The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Manners Maketh Man

by Pan

Chapter 10

“Now,” Colin continued. “Like I said, it’s about more than titty-fucking, but that’s the best place to start. Honey?”

His wife nodded, and lay back on the table.

“Let’s start with your mother,” Colin boomed confidently, clambering onto the table. “Mark, get somewhere that you can see this clearly.”

Mark obeyed—partially because I’d ensured he would follow his father’s every command, of course, but I think the close-up view of his father’s cock was a major draw as well.

Even after all the time he’d spent up close and personal with it, the lad just couldn’t get enough of his Dad’s dick.

“You might remember from the other sex education lesson I gave you, there are basically two types of women. Ladies, and sluts.”

Caroline arched one eyebrow.

“And which am I?”

Colin beamed down at his wife. “You’re a lady, of course.”

He paused, chewing his lip. “…unless you’d rather I treat you like a slut?”

Caroline’s frosty glare was all the response Colin needed. The tip of his nose turned pink, and he focused his attention back on his son.

“Your mother is a lady,” he repeated. “But that doesn’t mean that you can’t fuck her titties, if the mood is right. Imagine you’ve just finished a lovely dinner, you’re both in the mood for sex, but she’s on her period, and doesn’t want to blow you.”

“Couldn’t I just fuck her ass?” Mark asked, wrinkling his nose up in confusion.

Colin sighed.

“I’ll take this one,” Caroline interjected wearily. “Son, if you’re going to be straight—which you are—it’s probably safest to avoid asses for a while. Maybe forever.”

“Even…women’s asses?”

“Well, firstly, for you there’s no other option. You will be straight, which means women are the only thing you’re going to be interested in for a while. It’s probably best to even stop masturbating—after all, when you’re masturbating, you’re getting off to a man’s hand.”

“Listen to your mother,” Colin added. “She knows what she’s talking about here.”

My cock throbbed at the sight of total dejection on Mark’s face at his parents’ words.

“And secondly, when a woman is on her period, a cock up the ass is the last thing she wants. Trust me.

Mark nodded.

“So in this case,” Colin said, taking over from his wife. “What’s left? Well, she could give you a hand-job, true, but now that you’re straight, you’d always rather nestle your cock between a lovely big pair of breasts.”

As he spoke, the father of three had positioned his cock between his wife’s breasts. “Michael, run into the kitchen and grab me some olive oil.”

“Do you want lube, Dad? Because I’ve got some here.”

As Michael reached into his pocket, his Dad threw him a stern look. “I said olive oil—your mother is a lady, and she will be treated like one.”

When the younger of Colin’s sons returned with the olive oil, the middle-aged man poured it all over his wife’s exposed tits. ”How does that feel, honey?”

“Lovely, thank you,” she smiled back.

“Now, son, do you see how we’re speaking to each other?”


As he continued, Colin began moving his hips forward and backward, thrusting his sizable cock between his wife’s large tits.

“This is how you treat a lady. Soft, loving words. A gentle touch. With respect. And in return, she’ll do what she can to make you feel good.”

Picking up on her husband’s prompt, Caroline pushed her tits together, and began sliding them up and down the cock between them.

“Mmm,” he groaned. “This feels good. There’s nothing quite like fucking a nice big pair of tits.”

For the next few minutes, the room was filled with the sound of Colin and Caroline’s moans, and the sound of flesh against flesh. Mark looked uncomfortable as hell, watching his mother use her tits to get her husband off, but in deference to his father’s order, he kept watching, mentally taking notes all the while.

“So,” Colin said, not slowing down for a moment, “this is how you do it with a lady. Michael, get up here—you’re going to use your sister to show Mark how we treat sluts.”


Colin rolled his eyes. “I’m not calling you a slut, honey—but for the sake of this demonstration, that’s the part you’ll have to play. Unless you’re suggesting we should treat your mother as the slut here.”

“No,” Katey sighed. “It’s fine. If this is the only way to…help Mark.”

“It is,” her father nodded. “I wish that weren’t the case, but it is.”

Michael’s cock was larger than his father’s, and Katey’s tits were larger than her mothers…which, as he positioned his hard-on, made it appear even smaller.

“Use that lube you had earlier,” his father commanded. “You’re going to need a lot of it.”

“Why will he need more lube than you did?” Mark asked, confused.

“Great question!” Colin said with a huge smile. “You’ll notice here that your mother and I are both contributing about half the work to the titty-fucking, right?”

“Uh huh…”

“If you’ll remember, we don’t work together with sluts. What do we do with them instead?”

“…fuck them?”

“Close,” Colin said. “Michael?”

“We use them,” the younger son responded. “Sluts exist for our pleasure, and our pleasure only, so we use them.”

“Why don’t you demonstrate?”

Colin’s brow was coated with sweat.

“Mark, pay attention.”

Mark reluctantly moved his gaze from his father’s huge cock to his brother’s, which had just started sliding between their sister’s huge, naked tits. She was staring at Michael’s erection with awe.

“No wonder all my friends are so crazy about this thing…”

“That’s right, slut,” Michael grunted, thrusting his hips back and forth. “You’re going to be too, after I’m done with you. My cock owns you now.”


Colin’s eyes were closed as he continued to pump his erection in-between his wife’s tits. As Katey repeated her plea, he slowed his pace and opened his eyes, annoyed. “What?”

“Michael’s being a dick.”

“Am not!”

“Katey, do you want your brother to go the rest of his life a sexual deviant, unloved and unlovable?”

“No…” the teenage girl replied reluctantly.

“Then he needs to learn how to treat a slut, which is the role you’ll be playing today. That means Michael is going to have to demonstrate on you, and it’s important that you play along. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Katey grumbled, turning back to her brother.

“Good. Now, Michael, do you want to have another go?”

“This cock is going to own you,” he repeated, grabbing his sister’s nipples roughly. She yelped in pain and surprise, but immediately fell silent. “You’re going to be a slut for my cock every night from now on.”

“Do you see what he’s doing there, Mark?”

“Yeah,” Mark nodded. “It’s kind of like how I want guys to talk to me.”

Colin’s mouth twisted. “Kind of,” he agreed. “But also completely, completely different. Why don’t you try?”

As her husband’s dick was removed from between her tits, Caroline let out a soft moan of frustration. I wondered if I’d underestimated the matriarch of the family’s inherent perversion—it’s a rare woman who gets turned on from having her tits fucked…at least, before my influence.

Mark also looked disappointed as Colin put his angry-red erection away; it was clear to everyone that he’d been getting ready to blow, but he was putting his son’s education first. It was admirable, in a sense.

Caroline looked up at her eldest son with pride as he moved his cock between her tits. “You can do this,” she whispered supportively. “I know you can.”

“Thanks, Mom,” he said with a smile, and began mirroring his brother’s thrusts, sliding the full length of his cock between his mother’s exposed breasts.

“No no no,” his father corrected, reaching out and grabbing Mark’s cock to halt its motion. It throbbed in his hand, and Colin recoiled as though he had just touched a red-hot stoveplate.

After a moment, he recovered, and continued his instructions in a gentle voice. “Your mother is a lady; she’ll do at least half the work. Why don’t you thank her for letting you do this?”

“Thank you for letting me…fuck your tits,” Mark said, stumbling over the words. “I really appreciate it.”

“That’s okay, darling,” Caroline replied, her voice filled with love. “I’ll do anything I can to help my family.”

“Now, let her start off, and then try to match her pace.”

Caroline started sliding her oil-coated breasts up and down Mark’s erection, and it wasn’t long before he’d found the same pace his father had, just a few minutes ago.

“There we go!” Colin said supportively.

“Am I doing it right?” Mark asked nervously, and his father nodded.

“You’re doing a great job,” he said. “You’re a natural! How does it feel?”

“It feels okay,” Mark admitted. “Mom’s really good at this.”

“Don’t tell me that, tell her!”

“You’re really good at this, Mom,” Mark said with a smile, and his mother beamed back at him.

“Thanks, son. You’re not so bad yourself.”

“Are you sure I’m not screwing this up?”

“You’re nailing it, son,” Colin smiled. “Or should I say nailing them.”

The three of them laughed.

As Mark got more and more comfortable with the heterosexual incestuous act he’d found himself in, it became increasingly clear that Caroline was enjoying herself. With every third or fourth thrust, she’d give out a small moan of pleasure, although it could be hard to hear over Michael’s dirty-talk.

While his mother had her tits fucked by his little brother, Michael was showing his sister no mercy. He was fucking her tits, calling her names, pinching her nipples, and even lightly slapping her from time to time…and Katey was either loving it, or had really taken to heart her father’s advice about acting like a slut.

I could have dipped into her mind to find out, but I can’t lie—I was enjoying not knowing.

Well, I can lie. There’s very little I can’t do, but I can definitely lie.

“Okay,” Colin eventually said, after almost ten minutes of watching his wife’s huge breasts moving up and down around his son’s cock. “You’ve clearly demonstrated that you know how to treat a lady…now, let’s see how you do with a slut.”

Both of the Vaughn women let out identical moans as the brothers’ cocks were removed from between their tits. I would have bet pretty heavily on Caroline’s being genuine, but I still wasn’t sure how much was just Katey playing a part.

Colin watched as his son reluctantly placed his erection between Katey’s enormous knockers.

“Remember,” Colin said gently, “unlike your mother, your sister isn’t going to help you out here. It’s up to you to use her as a sex toy, to completely dominate her and treat her like…well, like the slut that she is.”

“You can do it,” Katey said, looking up at her older brother proudly. “I know you can!”

“You’re a little shit,” Mark said trepidatiously, and Colin pursed his lips.

“Not bad,” he said, “but still a little fecal. Why don’t you focus on women-specific insults for a while, while you get the hang of it?”

“You’re a bitch,” Mark spat, and Michael nodded encouragingly.

“Yeah, bro,” he said. “Just like that.”

“You’re a horrible sister. And you’re terrible at video games!“

Colin held up his hand, and Mark fell silent.

“Focus on sex,” he reminded him. “She’s a woman, and you’re using her for sex.”

A look of disgust flashed over Mark’s face, but he nodded at his father’s words.

“Remember what your brother said,” Colin prompted. “He’s a real master at this.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Okay,” Mark said, taking a deep breath. “I can do this.”

“Of course you can, dude,” Michael interjected.

“We all believe in you,” Carol added.

“Katey, you’re…you’re a slut.”

“Good,” Colin nodded. “More!”

“You’re a slut…whore. You’re a whore slut!”

“Dominate her,” Colin coached. “Tell her who she belongs to!”

“You’re mine,” Mark said, his confidence growing as the words spilled out of his mouth. “I own you. I own your…your pussy! I own your breasts! And your nipples. Both of them!”

“Dude, you are nailing this,” Michael said.

“I own your c-cunt. Your cunt was built for cock. My cock! My cock, inside your cunt. And your breasts! Your breasts were built also for my cock. In fact…all of you was! Every inch of your…your female body. It’s mine, mine to fuck whenever I want! You’re my whore slut, and I’m going to fuck you!”

The entire family burst into applause at Mark’s words.