The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Manners Maketh Man

by Pan

Chapter 12

“What do you think, Mark? Did it help?”

As Caroline shakily moved off her son’s glistening face, the mostly-gay lad responded.

“I think it did, Dad,” he said with the largest grin he’d had since his announcement earlier that evening. “I think I get it now.”

With a sidewards glance at his mother’s naked body, he continued. “Although just to be safe, I think I’m going to need more practice. A lot more practice. Like, fucking a lady…surely that’s different to fucking a slut. And aren’t there a bunch of different positions you can use?”

Colin’s laughter was loud, long, and contagious. It was several minutes before the sound of the family’s mirth died down, and Colin nodded.

“Of course you’ll need more practice. That won’t be a problem, will it girls?”

“Nope,” Katey said breathlessly. “Any time. Literally, bro—any time.”

“Anything for the family,” Caroline said, a dreamy smile on her face.

To my surprise, Michael spoke up next.

“And bro,” he said earnestly. “If there’s anything I can do, just let me know. If you need me to pick up your chores, or give you sex tips, or lessons on how to be more dominant…anything I can do, I’m there for you.”

“Thanks, Michael,” Mark smiled. “I mean, Mom said I wasn’t meant to masturbate, so if neither of the girls aren’t there to help me get off, I might need you to help me with that. I’d be happy to return the favor, of course.”



The power had been removed, but like I said—at heart, I’m a total sweetheart, so with a nudge from me, Michael nodded, and I ensured that the same would be true of his father.

“There is one more thing,” Colin said, and everyone turned to face him. “I said that a threesome is the ultimate dream of every straight man, but that’s obviously not why we’re straight.”

This time, it was Michael who was confused.

“Why are we straight?”

“You know, boy—you’ve done it several times already.”

“To spread our seed,” Caroline interjected, a warm smile on her face. “The point of sex is procreation, not recreation. Although God knows, that part is fun too.”

“Thank you, honey. Mark…I’m confident that you’ve learned a lot about being straight, but I’m not going to be convinced that you’re straight until you get someone pregnant. Now, lucky for you, your family is here for you. What do you say, girls?”

“Of course,” Caroline said, linking her arm with Mark’s.

“If it’ll help my brother, I’ll do anything,” Katey said, doing the same. “Anything.”

“Good girls. Spring break is coming up—I think that should be everyone’s focus until then.”

“Agreed,” Katey said, slightly too quickly. “I mean…if you say so, Dad.”

“When should I start?

With a smile, Colin gestured to his son’s erection.

“Why don’t you start now?”

Mark returned his father’s smile. “May I, Mom?”

“Good lad,” Colin nodded. “Treating your mother like a lady. Of course if it was your sister, you’d never ask—you’d just take her.”

“Got it.”

“Go ahead, son,” Caroline offered, laying down on the coffee table.

Mark carefully positioned herself above his flushed mother, and slowly slid inside her.

“Oh, yes…” Caroline groaned, as she took her first cock of the day. “Oh, please…please fuck me! Please, Mark, fuck me. Fuck your mother!”

“Sometimes even a lady will find herself overcome with lust that she wants a little dirty talk,” Colin advised. “In these situations, it’s totally fine to talk degradingly to her.”

“Got it,” Mark replied. “Do you like this? Do you like this, Mom?”

“Mommy loves it,” Caroline groaned. “Mommy loves your cock so much.”

“Good,” her son grunted. “Because you’re going to be taking a lot of it from now on. You’re going to be my personal little cumdumpster—any time I want to get off, you’re going to be there aren’t you?”

“Yesssss,” his mother confirmed. “Any time. Any time you want to cum, Mommy will take care of you.”

“I’m going to knock you up,” Mark hissed. “I’m going to put a baby inside you; inside the cunt I came out of.”

“Oh, god,” Caroline moaned, an orgasm rippling through her body at the idea of being impregnated by her own son.

As Mark was enthusiastically fucking his mother for the first time, I saw Colin glance around the room. His gaze lingered on his other son’s cock, dripping pre-cum; his daughter, touching herself as she watched Mark fuck her mother; his own erect penis.

“Never waste a slut…” he muttered, sitting down carefully at the end of the dining table.

“What’s that, Dad?” Michael answered, his tongue running around his mouth, trying to work out what strange taste in his mouth was.

“Katey!” Colin barked. “Come here!”

His daughter obeyed immediately, moving to her father’s side.

“While we supervise your brother’s efforts, you’re going to learn to be the best slut you can be—just in case your brother needs you again when he’s done with your mother.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Katey replied, her voice filled with excitement.

“Now, a good slut needs to know how to DP. You know what DP is, right?”

“Double penetration,” the cheerleader replied with a blush.

“That’s right,” Colin said proudly. “You really are going to be a top-notch slut. Now, sit on me, and give your brother access to your ass.”

As Katey got into position, I plumped up Mark’s leg muscles as well, to match the rest of his physique. He now had the lithe, muscular body of a dancer, or a martial arts expert. It would never be the size of his father or brother’s, but he was far from unattractive.

I could tell it would still be a while until he came—after so many orgasms in such a short amount of time, even Mark was starting to reach his limit.

“Oh, Daddy…” Katey moaned, as her father’s cock slowly entered her. “Oh, fuck.”

“There’s nothing quite like taking your father’s dick inside you,” Colin rumbled. “That’s why we made you. That’s why we had a little girl—so that you could be my slut. So that you could be a hole for me to cum in.”

“I’ll be your good little girl,” Katey groaned. “I’ll be such a good slut for you. Please. Please please please please please.”

“Not just me,” her father reminded her. “You’re the family slut now—if either of your brothers need to get off, that’s your responsibility from now on. You’re going to be our little cumslut, twenty-four seven.”

“Of course,” Katey panted. Her cunt was now completely stuffed full of her father’s huge dick, and her voice was a low growl of arousal. “Any time you want. Any time you want to cum, I’ll get you off.”

“Your brother and I are going to fuck you now,” Colin announced, nodding at his son. Michael reached around and crudely grabbed his sister’s tits, making her gasp. After a few moments of pawing and tweaking, he scooped up some of the lube that he’d placed there earlier, and coated his dick with it.

“I’m going to fuck your ass,” Michael whispered directly into Katey’s ear. She shivered with anticipation. “Am I your first?”

”Yes,” she admitted lustfully. “I’ve never had someone back there before…”

“Well, you’d better get used to it. From now on, any time of the day or night I want to take your ass, it’s mine. Your ass belongs to me.”

“My ass belongs to you,” Katey moaned in response. “Any time you want it.”

“Get ready,” Michael warned, before positioning his hardness at his sister’s rear entrance and slowly pushing forward.

My cock began to thicken again at the look of shock on Katey’s face as she felt, for the first time, the head of a cock slip into her tight rosebud. Colin had been sitting patiently as his daughter prepared to be ass-fucked for the first time, but he was starting to reach his limit, and used his strong arms to lift his daughter up and down his thick rod.

“Oh, god…” Katey moaned as she felt her two muscular relatives enter her at once. “I feel so full…”

“That’s how a slut like you should feel,” Mark said, surprising everyone. As he fucked his mother on the coffee table, his eyes were on the tryst happening at the other end of the room. “A slut like you should always be full of cock.”

“Yes,” Katey agreed, her eyes rolling back in her head with pleasure. “Fuck. Yes!”

“You’re the family whore,” Micahel grunted, managing to slip another inch of his cock into his sister’s tight rear entrance. “Except you don’t get paid. You’re cheap as free. Oh, fuck.”

It had been some time since Colin had cum, and as his dick slid into his daughter’s tight cunt for the first time, I could tell that he was having trouble thinking about anything else.

“You’re my little girl,” he grunted. “You’re Daddy’s little whore…”

“I’m yours, Daddy,” she moaned in response. “I’m such a good whore for Daddy. I’m whatever Daddy wants. Whatever Daddy wants…”

Another orgasm wracked the teen girl’s body, and for a moment I thought she was at risk of passing out. Drool was dripping from her open mouth, landing on her huge tits and mixing with what remained of the lube there.

Colin was ready. “I’m going to cum,” he announced loudly, a vein visibly throbbing on his sweaty forehead.

“Do it, Daddy,” Katey pleaded. “Cum inside your little girl. Your little girl wants your cuummm…”

She trailed off as her body began to shake with an orgasm of her own.

“Yeah, Dad,” Michael replied supportively. “Cum inside the family slut. That’s why we have her. That’s all she’s good for.”

Michael had managed to get another several inches of his cock inside his sister’s ass, but as she came, she tensed up and prevented further progress.

“You can do it, Dad,” Mark said from the coffee table. He was now pounding into his mother’s sopping wet cunt so quickly, his flat ass was bouncing like a basketball.

I exerted the last of my energy making one more quick tweak—his ass was now firm and muscular, like the rest of his body. I was half-tempted to go over and take it for myself, but I was starting to grow restless—there’s only so much time you can spend with a single family, after all, even one as delightful I’d transformed this one into.

“I’m cumming,” Colin cried out, and I could see his muscles twitch as he emptied his balls into his spasming daughter.

Colin’s orgasm was observed by his eldest son, and soon he was mirroring his father, shaking with pleasure as he shot load after load into his mother.

“Gonna…knock you...up…” he cried, and I could practically see the perverse image forming in his mother’s head—her in nine months, a woman in her mid-forties, pregnant to her own son. It wasn’t long before she was cumming too; four of the five family members, cumming simultaneously.

When they were done, Katey was completely limp, like a sweaty ragdoll. Michael took advantage of the opportunity to push forward, slipping the last few inches of his erection into his sister’s rectum.

“Ohhhhhhh…” she groaned, in a unique mixture of pain, pleasure, and complete exhaustion.

As the rest of the family recovered from their orgasms, their attention was drawn to Michael, plowing his sister’s ass like there was no tomorrow.

Mark was the first to offer support. “Fuck that slut, bro,” he said. “Show her who she fucking belongs to.”

“Yeah,” Colin said, his own cock still inside his daughter. “Teach the little whore a lesson.”

Caroline surprised me by getting into the action as well. “This is why we made you,” she said, directing her filthy words to her daughter. “This is all you’re good for. You exist to take your brother’s cock up your ass.”

“It’s true,” Katey sighed, her voice vibrating with pleasure. “This is why I’m here. This is why God made me. To take my brother’s cum.”

“Take it!” Mark said enthusiastically. Even after all it had done so far that evening, I could see his cock plumping up at the family spirit surrounding him. “Take your brother’s cock!”

“Take it!” Colin said, reaching up and cupping his daughter’s breasts. “Take it inside your slutty asshole.”

“Give it to her,” Caroline moaned, rolling over so she could better watch the action. “Your sister is yours to fuck however you like, Michael. She’s nothing but a whore for your cum.”

“I’m gonna do it,” Michael said, perspiration dripping from his every pore. “I’m gonna cum inside Katey’s ass.”

“Coat my bowels with your cum,” Katey urged. “Fill me up until I’m dripping.”

“Fill her up!”

“Fill her up!”

The family was practically chanting at this point, like a pack of hyenas watching the hunt.

“Fill her up! Fill her up!”

It wasn’t long before Michael obeyed his family’s instructions—with a loud, animalistic sound, he thrust forward. I could see his balls dance as he shot his load deep into his sister’s waiting butt.

Michael gave out a long, satisfied sigh after his orgasm, and looking around the room, I could see that they had a shared glow of total satisfaction.

“So…” Caroline said, cupping one hand between her legs so that Mark’s cum didn’t make a mess. “What’s everyone up to this evening?”

“I was going to go fuck Sharon,” Michael remembered, glancing at the clock on the wall. “But that’s not for another hour or so.”

“You should this to her,” Katey said, waggling her butt. “She’s going to loooove it.”

“Do you want to come with me? I’ve still never had a threesome. I mean, not one with two girls.”

“Yes!” Katey replied, her entire face lighting up at the idea. I could have made it a slam-dunk, used my influence to ensure that Sharon would definitely be okay participating in an incestuous threesome…but I didn’t.

Far more interesting to see how things played out naturally.

“What about you, Mom?”

“Well, I should probably tidy up,” she said, looking at the mess that the family had made.

“Just don’t get rid of the smell,” Colin advised, breathing in deeply through his nose. “At this rate, it won’t be long before the whole house smells like the gym. I couldn’t imagine anything I’d like more.”

“Of course, honey,” Caroline replied, smiling at her husband. “Anything you want.”

“I was going to do another workout. What about you, son?” Colin asked, directing his question to Mark.

“Well,” the boy said, after a thoughtful pause. “My dick is hard again, so I think Mom and Katey are going to have to take care of me again.”

“Of course,” the two women chorused without hesitation.

Possessively wrapping his arms around his mother and sister’s waists, Mark began moving to the bedroom with them.

“Good luck!” Michael cried out after them.

I decided to take that as my cue to leave as well. I’d had a lot of fun with this family—far more than I’d expected when I’d first entered their house—but all good things must come to an end, and that included my time with the Vaughns.

As I slipped out the back door and started heading towards the neighbor’s house, I heard Michael and Colin discussing their plans for the night.

“They’re going to be a while,” Colin said in his distinctive low rumble. “Probably a good time to hit up the gym.”

“Sounds great, Dad. Do you want me to spot you?”

“Yes,” Colin replied. There was a brief pause as he realized what he’d forgotten.

“Yes, please.”

The end.