The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Manners Maketh Man

by Pan

Chapter 11

“Great job,” Colin said, his voice filled with pride at the sight of his son’s efforts. “Michael, while your brother practices, can you bring your cock over here? Caroline, get it a little wet for me, would you?”

I don’t know if it was the sight of a topless, middle-aged woman licking her son’s cock clean of cheap lube, but I felt a sudden burst of energy, and decided to put it to good use. As Mark continued fucking his sister’s tits, I made some alterations—nothing that would completely exhaust me, just a slow reinflation of his chest.

By the time Colin was ready for the next lesson, Mark’s pectoral muscles had almost finished rebuilding. He was still skinny, but now he at least had some muscle on him.

“Now,” Colin said, his teacher voice in full force. “Let’s get aspirational.”

“Cheap cheating titty-fucking whore…” Mark gasped, before realizing that his father was talking. “Sorry pops.”

Colin had a huge grin on his face. “Believe me, son, you don’t need to apologize for being too into fucking a nice big pair of boobs. But let’s pause that for a moment, and move to the next lesson.”

This time when Katey let out a small moan of disappointment, I was more convinced that it was real. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose.

“What do you mean aspirational?” Michael asked, and Colin lit up.

“I’m glad you asked,” he said, his deep voice filling the room. “Every straight man has a single aspiration in life. What do you think it is?”

“To…have sex with a supermodel?”

“No,” his father replied with a laugh. “But not a bad guess. Michael?”

“To have a threesome,” he responded immediately. “Two girls. One guy.”

Mark wrinkled up his nose. “Really?”

“Of course,” Colin nodded. “Remember, we love boobs. We love pussy.”

“Right,” Mark nodded. “I keep forgetting.”

“So having access to twice as much is twice as good, if not more.”

“Now, I don’t know if you’ve counted lately, but men only have one dick. So if you’re pleasing two women, at once, what’s the best way to do it?”

“Use your…fingers?”

“That’s one way, definitely. Michael, how are you at fingering women?”

“I’m the best,” he replied cockily, cracking his knuckles.

“Great. Use one of those stud fingers on your mother—let’s make sure she’s really wet for this next part.”

“I’m already very…oh!”

Before Caroline could finish her sentence, Michael had moved two of his muscular fingers up her dress, causing her eyes to roll back in her head with pleasure. As her younger son enthusiastically demonstrated his talents, her mouth returned to his cock, where she more than matched his passion.

“But the better option is to use your mouth. Let me show you. Katey, take your cheerleading skirt off.”

As soon as her father’s words were out of his mouth, she was undoing her skirt. Before even being instructed, her panties were off and her legs were spread.

Any objections Katey had been carrying to the whole process were long gone.

I was too far away to specifically smell the teenage girl’s musk, but the delighted look on Colin’s face as he moved his head between her legs suggested it was a strong one. Between the antics at dinner and the ‘lessons’ so far, the room was starting to fill with the scent of sex: a powerful, heady aromaa.

Why no one has tried to bottle and sell it, I’ll never know. I’ve never encountered a smell I enjoy more.

Katey was moaning and writhing with pleasure at whatever her father was doing down there; when Colin came up for air, there it was again—the gasp, the non-verbal plea not to stop.

“Mark. Mark!”

The eldest son’s focus was entirely on his mother’s mouth, moving up and down Michael’s cock, licking it clean. The expression on his face clearly signalled how much he wished that he were the one doing it in her place.

“Mark,” Colin growled once more, and his son turned his head guiltily.

“Sorry, Dad,” he said in a whimper.

“Pay attention—I’m going to show you how to go down on a woman.”

“Oh please…” Katey panted, but both men ignored her.

“Of course, Dad. I really appreciate it.”

“In real life, you wouldn’t go down on a slut unless you really wanted to…”

“Why would you want to?” Mark blurted out, his face turning red as he realized what he’d just said.

“Because,” Colin replied, speaking very slowly. “As a straight man, we like pussy. No, more than that—we love it. Say that back me.”

“I…I love pussy.”


“I love pussy?”

If I’d been his teacher, I would have given him a 2/10 for enthusiasm, but Colin apparently didn’t see his son’s lucklaster response as a battle worth fighting, and continued undeterred.

“Now, watch carefully, and see what you can pick up.”

Colin was unable to talk and lick at the same time, so for the next several minutes, the only sounds that could be heard were the moans of Caroline as she sucked off her son and he fingered her, and Katey’s guttural sounds of pleasure as her father went down on her.

Just as both women were clearly approaching orgasm, Colin pulled his head back and instructed Michael to stop.

“Noooo…” Katey and Caroline cried out simultaneously, before glancing at the other in embarrassment.

“Okay,” Colin said, clapping his hands together. “Mark, it’s your moment to shine. Michael warmed her up for you—use all those skills I just showed you and see if you can bring your mother over the edge.”

Mark gulped, and I used his moment of hesitation to plump out his arm muscles until they matched his chest. He was starting to look like a muscular ectomorph—he wasn’t the hulking, masculine man that his father or brother were, but he definitely had an appealing look to him.

After a brief battle within himself, Mark began to lower his head between his mother’s legs, but was surprised to find his father’s hand on his shoulder.

“I forgot to mention,” he said softly. “You can eat out a slut however you like, but when it’s a lady…well, it’s lady’s choice. Caroline, would you like your son to eat you out like he did his sister, or do you want to sit on his face?”

“I want to sit on his face,” the middle-aged woman said, removing her panties and pulling off her dress completely. Now the whole family was entirely naked—not a stitch of clothing on any of them.

It was a sight that was almost enough to warm even my heart. Yes, my actions were wrong—evil, if you will—but no one could deny that I’d brought the family together.

“Mark, lay on the coffee table.” The table was one of those big wooden ones—more than capable of taking the combined weight of Mark and his mother.

As soon as Mark was in position, his mother lowered herself onto him. I leaned forward with delight as I watched the gay (thanks to me) teenager inexpertly lick out his mother (I guess all of which was also thanks to me).

It was clear that the lad had no idea what he was doing, but Caroline was so worked up from the evening of sex that she didn’t mind. He grabbed her ample butt for support as she all-but-smothered him, grinding enthusiastically into his tongue.

Katey moved one hand between her leg as she watched; her body was flushed with pleasure, and it was obvious that she wanted nothing more in that moment than to be the one sitting on Mark’s face.

I briefly considered doing something, but before I could summon up the energy, Colin surprised me by beating me to it.

“Now,” he said loudly, competing with his wife’s vocal enjoyment of her son’s tongue, “if you’re going to be a stud like your brother—and remember, we’re thinking aspirationally here—there’s an important lesson you’ll need to learn:

“Never leave a slut out.”

With his mother’s thighs pressed against his ears, and her shouts of pleasure filling the room, I don’t even know if Mark could hear his father’s new lesson, but Colin continued nonetheless.

“There are a few reasons for this—it’s cruel, for one. They get antsy, and that can lead them to making poor decisions. It can even get dangerous, if they’re left to their own devices. But most of all…it’s just a complete waste.”

Katey nodded her head at that, fully accepting her role as the slut of the family.

“So let’s give you the greatest gift a straight man can ever get—his first threesome.”

“Aw,” Michael grumbled. “Not fair. Why does he get a threesome before me?”

Colin shot his son a stern glare for the outburst. “Firstly, that’s very selfish—this is a family emergency, and we all need to do what we can.”

“Sorry, pops,” Michael replied bashfully.

“Secondly, I’m sure your sister will help you out with that another day.”

“Uh huh,” Katey moaned, one hand still between her legs. “I’ll find a friend who will fuck you with me.”

“I mean that you could probably find two friends who will both fuck Michael at once, but that would work too.”

“Sorry, Dad,” Katey said, a blush appearing on her face.

“Now, Katey, go and sit on your brother’s cock.”

Katey groaned with pleasure at the idea, and quickly moved to obey her father’s instruction. Within moments, she had positioned Mark’s hardness between her legs, and was slowly sinking down to take him inside her.

I was feeling quite recovered at this point, and couldn’t resist taking a quick look into Mark’s mind. I’d been correct—he hadn’t heard a word of his father’s last spiel, and so the sudden presence of a pair of wet pussy-lips around his cock had come as a complete surprise.

His father’s instructions were still ringing through his head, however, and he’d been told that this was it—this was the aspiration of every straight man. And so even as he shuddered with revulsion at what his tongue was doing, at the knowledge that a woman—his own sister, at that—was slowly sliding down his hard cock, he tried desperately to appreciate the immense joy and satisfaction of the moment.

He failed, of course, but he did try.

Colin and Michael were both watching with pride as Mark licked out his mother and Katey began grinding against him. Both women sounded like they were in sexual paradise, but I was the only one who knew how much Mark was suffering beneath them.

I decided to heed Colin’s word, and not waste what was available to me—with a single, silent command, Michael lowered himself between my legs, and began enthusiastically sucking me off. He had no idea that he was doing it, nor did Colin. I didn’t bother altering anyone else—the girls were quite distracted, and Mark had no way of seeing what I was doing.

In the year since I’d visited, Michael had become quite a talented cocksucker, and—with all the events of the evening so far, combined with the two girls loudly cumming in front of me—there was no shortage of stimulation in front of me.

It wasn’t long before I was reaching my own climax, shooting my load down the young man’s throat, enjoying the sounds as he enthusiastically swallowed it.

Caroline had cum three times by her son’s tongue, and Katey was on her way to her second. With the mental clarity that an orgasm so often provides, I decided to throw the young man a bone—what can I say? When I’m soft, I can be a real softy.

Without my interference, I knew that it would be a long while before he got off, so I reached into his mind and made a minor adjustment: from now on, the attraction he felt towards the men of his family would also extend to the women.

Not all women, mind you. The young man was still as gay as the New Zealand parliament had been by the time I was done with them…with two exceptions.

Perhaps he’d eventually find a girl and settle down into a loveless marriage. Maybe he’d give up on all sex with people he wasn’t related to. Or hell, maybe he’d move past his family’s bigotry and live life as a gay man. I didn’t know, and frankly…I didn’t care. I’d spent more than enough time with this small family of now-perverts, and I was keen to move onto the next one.

As I watched the changes I’d made to Mark shift his threeway from revolting to resplendant, I couldn’t resist adding one more wicked idea into his father’s head.

Mark’s fornication suddenly grew a lot more enthusiastic, and I watched with a grin as his hips began bucking in orgasm, shooting his seed between his sister’s legs.

In turn this set off her orgasm, and it was the sight and sound of two of her children cumming (or possibly just a coincidence) that triggered Caroline’s third orgasm of the evening as well.

“Now that,” Colin said triumphantly, “is how you act straight!