The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Manners Maketh Man

by Pan

Chapter 3

It only took me a few seconds to get Michael, Mark’s younger brother, up to speed. Like his sibling (before my influence), Michael was a perfect specimen. Tall, muscular, and—if I had to guess—dumb as a post.

Mark was almost drooling at the sight of him. I could tell he wanted nothing more than to be used and abused by this much manlier man.

Part of it is years of insight, reading humans and figuring out exactly what they’re thinking. But mostly, I could tell because I’d given him that desire directly.

“Michael,” he said, “would you please take off your jacket.”

“Of course,” Michael said, taking his blazer off and dropping it to the floor. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Please lift your arms up high,” Mark said.

“Uh, of course,” Michael said, obeying immediately. “But I should warn you, I’m still sweaty from football practice.”

“Not a problem,” Mark grinned, leaning in and sniffing his younger brother’s armpits. “Let me taste them, please.”

Michael laughed nervously as Mark’s tongue made its way between Michael’s shirt and arm, tentatively touching his hairy underarms.

“You doing okay there, big bro?”

“Sure am,” Mark said, a broad smile on his face. “Hey Dad—I’m worried about Michael.”


“Yeah,” he said. “He’s never kissed a girl. I think it’s because his sex education is lacking. Please, can’t you teach him some tricks? Educate him about jerking off, about being a man, about using sluts for sex and throwing them away.”

There was a pause, as Mark’s request settled into Colin’s brain. When he responded, it was with a cocky swagger.

“Michael,” Colin said confidently. “Get over here. I think it’s about time you learned a few things about sex.”

“Yes, Dad,” the teenage boy responded.

The two men just exuded testosterone. Manliness. Mark shivered in anticipation.

“Now, son, tell me. What do you know about masturbation?”

Michael paused, staring his father up and down.

“Quite a lot,” he said eventually. “I mean, I think.”

“Well, son, why don’t you show us?”

“Please, Michael,” Mark added. “Show us.”

Colin nodded.

After the briefest of pauses, Michael lowered his trousers and pulled out his thick cock. Mark was practically salivating at the sight of it.

“Now that’s a cock,” their father said. “Strong. Manly. That’s a dick to be proud of.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Michael beamed.

“Why don’t you get it nice and hard for us?”

“Would you let me help with that?” Mark asked. “Please?”

“Great idea, Mark.”

Mark shivered with pleasure as he reached out to touch his little brother’s huge cock. After dreaming of this moment for so long, he couldn’t believe it was finally here. As he touched the hardening member, it twitched slightly—Mark wrapped his hand around it, and started slowly stroking it up and down.

As the cock turned to steel in his hand, it thickened even more. Before long, it was at its full hardness—I could see the delight on his face when he couldn’t even wrap his whole hand around it.

“Marvelous,” his father said, leaning in closely to watch his technique. “What a beautiful dick.”

Mark nodded.

“Now,” his father said, “how often do you masturbate?”

“Every day,” Mark replied immediately.

“No, I’m talking to your little brother.”

“About the same,” Michael said, after a moment of thought. Their father shook his head.

“That’s not good,” he said. “Look at you, Michael. You’re a man! You shouldn’t be beating your meat—that’s for wimps. Your older brother was right to be concerned; you should be pounding some slam-piece, coming down a slut’s throat. Not getting yourself off, especially not that often.”

Michael nodded, taking his father’s words to heart.

“Please,” Mark said, buzzing with excitement, “use me as an example.”

“Perfect,” his father beamed. “Okay, Michael, we’re going to pretend that your big brother here is a dirty little slut.”

“Treat me like a piece of meat,” Mark whimpered in pleasure. “Please…”

“Got it,” Michael said.

“Please, show him every way I can get him off.”

“Great idea. Son, when you’ve got a little whore like this, there’s a few different ways you can use them. Let’s start with a hand-job.”

Michael looked down at his erection, Mark’s tiny hand wrapped around it.

“That’s a good start, but you’ve got to really show them who’s boss. Remember, you’re a man—you’re a slab of muscle and meat, and their role in life is to serve you. They exist purely to get you off.”

Michael nodded, practically swallowing the instructions whole.

“Make sure your slut is on their knees when they jack you off,” the older man said. “And don’t feel like you need to ask them, either—just grab them and show them who’s boss.”

Without warning, Michael grabbed his older brother’s hair at the base, and forced his to his knees.

Mark almost came on the spot.

“Some of these sluts like it, some of them don’t. If they don’t like it, they’ll let you know—but I think this little slut loves it, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Mark gasped.

“This is the kind of whore you want to find—a slut who’s into the rough stuff, like your older brother.”

“Sounds good, Dad” Michael said thoughtfully. “Good tip.”

“Okay slut, start jerking your little brother off.”

“Ohhhh,” Michael groaned. “That feels good.”

“See what I mean, boy? You’ll never have to jerk off again. Not as long as there are sluts around, looking to please real men like us.”

“Please, sir,” Mark said, his eyes locked on his younger brother’s erection. “Let me to show you how I can please you both at once.”

“Good idea,” his father sniffed, lowering his pants. “Now, Michael, don’t worry if this seems a little gay. There’s nothing gay about sharing a slut with another guy.”

Mark was in heaven as he wrapped his other hand around his father’s equally thick cock. They stood in a comfortable silence for several minutes, as he jerked both men off simultaneously.

“Now,” his father grunted, “I can see you’re almost ready to cum. Make sure you aim for your slut’s face.”

“Okay pops,” Michael mumbled, placing his hand on Mark’s, directing his cock towards her. “Are you ready for this, bitch?”

“Good lad,” their father said. “If you’re dealing with someone who likes the rough stuff, they probably like a bit of dirty talk as well. You like dirty talk, don’t you Mark?”

“Yes,” he moaned, his arms not slowing down for a second. “Please…”

“I’m going to cum on your dirty whore face,” Michael hissed, looking down at him. “Oh, fuck, I’m doing it!”

Mark closed his eyes and let his little brother’s seed coat his face—one, two, three spurts of his spunk landed in his open mouth. One last spurt hit his forehead, and began slowly sliding down his face.

“Now,” his father said, “you’re still young. You’ll be ready to go again in a few minutes. In the meantime, why don’t I show you the second way someone like Mark can get you off?”

“Yes sir,” Michael. “I’d love that.”

“I would too,” Mark said quietly, continuing to jerk his father off.

“Okay slut,” Mark’s father commanded, surprisingly gently. “Open wide.”

Mark’s eyes widened as his father slowly slid his enormous cock into his mouth. Whenever he felt like he was going to gag, he’d wait for a few seconds, then continue once he felt it was safe.

After several minutes, he looked utterly delighted to discover that he could fit the entirety of his father’s thickness down his throat; his lips were obscenely stretched around the base, and he couldn’t breathe, but he’d done it.

“Now,” his father said softly, “that’s how you deep-throat someone you love. Someone you care about. Hell, they might not even want to deep-throat you, and that’s fine too. They might just want to lick your cock, or suck on the tip. Everyone’s different, and that’s totally fine. If you love the person and want to treat them gentle, that’s how you do it.”

Colin reached down with his enormous hand and took a tight grip on the back of his son’s head.

“…of course, when you’re dealing with a dirty whore like your big brother, we use a totally different approach.”

Mark’s eyes widened as his father began forcing his head up and down his cock, fucking his mouth so hard that I could tell he’d be leaving bruises.

It was hot as hell.

Before long, his father’s movements grew more frenzied, and it looked like the older man was approaching orgasm.

This.” he grunted, “Is. How. You. Fuck. A. Slut’s. Throat.

With a loud groan, he began cumming straight down his own son’s throat. Mark’s eyes widened in lust and panic as his father held his head, not even letting his son pull back for oxygen. Colin’s twitching cock completely filled his throat, until he let him go.

Gasping for air and twitching with pleasure, Mark sat back. As far as he was concerned, he’d dreamt of being used by the two men in his family for so long. His eyes were red, his throat was sore, and his cock was throbbing.

I could tell he wanted more.

“Dad,” he panted. “Teach Michael how to finger a woman. Use my ass as a pussy. Please.”

Colin nodded.

“Are you ready for this, son?”

Yes, Dad,” Michael replied, his face lighting up at the idea. He hard once more and ready to go.

Mark gasped as his brother’s beefy finger explored his ass-crack. His lack of experience was obvious, but it didn’t take long for the younger brother to find the hole and slowly insert one of his meaty fingers.

“Good, good,” his father muttered, leaning in for a closer look. “Just like that.”

As Michael’s second knuckle slipped into his aching hole, the situation was too much for the teen. Mark began cumming—his entire body began to shake, his ass clenching repeatedly around Michael’s probing finger, his cock shooting off onto the carpet in front of him. I wondered if they’d clean it up themselves, or just leave it for Hanna to take care of next month.

Colin laughed.

“Well,” he said. “There’s a lot more to learn than that, but it looks like he was just too ready. Let’s move straight to the main course, shall we?”

“Okay, pops,” Michael said, staring at his father adoringly.

“Shove that finger of yours in his mouth,” the older man advised. “Easiest way to clean it off.

Mark’s eyes widened in shock as the taste of his own ass entered his mouth. He suckled at it enthusiastically until it was withdrawn.

“Now,” his father said, his eyes running up and down his teenage son’s body. “There’s only one way you can make love to a women, but there’s a few ways you can fuck a whore. Since your older brother doesn’t have all the required equipment, we’re going to have to treat him like a whore.

A pulse of arousal visibly passed through Mark’s body.

“This is a big moment,” Colin said, punching his youngest son lightly on the shoulder. “You’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Mark—do you have any lube?”

Mark took a moment to answer.

“No…” he said. It looked like he was holding his breath.

“No matter,” his father replied. “Deep throat your little brother. Make it nice and juicy.”

Mark willingly obeyed, taking Michael’s cock into his mouth, covering it with as much spittle as he could.

“Grab his head,” his father instructed. “Fuck his throat hard—he doesn’t deserve any better.”

Michael immediately obeyed, pounding his huge cock deep into his older brother’s throat again and again.

“Now, if your cock is nice and wet,”—it was—“line it up with the rosebud of his ass.”

Mark was quivering with anticipation as his little brother’s cock rested against his butthole.

“If your big brother was someone sweet,” his father said, “someone who liked cuddles and vanilla sex, I’d advise that you go slow, like I did with his throat.”

“Gotcha,” Michael said. The two brothers couldn’t have looked more different—one was a huge meathead, the other a skinny nerd. But they were both trembling with anticipation.

“But,” their father continued, “we both know he’s not. So fuck him, son. Don’t be gentle; he loves it.”

“Understood, Dad,” Michael said, and Mark’s eyes widened as he began to push.