The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Manners Maketh Man

by Pan

Chapter 9

It’s hard to say who was more surprised—Mark’s brother, father, sister, mother…or me.

Obviously, it would be easy to suspect that I had something to do with it. What were the odds that Mark would choose tonight of all nights to come out, the night I’d just randomly happened to stumble back into the family’s life?

I swear by my immortality, I had nothing to do with it. Since the moment I’d arrived that night, I had simply observed the family’s goings-ons; the only tweak I’d made was to the food.

Here’s the thing about coincidences: you only notice them when they happen. You can visit your aunt a hundred times over your lifetime, but if she drops dead right after one visit, you’re going to think it means something.

Perhaps I’m jaded—a long, lonely life can do that to a man—but I really don’t believe that anything means anything.

Mark coming out was a strange coincidence, but it was only one of a million strange coincidences that could have occurred. I could have stopped by on a night when Katey revealed she was pregnant, or the family announced that they were moving interstate, or Colin announced he was secretly a Russian spy.

I could also have stopped by on an uneventful day—aside from the events put into play by my presence, of course. I did last time, after all.

Coincidences happen. And so—just as I’d been about to jump in and start meddling—this coincidence offered such yummy prospects, I decided to sit back and simply watch to see how the family would react to Mark’s news.

“That’s wonderful,” Caroline said, beaming at her son. “Oh, honey, I’m so proud that you’ve found yourself.”

“I always suspected that might be the case,” Colin said, taking another lick of his icecream. “Something about the way you looked while your brother fucked you…yeah, I think a part of me always knew.”

Mark turned to his sister, who was all smiles. “This is so cool! Now I’m going to have a stud straight brother and a stud gay brother.”

I sat back, disappointed.

Just fifty years ago, the news would have been enough to get Mark exiled…but even through my meddling, the family were still good. Supportive. Loving.


Michael was the last to weigh in; my last hope for a bit of juicy drama.

“Great news,” he said with a grin, reaching out and ruffling his older brother’s hair.. “I always wondered why you didn’t have a girlfriend. Long as you still let me use you as my personal Cumrag, you can be gay, straight, or into sex with trees for all I care.”

I shook my head. This wouldn’t do. This wouldn’t do at all.

I have many powers. Altering minds, bodies, time…food. They each take different amounts of effort to use, so I was suddenly very glad that I hadn’t done anything to the Vaughns so far.

With a snap of my fingers, we were suddenly back in time thirty seconds. It took a lot out of me, but I still had a small amount of my energy left. It only took a moment for my changes to be made—with a tired smile, I sat back to watch a much more interesting version of events unfold.

“Mom, Dad, Michael, Katey…I’ve been living a lie for too long. I have to tell you—I’m gay.”

The family sat back in shock. Mark trailed off, clearly expecting something closer to the first set of reactions he’d received. He stood there, drowning in an awkward pause, desperately waiting for someone to speak.

His father was the first to break the silence.

“Mark,” he said, his voice rich with disappointment. “I…I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything,” Mark replied, immediately raising his defenses. “I wasn’t looking for your approval.”

Caroline slowly shook her head.

“I can’t believe it,” she said, her gaze downcast. “Where did we go wrong as parents?”

Her two sons shared a look of shock, but for very different reasons.

“You’re queer?” Michael spat. “Oh my god—I’ve been fucking you for a year now! Does that make me gay as well?”

“No!” Mark snapped. “That’s not how it works.”

Meanwhile, Katey was on her phone, her fingers tapping away rapidly.

“I need to tell everyone about this,” she said. “God—it’s so gross.”

His daughter’s words made a vein appear on Colin’s forehead. “Stop!”

Everyone turned to face him. He was a strange shade of purple, his face colored with anger and fear.

“Don’t tell anyone,” he hissed at Katey. “This is a family problem, and we’re going to solve it like a family. Right here, right now.”

Everyone nodded—Caroline, Katey and Michael with worried looks on their face, and Mark out of terror. He’d expected acceptance, approval…but the rest of his family was treating his confession like a crime that needed to be covered up.

“Mark,” Colin said, turning to his scrawny son. “Do you know how hard your life will be as a gay man?”

“No…” Mark responded, and I used a small amount of my remaining energy to alter the young man once more.

I’ll tell you what, I knew I’d be sleeping well that night. The last time I’d used this much energy in a single sitting was when I’d turned an entire country’s parliament gay, just to see what would happen.

Within a few seconds, I’d replaced Mark’s ability to command his family with the word ‘please’ for a deep, profound respect for his father. No longer would he be ordering his old man about—now, he’d be listening to his guidance, heeding his wisdom, willing to try anything his Dad recommended.

“It’ll be harder than you could ever imagine,” Colin said. “The real world isn’t like college—it’s hard out there.”

Mark nodded. As soon as his father said it, he accepted it as the truth.

“You’ll be judged. Shunned. Some people are going to hate you, just because of…because of who you are.”

Visions of a lonely adulthood flashed before Mark’s eyes. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the 300-degree turn I’d done on Colin. Mildly homophobic to fucking his son on a daily basis, then right around to complete bigotry.

“So please, answer this carefully—are you sure that you’re gay?”

Mark took the time to carefully consider his father’s question.

“I…yeah. I mean, I think so.”

Colin leaned forward, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“You think so? So there’s still a chance that you’re straight?”

“I mean…I guess.

The look in his father’s eyes clearly meant a lot to Mark; as he tried desperately to give his father what he wanted.

“Let’s look at this logically,” Caroline chimed in. “Mark, honey…have you ever been with a woman?”

Her son scowled at the idea.

“No,” he said firmly.

“Well, there you go!” she replied, clapping her hands together. “How can you know you’re straight if you’ve never even tried it?”

“Your mother’s right,” Colin nodded. He glanced around the room. “Katey, Michael—clear the table. We’re going to try something.”

As his kids scurried to obey his commands, I reached into Mark’s consciousness, curious to witness what exactly the boy was going through. His mind was racing, scrambling to catch up with the new situation. His plan had been to tell them that he was gay now, and in a year or two drop the news that he was attracted to them. At the time, he’d known that adding “please” to any admission would be enough for them to accept it without hesitation—now that I’d removed that power from his memory, he couldn’t see a clear way forward, and was happy to leap onto his parents’ suggestion.

“Fake it until you make it, kid,” he said, slapping his huge hand onto Mark’s slender shoulder. The young man winced with pain, but continued listening eagerly to his father’s words. “Right now, you think you’re straight, but that’s fixable. The first step—you’ve got to act like you’re straight.”

I was amused to see how naturally Colin had stepped back into his role as teacher. Katey and Michael finished clearing the table, and stood to see what their father wanted next.

“Katey, sit there,” he said, pointing at the bare wood. “Hon, you sit next to her.”


“Trust me,” he said, turning back to his son. “Mark, the best way to act like you’re straight is to do what straight people do.”

“Dance badly?”

Colin shook his head. “This is serious, kiddo.”

“C’mon, Cumrag,” Michael interjected. “If you keep joking around, we’ll never be able to fix you.”

Mark winced at the declaration that he had to be ‘fixed’, and turned back to his father.

“What do straight people do?”

“They have sex with women. They have sex with women in the way you can only have sex with women. No mouths, no butt stuff. Straight sex.”

Mark’s eyes widened as he looked at his mother and sister sitting on the table expectantly. The incest fetish I’d planted a year ago hadn’t extended to them, and I my energy reserve was too tapped for me to make that change now.

No, whatever happened next would be out of obedience to his father, not an implanted incestuous lust.

“You think you’re gay, so I’m going to have to show you exactly how it works.”


“What is it, son?”

“I mean, I’m willing to try, but…”

Once more, he tried desperately to dodge the inevitable.

“…where are we going to find some women?”

Colin smiled. Confirming his son’s nightmare, he gestured to the two women sitting on the dining-room table.

“Right here,” he said proudly. “Katey and your mother will be more than happy to help out.”

The girls’ eyes widened as they realized why they’d been positioned on the table. After a moment, Caroline relaxed, but Katey was still tense.

“We’ll do whatever we need to,” Caroline nodded. She had an earnest look on her face, and was staring straight at her son. “Whatever will help you get over your…condition.”

I couldn’t resist peeking into Caroline’s mind. She’d been affected the least out of the entire family—the only direct changes I’d made to her were implanting fears of Mark’s rudeness (and now homosexuality) destroying his life, obeying her son’s polite requests, and now going along with whatever her husband suggested.

In turn, the only major command Mark had given her was to accept whatever he did with his father and brother as normal.

Caroline wasn’t putting it on—she was genuinely relaxed, eager to do whatever she could to ‘save her son’. If that meant having intercourse with him, well…it was worth it, to keep her family together.

Katey, meanwhile, looked terrified. Until I turned back time, she’d been completely oblivious to the sexual activity occurring around her—she hadn’t ever noticed Mark sucking or being fucked by her father, or their brother. She’d just been a normal teenage girl, when suddenly her brother had come out, and her father had suggested she fucked him to keep him straight.

But just like her mother, I’d given Katey an overwhelming urge to protect her brother from harm.

There was nothing she wouldn’t do to save Mark.


Michael’s changes had been the simplest, in a sense. I’d simply undone a lot of what had been done to him since he’d first walked in on his brother sucking off his Dad. He’d reverted to the energetic, loving little brother who looked up to his elder sibling, willing to help him any way he could.

Just like the last time I’d witnessed sex education lessons within the family, Michael would be enthusiastic to do whatever he could to help Mark learn.

“Take off your pants,” Colin instructed his eldest son. “You too, Mark. Ladies, lose the tops—the first thing we’re going to look at today is titty-fucking.”

Despite my exhaustion, I felt my centuries-old cock thickening in anticipation. Katey’s enormous jugs were what had led me back to the Vaughn household and now, finally, I was going to see them in all their glory.

My eyes lit up as she nervously, reluctantly shrugged off her top, then reached behind herself to unclasp her bra. Her discomfort was obvious, intoxicating. It was clear that if there was anything else she could do, any other way she could help her brother, she’d eagerly take it…but this was the only plan that the family had, and she felt like she had no choice.

As her tits came into view, I only got a brief glimpse at her large, flat nipples, before she self-consciously covered them with her arms.

“Why do we both need to do this?” she asked, her voice quavering. “I mean, can’t Mark and Mom…”

She trailed off, unable to bring herself to verbalize the incestuous act that was going to occur.

Colin shook his head. “This is about more than just the mechanics of it. You don’t throw your cock into any pair of tits and suddenly become straight. Being straight is more than just titty-fucking, it’s more than just vaginal penetration. There are as many flavors of straightness as there are stars in the sky, and so we’re going to need to show Mark what some of his options are.”

I could tell that Katey didn’t find this argument particularly convincing, but she’d hit the limit of what she was comfortable discussing, so instead of arguing further, she nodded and sat back to see what was to come next.

Her eyes widened at the sight of her brothers’ cocks. Despite having been exposed to them countless times over the past twelve months, this was the first time she was actually noticing them.

In order to give Mark a more pleasurable experience, I’d sized him up to match his father. As Colin lowered his trousers, Katey and her mother were faced with three fully-grown erections—Colin and Mark were sprouting identical dicks on very different bodies; Colin was tall, rippling with muscles, pratically oozing confidence out of his sweat-covered pores, while Mark was thin, scrawny, and less than two-thirds his father’s height.

Michael’s physique closely resembled his father’s, although he was slightly more lean than his old man, and his cock was smaller as well. The last change I’d made to Katey was an extremely vivid imagination—as soon as she saw the three erections proudly standing at attention, she’d uncontrollably imagined herself being taken by all three. “Airtight”, as I once heard someone describe it.

She bit her lip to hold back a moan, and I could see her subtly rub her thighs together.

Of everyone in the room except me, I suspected Katey was going to enjoy what came next the most.