucas with accusatory eyes. “What did you do to me?”

“Don’t blame me. I just ordered your services from that new company that’s buying you out.”

Kat suddenly remembered everything. The countless times cleaning the new place, the new uniform, her attitude towards the mysterious owner and of course, all the good feelings that she had been rewarded with. Her current state was the end product. A blissfully unaware slut that did her master’s bidding which was anything from cleaning a counter to servicing a cock. The only person she could blame was her owner and herself for letting her weak mind be corrupted.

“He made me a slave.” Kat said.

“That’s an understatement.” Lucas added.


She didn’t know how to feel about the situation. Obeying a command was the best feeling she had ever had, but sometimes she had no control over the situation.

“What did you say to get me out of the trance?” Kat asked.

“I told you to be yourself without any mental triggers.”

“But can I still be controlled?”

“Pick your nose.” Lucas said.

Kat’s finger shot straight to her nostril. It’s like her arm and finger were no longer under her control. She tried to pull it out with her other hand, but it was stuck like there was super glue holding it in place.

“He’s completely overridden my freewill.”

“I have to say, seeing you react like this is pretty hot.”

“Lucas! I can’t control anything!”

“I know.” Lucas said as he laughed. “Lick your hand like a cat.”

Kat pulled her hand from her nose and started licking the back of it. In between licks she pleaded with Lucas to stop and let her talk. But her pleading soon turned to meowing as Lucas further exerted his control over her. Anything she said came out as a meow in whatever tone Kat intended.

“On all fours my little kitty Kat.”

The command overpowered her and Kat sunk to the ground. The only difference between this and her usual self during cleaning was that instead of remembering some of the experience afterwards, she was experiencing all of it in real time. Dressed in a skimpy cat costume while acting like a cat for her ex was not something she had ever imagined doing, yet her body had now been programmed to obey and derive pleasure from obeying. ‘Whatever makes the customer’s life easy.’ The stupid maid’s motto was what guided her actions and had programmed her to be the perfect slave. Although she wanted to stop, the pleasure was a nice consolation prize.

Lucas led her around the room enjoying her state as a helpless pet. He had even used a laser pointer to distract her for a few moments before the sexual lust returned to his eyes. He instructed her to return to normal and to stand in front of the mirror. Finally, she was granted permission to speak freely again.

“What are you doing. Please just let me go. I already finished cleaning your house.” Kat said.

Looking at her reflection, her outfit was worse than she thought to the point that she may as well have been wearing nothing. And knowing she had cleaned while wearing the outfit was a shock considering how impractical it was for walking let alone physical labor.

“I know, but I did order your services and according to you earlier, they aren’t complete just yet.”

“Then why are you keeping me like this?” Kat asked.

“Because I want to know you’re experiencing this.” Lucas said. “Look Kat, I liked you a lot, and to be honest you’re probably the only girl to ever break my heart. So, when I say you deserves this, know that it’s all personal.”

Lucas walked up behind her and cupped her tits. There was nothing she could do but watch as her ex-boyfriend reclaimed her body. He gently pushed her over, making sure her vision was still looking at their reflections. After slipping down her hose and panties, Lucas entered her from behind and grabbed a handful of her luscious red hair for support. He gave her specific instructions to stay aware and how to change her facial expressions during sex. All Kat could do was sit back and enjoy the show.

As Lucas had his way with her body, she watched her own expressions uncontrollably change with each thrust. Her worried, concerned look turned from an open mouth to closed, then her lips slowly spread until a smile finally appeared. As Lucas got into a familiar rhythm that had used to drive her wild, her coy smile turned into checkered happiness as her pearly whites beamed back at her.

Lucas let go of her hair and grabbed a handful of her tits, pulling them from their small prison. With all her sensitive areas being stimulated, her smile slowly faded and her mouth opened wide. Soon her tongue fell out and, as her orgasm built, she started seeing double. Lucas shot his load inside her. Her pussy was wet and ready to explode simultaneously, but something was preventing it. In fact, she couldn’t move at all. Lucas pulled out and left her bent over, cum dripping from her pussy with the aheago expression stuck on her face as she desperately wanted to climax.

“Oh, I’ll definitely be using this service again.” Lucas said.

With time left, Lucas left her frozen in the awkward position while she stared at herself the whole time wondering how they had made her so compliant. To add insult to injury, Lucas gave her one last facial and took multiple pictures while she was dripping on both ends. With the session almost over, Lucas knelt down in front of Kat.

“You may talk again.” Lucas said.

Kat tried speaking, but with her tongue out and mouth wide open, the only sounds that escaped were gibberish through her cum coated lips. Lucas recorded another video of her trying to talk and then finally instructed her face to unfreeze.

“Why couldn’t I orgasm?” Kat said, still feeling the pressure to release.

“Because you’re the product, not the user.” Lucas said. “And I just wanted to thank you for letting me experience that amazing body again. I’m finished now and I can’t wait until the next one.”

“Lucas wait...”

* * *

Lucas watched Kat’s anxiety and concerns melt away into a customer service smile. She stood up like her clothing wasn’t disheveled on her body or there weren’t bodily fluids dripping from her holes.

“I hope you enjoyed your service.” Kat said in an overly cheerful voice. “I look forward to serving you again.”

And with that Kat left the house. He couldn’t wait to experience the next appointment.

* * *

The bright light and fan blades were the first things she saw. But it was the buzzing of her phone that made Cindy jump out of bed. She picked her phone up and read the anticipated message from Rochelle.

‘Be at the pound at 2:00 pm.’

That was it. If Cindy didn’t know any better, she’d suspect that it was for another ‘deal’. But after watching Rochelle lead by example and fill in as one of the girls, Cindy knew that she had more integrity than most of the older women in power that Cindy knew. Any other woman of authority would have assigned another girl double duty. But not Rochelle. Like the message she tried to instill, she was also dedicated to doing whatever made the customer’s life easier. At odd times, Cindy had glanced over and saw Rochelle being fucked and used like everyone else. It was a necessary sacrifice to keep her boss, James, happy.

The only thing that bothered Cindy was why they were meeting at the Pound and not at some fancier location. Unfortunately, there was only one way to find out.

It took Cindy a few hours to get ready but after settling on one dress from the five she had considered for the day, she made sure her make-up was perfect before heading out. Arriving a few hours early wasn’t just to be punctual, but so she could grab a drink from the bar down the street to calm her nerves. Not usually one to get nervous, meeting someone she had gone through such a humiliating experience for, inherently built into her mind that she should be nervous. And so her body acted in kind.

Within ten minutes of being at her destination, the right side of Cindy’s car swerved slightly causing her to pull over.


She opened the door and got out. To her utter dismay, the front right tire had taken in a nail and it was losing air like a deflating balloon. Being tardy was not the first impression she wanted to have with James. The vehicle was a problem for later that day. She pulled out her phone and called Cheryl. Then Lucas. Then Kat. No answers. The three people she could rely on the most were not available. There were two other people she could try. Cindy sighed and dialed. How awkward could it be?

* * *

James knocked on the door. There was no answer. He knocked again. Still nothing.

“Open up Bentley, I know you’re in there.”

James pounded the door loudly and consistently until he heard the latch unlock. Bentley Carson opened the door.

“Little brother, what brings you to my neck of the woods.”

Ignoring his brother, James rushed past him and into the mansion. It was a big enough place to confuse anyone who just wondered in. But James had been to it so many times that he knew where everything was kept, including Bentley’s most valuable items.

In the entertainment room, there were plenty of female models waiting on Bentley with collars around their necks. James looked at each one but couldn’t find her.

“Where is she?” James asked as Bentley entered the room.

“Where’s who?”

“Stop playing games, Bentley. You know who I’m talking about.”

“So. I bought her for a fair price. It’s rare to find a real live sex doll in a sex store.” Bentley said with a coy grin.

All James could do was laugh at his brother’s insecurities. This wasn’t about the girl; this was about meddling in James’s business.

“This isn’t about the girl.” James said. “It’s eating you inside, isn’t it? My methods are low key and I may actually build a more successful company than you and be around to see it through.”

Bentley Carson was the creator of Kollar Tech. However, what was once seen as an innovation, soon became a concern among the board of directors in his own company. The items were too controlling with not enough safeguards. After one too many females complained about his conduct while various devices were tested on them, Bentley was swiftly removed and barred from the Company. Ever since then, he had become a pain in James’s side because he had nothing else to do.

“James, you can think whatever you want. I’m just a lonely man with an appetite for pussy.”

“What do you want for her?”

“For who?”

James grabbed his brother and pinned him against the wall.

“Cheryl. What do you want for her?”

“Well I suppose everything has a price.” Bentley said with the same coy smile.

* * *

In his usual quirky fashion, her father opted to bring the truck instead of the car. Cindy sat between her mother and father and tried to ignore that they both had the audacity of using religion to disguise their secret sex life. Her legs accidentally rubbed against theirs. She shivered and pushed them together tight to avoid contact. Charlene put her hand on her daughter’s leg, who immediately swatted it away.

“Cindy!” her mother said.

“Sorry, I’m just a little frustrated.”

“Give her a break Char, she’s a little overwhelmed.”

Overwhelmed by the fact that he fucked her to orgasm the night before.

“I’m fine, daddy.”

The word daddy tasted bitter as it left her lips. It took on a whole new unwanted meaning to her that only became apparent as soon as she said it. There was silence. An awkward silence. Her parents didn’t know the reason why, but the shift in everyone’s body language indicated they knew there was one. Cindy leaned forward and turned on the radio.

‘There’s some whores in this house. I said certified freak, seven days a week. Wet-ass pussy, make that pullout game weak.

Cindy turned the radio off. Her parents gave her a strange look.

“I’m team Minaj.” Cindy said sheepishly. “By the way, how was that thing you canceled dinner for?”

Her father grinned as her mother laughed quietly to herself.

“It was an enlightening experience. I really do think you should go back to church.”

“I think I’ll pass.”

Her parents smiled and laughed at their own inside joke not knowing their daughter was the inside joke. Cindy forever knew the real side of them. The side they tried to hide. Now all she saw when she looked at them were the two naked orgy members who came on her and in her. It was an imagine she would never forget.

Eric pulled up to the bar down the street from The Pound. Telling them to go there could have made them think of her and The Pound in one thought. Although it would be inconceivable that she would be working at one of their parties, her resemblance to the girl they fucked was hardly unbelievable. The less associations they could make between the two, the better.

Once the truck was stopped, Cindy hurriedly climbed over her mother and got out.

“What’s the rush, Cindy?”

“Late for a meeting with a former associate.”

“Good luck sweetie.” Charlene said.

“Where’s my kiss goodbye?” her father asked.

Cindy cringed internally. That action was gross now. Cindy blew him a kiss and turned around. So many things were tainted by that dinner. Would things ever return to normal? No. No they would not. It could not be unseen. Her only goal was to make sure her parents never found out. To ease her mind, Cindy opened the bar door. She needed a drink. A hard drink.

* * *

It wasn’t ideal, but James had no choice if his perfect plan was going to be executed properly. He needed Cheryl and there was only one way that was going to happen. He knocked on the oak door and waited patiently for it to open.

“Well this is a surprise visit.” Rochelle said as she opened the door.

“Hello Rochelle.” James said. He hugged his most loyal employee. “I need to ask you a favor.”

Rochelle’s face sunk. James usually called or emailed his routine favors. A house visit meant something was up and there was no hiding that from her.

“This sounds more like an order not a favor.” Rochelle said.

“Calling it a favor helps me sleep better at night.”

Rochelle motioned him inside. James walked through the doorway into the beautiful home. Being his number two employee wasn’t without its benefits. Her house was gifted to her and she had plenty of off time to spend her lucrative salary, but not enough of either to quit altogether. Like a trophy wife trapped in a marriage, if Rochelle wanted to keep living the good life, she needed to stay in the partnership.

“Can I get you anything?”

James shook his head and sat down. He had developed a curious habit of needing to sit down when delivering bad news. Rochelle took a seat across from him.

“Well let’s have it.” Rochelle said.

“Unfortunately, my brother has interfered with one of my projects.”

“The maid project?”

James nodded. “And in order to rectify that interference, I need something from you.”

“I’m going to need a drink.” Rochelle said. She got up from her seat and went into the kitchen.

James pulled out his phone and called his workers waiting outside. “Ya, bring it in.”

For all that Rochelle put up with at the Pound, it was telling that anything to do with James’s brother was not going to be received well. Rochelle returned with her drink in time to see two workers rolling a large box into the living room and then leaving.

“What have you gotten me into, James?”

“My brother bought one of my maids in a mix-up at the sex shop and he won’t give her up unless I replace her.”

Rochelle chugged her drink.

“I think I need another drink.”

Rochelle left again and the workers returned with an outfit in a garment bag and hung it on the box. Once again Rochelle returned, still distraught from the situation.

“And when is this supposed to happen? You know it’s my vacation for the next two weeks, right? My sister is having her bachelorette party and then I’m meeting up with my friends.”

“I’m sorry Rochelle, but unfortunately this is urgent.”

Rochelle deflated. Part of her job that James had communicated very clearly was sacrifice. He had said he would try his best to be accommodating and create a flexible work life balance, but he had also highlighted the important fact that there would be times when the Company came first. This was one of those times.

After downing another drink, Rochelle walked over and zipped down the garment bag to reveal a black and white maid’s uniform.

“So you’re telling me that while my sister and cousins are celebrating, I’ll be wearing this and either pleasuring your stupid brother or standing around in this box?”

James nodded sheepishly.

“This is bull shit.” Rochelle said. “Can’t you get someone else just this one time?”

“He specifically requested you.”

“And what if I refuse?”

James put his hands up and motioned around. The house wasn’t hers and the money would dry up. He hated making demands like this, but his employees knew what they were signing up for.

“Look, I didn’t know about the vacation plans, but I’m really in a pickle here.”

Rochelle scoffed at the outfit. She grabbed it from the hanger.

“You owe me two months of vacation for this. Or I ain’t doing it.”

“Deal.” James said. “Thanks Rochelle.”

Rochelle slammed the hanger into his chest and went to change.

* * *

Kat walked back into her new home. Was today the day she met her master? She knew it couldn’t be Mr. Wallace. Like her, he was also a tool at their master’s disposal. Only his job was looking after the property. Speaking of which, did her master have more female property? He must have more. The chime of the grandfather clock now back in its place refocused her attention back on Mr. Wallace who had several documents waiting on the table with a pen at the ready. Kat joined him and sat down.

“There will be more to sign and clear up on your end, but this is the first basic contract of signing over everything to the Boulder Estates. By signing this you agree that you and everything you own are legal property of Boulder Estates. This of course is binding unless you go in front of a judge and denounce it, but we don’t see that happening anytime soon.”

Kat understood the contract and she had no issues with signing. It made no sense not to. She knew that she was property and to make that official, her permission was needed on the page. She picked up the pen and scrawled her signature. It was official. Mr. Wallace signed as a witness and smiled at Kat.

“Welcome to Boulder Estates. Are you ready for to see your new home?”

Her new home? Wasn’t she already in it? Or did he mean... he couldn’t mean she was finally going to see beyond the red door. Mr. Wallace snapped his fingers. Kat’s mind cleared and then, for the first time, everything made sense.

The grandfather clock was not a grandfather clock at all. Like Kat’s stint as a stand-in piece of furniture, another girl stood staring blankly ahead in her tight red, lingerie. Her matching nails, heels and lips coordinated a very specific rouge look. Had she always been the clock? Was that who Kat had been cleaning? The girl did not react and remained still like she was just a piece of furniture. Kat couldn’t blame her as she recalled the feelings of being the clock. It had been a blissful experience to be part of a decorative set.

Mr. Wallace led her to the kitchen where another model sat with her legs wrapped around the platform that held the water bowl. She also stared blankly ahead. How could Kat have missed all this? The last stop was the washroom where a model’s head emerged from the vanity and held the toothbrushes in place between her luscious lips. The house’s secrets were now revealed and Kat was part of it now. If her master wanted her to replace any of the girls in a permanent capacity, she’d have no choice but to accept. But Kat doubted that. She was a maid and she knew her master valued that more than any household object.

Finally, they stood in front of what she had been waiting for since she set her eyes on it. The big red door and all it’s secrets. The door slid open and instead of a hallway or a room, there was an elevator with a red wall. He motioned her inside and she gladly walked across the threshold. Mr. Wallace joined her.

“Now. Let’s go see your new home.”

The elevator closed and descended into the unknown.

* * *

James waited patiently by scrolling through his phone until Rochelle finally returned. His jaw dropped to the floor. The uniform was clearly two sizes too small, which emphasized her ass and tits. Then the outfit was modified further so her nipples and pussy were fully accessible. Her makeup was fully done up to emphasize her eyes and lips and newly added fake nails now adorned her fingernails. Overall, she looked exactly as his brother would have wanted, an artificial fuck toy.

Towering over him in her 6-inch heels, Rochelle mockingly gestured at her outfit. James put a fist in his mouth. When he had first started his business, he and Rochelle were partners both on the business side and romantically. But James hadn’t liked the commitment and he made it known to Rochelle that it wasn’t going to last. She accepted the break but had wanted to remain as part of the business on the condition that James would never pursue her again. There were times that James had regretted accepting that clause and this was one of them. If he could bend Rochelle over the table and have his way with her like he could with the many other women in his Company, he would. But sadly, this wasn’t his gift.

James walked over to the crate and opened the doors to reveal a human-sized barbie doll box inside.

“You’re messing with me.” Rochelle said.

“Bentley had very specific instructions.”

“Oh for goodness sake.”

Rochelle had only met Bentley a couple of times and neither had left a good impression on her. He was the type of guy that had let money go to his head and now that he had so much, he felt he could do whatever he wanted. Including dressing up a grown woman like Maid Barbie and putting her in a box like a doll. Unfortunately, Rochelle was not in a financial position to deny the request.

“So are you ready for this?” James asked.

“How long am I going to be in that box?”

James shrugged. “Until he decides to release you.”

“And what about food and the bathroom.”

“I will be monitoring the situation the entire time. If he does anything out of order or fails to do anything that he agreed to, then our deal is null and we will pull you out.”

Rochelle examined the box herself. It was clearly custom built and designed for a person. Whether or not Bentley had Rochelle in mind was unknown, but she wouldn’t put it past him to preemptively plan for a moment like this. After circling the box, Rochelle returned to the front.

“So I’m literally going to be a doll.”

“Until he gives you a command. Yes.” James said. “And there’s a few more things.”

James held up a ball gag, a butt plug and a vibrating egg.


“I’m sorry, Rochelle. You know how particular he is.”

She knew. She had seen many other women go through the same sort of process whenever Bentley got involved with anything. For whatever reason, he steered clear of the Pound and by proxy, Rochelle.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.”

James’s charming smiling somehow made everything seem better. “I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t desperate.”

Rochelle nodded and James approached with the butt plug. He put it to her mouth and instructed her to suck on it to lube it up, again as requested by Bentley. Once there was enough saliva, James worked the butt plug into his assistant’s ass. The pink diamond sparkled in the light as she moved to make sure it was secure. It was the biggest butt plug that she had ever used, but the fact that she had taken a few big cocks assured her that her ass was capable of handling it. With every movement she made, she felt the cold steel inside her.

James had her repeat the process with the vibrating egg and tested it through a small remote. The lowest level was powerful jolt of pleasure and she dreaded to find out what it was like on the highest setting. With her butt plug and vibrating egg in place, James instructed her to step back into the box so he could strap her inside. Like a doll in packaging, Rochelle was strapped by the arms, legs and neck, securing her in place. There was no backing out now. Despite the context of the scenario, it turned her on to be in such a compromising situation. Much like her time filling in at The Pound, one of her kinks was being dressed up and used for someone else’s pleasure.

“Are you sure you’re ready to do this? Once I put the ball gag on, there’s no backing out.” James said.

“Like I really have a choice.” Rochelle said.

James shrugged his shoulders. He placed the ball gag in her mouth and strapped it around her head.

“Try and break out.”

Rochelle tried to walk forward, but the straps held her in place like a toy. She tried her best to break free using as much muscle as she could muster, but it was futile against the plastic straps. After a few attempts, the plastic rubbing against her skin deterred any more tries.

“Perfect.” James said. “Sorry, but one more specific request.”

James turned the vibrating egg on. Rochelle let out a plea of protest, but it was muffled by the ball gag. She tried to get out of the box, but the straps did their job again.

“Sorry Roch. I will make it up to you.”

James shut the box on her, leaving her strapped in darkness while the egg made sure her mind was preoccupied. It felt good, but it was an endless feeling of pleasure. There were no highs and lows that made the highs enjoyable. Just a constant feeling of good enough, but not great enough to orgasm.

It was ridiculous to give up a week away with her friends and family to be a sex toy for her boss’s brother. Wearing an outfit that a hooker wouldn’t even attempt and stuffed full of toys like a stripper turkey, the lengths she’d lower herself to for job security were incredible. Filling in for a shift at The Pound was nothing compared to this.

And so she waited in the darkness with only the humming sound of the egg inside her reminding her what she was there for.

* * *

Rochelle lost track of time, but by her estimate it had been about two hours before the brightness soaked her eyes. The egg had been turned off after the initial hour in the box, but given the restrictive scenario she was in, her pussy was still soaking wet and ready for any activities that her temporary owner might want to indulge in. Like The Pound, the expectation of providing sexual favors was an unspoken rule. It was mandatory regardless of the situation. The only questions to ask were with whom and for how long.

The main goal was for her to stay in character, so Rochelle stood perfectly still and stared straight ahead like a lifeless toy while James presented her to Bentley.

“A Rochelle doll, just like you requested.”

Bentley walked up to the plastic screen. “Oh she’s perfect. Can I get a demonstration?”

“Sure.” James said.

He opened the screen door and undid the straps, finally freeing Rochelle from her temporary prison. Still, she waited without moving. James hit the remote, activating the vibrating egg, and Rochelle came to life with a big smile as she stepped out of the box.

“Maid Rochelle ready for service.”

“How about a blow job to get things started?” Bentley asked.

“Bentley, I’m still fucking here.” James said. “I do not want to see your cock!”

“Fine. Maid Rochelle, be a good girl and go clean the kitchen for me.” Bentley said.

“Yes, master.” Rochelle said.

She walked away on her impractical 6-inch heels dreading the cleaning and walking she’d have to do. It was going to be a long week.

* * *

After being purchased like a sex doll, Cheryl had kept up the charade not knowing when it was okay to stop. The man had already used her at the store, so she had no idea what his plan was. The minute they got home, he had servants hook her up to a device in what looked like a sex dungeon. With her mouth, ass and pussy plugged with dildos and two suction cups suctioned onto her nipples, Cheryl was being filled, expanded and pleasured like Bentley was trying to break in a brand-new sex toy.

After being fucked for hours, she wasn’t sure if she was ever going to get out. All she wanted to do was follow Kat’s lead on making client’s lives easier. But now it seemed that she had been led astray. There was somewhat of a disconnect on how this made her owner’s life easier other than preparing her body for his use. And so she mentally prepared herself to adjust to a life as a sex toy. It was the ultimate male fantasy to have a female body that they could do whatever they pleased with.

And then the lights came on. She knew that it was time to be used by her new master. Except her master wasn’t alone, he was with another gentleman that seemed oddly familiar.

“She’s all yours.” Cheryl’s master said. She realized that he had already sold her even though she had only been his sex toy for less than 24 hours.

But after the customer was left alone with his new toy, he didn’t immediately plug her holes with his wet cock. In fact, he started removing the various items attached to and inside her until she was freed from the contraption. Unsure of what to do next, she assumed the natural position of a sex toy by remaining completely still.

“I know you were sold as a sex toy, but you can return to your normal self.” the mysterious man said.

A sense of normalcy washed over Cheryl as she stood up from the machine. Her mind was clear, but her body was still craving to be filled. She still felt owned, but her purpose expanded from the narrow view of sex toy to the original promise of making the customer’s life easier. It was then that she noticed how handsome the man was.

“Have we met before?” Cheryl asked.

“No. Do you know why I am here?” the man asked.

Cheryl shook her head. He wasn’t balls deep inside her so beyond that it could be anything.

“I am Kat’s employer and by extension your employer. My estranged brother decided to interfere and purchase you, but I have worked out an arrangement. I am your owner now.”

Cheryl felt her allegiance switch immediately. Whether or not the man was telling the truth, she quickly accepted it as fact to avoid a life as a sex toy. Serving as a maid and making sure customers’ lives were easier was a much better career and lifestyle. But having snapped out of her trance long enough, she couldn’t believe she had been okay with that in the first place. The only reason she had been in this mess was because she had become a sex doll at her customer’s request.

The door was shut and there seemed like nowhere to run. If Cheryl was going to escape, she needed to play along until the time was right. If the man suspected anything, he’d use whatever he had previously done to put her back into a trance until she was his fully compliant little slave. Her mouth widened into a warm smile and she grabbed the mysterious man’s arm.

“Well I’m ready to go home, master.”

The man returned the smile with his own and grabbed her hand. “Good girl, that’s what I like to hear.”

He led her out of the room and through the maze of hallways until they crossed into the kitchen where her former master was fucking a woman in a pornographic maid costume from behind as she made a sandwich with her tits out. The maid’s smile said she was happy, but her body language was from that.

“Thanks again, I’ll make sure I get my money’s worth of her this week.” her former master said. He slapped the maid on the ass. “Say goodbye to our guests.”

The maid turned and waved with a smile. “Goodbye.”

Cheryl’s new owner’s eyes lingered on the maid as if he wasn’t comfortable with the situation before him. But he did nothing to stop it and moved on out of the house. If Cheryl didn’t play her cards right to get away soon, she’d end up like that maid: easily disposable for a newer toy.

* * *

The drive was long and Cheryl didn’t say a word. The less she said, the better chance she had of not blowing her cover and escaping. The mysterious man seemed distracted as he periodically checked his cell phone. Something was happening, which diverted his focus from her. Maybe escaping was going to be easier than she thought.

They pulled up to the familiar house that Kat had brought her to. The man exited the vehicle and instructed her to follow. Being in close proximity and knowing she couldn’t outrun him, Cheryl complied. With his distractions there would be an opportunity. He would leave her alone at some point and that is when she would make her move.

Through the hallway and through the red door, Cheryl was brought down an elevator making her escape plan more complicated. They passed by a room that was set up like a bedroom behind a display case and then stopped at another window with the same set-up behind it. The light flickered on and in the display window of the room, like a store mannequin, was Kat wearing her full cat maid costume. She didn’t move or acknowledge their presence. All she did was stand with her hands on her hips and stare ahead with a contagious, bright smile.

Cheryl held back her reaction to her friend’s predicament. She didn’t want to end up just like her. It was getting harder and harder to play along, but she couldn’t give up now.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yes she is, master.” Cheryl said.

It wasn’t a lie. Her friend did look like a gorgeous statue on display. But it was not a fate that Cheryl desired. The man led her to the next room beside Kat and when the lights turned on, instead of a model, there was a bunny outfit on a mannequin. The outfit was a white, latex version of the famous playboy bunny costume complete with stockings, but instead of covering her tits and pussy, there was a see-through mesh that barely counted as clothing with everything underneath on display. The bunny ears were also latex and stood up straight in the air without the usual sag. Instead of the standard collar and wristbands made famous by the various playboy models, this costume had a white leather collar with a tag and gloves like Kat’s that allowed Cheryl’s nails to feed through the finger holes. Lastly, the boot heels were identical to Kat’s, only white. Overall, the costume was sexy and something she’d wear one night to an adult costume party, but not something she’d work in or wear for an extended period of time. Seeing Kat dressed up, the implication was that it was to be a permanent outfit.

“Go put your new costume on.” the man said.

Cheryl hesitated for a slight second, but then calmed her nerves enough to move.

“Yes, master.” Cheryl said, hoping that was the right way to address the man.

There was still nowhere to run, especially after the elevator ride, so her only hope was to follow orders until she was left alone. She walked through the bedroom door, and then entered the display window. She slowly undressed and redressed into the sexy bunny costume as her master watched from the outside. The costume felt as sexy as it looked, and although she hated to admit it, her body was starting to react to the sexual restriction and the thought of her body being on display.

When she turned around, the mysterious man was gone. Now was her chance. She turned to leave the room but saw that the man was inside the display case with her. The escape plan was scrapped.

“You look perfect.” the man said.

He walked by her and lifted the mannequin off the stand revealing a dildo underneath. As far as Cheryl had seen, Kat was not standing on any platform, let alone a stand with a dildo. What was the man expecting her to do? Without warning, the man picked her up like she was a feather and gently brought her down onto the waiting dildo. When he let go, her heels touched the ground, but barely. The only thing really keeping her in place was the dildo inside her. Unable to fully put her feet down, she wouldn’t be able to lift herself off when the time came to escape.

“We took our time with Kat to make sure our methods worked. You were more of a condensed version to see how fast it could work.” the man said. “Unfortunately, my brother had to interfere which makes the data kind of tainted now. But fear not, we have other methods of getting the job done.”

Cheryl didn’t want to reveal that she was fully aware, but he had basically confirmed that he knew. Or was he was testing to see if she would break? He walked in front of her and lifted her chin with his finger.

“I know you’re aware and I thank you for not fighting me on this. You had every chance to voluntarily leave and yet you chose to stay. I think deep down, you already know what you want.”

There was never a moment where she had the chance to leave. But then she remembered how he had stopped at a gas station and left her in the car. It had been the perfect time to escape, but Cheryl rationalized it was too risky. Did she really want to escape, or did she enjoy the feeling of being turned into a completely objectified slave? With nothing to lose now, she finally spoke up.

“What if I want to go now?” Cheryl said.

“I’m afraid it’s too late.” the man said.

Cheryl tried to move, but the dildo held her in place. Even tipping wouldn’t work due to the solid metal frame holding the stand down. She was stuck like a mannequin on display.

“Once I leave, the transformation will begin and when I return you will be another smiling, horny maid just like your friend.”

“No, please. I don’t want that. I want to go.”

“You say that, but your actions don’t match. You voluntarily came in here and put on that costume. Look at how you’re standing.”

Cheryl noticed her hands were on her hips and her back was arched while her lips remained spread and open, showing off her pearly whites. It was the same model pose that she had seen Kat doing. Her feelings were conflicted. Part of her was excited at whatever situation the man was going to throw at her, fantasizing about being controlled, but she never wanted the fantasy to be a reality. Or did she? Her body betrayed her with its pulsating pleasure.

“I...I” Cheryl stuttered. She couldn’t rationalize her own actions.

The man walked up to her and placed the collar with a tag, which Cheryl had purposely left off, around her neck.

“Welcome to the team.” He said. “The next part will feel the best. I promise.”

The man left Cheryl on the platform and music started playing within the glass case. Familiar music that Cheryl couldn’t quite put her finger on. It made her feel good and happy with her decision. It was true that she had been given every opportunity to leave, but she had chosen to stay and eventually ended up on the dildo stand. How could she fight the feeling any longer?

With one foot out the door, the man turned back.

“I can’t wait for your sister to join us.” The man said before shutting the door behind him,

Her sister? Cindy! How did she know about this? Cheryl struggled to get off the stand, but her attempts were futile. Soon the music and pleasure took over as she watched her new master walk by, happily checking out his newest display through the window.

It didn’t take long for Cheryl to give in. Frozen in her pose, she smiled and accepted her fate as a new maid in her owner’s stable. Her only goal was to make the customer’s life easier. It was a motto that she would never break.

* * *

Rochelle had been fucked in every hole and it was barely two hours into her first night. Not only that, but every time he came on her, she had to keep it on herself while maintaining a cheery disposition. It had been a tough task to wear a smile while he fucked her anally however long he wanted with the mirrors around the room leaving her unable to break character.

After Bentley had his food and his fun, Rochelle cleaned in her ridiculous uniform until she was summoned to the master bedroom where her new owner was getting dressed to go out. Once he was ready, he commanded her to lie in the bed until he returned like a good doll. Rochelle took her spot and Bentley left.

It was incredibly demeaning to wait around until he was ready to use her again. Rochelle had better things she could have been doing, but instead she was forced to lie on the bed like a sex doll and receive absolutely no pleasure. While her sister and friends were partying in Vegas, she was stuck lying on an eccentric stranger’s bed covered in his cum and waiting like an obedient toy.

* * *

With a few drinks in her, Cindy showed up at The Pound a few minutes before 2 pm. Rochelle was nowhere in sight. At the top of the hour exactly, a black SUV pulled up and the door opened. Cindy popped her head inside and saw the back seats where empty and it was driven by a man she had never seen before. Having already gone through a great deal, she didn’t question the many red flags running through her mind. Instead, she jumped and shut the door. The SUV drove off.

The windows were tinted darkly enough that she had no idea where they were going, but it took approximately thirty minutes to get there. When the vehicle finally stopped and the engine turned off, the door opened again. Cindy stepped out onto the property of a gorgeous, secluded house. Her gut feeling wasn’t sending any warnings just yet. For now she still felt safe.

At the front door, a sharply dressed, older man was waiting for her.

“Greetings. My master is expecting you. Please follow me.”

Cindy followed the man into the house. It was a gorgeous house that was clearly well maintained and cleaned often. At the end of the hallway was a large red door. The man opened it to reveal an elevator. He and Cindy got on and waited as it descended.

“Am I going to meet James?”

“Please hold all your questions until requested.” the man said in a dry tone.

The elevator opened and the man led her down the dark hallway. There were glass windows, but all Cindy could see was darkness. At the end of the hall was another red door, which Cindy was ushered through. Inside, sitting on a couch in front of a fire while drinking a martini was James. The older man left her and the door closed behind her.

James greeted her with a smile and motioned for her to sit down. It was the easiest decision she had made all day.

“I can’t believe I finally get to meet you.” Cindy said blushing. “You have no idea how much I did to get here.”

“Oh I know. That was all part of your training and conditioning.”

“Excuse me.”

“You really want my cock, don’t you.”

Her first impression wasn’t great so far, but he wasn’t wrong. Ever since the poker night, being fucked by James had consumed her mind. Whether or not it ended up being the most fantastic sex or the worst, she needed it to happen.

“I do.”

“Good. Then I have a proposition for you.” James said. It would have normally sounded like a shady request, yet somehow James made it seem like a completely reasonable thing to ask.

Cindy nodded.

“Let me show you something.” James said and arose from his seat.

He led her back through the door and into the dark hallway.

“One of the many ventures my company has invested in is a cleaning business. Mr. Wallace didn’t understand it, and for a while I thought it was a mistake. But then I saw your sister’s company and the gears started turning.” James said. “I mean hot girls coming and cleaning your own shit up while you watch. Brilliant. All it needed was a little face lift and an expansion of services.”

James led Cindy to the first window and it lit up to show a bedroom with a cat theme. In the front of the display booth, Kat stood dressed head to toe like a sexy dominatrix cat. Cindy waved her hands, but there was no reaction from her sister’s friend.

“We own Kat and her business. In fact, she just signed it over to me today.”

Cindy couldn’t believe Kat or her sister would ever do that. But then again, Cindy had done many unbelievable things just to get a chance to talk to James. Somehow, he had a way of luring women in and mesmerizing them.

“What about my sister? She would never go along with this.”

“Unfortunately, I had to give up something quite valuable to me, but she is also mine now.”

The second window lit up. Cindy walked over and saw the bedroom with a bunny theme. As with Kat, Cheryl stood in her modified playboy bunny costume. Along with the iconic uniform, Cheryl’s face was similarly decorated like Kat’s and she also wore gloves with holes so her nails could come out. The bunny ears were shorter so there was less droop and the only difference from the real playboy costume were the holes over her tits to show off her nipples. Instead of a bow tie, there was a collar with her name tag on it. She stood tall and proud with a happy smile. It was strange seeing the usually uptight and no-nonsense Cheryl so happy and carefree.

“You see I have a growing stable now and if you want my cock, you are going to have to join.”

A third light came on and Cindy saw a dog themed room with an empty display.

“I want you to be my bitch, Cindy.”

Cindy backed away. This was crazy. Her sister and Kat were now brainwashed puppets ready to do James’s bidding. She wanted his cock, so much as to be sexually intimate with her parents to get to it, but this was something completely different. From the looks of it, she would be completely under James’s control. There would be no escaping after that. She would be dressed as a dog and put on display until James saw fit. It was a hot fantasy, but one she did not want to remain in forever.

“How did you do that to them?”

“A bit of subliminal brainwashing.”

“And you did the same thing to me?” Cindy asked.

“No. As an experiment, I want you to be voluntary. Look Cindy, you’re drifting around job to job, man to man. This is stability. You’ll be one of my working maids and when I so desire, I will use your body for our mutual pleasure. That’s all you will exist for. Cleaning and pleasure. Doesn’t that sound rewarding?”

“No. I mean it sounds awesome for like a weekend, but the rest of my life, absolutely not.”

“Just look at your sister. See how happy she is. What if I told you she was experiencing endless pleasure in this state.”

Cindy stared at Cheryl’s face. She could see brief flashes of her ‘O’ face, no doubt experiencing orgasm after orgasm. But this wasn’t for Cindy. This wasn’t worth James’s cock.

“The answer is no.” Cindy said.

Fearing for her safety, Cindy ran towards the red door at the end of the hall. But it was locked. James didn’t follow. She tried multiple doors until one finally opened into a large room with some sort of device in the middle. When the door locked behind her, Cindy examined the device and saw it was some sort of sex contraption. Two dildos were attached at one end to enter the pussy and ass and one dildo gag was attached at the other end to enter the mouth. It was the sort of device Cindy would love to try, but in her current circumstance, she knew it was a bad idea.

The sound startled her as three televisions came on and replayed her time with her parents and their friends as their collective fuck toy. Another video showed Kat and Cheryl being fucked senseless by James like docile sex dolls. All of the visuals were getting Cindy wet. Seeing herself at her lowest point and her sister being a completely obedient slave drover her hand to her pussy to help with some relief. As much as she fingered herself in all the right places, there was a lack of satisfaction. Having been fucked by her father and having shared the pleasures of oral with her mother, how could anything less taboo than that get her off? She ran to the door, and confirmed it was locked. James opened the eye hole slot.

“If you want your freedom, I have one condition.” James said. “You must orgasm in this room and then I will let you go. Until then, enjoy.”

The eye hole shut. There was no time to complain, James didn’t seem like the type of guy to give in. She again fingered herself exactly how she liked it, but no matter how hard she tried, her body stayed on the edge of the coveted orgasm. The videos played on loop, egging her sexual libido on, yet not providing a solution. She tried grabbing a dildo off the machine but it was firmly attached. After multiple tries with her fingers, it became clear that there was only one way that an orgasm was going to happen. She hopped up on the machine voluntarily and examined it. There was no doubt in her mind that it was a trap. But she needed relief. She was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.

Cindy took a deep breath and settled into the machine. After lubing herself more thoroughly, she worked the dildos into her pussy and ass. It felt so good to have her holes filled that she almost came from the sensation. But somehow her body held the orgasm at bay. She leaned forward so that she was on all fours and grabbed the dildo gag. Strapping the rope around her head, she then placed the dildo in her mouth and tightened the rope so it was secure. Every hole was filled and she was ready to receive an amazing fuck. But nothing happened.

The machine was well built, and Cindy searched for the “on” button as her pussy juices pooled below her. The televisions went off and the single one in front of her turned on. It was a live view of James.

“I see you’ve found yourself in one of my favorite sex machines. The start button can only be controlled by me.” James said holding his watch up. “Now, you may disconnect yourself and continue to try and orgasm on your own, or you can tell me to start the machine and have the best orgasm you will ever have. The choice is yours.”

How did Cindy get herself in this predicament? She would have never climbed onto the machine if her body was reacting normally. Instead, her holes were terribly empty without something inside them and climbing down from the machine would only make her hornier and more unsatisfied. He had clearly done something to her which left her with limited options. What was the worst a machine could do? As long as her mind stayed intact, she could still walk free.

“Have you made your decision?”

Cindy nodded.

“And, do you want me to start the machine?”

Cindy nodded again.

“Good girl.”

James tapped his watch and the television went black. The dildos started pumping in and out in alternating patterns so one hole was always filled. Her mouth gag dildo inflated until her mouth was stretched wide in a big ‘O’. It too then moved back and forth in her mouth. Her hands found grips to hold onto as she endured the tag team of pleasure on her body.

Cindy screamed with pleasure as the dildos rocked her body at an incredible pace. Her mind went numb as the pleasure filled her like the fuck toy she was. It took four minutes, but the orgasm shook Cindy’s legs and her body buckled. She screamed as much as she could through the dildo in her mouth, letting out all the pent-up sexual energy through every hole.

Despite the release, Cindy’ body was still in heat and ready for more. Her hand moved slightly, grazing a button on the side. She tilted her head to get a look and the button said ‘Pleasure Toy.’ Her mind ran wild with ideas of what the button would do, but there was only one way to find out. She pushed the button and waited to be reunited with the blissful feeling of having her brains fucked out of her.

“Pleasure Toy Program activated.”

Straps popped out of the machine and wrapped around her hands and legs. She tried to struggle free, but she was now locked in place. The televisions came back on, all showing a black and white spiral.

“Welcome to your new identity.”

The realization hit her as the pictures of the beautiful, empty looking blondes revealed her fate. She struggled to get free, but the machine held her securely in place. A pair of headphones popped up automatically from the contraption and landed on her head to ensure the programming could not be ignored.

Now, not only was she looking at beautiful, big-titted bimbos, she could also hear what she would become. A docile slut. A complacent toy. An obedient maid. A beautiful object that would be used however her master wanted. A pet in his growing collection.

Every phrase and image were combined with binaural background noise that Cindy couldn’t quite hear but was likely even worse affirmations. Her tits became more sensitive as her soaked pussy dripped down her legs. The foreign feeling of being completely filled, reversed into the feeling that it was now normal to have all her holes plugged with a phallic object. That’s what she was meant for.

Her body started moving, gyrating her hips on the toys in her pussy and ass and sucking the dildo in her mouth. Practice made perfect. While her body moved, her eyes stared ahead at the barbie bimbos pleasuring men on the screen. She was envious of them and all the cock they got to suck and the men they got to worship. It was now her life goal to please men with her body by any means necessary. If that meant also enhancing her body with plastic and Botox, then that’s what she was going to do. The girls in front of her were her vision board and the voices she heard were her new consciousness.

Cindy lost track of time as her mind and body were rewritten. Having her holes plugged felt like ecstasy coursing through her and building her towards another orgasm. The program repeated several times that once she climaxed, the changes would be permanent. A part of Cindy still fought back, but it was futile against the blissful feeling that was her bimbo enlightenment. If she completely gave in, she’d end up just like Kat and Cheryl. Standing around and being controlled by James. Why did she pursue him so badly or was that part of his mind control plot?

The desire to fight slowly faded as Cindy accepted that she was destined for a life of using her body to please anyone that her master commanded. There was no more worrying about bills, or career development because that was all covered now. She would be a maid molded however her master desired and her place would be in the room next to Kat and Cheryl.

The bubbly images of blonds were the last thing she saw as the words in her ears commanded her to release. But before Cindy could, the program abruptly stopped. The dildo in her mouth deflated and the toys in her ass and pussy were pulled out. At the height of her greatest orgasm ever, Cindy was left on the edge breathing heavily and sexually confused. The screen popped up with one question:

‘Accept Permanent Changes?’

The only two options were ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Cindy’s mind was no longer corrupted with the thoughts of her reprogramming. She was free to think about the decision that would affect the rest of her life. The whole point of this was to fuck James and once she learned his agenda, it completely turned her off. But after seeing her sister and Kat standing around like dolls, she’d be lying if she didn’t admit deep down that it was enticingly hot. She couldn’t blame James for expertly pursuing a life filled with obedient pleasure toys. But she could never be one. Just a mindless drone who’s only real asset was her body with all the personality removed. What would her parents think? That was a stupid question, because if it wasn’t their daughter, they’d probably want one too.

A timer popped up on the screen prompting for a response in one minute. It was time to decide. Cindy’s body ached for ‘Yes’, so it could finally experience the ultimate orgasm. But with no thoughts influencing her, the answer to becoming a mindless pleasure toy seemed obvious.

With the bands loose, Cindy wriggled her hand free and it dove to her drenched pussy. Her fingers went to work on her clit as she imagined a life as a mindless sex toy for James. Sucking and fucking him on command as he used her body anyway he pleased and then discarded her like a toy. It was a hot fantasy, a really hot fantasy. But it was just that. A fantasy. She recounted all her recent experiences that weren’t fantasies. How would she have that as a drone?

Reliving the past in her mind, Cindy’s fingered herself as the clock ticked down.


She could still taste her mother as she recalled the embarrassment of being held down and smothered by her mother’s pussy.


Being a maid for a random table of people and letting them use her like a sex doll.


Her daddy, grabbing her neck and fucking her like a desperate slut while she stared into his eyes.


Locking lips with a stranger’s pussy and being forced to let the smell of two snatches permeate around her while she was stuck between two girls.


The jealousy of watching every girl get fucked except her by one of the hottest and most mysterious men she had ever met.


Watching Cheryl obey like an obedient maid under her complete control.


Making Cheryl watch her little sister fuck her ex-boyfriend while Cheryl stood with their clothes hanging on her.


Having her parents mark her with their name and their seed and then leaving her like a discarded toy.


And finally, almost turning herself in a mindless obedient fuck toy.

Every sexual experience was amazing because of the taboo struggle that went along with it. It wasn’t the physical sensations. It was the mental ones. As Cindy thought of Kat and Cheryl, two obedient sluts she could potentially control, her orgasm hit her. She screamed in ecstasy as her hips bucked on the device.

The door opened behind her upholding James’s promise. But there was one question left to answer. Did she want to be a toy? Did she want to be controlled and used? Despite the lack of mental sensations, becoming an obedient slave was its own mental reward. Her only purpose would be to serve. Both options were intriguing, but she needed to act fast. Cindy’s free hand reached out and touched the panel before it was too late.

“The paperwork is complete, sir.” Mr. Wallace said.

James looked up from the camera recording that he was allowed to access from his brother’s home as part of the deal for Rochelle. His assistant was smiling and attempting to wash the floors while she was fucked from behind by Bentley. Little did Rochelle know, the deal wasn’t one for one week, it was permanent. Bentley had been obsessed with Rochelle since he had seen her at The Pound and he knew Cheryl’s value to James. It was unfortunate, but after the week was over, Rochelle would serve Bentley in an assistant capacity much like she served James. Except her new boss would be a little more hands on. James wasn’t looking forward to that conversation.

He closed his laptop and made sure the paperwork in front of him was in order. He smiled politely at Mr. Wallace. “Thank you, Mr. Wallace. Are the girls ready?”

“As you ordered, sir.”


James walked by his office entrance where two naked blondes with gold bands around their arms and legs stood like an expensive entry decor. Outside his office, another woman stood in her maid uniform waiting for instructions. James saw himself as a visionary and the future was homes full of lively art along with his adult restaurant and adult maid service.

Passing by his grandfather clock, James appreciated the girl who had become a permanent fixture. A model that his new acquaintance, Lucas, helped recruit.

Down the elevator and into the hallway, James walked by his first three maids in his growing business. The beautiful redhead Kat, dressed in her sexy cat costume. The gorgeous Cheryl, dressed in her revealing bunny costume. And the unique Cindy, dressed in a matching Dog outfit. All standing on display, with their hands on their hips and smiling.

James snapped his fingers and the girls came to life, moving in sync to the middle room and lining up on the bed on all fours with their mouths open, ready to be used. He entered through the front of the room and slowly took his clothes off. With his cock hard and ready, he entered Kat’s waiting mouth. He grabbed the luscious red hair and fucked her face to get his cock as hard as it could get. He moved on and did the same with Cheryl and Cindy, giving them all equal attention.

When he was ready, James went around and made sure all the girls’ costumes had readily accessible holes. Kat was the first to be tested as he fucked the new cat maid doggy style. The other two girls waited like lifeless sex dolls. Once he had his fill of Kat, James moved onto Cheryl. Her tits dangled and danced as he fucked her from behind. He grabbed a handful for himself while he enjoyed the looser pussy.

After Cheryl, he moved onto Cindy. But instead of doggy style, he flipped her around so that she was staring up at him. The sexy maid dressed as a dog was his favorite and with good reason. He teased her pussy with his cock before finally claiming it. It had been extremely difficult not to fuck her on the few recent occasions that the opportunity had arisen, but the wait was worth it. She was tight and one look at her perfect body was enough to make him ready to cum.

Their eyes made contact as he penetrated her slowly and sensually. A smile crept up on her face. Cindy sat up and grabbed James so that her arms were hanging around him. She kissed him and brought him back down to the bed. After their passionate make-out, James smiled at her.

“You’re breaking character.” James said.

“I figured I’d get a pass with our first time. I did...a lot for this opportunity.” Cindy said.

“You certainly did.”

The bed was a tight squeeze.

“Do you think we could have more room? I want to do so many things to you.” Cindy said.

James nodded. Cindy turned to her sister and Kat.

“Kat and Cheryl, go sixty-nine each other on the floor in front of the window.”

The two maids got up in sync and did as they were told. Kat lay down on the floor with her legs spread and her face disappeared under Cheryl’s ass. Cheryl’s mouth went right to her friend and business partner’s pussy and she happily licked away.

Cindy laughed and then turned her attention back to James. He let her take control as she flipped him around and had him on the bed.

“Let me show you why it’s better to have a little personality in the bedroom.”

Cindy lifted herself off and teased James’s cock with her pussy. She stood between his legs and turned around. Bending slightly, Cindy twerked directly over James’s cock. Having been used to fucking every woman that he pleased, it was a welcomed change to be entertained. Slowly and sensually, Cindy lowered her ass onto his cock and did all the work of bouncing up and down for his pleasure. As much as James liked compliant fuck toys, he had to admit that having an adventurous fuck toy had been a great idea.

After the anal dance, Cindy turned around and sat on James’s lap with his cock entering her pussy for the second time.

“Was it worth the wait?” Cindy asked.

“It was never a doubt in my mind.”

James grabbed her hips and helped her ride him, her tight pussy gripping his cock while her tits moved in every direction. She was perfect. The first time he had seen her when he was scouting Kat and Cheryl, he knew he had to have her. It took a lot of preparation and planning with Lucas to get to this point, but he had been compensated well. As hot as Kat and Cheryl were, Cindy had a young innocent charm about her that caught his attention and kept it. Now she was willingly bouncing up and down on his cock, ready to please him in any way.

But he still had his authority to maintain. James slowed her pace down and then commanded her to her knees. She complied, lifting herself off his wet slippery cock and kneeling next to him. James stood up, shoved his cock down her throat and immediately blew his load. Cindy took it expertly but globs of cum escaped from the side of her mouth and dribbled down her cheeks and chin. Even her throat was a perfect receptacle.

Cindy remained kneeling with cum still in her mouth as James pulled out.

“Good little fuck toy.” James said.

Cindy smiled at the compliment knowing full well that he had enjoyed her body more so than if she was just a mindless toy. James grabbed his clothes and stood over Cindy.

“Kat’s going to come with me to do some promotional shoots. In the meantime, I want you and Cheryl to make out while we’re gone.”

Cindy’s smiled dropped momentarily. “You want me to make out with my sister?”

James nodded.

“But she’s going to taste like Kat’s pussy.”

James didn’t say anything. A command was a command and this was her first test.

* * *

With the taste of James still in her mouth, it was going to be an interesting mix with Cheryl’s Kat breath. But that wasn’t Cindy’s hesitation. This was her older sister. Cindy loved teasing her sister and enjoyed the brief time that she had Cheryl under her control, but she never had the desire to experience Cheryl. Even after her experience with her parents.

But James didn’t care. And she knew it would be the first of many tests. She stood up and walked over to her sister who had been subsequently commanded by James. As the two sisters stood facing each other, Cindy could smell Kat on Cheryl’s breath. The blank toy that was occasionally her sister waited for Cindy to make a move. While staring Cheryl in the eye, half expecting her sister to recoil, Cindy moved in and locked lips. The taste of cum and pussy wasn’t the most pleasant, but Cindy had no choice but to deal with it while she passionately made out with Cheryl.

In the corner of her eye, James watched with Kat on his arm smiling like a trophy wife. James was enjoying the power he had over Cindy despite her still having some free will. Or was her control an illusion? Was she following his commands by her own will or was he still pulling the strings? She had no urge to pull away, but that was only because she wanted to prove this could work. Or so she thought.

“Don’t stop until we return.” James said before leaving.

So Cindy continued to make out with her sister in the window of the hallway, swapping cum and pussy juice with her kissing partner until her master returned with further instructions.

* * *

Unbeknownst to her master, since her cleaning session with Lucas, Kat had remained aware. She had been aware when she signed over her business and assets to James. She had been aware when she saw Cheryl and Cindy lured in for their own transformation. She had been aware when she was fucked and then subsequently ate her friend’s pussy with the taste now still fresh on her breath. And she was now aware when she struck various poses in her uniform so that James could advertise his new business with her as the face of it.

And there was nothing she could do about it. She was a passenger in her body which was controlled by James and any customer she serviced. Reduced to the identity of a hot redhead maid dressed in her sexy revealing cat uniform with her only goal being to make sure the customer was satisfied. Until the next person that commanded her to be in control again, she was stuck as an obedient maid. Helplessly obeying with the only silver lining being that she was taken care of and that the pleasure she experienced was far better than any she had experienced in her normal life.

Starting off as an ambitious entrepreneur, one house had changed her life. Now she was a piece of property making someone else’s dream come true. Just an obedient maid using her body to please others and following the cardinal rule, the maid’s motto: do anything to make the customer’s life easier. It was a Kat’s House Grooming, guarantee!

* * *

Epilogue Bonus

Cindy, dressed in her dog maid uniform that was now branded with the company name, Kat’s House Grooming, grabbed the USB stick from Lucas and put it into her tablet. She checked to make sure the models were split out between the different companies that Lucas was now recruiting for. Despite the methods that James had used on Kat and Cheryl, Cindy had convinced him to let the new models choose their fate much like she was given an opportunity. With the salary offered, there was plenty of interest from models for short to medium term gigs. Of course, her master’s charm would also likely snare many into a more long-term commitment. But that was still their choice.

After she logged the models to her database, Cindy gave the USB back.

“Thank you for your service. Now I have here that Cat will be doing your cleaning, Bunny will be your bedroom toy and Dog will be your blow job slave. Please sign here if that is correct.” Cindy said and handed Lucas the tablet. He signed his name and confirmed his choices then gave the tablet back. “Perfect.”

Cindy put her tablet away in her company bag and Kat and Cheryl headed towards their designated jobs. Cindy sunk to her knees and opened her mouth wide, ready to take a cock at any time. Lucas smiled down at her and left her momentarily. She happily waited until he was ready to use her mouth in any way he desired.

* * *

“Dear, can you get the door, I think it’s the new cleaning service we used that coupon from The Pound on.” Eric heard from the kitchen.

If the cleaning service was anything like The Pound, he looked forward to seeing what kind of supplementary services they offered. Eric opened the door and was greeted by a blond dressed like a dog complete with a mask covering most of her face. It took a few seconds, but he recognized her as the girl from The Pound.

“Expanding your skill set?” Eric said jokingly.

“Something like that.” the girl said. Her voice was familiar, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

She walked in followed by two other girls, one redhead dressed like a cat and one blond dressed like a bunny. Both were also wearing masks that hid the upper parts of their faces. The redhead looked almost identical to his daughter’s business partner Cheryl. In fact, the other blond looked like strikingly similar to Cheryl. Eric’s eyes darted to the first blond who was now holding out a tablet.

“I have here that Cat will be doing your cleaning, Dog will be your bedroom toy and Bunny will be your blow job slave. Please sign here if that is correct.”

With the context of the other two girls, there was no mistaking the blonde’s voice as his own daughter’s. That meant both of his daughters were making themselves sexually available as part of the new maid service. And that also meant… he just couldn’t fathom the best sex he had ever had was with his own daughter.

Eric’s wife came into the entry way and her eyes widened at the prospects of her new toys. She grinned at Eric, but his confused look caught her attention.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

Eric took her aside and whispered in her ear. “I’m pretty sure that’s Cindy with the tablet and the two girls behind her are Kat and Cheryl.”

His wife looked at the three maids and shook her head.

“There’s no way. You’re telling me that girl from The Pound was our own daughter?”

Eric nodded his head.

“And she went through with everything we did without saying a word.”

“Char, she sounds exactly like her.”

His wife didn’t believe him. Instead of discussing it further, she walked up to Cindy and without warning made out with her. The blond carrying the tablet didn’t break the kiss and instead locked lips as long as Charlene wanted. Once his wife was done demonstrating, she walked back to Jim.

“You’re telling me that my daughter would willingly make out with me?”

The evidence was overwhelming, but if his wife was sure, then he had at least had her opinion as an insurance policy. He walked over to the tablet and signed his name confirming his choices.

“Perfect. Thank you.” The blond said.

Eric looked back at his wife to see if hearing the girl’s voice changed anything, but she had already disappeared. The blond packed her tablet into her company bag and walked away with the redhead, likely to the bedroom to wait like a sex toy. If he wanted, he could again enjoy her pussy like he did at The Pound, but there were new toys to play with.

The other blond, who was dressed like a bunny, dropped to her knees with her mouth open. He couldn’t shake the feeling that it was his daughter, Cheryl, but she looked so hot waiting for him to use her. Eric shrugged his shoulders and whipped his cock out. He placed his flaccid member on the top of her mouth and there was no reaction. Grabbing her head, he pushed her gaping mouth forward and the warmness engulf his cock. Looking down at her bobbing head, he could easily confirm her identity by removing the mask, but he was afraid of what he might find.

The best solution was to treat the anonymous blond like any other woman in her position. Eric aggressively face fucked his new toy without remorse and then blew his load down her throat. Her mouth dripped with cum over her enormous tits. He couldn’t wait to titty fuck those, but first he wanted to reacquaint himself with the girl from The Pound. Today was going to be a fun day with his new toys.